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Nov. 19, 2021

Ep.154 w/James Perez-Elite Hunters

Ep.154 w/James Perez-Elite Hunters

We speak with fellow New Yorker now living in Dallas James Perez(Elite Hunters/YouTube), he just battled Covid-how has that changed his perspective on cards/hobby and why we both believe vintage is where it's at.

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We speak with fellow New Yorker now living in Dallas James Perez(Elite Hunters/YouTube), he just battled Covid-how has that changed his perspective on cards/hobby and why we both believe vintage is where it's at.

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<span;>10:45 PM

<span;>What is up episode 154, if you're listening to this on Show release date, it is November 19th, Friday, three days ago. I November 16th. We celebrated our third full year of doing the show. Our first episode episode one titled the beginning. It was launched and aired on November 16th, 2018, three years ago in a few days now. And you know three years in the podcast world. It's like dog years. It's longer than that. That's ancient if you're well put you know, you know, when I started that show three years ago this show so that show you're not on it this show three years ago. I had no idea. I know I've said this before, what, honestly had no idea where the show was going that episode and, and subsequent a few after that were recorded, just with an iPhone. I don't even not even an iPhone guy anymore of that. Tells you how long ago it was obviously, we have no equipment and it's three years later, it started out and wouldn't the intent? And not necessarily being An interview based show. We see what we see how well that went and lasted we've seen segments on the show, come and go. We've seen new segments, come and stay and we're here. Three years later. Quite frankly. I'm going to do something now that I normally do towards the kind of the closing of the show, but since we're talking about three years of doing this, I want to thank you out there. What aisle? You did. We don't last three years quite frankly, without all the people, downloading the show each and every week. And I'll be quick hits now, too. And I'm very thankful. Each and every day, try not to take it for granted at all. You could be doing a lot of other things besides listening to little old me, you know, ramble on about life and cards and hobby, but yet enough, dude, that we're

<span;>Here. And from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank you. Thank you for allowing me to, you know, feed this passion. I do this with a lot of passion with a lot of heart, you know, dr. Beckett and Rich Kline dinner did a podcast talking about the ease of podcasting and, you know, they came to empathy or they brought up empathy and they mentioned me and very touched by that. But But, you know, not to be cocky. But it's true. Empathy is the caring of others and and telling other stories and yeah, I think I fit that bill if I may say so and always will be that way until the very end and I have no problem thanking you and being sincere about it. And I want to thank that just the listeners. Although it starts definitely starts there. But all the guests we've had on the show. Show makes the show that much better. Would it? Help me? And just me? I think that's a, that's a no-brainer, right? The guest makes the show. It's a guest room, and show and sponsors as well. Sponsors allow us to pay bills, get new equipment and give things away produce the show. And, you know, I know some, I know, for some, it's sort of a No-No. But, you know, we're seeing a, let's be honest with you, a lot more, he would other show,

<span;>That sort of said, we don't do that here. Yeah, you do now, that's great because it's not wrong with it. So, with that being said, we got a great guest today. Mr. James, Perez Elite hunters from YouTube, but heavy vintage guy. He just got done battling covid. Almost was a little trouble there. Thankfully. God bless them. He's he's OK, would cover. We're going to talk about that. That'll work. Oh, we're gonna get some human. Element as we usually always do on the show, how it affected his show, how it affected his view on cards. He's doing. Okay now, but they're really put life and cards in perspective. We're going to talk about that battle with cold where we're talking about vintage and why week sort of both agree. It's where it's at in the long game and we're to talk about the Hobby in general James's,

<span;>Fellow New Yorker like me but he now resides in Dallas, Texas. So he's transplanted to Dallas, but you'll hear with his ex and he's still in New York or through and through. So we've gotten to know each other pretty well, you've been off the air and thought it was time to have them on so I happy he's the guest today. I think you're fine. The conversation, fairly interesting. So with that being said, Let's not dawdle around. Let's get this thing started. What's up, Sports coordination? This is Brett McGrath, stacking sides podcast. Remember, the hobby is the people.

