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Sept. 10, 2021

Ep.144 w/Jimmy Mahan from Kentucky Road Show Shop

Ep.144 w/Jimmy Mahan from Kentucky Road Show Shop

He's one of the most enthusiastic, unselfish people this hobby has ever seen, he's almost a year in to his unique LCS Kentucky Road Show shop and is opening two more locations around the country. Jimmy joins us to talk all things hobby.

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He's one of the most enthusiastic, unselfish people this hobby has ever seen, he's almost a year in to his unique LCS Kentucky Road Show shop and is opening two more locations around the country. Jimmy joins us to talk all things hobby.

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<span;>12:05 PM
<span;>Welcome to another episode of the sports, Kardasian podcast, the show that brings you all the important hobby news discussions debates. Opinions info and interviews with key Hobby and sports dignitaries. Also, if you're good, you know, we are going to give away something. Now. Here's the guy that one of the guards, more than the go, John Newman. What is up? Sports Carnation, episode 144 little upbeat, can't help but be up. With the guess they have on this week. I call them the happiest man in the Hobby and I don't know if he isn't, I don't know. Who is Jimmy Mahan from the Kentucky Road Show shop down in Kentucky. Just enthusiastic happy, but even more than that generous, right? Philanthropy does a lot for charity. So you go been going To Columbia and getting some of the Young Folks, they're kind of geared up for soccer and sports and always looking out for others and trying to help everybody from the less fortunate to just anybody in the hobby. A great Ambassador. Great human being forget about Hobby is stuff, goes past the Hobby and it's been on the show before, but it's been a while since we've had

<span;>12:07 PM
<span;>And his OCS and not only has he opened that one in Lexington to more few. More are open and maybe even a few more become after a little teaser. Have to listen to the interview for that. So he's doing big things inside the hobby outside. The Hobby in life. He's a guy. I admire, he inspires me to do good things. Be a good person, being a good Steward, and Happy. He made some time for the show. Happy to have him back on, kind of catch up with a lot of things that's happened. Since the last time he's been on ya covid. After the national we're going to talk about that is how we recovered and his symptoms and all that stuff. And of course, we're going to get his take on the Fanatics. Take over. If you're well, and Jimmy comes from the business side of things to worked in. Baking. He was a principal or a teacher and, you know, come from that corporate side as well. So I'm really interested to hear some his starts on what's going down and having he'll share that with you as well. Great interview. I know I'm biased well, but really was we could talk for three, four hours if if need be. And when we, when we did this conversation, he had just gotten back actually from Colombia. No coincidence, so but very giving of his time and that just goes to show you what kind of man Jimmy are. So happy to have mine. I think you'll find that conversation. Very interesting.

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<span;>You may recognize that voice as Tom Brady. Leland's auction has a meet and greet with that person. You just heard phoropter auction. You can hear that voice in person. If you are the high bidder on what I believe is Lot number one in their current, some our auction. That's at Leland's, it's going to close on. September 25th, and the thing I like most about it, Brady guy Steeler fan, but it's going to all proceeds from that lot are going to pandemic Charities. And that's that's a positive thing. And so good on Leland's, good on Tom, Brady for help and helping that chair. He out and good luck to the winner. Probably going to cost a small arm and a leg but at least The silos and knowing other people going to be helped out with that purchase. All right, you know, when again, wouldn't be a week without some tops Fanatics, Panini news, right? It's from some insiders, as released that tops is CEO. Michael Eisner was shopping tops around to for potential sale. Last winter while they were riding High. And the Insiders also reported that Isner was not worried.

<span;>Any kind of losing the license, he just was telling folks that he expected. It would cost tops more to retain it. And so as we know now, you know, that things upside down and he's got to regroup and figure out you know, what move to make next but man from if that's true from last winter, just too tight. It's have changed their gonna be interesting again. This story's going to just, you know, progress over the next few years until everything is settled out. And so, you know, you you're going to hear all sorts of rumors and and scenarios but and and you could do 10 hours of material on that alone, but we'll see how this all shakes out.

