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Dec. 24, 2021

Ep.159 w/Thumbs Down Guy Gary Dunaier

Ep.159 w/Thumbs Down Guy Gary Dunaier

4 years ago a simple sign of displeasure turned Gary Dunaier into an overnight social media sensation and he was just as surprised as we were, but behind the memes and GIF's is a good down to earth guy who loves his Mets, we talk about baseball and he...

4 years ago a simple sign of displeasure turned Gary Dunaier into an overnight social media sensation and he was just as surprised as we were, but behind the memes and GIF's is a good down to earth guy who loves his Mets, we talk about baseball and he shares some behind the scenes details of that infamous day.

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<span;>Welcome to another stuffed and loaded episode of this Force Kardasian podcast, the show that brings you all the important hobby. News discussions, debates, opinions, info and interviews with key Hobby and sports. Terry's. Also, if you're good, you know, we are going to give away something. Now. Here's the guy that one of the cards more than the gum John Newman. What is up, everybody episode 159 of sports card Nation. If you're listening to this on Show release day Friday. Merry Christmas Eve. Let me wish you a Merry Christmas. Whatever holiday that you celebrate, this time of year in advance of the 25th. If you're listening to this already after Christmas after Saturday, I hope your Christmas while you hits get to spend some time with family, and/or friends and was everything. You hoped. That would be and more real fun week. I try to keep quitting, I try to keep every week.

<span;>Fun content wise, but this week, you know, kind of light-hearted Monday, this past Monday, had my dad. Happy quick hits talking about Gil, Hodges is induction into the Hall of Fame and you know, always fun to have my dad on and no he lights up talking about that stuff and this week, really fun, show. Mr. Thumbs down, himself, Gary did not hire. And you know, Gary to the thumbs down at the Yankees Rays. Game played at City Field due to her hurricane, hurricane and became a national sensation, and a famous gift and gets recognized now wherever he goes. And these Mets fan, and I thought it'd be just fun to talk to him and not a lot of car talk. But just how that day happened in some of the how his life has changed after the

<span;>Acted talk a little mats, talk a little baseball, obviously talked about that event and how it all came about. Some little insight there, too. And definitely fun. And I found it entertaining and I think you will as well. You're going to hear us talk about who the Mets. New manager might be. Well, you know now it's coming out. You hear me. Mention that Buck showalter's the leader in the clubhouse. But, and now it's been officially announced puncture Walker's, a new manager of the Mets, but you'll hear us talking about that. He's rumored to be the new manager of the Mets. We recorded this obviously, before the hiring announcement. So just a little housecleaning there. So without further Ado, let's get this show started.

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<span;>Real expensive to join. But yes, he's a Mets fan like pretty famous for, but we did not feel. I'm happy to be going like married Anaya or AKA more affectionately known as thumbs down. Guy carry, welcome to the show page on guard to be here. So I won't get into that night. It's obviously famous night, you even people who aren't sports, fans are very familiar, what what happened at? But I want to, you know, when I get a Mets fan on, I don't always have them on. So I like to take advantage and and talk a little shop. Nothing, nothing too crazy, but first off, I mean How long have you been a Mets fan? I guess. We'll start off with that one. I've been a Mets fan so long. I don't even remember when I started. All right, so you will know, is, I became a season ticket holder in 2012. So next season next season is going to be the my eleventh season. So, awesome. Well, as you as, you know, I spoke to you a little bit before we hit record. I'm originally from Brooklyn Park Slope Canarsie when I was a kid and

<span;>Chili and I've said this on the show. I know you had heard it, but I initially was a Yankee fan as a youngster grown up in Brooklyn and Thurman. Munson was my guy who's a Craig Nettles, Willie Randolph and so early on. I was a Yankee fan. And, you know, Steinbrenner, when he was traded everybody and caught and people signing people. It was really hard. I really liked you, you know, you like a player and then the next thing he's gone. He Fires, Billy manner, Billy Martin five times after fire know, five or six times in the sort of got to be, you know a bad movie that I didn't like watching anymore. So about about 1981 1982. I said I'm done, you know, and I'm nine ten years old at that time. I said, I'm done with the Yankees. I'm a Mets fan. Steinbrenner. Just his hands are on too many things and I just can't. I'm changing.

