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July 30, 2021

Ep.138 HobbyPalooza Live Episode(7/11) with Pack to the Future Pod & Dr.Beckett

Ep.138 HobbyPalooza Live Episode(7/11) with Pack to the Future Pod & Dr.Beckett

On July 11th I recorded a special Sports Card Nation "Live" as part of the 2021 "Hobbypalooza" festivities. Chad,Ricky & Tim from the Pack to the Future podcast and Dr.James Beckett were my special guests. This is that episode. Topics were different...

On July 11th I recorded a special Sports Card Nation "Live" as part of the 2021 "Hobbypalooza" festivities. Chad,Ricky & Tim from the Pack to the Future podcast and Dr.James Beckett were my special guests. This is that episode. Topics were different ways to hobby,Grading and the National. Enjoy.

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9:44 PM
Their view, the conversation from the hobby pulleys sportscar Nation live special edition done earlier this month of July. So enjoy that and hopefully I'll see you at the show. This sports card. Shot is your small town local card, shop with a global reach located in New Buffalo MI Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the midwest. In addition to being an authorized Panini direct dealer The sports card shop, carries all major trading card Brands, including Tops Upper Deck, Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh, and more with all that new wax a half million singles and showcases full of credit cards, you're sure to find something great for your collection. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned collector, the sports card shop is your One-Stop shop. So call us come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is two six nine four, six nine zero, one four zero, 

Website is the sports card shop at Moko.com. This sports card. Shop is part of the Moko. Retail Group connecting Sports The Hobby and people around the world. All right, welcome to a special edition, a live version of sports car Nation. We don't do these that often ever couple under my belt but not not our Forte. But today it's going to be. I have some special guests with Meet for this live event, I'm going to introduce them Chad from packed in the future podcast. One of my favorite pods along with Tim as well. The three guys on the show, we're waiting for Ricky to jump back in, he's having some technical difficulties, I just got new internet. So I feel his pain, my internet prior to this I don't want to almost don't want to say it guys because I might jinx it. This is this one rear. Its ugly head put tattoo actually yesterday and it's been great. 

Hopefully it stays great going to have dr. James Beckett, a man who really needs no introduction. Will join us at 30 minutes from now, halfway through the shows and the jump in. Probably talk some national stuff with him. For those that don't know. He's been to every National. I don't know how many people can say that but he's one of them and Ricky's here. There's Ricky from awesome from packed in a future podcast. Welcome. Stick around, if you like to. Yes. Well, John thanks for. Thanks for having us on here. While Ricky's getting set up. This is, this is a blast. We're excited to jump on with you and in Chad, some cards, always a good time. Yeah, no down. I want to give a shout out and thanks to bench. Clear media breaker culture. Mike Moynihan from baseball collector, Tyler Wilson for allowing us to be part of the people. Musa event here two and a half days. Is we wind down. It's been great. This is the second time they've done it and it was born guys last year when the national got canceled and that group said hey let's no National but let's let's get together and still have some fun we can do in a sense of virtual version and this event was born and I'm expecting to see it every year and I hope to be a part of it as long as they'll have me. And So and you know, went putting this together, I said man, I don't want to do this by myself. So I said let's let's get some guys. I like in here and you were right there and glad you glad you came on and part of the show. So first thing we're going to talk about guys is no the landscape right now and we've since February has has really changed. You know, we've seen depending on who you You talked to some people call it a crash, some people call it a correction my response to either one, is it really don't matter? The terminology? It's the percentages, right? It whatever you want to call it. It's the percentages of the values going down which they have for not everything, but a lot of things even wax. I mean wax is still not cheap but it's cheaper than than what the, you know the crescendo level we were at we get integrating with some of the 

The highest submission. Prices at least on PSA and bgs front. And so people have to decide like, hey I might have to do things, maybe a little differently than I did prior to this change. We got to get used to that year and a half of stratospheric you know everything you know, everything went up. It was like the Midas touch. You couldn't really do no wrong. So you know you guys kind of, you know I've talked about on my I'm sure you've talked about on your show but no different things in the current Marketplace and Landscape hobby wise that maybe, you know, you've heard other people tell you, hey, I'm I'm doing this now with some even yourselves. They've changed course, right? And, you know, in brainstorming this over the weekend, you know, Tim ricke. And I we talked about different ways that will try and highlight for the first 30 minutes till dr. Beck, dr. Beckett comes on but we thought of things like trade nights and go into 

It shows and you know, Tim and I recently had a box where this going to are in our podcast next week. And, you know, just shifting and pivoting from what we did in 2020 where the three of us were primarily buying boxes and then box prices soared. And so we had to change what we do to enjoy the hobby of little bit. And so we start greeting cards just like everyone else and I think Tim and I are probably huge culprits of the junk wax area that is now Among Us. And we'll talk about Louis Robert later tonight. But yeah. And then when kind of grading shutdown, we primarily grade with PSA and a little bit with DJs and prices jump. There we're finding that. We've had to shift again. And so we love hanging out and doing things with cards. Just like everyone here does. But we also have to be reasonable with our money. So, the The Hope was well, what else can we do to really enjoy this and enjoy our car? That we all love enjoy hanging out with each other in this great hobby community. So that's kind of where the topic came about. Let's see if we have a Ricky yet. Still don't so till I don't. Hey there's a Ricky. All right we finally got you. Ricky have anything to add to that no. Other than, you know, we've covered on previous shows that our Focus has been more to as Chad mentioned, get away from buying boxes at cards in diving more into Cific players or specific types of cards and namely for me, I'm looking at older cards maybe a little bit less expensive cards because I think we're in a weird point right now. I think that we're still kind of at that point and we're slowly dropping back down and I think a lot of sellers may not be ready to acknowledge that we are currently in a crash where I a correction, they're not ready to let go of their cards at the prices that are more realistic. 

