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Nov. 26, 2021

Ep.155 w/Kyle from Wax Museum Podcast

Ep.155 w/Kyle from Wax Museum Podcast

Wax Museum podcast's Kyle is passionate about the hobby and basketball, he goes the extra mile to be as thorough as possible to bring you accuracy in reporting. We talk about that, content creation, basketball and fanatics.

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Wax Museum podcast's Kyle is passionate about the hobby and basketball, he goes the extra mile to be as thorough as possible to bring you accuracy in reporting. We talk about that, content creation, basketball and fanatics.

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Welcome to another stock and loaded episode of this Force Kardasian podcast. The show that brings you all the important hobby, news discussions, debates, opinions, info and interviews with key Javi and sports dignitaries. You know, you're going to give away something. Now. Here's the guy that one of the cards more than the gov John Newman. What is up? Welcome to episode 155. Hopefully, everyone had a great Thanksgiving and your back awake. I know, I like my turkey and a nap. I don't know about you, but Hope everyone enjoyed spending time with family, got to spend some time with family as if you know me, you know, that's very important. Celebrate it. 8th birthday on Wednesday, turned 49 years old. I don't know where the time goes, but 49 but you know, you get the older, you get, those birthdays are there significant because it means you're still going and you're alive and that's important, but, you know, 

You know, it is what it is. But happy to be still around and I on my birthday. I got my booster shot for the, the covid vaccine. So doing my part to try to keep myself and my family healthy, my wife, if I've ever said this on the show. She's Afflicted with lupus. That's an auto immune disease. So, very important to try to keep her as hell. If the as can be got a great guest today, gentlemen, I admire I call them the number one investigative podcaster in the space. It's got a passion and, you know, he does it because he loves the hobby, loves basketball cards and great. You know, I, I use those two terms right, Advocate ambassador. He's definitely both and he's a definitely an avid advocate. 

When he's doing that research finding out some of the not so good things that happen in the Hobby and dig and delve deeper into it and they had to you know to protect the community as best he can and admire him for that. I you hear me. Will you will talk about that during the segment? He's going to give his take like a lot of people on the Fanatics deal and he's optimistic. Attic in the basketball space. Hyrum kind of give us thoughts on what we've seen so far and what he's looking forward to maybe the most great conversation with cow from wax museum podcast. Hey, what's up, its your boy Kate of atmospheric a tub on Twitter. And remember the hobby is the people 

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Your special is 10% off of any stock NFL football hot dogs GMOs on social at underscore sports card shop, to get the deal. Happy Thanksgiving to all and Happy Birthday John. Thank you guys for tuning in. Thank you. John cremeans show. See you later by the sports card. Shop is your small town, local card, shop with a global reach located in New Buffalo MI, Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the West, in addition to being an authorized Panini direct dealer, the sports card shop, carries all major trading card Brands, including Tops Upper Deck, Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh, and more with all that new wax a half million singles and showcases full of greeting cards. You're sure to find something great for your collection. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned collector, his sports card shop is your One-Stop shop. So call us. Come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number. 

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All right, for having new Cycles go. This is a sort of a quieter week. If you will, the celebrations of the decade event, put on by tops took place in Las Vegas. And if you were one of the few fortunate ones to get to go, you came out of there. With. The mother lode most likely attended in Vegas by Wade Boggs, Jordan Alvarez. And Frank Thomas. You are allowed to go you and a guest, got a hotel room. If you pulled one of those tickets out of a cop's product attendees. Got a factory set numbered to 100. They got a special tops Chrome box of celebration of the Decades. It is rumored to be the least. Produced tops Chrome product in the history of the company. You got another box set. You got a triple autograph card of the three baseball players that were at the event. Wade. Boggs, you are now Rose and Frank Thomas. So again, if you were fortunate enough to go, you made out like a bandit will be interesting to see what some of these items. 

