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Sept. 26, 2022

Ep.131 What I'd do hobbywise if I won the lottery??

Ep.131 What I'd do hobbywise if I won the lottery??

The recent 1.34 billion lottery had me thinking...what would I do hobbywise if I had won & what would you do?

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The recent 1.34 billion lottery had me thinking...what would I do hobbywise if I had won & what would you do?

*New Product Release Schedule
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*Ask me a question

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9:14 PM
Delivering their freaking zombie movie. Hello, everybody episode 131. Quick. It's before we get into the nuts and bolts of this show. I want to acknowledge another show that I'm fond of. They've been on sports car Nation. They did a Believer hobby palooza with myself and dr. Beckett, I've had a man, think on a third occasion, I've been on their show. Great show, great guys, and that's packed at a future podcast, Chad Ricky and Tim and they just completed. It episode 134 of that podcast. They started that show in February of 2020. So they're almost two and a half years into their program. They also did some other little shorter shows and so they really have more than a hundred thirty four episodes in their catalog button, on episode 134 of pact of the future podcast. They had a now That this would be it for the show and you know as someone enjoys the show and fond of those three gentlemen. I want to acknowledge their run, say thank you for all the Great Moments and content and the many moments Gad me laughing out loud in the car by myself or other people thought I was a weirdo at a probably a red light and that's all good because the content was that good. And so you know, anyone that does podcasting And it doesn't have to be sports card. Habiba any podcasting in any form any genres or any topic. Any subject knows it's a grind. It's hard work to as much fun as it is and and it is hopefully for you if you're doing it, there are moments Where It's a Grind and you know, it's not all fun and games 100% of the time. And to, you know, go two and a half years over two and a half years put out that much great content. 

They acknowledge those three gentlemen and say thank you from the bottom of my, bottom of my heart, Chad, Ricky Tim, you know, maybe a goodbye for now, right, doesn't have to be goodbye forever but you know, hats off to you guys, whatever Direction. You go wishing all three of you. Nothing but continued success. And I know I speak even I'm just speaking for myself here, I know Many would Echo those sentiments. So, guys, thank you for everything. And again, you can always change your mind and maybe it's a goodbye for now. All right, let's get it to the this episode 131 hobby quick hits. I've said before, many of these episodes come from a few places. Right? My warped mind, sometimes questions from listeners will sometimes create a hobby. 

The kids and just conversations with other people that I have in the hobby friends and maybe not even as close to friends. This particular episode came from one of those conversations with a close friend. He does not want me to mention him by name. He said I can talk about, you know, our conversation itself, but does not want to be identified. I actually tried to get them to come on the show and kind of dual do show. But so now, I'm going to I'm going to sit this one out but you can use what I said. Just don't tell everyone. I said it. So you know he wants to stay in the witness protection program so to speak. But you know, we the, the lottery was recently just up to 1.3 four billion dollars that million. But billion dollars. I'm not a average Lottery player. In other words, I don't play it every week, like some people do, but when it does get 

Cities like news coverage amounts. Truth, be told and I'll confess, I'll throw a five dollar bill on it or if you know, we have my co-workers might get a pool together. I'll do that. But in this case, I threw a five dollar bill at it. Needless to say, like you, I did not win either but you can't win unless you try, right? So it's worth the flyer. And so this conversation I had was based on that. One point, three, four billion dollar lottery. You know, this gentleman asked me, you know, if you, you know, somehow one nap solely, how would you, how would it change, how you have, what would you do different? What would you do the same? And you know, he said what he would do his answer kind of surprised me. I'll share that when we get into the main part of the show and I'll be asleep, give my answer to it as well. And you know, obviously you went one point three 

Four billion dollars, probably going to buy cars, boats, you know things, you've always wanted that. Couldn't afford before, but I'm not going to talk about that stuff. We're going to talk about strictly the hobby. How would it change what I do and in this case, what the person doesn't want to be named. He can say he said I can give us the answer but without saying who he is. So I'll talk about what he said and how it would change. What I do. Do when we get to that main part of the show, we're going to hear from Mojo breaks our great sponsors, give you the new release counter. What products are coming out will give you the happy news for the past week and then we'll get into if I won the lottery, how would it change? How I have? Don't go away. Mojo brake shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks, they not only have the best selection, but the best price 