And so now that while I'm waiting for that period to phase out, I'm going after some of the cheaper cards that I've always wanted. Yeah, I think it's a great time to buy. I mean you make a good point over, he is one of the things and going to the National, I don't want to talk too much National till we get what? It's going to be interesting to see what the Dealer's there is. Maybe a lot of them. It's a huge show 1500 tables. So I no one's going to do what exactly the same, but our dealings going to, you know, No honor that sort of market price or they going to be really short you know try to hold out to the last minute Kicking and Screaming, you know, are we going to see deals? Prevalent on that show floor, you know, but now you know as far as all the secondary markets, all you're selling platforms me based our stock and those, there's a plethora of them. We've seen those prices come down as you said, and if you're buying, it's a great, it's a great. Time to maybe pick up some cards that, you know, four months ago, medical cost you 30 40 percent more than they do now. And so hopefully, you know, hopefully if you're buying not for the problem is I picked the wrong time, me and me and Chad were talking. Before we went on the air, going to the National actually shut off my buying faucet for about five to six weeks. How you know that So impressed. You know, I really didn't like open emails, not going to like me saying this, I'm other than to to, you know, ship prick, shipping labels for stuff. I sold off the platform, I just didn't search anything. I didn't look at anything and I just said, hey for the next, you know, four to six weeks, I want to try not to spend money and just use me, you know, have that money and just put it, build it up it with the intention to spend it in Chicago, you know, and assume it. That the deals move will be there that will match some of the prices were seeing on a secondary market. Now, if I get to Chicago and kind of what we just talked about, it deals, aren't the dealers are being resistant. And holding out, I'll come home with probably more money, then I anticipate and probably one of the first things I'll do for the first time in six weeks is open eBay from a buying perspective. So right, John Dejan team, go ahead. No, I was just going to say. Yeah, you bring up a good point as far as well. People, correct. On the seller side to the current market. I see in a lot of forums guys saying, oh, you know, I'm just going to let this car go at $2,000. When that's really the cob from back in like February cards, right? Like, a lot of people just never refuse to adapt and I think that's foolish and short-sighted like it is what it is right now and in order. Order for the hobby to just keep moving forward. You need the money to flow, right? So, if nobody's selling that, what he's buying, like, you're just at a standstill. So I think it will be really interesting to see what happens. So well and I'm cute. Really gonna be really curious to hear back from Chad, but for both you and John and Chad, I do have a prediction. I don't know about the individual vendors and how they'll respond to current prices market prices. But I would not go there and 

Expecting for any of these vendors to buy Cards, I've heard it griping on our local groups that we're in. We've seen it in in our local, very small, local shows. We pinned a part of everyone is trying to trade, everyone's trying to go vendor to vendor to sell. I think that you have an overabundance of Sellers and the Hulk. Again, don't want to accept that there is many Sellers as there are at the moment. So crazy. 

9:56 PM
Because during Market tips, I mean, that's when you buy If you buy the dips I don't like. Where why is everybody trying to cut losses? I mean you hang on to guys like a kid, they're gonna come back right. Like you enjoy the ride on somebody like Otani. I mean there's still ways to enjoy this Hobby and find that little, you know, Edge so to speak. 

Yo, hey, hey. Hey. 

Hey. Hey. 


Quick break to hear. From one of our great sponsors iron sports cards will be right back after this break, is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck, they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports gardens.com, or even give them a call. 

1877 iro. N. TS a Rob's. Got you covered. Tim just bought a bunch of Acuna over the last week and send everyone out there is invested in him if you don't know Tim's job now. Yeah, Tim's. The reason that he was carted off what was it yesterday whenever you listen to this, over the past weekend. So so we all have to thank for that Chinese next. By the way is no. VP, it wasn't for Ladd jr. Probably win MVP. We didn't play the rest of the year. For whatever reason. It's not wish to add into existence and just have it be a hypothetical discussion. But I mean, it has created, you know, that's the thing about. That's that's one of the big for an old guy that's been in the hobby, like me a long time. It's the biggest difference in today's hobby than and yesteryear is, you know, a guy goes down with an injury. I've Guy struggles as first 40 at-bats and everyone just as off the ship and scurrying. And like Tim said, if you still believe in a guy like I think Luis Robert, it's still going to be a great player. It's a perfect opportunity to buy them. Now, I could be wrong and everyone else or a lot of everyone else could be potentially, right? But you know it that's, that's individual decisions. We have to make when these prices You know, I didn't sell any of my Robert stuff and I have quite a bit of it because why sell it now. Any, but I'm saying even before the injury likewise LEDs, he's just starting his career if you believe on what he's going to be. You know, then you might as well wait and put it aside. So right. Right. And it's interesting, so thinking about yours you may want by one thing that we've done over the past week, just in kind of getting back to work. Ways to hobby without the expense, as opposed to be going on eBay everyday and buying cards. Take it a step back and looked at football and I said, hey you know what, I started doing some research. What players do I think? Carter who would I really enjoy watching and love to see and do more of the research aspect and in start to browse through cards and at least it's pumped, the brakes for me. So that I'm not constantly buying when when I'm out wanting to be and we suppose one of those Yeah that's that's what I show you guys. But yes you're spot-on with that. But Tim Tim really led a lot of us Ricky and I on to Luis Robert last year through that same type of thinking and going about it the same way. So I guess really this last week I've tried to piece together ways just to get me to stop by and stuff before the national Yeah. 

