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Oct. 22, 2021

Ep.150 Rex,Max & Owen Gotcher from The Sports Card Shop at Moco

Ep.150 Rex,Max & Owen Gotcher from The Sports Card Shop at Moco

The Gotcher guys(Rex.Max & Owen) are a great example of a family enjoying the hobby, they are great examples and ambassadors of the hobby and also doing big things at their LCS in New Buffalo,Michigan.

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The Gotcher guys(Rex.Max & Owen) are a great example of a family enjoying the hobby, they are great examples and ambassadors of the hobby and also doing big things at their LCS in New Buffalo,Michigan.

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<span;>9:14 PM

<span;>The show that brings you all the important hobby news discussions.

<span;>Opinions info and interviews with key Hobby and sports dignitaries. Also, if you're good, you know, we are going to give away something. Now. Here's the guy that one of the cards more than the gum.

<span;>John Newman. Alright, welcome to episode 150. And that's you know, when I think about that and this is a weekly show, you know. Some shows, you know, do three or four episodes or daily episode knows her cool, you know, you've heard me say, if you're creating content, I don't care what frequency or, you know, you still putting in effort and work, but for weekly show as this Is and then you here 115, you realize like how long I've been doing which has been about three years November, 10th will be our third anniversary of the show. Our first episode came out November 10th 2018. And so we're approaching our third year doing this show and you know, I know I say it all the time but I say it all the time because I mean it all the time but I really Really appreciate everyone that makes this show possible from the guests that appear every week to our sponsors. To you out there whether you listen, or download it or both. Everyone is a big part of this as we approach year for in a way, you know, because we're going to complete three years and start our fourth year and just a labor of love. It's fun. I had no idea.

<span;>Honestly where the show is going to go, how many people are going to like it. Listen to it, download it and you know, pleasantly pleasantly surprised. I'm in a good place hobby wise. I'm in a really good place, you know, if you listen to the show regularly, you know, I've started a new job as a teacher's assistant when you listen to the show, I probably completed my second week.

<span;>Under new employment and what a difference, what a difference, mentally. I'm just in a better frame of mind a better mood. You might even pick up on it, you know, just by listening to the show that are just better hours. Just healthier for me a lot less stressful. You know, my wife's a nurse. She took my blood pressure, the other night. This The true story and, you know, she with the cough and the stethoscope and she goes I got to do it again.

<span;>Like okay. I was actually worried. I'm like, you know, maybe it's a bit really bad. She wants to double check. And she did it again. And you know, she said, it's the best it's ever been. And you know, I just gotta do a tribute at to, I'm eating better. I'm getting more exercise with the hours that I work. Now. Less hours and less stress. And so, hopefully, that Trend continues.

<span;>Like I said last week, thanks to all out there on social media. Gave me kind of words of encouragement when things were not where they are today. So I appreciate it. Alright, let's get to the Our Guest today. Three guests again, second week in a row. We're going to have three people on the show. Three people. I know pretty well met him in person. They were sponsor the show, but that has nothing to do with their appearance. It's the sports, the guys. Is from sports card, shop at Mo Boku. And

<span;>Buffalo Michigan, Rex and his two boys, Max and Owen a goat, your family doing great things with their LCS. This year. We're going to talk about that. When you talk about the kind of the current hobby to talk, to Max and Owen about, you know, what, it's like to be young men and, you know, helping their dad in the card store. And again, you know, anything about me, you know, that kids in the hobby, you know, if I was running for President and hobby if there was such a thing which I would run for. But hypothetically speaking, you know, one of my platform would be kids happy, you know, just thinking to myself a long time ago starting as a seven-year-old. And so I love to see kids in the hobby when I do shows which I'm starting to do more shows again, you know, when I see kids roll around my table, I usually have some packs. I give away for free.

<span;>And cards and really try to Advocate to let kids know that this is the Doctor, Beckett would say the greatest Hobby in the world. And I tried to bestow that at a young age to young men and girls as well, that it gets started to have it any age. But when you start younger, your, it's, I think it's even better. So with that being said, great conversation with Rex Max at all. I think you'll enjoy it. I know I joined having them on and talking to. So, without further Ado. Let's start the show.

<span;>Time for this week's product releases. All right, it's going to be me doing the new release product schedule on this episode. So let's start with today. We listen to the show on release day out today. 2021 Panini Don Roose Football Factory sets. We move to October 27th. We got 2021 Panini, absolute football.

