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Nov. 5, 2021

Ep.152 w/Jake Roy

Ep.152 w/Jake Roy

Jake Roy knows his basketball, Jake definitely knows his 90's basketball. We discuss the differences of basketball then & now, on the court and on the cardboard, being a original content creator and what he hopes to see with the new brands of...

Jake Roy knows his basketball, Jake definitely knows his 90's basketball. We discuss the differences of basketball then & now, on the court and on the cardboard, being a original content creator and what he hopes to see with the new brands of basketball.


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<span;>10:10 PM
<span;>Welcome to another stock and loaded episode of this fourth Kardasian podcast, the show that brings you all the important hobby. News discussions, debates, opinions, info and interviews with key Hobby and sports dignitaries. He's also if you're good, you know, we are going to give away something. Now. Here's a guy that one of the cards more than the gum John knew it. Welcome to episode 1 52 and to be back. Hope you are doing well.

<span;>I'm going to keep this intro, kind of quick and short and sweet. Today's guest is someone kind of Lee younger than me, but not by a ton. So kind of grew up in the same error and YouTube famous, as I like to say, but those great content on you Youtube from an error basketball, that I was more fond of then then today. And that's the Listen, does a lot of content revolving around 90s basketball. That's his handle 90s. Bball guy and Jake, Roy is on the show. Today. We're going to talk about that error. Not just the cars. But even the play on the court will talk a little bit about today's Sport and today's cards and get his take on Fanatics and what he thinks they can bring to the basketball. All side of the house and what he's hoping they bring to the basketball side of the house. And so Jake has, you know, not shy in terms of telling you what he thinks or what he liked to see or how he feels the, you know, finally glad to get him on the show. I get to talk with him a little bit in Chicago to National but finally got coordinated. It. Made it happen and he

<span;>Here today. So look forward to talking along shortly here on the show.

<span;>Time for this week's product releases. All right. Let's go over. This. Week's new release schedule. Again, always a disclaimer with some delays and shipping and covid. Some of these may not come out an exact date, maybe push back, hopefully not but have to have to say that. Right. So today, November 5th 2021. Panini Chronicles baseball also today 2021 Panini prism racing. Staying with the theme of today. 2021 cops archives baseball. Also 2021 tops. WWE Transcendent collection wrestling go. Let's go to the tenth of a little bit of a lull and then on the 10 20 21 opt Platinum hockey on the ten. Twenty Twenty-One tap Stadium Chrome baseball. Also, November 10th 2021 cops. Triple threads baseball. On the 12 next Friday, 2021 Panini National Treasures Baseball and that will do it for this week's new release calendar. Happy rip into everyone out there.

<span;>Alright, this week's question is a question. I get asked every once while not super popular question, but someone else, I think sent me an e-mail or DM. I apologize. I lost, I deleted it, but I wanted to use it on this week's show, so I don't remember the person's name if it's you and I didn't mention your name and you hearing this. Please reach out to me. Give you a proper credit, but I get this question every once in a while, but I got it again this week. Like I said, lost the, the D. I think it was an email. I think I deleted it. But the question was, you know, and I'll paraphrase here, you know, you know, basically says, I kind of talked I've talked about on the show, how long I spent on the podcasting each week. It producing the show, but the person asked me, how long do I spend on not the show but the cards, you know, sorting organizing my cards and that sort of thing. And it's a hard question to give like a definitive answer and say, you know, an hour day 2 hours a day. Obviously a lot of it depends. How business is if you will to be very transparent, right? Get on.

<span;>There's almost pretty much every day, some days heavier than others. Gotta pack those orders up, print the shipping materials and get those all packaged out and mail the next day. I'm at the post office pretty much every day or almost every day. Truthfully, you know, seven days a week. I'm probably at the post. We're really six, Sunday's are obviously close. So in the Six-Day week, I'm probably at the post. Office on average four times on a, on an average week and if it's a slow week least still two times. And so whether it's smaller orders from Sports, lots for me or, you know, a big, graded card sale and my slabs, you know, or a sale on eBay. I'm usually at the post office for four times.