Well, if he can take a page out of my book, just don't do it. It's hard. Don't get me wrong, I'm making it sound like it's, it's like, you know, I've never I'm not a smoker but I made it's probably like trying to quit smoking, right? You know you still crave and and it's just. When are you going to most people who try to quit at some point? At least the first time something happens and they cross that, you know, they go back to smoking again. So yeah. Well we'll see how I mean this is I mean it's fast as The the hobby exploded. It's not as fancy. I mean like, you know, Tim said we're kind of coming down, it's not overnight, but it is coming down. I don't think we're done yet. You know, that's another discussion. People like we at the bottom that I don't think we are, you know, I don't want to, I don't want to make politics out of have cards, but it's true, what's happening in the real world. That the cars aren't the real world happen on real-world. Macroeconomics effects disposable Fresh and Airy incomes and and then in turn affects, you know, sales and, and the Hobby. And, you know, I was in Dallas on last month and when you guys met you, you know, every everyone on the non dealer side of the table had their their backpacks or their cases. And we're asking the Dealer's, you know, you by anyone up. We want to look at any of my stuff I'm selling and, you know it when we were crescendo And that was a fever pitch, right deals? Like yeah, let me see what you got. Let's, let's work. Something out, right? And and what I heard at that shown, that was, like I said, a month ago was, you know, some dealers were blown honest and like, hey, I got a great show for me. Normally, I would, but I'm going to have to probably pass at this time. I don't even want to see something that I really want and know that I'm not gonna be able to pull the trigger on it. And, you know, I even heard a few dealers. Say, listen, I'm I'm not in buying mode. If you want to work, there may be a trade. You see something, you see, something in my cases, that's caught your eye lid. We can we can go on that, that level. So it is with the different tone in the room and Dallas a month ago. I think it's progressed further lower as far as prices realized, and so when we get to National, which is now three weeks away, you know, you know what we're going to, is it going to continue down in, what's going to be the The temperature in the room are dealers you know some people are going to bring money to buy right? I do shows myself and that there's a guy that usually sets up next to me is very funny, doesn't bring any cards. He literally sits at a table with a side that says I'm buying and that's the base for the table 1 table. And, you know, people just line up and wow, buy some stuff, not something I would do I buy. But I also put my 

It's out there. He just there to strictly to buy talk about different ways to have he, but that's his that's his approach. So I didn't know Nat Turner went to car shows like that. 

You know, where it's going to be interesting, you know, especially you know that the national is a beast onto itself. Let's be honest, you know, it's I go to the Super Bowl of the Hobby and so sometimes, you know, it's going to be interesting to see if what's going on. You know, that's cool. The natural. For anything from what's going out on outside Google because it's the national, you know, we'll see you mention trades in Dallas area. I'm I've been very intrigued by trading not only with dealers but also trade nights, you know, just watching content on YouTube Card Collector to just showed his new card shop and his trade night and that just looked like a blast to me and talk about cheap ways to hobby in something. That would be a ton of fun. I'm really hoping Being that the people are really. For these stories of the national of people doing trade, Tim, you went to a form of trade net, I think, in Dallas earlier this year, but yeah, that's something I'm super excited for as well. Was that the one? That was how the strip club important story about that? If people want to hear this good story, my-my parents is they're not really on Instagram when I open up a bunch of boxes last year they signed up for an account and they kind of follow our page which is where we primarily do our interaction. And I get a text message. This was when Tim was in Dallas, like, on a Sunday morning was like, 6:00 in the morning and my mom was like, Hey, it looks like you were opening some packs last night and having a lot of fun. Hopefully you hit something. I'm like why? I like know I was in bed like was she talking about? And then I go and pull up our account and sure enough Tim was with one of his buddies and I think that they were out like a sports bar, but perhaps there was another event going on in the background that what my mother saw I was inquiring about. So, 

Explaining to do that morning which is pretty funny. So yeah, so I guess the respond Carlisle ass. Does he behave? And if your mind and I think he's asking for Brian and Brian is more modern. If it's Nat it's really both for that was Brian's don't be more more modern. I don't want to say that he might buy Maybe Some vintage if, you know, potentially for repack with that, Brian leans, more modern, and that leads kind of both ways to answer that question. So, yeah, we're going to see, you know, with buying, like I said, I haven't bought six weeks really, which is crazy. Even say that. And, you know, I'm hoping that, you know, maybe I will take some money home from from Chicago, so, 

Time for another quick break to hear from our new sponsor collectible. But after that we'll be right back. Hey everybody, it's the one stop shop, where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares in some of the most rare and valuable sports cars and memorabilia in the world. Starting from just five dollars from 1950 to Mickey Mantle. PSA Tenzin Wilt Chamberlain's iconic with the uniform, to one of one Patrick homes rpas, where LeBron James logo, Manson everything Between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen, access and opportunities for investing in the hobby. Just download the app and sign up with a referral code, scn, to get your first year. Free, please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken every doing I know you guys haven't shut the faucets off. Like I have, but have your guys's buying been affected by anything we're seeing now. Yes, 100%. I, as I mentioned earlier, I think that we're still in a phase where I don't think the sellers realize how bad it is for them yet. I think just be a say cranks out more of that backlog. We're going to see those prices drop even more. So I've held off on a lot of my body because I believe it's only going to get better better. The buyers perspective, 

10:08 PM
I'm still buying stuff. I'm still buying, you know, Finding old wax to rip or finding specifically old cards to buy here there. But it has come down drastically to as far as just staying active. I've been keeping tabs on a few cards on eBay. And you know I think what I've noticed is that the rarer stuff lower numbered stuff is still holding its own and if not just holding I mean still increasing it values. So that's the other side of it that I see. And so while there are like some fantastic buying opportunities, there's also you know, kind of a shift as far as where people are looking at cards and looking to spend and I think yeah you just need to be prepared. This is a fantastic buying opportunity and if you have the funds to do so that would be the way to go in the hobby, right? 

