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Dec. 10, 2021

Ep.157 w/ The Card Crusade Guys

Ep.157 w/ The Card Crusade Guys

Tommy, Justin & Marc had an idea, and got it to launch quicker than most, but they aren't done. They are here to talk about their new app Card Crusade,what's next and share some thoughts on the future of the hobby.

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Tommy, Justin & Marc had an idea, and got it to launch quicker than most, but they aren't done. They are here to talk about their new app Card Crusade,what's next and share some thoughts on the future of the hobby.

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<span;>9:47 PM
<span;>Welcome to another stock and loaded episode of this Force Kardasian podcast. The show that brings you all the important hobby. News discussions, debates, opinions, info and interviews with key Hobby and sports dignitaries. Also if You're good, you know, we are going to give away something. Now. Here's the guy that one of the cards more than the gum. John Newman. What is up, everybody episode 157 of the program. Hope you are doing well. I have no complaints on this side about having about the show we have today. We have

<span;>Three young men, speaking to you from the New York City area. They don't all live there right now with it. That's where they're from originally, Tommy, Mark and Justin. They are the creators and founders of card Crusade, the app, the breaking app, which they have many big things in store for that. We're going to talk about sort of their hobby background, how the sap came about where they see the hobby going and future plans, for Conquest. Hate and love. Like I tell them, you know when talking to him love to see young folks doing stuff in the hobby being successful. I'm a I'm a router for people always been that way. It's probably why I got into coaching probably why maybe a little bit late to it, which I started early why I got into the teaching side. I like to see people succeed. I room for people. Some people are

<span;>Good. As that as others. But something, I'll hang my head on it. So happy to see these three young guys, doing some stuff in the Hobby and, and trying to make it a better place for for themselves, other hobbyist and future generations. And that's, that's a positive and very conversation with these three young men. I think you'll agree with. So, with that being said, let's get this thing going. Hey, guys, so I'm just going to tell you about these new releases coming up on 12, 15, 20, 20, 10 minutes option, baseball. Twelve, fifteen, twenty twenty twenty one, please locks basketball on twelve fifteen. Twenty Twenty One top-selling. Get your Chrome back baseball and 12 15, 20. 21. 22 of her dead. MVP hockey and 12 16, 20 21. Leave Valiant football.

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<span;>Another investment in a company this time dibs, the fractional share platform. That's also going to a regular selling platform as well. They got a Amazon investment terms. Not announcing, this comes on the heels of a 13 million dollar investment. They got in July from current and retired athlete. So money continues to flow to these companies. And, you know, I've said it before, I'll say it again. Not everyone of these Investments are going to be winners. Some of these are going to not return. I believe it's just an opinion. It's a hunch. I think we're seeing kind of what the markets doing right now and that's going to play into it. So are these companies investing, you know, based on March, 21, s numbers? I don't think we're there anymore, but that, you know, the market can change just as fast as its kind of come down, it can it could go back up potentially. So did a card show this past Sunday again another great show and tell

<span;>Of how well, you know, of cards. So, also was refreshing to see a lot of young people say that. And I saw a lot of young kids. I sold some vintage to a lot of younger. I say kids because I'm old, you know, kids can be anywhere from kids to Young Folks, in their 20s, but saw a lot of kids, I put them age, you know, 15 that 23 interested in purchasing vintage cars and whether they're purchasing it for them or the resale. It's obviously their business, but I saw a lot of interest there. I did have some conversations with some of them that I know it was for their own personal collection. And that's good to see, you know, a young person buying a player that quite frankly, we're tired before. They were even born that they were kind of respect.

<span;>The past of the game and you know, it's good to see. I think it's a good sign for the the hobby future. If you will we saw the this weekend. The Hall of Fame inductions on what was formerly known as the veterans committee six players or former players got in Bud. Fowler Buck O'Neil long, long overdue, quite frankly. Should have Been inducted in 2006 when he was still alive over the love. The here is induction speech sort of Bittersweet there. But Gladdy is family gets to enjoy the honor of him. Finally getting in Minnie. Minoso. Tony Oliva. Jim cot cot arguably. Probably one of the one of the guys kind of borderline. Many thought he was a compiler. As 25 seasons of pitching, but he's in and guy. I'm partial to he died before. I was born, quite frankly, but the stories, my dad told and and doing all the research I did on the Brooklyn Dodgers Gil, Hodges gets it. And I know he sort of controversial when it comes to, whether he should be in the hall or not, but eight-time eight-time All-Star. Or three. Gold gloves and many argue that he should have got more. He was robbed in that category, many regarded him as the best feeling first. Basement of that era again, eight All-Stars to World Series one as a player with the Dodgers in 1955. And one as a manager with the Miracle Mets in 1969 and tragically died of a massive heart attack in 1972. To the same year, I was born. But before I was born and many would have argued had, he not been stricken with that heart attack. He would have had a Hall of Fame managerial career because it was just getting started and I agree. And between the short example of managing and those accolades. I'm glad the Hodges family is gets to celebrate his induction. I want to do know one thing.