<span;>We also have 2021 Panini Mosaic Choice baseball. Also, on the twenty seven. Twenty twenty Twenty One in uni, Recon basketball, a new product from Panini and the basketball line. Same down a 27-20 21 tops Heritage Minor League, Baseball on the 29th. We have 2021 Leaf autographed football jersey on the also on the 29th 2021 tops. Update Series Baseball. That's it for now. Little bit light, you know, you if you're going to hear some Upper Deck news during the hobby segment. I'll save it for that for that. But there, you know, with the covid and some supply shortages. There are some issues with some products. And so we've seen dates change. We've seen now cancellations, things be pushed back and so that

<span;>That's going to continue right now for the unforeseen future.

<span;>It's time for the hobby. What's up, where we go around the Hobby World and tell you all the latest news and breaking stories from the hobby. We love.

<span;>All right, I'll put deck has announced that there are cancellations and delays to products got the cancellation designation and some others are delayed. It's being called a production and Supply Chain management challenge. If you follow current world events, you know, that there's She was at ports with backed up, you know, Transit retainers that, can't get offloaded. I'm sure that's at least part of this issue. So 20, 20 and 21 ice and twenty Twenty-One twenty-two Trilogy are canceled. They're not going to be made now, ice is not cancelled for good. That will be on the calendar back neck. Year. That was far as the delay go series. One hockey of 20 21, 22 supposed to be next month, but that won't be occurring at will be delayed check on the other products. One of the things I heard I want to speak for upper deck. But one of the things I heard is it has to do with some of the high gloss on the cars, some of the materials that That they use in production to get that glossy finish. They're having trouble acquiring or there's a short supply. So stay tuned, you know, keep abreast of what may or may not be coming out or what maybe push back due to supply chain issues. The US Postal Service museum in Washington, has announced that they will have a baseball stamp.

<span;>And memorabilia exhibit on display, April 20, 22 now don't panic. If you can't get there. Exactly in April. It's going to run for about two years at the US postal Museum. So to run from April 2022 to some months in 2024 not sure be a whole two years, but the announced that it will run even In to 2024. So if you can't get there right away, you got some thyme star Stark has announced a collaboration with CSG Grady. They'll be grading with CSG from the platform. So if you have cards on Star stock and you want to submit them to grading to CSG, that will be possible through star stop. So that is a New announcement there that Colette

<span;>Top says, announce the Mickey Mantle cops X set and correction, not so much set as packs. They're being sold in five card packs for $9.99 the listed them for sale. All the tops website. What on What would have been mix 90th? Birthday one in every five packs, will have a parallel up a short print, there are six total and there are Yankee autograph cards, including some make-believe cut cards in there. If you get a parallel or autograph back, you will get four base cards. Instead, the set will. So include cards that never were cards of mantle that didn't exist. For example, the 1951 red backs. There is no Mantle card, but they made one for this set and other cards along those lines. 12 Yankees have signed for the product and their their number to 7 Jeter, Pettit O'Neill Gossage manly, Guidry. Reggie. Bernie Williams. Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Willie Randolph in, Joe Torre base card. Parallels are Yankee blue to 199. Orange. 215, green 299, yellow, 75 gold, 250 light, blue under 25. Again. There are colored Mickey Mantle cut six. Number 215, pinstripe to ten number seven to not to 7 Reds to five and a plan. Platinum, one over one for one. Lucky person to pull will be available to supplies last. Probably going to be quite a bit. This is not going to be a product in short supply. But you know, when they do sell out, they sell out. So now is your chance to better. Hurry, speaking of tops, one last kind of comment if you're a member of the Montgomery 582 Club, maybe already have. I know I have

<span;>Senior 2021. Complete Factory, 582 logo set that came on Thursday. Also set number three, Montgomery Club set, just the smaller 20 Card. Set set number three came as well. And in fact, it was in the same box as the 660 Card Factory set. So look for, if you haven't got it already and you're Montgomery, 582 member, it will rise.

<span;>Any minute now. One quick PS here or one quick. Heads up. We're going to be talking to the gotra family here, shortly. During the first break, their commercial will run at the end of their commercial. Max is going to give you a promo code for to great prices on to wax products. Just out. These will be lower than your big wax resellers with the code.

<span;>So during that first break during the interview with the Rex, Max and Owen, listen for that promo code, to get an opportunity to buy some new wax products at the absolute best price. There you go. Well, heads up.