<span;>I don't know about you, but I loved the Field of Dreams game. I imagine most people did to got very great ratings, great ending. Just well done. You know, I bagged on Rob, man, Fred and I'm still not getting off the hook as one of the worst Commissioners ever, but good job by Major League Baseball. Putting this together going to be now. Looks like a yearly event probably with some Teams and I like that, you know, each sport has their thing. NHL has their outdoor game. Football has their the Pro Bowl, the the draft, which is a huge event. And so this will be baseball sort of mid season event, you know along with the All-Star Game. And frankly. I think it's going to be bigger than even their their All-Star Game. Pretty much on par if you will. But that we're not here to talk about the game itself. But 59 jerseys from that White Sox, Yankees Field of Dreams game recently were sold in auction all total the well over six figures and the best part is all those funds, went to the Dubuque Iowa, Cancer Center. So the help those folks out dealing with cancer those

<span;>People Afflicted in their family. So feel the dreams game, still leaving a legacy with the help towards the Dubuque, Iowa can cancer center, so good job there. All right. Looks like the I-X Center in Cleveland. Ohio is on a track to reopen and the national sports collectors convention is interested in going back and

<span;>They should have never been. Billy Cleaver, I've never been to the National in Cleveland. But everyone I've talked to that has attended a national and Cleveland. So it's, it's a, it's a great venue. A great City for. And So It appears to be in talks to return no details as a yet. Obviously, in the early stages. There will be in Atlantic City in 2022. I'm planning on attending. That's a drivable show for Me speaking of shows, and venues a weird one in South Florida, or different one. And once they weird, but took place in or on a luxury yacht, in the Bayside, Marina in Miami, a small and venue 20, dealers /, Breakers setup to attend $10 to board the boat and dolphins. Very wide receiver, Mark, super duper was the autograph signer. So kind of a neat concept, right? Show on a boat on a yacht. And who knows? What's next right? Well, for me. What's next is if you listen to the show on Friday and Sunday, I will be at these New York State Fairgrounds here in Syracuse for collectors Fest. I'm not sure what number they number these things, but I'm not sure what. Number there on, but I will be set up two cables. Come see me. Yo, yo, I'll be easy to find a lot of branding. I've got table runners with logos, and I've got a stand up display. I'll stick out like a sore thumb. Come see me. If you happen to be in central, New York. Come chat. You don't have to buy nothing. I love to talk after you already know, if you're a fan of the show, and you're going to be a fan of this show and you to be a dead show.

<span;>Come chat with me. Check out some of the stuff. I'm bringing and be fun time. I haven't done a show and almost two years. So this would be interesting. I've been working all week to you know, get everything priced up and organized and so it's 9:30 to 3:30. Just a six-hour window on Sunday. That's at the New York State Fairgrounds here in Syracuse. Hope to see you a little programming. A note, if you're listening to the show on release Friday tonight at 9:30, breaking cardboard episode 2, will be taken place, my guest host on this episode will be sports cars, live, Jeremy Lee and our guests will be Chris Carlin from upper deck. I'm sure we'll have some interesting questions and we'll probably going to break a product during the episode Skybox met.

<span;>Universe hockey with the precious metal gems, and some really cool looking acetate insert. So if you listen to this early in the day on Friday, show released tonight Live on YouTube. Periscope Facebook, sports car Nation, Pages, breaking cardboard episode to Jeremy Lee. Chris. Carlin, should be a lot of fun if you missed the show live. That's okay. Catch it on YouTube after the fact, and it'll be released on this. Free platform in just audio form as well. Iron sports cards is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com or even give them a call at one eight seven, seven iro, n, PS, a-- Rob's got you covered.

<span;>Happy to have this next gentleman back at sports Carnation podcast. This is his second appearance. However, way too long between them. That's, that's me, but better late than never. I call them the happiest man in the hobby.

<span;>12:21 PM
<span;>The Divine energy. It's contagious and happy to have them back. Give him a hand. Welcome back to sports tarnation. Honor. I don't care how long it is in between the next time. Well, I think I'm gonna get there before me to make it there, but I'll get there before you. If I do when I had you had. It was so long ago, when I had you on. He hadn't even started the store yet, which is the Kentucky Road Show shop, but doing doing big things there. We're going to talk about, not just there, but other places now, as well.

<span;>The, so it's almost been a year since you launched the store. You know, how is it there? Yeah, whatever. What's how's it been? It's been awesome. Definitely beyond my wildest dreams in terms of what we've been able to do just as a business, but All the other things that come with it of the goals that we have as a shot from day one, and just the impact, like Community impact was a huge thing here. And, you know, I grew up in this town two blocks from the shop and we have Friday, Isaiah Jackson coming in to sign the shop for a Kentucky. Last year's first round pick, and then Emmanuel quickly coming in Saturday. So things like that, that you hope you can make happen.