<span;>Like his lawyer here. I spoke about this on hobby, Hut like this past week at our Tuesday is, you know, he played in obviously New York City with the three teams at the time, right? You got the Dodgers, the Giants and Yankees, and he playing in the shadows of some, you know, first ballot Hall of Famers Legends themselves, obviously and in mantle Duke Schneider maze. And even on his own team, you know, which Snyder in Jackie Robinson. So we kind of didn't get as much of the Limelight. But when you really look at what he did and the overall track record could hit could field, 353, homers, when he retired. He was third on the all-time home run list for first baseman. And so I'm biased. I would have voted. Yes, but glad he got in and little side.

<span;>Already growing up in Brooklyn. The Gil Hodges, family own Gil Hodges Lanes. It was a bowling alley that I frequent it, and in bold, on many times as a younger man and kid. And I got to talking me with Gil Hodges, Junior, his son, obviously and mrs. Hodges, his wife and so kind of a little side Side Story there, but happy for the Hodges. Family that they get through, enjoy the induction. I think it's worthy. I know some will argue. It's not but he's in, can't take him out and I'm happy. Where'd more scars wants to buy your cards. A long trusted name in the sports card. Business, Greg has been buying sports car collections for over a decade. Now. Any sport, baseball, basketball, football or hockey and any errors that different Martin will do just know, drunk wax, error sets, pleased to learn more and to celebrate, more should cards. Go to www.deewr.gov.au/rjcp cards.com fill out the Consignment sale request form and so much. Get back to you and how to get cash for your cards. Also for your dealer looking to sell your collection. Greg Morris wants to talk, plenty of dealers. Use Greg Morris massive, eBay platform as a way to consign their cars, take advantage of Greenwich experience in the hobby to get more bang for your buck.

<span;>All right. I'm happy to be joined by three young, men, Justin, Tommy in Mark. I'm the old guy here, but I feel like we could start like a boy band and I just feed the old guy, like, give you like, Joey Fatone.

<span;>These young guys are from, you know, the New York area like myself and I've gotten to know him a little bit and they've got an app and a Marketplace prep platform for for breaking the card Crusade. And you know, like I told them I always enjoy seeing the Young Folks, you know, doing big things and making it happen. And so I promised them. I'd have Montauk a little bit more about what they've created and what they're doing. So, So welcome gentlemen. Yeah. Thank you. Don't worry about in the sun. All right there. No one's saying is definitely not me. So let's so let's he looked at 122. But but what I want to do here first just so we can kind of individually kind of go around. I'll say your name just gonna get whatever you want to share with those listening where you're from, how you got into the hobby, that sort of thing, a little bit of the background that will get right into it.

<span;>10:01 PM
<span;>What you guys? Ready, so I'll just do an order on the screen here. Justin. Yeah again, thanks for having us on. You know, my name is Justin one of the three co-founders here and, you know, I've been collecting actually, I'm sure I fit into the group of most people. You know, when I was younger, maybe a ten years old. I was collecting you. He? Oh, that was like my big thing. And then when we moved, of course, I said, I don't need those cards, right? Just throw them in the trash and

<span;>Years later, I'm wishing I held onto them. But, you know, I got back in. I'm super big into sports now, go particularly basketball. That's what I like to collect. And that's kind of, you know, another reason why this adventure started with the three of us, you know, I'm originally from Yonkers New York. So anybody over on the east coast near New York, and Paris know where that is, but I now live in Colorado down in Denver. So, that's, that's just a little bit about me. I let the rest of the guys tell you about them. Yeah, yeah, there's my before I got there that familiar with it. There's a horse race track, their local people know about I've put a few blocks and watch those horses. Go around, go around there. But fortunately, I moved I moved before I could before I could go there. I will go clockwise Marco. Go ahead. Yeah. So thanks for having us John again. It definitely is a pleasure to be on your show. But yeah, for us.