<span;>What I change the legions, you know, if you, if you know that 81-82 Dementors had a very good ball Club. So no one can accuse me of, you know, they win the World Series and now he's a med pack jumped on, you know, whenever lose it. I have been. Well. Yeah. Yeah. 100, 110 games. It's have haven't looked back and obviously things got better from when I initially became a Mets fan, but, you know, then we had to go through. Even in more modern days we had to wilpon error. Now we got the Steve Cohen error. I can speak for only for myself. Here. I'm liking these Steve Cohen. It's early yet, but I'm liking what? I'm seeing so far, your agree. Oh, yeah. Definitely, when the people people were sort of people are upset though, the beginning, when he people were upset at the beginning of his ownership, because he wasn't spending money right away.

<span;>Yeah. Now you got, you know, what, you don't get to be, you don't get to be a billionaire with it, you know, by just frivolously spending. You got to take your time. It's easy. It's easy, when you spending someone else's money. Well, I like this as a Mets fan. I like to dispense someone else money. The problem was, when the will pods were there. They didn't want to spend their own money, that that was an issue in itself. Now, you know, I think those days are in the rearview mirror, like you said, he, you know, cone was a little, you know, Do a little tight-fisted at first. I did he just got there by wanted to see the lay of the land first time owner of a Major League, baseball team. And, but I wanted, you know, kind of the get, you know, get in the cockpit and kinda see all the controls. And now this year, you know, last year, the big signing was Lindor this year, happy to say Max, scherzer's going to be wearing the blue and orange. How's that for a one-two punch with

<span;>The grab, you know, so if they can get in to the postseason, that's a that's a heck of a front for an end, to start any kind of faux season off with with degrom and Scherzer. And I think that gives you a real good shot of alone. And, you know, they've signed some other guys on offense with the big one being Starlin. Marte and so, you know, a Mets fan, as you can probably attest to Garrett as many years. Where you know a AAA signing was like the major offseason has aligned and now we're in a new era where we're getting arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball. That's it. That's a good thing. It gives Mets fans like us. I think hope and optimistic to the Future and as a season ticket holder yourself, maybe see some some postseason games at Citi Field. Definitely. I was in every game of the World Series. Yeah. No, unfortunately.

<span;>Fortunately including including game five, I mean, on the one hand, it was an interesting and interesting experience to see it, see what it looks like live and in person, you know, it's just it's just a shame that it was the other team. Yeah. Well, yeah. Well, maybe you know, hopefully this this lockout and labor stoppage is bare minimum and we get spring training on time and a full season of baseball and and you know, maybe We were hoisting or the meds are hoisted, you know, with 2022 World Series Trophy and I feel good. I'll say this, I feel good going into this season. I felt good even last year, but I feel even better where they're at now and we just, you know, work right now that I think they're keying in on the manager, The Whispers of the rumors, if you will have all points leading to the Buck, Showalter. He's a guy

<span;>I'd like to see. I think this is kind of a ballclub that needs sort of a veteran guy. That's been there done that rather than Young new manager and Showalter lines up being the guy. I'm all forward. I think you know, most of the players attended endorsed him, especially former players who played for them. And I think that's the best endorsement you can get is when someone who's played for you in. The past says this guy is very Very good would love to play form again. I think that's the best was pretty big on in my yeah. Sure Czar loves them. So I'm sure dance. Let's be real. We know that's probably a factor. I've, I think he's the leader in the clubhouse to get the job, and I'd be more than fine with that at this point. I love, you know, your thoughts are already on Showalter. Well, I think he'd be, I think you'd be a good choice. Yeah. Yeah, you know, I don't really have that much to say about,

<span;>9:25 PM
<span;>To find out probably shortly looks like there and it already doesn't like second interviews for those. They requested second interviews on. And so we're I think we're act by the time. This airs on the podcast. We may already have that person be named already. One thing. I wanted to talk about before we get into you know your story too. Is, you know, last year we saw some of the Mets. You know, a little frustrated and towards the end of the year when struggles were going on and some of the Mets were a little frustrated and they, they sort of adopted your thumbs down. But on the field, you know, towards chords the fans as a as a season ticket holder as a fan, and as someone who in a sense has made that gesture even more famous than it already was in your purse.