And like you said, John we're going to talk about the national, the Doctor Beckett, but there is a massive fever pitch building for this. There's so much pent-up energy, pent-up, frustration, all of it excitement to just to get back into the swing of things. It's gonna be a fantastic but I've even noticed tip, I don't know, go ahead, go ahead, John, all right, you know, this step we're talking about Correction again, terminology is what it is, tomato tomahto. It's vintage car stood, which I didn't realize I'm a fast. I didn't realize to the stat until I was on with Mike Moynihan. It was actually part of bench. Clear media, the golden age or vintage podcast. I was on his show and we were talking about you know what, the modern markets doing right now. He goes, John, you're not paying attention, it's not just the mardan. Market. It's it's vintage to and he pulled up a graph of his 11, probably, some of his best 11 cards, which are very nice, great Advantage cards and he's got like, it's all Charter. He's got to know what it was in January. Let's say like market value and then current times, and it's 30, 40, see, Senate's 30-40 percent across the board you have a few exceptions to the rule you know, you're 51 Bohm. And always, if you're 48, leave, Jackie's those cards that sort of our unswayed by current market conditions. But most other vintage. A lot of the good percentage of your vintage along, right? With mine or is dipping, and I didn't realize that, and I didn't realize I don't want to say, didn't realize it. I know maybe some of the but I realized that much and that that much of it and that percentage why I thought it would be less than that yet. It isn't and so like you said, like we've talked about if you're if you're in buying mode you know when I guess it's two trains of thought. You might say hey that we're not. We haven't reached the bottom of this boat yet, maybe I should just waiting a little bit longer now it becomes timing. What's your timing? You know? Do I do? I wait, or is now the time to strike? Also you got to keep in mind what card you might be talking about because I'm not as we all know, there's more than other ones where you can wait and still be up. To get it even if this is the bottom. So there's just so much that decisions up to you know to make it in personally and it just interesting to see what what everyone else will do. And you know what everyone else does as the collective is kind of what sets the tone for where we are in the hobby. It does into echoing Ricky said earlier it is a good time to buy. I mean if you're looking for Personal Collection items with the dip I've done, Quite a bit of that and that's really why I've had a hard time staying away from eBay. You know, I'm trying to save up money for the national it's a great time to buy for your PC. The hard part is that those funds that I had that I'm trying to also grow at the same time it kind of Wax and Wane so it it does. It makes it very tricky. That's for sure. So Tim wants to help Chad out as he heads into National. He will end up without Tim's phone number on his backpack. 

See, I think I jinxed myself. I talked about the internet being. I got new internet provider, and then it dropped, four seconds in my back. You're back. Yeah, you're back. And Ricky and, I mean, I've hacked their genre, you drop Chloe. The Ricky and I are going to drop off and it's just gonna be an hour of Tim 

Ricky, you're right. I can't stop from buying things. I did buy a backpack that will have like an LED digital photo frame on my back to carry around and put, Tim's lovely picture and phone number and place of employment on there. And anything else we want to advertise his name and number we'll review the old. 

Have the opportunity, you'll see a little arrow in my back, but at the text call for a free diagnosis doctor to ration. Squeeze, this has nothing to do with card but being with your profession to have you had anyone because of the show like maybe that you don't know. So well and that way, you know, ask you some medical questions or I got this going on, what should I do? Have you, have you got that yet? 

I haven't had that, I've had it the other way around where I'll be in clinic and start talking to patients and like we both kind of dip our toe, in the sports car, water, like and find out, they were both collectors and then we end up talking a lot about sports cards. I've had patients ask me if they can bring in their card collection to their appointment like to their actual medical doctor of women. Not like refill a medication but just to look over cards for that period of time. 

So that is also signed documents to his patients and then marked it. Wonderful. I can't deny that. I had to draw someone and show them how a kid he's going formed. And I was like, well, this this is good. I sign my name and Then I got it. Signed it 101 A co-worker that, you know, I'm sure through just me tells telling them about my podcast, got excited and would bring in their cards to have me. Look at him as well, but no, we haven't really been noticed by anyone in our, in our respective Fields. Part of that though, is, you know, Jen Tim or are pretty specific with who they're seeing. And I am, Still working for both. So that makes it pretty difficult. Yeah. And be noticed I haven't noticed that we were out at like our local card shows Pete. A couple people will always come up and say hello which is on has been an awesome experience for us. All three of us. Yeah, all right well that's what he didn't. He's in the green room, I don't want to make them wait too long. Like I said the gentleman dead stuff. I don't know if you're in the Hobby and you don't know who dr. Beckett or what? He's meant to the Hobby. Ben you got me really, really, really new. And even then, I don't know where you've been. All right, let's bring dr. James welcome back to back. Thanks Joe. Yes. 