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<span;>All right, real excited to have my next three guests on the sports Carnation. Guess line, a full disclosure. They are sponsors of the show happy to have them part of the sports Carnation family, but be regardless of that, you're doing great things and New Buffalo.

<span;>Michigan with these sports card shot at Moco. Is the goat, your family, Rex, Max and Owen. Welcome. Welcome to the show. Thanks John. So, I had you on hobby hotline just for kind of a store showcase real quick, kind of spot, but I wanted to, you know, have you guys on on the main show here? So that's that's what we're doing here. You sort of. You have a Business already there, Rex and then yet you were selling cards already and then you sort of build on to that existing business with the sports car trap motoko about a year since the expansion to house it. How about year ago? Well, it's been a pretty wild ride. I would you say guys. So and all and mostly all good ways. We got some challenges of course here and there but you know you mentioned are

<span;>Business, I, you know, I Tina and I both have been in the retail business for the better part of our adult lives. And, you know, Iran stores for Brooks Brothers, clothing for Home Depot and Nike Town. Both, you know, multiple stores and single stores is a GM and regional manager. And it really prepared us in many ways for this Venture when we started, because we Hailing from some great leaders in the retail industry, but we're also exposed at least through Nike as well, you know, through a lot of but to a lot of excellent athletes and and some of them are real, fantastic role models for the kids. And so it really it really helped prepare us for this couple things. I didn't really prepare us for is we didn't really, we don't really understand how busy, it would be right out of the gate and

<span;>You know, it seems like, you know, from the moment we open this door has been steady climb uphill and it really has a stock. So we're very excited about that. Well, yeah, that's a good problem to have their, as you just mentioned. Now, you mentioned some, some, you know, difficulties or, you know, may be too strong a word but just some things with the past year. Wow. It's been a successful year. What happened some of those, you know.

<span;>The difficult moments if you will, well, it probably no surprise, too. I even talked about it. You know, getting product was a challenge. Initially. Now, we had started, we were set up with a distributor probably about. It's been about three years ago, since we really started selling cars as far over the retail business. Before we really again branched off and separated the sports car shop out from the existing retail part of the mode, Moko Retail Group, but so we've been set up with a distributor. So we've started to get some

<span;>We were, you know, buying stuff where we could on the secondary Market to stock the store. And, you know, we had applied for some direct accounts and we had actually gotten the Panini direct account, which was a, which was a huge Win For Us, in terms of getting products. So we've been buying direct from Panini. We've also recently started account direct cow with leaf, and of course, we now have two Distributors that when working with To by various. Products like Thompson Pokemon. So that was a real mystery, a challenge at the beginning. I think we're on a path now currently where I think we've got the Partnerships in place. We need to be able to stock the store and porch with the Fanatics deal. There's a lot of uncertainty about that and I'm sure we'll talk about that a little bit. He had no doubt would definitely gone, especially would have an LCS. I want to get

<span;>Your cake and of what you think is going to happen. Again. It's all speculation, but it's fun sometimes to speculate. Yeah, Max. And oh and I got to ask you guys if you know anything about me. I love kids in the hobby. I started when I was seven. Let's just say a long time ago. And I mean, how's it been for you guys? Kind of running, you know, hoping your dad and run it out, run a car truck. It's been pretty fun, all this stuff. I've learned, they can just learn anywhere. Like meeting new people fighting who cards and it's really fun. Yeah, and there's something to be said about that, right? So socialization in learning math, skills, business skills stuff. You can't, you know, school is great. Believe me. That's kind of what I do. Now, for my regular job. I'm not gonna do that, but

<span;>Learning on the job and getting that opportunity guys. You can't put a price on that. Is this something you think? When you get older to I you guys are kid, you're playing sports doing all those fun things. That kids should do you think this is something as you get older? You want to continue to do it? Yeah, I think