Whether it's a box or a whole case, they are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. RIT party Champion Breakers from sports car to Pokemon cards. There are selection can't be beat. They offer daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great. But to save an additional ten percent. Of anything in their store. Use the code quick hits. That's q u IC, ke h, i TS check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo break.com this way. Hello. Sports Carnation podcasting is Max, once again from the sports car Choppa, New Buffalo MI Michigan. And as you know, I'm here to bring you the weekly releases for the week of September 25th to start off on the 28th, we have 2021. Panini Donner's optic, basketball, fast-break 2022, Panini elements, football 2022, Panini Panini Immaculate. Collegiate hockey, 20 21, 22, Upper Decks artifacts hockey. On the 

And on the 30th, we have 2022, Leaf, flash football 2010 to Onyx vintage collection college, football 2022, Panini tourism, baseball Hobby and 2022. Tops, Pro debut, baseball Hobby and jumbo. Thank you guys for tuning in to the podcast and enjoy the rest of the show. Thank you. Let's go round bur hobby, verse and catch up on this week's hobby news, right? Some of the mystery of what tops is going to do with those silver packs pertaining to the missing tops Chrome SP has been solved or answered, they have announced that they will start shipping out. Those silver packs on September 30th. So very soon here, each pack will contain four cards. It will be a mix of Base inserts, and quote, 

Other surprises, whatever that means, maybe autos. And obviously the missing SP, they'll begin going to shops Breakers and online retailers. And if you bought a box or bought into a break of significance, you should be receiving that. If you bought a tops Chrome hobby box directly from tops, they will be sending you. One of those silver. X for everybody. If you purchased the Jersey used by Michael Jordan in game 1 of the 1998, NBA Finals showcase on. The Last Dance, documentary brought 10, .1 million dollars in a southerner bees auction. It becomes the second highest boards, card or memorabilia auction item. We are Obviously no demand all 9.5 SGC, brought 12.6, this is now second and the Maradona and of got Jersey is now third will be a new selling platform. It will be called minor swap, minor M, YN a swap. I tell you that name. Every time I see that or hear it, or say it, 

Einar swap just I don't know, maybe it's just me but not the greatest name in my opinion but they didn't ask me, but I gave my opinion. Anyway, they got a six million dollar seed investment from numerous investment, and holdings companies including a couple with athletes and wealth, Kyler Murray and Odell Beckham jr. Has the Forefront of that. At lest card ladder just released a piece saying that the Ultra Modern Market is down. I think, somewhere for 25 percent, the modern markets down 20% and the Vintage Market is up 14.5%. So, kind of what I've been shouting from the rooftops of the last few years, is proofs now in the pool. 

That being said though, there are a couple, you know, couple players on the modern side that are have going up into the right and they're, they're pretty obvious, obviously in baseball. You have Aaron judge and Albert, Pujols, Pujols, who just hit a seven hundred and, and Aaron heaven and incredible. Triple Crown type year and about, you know, to hit a home run. Number 61 and be the all-time single season. Yankee home run leader and on the Tennessee side. Roger Federer has announced his retirement following Serena Williams doing the same on the woman's side. So those tennis cards will have an uptick in prices. Grandson. Honey, you know, how would it change how you have? And I can't obviously speak for you. I can only speak for myself and I can also speak for a friend of mine who had a conversation with he's going to allow me to give his answer but he doesn't want me to give his name so the gentleman I was talking with we have both, you know Bots, you know, for me it was five dollars. I don't know if he said, he spent ten or twenty dollars on the lottery that was up. To a 1.34 million-dollar Prize or just insane amount of money and you know, he asked me, what would, how would you what would you change? Happy wise, what would you purchase and that sort of thing? And so I asked him, you know what, you know what would you? How's it going to change how you happy and he basically said that he'd buy a few big time cards. He really, really wanted. It would literally liquidate and sell everything else and not do shows anymore. He sets up at show sometimes and he wouldn't do shows no more. He'd have just a few cars, a handful, the cars and he'd be done in the Hopi and you know there would be high graded, rookie cards of you know, invention man owned Banks and Aaron and Jackie and you know all those kind of guys everyone he 