So if I'm not mistaken, the very first one was met with some skepticism and but I was a big supporter right from the beginning. When it's, it's fully blossomed and I think this next one is going to be the best one ever. 

Notice that there's a little bit of a different feeling that the vendors are not as open to purchasing from the respective buyers, do you have any anticipation of how that's going to be as you think feel like there's going to be any amount of hetero? Regarding. Everyone trying to sell and struggling to find someone to buy or is that not an issue when you get to something, as big as the national, it's absolutely an issue. But the issue is not, they're not buying, they're not buying what the people want to sell or at the price they want. So, you know, there's there's a correction in the prices that have gotten off when people are chasing other things. So dealers, they don't want to buy. What was hot last month they want to bite us. We hot next month? Sure. Market collectors. Want to get full price for their cards. So what I said on hobby hotline yesterday, I think, Wednesday and Thursday, you're going to be Bonkers. I think anything that's priced reasonably that are the even maybe even not even priced reasonably but really good stuff. Really rare stuff is going to be, is going to be gone Wednesday and Thursday of its price reasonable. If you're still hanging around Friday, Saturday, Sunday, with some cards, a dealer needs to be Thinkin. Maybe I'm a little Were priced. Maybe I've got a price from February and today's prices is lower if I want or they could just take it back home. And same thing with there may be some people, you know, collectors, / investors, we're going to wait till Sunday to get a good deal, very dangerous. Because if it's something really good, it's not going to be there on Sunday. Sure how to stuff their own study. So so guys it's not one blanket rule to hobby is gotten. 

For it. Used to be but not everything goes up every month. Some things, go up. Some things. Go down and you got it. There's no substitute for Education. Yeah, like that point. 

Another quick break to hear from 101 card shop, but we will be right back with dr. Jim Chad, Ricky, and Tim 

What doesn't one of one card, shop do from box case and personal breaks? There's always fire, being pulled. They offer both grading cells and their large store located in Strongsville Ohio offers an incredible selection of sports cards non-sports and authentic autographed memorabilia. Stephen family will treat you right. Check them out on Instagram at one of one card shop or on the web at one of one car chop.com, dr. Jim, I gotta ask you, you know, I don't want you to give away all your your 

Plans are your secrets but when you gone everyone as you said, when you go in like you obviously going to buy some stuff, do you sort of have like a game plan? Like hey I got like these three cards that I really gotta leave here with with in possession of where you just kind of fly by the seat of your pants and say, hey I'm just going to look and if something you know catches my eye or you know, how do you what do you do? You guys are being so polite. I've listened to your pack, Quest because to be so reserved and I don't have any specific cards I've got to have. I'm not 

10:21 PM
They're born to buy and just to buy interesting things. So if I could make a list, well it that'd be less fun for me. I used to have a list. I don't want to listen anymore, I want to be retired and if I see something that's interesting, put it in a stack and, you know, make an offer to the person. That's mainly buying. Now for people that I've dealt with the previous Nationals, the last few Nationals I've had this Kind of a free-form you know go through the dollar boxes and you know and and and see friends it's good. So no John no I don't have I'm not looking for a leaf Jackie and I found them. I just can't afford it. It's right behind my left ear. I know. So maybe not a written agenda but in the back of your mind, what's like the one thing that you in particular blood? 

To do with the national. It seems like there's so many different experiences that are out there for people, but in your mind, what's the one campus thing for you? Well, there's three things, I'm going to do three thousand successful National be prepaid. One is about has some, you know, some interesting shorter conversations that people that I don't know as well that I'll enjoy meeting and just hearing from them and then there's kind of another category of old friends that I'll spend a little more time with maybe people have on my podcast as I bring My portable microphone kind of stuff and third, I'm just going to buy some cards. It's I had guys, I had decades where I couldn't really buy Cards, I we had a conflict of interest policy so, but he was little don't touch, you know, you could. It's so now I can, if I feel like buying something I can and nobody said it, oh, he's buying that just just went, like three things, buying some cards, new friends, and Old Friends, 

That's a great approach. I mean, I think the excitement that I'm hearing is that people just want to meet up, right? Like, post covid, get out there have conversations again, you know, shoot the breeze about cards and just have fun, right? I mean, we've been waiting to have fun with this heavy again for so long. And yeah, I went what four years ago now to the one in Chicago and I just really enjoy drowsy. I mean, it's it's overload, right? I mean, kind of like you said, the good stuff. Really going to Target it, Wednesday and Thursday. Like you want to be prepared to buy like, you need cash, like anybody listening out there unique cash like forget PayPal venmo, you might not have cell reception so but I really enjoyed the time to browse was telling Chad he was asking me about the VIP passes and if they were worth it or not I was like you know, it gives you that extra little window in the morning before things get crazy actually just walk around and look without people being put up in your face. 

We have time to shop. So are you guys going? You'll all be there. No, I'm going to chat this video. Yeah, yeah. Can I grab our schedules, you know, with covid, everything we have to plan our schedule? So far out in advance and we initially all had the time off and then it came a critical point. When it wasn't a full goal for the national land and we had to make some decisions. And so next room will, hopefully I'll be there. But this year, I'll be there but the good news is Tim 

No chance room number and we're going to one day before the national begins. One lucky listener is what we get to spend the night and have a sleepover with their favorite co-host. Your best toll-free, right? Like the extra bed in your room. I tell you guys way too much information, giveaways and then his give away. The first joke was two minutes. 