<span;>Hi guys, it's Max with the release calendar for this week, back on the sports Carnation podcast. I like to say, once again. Thank you to John for having me on here and let's get into it. On the 19th. We have 2021 decision cut signature edition. And on the 24th. We have 20 21, Panini, kaneko's basketball and also on the 26th. Yeah, 2021 Leaf metal. Pop Century. This Week sports car donation. Listener. Special is 20, 20 21, Illusions, basketball hockey boxes for three.

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<span;>It's time for the hobby. What's up, where we go around the Hobby World and tell you all the latest news and breaking stories from the hobby. We love.

<span;>Alright, probably the big story of the week Montgomery, 582 membership renewal and then new members was this week. So on Wednesday, or should say Tuesday, they all they. If you were Montgomery fiber, 82 member. They offered you renewal for $300, I did. I posted a poll on our Twitter page asking those who were up for Renewal if they did or not. Now again, it's a small sample size but I think 70 percent said that they re-upped and about 30% or 20. Something percent said they didn't the following day Wednesday. They opened it up to the general. Public at the six hundred dollar price level. It is a lot of money Chris, but hey, all memberships are sold out either at that six hundred dollar new membership price or the 300 dollar renewal price and few people ask me. Do I think these are worth the price has either level. Well, I mean, she does not rocket science, you know, if you're paying $600 it's going to be a little more difficult.

<span;>Go to justify that. If you're paying the three hundred dollar price, I will say this again. It's an exclusive Club. You're going to get offerings that the general public won't you're going to get those sets. I will say that this year's exclusive sets that you get as part of the package. This year's did not bring traditionally what they had in the past. And I got a feeling that Trend might Continue with where you going to have to make your dime is on the exclusive wax offerings. And we've seen even wax come down a little bit. So I don't think it's going to be as lucrative as it has been in years past, but it's still probably a good deal. Now, the six hundred dollar level would scare me another words, if they would have made the renewal price $600. I probably wouldn't have quite frankly, have signed up, but

<span;>That's just me, but enough other people did at that level where all the memberships are sold out. Rumor is PSA is going to open up their regular submission service back up here in the back end of November. The other rumor is that it's going to be $100 a car, you know, for me. I'm not saying I never submit a card in a hunter, but I'd say, I'd almost Never submit a card at $100. I just, you know, you get it at triple triple digits emission rate. You better have a big boy card, a real big boy card because it's just a hundred bucks, right off the top. That's, you know, chips away that Roi. If you're reselling the card, and even if you're not really selling cards, 100 bucks, you can have been to that card on top of whatever you paid for the card, so,

<span;>I like that. You know what? I realized to tend to order card level, but think those days quite frankly or over with, so I'm 22 $25. I think that's a good price range. STC is that that price range for me? They fit the bill for me. I love the CPS a come back to where they were, but I don't think they want to. I think they're looking for that higher.

<span;>And her car. That's what they want to be known for. I think they're not crying the blues for those lower end cards that they don't really want anymore. And that's where this pricing structure is coming from. Some Panini news. The diner's optic Target. Exclusive Factory sets are available limit 3 per customer. They are going for 149. 999. A piece, each of these Factory sets will have a packet there with five. Exclusive purple posts are rated rookie cards. Again. This is 2021. Okay, 2021 class. And so together, you know, chances five. Purple posts are rated rookies. If you opened the box and I expect, I think like, everything else. I'm sure these will sell out. Panini. Also announced, they have extended their licensing agreement with the premier league in soccer. No, terms of the deal were denounced, either love or price but rumors have it to be at least a five-year extension. So some of the better soccer is going to stay and pretty

<span;>The side of the house congrats to the Toronto Expo for successful Toronto Expo. After a couple years Hiatus with the covid pandemic that we are still still dealing with but they show went on and by all accounts went off pretty smoothly and did very well and dealers were happy and and attendees were

<span;>10:59 PM
<span;>You know what kind of getting sort of back into a routine if you will.