<span;>Thoughts. Did you Did you sort of, you know, I first of all, I'm upset that they didn't pay any royalties, you know, thumbs down guys, should be getting should be getting good money. But in reality in reality they were doing it because they didn't like how the the fans are booing them for the poor performance and that kind of an attitude implies that we're all on a Level Playing Field, but we're not there again, they get in the Big bucks to play games, you know, playing the field, you know, we, you know, and we're the ones who are giving them the money in terms of ticket ticket prices, concessions, license memorabilia autograph, Visa shows and that, and that kind of stuff. So it's not, it's not, it's not a Level Playing Field. Yeah. I feel the same way. I thought, you know, you know, no one likes to get booed or rest or told you're not good. And I,

<span;>Get I get the frustration but you know the actual to do that gesture to fans. And like you said, like yourself who are paying, you know, a good chunk of change to attend those games. Then you factor in concessions. I don't care if they're mad at the fans for, maybe some boo one or some criticism, but to actually do the gesture when it's those fans. Like you said, that are enabling you to make a living, playing a sport. Port and a very good one at that. I think they could I think they could have done, there was a better way to go about it, then to give fans in the sense, the Psalms down there. And I think, you know, baseball for any athlete I think knows, you know kind of that comes with the territory. You don't play. Well, you're going to hear it. And if you've played while you're going to hear people to cheer for him, you cheer for you a chance, your name, you know, you got to take the good with the bad. Do you know they do?

<span;>Of a problem, you know, they haven't, you know, they hit a home run or something significant and the standing ovation and come out and and you know, for current called, you know, Don dip their cap. You got to, you got to kind of take, you can't heavy one way and sort of not the other. So when they started doing it, you know, as a Met fan, it wasn't real fond of it, but, you know, it is as we say New York, right? It is what it. Is what are you gonna do? Hopefully you don't be a lot less thumbs down at Citi Field in the 2022. Season will have a lot of reasons. She has another thing though that I know that I have noticed was that Linda and buyers were saying that I became there but they got a hit, they were going to, they were going to do the thumbs down and will be the game of superstition that it is. It's possible that the other to the other men slide of scene might

<span;>See that and they say that works in that maybe it'll work for us. Yeah. Yeah, and we could have taken back the thumb. He could have brought it back to what about your pains, you know just it started it started as a Yankee thing. But you know, there's no reason that it couldn't have been couldn't have wanted to be being a in New York thing. I mean in that context it isn't new. You. It is a new your even though it was during a Yankee game, which was a city filled by the, by the way, which has most people should know his His Mets territory, it's in. It's in New York City. Right? And so it is in New York. We're gonna we're going to take claim as a, you know, Reggie being from Brooklyn. We're going that way to take ownership of that your Queens guy still there. And so it is a New York thing. It happened at Citi Field regardless of whether the Mets are playing at the time. So, you know, it comes from a Mets fan, you own, you own that. And so it's it's a good going to step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be back with more. More with Gary right after that, read more is cards wants to buy your cards? A long trusted name in the sports guard, business. Greg has been buying sports card collections for over a decade. Now, any sport, baseball, basketball, football or hockey and any errors Intermountain will do just no, drunks wax error. Sets pleased to learn more and to celebrate, more should cards. Go to www.deewr.gov.au/rjcp cards.com fill out the

<span;>Sell request form and someone will get back to you on how to get cash for your car. Also, if you're a dealer looking to sell your collection, Greg Morris wants to talk, plenty of dealers, use Greg Morris massive, eBay platform as a way to consign their card, take advantage of Greg's experience in the hobby to get more bang for your buck. Or its coordination is back with Gary denier. So that in 2013. You were an All-Star Game, pre-ceremony standing. That was it, that's got to be pretty cool for know. I don't know, really what that entails number one, I guess. What, what did you get to do it? How did that even come about in the first place? Well, I signed up to be a volunteer for, for the All-Star Game. I had also volunteered in 2008 when the game.