Go for in the secondary Market based on their limited availability. I know I for one will try to keep tabs on that and my memory works. I'll let you know what I find out more cops noose. The online exclusive 2021 Bowman Draft, first edition, offered online by tops. It is sold out $750. Not sure, it's a box. It's been rumored to be 50 packs. I don't know what form if they're just going to send you a 50 packs or in a box, but 50 packs, $750, 10 cards of pack. So 500 cards for $750. I don't, I don't looking through my emails. I didn't get sort of a heads-up that these were available truth. Be told, I probably wouldn't have been in on that one. That's Is not surprised, you know, so, decent product. It's the first cards of some of the draft picks, but, you know, stuff, but Ops is definitely slowly, but surely starting to raise some of these initial offering price has. I don't know if that's a result of them knowing that the, you know, Sands Through The Hourglass are going away or, you know, if it's, they just know people going to pay it and a little bit of Dad, I don't know only, they can answer that but some of those online exclusive offerings prices have increased to more. Michael Jordan flee, are PSA. 10 rookies are in circulation. There were graded by PSA this month, two tens. And so we'll see what that does to the market. I don't think that's going to change a whole, heck of a lot. PSA also rumored to try. To be caught up with their backlog, by the front part of 2022, and the supposedly will lower their submission rates. Noah the exact figure I've heard anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars. So we'll we'll see how that goes. But if you have an order like myself in for a while, hopefully it'll be popping soon for us. 

Transports guard is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves turnaround time, heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports guards.com, or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440. Sa Rob's. Got you covered. Answer the question you want answers. This question today comes from way of Instagram five-card guys. In the question says, John. I love when you ask your guests. They're happy pet peeves. Just to hear all the different answers from you, different guest, when you ask it, but I've never heard you really give your own with specifically care to share. Right, so well, I I've kind of done my pet peeves. On, if you listen to hobby quick hits, I usually will take tackle some topics and couple Fried by listening to those. You might be able to tell, but I'll answer this enough. I'll be honest now that, you know, I want to sound like Pleasantville here, even though I'm going to mention one or two here, you know, they don't bother me to the point where I'm losing sleep over it or mad upset about it. I'm enjoying the hobby having fun. It's, you know, but I guess if I had to pick one, one thing I've noticed I know I'm going to probably get a few people mad with this one, but I'm going to be honest about it. I've noticed this in the last year, a lot of content creator, not a lot, but a certain amount of content creators and not just content creators, but hobby is social. 

You people seems to be a lot of like I watch How I choose my words here, a lot of smooching lot of, but Kiss It Up certain big-time hobby accounts, right? You know, when it's to get Javi clout. I don't, I don't know. It's none of, you know, I mean, I guess it's really none of my business, but I just think it's sort of interesting if you will, you know, I don't know what the end goal there. Where is the endgame but you see a lot of that going around people just trying to sort of ride the coattails of others if you will, I don't know if it works. Maybe it works. Maybe I'm the dummy here just not getting in on the action, but I know some are going to hear that and you know, say maybe hit a nerve and be not happy with it. I know some will hear that and say yeah, you're right. So I 

Is it depends on who he is, and what I see, it's pretty, it's not, you know, behind the curtain stuff. It's pretty out there. And, you know, I don't know why it's really done. My guess would be, you know, what people would call Hobby clown. I don't know what that get you at the end of the day, but you know, whatever floats your boat as they say, so that's one and 

9:24 PM
In the other one. Started my opinion were starting to see divided from the high-end part of the hobby to the non high-end part of the hobby. I don't want to say low end part of the hobby, because I like to think there is no low end. We're All in This hobby together, but when I say hi Ed, I'm talking about those really expensive cards, those expensive auctions, big sales, all part of the Hobby and I don't have anything against that, but what kind of scene and divide between that? That space and the hobby that doesn't play in those Waters. And it's almost becoming like two separate Hobbies where I don't think it needs to be. Can we can all be one big hobby regardless of what card you have or what card sell for what you paid for or what you sold sold them for it. But yet I think some of those people that play in the high-end space just sort of look down their nose. 

At folks in the hobby that iron on that level if you will and that that's not good. Anytime. There's sort of a separation or someone feels like not part of the whole thing. That's where people get unhappy leave. Don't stick around and that's sort of a fear. I don't want to see people, leave the hobby again that were, you know, we're adults are grownups. If you want to leave the hobby, yeah, it's your decision. But I hope it's not because of how the hobby treated you or how someone else treated you to make your experience bad enough that you say I want to leave the greatest Hobby in the world. And so I'm seeing a little bit of that too and can it be fixed? And sure it can will it? You know, I don't know but I gave you to think sir. So, there you go. 