Behavior and you kind of teed it up there. We figure we had had to set the expectation under his and I are not friends right now. So we are living through kind of living through Jed on this first experience and hopefully Tim Chad and I will go together. Next year, we had a big discussion on what things, Jag can be doing ideas for Chad. If you find Chad, he will have personally, autographed 

And Shawn's brother, Tim for sale or for free we're super excited to hear about all Chaz experiences and it's super bummed out that if we can't be there and it's to meet up with these people that we've met through podcasting and cards just as you mentioned dr. Beckett and that part is going to be a blast and really that's the main agenda item that I have and then the cards will Obviously be there, too. 

We got coming to Dallas, one of the Big Show's here. You know. Tim did that previously? Tim's, Jim booked a trip and then didn't tell Chatter I stopped and in 24 hours before he took off and he does win. Tim did a treatment at the strip club. These shows I've had a blast getting back into them because prior, you know, we kind of got back in the hobby 2016 timeframe and we weren't going to show We all win as kids and we all love them and then getting back into them this year over the last what five months or so. Has been a blast. I'm texting these guys a couple times a week about different shows, we don't get a lot of them out here. Out West Route in Utah in so we don't get a ton of them here. I saw Las Vegas had one. Just recently didn't seem like a big show but I'm starting to travel for the endurance, you know regardless of what we come home with card wise. Is really, really fun and a great. It seems like a great way to enjoy the Hobby and of course it seems like thousands of people have known about this long before we have jumped on this bandwagon. So it's you're going yes. Plus I think would be a blast for for us to go to in the future. Yeah definitely. But John was there last time I probably am not going to do a hobby content, creators, dinner next weekend. When Kyle has a big show but the August the late August showed you guys are in town. It's okay. Cleared it with Kyle to do another hobby, content creators dinner on Saturday evening. John, if your back, don't know if your hip love Ali. Not probably not, but I'll plug the event. Guys, if you get that invite like you kind of just did, man, it's it's a great, it's an honor, and a privilege, and it's a lot of fun, and a lot of great conversation and talk about meeting people have never met before that. You may have heard or seen that that occurs and it's just great banter. Different, you know, even different opinions that even even being in into the one. I was, I changed my mind on a couple things and that's always good. And again, it's fun, but she got the show there as well and you know, if you get to go, you know, I can't stress enough to see if you can do it to get it done. I'll tell you, I did pick up on those images in the post from John with the last And creators dinner took place. I was insanely jealous and so if we are anywhere near Dallas in office, for that show, we will absolutely reach out because that looked incredible things right. Saugus 26 to August 29, that was like on the website. It's going to be seven hundred cable show as well last name. It just keeps growing. I mean, I think in March I was 400 500. Abel's. I mean so it's it was always more like whatever he said because it's Politically Incorrect that many people in done, right? You guys mentioned Vegas, the industry Summit. This year's having a card show, kind of kick it off and Lead it off as well. So I don't know where how close, you know, geography, wise Vegas. 

But it was probably closer than the New York. I'm assuming. So, you know, if he can get even to the industry Summit show, there you go. We'll plug for them. And I think that that's the show that we just saw it, isn't it? Chad, that was coming out. Yes, I believe it was. I think that was one that I just say yes. So so we'll definitely be considering that show. That would be a ton of fun. But, you know, I think that I don't even realize though. So how large these shows can be and I'll be really interested to get gestate when he returns from National. We did a local show here in Salt Lake and a couple weeks later Chad, went to it a different show about an hour outside of Subway, and that show was a little bit larger and a little bit more put together and Chad, just raved about it. I cannot imagine what one of these shows with four, five seven hundred tables is like I'm sure once you go to your first one, it's pretty difficult to stop. Yeah, that that one was a blast even with only 30 or 40 tables. You know, there's little kids selling cards and so you go up and kind of chat with them and get them excited about it. It's where I bought my first Pokemon card and had no clue what it was. And graded, it through a Grading Company that I've never heard of who happened to be outside, just to get the experience and some like, that's fun. It's all, it's all about the, the Journey of it. So, yeah, going here, I'm ready. When you table do a 400 or 500 or 700 one like Dallas, will be nice. Will there be? Yeah, National doing box Wars know, so I saw this breakout, so Panini. So David Adams, Steel City, those big guard sellers, they have tons of wax set up. So you'll see like these little mini shouting matches. I kind of break out like people buy boxes and somebody will now spots words backwards so it's a, it's a spectacle. Yes. But yeah I was just wondering so Do you think about PSA and bgs being there at me? Like what's going to be the reception? They are positive negative or they made it overwhelmed right now. Example, positive yes-, yes. Overwhelm people. If there's no line for PSA because if you stand in line, at means you're paying three hundred bucks. A car or something like that. You're going to be disappointed, but they'll be people who frustrated if there's a line at PSA or pgs. It's a free world, so they have a PR nightmare right now. All of them all creative companies because it's just, it's just crazy. You know, they can't keep up with demand and even raising the prices is not well, demand enough, I guess, and they get this backlog and they're going to be plugging away at the national all of them. And they'll be people upset, they'll be people say. 