<span;>They know me on a first name basis. No, I'm not kidding. They get which I know if you were them on a first-name basis. It's like cheers. I joke with him. It's like the cheers group, but, you know, so, all right, so they answer your question. One of our little tangent there. I would generally say probably and I'm not again. This is not podcast creation. This is strictly handling and messing around with. Cards, I'll say an average 30 minutes to an hour a day, some days in might, and the reason I say 30 minutes or an hour day, someday might be two hours. Right? And then another day, none to very little little potential. So let's say you're an average, I try to get everything packaged up pretty quickly. I do a pretty good job of it. And so I'd say between an hour and two hours.

<span;>A day, if not a little bit less depending on the text. What does that consist of whether it be shipping or packing orders? You know, I'm starting to do shows again. So I'm really kind of getting sort of Presentation back where I wanted to. So this week. I actually read it up to, you know, two or three months or boxes that are all in alphabetical order by player star players. And so I've read the labels on that to be a little more cleaner. Brighter. Some of the other labels were hard to read, kind of fading. The ink was fading. So I'm bringing that up all up to speed. So spend a little time on that.

<span;>You know, if I open. Stuff organized that. So generally between an hour and two hours, probably closer to the our than two hours because I try to, you know, balance my time and we're doing the podcast as well. Now, with my new job, you know, my old job was 6 a.m. To 6 p.m. Long 12-hour days. This new job in the teaching professions 7:45 to 245. So, So 7 hour days, I'm home earlier than I ever was before. It's even nice to with. I notice is not pertaining to question. But to do some of the interviews we do for this show, you know, I'd always have to do it later, you know, seven, eight, nine o'clock at night with whoever to guess, was sometimes that works. Perfect, right? Other times. It can be late for somebody. So now, you know what, my new, my new position I can do some earlier.

<span;>For those that it's more convenient for but that earlier day right gives me more time before I got to wrap up my day, go to sleep and get ready for work, the next day. So, some perks there, but that generally about an hour to two and and I love it. And, you know, I've talked about it on the show every every four, five six weeks. I'll take the weekend and not even do anything card wise. Create car, you know, contact creation, or even Halen cards. Instead of a break away from the hobby. I think it's healthy. I think you appreciate and love it. More. When you sort of do without it a little bit. You kind of realize how much you miss it, you come back kind of invigorated. So, you know, I hope that answers your question about between an hour and two hours and they're with me doing more shows.

<span;>Again, probably who knows maybe a little bit closer to the two hours as I start to price things and reduce signage and that sort of thing. I'm in the presentation. So I'm trying to get that thing kind of redone, but there you go. This sports card shot is your small town local card, shop with the global reach located in New Buffalo MI, Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the midwest. In addition to being an authorized Panini direct dealer, the sports card shop, carries all major trading card Brands, including Tops Upper Deck, Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh, and more with all that new wax a half million singles and showcases full of grated cards. You're sure to find something great for your collection. Whether

<span;>Just starting out or a seasoned collector. His sports card shop is your One-Stop shop. So call us. Come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is two six nine four, six nine zero, one four. Zero website is the sports card shop at Mo co.com. The sports card shop is part of the Moko, Retail Group connecting Sports The Hobby and people around the world. Hi guys, it's Max from the sports card, show. This week's Sports Carnation. Exclusive deals. 2021 Chronicles. Baseball Mojave ounces for $139 message SC, n XI, @ underscore the sports car shop on social to get the deal back to the show. It's time for the hobby. What's up? Where we go around the Hobby World and tell you all the latest news and breaking stories from the hobby. We love you.