<span;>Mankato Minnesota FedEx, employee Trisha, Westfall 33 years. Old has been arrested for stealing a five thousand dollar Kyler Murray rookie Auto. No, actual description of the actual card. It's just been described as a, rookie Auto card. She stole it from a package to be delivered to someone else. She sold it to a card store.

<span;>They found it in the card store, the owner, the LCS identified, her as the seller to him. And that's how they discovered that she stole them. She gave three different versions of where she got the car to three different types. Here. Are they are someone gave it to her? She found it in a gas station parking lot and she found it in the FedEx Lobby all turning out. Obviously. GDP false. The correct answer. Trisha is you ripped open the FedEx package and stole somebody's Kyler Murray. You were caught and you know, you did the crime now, we'll see what the punishment will be. But the Marie Otto ruge will find its rightful place with the owner who the new owner who purchased it. So again cardboard crap.

<span;>I make it do a, I'm not going to, but I've thought about doing a show called cardboard crime where we just take, like, 30 minutes a week or an hour, or we could just go through the week that was in like Javi Capers and and robberies and burglaries and ripoffs and scams, but not going to do it. I want to try to keep a little more positive, but we are going to report these cases. Some of these bigger ones that make A little more of the front page news, if you will, unfortunately, when they do occur,

<span;>Jean happy to be joined as a sports car Nation. Just like he's the host of the elite Hunters Channel on YouTube heavy into vintage SO near and dear to my heart, Dara's as well. And Gentlemen, I've gotten to know a little bit, you know, through phone conversations and some some texting, he lives in Dallas, but like myself. He's originally from the New York area and happy to have Mountain Sports Carnation, Jace, Perez. Welcome to the show. Hey, how are you? Thank you for having me on. Thanks for coming out. Hey, so you do, you know Elite Hunters on YouTube? You do a lot of shows, obviously Center. The event, Edge aspect of the hobby, you know, recently for those that follow you on YouTube and the show, you haven't been posted any videos and there's a good reason. Fortunately for that. Thankfully you're doing better put contracted the covid-19 virus. Like I said, you do one better not 100% as you told me before we kind of

<span;>Started recording. But I had this kind of scary there for you. You know what, you're able to talk about. If you comfortable talking about kind of talk about how that, you know, how all that sort of back story to to that. And, and for those that might be, you know, I think sometimes James before you, you know, with covid-19, unless someone know someone that, you know, had it. I don't think people realize how serious, you know, I

<span;>Weird, we see it on the news and we see the obviously the worst case scenarios, but I think sometimes people take for granted until they know somebody who's had it, how serious this is. And, you know, you that a case where it was, you know, kind of scary for you kind of talk about all that. Just just delete into why maybe haven't been doing shows recently before you get back on the horse again. Yeah, like I said I didn't respect it so much because I thought it was just going to be like the flu, obviously affects everyone differently. It grabbed me pretty tough. They had knee third grader and pretty much for three weeks. And I actually had to go to the hospital twice. It did start to affect my lungs a little bit, but fortunately, we were able to like nip it in the bud before it got really serious to the point where I needed like ventilators and stuff like that, but But it had the fever for basically seven days straight. I've never had a fever for more than two days. So Jim just feel weak from a fever for seven days. Was it really knocks you for a loop and then the next couple weeks aches pains chills. Like you just can't shake it. It just grabs ahold of you and lets, you know, I'm not going anywhere. No matter.

<span;>How much medication you take vitamins? It just just please it sticks to you and and it demoralizes you. So it's not just physically. I lost a lot of weight. You can't eat, you know, you it's just your appetite goes and you can't hopefully down. So I'm still trying to gain my strength back at some of my weight back and then mentally, you know, you go through. This phase where you just feel weakened by a force. You could do anything with like people feel like they're in control most of the time. There's no controlling this. Once he has you, it does what it wants with you. And that's why some people pass away because they just can't do nothing about it. Yeah, but I expected a lot more now. Yes, I'm almost 100%. I would say I'm about 8590 percent.