9:29 PM
Wanted, he would Is great that he could but after that, he would get rid of everything else. He'd stopped setting up at shows and he'd be he be done, he would not be active, like he is now and I've been I was a little surprised by that and then he, you know, he said, well, what would, you know, I told him I'm like, you would really honestly be done and he said, yeah, he goes well, I would have money, you know, something else came along but that those would be the only ECards. I would want and be nothing else on my list and so, you know, I would be done. And I, you know, what that kind of money. As much as I love setting up at show that I don't love it that much when I have that kind of money, you know. I would I would obviously stop set it up. It shows so little surprised by his answer not not tremendously and then he turned around the question and ask me and we'll simmer. But I expanded more past even what he said. Obviously, I would also buy a lot of vintage, graded rookies on my list in very, very, very, very good condition. You know, High grades. I would definitely upgrade the leaf Jackie even though I love my leaf Jackie and his form. Now, you know, you win a mega millions or, you know, a Power Ball for that. Kind of dope billion. You know, it's going to be under a billion after taxes, be a paltry, you know, 800 something million dollars but definitely by a nine Jackie Mantle rookie, you know, similar to kind of what he said. Oh, Mike, vintage, graded, rookie guys that I don't, you know, either don't have yet or I have, but I would make their grades hired by, you know, better specimens and 

You know, have better a higher grade card upgrade if you will and also by some folks, you know, some cards that they could never afford on their own, that I know would mean the world to them. I like to do that and when you have that kind of money, it's a great opportunity to brighten someone else's hobby so that would be done as well. Plus it's a tax write-off. Truth be told, but that wouldn't be the main motive. Ation for doing that. But I would, I would do that because it makes me feel good and the person on the receiving and as well. And I thought about card shop, and you know, doing a card shop. And you know, I've said this, I did that that episode on this very program about if I'd ever open a card store again and I said, the only way I see it done is you know, is if I did it in Cooperstown and some might say, well Janet, you know, you win that kind of 

Money 107 million dollars. You know, you don't need to deal with cards store and you're exactly right. I don't need to, but I think at that point with that much money, I think I would buy a building and Cooperstown with like, living space up above and open a card store, just because I could not, because I needed so much to money, but, just because I could, I probably hire somebody. You know, I'd get my son involved if he wanted. It to be and you know, with the residents in this pipe dream scenario, you know, even that the employee may be part of his or her pay would be the room and board above the store. And, you know, I thought about something like that. And again, I'm only going to answer this pertaining to the Hobby. Obviously, I'd probably buy, you know, a vehicle. I really want. 

The about, you know, probably different house even though I have no problem with this one and we're actually in the process of upgrading some stuff as well. But so I'll just I'll just speak on the hobby level. So maybe by a store and in Cooperstown with with the nice storefront and you know living quarters above obviously by like I said Hall of Fame graded rookies and high grades that I I really, really want it. For PC. Like my body said my show days would be over. I would, you know, as much again. I do love setting up and shows but that's a grind as well out of work and it's actually getting more difficult as I get a little bit older, a little more wear and tear feel. It sort of the next day, I'm exhausted when I get home. So, my show days, would probably be done that really, probably, I think they different as far. Far as when I say, show days, I mean, as a dealer setting up, I'm not saying going to him, I would still go. So unlike my friends answer, he would really stop being active and hobby, which is acquire what he wanted. I would still be active. I would still go to Nashville. I would still do this podcast and and sports card Nation. I love those are passion. And so I wouldn't I wouldn't give those up. I'd still go 

The national, maybe I travel a little bit more to shows more than I already do, just because I have that, you know, that was that kind of money. I could just go to a show on a whim, even for a day, if you will, if I wanted to write, would just kind of a be more of a whim than the plan, you know, as far as my show in retort, non-pc, I think I would probably move most of it, because, when you buy those, Those those graded High graded, rookies that show inventories, not going to mean what it wants did. And that the fact is I'm not going to be doing shows anyway. So I would phase out phase that out in some form of fashion and just have an incredible PC. I would travel to shows include the Nationals to add on to that PC do things in support of both. 