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Sign up with the referral code scn to get your first year. Free, please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. All right. I always like having Having fellow content creators on the podcast because we share very similar bonds and and we kind of know the landscape and we do similar things. So I'm really happy to have this next Gentleman on and I'll tell them why you know, while talking to him, but I don't want to make them. Wait any longer Kyle from wax museum podcast, welcome Sports coordination. Hey John, thanks for having me. I appreciate it. You know, you started wax museum. 

I casted in March of 2019 that doesn't sound like a long time ago to fits. You know, he's going to be almost three years here coming up to two over two and a half years which in regular terms isn't a long time. But in podcasting in the hobby terms where you were sort of grizzled veterans, yourself included. We're seeing a lot of new content. Obviously, a lot of new shows when you put YouTube and audio but But you know, if you've been doing this two to three years, you can kind of considered an OG. So I guess we're considered a boujis. But I my first question to you is, you know, thoughts on a lot of the new folks in the space, you know, it can, you know, I always use the term like a swimming pool. There's a lot more people in the pool splashing around, you know, your thoughts on that being sort of when you start is like me. 

It was a lot less. Yeah. First off, you mentioned the years, you know, how it's been almost three years. I feel like this last maybe a year and a half or two years in the hobby as has really been like 5 or 6 years in the hobby just so much stuff happening all at once. As far as content creation goes, you know, I love the fact that there's new content creation coming out every seemingly every week now, and I think we've seen enough of it to where some of it is even starting to go away. So, Might see over time that people that are really passionate about it are going to stay in it and that's a good thing. I think that's better for Content. We need different types of content out there. We need everyone has a different preference in a different flavor and the more options. I think the better and it also just kind of forces people to make better content. If they know that there's a lot of other shows, people can listen to. I don't want to take it for granted that, you know, people are listening to my show. I want to give them something good every week, and you make a great point that I definitely 

Follow up on, you know about how the hobby new Cycles, like rapidly change it. When I started this show in November of 2018. And initially, we, you know, what it's turned into a guest Riven interview show but it didn't start that way. And in November 2018, which, you know, really and when you look at a calendar isn't that long ago, but like you said in Hobby years, it's eons ago and one of the issues I had with the show when I first started it that we're not seeing the news like we did now. So it was like, what do I talk about? I don't want to, you know, like I'm not that interesting just to talk about my cards all the time. And so it was it was, I don't want say a truck problem, but you really had to really, you know, brainstorm to like, hey, what is going to be the topic on today's show and now as you pointed out, that's not an issue. No more definitely is. 

You is, you know, how do I keep this? You know, to whatever time limit, I want time frame. I wanted keep it to, it's why we do have a quick heads because, you know, Sports coordination is, is this? What it would a gas than it's a longer show. And people are like, I love it. But how about one? Where you just tackle one topic, John and give your kind of rant and opinion on it and keep it shorter. That's how that was born. So we went from Um, you know, what do we talk about to? How many shows can I do? And not kind of go over that like over over production if you will and oversaturation, I guess that's I rather have the ladder problem and the the former problem, but it's just amazing where the have he's been. I used to you know, one of the things I said you could go and you know, not that I want anyone to but she has, you know, years ago. You could go into a coma. 

Year come out and not have to catch up and you're good to go. You can't if that happens today, you'd have a lot of catching up to do and in a short amount of time to do before all the rest of the new stories, hit the fan as they say. Yeah, I will cut in here though. Real quick. I think there is also a danger in that and I've talked about it a little on my show is that people get to where we're talking and my say, you know, people myself included sometimes Are we address stuff too quick? And we don't give it time to actually play out and to marinate. So then we're not creating content that really sometimes lasts. You know, I want to create something that's kind of the idea behind wax museum. I want this to be a time capsule for the future and if we're reacting in the moment, then there's, you know, we're missing out. I think it's a great point. I'm sure I'm guilty of that, maybe not intentionally, but it does happen, but this do you know, 

The old adage is right, two sides to the story than the old three sides of story Yours Mine, and the truth or whatever one, you want to subscribe to speaking of that and Truth. One thing. I love absolutely about what you do when you show and really you more than you doing. It is the investigative side of you. You're finding out all these things with what companies are doing, what people are doing that, maybe 