<span;>U-verse opening just with connections, and that I used to work for to be and no Calipari and some of those votes over there. And you're hoping that you can do that when you're a shop and get get up and running and successful enough to do that. And then now that it's happening and the people that have been in the shop of the last nine months, you know, Karl towns. J bill is Jamin. David, like, just all that stuff is far exceeded miles. Yeah, and you would like you said you've had quite a list of Kentucky folks in their mean. It's worth going to the shop just to see who walks through the door. It's great. Having, you know, and I've never been to the store yet. I'll put yet on the end of that. But good. I've lived vicariously through others. It posted videos and pictures. I mean, you definitely honor your cot, you know, the college and

<span;>And I mean you got, you got caught, you got basketball court as the floor. You got jerseys, you got, I mean, it has that, that, you know, Home Store feel, I'll call it. And I think that's wonderful. You pay homage to where you are. And obviously, people who live in the area. I think most of them, obviously, probably appreciate that as well. And, and, and even to the guys coming in. It's, it's their home. Store, I mean that's it is. It's really good. You know, when when did you first start thinking about this Beak from going from idea to reality? I'd say early on and when I sew my social media can be a little crazy and that was all very much, an accident. I didn't. I mean, I was just a collector that I was going through a surgery and I figured that's how did anybody talk to you. I was living in North.

<span;>It was like well, maybe I can talk to some Kentucky fans. I'm sitting here recovering and already had them in cave and cards everywhere and all of that because that's what I wanted to happen for all my friends and all those things and start taking pictures. Then my account blew up. I was like, wow, you know after a while you get to a certain amount and they're like, well, I guess my collection pretty good and maybe I can do this is the business. I've made enough good decisions with this. Maybe I can Combined kind of past lives where I've been in business and working with kids and a lot of different areas in my life as like, wow. Maybe I can do this and really create something from scratch and I've definitely got that that kind of mind where I like to create my own way. And that's what the shop was. I wanted to be a destination shop. I wanted to look like no other car job in America. I wanted to be half Museum have shot, but even

<span;>A Kentucky fan. You're like, wow, this is cool. Like I went to a shop like mine. It was UCLA or Ohio State football, if you like, I'm not saying this, but like, these guys, but this is amazing. This vibe in the and all that within the walls of the shop it oh, I want to see that Jersey or that Olympic jersey of these shoes worn by this guy. Here's the story behind this and and that's it's been really cool. Not just the local folks. I knew with dig it says Kentucky's but

<span;>The folks who drafted mystery in the job, in Indianapolis, the drive from Tennessee to come up and see it. That is really, really gives you going the most So, where the store is right now? I mean, did, are you flying by the seat of your pants? Is this design like that? You mean obviously, you said, a lot of it just kind of happened quick. But once you knew you were doing this store, did you draw this out? Or did you just just in your mind? This is how I see it being. I definitely drew it out like, once I decide, okay, because a lot of it like Shark Tank, right? We have, we went through phases where

<span;>Proof of concept. Can I start a viable business selling cars and have an actual customers who want to? So the shop opened in November? We haven't even been open a year. But in may we lost just online shopping and the 12,000 bucks in the first hour? And that's what I was like, okay people trust me enough to buy from us know that we're going to treat them correctly and did that.

<span;>Your mom's before is like I mean clearly that's not a prophet playwright. The prophet play would be either, just do it all online or higher bunch of Breakers and put them in all this. And keep your expenses down, right? But that's not really what I love that. I'll wanted to. To do something, where I mean cards, all about Nostalgia and interaction. Like we're talking about tops earlier and it's like this, this, I want a space where people can meet and create those relationships because to me car, through the vehicle for great relates to it's my favorite vehicle ever. I've done it in a classroom. I've done a banking. I've done it were, how can I impact people? This is my favorite of all the vehicles, right?