10:33 PM
Ask for here's a question. I've Loved sports for dr. Beckett, I love tennis. I've seen the pgs is it as scary as we all imagine. Scariest thing is obviously Parts in there and they are the or they are not getting special treatment. It's it's mind-boggling. Yeah, I can imagine 

Let's hear from one of our other sponsors, but we'll be back with the the rest of the program. Fast. I Marketplace as a line of rated guard cases that are waterproof are tight, just tight and pardon to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preform foam so you don't have to cut and tear the phone. When you get your case, the pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett, SGC and CTS slab. Store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace. Check them out at www.fafsa.gov post.com 

Here's the question for dr. Beckett John Keating, ask you dr. John. The last set you've completed. I'm not sure. I mean I get a lot of talking more than 40 years. I mean are basically quit collected sets in the 70s early 80s. It's so what was the toughest set in the 60s? Maybe 67's you know, some of those High numbers for It's Robinson is a tough yard in the 50s. I don't know 52. Probably I, you know, I got a complete set of 52s but I that was, that was that simple. It was a lot cheaper on my 40-plus years ago but yeah maybe 52 times as a result. There's a debate in the chat room I mentioned during the broadcast tonight you know speaking to someone you know, very well with Michael Moynihan and About 50 inches as even dipped. He brought a graph out. When I was on his show that some of his key cards have dropped down 30, 40 % some pushback in the chat room, which is good. That's what we're, it's healthy, that are saying that, it's not that much and so I know you got your finger on the pulse doctor just specially on the under vintage side. When we, what, what, how would you break that tie with what, you know, what Michael, we Mike baseball card collection. Doctors say hey this is affecting the Vintage and in a big sort of way to and then others in chat room or saying they don't see it to that level. So you know I'll let you be a sort of the tiebreaker here. I got to get tiebreaker, but I just having a basically Mike's a Savvy guy and what we're finding out in the industry. Now is that it's not, you know, with the Market Movers and card bladder and all these calm 

To do a whole episode about this but cards are no longer even Grady cards are no longer functional. If you say, I've got a be gs-7 or PSA 7 that I want to sell. I think it's and if you want to sell it for less, there's going to be suspicion that it's a week seven. And so I think there's a need now that if more than ever before you know you're buying the card not the holder and some of this Softness in the pricing is weak nines that are selling for Less a strong 9 is way more than a week, not in psab, Gs idiom, right? And so it's almost like you not to read the craters but it's not sufficient to say. I got to be GS 8 and the latest comps are this. If it's if it's a strong 8 that's pushing a 9. Then your 

You're going to get a lot more short. I mean, it's and you've seen that with some of these other services that are grading graders and is nil. It all that me again. Education is the answer, you know, if I were a vintage guy, I would not sell it, I would not be selling cards, El Lo when they are strong for the grade. Let's put it that way. But if I'm going, I'm going to take a haircut on a card that's that's a week seven, right? It's really windy be haircuts. I again, I'm probably overanalyzing it but but Mike's a very Savvy guy, then he's probably going to look at this an opportunity to buy and I know he agrees with me on buying the card. Not to hold. Yeah, that's fantastic advice. You know? See that in the Jordans that I look at, you know, like a PSA 9 is not just a PSA nine. I mean like the collectors know like, you know, a center date. G6, Fleer with great, I appeal is way better than the off centered nines. Really hard litter card ladder, especially trouble with that because they're they're trying to report all the sales and they don't have a category for week nines, bib category for each each brain problems. Well, I'm just glad it's sophisticated now to where it matters. Would you say a website like vintage card pricing becomes even more relevant now where they give you like the range on a PSA 7 for example and like the 

For yes. I said it's five. Well not that familiar with that other than I can just tell you one of the least popular things we did back in the day was have a price range for the cards. People just want to know what the price is truly. There is a range and especially like you said, if it's a and I think that's helpful in education, is key more information is better. So if it's selling between, you know, card selling between a hundred and two hundred, those are pretty different kinds of price. Has and my guess is, you know you, if you were able to scrutinize each sale and know the details behind it, you realize that why? There's such a big discrepancy, you know, I just saw what you had a crop. There is a way to count for I appeal. Everybody does it. That will I mean, I don't want to blow it for anybody but that that's coming, that's coming. Here is a way to do it. It, whether it'll be universally accepted, or whether it will be 

The big grading companies that does this. But you know, I did an episode about that. I appeal is going to be Quantified and numerically rated really. Do you think that that's the future that the screening companies will actually begin? Assessing well either that or they're going to be. They're not going to be replaced but it's incomplete just a city PS, they died. In fact, even if it's a PSA 10, that's not even sufficient. Because what about a black label Yes. And so PSA 10 is it's not a perfect card, it's a chimney card. Some of them are as perfect as I can see. And some of my thinking, you know, that's not it and they don't even have a 9.5. So it's coming guys, it's coming and so smart. People are buying up, strong 10, strong nine, strong Gates, and they're putting their dens week nines. We Gates out into the float and they're selling for a little bit less, and that makes it look like prices are going up. 