<span;>Congrats to the Atlanta Braves your 2021 World Series champions kind of weird saying that as a Mets fan, but I was rooting for them rather than the Astros for mostly obvious reasons. And I usually generally root for the team that hasn't won it in the greatest amount of time. But even if that wasn't the case, I probably would have been leaning Braves just the same but As usual cops now is putting out the Braves 15 card in this case the Braves 15 Card World Series champion set. They $49.99 on the tops website set, again, 15 cards. There are random parallels number to either 4925 10-5 or the hard to get one of one. There's also a autograph. In that one, will go for $99 and feature, one autograph card, randomly inserted. So Braves fans and tops collectors. Go grab your Brave set could also consult with the Braves, many of the items from the World Series are going to be headed my way. No, not to my house. But to Cooperstown the Hall of Fame, which I'm not too far from and they've donated some of those

<span;>Artifacts to the Hall of Fame. So definite, you know for your grace and welcome, you know, you're welcome in New York. Come, see some of those artifacts. Let's stay on with tops. Tops has announced, you know, they opened up a Japanese office last year. They also got the nib on baseball league, license. Well, they're going to produce a

<span;>10:25 PM
<span;>2020. Japanese version of this year's Flagship is going to be a 440 card set. It's only going to be released in Japan. There will be inserts and parallels that are specific to Japan, the Japanese players, and you can only get it from Japan. So it's going to be sort of a hard acquisition unless, you know.

<span;>Worried or you can get from the Japan website. So be interesting to see what that product goes forward. So I think 24 packs of box, 10 cards, perfect. So we'll have to see what these secondary Market goes for on these things. Okay? Cunningham the overall number one and be a pic who's you know, battling and ank ankle. Jury that, you know, slow down his debut has signed an exclusive deal with Fanatics. So you're only going to find K Cunningham, autographs on Fanatics memorabilia, or their website, including cards. So, there you go. Fanatics, not wasting any time and this is not in their defense. This is that Luke character. They have done it.

<span;>To serve deals with players plenty of times before a gentleman bought a memorabilia lat and in that box that he bought was a ticket stub that he didn't initially know what it was until he did. Some research turns out that ticket stub, just kind of loosen. That box was the ticket stub to Mickey Mantle's debut in the major leagues. Oh, he got that ticket stuff. Grated PSA 3 and the Canadian auction house. So that PS3 male debut ticket for $141,000. Hey, I know, we're still in 2021 guess, what goes on sale in less than a week.

<span;>That's Right, tickets to the 2022. National sports collectors convention this time in Atlantic City. So take it's going on sale very shortly here probably best to get them early rather than late for me on a personal note. Atlantic City is not too bad of a drive so I will be driving in the venue. I may be traveling with my wife and son. As well being that we're driving. And it's not a plane. So looking forward to that with my new place of employment. I have Summers off. That's the life of teaching profession, so I don't have to worry so much about getting days off for the national. That's one of those built than perk. So hopefully, you know, God well, and I see a lot of you. They're as we head towards 2022.

<span;>How long trusted name in the sports card business? Greg Morris cards has been buying collections for double digit years. Now. He is looking for vintage, pre-war. Tobacco and 19th century cards. If it's old, Greg one said he's also interested in modern cars traded by the reputable company, Greg Morris cards, also offers Consignment options as well, for more information, head over to

<span;>Like more as cars.com, turn your cars into cash now and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

<span;>Real happy to have my next guest. Studies fourth card Nation. Guess live here. He's hard to get. We had to like play a lot of message, tag, and I spoke with him at the national but better late a good things come to those, who wait as they say. So,

<span;>From 19. Ask about cards on YouTube, but that's is handle on most of the other social medias, but he's YouTube famous. I like to say, Jake Roy, welcome Sports coordination. Thanks, John. It's a pleasure in. Yeah, you're right. I'm a slippery guys. Some tiny see, no difficulty busy. And and sometimes I let's be honest. Sometimes it's not the kids. Sometimes. It's my memory that fails me. So, yeah, we'll listen, I walk in the room sometimes to do something. Get in the room. Forget when I came in there for after leave the room, then it Dawns on me. Hey, that's why it wasn't against. Where's I have to run back into the room? So I don't forget the second time. So I like to pick on you for that. But it, but that's I like to take tell you. I was joking about that, but that's actually true. So I can't pick the only don't do ghetto, folks. But still like my dad said who's 83 is only one way to stop getting