<span;>You know, we all we all grew up together. I myself, I started actually early on as a Pokemon collector and I wish somebody just took my cards away from me at an early age, because pretty sure I was scraping half of immigrants against that asshole. No one knew how much they'd be worth some day. So yeah, but you know, I probably started collecting and around the age of 45 years old. I remember my dad, taking me to card shows at the Westchester County Center, which is No, a New York guy, you know, your local. So that's I believe the next G League team paid played there for a while. But yeah, you know, ever since then I've been a basketball, primarily basketball and football collector. I definitely did have my stages with baseball, but I can't really consider myself a true collector and the baseball space. I did straighten it out over the year. So I would definitely say my passion is really football and basketball and it comes to collecting.

<span;>But that being said, yeah, it's since since I've been four or five years old. I fell in love with this hobby. I love sports in general. So this is always a way to connect with some of my buddies, you know, speaking of cards that kind of fell into the mat this point in the game, but I remember playing MLB Showdown the game that, you know, rolled the dice and you play those games with your buddies at the local Town pool. So it's definitely been a career and a widespread. Read itinerary for me when it comes to her collecting. But I've definitely had my fair share. And and I love this Hobby.

<span;>Awesome sauce. Awesome. Hey, last but not least the tummy. Yep. Is best for last, but one of the other three co-founders Tommy, also from Westchester New York, you know, we all grew up together. But before I met these two guys, I started collecting I'd say late Elementary School from summer camp. I actually got my hands on a mole. Louis. I think there's a McDonald's. Mogul has cut out card and I unfortunately, a die-hard Jets fan so that kind of started look there.

<span;>Also love the Yankees. My dad was a huge Baseball Card Collector when he was growing up. Got some hand-me-downs from him and it kind of started from there. So I collected Pokemon you go. And like, Mark said, I wish I knew the value on it because I was putting cards in the spokes of my bicycle tires during the summer to try to sound like a dirt bike and now it's definitely very regretful. But you know, it really went on and off kind of as a hobby got a little quiet and I think With most people, it started back up with the Resurgence of covid. I started see prices fight back up, people flooding the storage to get retail. Whack. And that really sparked again for me for the last year and a half or two years who I really, really picked up again. And you know, the three of us started and got this app going. Yeah, let's - let's talk about that. Like the apps car Crusade, you know, you were nice enough to

<span;>Kind of reach out to me and share it in its. Stages and say, Hey, you know, we're, we're fans of yours. We kind of want to talk about this. Maybe when we get closer to, you know, for Wishin with it, you've arrived with the app, but before we get to where you are, you know, I got a little bit of this background and talking to you, but obviously, the, for those listening to the show, they don't know yet. And so kind of talk us. Tell us how this kind of got off the ground whose Idea, was that how did it get started? In other words? How did you get, you know, from point A to point B where you are today? The sure? Yeah. Yeah. I mean so Justin, I'll give him the credit, you know, Justin reach out to Tommy you myself one day and he was like, listen guys, like we're all business oriented. This, this actually started out in our stock trading group chat for it. You know, it really

<span;>Just came to. Hey, listen like this. You know what, Something That We're passionate about, that. We wouldn't mind working on every day. Right? And I think that's kind of why, you know, we were so passionate about it for so long because it wasn't, it didn't start out as just like a business, right? Is what's up? We care about that. We don't have to pay attention to, like we do our day jobs. And what do we enjoy to do? Right? So you reached out he's like, let's, let's come up with a platform, the idea kind of started out as a full-scale social Market platform for sports cards, right? Right. Let's look at eBay all their fees and the problems that, you know, the collective Community has a deep a right on the other end. You look at different marketplaces in the way that the community's away, able to interact with each other regarding, you know, trading, buying auctioning, whatever it is. We felt like, you know, there's a lot of holes in what's available to the consumer right now, right, but then we looked at each other, like, cool re kidding. We're not going to just take out Ebay, you know, I wish you would