I'm really stressed going down in some cases anyway, but that exacerbates anything that you're talking about, like how PWC see, you know, kind of rates their card or like, you know, Mike Baker is now grading the grades on a card and somehow people do. Yeah. I got you interesting. Yeah, it's coming. It's it has to because it's what the money is so big guys, that you can't. You need more specificity and that's not for every single card. It's just for some of these key cards. Well, I mean, everybody's eye is different to write, you know, like I thought mine was pretty good but I keep getting PSA sixes back into sepsis. Let me tear Chad, and Kim gets a lot of strong PSA sixes, but he gets the cops on the PSA. 66 is the or strong. Yeah, Mark oil makes a great Point here to this, is actually talking about dr. James content dinner, this came during the analytics portion about how things are hard to track because the lot of these Private Sales to as well. So you can't lose. What are you going to do, right? So it can't can't be everywhere at the same time, but I will. When you say is back, you're going to have like a V sub grade dr. Jim, you know before they have Then whatever they want to coin. It like, If PL, you know, I mean, how does it Grading Company? Don't need it? Don't need a fifth thing. Johnny basically, what people are doing their put a premium on Center, you know. Centering is the only one. You can't really tell ya that you know that you can tell from a distance you know the if there's some surface. Yes. Sloppy you know it's a nine surface or an 8.5 surface. I dare you to figure out what the problem is. Unless you microscope. Now if it's a Seven Corners, even that it's it meets, there's a soft corner Is he going to turn the card on the side to figure out? It's got an edge problem, unless it's So some say it really the fifth grade it's the preeminent great to me is centering because it's the one thing you can tell from a distance and people say I don't want it off centered card and 70/30 is not okay and Leslie. Biggest fear when I get back, these PS a-10s, I was kind of a convert from bgs to PSA during the last year and that's my biggest fear going switching over is I really have no idea how strong of a tetanus 

For what, for what you indicated as far as the idea. I worry, we've gotten bad cards. Jedi, multiple cards, were once rated higher than the other. When we take the lower grade card, it looks looks more centered, it looks better over. Oh, yeah. There's even known wiggle room right on on centering, that you can still submit and perhaps expect to get a tan on centering even though there's no subgrades on the slab and that seems silly. Just Says you're talking like intuitively. Where's the arbitrary cutoff that says? Yeah this this is still going to be a 10. Yeah, I think your point is an excellent. I really do. I think if you said your card, I mean, again, I obviously bgs, what is the B stand for her people? Send their cards to be GS, and they get a 9.5 with it with 10 centering. What's the chance they're going to crack that out? Send it to PSA to get a PSA 10 which the market currently in many cases values higher. Yeah, you know attend centering you know that every everything else a 9.5 or maybe a nine on edges or something like that. You know there's a good chance that could be a PSA 10. Oh yeah. Yeah it's a 10 you're not going to crack that out to get it unless you think you're going to get a full Black Label or a vgs 10 and that's Pretty dicey. No, that was that was a big part of the, you know, the the talk right? The during comb it is hey crack out. Does 9.5 is with that the strong centering and go get your feet, your PSA 10. So if you're going to sell it right? Because on the market it may have been turning for a better available through study. It seems silly to me is what the future will hold. That's what it is right now. Yeah. In the future but see they're not 

10:45 PM
If? During they're going to, they're going to, you know, that that might be put in the pile to be for sale and they might accept a lower offer for that because there's no chance of are perceived as a greatly reduced chance to cross over. Yeah, I know. That is it definitely was a cheap move, right? Like, do to avoid the, maybe the more scrutinized bgs system changing. It's just it's it's gamifying. It's It's fair. Its there's no crimes being committed. Correct. Correct. I think, when I recover the word cheating, I think you. You know, when we submitted to you submitted, to be sat under that theory, you understand that it's no better of a card. It just simply you're getting it better sticker label. All right. And maybe to the true collector bgs 9.5 is the better running, hold onto those on sale. So it is what it is. 

Yeah, it is what it is. That's my line. It's also a lot of New York culture. That is why I like to but hey guys, we're up against the clock. We got it. We got a sign off here in like two minutes real quick. Actually one minute packed in the future. Somebody give out your credentials. Yeah, yeah. You can find us on Instagram pack to the Future podcast. That's where we're most active. You can go to our website as well pack to the Future. A podcast out pot v.com or always trying to get user interaction in. So yeah, feel free to give us a listen and, and interact with us as well. Yep, dr. Jim sports card, insights on all, and every major podcast platform and everything in between every day. With that show, 10-15 minutes. Great stories from from yesteryear and current. In the hobby. It's must listened for me and it Before you as well. Once again I want to thank Tyler Wilson like going to hand bench. Clear media breaker culture for letting us be part of how we palooza and on that note we're going to kick it off to breaker culture there. The next show up with Tyler Wilson. So head that way folks, thanks for joining us tonight and everyone great banter in the chat room as well, take care. Alright, hope you enjoyed that conversation on again. Thank Dr. Jim Beckett. Chad Ricky. Tim from Peg to the Future podcast bench. Clear media, Mike Moynihan Tyler Wilson for asking us to be part of housing palooza. That's where that conversation took place. And a great conversation about kind of current events the national and to get someone like dr. Jim's you know back you know what it is for those that don't know if you didn't know here he's never missed. 

The national every one of them and so to get that Insight can't get it from anywhere else. Truth be told, so I hope he enjoyed a sort of a different episode next week will be more sort of bad. God par, what we normally do not sure of the format, I'm going to be doing some live interviews here in Chicago and so I'm sure you're here. Proud of my guess is you'll hear rather than one long interview. For one person you will hear, you know, from a variety of different people from the show for at the Donald Stevens Convention Center. So I got a feeling episode 139 is going to be sort of a mish-mosh from various Hobby. People all I want show to combine to make one episode so should be fun. Should be interesting. Once again, if you're listening to this and you're here in Chicago like myself. Again, all I want to put that disclaimer. Please, if you see me walking around or just loitering, about don't be shy, I don't bike, come on up, say hello, I probably have some swag, some stickers or who knows what you know poker chips that to give out, definitely come say hi and love the talk hobby with the Weber. So hope to meet many of you here at you. Chicago, with that being said, If you travel to Chicago, safe, travels back to wherever you live. And I will see you next week. Thank you. Everybody remember to have use the people.