<span;>I don't like that way. So let's not let's not do that either. But happy to have, you had great content, which our YouTube channel, you know, when it comes to basketball cards, you know, I think you got the error right for this. Something about the 90s. I don't want to, you know, I don't want to really trash the today's card then listen, they can't we see what's what they're bringing in and record-setting auctions, but there's Some is some Nostalgia to the 90s cards I think and I think I know, you know, some of these questions are kind of know your answers already, but for those lists than that, maybe never heard it before it's for them. You know, I I believe like the 90s the insert cards that we got in the 90s to me, aesthetically are a lot nicer looking than a lot of what we're seeing in modern cards to to

<span;>You know, and and disagree with you at all. Yeah, I had a feeling and if I mean, I even think it just like, even he's not even inserts. But even, even even the regular base releases, you know, flare flare showcase comes to mind for me, even free rotor. I know it's not a high-end. Although now some of that stuff's high-end with the scarcity in the river, but the scoring key. These cars of the VA and some of those those inserts and, you know, just, you know, I'm not saying today's cards don't have their own little or, but maybe because I was, you know, had my store during that decade as well. There's some sentimental value to me. I think you know some of the modern editions sort of to me fall a little short of the mark. That's again everyone has it. Made their own.

<span;>In that sort of mine. What? Other than being from that era to what is it about? The 90s basketball cards for you to me? And I've talked about this in some of the Articles I've written, but there are very few things. If any that we're seeing in cards right now that we haven't seen done before. And yet, when I say that, I'm talking about the Aesthetics. I'm talking about the technology stuff like that. Aw. Obviously, the new things that we're seeing are, you know, a Litany of different colors and patterns. And you know, what, some people are calling manufactured scarcity, but you know, a lot more number cards, you know, the Jersey patch Autos are something that we saw in the 90s not nearly to the extent that they are now, you know, other things with, you know relics and you know patch cards and booklets and those type of things they're kind of expanding on that idea, but the Genesis of all of those things

<span;>All started in the diabetes. So a lot of times I like to go like even if we're looking at content online, right? If I go and see somebody reposted a video of somebody else's, I like to go to that original content creator and see their post the original post. So it's kind of the same thing with cards. I like to see where it all originated. So if I'm looking for refractors, I want to see who originally refractors the first refractors then kind of Follow that history, but definitely a big piece of it to for me is nostalgic. Jeff, there's so many stories that I try to share and so many more, I probably could share. My videos, but they beat, you know, hours long. So I try to keep it concise. But I mean, I have a ton of great memories from my childhood, you know, early adult years and such, you know, with friends and family members and all kinds of things that bring me back. Maybe a specific card or a product that I opened the, the stories and the memories always, keep me coming back. Even if the product itself wasn't anything too crazy. It's the memories too. It's a warm blanket. Yeah, and it's something I want to piggyback off what you said because I think you really hit the nail on the head when it's something I've thought about it and hearing you say is like, like today's cards are cool. I'm not here to like, say they suck because that's not true. But you said something that I feel and that's there's not a lot of new innovation. They're sort of just bringing back, you're doing the same stuff. Just what I received today, mostly.

<span;>Players in, you know, some of those things we got. The 90s were were so different than anything before that specially in basketball cards, I think even more so than the other sports as well. But like you said, we've just sort of its, I don't know whether the why the creativities maybe not there like we've seen in some other brands, potentially or other sports, but you know what? We'll see what we're talking a little bit about Fanatics. I don't want to go there just yet, but we'll kind of tied them back into this. I know you obviously big in the basketball cards, you know, I know you're open stuff even today, but do you. Did you open more back then or not? Not necessarily that you do curls. You know, it's hard to say. I would probably say yes. I did open more back, you know, in my early days, it was

<span;>Just a little bit more accessible and when you see it's hard to find stuff at retail, but also the price point of the products. I mean, even the stuff of the 90s trying to buy packs to open today. Some of those prices are a little bit, little bit Rich for my blood kin to what I could get value. You were made few me both. So the right, you know, think it was pretty for a few others that. Yeah, exactly. Like, your that sentiment shared, add would get my brothers and I a box of cards to open together for Christmas or a box of cards for a bird. Birthday stuff like that. It's very rare today that I have, you know, an unopened box to tumor through. It's really just an accurate diagnosis. So I think I'm probably say I opened more back then but at the same time I open my fair share today. It's just I kind of have the excuse of oh honey. I have to make a video. So yeah. Yeah that's dope in there.