<span;>I just I want to start working out at feeling strong again, but it's just you don't have to energy every day. Some days you wake up and you feel like a blob you just like that feeling of wanting to tackle the world every day. She's it's not there like here, your body is still rehabbing in a way, but I do respect that a lot and only people that have it, understand it or understand each other. When you talk to someone else who has it, and We get each other and if some people I hurt, I've been laid out for five months. Like they just can't breathe again, normally and I get it now. I get it like, it just ravages you. Yeah, and I know in our conversation that we had recently. I mean you even said like, you know, you love card, you have a passion for it. I mean, obviously health comes first. I mean that's a, that's a no-brainer, but you said there was, you know,

<span;>What he was thinking about cars, like even even when you start to feel a little bit better. It's sort of really put things in perspective. So to speak for you. It really puts things in perspective to which it's a hobby and no matter how passionate you are about it. Once you help comes, you know, to risk and you start realizing like there might be a chance, you're going to the hospital and things could keep progressing. Icing worse. If this it is this, I'm going to go out with those feelings. Come to mind cards are like, not even a blip on the radar because it's just a hobby. It's something you enjoy doing, but it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things when it comes to health and family and things that our nature and then when it's taking you so long to get back healthy, your priority is, what do I have to do for tomorrow to?

<span;>Better, what do I have to do for next week to feel better? You're not really thinking about cards. I picked up boxes slabs. PO Boxes have slabs in and I look at them and I don't even last a minute. Like yes, I can. It's just too many other things away. More important for me to spend time at Marin car. It's like I haven't been really active on YouTube. I haven't posted any videos and supporting my friends that I I've met throughout. I hope they understand. It's not that I don't want to watch your stuff. I just have other priorities right now. And when those things get ironed out, then I'll go back to doing the things I had passion for, and that's all it is. Yeah, it's a great point. It's, you know, I've done shows. I do a smaller show called Hab ich wickets. And I've done a few episodes where I talk about prioritizing and in the grand scheme of things as much as we love cards, myself included, you know.

<span;>I realize 48. I realize, you know, where where ranks is a big part of my life as a former store, owner shogi, you know, setting up and shows collector obviously is much as I do. All that stuff. It's still in the grand scheme of things. You know, I'm a dad, you're a dad, those things need to rank ahead of cards. No matter. How much you're in or not into it, you got to prioritize, sometimes it takes something like that. To really put it into clear, focus and I'm glad you're doing better. Appreciate you. You're talking about it and you know talking about how serious it is. And you know, you're honest you were honest. When you said hey until I got it. I really didn't realize like how serious this really was like. Yeah, I know.

<span;>You know, but I think when you, when you come down with it and dealing with those symptoms firsthand really hits home like how this can affect even other people, maybe that are older have some immunocompromised and some obviously people, unfortunately, don't don't survive it. And you know, if thankfully you're not in that category, we're having this conversation today, and I appreciate you sharing a Little bit about that, not everyone can do that with the stuff of a personal nature, but I appreciate it when you step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be right back with more with game.

<span;>Iron sports cards is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com, or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440. Say, Rob's got you covered. Fourth coordination is back with James Perez by. So let's talk about, let's talk about some more fun stuff. We don't want to make this just a medical show. But again, glad, you're okay. So, you know, talking about you, you big time into vintage, but talk about, when you got into cards with, was it vintage from the start kind of talk about your progression as far as card collecting like, when you started to sort of, where

<span;>Now. Well when I first started I picked up cards of players. I remember, idolizing and cards. I always wished I owned and so is like Reggie Jackson and you know, some of those guys and I didn't know if I wanted him best.