<span;>Somebody asked, you know, I'll get out them here. I'll give the credit to Tommy, Tom. He's like, listen, guys, like, what's, what's up a niche part of this Market. That really needs work. And that's where we decided to focus in on breaks. So we looked at what was out there right. Now. You have Instagram yet eBay, there's a lot of pain points, right, you know out of that payment. There's no the live streams on Instagram or buggy. Why you're constantly asking people like what's your address as a breaker? Your DMs are cluttered with last week's breaks and trying to get people's payment info, there venmo their shipping address, you know, you're going on Excel and then running a randomizer. It's just it's really messy. Right? And then, you know, you even have the guys that are super traditional that are taking a sheet of white paper and they're sitting in their lives trying to get a break fields for 20 minutes before they could even get it going, right? So we took

<span;>These pain points into consideration and were like, okay, let's let's attack group breaks, right? Our plan. You know, long term is to get into that full scale social Market platform. So kind of like Instagram meets eBay, so you have all the buying capabilities, whether it's a bite now or auction, but you also have that aspect or the communities allowed to you know, just talk about the Hobby and really get involved. And not be not have all that card related stuff convoluted with other stuff that you find on Instagram. So, you know, we Kind of wanted to make this a space to specifically to the card collecting community. And I must say that that is our vision long term is to stay with card collecting but that's kind of how we started to gear towards specifically group breaks. So, when you, when you came up with this sort of idea, what when was it? So, how long did this take from from thought to to a man, though? I think I think Justin shot that initial so

<span;>Someone please pass on my dear. I want to say for March. Well, it was about Mark and that you know, as we're kind of doing the research of how to approach it. I think we transition into group breaks in April or May more cussing, right? If they're working. Yeah, probably about me. Yeah. Yeah, we were a good couple months for sure. Yeah. Y'all kind of getting to all the wireframe in the skeleton of it, ready? And then I think we went in under development. I'd say June, June or July timeframe, early June. I want to say officially under development and you know, we launched early last month, October 4th. So step in the process, but it's been fun and, you know, just the beginning. So we're just getting started and we're looking forward to it but a step aside for a quick break, but we'll be back with the guys, from card Crusade.

<span;>Sports garden. She has back with Justin Tommy and Mark. Does anyone have a computer, the programming background? Where does that come from? Yes, so, you know, it's definitely not traditional neither of us are that technical background? Luckily, you know, we've made some connections like Mark said, we've all been pretty business savvy. I don't know, Savvy is the right word, but we've just always been involved in this space and so we actually Had a couple connections that were able to put us in touch with developers who were great to work with these guys, you know, they're amazing. They're definitely skillful. And so we've been working with them ever since and we're hoping to make that continue but you know, it's it's importunate that the neither of us are that technical guy, but we got lucky and found a good group of guys to help us out. Yeah. This is an ID said February, right? This kind of the thought hatched and

<span;>10:12 PM
<span;>And I mean, this thing is for real. That's that's impressive. I mean, you hear a lot of times with these same sort of stores, whether or not, I'm not even talking hobby stuff, but any sort of watch of apps or, you know, sometimes you hear, you know, taking two to three years from from thought, no, to actual substance. And yeah, so that's that's fast track, you know, that's there's putos absolutely to you guys. Reow reow. I feel like I'm stealing marks Thunder here, but you got it. You got to know. So when you're building an app, you're supposed to have an MVP minimum viable product and it's supposed to be really simple, not all the craziest features. Just something to get to Market quickly. And, you know, we had, we thought we were building an MVP and then when it came time to launch, we realized well, you know, we have in-app live streams. We have in-app Auto.

<span;>Elated shipping labels, you know, in-app randomizer. We have a little bit more than an MVP. Here. I am, you know, that that's part of the reason the process took so long is because we kept adding little features here and there, which at the end of the day, I think, you know, I speak for all of us that were we're very glad we did that because by the time we launched, we were able to launch with with a good product that we were happy with. Now at this point, you know, it's just making it better, but I think that long process of Building it was was useful just for us to learn. Learn that process right there. Sure. Absolutely. I got to ask you guys, I've had folks on the show before that have came up with the either whether it be a platform or a product. And I always sort of asked this question because, you know, everyone see something get invented or created and they think it's the easiest thing in the world that everyone can do it. There. Should, I'm not trying to be a Dream Crusher, either. Like if you have an idea,