Scrupulous from, you know, all three. Churches, doctoring cards, you know, methods and techniques. And I admired. And I mean, you, you really get to the bottom of it. It's, you know, we're seeing a lot too. I think you're great, too, because we're seeing a lot in content with someone just sort of retweeting, someone else's story or tweet, or post and, and I, you know, if I do that, I always try to give credit to the original author of it or creator of it, but we're Seeing a lot of people don't even do that. They just sort of, if you want to say steal, it borrow it and just kind of put it out there as their own. You're doing a lot of, you know, ground level stuff, and digging and finding stuff with, with honestly. It's not too. I don't want to speak for. You can tell me I'm wrong. I don't think you will, but it's not four-year-old. Boy, you're care about the Hobby and you're trying to save some money from getting world. They're taking advantage. 

Great job. And I think that's really one of the most important things you can be and do as a content creator, is look out for your fellow hobbies and have those best interests of in mind. Two part question. I guess is, you know, where did that come from? Is that something you've always been like that? Even when you were a younger, man, a kid? You just always tried to do the research stuff like or did its it. Did it come with the Content creation, like what, you know, was it already instilled in you or did you just learn to do it? I think there are pieces of it. Just naturally. They're just kind of my temperament. I'm a Problem Solver and that's not, you know, that temperaments not any better than other types of temperaments it. We all kind of work together is for things to function, but I'm kind of a problem solver whether it's, you know, in the hobby or at my job or whatever. And, you know, I saw people on 

Message boards, do it. I'm certainly not the first person. I certainly won't be the last one and I wanted to jump in because I thought it was enjoyable. So it's not all you know, it's not 100% to help people out. There is an entertainment aspect of it for myself. But I in the process I do feel like it's it's doing some good and I have had some people say Hey, you know, you really saved me a lot of grief. Are you save me a lot of Heartache about at the same time. There have been people that you know, 

9:36 PM
I won't say. Cause the heartache and I have to be considered of that as well. And I'm not here to ruin anyone's day. I'm hoping that the net result of everything is a good result. Speaking of that again. I'm glad you doing it. I appreciate you doing it. You know, I'm going to be the guy that says, hey, if you don't wanna get in trouble, don't do anything wrong, you know, it's like someone who's mad that they get caught. No, don't don't be mad at you. Get caught just don't do the crime if you don't want to, you know. Have you had, you know, I don't know, specific you can or you cannot get have you had any word animosity threats because of maybe something you were boarded and probably, you know, hit a nerve Truth Hurts. Sometimes, as the saying goes, have you got any Kickback or, you know, negative results of that work? I have had some people reach out to me and message me that you 

I'm defaming their card or whatever. And we'll first off, you know, first officer your that's the card is an inanimate object. But, you know, they are very unhappy about what's happening. And what I tell them is pretty simple. Like, look, I'm not out to ruin your day. I'm going to post the before pictures from work point. I'm going to post the after pictures, which just happened to be on your account and people can take that for whatever they want. If you know if they did Deuce that. Your card has magically, you know, degenerated to where there are there. No more damaged edges than that's fine. If they concluded that someone has trimmed or altered that then that's, you know, something that they're going to have to reconcile with. And now that you have it, you've got to reconcile with to but don't shoot the messenger and that that's not a message, you know, obviously they don't like hearing that what I tell them as well. If you didn't do it, then let's just trace it back. I'll help you trace it back. Tell me who you bought it from. 

We'll look and see who they bought it from and we can go from there. So I do even even in their misery. I try and offer them away that hey, we can have a good resolution to this aside from the fact that the card will never go back to what it was. We can have some closure to this if you'll allow for it and if they're pretty adamant against that then that tells me that they probably had something to do with it, but I'll let other people come to that conclusion. I'm not going to broadcast that usually. Yeah, and I think that shows your integrity your just saying Hey, this is what I've found. This is what I discovered if you're saying hey, I'm I didn't do this. This is not my doing. Let's work together to figure out where where the buck stops so to speak. And you know, how many people you know, a lot of it's easy to. I don't want to date easy. But a lot of people will report the thing, but do I going to do that, you know ain't going to make you an offer where you will to get. I think it's a testament to your integrity 22. 