<span;>11:12 PM
<span;>So, Money into cards in the beginning. But then afterwards, you start seeing like what these autograph cards and parallels cold for. And you start comparing it to some of the Vintage cards that you have appreciation for you. Like I could pick up a Reggie Jackson Court for $75, but every judge autograph goes for like 2,500 like it just didn't make sense to me. I did lessen the blow to where I write. I could pick up to Reggie Jackson. Rookie card. I always wanted that car when I was a little kid and that's the one that kind of, like, got the ball rolling. And then I started picking up fathers and others and others. And then I picked up Ernie Banks. That was like, my first big card. I picked up, and I think at the time it was supposed to $500. I could never imagine spending $500 on a A card at the time. Yeah, but I did it because I always respected. Ernie Banks will be one of the best shortstops that ever played the game. He has a beautiful, beautiful beautiful card. His smile is just Sunshine's mr. Sunshine, but I always remember going through a Beckett grading magazine and see him and then advertisement and always thinking that was like, epic looking card for whatever reason. And when I picked

<span;>We'll know, then it got serious. It was like, that's the bug. Got me. And I just started vintage hunting doing research, you know, key cards in the 50s, and the 60s and the 70s, and it just started taking a life of its own. Then the rest is history as they say, is there? I'll put you on the spot. James is their card right now, like, on your bucket list or you're great, you know, people come Grail list and cards is their card. I know you mentioned, the banks was sorted at car Reggie, you know, we carts, you know, our want list and legalists changes, you know, all the time. But is there a card now that like, I don't have this it's not going to necessarily be cheap, but it is a target for me. At some point. You got one of those. Okay, not in any order, but I will just type. Ha t. Total six or T20 five-part. Yeah, at once.

<span;>Nephi before the pandemic and I regret not buying a Ty Cobb card at that time because I fussed over a hundred dollar difference. I was with haggling with someone and that is just Hollis is close to me. Thousands. Well, that part is so expensive now and I'm like, I cannot do this card right now. Like, I'm here not to sell of cards. I'm not attached to to justify. Find that pick up but I did pick up an American caramel, Ty Cobb so that kind of like took away that yearning for it so much. Yeah. Yeah. I do want to Ty Cobb cards. It's just not this early playing date. I cough. So he's still on my bucket list Jody whether it's a 36 worldwide gum or the 38 heads up and this is like, holy grail status, Josh Gibson if I could pick up a job.

<span;>Same card, that would be big-time. Holy Grail cards. I mean I do own the 52 mantle. So I did scratch up a Holy Grail per se but that, that judge gets them for scarcity. Which material you can flips on that one. One. Yeah, and he doesn't have a lot of cards to. That's the other thing is, as you, well know. So, yeah, that's a listen. I can relate to kicking myself for not making deals at the time. There's, you know, my card that would fit that description. Most people listen to the show. No. Before I even say, it's going to be, I'm a big, Jackie Robinson guy being from Brooklyn. So the 48 leaf and there was three separate occasion, James early on before the

<span;>The crescendo in the rise of that card where I had the opportunity to purchase a. And I just kind of had like, some other things going on. I'm just like, I'll get it another day. Like, it'll be there when I'm ready to pull the trigger and I did that on two or three occasions and when I finally wanted to really pull the trigger that price that was that was no longer as it existed, it went on to Another whole nother level as we Snow. And anyone that thing, the Vintage where it became, I mean, even low great copies one or two great, you know, great. It's are still very expensive and it's one of those where man, if I could go back and like the DeLorean like, you know with Back to the Future, I would go to all three of those occasions and tell myself like you better purchase it each and every one of those times for What day what you were being offered at you? You didn't he said no, Or your boss didn't dump, you learn, you know, sometimes you learn the hard way, still on my list, everyone, you know, whenever I go to a big show. I kind of look for with this thought, like, you know, a low-grade copy, if you know it hits me, right? The prices is fairly reasonable, but, you know, it's getting tougher and, you know, we've seen a little bit of a market dip of Market correction, but there's so many