<span;>Well, like you said to me, it seems we see what's the, you know, shows are getting cleared off. If they ever make it on the shelves, price point, like you said packs during the 90s. Believe me. I had my store back. Then we're at a whole new price level. And speaking of that. We, you know, anyone listening for 98 percent of them have seen some of these record setting options and a lot of these cards that are breaking the story.

<span;>10:37 PM
<span;>These some of these inserts that are super short print. And I, I think that that's a good Testament to that error of cars that they've maintained and stayed relevant help, you know, 30, 30 years later. Sure. We've seen, you know, obviously some LeBron James with your 2003-2004, hit some high levels as well. I think that's more of a testament to the player rather than even almost true. Third. I think the 90s cards though our kind of Next Level because we've seen lesser players, but just some of those rare, whether it's p.m. Jeez and in some of those other scarce or inserts, it's more about the product than even the player or combo both. I don't want to be sure, not give enough credit to the to the player and we've seen you know, I always tell people I wish I knew that

<span;>I don't know. What I know now is some. It's tough. I can tell you my story. I've sold, you know, quite a bit of a good percentage of it that had I known. Like we can say that about a lot of things even outside the hubby, but man, if I knew, if I knew then what some of the stuff was going to be worth, you know, 20, 30 years later. I probably wouldn't have, I would have put a price sticker on and put it in the Showcase. I would have just put it in a box and save the but that's the fun of it. You can't, you know, like I always joke on the show Jake, you know, the DeLorean and dr. Emmett Brown and Marty, McFly be cool if that was real. Oh, yeah, go back and do it all. I think something over would just back to nice. I mean, I could, it hurts me to share a story that's relatively recent but

<span;>You know, even just two, three years ago, some of the stuff that we moved, you know, was worth hundreds then and is worth thousands. Now, it's like, if we had a crystal ball then or if we had a time machine, now those decisions would be different. But you know, that's part of the experience, right? That some of the education, the tuition cost if you will. And sometimes we make the decisions that are best for our PC and might not be best for a pocketbook to. So there's a little bit of that quick break, but we'll be right back with more from Jake. Iron sports card is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves turnaround time, heck, they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com, or even give them a call at one eight seven, seven iro, n, TS a Rob's, got you covered. All right. Anyone in nose?

<span;>It knows you're a Penny Hardaway. I'll call you a super collector. If you will. Obviously Penny was a great player. But aside from wipe any, you know, that that was an error to, there was a lot of choices. What was it? That Drew you to Penny Hardaway? Yeah, for sure. So, the story of me and Penny goes back to Sibling Rivalry, really so growing up, you know, everybody knows. In the 90s, the Bulls were the kings of the 90s in the NBA and my brother was a big bulls fan loved Michael Jordan. So, you know, we had a good little sibling rivalry and I couldn't work for the same guy as my brother had to root against him. So we would watch the Bulls games and I would see like there's another guy in the bullseye doing pretty well and he's not the guy that my blood group before, you know, so we all know Scottie Pippen was kind of the robin to Jordan's Batman. So it's like okay he's good. And then, you know, we have to think back to the

<span;>We have, you know, Ultra HD TVs, those standard def TVs. If you were lucky, you had a big screen. You can see the players a little bigger, but it was pretty difficult to make up those players sometimes. Even the jersey numbers were hard to see. So the next week, I'm watching a game with my brothers and my dad, and I see this team in blue. Blue is my favorite color. So I am interested and there's a guy that looks really similar to the guy that I saw playing next to Jordan really well the week before. So like who is this them going to Red team. I think it's the same guy looks like he might have been treated. So then a week later. I see the team and blue team in red are playing against each other and it looks like the same guys playing against himself and I realize they're different people. So I asked my dad like what's going on? I thought he was on the blue team and I don't know what's going on. He's like that. Scottie Pippen on the red team. That's Penny Hardaway and a blue team, Michael. He's doing really well against Michael Jordan. I think I'm going to root for that guy because I'm going to go against my brother and say, my guys better than yours. So that that's simply rivalries. Where I I started to enjoy Penny, but then I started watching more and I really enjoyed watching this game. And then, of course, like the shoes and the commercials also help with that oversee, like the first pair of penny shoes, that I saw some of them wearing where the Foamposites, if anybody really a little bit of a sneakerhead, but they were all blue. Yeah, really crazy, futuristic looking shoes. And I saw somebody wearing those, I said, I have to have those in this course, my parents. I know you don't. But, you know, all of that went into my fandom of penny, so then what's the piece of penny?