<span;>For yes, but I don't think people realize until you do something yourself. You realize how difficult it actually can be, which makes it all the more satisfying when it's when it's done. Can you can you talk a little bit about as quick as it did get off the ground? It were there moments along the way we're either maybe like, I don't know if this is going to happen, you know, some some point it difficulty. Well, yeah, it's so It actually happened pretty early on. It was almost a fire drill, you know, we had our first developer and stuff kind of fell through. It wasn't the right timing for either of us. And next. You know, it was like two weeks into development and then we're without a developer. So here we are. We went public saying we're under development and then we have no more developers. So it just a straight fire drill and

<span;>Is where we kind of turned up the gears, lock it into another developer. He's been great and you know, he produces products for us but through that through these last month's, you know, we've been on coals doing research paper work, everything on the back end almost every night and know. I think like Justin said before it's been very satisfying and definitely worked, its kind of seeing the product in front of us right now and Jonna, I would just add to Tommy, you know, he touched on it, the cause we been on That's kind of what drove our progress, right? Instead of taking this and, you know, making this product or what we wanted to deliver to the collective Community about ourselves. We actually spent countless hours and turn to the community itself. I can't even tell you how many calls we've been on with Breakers buyers people that just want to be a part of the community people that have Tech backgrounds and really kind of taking a collection of all. Ideas and try to deliver a product that, you know, when we saw obstacles and we didn't really know the answer, we took their input into consideration and help that decide what we wanted to do. Right? So, you know, I really think I could speak for all of us and say that we're confident in, you know, this product was built by collectors for collectors. That's something we try to stand by and, you know, it wasn't just our idea. This, this took a lot of input for some of the biggest names in the The industry, the breaking Community specifically. And that's What got us through those hurdles, those what ifs those this companies, so big, how can he catch up? It was like, let's just stay in our lane. Let's focus on what we know and let's just deliver what we want first to the Hobby rather than thinking about a business and how we're going to compete against these big players. Yeah. Full disclosure. To be honest with you. We had I believe it was a zoom called you have months back and you ask me, you know, they my thoughts are some things. I'd like to see See or not. See, hopefully he didn't listen, but you did ask, you did ask me and I appreciated that. Yeah, I think it goes to show you like, he just said, Mark, that you are, you care about the hobby, he care about what people want, and don't want, and don't want to see, to get that feedback and try to put that in place. And no, that's have a senior consumer. So, why wouldn't you want to? You know, you see a lot of companies?

<span;>And I'm not talking about just even apps or platforms, but even companies in the Hobby in general, where it's just about that s with the two lines through it, right? And they don't pass for the you know, what people want or hey, what do you what do you need us to do? Yeah. And so when you hear that any kind of entrepreneurial effort is cares or concerned. It's it's refreshing. So kudos. 30 you guys there as well? Yeah, we appreciate that. You know, one of the one of the big things, you know, for us like Mark said, we had to we're not Breakers. We're not the sellers. So that's where, you know, we talked to dozens of, you know, big Breakers. Kind of just what are your problems? What are some of the things that you struggle with with Instagram that you wish you were better and that really helped us build out that seller side, but I think you know the Fireside that's

<span;>The who this was built for, we built it. So that as a buyer, you're not on Instagram, scrolling through 2030. Livestreams trying to find a product that you actually want to buy into. So that's kind of, you know, what helped us build. This is our unique perspective, on the buyer side because that's who we are at the end of the day. And so, you know, we built in a chat in the live stream, right? It's important for people to communicate. We built in a fit of filter feature where you can filter by. Sport, you can filter by Price, you know, do you want? Pick your teams, pick your divisions, random teams? You can filter by all of that. And then also obviously just having that search feature this way. If you're looking for, you know, NBA optic, right? You can find it easily. You're not scrolling and scrolling forever to try and find an optic break. And so, you know, we it's been a great process for us. Just getting that feedback and constantly iterating and making it better based off what the community tells us.

<span;>Yeah, no. Yeah. Now if um, if I'm a breaker and I want to I'm not, but just we're playing hypotheticals here. You could be a break us down. It's too late for it's too late for me. But do you is there a vetting process like the UK? Yeah for sure to say a background check but in a sense. Yeah, a background check to make sure, you know, that who you're letting on as a seller in a sense is above board and

<span;>That way to prevent future issues potentially from occurring. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And you know that was kind of one of one of the problems we saw from Instagram. It's untrustworthy Breakers. A lot of people are getting scammed because new people coming in buying break. They don't know who to go to or the trying out new people and unfortunately, they get scammed. So we had a big application process prior to launching. We had almost 90 applications and you know, We kind of sorted through that data and we had, we took it all in and we kind of chose the best ones, who is most credible and we actually had one-on-one meetings, kind of like how we did when we first initially met. It was a three of us. Who's that breaker? You know, we want to put a face to who's behind that page and really get to know them personally and make sure they're good to break on his hat because you know as an early stage platform. It's already hard to gain that trust and then now the come on a platform.