<span;>These cards as you well know specially under vintage and are sort of dip proof. These cards. Don't know matter what the rest of the markets doing. These guards are sort of in a different atmosphere and they still don't really drop in accordance. And so, I guess my question. I know you like you said, you've been out of it in a few weeks, but even before that, you know, we have seen some some prices drop even invented just specially on the Newer the, my ultra rod, and if you will, but the Vintage of markets, been affected to some cars. Obviously some are sort of in that are like the 48 leaf and, you know, there's your calves, you mentioned through or probably unaffected by that. Have you noticed that at all and some of your thoughts on you think that's just, you know, just kind of a bottom and out where it'll go back up again. Where do you find?

<span;>Side of the aisle. Well, I just feel like every time Seasons come and go and all sports. Like, that's where you see people ignoring certain cards and they figure, they'll come back to them and then they Spike back up and then they go down. So that's one thing I noticed but like you said vintage is always relatively strong which is why I got into vintage very heavy in the beginning was because if I told myself if I'm going to be spending Four figures on, on average on some of these cards for really nice examples, or even three figures for safe. Because it's not me. I buy a lot of Royal copies and sometimes of world. Yeah. He has like a scared of going rate on a, you know, slap version, but I had to justify to myself that it was enough of Fools Gold type of investment per se. And that's why I always gravitated to Vintage. Because I always saw that they were

<span;>Much stable per se like they would did. But not as much, they will go up not as much, but that's fine with me because I appreciate them. I feel like this is very nostalgic and bit of History. I feel like I'm holding artifacts sometimes when I look at my collection, especially with the pre-war cards. I just feel like these things should be in a museum and I own them like this. It's an amazing feeling but I always felt like vintage is stable. I have noticed some cards, you know, go a little bit down like you said but not much like 100 200 when people talk about yanis. That card was like 7,500 and then it's down to like 4 grand like that is a big swing and it's the guy who just won the championship. Like I don't understand why he's

<span;>Of dealing with so much volatility, but you know, that's how it is modern. Yeah, I just feel like it's a safer route to go. If you're gonna throw money at certain cards time for another quick break, but we'll be right back after that. Hey everybody. Have you heard about collectible? It's the one stop shop where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares in some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world, starting from just five dollars. From 1952 Mickey, Mantle ps8 ends and wilt. Well, as iconic rookie uniform, no, one of one Patrick Mahomes rpas rare. LeBron, James logo man's and everything in between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen access and opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love together, please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. We are back with more from James Perez and one thing, and I know you, I know you agree with this beta vintage guy. One of the things I love about vintage is, Let's Be, You Know, honest it's just less of it quite frankly, which is makes the chase in the hot, all them or to me special. There's not as much, you know, you go to a show nowadays. You've been to plenty of yourself as have a high right now. I sell a lot ultra-modern. I'm not trying to bash on it.

<span;>It's probably a good percentage of my sales as a show dealer myself. I get it but, you know, walking around as a consumer. You just see so much of it. There's no real shortage. I know there's parallels and number to 10 and wonder why I get all that. But it's really with the with the the cards in the boom. We've never had as many collectors as we do today, you know, very little is getting Troy door thrown out as those vintage cards did and bike Spokes. And kids going to college and the parents getting rid of the cards and there's just a lot less of them. Then you get into the grading aspect to find higher grade copies of a lot of those class, you know, cards is even another challenge. And, you know, there's something to be said about, you know, I'll use a little good nonstick for

<span;>You know if someone says, Hey, I want to buy his rookie card. You've got 300 choices which one right from, you know below and if you will to all the way to rpas and higher and stuff million dollar Lucas that sold this year. But when you think about vintage like you mentioned the bank's, the, the Jackie for me they have that one rookie card, you know, for the most Most part. I know there's some some exceptions to the rule, but in general, most even those old-time players, those vintage error players, have one car, that's you as their first ever car and is very clear, but what it is, and that makes it a lot easier, not easier on the, on the checkbook, where the bank account. But this there's no confusion to when you want a rookie card of Reggie, Ernie Banks.