<span;>I can get, I can get his jerseys. Okay, but there's only so many of those. I could get a lot of his Parts though. So that's what I that's what I started doing my brother and I would go to card shops and Food Packs and he'd look to the joins. I look for the pennies. And if he told them many, I wanted to trade a majority for it. The rest is history. I guess. Yeah, he's you know to me I'm not just saying this because I'm talking to you Jake. I think he's still to this day. One of those underrated players that doesn't get enough credit for Or what he did in the numbers, he put up had some injuries as what. But still, when you look at the body of work. I don't think people realize how great of a player he uses all of the first team in his second season. I mean, and energy pique knit in his second season playing alongside check. That's the way you can see. It's a little bit easier and some are guards at your kind of the head honcho. But yeah anyways game spoke for itself.

<span;>But he was also a talent of the NBA had never really seen since Magic Johnson a while people were I think pretty accurately comparing the two guys. Even Magic. Johnson said there are things that Penny does that I wish I could have done, you know, so if injuries and I always think about if we had the medical know-how that we do now for athletes, then his career could have been much longer, much more prolific, you know, but it's always one of those great. What US there's a lot of guys like that. I think Penny probably. Chief among them for myself and a lot of others. I mean, the body of work that he had even when he was healthy was pretty magnificent. Yeah. No, I agree. I didn't I didn't pee see him per se but I was I was definitely a fan of his game and what he was doing and you know, didn't he wasn't a one thing. I liked about him. I don't know if this did anything for you. I he wasn't a big trash talk. You just open played hard. Did his talking with his play? Played on the defensive end.

<span;>As well, you know, that's one of the things when I look at 90s basketball, just in general and I look at today's, I was a big, I'm not gonna lie it. I've said this to more than once on this very show. So I was probably more of a basketball fan, then then I am now, I mean, this is, you know, number one. I was, I grew up on it, you know, more defense. No easy buckets, you know, you can hard, wasn't it? Yeah. I wasn't a piston.

<span;>Saying but you know, you went in that lane you were going to be really pay the area. They're going to pay for the bucket you made for go to the line and have to hit two free throws, and I'm not I'm not promoting violence. But it for me it was more of a was a tougher game. That was even you know, someone said well that's not really exciting. It was exciting because you know, it was also an error, you know, today's players and I'm not I'm not really saying there's anything wrong with it, but just to compare Are the two generations, you know, today's players, they share agents. They work out in the offseason. They train together, hectic. They recruit each other to each other's team during the season. Like come over here. Let's build a super dick like that would never happen. That would never fly in the 90s like guys like there was a respect factor for those guys. Wanted to beat each other up and get that bring we will go. He's just on the last.

<span;>It's still these guys haven't played in 20 years. Is and they still have that that Venom a little bit. We see from size a and MJ's. Oh, yeah, you know, you know, and, you know, I kind of like that that generation of basketball, where you knew two, guys wanted it. They were working out in the offseason with their own team, to get, literally, they didn't want to affiliate with a view them. As, you know, they were respectful on the court after the game, shake hands, most of the time. And, and, but during that game, and they were going hard after the other to be dumb. I missed. I sort of missed that those those days now. Now, you don't see a lot of Defense. It's sort of a slam dunk. Three-Point Contest during the game. They play defense. The last quarter, make the last five minutes of the last quarter. Yeah. It's a different game to me. I don't get me wrong. These guys are in top physical shape. I'm not, you know, call him soft.