<span;>Prioritize that secondly and just still go on with the Hobby and still have fun. Yeah, that's what's about, I love what you said, their dad. Have fun, right? Because if you're not having fun doing this and then, what are we doing? Right? Especially at your age? If I'm not having fun? I'm you know, I'm not trying to I'm telling, you know, your dad like hey, I'm out of here, but But if you have a lot of fun, what's been, what's the most fun thing? For each of you guys like, as be doing, you know, working in the store. What do you look forward to the most each day? For me is, like meeting new people and I love sharing and pools and my talking about sports. It is fun to do that. Sometimes - just like, seeing people. It's like they want to break their boxes. That they buy here and you're seeing them for these really card like really good cards and just having seeing them have a smile on their faces. Just really Yeah, great answers. Great answers. Guys are friends are all envious. They think they got the greatest job in the world. They don't have the, I think they have the greatest job in the world as someone who owned a card store, myself for 7 years in the 90s, you know, before we had all the cool stuff that we have. Now in the hobby to would, it's great. I'm great answers, guys, you know,

<span;>Interaction with people within the stories and seeing the product being open and discovered cards and that sort of thing. You can't put a price on it now. Racks going back to you. I, unfortunately, a recent Trend. It's always happened. I don't want to make it sound like it's a new phenomenon. It's a bad bad thing. But, you know, as as the hobby has Crescendo here.

<span;>It's made mainstream news and media as far as what some of these cards are worth. We're hearing a lot more about burglaries and on the LCS level and you are immune to that yourself. Now, you were fortunate. It could have been a lot worse. First. I've got enough for those listening to the podcast and of explain what happened and then, I'll talk to you a little bit more about it, you know? Yeah, absolutely sure. So we It was.

<span;>Well, let me back up for a second. So we went to the teen and I went to the industry Summit in Las Vegas. And one of the things they said we used to be in the retail business. So we always thought we had a pretty good security setup here. And we do and we did even prior to this most recent event. But of the seminar that one of the breakout seminars in Vegas was all about security and asset protection, and it opened our eyes to some additional things. Things we could do. And so, we came back from from Vegas. We started implementing some of those things. Some of those things you even talk about, one of the things was using an industrial, you know, of the heavy-duty safe. So, that's one of the things we did is we ordered that we came back. We also, instead, we had two separate Security Systems Prior One, controls the cameras, and the and another one that controls the glass break sensors.

<span;>Door contacts and motion. So we have two different systems in place there, which, you know, again, we thought were pretty good. We also added some additional exterior lighting and cameras, you know, when we came back as well. We had also ordered. There was an interesting story that the guy had thing is told about glass break film. I won't go into all the details of people that were there will probably remember it, but He told a story about how that, that really helps delay people get again. So we had ordered that, we had to put it up because we hadn't received it. But that's one of the things that's up now to is glass break filming all that. In addition to some additional security measures, which we don't really publicize as far as to say that, it's like Indiana Jones, you know, booby traps or something like that. It's not going to that level. But there's some stuff in here that

<span;>It's not necessarily visible to the naked eye, or to the to the criminal element, if you will. So but yeah, it did, we did get broken into, it was the middle of the night. I had I was coaching High School, football game, assistant coach. And we were out late coaches. And I were out late because we were lamenting the loss of our QB to an unfortunate and trying to strategize. So I can come home and there's about 12:30 and Then right around three o'clock in the morning, had a call and it was the alarm company. And they said there's been a break in the police want to meet you there. So I came up here and sure enough, somebody broke through the front door and, you know, the grab a few hobby boxes though. They weren't in your very long. I think they knew they couldn't be in are very long without, you know, cops catching them part of the security that one of the bonuses we have security is that we're literally 500 yards from the

<span;>9:41 PM
<span;>To take very long to get here when something happens. But so anyway, it happened. They got a few things, not a lot and you know, we boarded up the door. We got a new piece of glass on order. It's not here yet. Like a lot of things is taking a while now, but that will be in a few weeks and we're moving on with life. So yeah, you know, it's unfortunate part of doing, you know, part of doing business even Even back in the 90s with my store. I did it for for six and a half years and I, when I got out, I actually had a partner and I kind of, we came up with a deal and I left the store sold out my half of the inventory and moved along when left on good terms and literally, you know, two months after I did that to three months after I did that, you know, he would talk still even though we weren't Partners anymore in the storm.