<span;>11:24 PM
<span;>Mantle, you know, which card it is. It's very clear. And if you don't know someone can point you in the right direction in today's modern age. Like I said, a rookie today would have, you know, two to three hundred different options to buy. If even if you wanted to get everyone, it's almost impossible and there's something to be said about that. It's why I like fit digits, why? I tell people, you know, too. I understand if you maybe don't know, you know, someone younger maybe, don't know. All the players in the same vein that me or you do, you don't do your research and find out who you like and do some vintage in some shape or form. You know, I think it's just I don't know. I think it's sort of I recommend it which leads me into my next question for you. You know, if someone was new to say James

<span;>I want to get it to Vintage. Well, I'm not as experienced as you are, you know, your stuff. I'm starting from the ground level. Give me your best advice. You know, I don't have. I'm not, I'm not broke, but I'm also not rich. I'm middle class collector. So to speak. I want to start a vintage collection. What advice would you give such a person that they came? You said? Hey, where do I start? Art, what do I do? How do I do this type of deal? Well, with vintage, my advice would be

<span;>Basically do a little research first and foremost, so like that. You have an idea of what you want to chase. Create a checklist. I would say go for what speaks to you. Is it Hall of Famers? You know Sai Yeung winners. Is it? Players bring me a team hitters pitchers. Find out what speaks to when you're gonna enjoy looking at the card and chasing these cars. What's going to give you pride in just looking at your collection as a whole and make you feel good about it? Like you invested your money in something that you're happy with because there's a lot of players that are so undervalued and can be bought for $10 $15. So they're not that hard and the thing is with vintage. What's so great is they don't necessarily have to be tensed like with ultra-modern you want.

<span;>And you'll settle for nine, you know be bgs does 9.5 but it you know, it's always got to be on that. Almost perfect level where with vintage, it's okay to even have a one that has, you know, a little missing something in the back or a little scribble because little Johnny scribbled, uh, you know, the lead isn't or something. But it looks beautiful and the corner of the slightly bent. So what it's been handled. It's been passed down to you and it's like a baton that now you're the owner. And yeah, it's just got like this connection and it just I feel like there's life to these cards and your research, your budget. You need to factor what you're willing to get into. Because when I got into Mickey Mantle's that

<span;>It was a rabbit hole that really I wanted to try to complete the run and I have I think 11 of the run, but they could really cost you certain cars on life. Whoa, the 56 was my most recent, man. So no 57, I just baked them, but I had to buy a royal one that looks like it might great a three or four, but it looks really short and I finally found one.

<span;>Or a reasonable amount, but that car was in the 500 range for a while. And then, like you said, like the the market came down a little with that when I was able to get it in at 300. So, I was like, great, you know, I waited and now I'm benefited. So, but 300, It's s an average price for a mantel and it's an ungraded one like, yeah. Bye, Ernie Banks, you know, 56 or 57, and they're going. I like 30 40 dollar. So you could get a nice collection going with a lot of these players Hall of Famers and Mortals and you can have a nice collection for not too much. It's a cool collection. Just do your research, figure out, what speaks to you, really create a checklist that you know, you're going to enjoy find out your prices, you price points for what type of braid you're looking for figure out what you're comfortable. Along with spending for certain key card. Is it 100? Is it 500? Does it need to be slapped? Are you comfortable with buying raw? And if you buy raw, make sure you buy a couple, the common examples. So when you get that Royal one, you have something to compare it, to put them against each other, make sure no one trimmed of, make sure the card stock is right? And just do your diligence. Don't just throw money at it. Like it's okay to take a month and do a little research.