<span;>Probably trying out a new breaker and, you know, they had to be able to trust it and It kind of starts right there. That first protection layer started with us as the wedding through the breakers, really digging through these applications making sure we've got the right guys, and kind of setting these policies in place of, you know, if anything happens, it goes wrong. They're kind of done from the app, but luckily we haven't had that yet because we do take me pick some very good, incredible Breakers in the community, and we're pretty happy with this so far. Yeah, that's big. That's Important, you know, that's I think the worst thing that can happen is and, you know, the sad part about it, it tactically. If something like that was to happen. It's technically, not even your own fault. It's someone else's unscrupulous or, you know, wrong Behavior, if you will, but obviously, it will reflect badly on you, unfortunately, so the fact that you're venting these people kind of feeling them out, getting to know them a little bit before, you know, there.

<span;>Out to represent card Crusade. And I mean that just I think just smart and it's good that you're doing that, you know? Again, it will slip through, you know, the cracks. I still don't think it's always going to be a platform forms fault, right? People get through, TSA at the airport, shirt stuff, you and they're doing their job, but just, you know, you always it's almost impossible to catch everything. So, But the fact that you're doing that due diligence, I mean just is important than in good to hear. I've heard another quick break, but will return right after that.

<span;>10:22 PM
<span;>Marketplace has a line of grated guard cases that are waterproof, airtight dust tight and hardened to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam so you don't have to cut and tear the foam when you get your case. The pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett SGC and CGS, slab store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace. Check them out at www.hsn Marketplace.com. We are back with the guys from card Crusade. When did the app launched officially, I believe it was October 4th. So we're coming up on two months, which is crazy. Yeah, so so for those that don't know that, you know, maybe we can make this a little commercial inside the interview. You know, what, what is, you know, sell card Crusade having you out this? I mean, it's live, it's real. But what for those listening explain it to them if they don't know.

<span;>I haven't used it yet. What it is and what it is. You know, what it entails. Yeah, John, I mean, so that's for us. That's those are the, those are the kind of people that we want on our platform. Right? We want people to get introduced the group breaking through our platform. Because, you know, in our opinion, we feel like we make it easy for right as an a, like. We said, Instagram has, you know, a bunch of cakes you if you're just a collector and You're not really sure about breaking. You. Just hop into live. It's a bunch of dudes going crazy, on a Thursday night over some guy, ripping a pack open and you're not really sure what's going on. Right? So what car Christine is is it's a group ranking platform for both buyers and sellers. Right? What we do is we just facilitate the transaction, you allow buyers to find breaks that they want to buy into and we allow sellers to broadcast and show their products and you know, put them out in whatever format in AP whether

<span;>Take your team random team, pick your division or you know, so many different formats of different group breaks, you know, we have different features. Justin mentioned the filter option. It allows, you know buyers to not have to click through all the people, they follow on Instagram to find a product that they're looking for. So this benefits both buyers and sellers or Breakers in this in this situation Breakers, obviously at this point, you know, a lot of what we said to them is They're going to get a whole new group of buyers that they don't see on Instagram. We find that Instagram is that place where you know, each breaker has a loyal following and that seems to be the same consistent group of guys that are buying into it, but they're not getting exposure to the other aspects of the buying market. So we think that these filter options will allow for a breaker to come on our platform and get those buyers that are kind of just looking around for the product that they were right.

<span;>Um, so yeah, back to your question about what is Carter said? It's a group breaking platform that allows people to just come into a platform that they never, you know, had the opportunity with it. But the Instagram teams are just organized. It's a description it explains how it, you know, a box is going to be broken. What they get out of it. What's going to be mailed and you know for a breaker they have shipping labels automated, they don't have to worry about users addresses or payment information.