<span;>Is that the game is in the Bronx. But this, but back then, my assignment was to, it was working at one of the entrances for the, for the Bon Jovi concert in Central Park. I think it was fun jewelry, you know, it was me and a couple of other people were like, in one of the entrances to Central Park, you know, but really, we didn't have anything to do. We could have, you know, I think we could have just left the left. I'll post. And, you know, when like on the Javits Center for Fan Fest, which we can do for free with our With our credentials and nobody nobody would have noticed, but 2013, that was a lot better. I was able we were able to to request the assignments that we wanted. So I definitely chose the the pregame ceremonies sand and because it's me it was being at Citi Field. Yeah, and what what that entailed was we were to stand in the places where the actual V.

<span;>This would during the ceremony and the producers would would use us to figure out with way to place cameras. And where the where the players should stand. So that's pretty cool. Yeah, you got to meet some of those players in, I'm assuming no, it's not we didn't actually meet the players, but we at least I remember for for the third day which was in the morning of the actual All-Star game. We were assigned to be a certain. A certain player. I was assigned a Miami. Pitcher. Jose Fernandez the late Jose Hernandez. Yep, and I would be standing where where, where he was standing and what is part of the ceremony was? They would have a, would have to be a veteran from each from each City, who is a fan of the team and the player would present the, it would present a flag that has flown over over over their ballpark to that, that veteran. Yeah.

<span;>You know, so yeah the actual veterans were there so I got. So I got to meet the. I got to meet the guy from Miami and and and during the during the rehearsals we gave we gave them mock flags, of course it, you know, the players gave them the actual, the actual Flags. Yeah. Yeah. Well very cool. I'm hope you got to be that at least to attend the game as As in doing that I'm assuming did you let you have a ticket to the game?

<span;>Well in the context, which is which you're saying no, we didn't get any free tickets. I'm just going anyway, because you know, I was like, I bought a ticket. Okay. Alright, let's see how you least. I was able to do that. But yeah, you can get free tickets. Okay? Yeah, that leave that. I'm trying. I'm trying to get you a dickey tapped in retrospect apparently, so it's mine. Yeah, still great event and any, you know, any time the All-Star Game.

<span;>At home bookmark. I mean it just just pretty Obviously, you got to be on the field as well. So let's let's talk about, you know, I know you've talked about it, plenty of times since since that day, but you know, I love the sort of pick your brain on that day. For those that, you know, just to kind of go back 2017, the hurricane forced, it all the Rays and Yanks to play at Citi Field. I'm kind of doing the cliff notes version here Todd. Frazier, hits a home run and you famously, you know, give them the thumbs down a Yankee guy and at Citi Field, it's all mine. We're not going to be that excited about it. And you you just expressed you. Just press what you thought. Have. You met my guess. My first question is has that been anything you had done previous? We're just didn't go notice it. Was that the first time you've ever Done that to that extent. I'm nothing I can before but I'm sure, I'm sure I'm sure. I have your place place happened that play happens. You don't like, you know, you're gonna have or maybe it might make it make a gesture. You know, I mean with it don't go ahead. Go ahead. I was going to say the whole reason it became a big thing was because of where I happen to be sitting second row behind the Yankees. Dugout. How soon and, you know, fast forward and had that I was he became a kind of a Yankee pennant race rally and cry. How soon after you did the gesture. That you realize what? I guess a when did you realize like this thing is like really getting some momentum here. You know, how when did you realize like this is being picked up by various, you know. News media people are talking about this. I guess, I guess, I guess I guess was either later it later in the evening or the, or the or the next day on the, on the day itself, 911 17, a couple people asked to get pictures with me. And I remember outside the ballpark one fan wanted, you know, wanted to make wanted me to make like a video selfie. They wanted me to, he wanted me to want, you know, they kept trying to get me to like to say, go Yankees or whatever and I wouldn't do.