<span;>But I prefer which do that in person and let's have that here and then hire other people, that feel the same way about it. That I do was we got and go from there. And then once we have that space, amazed how trait night started at the national? It's the same thing. It was like, oh I see a bunch of kids sitting on the floor guys sitting in hotel lobbies and it's like can we just give you the space to come and meet and

<span;>You're not sitting on the floor. All right, you can make funny cards. Great. I got that but we're going to create that headquarters for people can interact and have an impact them in a greater way. Yeah. Community. The community total. Yeah. Well, you do what you do? You don't need me to tell you this, but obviously, you're doing a great job. Your Niner or 10 months in honestly. Is it has it been easier than you thought about? What you thought or even harder than the expected at certain, certain aspects have been easier than I thought. Certain aspects have been harder where we're open six days a week and that in the car World. Your phone doesn't stop when people text me while we're talking now, about cars were, can I keep this it? Never ever stops? My phone goes a million miles, an hour's. I'm surprised. It's not smoking like Michael Eisner. All right, now they just caught on fire.

<span;>But if I would say some parts have been much easier like the the interest of people locally coming in like the first, you're like man, any startup you're like, is anybody going to come in today? And that's been easier than I thought of people coming in. And then you've got the hard parts of, hey, Woody card shopping face right now. Like, how do I get the wax? How do I make money off wax? Even if I can get it, you know, things like that? Where You're really cry.

<span;>Get out for a while, but then the momentum starts to get going and then in that makes it a little easier, but we haven't done a full 12 months. So I'm still cats in the seasonality of this. So I would say, overall is in, so much better than I even thought it would be to just the experiences that have happened to the shop. And I'm not talking celebrities. I'm talking like the Girls that collect, you know, create this women in sports cars and the amount of girls like girls getting out like coming into the shop to buy cards to earlier. One of my favorite moments. Probably 12 years old. They came in the shop one Saturday and bought some cars. Just two girls. No parents. No, just two friends. It's like wow, these two girls got up this morning said we want to go to the card shop and like and they felt comfortable.

<span;>They want to do it. They gave your mother and guards. His cool baby. Yeah. Create that were that happens. So, boc alive. That's a fantastic thing. Yeah, we need that next generation of collectors male and female both to carry that baton. You're a smart guy. You realized the impact and how important that is it something I'm always on this show. Talking about, you know, kids in the Hobby. And how important that is. I'm not a kid anymore. Still have an injured cat. But yeah, I started as a seven-year-old, right, you know, there people will argue Jimmy that you don't need to start as a kid, you could start at 20 and they're right. I'm not saying they're wrong, or there's something about when your kid and opening that first bag, and the story behind it, who you're with, maybe who bought it for you, how it all came about and I don't want

<span;>Those those stories go away. I want to see new stories. And I also believed to few you start as a kid. You're probably more likely to be in it for the long haul, then you start as an adult. Again. That's not face it. Yeah, I'm not basing that on any sort of data or any analytical charts. I just think just human nature if you do something as well. How many stories we hear from someone that started as a kid? Yeah, they got It out and what the Tyler girls became a focal point, and then they come back, right? I don't want, I think you're more apt to lease return and stick with it. You start it because we all have that that sentimental bone in our bodies of man. I remember I used to collect cards and is something about that Allure and I believe in it. And so I want to see the younger generation, you know, male female like we said, start as early.

<span;>12:33 PM
<span;>Moving forward, I think is we can do that.

<span;>When kids couldn't get it Target any more things like that, but it made you come in at three o'clock in our shop right after school. Lets out. Looks like summer fee. I mean, the kids come in here with your dad's, their moms, all the time, all the time, because they can get a pack there. They can get it. Even if their budget can't afford, you know, Immaculate, they can still come in there and do their dollar boxes. They can get the cheaper back.

<span;>And we see all week every week, their kids constantly coming on to step aside for a quick break, but when we come back more with Jimmy Mahan.