<span;>About two or three months after I left, he called you up. This is my friend's name was Andrew Lowe and he said, hey, man, you're not gonna believe what happened, you know, the store got broken into, and, you know, smashed all the, glad all they took was this is about 96, 97. 1996-97. They took just the $50 petty cash that was left in the register, didn't didn't touch any any cards or packs and, you know, I probably wanted whatever fix they work, you know, needed money for and what you know, single cards back then. Quite honestly weren't looked at in the same vein. They are today. And I think that's, that's the difference. And, you know, you know, if we had that store today and they had the time I'm sure more than the $50 that was left in the register would have been taken. So, He was fortunate there, but, you know, anytime anything of value, right? It becomes, unfortunately, it targets. Good to hear that. You've put some things in plays. I did a hobby quick hits pertaining to this recent Trend. And, you know, I often think, like, if I had a store again, you know, what would I do in that? That industrial safe would be one of the first things I probably even before. I opened my doors for business would be some that haven't place, you know. Sure you got to like, you know every night almost it's almost like doing a show in your own store. You got to kind of take stuff out of the showcases put some wax into the safe and close and but it's worth it. Small inconvenience to know that you're not going to you know, most likely than not going to be able to access that and take. Yeah, they were

<span;>That's the course, part of the name. You know, it's all the different security measures combined with the safe. They're not going to be. They're not going to have enough time to get it out of here. That's so yeah. Most. I don't think most thieves of this level or safecrackers. Although it could be. I mean, you never, you can never say never, but I don't think that having a time to do that before the response. So, when you look at all the 30 vendors combined. I mean, I think that's that's that's the best we can do is shop. Owners is make sure that we cover as many bases as possible. You know, everybody's space is has different physical limitations, as well. So, some some, some people can do more than others. But, you know, I just think of Blues everybody to do that Ivy, we're certainly not the only business that, you know, gets gets a, you know, has criminal element.

<span;>Attracted to they recently broke into a pro shop down the street from here, as well, stole some golf clubs and equipment and then I know one of the cell phone stores, you know, has been burglarized more than once up north of year, but I don't know it's interesting because, you know, again, going back to previous retail, be of shoplifters were born issue for us. And that's not, that's not something that Is something that we ignore because they can be an issue for us here to shoplifting is certainly a possibility here gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back.

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<span;>What's coordination is back with the Gaucho family? But, you know, we're very in tune with customer service. Then it's, you know, kind of going back to one of the challenges that you had asked about and thinking about all the different things combined, you know, customer service in a card shop, you know, was is different than other types of retail customer service that Tina and I were used to and, you know, we

<span;>We didn't really understand it fully until we were immersed. And and what we found is and it's no surprise to you. I'm sure is that it differs because a lot of the customers in Hobby Shop are also your competitors. So there's an element of people and listen 99.9% of the people that we deal with are great people regardless if they, you know, buy sell or trade or whatever they do, but there's always that 1% that looks at everything that you do with a critical eye because they think they could do a better. So, there's a lot of, there's a lot of naysayers out there and it's it's on social media. It's, you're in a story counter and

<span;>My self-worth, but that that Dynamic is different than you know, the other types of retail, whether it be home improvement or apparel retail or, you know, shoes or other things that 10 are used to working. And so that was something we had to learn how to deal with early on as well. Yeah, it's funny because you mentioned that and I think back even going to the 90s when my store, you know, we know eBay today as a huge Marketplace, a huge Force. This is probably very few people walking the Earth that don't know. What eBay is right, but what I had the storm eBay was a very young company not known like we know it today. And a lot of people were coming in the store like

<span;>I can get this on eBay for this price. Can you you know and so we you know, the store started having to compete with sort of 24/7 store that was sort of invisible and everywhere, you know, initially we were worried about location, right? Hey the nearest other card stores, you know a mile and a half away. They do mostly comic books. So we're not really competing. With them and then eBay came along and it became, you know, I'll worldwide invisible entity. And, you know, we were competitive and we would still do very, you know, still doing well, but it did affect a little bit of the bottom line. And then, you know, the thing, I notice back then to is a lot of the folks that were coming in. Like he said, great people, but we also did shows as well. And then we started seeing those folks that were customers having tables.