You do business and how do you, how do you operate? And I think that's obviously a positive and it's good for the hobby because you know, like you said, you've had people reach out to you. Say, thanks for probably saving me on this one or making me aware of this, where I avoided that sort of pothole in the road. And, no, that's really, we need more of that in the hobby. I think. Yeah, there's, there's, there's people doing it, but I think we need to see more of it go. Head earlier you kind of alluded to the fact that there is a thin line between curation and theft. And so that is a case though where I can kind of use those people to the Hobbies Advantage. I won't say my advantage. It doesn't do much for me. But where I can just say, you know, here are some breadcrumbs. This is my work. I haven't come to any conclusions. Maybe it's not a breadcrumb. Maybe it's an entire loaf here. It's in your hands now, you know, do with it. What you want. 

And sometimes those people if they're not Amis and so be it which I think there are benefits and downsides to that. But then they can do whatever they choose to do with that information. And sometimes they're very Vigilant in pursuing those people and sometimes they're not, that's, that's up to them. Yeah. Well listen, I'm a fan of what you're doing. You're an advocate for the hobby. Sure, you know, certain unscrupulous, people are going to be a fan of that because y of what they do. And of course, you know, bad guys, I don't like Good Guys, most of them. So that comes with the territory, but I you know know when you're going to be on it was something I wanted to tell you. I told you off to here. I'm telling you on the edges to save, it's not lip service. I think it's it's an admirable trait and I think it's a very important as well for four people in the hobby. Myself included going to step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be back with Brad. Morris cards. Wants to buy your Cards a long trusted name in the sports card. Business, Greg has been buying sports card collections for over a decade. Now, any sport, baseball, basketball, football, or hockey and any error event Intermountain, will do just know, drunk, wax, error sets, pleased to learn more and to celebrate, more should cards. Go to www.deewr.gov.au/rjcp cars.com fill out the Consignment sale request form, and someone will get back to you and how to get cash for your. 

Also for your dealer looking to sell your collection. Greg Morris wants to talk, plenty of dealers, use Greg Morris massive, eBay platform as a way to consign their card, take advantage of Greg's experience in the hobby to get more. Bang for your buck with Carnation is back with Kyle from wax museum podcast. Yeah, and some of those chases. It's not always discovering, you know, horrible things that have happened. Sometimes like I But I'll tell you I spent I'm off this week. So I spent most of the afternoon trying to photo match Reggie Miller Jersey that Panini used with an entire Seasons worth the games which sounds like work to a lot of people and it is it is there's a lot involved with that but that was kind of relaxing for me. It was a really fun way to spend the day, but at the end of the day though, I don't have any answers. So I spent an entire day trying to match a jersey and there are a lot of failed attempts at this. 

Every is out there as well, so that I kind of put it on a file on the computer. Maybe some more information will emerge someday, who knows? Well, while I'm not a hunter column in her country here in central New York. So I'll use an analogy from them. Right? Some people, you know, Hunters go up in their tree stand and then hang out all day. Hoping to get, you know, dear whatever season it's in and maybe they don't. But they still, you know, it's still a good day to enjoy it and I use that. And algae, or what you just said to kind of the trying to narrow that down. It's, you know, and eventually you'll figure it out, but it might not be today. It might not be tomorrow, might be the next day. But it's that process that you appreciate and you enjoy like you said, that's your joint. We all have different things. We enjoy. That leads me. Right into my next question. You know, it's a question. I get asked a lot. I've done buying two or three shows on, especially I'm not on the hobby quick. 

Side is the balance of our personal lives with the content hobby. Like, you know, you know, just I'm preaching to the choir here. While this show might be an hour, 20 minutes long. There's probably going to be three four hours worth of work to get that hour and 20 minute production out there on a Friday, same with you, whatever, you know your show however long it takes plus all that, you know, you just talk about some of the research. You've done. How do you balance? You know, that and like a personal life. Do you have any sort of rules you follow will, you know, how do you do it? Well, I've kind of got first off it involves a lot of planning. So, in my mind, I might have one day of the week where I don't where I try, not to focus too much on the podcast, although I still do some Social Media stuff, but I'll release a new episode. 

Thursday, I'll try and spin that day. Responding to messages and comments Friday. I try not to really do too much with it. I might just retweet something Saturday. I'm figuring out the topic Saturday and Sunday figuring out the topic for the next week working Monday on the script Tuesday and Wednesday on recording usually is the way that that goes. But if it's a research intense episode, then I might be working on that on the side for a couple of weeks, the interviews. Take A lot less time. So as of as of right now though, that works for me because number one, I'm a teacher. I have a pretty friendly schedule. And then number two. I don't have any kids. So right now, you know, just cats. So right now they they require very little attention and I can do that and then my wife's going back to school. So, while she's studying, I'm doing my thing. So, right now, it works, but I told other people before, I said, you know, in the future, it wax museum podcasts is around it. 