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<span;>Real code scn to get your first year, free, please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. Sports car nation is back with Jimmy, but I also believe I'm going to, I'm going to give you a some some props here. I also believe who's in that store and what they exude positivity. Some One who loves and has a passion for what they're doing. I believe that's a huge Factor as, as well. I know you are going to, you know, mention that yourself, but I'll do it for you. And, you know, in the few times meeting in person and even talk to you, not in person. It comes through. And I'll be honest with you when I first got wind of you years ago, 4 years back. I'm like, is this like a stick or is he really disliked positive and And now like I know, you know, this a and there's no this is Jimmy is and it's beautiful. It's awesome. And I wish I could be more like that. I think sometimes we're not. Yeah, I am, I am. But like you said, the boy looks good. So many more, I think the vast majority of collectors feel similarly where it's that same Joy of opening, a pack of insane, Joy of connecting with another collector. That is cool. You have to talk to and just chop it up with. I think I think that's wait. I mean the negative guys are that, I think that's a smaller percentage. Well, you're right and the same exact same. Off-camera as I've been through all kinds of stuff my life. And to me, it's if my feet hit the floor. So you did that. Yeah. Yeah. And I see, you know, what you do. I mean, it sets a tone. I think people, I love it, you know, and I'm sure others do. And, you know, and your touch you touch that expansion. So there's going to be some away called what way, shops? Right of the Kentucky Road Show shop, talk about Where they going to be sort of how this even got off the ground and and then plug where they're going to be as well. We can I you talk about to, but it's about. Okay, so we start with this concept and grows into the shop and the shop is doing great financially. And it's, it's what I believe. Yes, it's the cards, but it's also about the experience, right? And

<span;>Having worked for very entrepreneurial people in my life. I started thinking about this. Why can't we replicate this and impact other communities in the same way. It's all about the people that are in there. The cards will come and go and that will change. And as we see companies and Janes, things like that, but chords have been around since 1887, right? So the first people looking at cars, you're doing it by candlelight. I'm not worried about people being interested. I stood in cards, its. Exactly American and even if you didn't collect, you've heard of somebody then if you grew up in this country, so what in can we do the I think about the early car times? I went to it was all this kind of card shop. One. Dinos what I call it was mostly mostly not everybody, but it was kind of by your stuff and leave. There's no place to sit and you have these kind of random conversations with people there. That was cool to kind of get you pumped up about the hobby, but What if we create this Vibe? And then it's like, wow, we did this in Lexington unless it's a small town. It's not that big. If I hit the right people and now in a hobby, I know all these great young folks. It's a certain brewing in my head that next generation of card shop owner of manager. And I was like, whoa.

<span;>No high school teacher last will bring to our life to help educate and equip, and empower, the Next Generation. I've been doing that since I got out of college. So now I can afford to do this and impact the hobby. If I get the right people in place to expand and create shop like us to no responsibility League team. We're having signs and job, we're sponsoring this. We're doing this and wonder Columbia and giving out cleats and different things like that.

<span;>Okay, why can't people thirst for that? And so we said so I found great guys, I already knew and I know that they can run a shop in the same way that I found a 44, but if I quit them now they can be a sign for longer starting at 27 28, 29, 30 and we can we can change the hobby for the better. Or just add to its already fine, but let's add to it and bring more of that in. So we're opening a shop and Sonoma and Napa Area, California road show with Justin and Ryan channels. The check panels twins who are awesome, awesome, smart kid, but also exuberant and absolutely adore The Hobby and then Cody creme is going to open one in Dallas every down there last week, actually, checking out the shop and tell him.

<span;>The white wires around there is some PE and triple blade those guys and they're all fantastic. And then another one, the last one will be actually have just outside New York City. The guy named Kevin kulakowski, who he created the months time repack, then I sold for a while and RBI Crusoe for a while and it was about he went out to make a repast where he was smart enough of buying the cards that give more value.

<span;>Mostly bats, you see? And I mean, you can go back and watch the videos. They were unbelievable. It's like that's what I wanted support. I could be a single cards. Are no other in Lexington, Kentucky, or I can try and change everything for the better. And I think I'd rather tackle that so you get it. Like, are you going to be bouncing from like you're going to be dropping in and get those every prayer miles and all that good stuff. Oh man, I got more for is ridiculous. My, I'm all over the place. I'll probably spend the first two weeks. It shot with opens this fall early early winter because we're building them out right now and just a a nap of do Exile good. Dallas named Alice doing out bounced around like crazy because it's too fun. It's a curiosity of meeting that reason and how they collect and I love finding that out and And it was never like when somebody would show their PC or how they did their stuff when I was younger or even. When I first got on social media, it wasn't like. Oh, I'm jealous of this guy. It was like, wow, how do you do it? Like how did you get to that? I want to learn more about how you, because maybe I can incorporate that with my Kentucky thing and that. So I'll point out bounced around quite a bit and fill in a lot of it too. So y'all had people say, well, how do you start?

<span;>Enjoying cards on that and I'm like, come on. Come on, be ucr's. Let me tell you. I think it's great. The more, the more the better. Yeah, any feelings. I won't put you on the hot seat, her on the spot here, any future locations. You're you're looking at or too early, too early for that. No, I have a dream of opening one overseas. I lived in London for a little bit. I'm not saying be London, but I think that there is

<span;>They real.