<span;>At the shows with us. And so we, they went. Customers. I don't want to say competitive. I mean, in a sense. Competitors, you know, on friendly terms to not like any animosity, but it sort of changed the equation. And you're right, everyone thinks, you know, it's easy or, you know, I'll Everyone likes to play armchair, you know, LCS, owner or business owner and, and that's, that comes with the territory. But, yeah, it's different special. I think like you said in the hobby, you know, people are going to, you know, like you said and open it up a paint store in their garage per se, but cards is a whole different whole different gender. It's a lot easier to do than that. So, well, it is what it is. I'm sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. LCS to LCS because of what they've experienced in their Hometown or what they think it should be or what it used to be and even what some stores are doing now, but, you know, I we're not, we're not interested in being, you know, a copycat. If you're there's certain certain things that most LCS is will do that are similar, but one of the things that we don't do is we don't do breaks and it's not that we have anything against Breakers or shops that do breaks, you know, more power to them. That's their business model. That's great for them. It's just not our thing because we don't none of us. Really enjoy it. And it's not fun for us. And that's really the main reason why we don't do it. We don't enjoy, you know, sitting on camera breaking product and interacting with people in that way, we more enjoy interacting with the people in person face-to-face. That happens to be our Business model. So a lot of people have said, you know, all you guys should do breaks and yeah, well, maybe we should but again, it's not really something that we want. The other part of that is to it again. Nothing against the breakers are do it. There's a lot of great shops out there that you breaks. But

<span;>No selling disappointment is kind of tough for us to so if we're selling breaks, we know that there's a high percentage chance that some people are going to get absolutely nothing for their mind. Whereas at least if they come in here and they buy a pack or a box. Maybe they won't get an immediate Roi if they're looking for, you know, a back in the Box doesn't have a big hit but, you know, there could also be a rookie card in there or two that ends up being

<span;>9:54 PM
<span;>Was hoarding my trowel that Patrick go home for a piece when they first came out, look at him now. So that's just how we look at it, you know, other other shops are big into grading. And again, that's part of the business model. That's how they make money and so forth. And so on from our standpoint grading is too big of a mess right now. It's still, it's been a mess, you know, we wanted to offer that service or we thought we want to go off at Sur. But it has never really been cleaned up to a point where we feel confident and any of the grading services currently that we could realistically partner with them and deliver the type of service that we want to because we have don't we don't have control over. Now. There is one I would say s gcd seemed to have turned a corner recently and you know, so there's there's some of what they're doing is promising and you know, that's something we

<span;>Sitter, you know, going forward. But what I don't want to do is insert ourselves into a customer service. Nightmare. That is great and right now because it really it just really is as yeah. Yeah, no doubt. I definitely understand that back to Max and oh, and have you ever met and I don't know how good you were at math before working in. The store, has your Mad Skills. Gotten better since working in the store. We just got one more. Cards tonight, tell him what you got a bath. I got a B+ and graph. It's a lot of review from last year. Students, all to the one who are trying to catch up, but it's still decently tough. There's some stuff in there. So it's it's a little challenging for. I'm making it work. I'm a cautious to in math. I don't know. I mean, I say, I like my teachers better than last year in math. It kind of like influences me to do better if I like having a teacher that I really like. Yeah, there you go. John. So teachers and teacher's assistants make all the difference, right? Yeah. Yeah, it's important. And you know, I've been doing that my second week. I love it but not about me today but a plus is guys. Congratulations to you guys you put in the work. That's all you. I appreciate you. You shouting out teachers there. I'm sure they do as well. But you got to you got to make the effort, do do the work.

<span;>An earned that grade and you have a plus this I've got a couple of those in 18 years of school or 12 years of school and probably you've got a few more of those than I did. So my hats off to you guys. It was since you started working in the store Max and Owen has your what you've collected have you changed at all? Kind of what you like to collect or have you kind of remind? Maine and you know, guys you like like before as as your taste or to change since you helped operate the store at all lately. When I wanted to it. I kind of just collected everything now. I kind of know a little more focused towards basketball is basketball. Is my favorite sport is time, changed a little bit. I still PC the guys in basketball that I do.

<span;>I still got some old baseball cards that I like like Derek Jeter. Mariano Rivera with these. Those are so really cool to me. Yeah, time for another break, but don't go away. We'll be right back.

<span;>We are back with Rex Max and Owen. I got to ask you guys, like who doesn't like like I don't open as much wax as I used to. I say that I'm going to show all the time, but you know, working in the card store. How do you not like, how do you resist the urge to open every box in the store? Guys, W secret there. How do you know, I other than your dad may be grounding other than the obvious answer. How do you, how do you resist? I mean, I know if I do good, then I might get a reward. Yeah, myself. Stuff though. Willpower, you got some some willpower right there. All right, Rex, you know, we're we got to talk about it. It's probably been the biggest hobby story about at this point this year. And here's the crazy thing. We're a few years really away from seeing anything of for wishon from it. But, you know, this definitely affects not just you as an LCS owner, brunette, anyone. It affects.