They won't take the same form. Maybe, maybe more interviews, maybe twice a month, you know, I don't know. I, it's hard for me to tell what that will look like, but it is very time consuming, but I'm okay with that right now. You won't see me complaining about it. It's a choice that I've made a labor of love is what I like to call it. And like you said, you're your own boss. So you can go. Hey, we're going to be every other week. Right? There was a there was a time where that was on the table for this showdown. Didn't then eventually happen, but I've been honest about that. That's all it was was there. But and you can do that. I can do that in future. You can do that in future. You know, I could say, Hey, you know, Sports Carnation hobby quick. It's a h come out a week. I could say, hey, one will come out one week. The other will come out the net, you know, you have that. That's the the luxury of sort of being your own boss with the content creation. You can adapt to whatever is happening. 

9:47 PM
I always do that, you know, the cards and hobbies real life, but I guess more personal life is probably how I ship should coin. I got to ask you because I always love to hear and I've shared things that would me, you know, things you like to do outside of the Xavier cards, you know, I know your your big Paces fan, so imagine getting the some games might might fall under that answer before, you know, what else? Maybe, yeah, it alot of. It is still linked to cards right now. If I'm not looking at cards or sorting cards or working on kind of the podcast, is, is a, you know, a project. Well, then I'm probably watching games. I don't watch a lot of movies. I watch mainly games and or, you know, my visit, my parents and what do dad? And I talked about the Pacers, right? That's you know, we've had League passed since we moved to Florida. Well, we had one year without it. So we've had leaked passed since 2004 and 

That's kind of our way to connect. So even when I moved away at certain times move to different states, that's been our way to connect. So other than that, I mean, I like to read, I like to study history, but a lot of Hobby and basketball related stuff. Going to take a real super fast break, but we'll be right back with more with Kyle. We are back. Let's get to a little basketball stuff. That's right. Up more your alley Frank Frankly than mine, but I've been in Hobby long time. I just had Jake Roy on a few weeks. Back, is this handles 90s basketball guy? That's the error. Maybe even a little back further. I'm a little bit older, you know, I was like sort of the magic bird ever the battles. They had even coming from college and then into the NBA. 

I sort of still in find of that error basketball, the 90s. I don't you know, and I've said it on the show. It's not a secret. I'm not of such as much of a fan of today's game. When I'm sort of grew up in that era where, you know, there was more I, you know, I feel more defense being played, you know, I'm old school to, you know, to probably a fault. I liked guys are really competitive, you know. Almost mean to a point. They didn't sort of associate as much as we see players. Now, they have the same agents. They work out in the offseason during the season. They're recruiting each other to their team. Come play with us. Let's build this thing. Let's win the championship. You know, I sort of like the the old school. I'm trying to beat you. I want. I want the ring and prevent you from getting that. I work out with my own guys. You work out your own guys, see how the 

Or type of stuff that error, you know. Now I to me, I see a lot of, you know, three-point cop. It's like a slam dunk contest during the game Three-Point Contest, maybe a little defense, the last five minutes of the fourth quarter. I'm sure I'm embellishing and exaggerated to some extent, but I'm more in love with it, the 90s brand of basketball. And frankly. I probably more in love with the 90s. Brand of basketball cards. Some of the inserts we saw during that era some of the brands that we had. You know, I know you're younger than me, but I know you're familiar with a lot of what I just said, to any your take on piggybacking off of kinda what? I just threw out there as well. Yeah. Well comparing eras in general is just very difficult because context is different. There were rule changes, a lot of things contributed to the game. 