<span;>They could hop on, they said their schedule for the week. They hop on buyers log on at 7:00 p.m. On wet, the Wednesday night when it's scheduled for they watch the break and everything is right there. So, you know, it's really just a simplified process to group rate. How many at the time of this interview? How many? How many break different Breakers are on the platform? Yeah, right. Now we have, I believe it's 5 Breakers, you know. We want to be For right now we're over and we want to add more right. But you know it you've also got understand for the breakers. It's a business at the end of the day for you know, although they might be in the hobby it they're still spending God knows thousands of dollars to host these breaks. So, you know as we build up that the buyers and the sellers, we can grow the platform together, but you know, we do have four Breakers right now and like Tom said, they've all been vetted by us. So, you know, we think

<span;>You got a good group of guys here. What? The future. I mean, what you can share, don't want you to give away, you know, the secret sauce either. But, you know, I mean, what are the, you, you're two months in the area and in the early. In here, in the first inning truthfully, you know what, any future plans. Have you thought that far ahead? Like what you want to do? Add on to what you're already doing? Yeah. I'll just I'll just start it off and then I'll let you go. Tommy Boy. But we need, you know, we pride ourselves on getting feedback from the community the user and iterating on the on that feedback. And one of the biggest things we've gotten is, why are you not on Android? Right? So, of course, you know, it's a lot easier and quicker to launch on one than it is on both. So we chose Apple but rest assured. The the next big milestone for us is getting on Android. And then I'll let Tommy Talk.

<span;>Out some of our other, you know, roadmap over the next few years, but I do want to just let anyone know that's listening. We are coming for Android, we did. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And you know kind of our first immediate steps like Dustin said, we really take an account this feedback and we're still doing it. We encourage people on a platform to give us positive or harsh critique about the eye. And, you know, we push already, I think 32 for updates on the at they've all been Back from users, whether they'd reach out to us in the D'Angelo Haley, guys. It's isn't working, or, like why can I not do that? And we sat down we like crap. They're right. I don't know why we didn't think of that and we turn around toward the belt. For he, he added in and push it in the update. Um, so we have a couple other open items one, specifically find multiple spots in a break and kind of a shopping cart feature. We do have a couple more features. We're going to add as updates. And again, you know, these are things, we're receiving from the community which is which is great and we're pushing it to the ads as an update. And once you feel this is kind of a kind of good to go. We're going to start at conversion to Android and you know, once we're on Android, our next steps I'd say without giving away. I guess too much details. We're going to continue with different varieties of freight and also expand into live streams.

<span;>That's kind of right after the end Droid. So when I'm looking for, uh, yeah, well, yes, so so we're going to get into live brakes on that. So do you know what what live breaks are by any chance shine Tim to me? I'm probably again, I think I'm the old man. I'm like to you know, we're talking about boy bands. I'm like to look at this group. What if anyone knows? That but to me a lie break is where you're literally watching the break in real time. That's that's how I would describe it is so cute and you're pretty close with that it. And that's kind of what group breaking could happen in the background. We're working in right now. Actually, one of these updates is our Cal archiving the group rate. So for people that can't make the set time, they're able to go back and watch you know, what happened, you know last night.

<span;>Wait and see what cards were pulled for that. But for live breaks, we're trying to integrate the system where, you know, a breaker could just go live. He is different types of wax. Whatever products you want different prices listed, kind of just on a menu feature. And, you know, as a buyer I could just hop in during, you know, say Justin's, you know, 7:30 live break on Wednesday night. I could hop in. Let's see what he has for sale and and just buy one of those products just so written. The whole package it up nicely and then ship it out soon. Okay. See I refer to those as personal first. Yeah, so Percy, get up. Yeah, but I had my that works to that way on a whim. You want it you want to get some product you want us to get you know, just see. See how lucky are you? Can you can and it's all you, you get everything. You see, you know, you know, there's no Randomness. You don't have to worry about, you know, getting the Denver Nuggets.

<span;>You know, yeah. Yeah, and you know, it's another thing. See comment on Instagram to they'll go live and listen title as running Percy's, all night, and they're kind of sitting on the line and they had the wax in the back and they have a printed out, menu. And people are joining live knowing what do you want? And as the type it that's his Mo or cash at them, the guy, rips it, then after the live stream, ask for the DM. And here we are. We just want to supply this whole process, you know, the breaker can pre list. He actually lists out his menu. Schedules his live. So people get notified. He goes, live fires can come in and click a button and see his menu right there. Purchase it on spot. It's in the cube for the breaker. He rips it gets it shipping label and chips it off. So we think we're also just really sick find that process and to make it easier and much more enjoyable for both side. Going to step aside to hear from one of our great sponsors, but we'll be right back after that.

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