<span;>Of overseas card shops. And you've got a lot more collectors than you used to over there, especially with since the Dream Team and explosion a basketball globally. Because certainly soccer. And I feel like soccer has definitely been growing in the car community, and you see more soccer and so's than you ever have. But, I feel like man opening one overseas would be really cool to do. And so right now, I've got another my voice trying to open.

<span;>Three and the first, you have open one, so, but down the road, I think that's so no. No. No, no T's to what, what the country that might be. If you said probably not London, but I've got a great. I've got a guy that is a soccer guy in my sock guys from Bogota Colombia, but he studied in Barcelona, and he then worked.

<span;>For its marketing company there and he did a master's degree in. As name is. Juan Pablo. He's a football road. So I'm on Instagram, but at the spilled food bowl, but he's bilingual. He got a master's degree in conjunction with FC Barcelona. We're like his Morgan teacher was the Mockingbirds impressive Arsenal and it's like, wow, like, okay, maybe maybe that Barcelona and then I've got our super affinity for London because I studied over there for a bit. So then that would be a lot. Easier me English to my eggs and my Spanish. You don't want to hear. Oh my gosh butcher. Well, you can do, but we're listening. Why do you want to do London? And in Barcelona? Hey, look, I'm spending up spending your money for you. You take it. What you did very well and even getting better as you go along, and you bringing it to other parts of the country. I think that's great. And do you know, I'm also like you said, you know, the stores that I went to and even work got my start working and it was no seats. It was, he kind of came in while your stuff. Open your stuff said, you know, you need my chit chat, but then it was like, time to go. Yeah, you know, and And that model is probably doesn't play well in today's, you know, it's 20, 21 and with this, with social media, the world's a lot smaller place as well. And so he waits on you.

<span;>12:46 PM
<span;>Soon as our vice versa. That's a lot more fun than opening by yourself. Yeah, sometimes I like them by myself. Trust me, I did tonight, but to have the option to sit and create that Community. I think that's what we all want for live. And do you know, you, it's funny. I saw you at the most recent National here about seven eight weeks ago, Chicago, because the cocktail and he said, hey I got breaking news, but I'm going to release it tomorrow. You told me. What? The expansion of the stores. I kept your secret like a good soldier, but I said, man, we have to have you on. That's what we're doing here tonight in and talk about that. What a little segue into seen yet. The national, which was a great National think you'll agree. Lot of people. A lot of fun. You got covid, you know, people don't like to talk about that. Thank God. You're okay, you've recovered but then that you know, it

<span;>It's obviously a huge Topic in the world right now. Probably going to be for four years maybe to come. Maybe you notice people my wife included as a nurse that think it's going to be almost like the seasonal flu. Like we're right. Always maybe not on the levels and the numbers we have now, but there's always going to be a topic. So I think it's important. I think it's important, you know, it's obviously a virus that can affect anyone. Anyone, whatever your economic level or race religion or call us to discriminate. Yeah, so talk about like, when did you you know, kind of whatever you want to talk? I'm putting you on the spot sugar. No different.

<span;>Analogous. And this one. Should I get and they said fine sir? Okay, got the first shot was getting the second one after an asshole. But either Sunday, I don't really know which day I'd say Sunday. I started to feel it a little bit and then by Thursday that we got was hurt. I was her, and I didn't, we have congestion, but headache and a rolling fever. I had some crazy fever where I be 99 all day. And every night at nine o'clock. They're going to want to do five for four days. It's and, you know, being diabetic, I'm immunocompromised. So it got some point where I was, you know, never went to the hospital but was at home with oxygen, you know, in the nose full deal. And it not me down for a solid, two and a half three weeks, but luckily, you know, God is good all the time and got back on my feet. But I think another reason why I'm so happy about being at the floor, right? I mean, yeah, I got through.