<span;>Or anything in that pain. I mean these guys are training and working for may be harder. And like you said that, we would the equipment and medical stuff that they have now is better way better than the 90s. But here, it's just a different sort of game, a different sort of attitude. You know, I can go. I don't want to make this a sports show. We're here to tell you. I'm good. Yeah, when you could probably could but you know, I

<span;>10:48 PM
<span;>That could get win an NBA championship, some would argue even maybe less than that. I'm imagine a few teams that really can't, you know, I remember sure, you know, someone could say what you had in the 90s, you had dynasties to, you know, the Pistons, then the Bulls, and the Lakers, and the Celtics, when you also had a lot of other teams that were in the midst. And you know, what they game, go one of the games in the series goes a different way in their favor. It could be he had more than four to six teams. That has a real shot to make a run today. And I to me, maybe that's why part of the reason. I like to think I'm a little more sentimental, even with the cards. It's just because I like that error of basketball, even more than I do today. But again, these guys are tremendous athletes. I'm not trying to take them. It's just a different game. It's not the athlete is.

<span;>Which is the game and maybe some of the attitudes and in that sort of thing, but still basketball still fun. And, you know, Brooklyn from Brooklyn and Reggie. Now, we now we actually have a team in Brooklyn. So I'm a Brooklyn Nets fan just from just because it's my hometown, but that I don't I follow basketball, but I wouldn't say I'm a die-hard fan for some of the reasons. I just I just spoke about have had the Those feelings. He feel any, you feel similar in any way. Maybe I'll call you. Yeah, I mean, definitely. I mean, some of it's also the way that I like to play. So when I played, you know, as a kid, middle school and high school and you know, for myself in New Hampshire, a relatively high level a ball and stuff like that, but I always was an undersized big, you know, Center powerful word type of guy. So I had to use my body a little bit more than my height. Yeah, because I didn't have that to my advantage and a lot of times that meant, you know, plain old.

<span;>Rough. Like a lot of those, you know, when I was a kid getting, you know, de practice, they would call me and one other guy on the team, the the twin towers and we would call each other than the Pistons Bad Boys. We say I was building a beer and I a lot of times when I'm coaching kids who are in high school. I'll tell them, you know, maybe I shouldn't, but I do. Anyway, I tell you if you end the game with less than three fouls, you didn't play hard enough, you know, and I was a little bit of an enforcer when I would play sometimes. You know, they would send out the Goon Squad and I'd be part of that, you know, but I played within the rules of the game, but I was playing hard and if you're going to come into my area, you know, it's going to come at a cost. You know, those are the types of games I liked. But even when we watch stuff in like the early 2000s, you know, I remember watching Iverson the Sixers both against the Raptors or like the. I remember vividly the next verse the Raptors and that series when the Knicks ended up going on to the finals in 98

<span;>And I remember Latrell Sprewell like grabbing onto Vince. Carter shorts to pull him back. Try to go through the paint and stuff like that, you know, and stuff like that people would, you know, eats young SportsCenter highlights and people are saying, oh he's a dirty guy. That was part of the competitiveness of that era that I really enjoyed. And like you said, like these people would play hard and they might go and get a beer after the game. But while you're in between those lines, your attic serious,

<span;>Um, you know, and that's that, that was the mentality that I grew up seeing and that's just kind of how I played sports with it. I gravitate towards that as the same time walking Steph Curry drain a bunch of Threes. Yeah. It's so it's exciting to watch the game. It's just a different game today. I mean, like you said, the players also now are there bigger faster stronger than we could have ever imagined in the 90s, you know, so trying to compare errors. Like a lot of people. Do you saying who's the greatest is impossible to ask, you know, how you're going to communicate? Pair George Mikan to the likes of LeBron James. Like, just two completely different sports almost, but it. Yeah, I gravitate towards the 90s. I can't say, I necessarily want to go back and watch a full season of 90s basketball. Now, just because I'm accustomed to the new, you know, way of playing, but those Bulls championship games watching Penny play like that stuff? Never gets old for me. Yeah. I am, you know, that was the error. I really love the basketball.