Cast and and then it would just, you know, have a lot of fun and you know I probably would keep working as a TA I really love. I really love that and it's got great benefits and you might say well if you're a millionaire 800 times over or whatever you have left if you but you know you're but I don't know, I know people say they quit their job I guess she really can't answer that question till you ever have. Have to write. You can say I wouldn't and then you get that kind of money in. Like, do I really want to go into work? So, you know, I would like to keep doing it because it's really rewarding and very impactful. And like I said, the benefits are tremendous, but, you know, and that's not really happy. So, I went off figured off a little bit, so I'd buy a bunch of cards. I like travel the shows, do the national, keep doing the podcast, maybe open a car. 

Stores in Cooperstown, I would definitely buy cards for folks, I'm fond of that. I know they could never afford themselves and it would be one heck of a rat, right? I'd be doing a bunch of those great rack that probably, you know at that point rather than send them to the mail. I'd fly in and hand-deliver them that card or cards personally, and be a great. Moment to hand deliver something along those lines in person so that's kind of my Approach. I wouldn't quit, I wouldn't get out. I wouldn't hit pause. The only thing I quit doing was setting up at shows as a dealer I've done that a long time. My first one as you might have heard me mention numerous times was as a 15 year old so I've done 30 almost 34 years of shows. There was you know 

Probably four to six year period. I didn't do any so you know you do the math or before. So I've probably done, you know, 27 28 years of setting up that shows an average of at least one every couple months. Sometimes even more than that. So, I think those days would be that chapter would be be closed. So that's how it would change, how I happy. But I wouldn't be done as my friend said he would Would really get. You wanted and just kind of that be active at all. I'll still be active maybe a little bit less because of More Travel doing other things. Maybe being out on a boat, if you will, and there's no some of the stuff outside the hobby that would pique my interest with, you know, that kind of bankroll. So I don't think I don't foresee ever being in that situation to answer this. This question on a legitimate scale but it's fun to think about it's and now I've got you hopefully thinking about, you know, what you would do? HA be wise if you want, you know, one or just inherited and insane amount of money. So it's fun to think about. Then the alarm goes off and you realize it's just a dream but you know, what? Say, you would you get out of the hobby? Is there any head off the base? 

Finances are that you would, you know, it would just be too busy with other stuff. You wouldn't care about cards or you know, would you even be more so into cards. So love to hear if you have any sort of different, you know, angles to what you would do, always my doors always open for that sort of feedback. So we're going to call this an episode. And again, Hey listen, you know, we We just did a show with Ryan knowing about his favorite five. Favorite card shows. That was a suggestion from David Moody who listens and is fond of the show. I'll open that door to anyone else out there too. There's a show you want to hear a topic you want me to cover? I'm all yours. Let us know via message, or DM or email, or messenger pigeon, whatever the case may be. 

That's a wrap for this week's episode of 131. Hope you enjoyed it. Made you think a little bit about, you know, what you would do if you came into a large sum of money, whatever way you might happen, I spoke of it, the winning the lottery, but whatever the case babe, maybe maybe a Nigerian prince. I had an unfortunate airplane, accident and you were the next kin like I've been Probably 150 times, just never reply to that. Just get too busy. So I don't know how many millions I have sitting in Nigeria, but all joking aside, I hope, you know. I hope someday you do when I hope someday, I do win, but between now and then, we can just let our minds kind of ponder and wander about what we would do. What say, you what would you do? Would you do something? Dream with you, stay in and just by, who knows? What or would you buy a few things? And wrap it up and be done. Let me know. You know, what would you do? Especially if it's kind of different maybe not along the, you know, the Baseline answer. So with that being said, we'll see you on another Edition of how be quick it's in a week and we'll see for another 

Mission of sports car Nation on Friday. Thanks everybody, talk to you soon.