We saw and, you know, I could go on and on about how great the 2000s were, that's kind of my era. Even though I watched the 90s. I started watching NBA around 95, but that was just the time where, you know, I really got into the Hobby and I loved watching the Pacers, then that's where I really, really got into it. But if you go back and watch those games, it's brutal. There were playoff games where the Pacers and pistons were in the 60s and 70s, at the end of the game. In the same vein, the 90s, if you go back and watch some of those 90s games, it was a very physical sluggish, brutal game and I think and not to speak for other people, but a lot of people that will talk about how they love the 90s. If you go back and watch the games. It's it's not always that entertaining, maybe we have certain things that stick out to us. So every era is different and I mean, even, you know, I like watching 70s games because I want to learn more about that era. Well, if 

Watching the NBA in the 70s. There's no three-point line. There was in the ABA, but there's not a lot of that footage out there. But there was no three-point line. So the floor wasn't as spaced out. So there's just different things that have happened in the game that have really changed it. I will say that the defensive rule changes that they've made this year, where they're not calling the whatever you want to call them, continuation. Swing through James Harden, whatever you want to call that foul. I'm not calling that and that has made the pace of play, and it's made the game in general, a lot more enjoyable. So I think the pendulum Might be swinging back in the right way. We see this with a lot of sports. You see this was with baseball to there are certain areas that are scoring area, certain areas that are pitching eras, you know, everyone's going to have their preference but I do like the ways that I do like the direction things are headed and now yeah, great point with the new rule change that you did Jo will call the James Harden rule. Yeah, it's definitely I'm a Brooklyn Nets fan. I'm from Brooklyn. I don't want to make it like I'm a die-hard and watch every game but 

Fearless. My hometown that that would be my basketball team. Definitely changed the way. He's gone about is his style of play, and I know he's been very frustrated when it's Hannah, you know, he's going to have to adapt, but yeah, well in the good players will, ya good players were adapting and I will say this, you know, people were very hard on James Harden at the start of the year, but they forget that several things happen to, you know, in the plant he played, In the playoffs and I was actually more impressed with with him, you know, he wasn't really effective in the playoffs but he was a pretty good Decoy for Kevin Durant. And so I have a lot of respect for James Harden for doing that and playing hurt. So, he wasn't able to condition in offseason because the hamstring was still messed up. And I mean James Harden's never been in great shape to begin with, but I think that contributes a lot to it. Give him until the end of the year. Number one. He'll get in shape number two. He'll get used to those. Rule changes, he's too good of the score. I'm sure his average will go down a little bit, but he's too good of a score. Not to overcome that. Yeah, it's a Great White. Hope you're right as and that's guy, you know, but it's funny how, you know, and these rule changes. Most of them are are beneficial and are for the betterment of you know, the quality of the product that they're they're pointing out there and you know, so I you know, they gained us change. It is hard to compare, you know. 

The 90s through 2021. I don't necessarily think it's fair. I'm not saying I'm being fair. I'm just sort of being that old man on the porch, a little bit. You get sort of get used to a certain brand and and you kind of want you want to stay in that space. And that's not how life is a lot of all sports. And so, you know, just like James Harden will have to adapt. So so do I as a fan of the game that Hey, it's going to it's not it's not the 90s anymore. It's 30 wife. That was 31 years ago. Almost 3000. Yeah, there's there's a video on YouTube. It's probably about 10 years old now. I think it's about four minutes long, but it's Hubie Brown talking about why we can't compare arrows or why it's difficult to compare arrows. And if you look at Hubie, he's a guy that's seen almost every era in the NBA. And that's a guy that I really respect and I love listening to Hubie Brown. Everyone should go find that very 

You, I wish I had the title up here. I don't go find that video. He does a way better job of explaining the differences in errors than I did. Well, it's and look, Let's Be You rounds. A great basketball guy? Probably forgot more basketball than most people know. So yeah, I would definitely check that video out if he says it, it's true. That guy is nothing to lie about his resume is already. It's already done so he has nothing to prove. So Actually, we'll look and listen to maybe over. Maybe it's what I need to finally. Like come around and stop being a comedian. Well, if you don't like it, you don't like it. You know, No One's Gonna. No one says you have to like it. Let's get to the cards. Kind of your thoughts on the, you know, the brands again. Again, you can't compare because licenses change the certain brands, just don't exist. No more. That it's no one's fault, but we can't critique anybody, but if 

You know, you said, you know, getting it being in the cards in the 90s the 2000s to what we're seeing, what Panini right now producing, you know, your assessment of it that you think they're doing and listen, you, you're not a shy guy. When it comes to giving your opinion on this stuff. Do you like where the hobbyist right now, basketball wise, or, you know, your take on that. So, that's tr