<span;>I'm a little older than you. So I even, you know, the bird magic rival. Ago, leaving even before Jordan, hit the scene and I'm not gonna lie. I sort of missed some of those those type of the way the basketball was played. Like you said, you played basketball at a pretty high level. And that's, that's kind of you took a page out of some of their books, and I didn't play basketball other than pickup basketball, but I did play baseball and football in high school and that's how I would even as a baseball, pitcher, Jake. You know, when I was on the mound like that, that, that plate was mine, would I pitch inside? Sometimes, you know, I didn't want to walk anyone, you had to earn your way out of. You got a hit. I tip my cap to you, or if I got you out, tip my cap to my Salvo sort of that competitor. I'm not saying people are competitive nowadays. They are obviously, but it just seems to be sort of a different mentality in the Process. Maybe, you know, it's a little bit of the old man on the porch for me, and I'm stubborn. And I'm sort of sentimental to that time period, but even now I play competitive softball, my old age and I'm still playing at the lower level. There's a Senior League that being recruited for that. I've just haven't moved up to and I'm still house. I'm still like that even with the Young Bucks and were in their 20s. Well, I'm 48. I'm competitive.

<span;>That's probably why not move up this one. I sort of lose it was that a little bit and it can't hang with him anymore, which is probably closer than I actually like to admit but it is what it is, but I want to step aside for a quick break, but we'll be right back with Jake Roy.

<span;>What doesn't one of one car job do from Bach space and personal breaks? There's always fire, being pulled. They offer both grading subs, and their large store located in Strongsville. Ohio offers an incredible selection of sports cards non-sports and authentic autograph. Memorabilia. Stephen family will treat you right. Check them out on Instagram at one of one card shop or on the web at one of one carne shop.com. Fourth coordination is back with more with Jake. All right. Let's get back to back your cards, right?

<span;>You talk about softball. So, you know, we talked about, I kind of alluded to Fanatics as most people know will be taken over. The basketball cards. Here is a couple years. If you, if you had a direct line to phonetics, you know, being a basketball guy mean what and who knows. Maybe they'll listen to this for all we know who may be for you, or your own show. But what? What would you tell Fanatics? You know, you have a you have a mainlined, your Fanatics? What do you want to see them? Do with basketball cards that maybe, you know, Panini as file fell short? It. Yeah, or maybe something different. Maybe something completely different. You just want to see it. Yeah, you know, there's so many things like if I'm sitting on Santa's lap and asked me what I want for Christmas and only thing that I can think of that, I would want. I mean the number

<span;>Thing that leg is always pop of mine that I would love to see it. I don't know the solution for this, right? But, somehow figuring out the retail distribution. You know how that model works. Yeah. I want to see retail products. Be able to be enjoyed by all kinds of collectors. I'm not going to sit here and say I'll get the flippers out, you know, there's there's a place but I want to make sure, you know, my kids and other kids can, you know, see a pack on the shelf and maybe get the spark of. Hey, I want to see

<span;>Step 9, you know, and even myself, I want to be able to go and rip product. So whatever that solution might be. I don't have it. So, you know, they're watching this. Sorry. I can't give you a solution. I just I don't want that to get fixed and get better, you know, but something that I do have a little bit more insight into is, I you just more creativity. The that's the thing that really made the 90s. Really exciting and just do some inventive. Maybe experimental, maybe some scary designs, some some stuff that you're not really sure if it's going to hit but I think that's the fun in a lot of the nineties, as some of those things. They some of those, you look at the path odds and you're like, why did they make this one really rare and that one not very rare. Yeah, because now we know with our, you know, hindsight being what it is, which one's worked out better. But like, some of those experiments also gave us great results stuff that we couldn't even imagine. And I mean, I think about the jam balaiah, and I heard ya.

<span;>The Arena's is in what Gene goes on podcast. I listed up because she has so many great stories in. Even she said that card came out better than they had even mocked up in their mind, you know, and again that was an experiment. So, just experiment with some fun different stuff. Like they did printing Technologies card stocks and give us some, you know, it's disease in cards, but sometimes you can just print something and cut a card and that's even more sought-after. And we're seeing that with some of the Well Done Panini designs. Like Kabooms are getting a ton of Love. But even </span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>