<span;>I didn't have even if you don't own an LCS, so local card shop, but you know, Fanatics gaining the three licenses baseball football and basketball with couple years away from actually seeing the product, but the announcements have been made. This is a 20 year deal. That's a long time. You know, young Max and Owen will be young men and Fanatics will still have one. Something goes wrong. We'll still have that that license. If you know anything about Fanatics, their, you know, their model sort of, you know directed they do distribution kind of themselves. If you will. I've said on this show and hobby quick hits that if I'm a distributor, I'd be a little concerned especially now that they have three licenses as a store owner, you know, your thoughts. Are you Concerned about getting you know, wax allocation and even more than just getting the product. I mean everyone loves to talk about access to the product whether that's going to Walmart or Target and getting it even that way. But I even kind of a two-part question. Are you even worried about how they're going to do the products? Are they going to sort of maybe you know, over print it, you know, we're always people like to use coin, you know, drunk.

<span;>Max 2.0. I live through what's going on and as the gear, you know, the joke quack Sarah are, you know, so are you worried about being able to get access to the wax? And then on the other side of the point, are you worried about how Fanatics you know, is going to produce these products. And that what clip, you know, they're the report is that they're paying 10 times, the highest amount of cops ever paid, you know, you Known from running businesses, you know, even if you want to give it if you have the consumers, best interest that Mama and mine which I hope they do, you still also need to make money as a business. So if they're spending ten times more than Taps, did you know, how is that? How are they going to make that? Is it going to be passed on to you and then in turn the regular consumer, so I've talked enough. I'll let you sort of give your

<span;>Your take on this whole, I have a lot of thoughts on it. I guess the first thing I'd say is that you know, the Fanatics deal is is as exciting as it is mysterious right work for. So it's I think it's both equally exciting and mysterious and there's a lot of different ways to go but there's a few things that I feel pretty good about what you asked me. Do I have I have concerns about being able to get product and the answer is now. And I'll stand on that in just a second. I'm not concerned about that really much at all. But first thing I'd like to say is that, you know, my concern really is more for the people in the industry. And in the hobby, whose careers may be at risk because of this, you know, consolidation or expansion even if you will of the lobby, I mean the licenses of all been Consolidated into one entity, but, you know, for that,

<span;>Looks to be wanting to blow it up bigger than it is. So, you know, that sort of contraction might equal of a bigger opportunity for all of us. So that part's pretty exciting. Understandably dealers stores and collectors are nervous about what it all could look like, you know, I'm not thrilled with the idea of the tops moniker, you know, the disassociated with baseball. All this from a Nostalgia Stan. That doesn't thrill me but you know when all is said and done, they might still be involved in baseball cards for yes, but we really don't know that yet. As for the product, the We buy from Fanatics already. So here's a couple things, why don't feel like it's going to be difficult for good. Well, run a hobby shops to get product. First of all, Fanatics cells to us and many other hobby shops already. We buy memorabilia and we buy a Peril. Now that everybody buys, you know, everything for fnatic some shop, don't have an account. They don't deal in that stuff, but it also might Surprise, some of your listeners to know that occasionally, we by sea of wax from Fanatics. So, we're offered that through our account, occasionally, a very much like, some of our other Distributors have offered to us. Sometimes, it's retail products. Sometimes it's hobby product. Sometimes it's older. Sometimes it's more current. But yeah, we bought some stuff from the recent now. It's not in the huge quantities that we buy in terms of direct when it's not anything regular, liking by Infinity direct, but Fanatics already, understands the importance of hobby, shop hobby shops in the as a distribution channel. So I don't see any reason why they would shift gears, you know, now,

<span;>In the cards, it doesn't make business sense for them. Sure. They'll sell direct, you know, they do that with all their other merchandise. Now, they sell direct, they sell it online. They sell, you know, they have a retail stores. They have lid stores where they sell hats. They have lots of means of distribution. And if you think about the business model that, you know, they describe a particularly, you know, most recently. And you know, all the news. That's it about the

<span;>CEO, he talked about his plans for it about direct consumer. Their model is a lot like some other iconic brands that have established themselves over the years. And I, you know, I mentioned that I used to work for Nike and Nike is one that jumps to mind. So you think about what night he does. They are a designer. They are a manufacturer. They are a Wholesale Distributor. They are a

<span;>Retailer. They are on an outlet retail</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>