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Love this show

I am a newer listener but long time Vintage Baseball card collector. I have listened to around 10 shows so far and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. John does such a great job connecting us to the hobby. I love all the interviews you have on here. Keep up the great content 🤙🏻🤙🏻

Great information

I recently got back into collecting by with my seven year old son. This pod helps me stay informed and fun to listen to. Great job. Keep it up! Zach Byrne

Great Podcast

Great podcast. I can’t wait to talk at the National!!!

Great job

Thank you

A Go To For Sports Cards Education

I really enjoy John's straightforward approach. For newcomers or people just getting back into the hobby, the podcast has been a tremendous help in terms of catching-up to today's crazy market.

Great information

I recently got back into collecting by with my seven year old son. This pod helps me stay informed and fun to listen to. Great job. Keep it up! Zach Byrne

Great Podcast

John gives info about the hobby that has helped me sell, buy, and trade. I’m a 12 year old kid and I collect like crazy and you can see some sweet stuff on my website at kykidsports.home.blog.

Great podcast!

Great podcast about sports cards. John gives his opinion with 40 years of hobby experience to back him up. And has fun while he does it. The hobby is the people!

Top of my list

Been listening to this pod from it’s early episodes & wow this show has came a long way, seems like every week there’s an interesting hobby person interviewed, Newman has really stepped his game up. You can tell he cares about this.

Great show!

Definitely recommend this show! Listen in every week! Entertaining, enjoyable

Simply the best out right now

John brings the content week in & week out, love this & his other show quick hits. Have you seen the guests he has had? Highly recommended

Honest Opinions and Great Interviews

I just got back into the hobby a few months ago and was looking for a good podcast to listen to about the hobby. This is one of my favorite ones I’ve found. The host gives his honest opinions and is welcoming to everyone in the hobby and genuinely wants it to be successful and for each person to get out of it what they’re looking for. The interviews have been really enjoyable as well, particularly with the Project 2020 artists. Looking forward to more episodes!


Love the honest opinion and up to date events in the hobby. Genuinely want to help other in the hobby. Thanks for all your insight.

Great podcast for collectors

Wow what a great podcast as Angel fans we loved every minute of these podcasts the knowledge John has regarding collecting and baseball is fascinating do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast. Marty Twitter @aussie27usa

Great Podcast!

This show is cool! If you love sports and collecting sports cards this podcast is a must listen!

Excellent podcast

If you have not had a chance to listen to John Newman, you are missing a really informative podcast on the trading card hobby. He has great content and really good guests, if you are a collector or just want to learn about the hobby, check out this podcast! Mike

Pleasant surprise

Came across this podcast and I am sure glad I did . Love the content and interviews

A Great Hobby Podcast!

The Tom Geidenman interview was one of the best hobby interviews ever! Period!

Great podcast

This podcast is awesome for any sports fan! They have long shows so you can listen to it on your way to work and home or if you’re in the road it makes the time go by super quick. It’s entertaining, knowledgeable, and has great guest interviews. I would recommend for any sports fan to give it a try!


Great show to keep you engaged and listening to the latest sports trends!!

Great show

Good show. Enjoying it every time I’m listening


Overall i think the podcast sounds great. Heard about this podcast on Instagram. Loved listening to cardcollector2 and Clay. Both are good people in the card community. Only thing i would like to hear would be a better mic, it seems static is coming through. Good job! - Cardcollector1130

Great niche show!

Love the content keep it up!

Fresh Approach

I love how the show melds the sports card world & the sports world. Anyone should know the relationship is huge, giveaways!! This is the most interactive sports card podcast I’ve heard thus far. John seems to be himself & no Schtick that a lot of podcasters try to be. I’m definitely in

Great Show!

John's show is one of the rare gems you're always looking for but can never seem to find. With expert audio quality, fantastic communication skills, and great presentation, this wholly original Podcast will leave you longing for more. Stop reading my review and hit play already!

Excellent Information & Conversation

John does a great job of not only updating things going on in the hobby but also covering stories from people actually in the hobby! Great pod John!