<span;>Did you suspect that early on? Like when you were started to feel under the weather? Did he were you thinking that right off the Jump? Or absolutely, I was like, man. This I don't get headaches like this. I don't get fevers and I've just been around 90,000 people now because of the day that I really got it and been tested positive with the home kit. I mean, I actually got into the gas station driving home from Chicago, but I mean if I had to pick Like, I'd probably say when I was around all the people, but it really isn't until Thursday. And that was, it was, it was nasty that for a while. It was not fun. I could even pick up a card. I couldn't pick up my phone. I mean, you don't feel like doing anything but sleeping and just getting through it while a lot of prayer, and thank goodness for my lovely wife. Helped nurse me through it. She got it. Another tray at the Roadshow, got it. I mean we all be all

<span;>Around with it. I think it's from the national but Howard. I mean I have a good friend that was fully vaccinated. He got it. He was in the National like it's like you were saying it doesn't discriminate and I don't know if it was a Delta varying or not, but I certainly heard stories. Yeah. Well like you said thankfully pulled through and just earlier what you say, couple weeks, it kind of Knocked you back for a couple weeks and to you kind of

<span;>Shook free and that is not easy. When you're in it, you can't answer an email, running a card shop or add extra couple weeks. You get backed up in a was going to say, if you, if you, if you know, Jimmy, if he's not picking up at like you said, and I pick it up a card, not answering a message. I think, that'll tell you what this can do. Hopefully, it's no joke. So, you know, Digital Life. I can tell you that. Well, you've recovered. Thank God and, you know, you doing

<span;>You know, you got the stores open, end and Barcelona in London coming soon. So if you're listening we have listeners over. I would love, I been out of the state so wouldn't be the first time but I like to travel. So I'll take you up on that, but I like to meet you anywhere, but like Barcelona in, London sounds good, too.

<span;>Jimmy. We are back with Jimmy behind. So I got a, you know, you mentioned Colombia, you've done some some, you know, charity stuff there. I think it's awesome. You kind of touched on it to, with the cleats kind of talk about what you're doing there, how that came about and any future plans, even even with that as well. So it's kind of raining on me. Camp director. I ended up buying lots of international folks. I had to, I had to hire about 250, people of Summer to run this Camp. Massive YMCA Camp in North Carolina called Camp seagull. And I look was about to hire about 30, folks, from Columbia. I was like, why would it come down and meet you in person? I really because it is a tough job. Whose Food Service, not the most fun job. All this sounds like I want you to know, this means a lot. It's valuable and we need help and I said, I'll fly down there and I want to get a friend group because doing a hard work is much. He's like if you have any landscaping job is better. If you have ten buddies doing it, but you can make it fun. Yeah, so I apply that.

<span;>There. And at first, I'm like, is it safe? Can I go down? I kidnapped mean, you know, you gotta take a great name. Laughs. What if you got to think about stuff like this, because I knew about go on Bo was like, Stallone, kicking in a door and blowing away drug dealers. I was just 80s movies and Pablo Escobar Scarface. Don't get Scarface all that. So they're like know a guy. President came in the 90s and clean all this up and I'll look it up and it's like the crime rate in Bogota. I was less than Indianapolis, and I was like, I feel pretty safe in Indianapolis other. You're going to handle this, especially with my guy that was translator so fall in love with that City everything. There is a quarter of the price. That is the u.s. Like it's unbelievable. Like this is like 30 cents, right? That's not so important. So I go down there. I followed it. Do they have wax though, get did it have wax. So that's the story.

<span;>Enough fallen in love with the place and a couple of families and ended up my wife and I ended up helping put about five of these folks kid. The kids are higher through college in America and that of course, created relationships there. Now, they're my family and we go down, we go back and forth. Well one of them, the one that study with FC Barcelona Juan, Pablo, and he was really interested in the car world.

<span;>In Sports Marketing and all this and I said, well, I want to hire you. So let's start working on that. So I'm going back and forth and he, through connections, gets in touch with a guy from metazine. That is a former player on one of the famous teams that go on being now plays, I think bulgari's overseas. He's a legit play or as cards everything and they said, well this guy grew up poor. And he wants to Spur the local economy by having local people make cleats. He'll provide the material, and then he will give them away to the poorest kids in the area. Like he was, it couldn't afford cleats to play and he was looking for sponsors. There's somebody that can help me pay for the material and I already follow the country have family down there now, and I'm like, that is exactly what our shop is about. Will never sell a card in Colombia.

<span;>The math doesn't work if I can open the shop and we'll be out of Yes, I love the place so much but you can't find it here comprises and sell a quarter of the Bryce and Glory. Like it's not going to work. But I said which we want to impact the community of the places where we have a relationship. So I said we'll buy all the cleats</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>