<span;>Search and do it slowly. That's not everyone's just take your time. Enjoy it. You start to realize, you're laying will create itself. And yeah, what speaks to you will create itself. Once you start, you know, dabbling with this dabbling with that the next scene. No, you're not looking at those cards as much as you look at the other ones. It's because that's what speaks to you. Is it home, run hitters? Is it average? That is, it's a players from your team. You'll start realizing what it is. That speaks to you. Great advice, change. The other thing, you touch on into and in what he said there, don't be afraid to ask someone who knows that you trust, you know, ask questions. There are no dumb questions, right? Or just the ones, the old cliche, just the ones you don't ask and, you know, you also touched on something else that, you know, whenever I get a vintage card in that's going to be a card IPC and Peak, that's not going to go out.

<span;>For sale, I hope, you know, when that car, when I'm holding that card, I think, you know, what's the history of this car? Who own this, where what city was this card in? You know, obviously it's here with me now, but it was with how many hands in this passed through before. It got to me. Where did those people live? Who were they even do? They collect cards now or just at the time and they're not in it. Know all these just crazy questions. When you look at a card to story behind the card, that's how my mind sometimes works. And you know, we don't always get the answers to those but it's still fun to pretend to think about where that cars, traveled from what state like what would here with me and I'll be in New York. But what state was that in Prior? Well, did it always was? It always in New York if I bought it at a show in New York or vibe?

<span;>See if you buy something online. It's traveling from somewhere else. So, just sort of the history of the car did maybe someone famous on, it may be famous. As, you know, they were as a kid, they weren't famous yet, but they who knows? Who they are. Just we all sorts of weird stuff goes. That's the way my mind works. Is this sort of the provenance of the car who had it for? How long where they were, do they still collect? Was it just a kid that committed? Elected at in the 50s with a car that's from the 50s and not anymore. That's sort of all those questions. Go through my mind that that I can get actual answers necessarily but I just makes you wonder. And wonder is the sometimes the fun part. Yeah, it really gets the imagination going and that's what I like about. The Nostalgia fact that you don't really get that with modern cars. Yeah.

<span;>Or, you know, it's it a refractor. Is it? The parallel is it all do? But you don't really get that nostalgic feeling. Yes, you do with vintage and pre-war. Especially, it's just it. I feel like it gives you a light about your collection. That's just Camp. Can't be duplicated with ultra-modern. Yeah. No, I agree. I'm here from one of our great sponsors, but right after that, we'll be back with more with James. They're back with Elite Hunters. James Perez. All right, so let's talk a little bit about your YouTube channel. Elite Hunters tend to talk about what what what made you do it? What made you start, you know, video log in and take that leap. Well, at first, it was because I wanted to treat it as a journal. I started buying all these like key rookie cards and Mortals Hank Bauer.

<span;>In Roberto Clemente all these mantels. And I just told myself, you know, that may come a time. I could need the money and I sell these cards of, it's just a memory. Let me do a YouTube channel and then this will be like my journal and they do remind me how excited I was. When I first got it or mailed a videos, or maybe I can have fun researching the cards and bring forward that same excitement. When I I learned something about a player, I had no idea and try to give that to the viewer and if you watch some of my videos, I get into certain videos with a lot of statistics and fun facts and video clips. It's because I just want to give it life with the player give a sort of like a tribute or maybe teach you something, you might not have known about a player looks like,

<span;>Not have known until I put the card if we searched and delved into him and read several articles on him, but I don't think I'm very entertaining. I'll be quite honest with you. So sometimes I just feel like, if I do my research and give you something to think about, and maybe have some would have some fun with the video clip that it'll make up for the fact that I don't think I'm that entertainment. Well, I'll I'll disagree with your jeans. I've seen some of your stuff. I think you are. I think it is a fact that you're, you're giving it information. I mean, that is entertainment. And it self-knowledge is entertainment, especially in you. If you enthusiastic about it, they're passionate about it. I think that's very apparent that, you know, it's great. It's a great point, you know, when we acquire cards and then we learn a little bit more about the play. I've done that plenty of times.

<span;>Elf and you learn, you know, we we we</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>