<span;>9:37 PM
<span;>Different variants, you know, how about this? How about that? And finally, how to say, how about no video, you know, so he dejectedly said, thank you and that was it and I made many way home. Yeah, and then you just, you know, like you said the next day, you know, I mean, were you obviously it was surprised shocked by, you know, when you did the gesture, I mean, were you hoping like Todd Frazier kind of saw it as he was coming? In the touched of plate. Like what was your thinking there as well? When he hit it? Well, all of a sudden, all the Yankee fans in the ballpark and obviously, there were much more of them than there were race fans, you know, everybody stuck started sharing and I just couldn't, I just couldn't handle that, you know, home home of the Mets. So I call the Yankee, fans are cheering. I know. And I know that even though I was sitting really close.

<span;>Beloved my one who would not be not be heard him. It's the Sea of pain strike passion. So I just stood up and made with the the gesture and the Stone Face. Yeah, classic classic. If it were there any Yankee fans around you that said anything. Like wow, you while you were in that no, no. Yeah, one day making a thumbs down, you know, they hit a home run and they I think at the time after the Home Run they were like leaving like they were being I 5252 to I think. Yeah, so like, you know, you know that I care about me. Yeah, so a little back story obviously liked you, you know, you're a Mets fan. It was at Citi Field. What was the story about attending? The the Yankees Rays game be?

<span;>Mets fan here and I was in Citi Field. Well originally I was I wasn't even I wasn't even planning to go. But all the tickets are $25 each. Yeah, the other field level only they weren't selling and they weren't upstairs. Yeah, and I decided I guess this was a couple of days before this would be on the Saturday when the one of the tickets went on sale. I decided just a heck of it. Let me see. Let me see. Let me see what's available. Abel and nowadays, you have the option of like picking your exact seat location when you want to get online, but back then you couldn't it. They were still doing it up best available, you know, computer with decide that. So I looked and I happened to see section, 122, row to seat one and me being familiar with the city field. I knew exactly where that was with you. So, I snapped it up.

<span;>Didn't that that Justin completely spot in areas. Like you didn't say hey if the Yankees do something good like I'm pulling this out. It was just a gut, instinct reaction type of deal. The only agenda that I had going into that game was to was to take some pictures. Yeah. At the time the time I used to spend a lot of time walking around the ballpark taking pictures. I didn't do that too much on this particular game because I will When I get it going to get a chance to, you know, like like these P. So P, so close to the game. Yeah, you know, otherwise it's possible that that, when Frazier at the time when I might have been walking around. Yeah, was as it happened, you know, I started. Well, I started walking around after the fifth inning, you know, so I spent a couple Innings walking around getting getting some shots. And a couple of people had said that said that they know that, you know, they notice me,

<span;>The others thinking that maybe I was shown on the city vision and I didn't notice it. I had no idea that I became an immediate sensation. Yeah. Crazy at the time. I did not have a smartphone. So I had no, I do not have a smartphone at that time. So I had no way of, you know, of life, looking it up. I didn't have the phone so I wouldn't have done. Oh my God, that's me. So it was about the next day that you realize, like. Holy smokes, this is I'll be in. This is spreading like wildfire and it's me. Yeah, and when I ran, when I realized what had happened, I was in stunned. Disbelief, when you take, another quick break to hear from one of our great sponsors, but we'll be right back after that. Iron sports cards is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times, heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide. It updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports gardens.com, or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440. Sa Rob's. Got you covered.

<span;>We are back with the thumbs down guy. Why did people at, you know, where you worked, you know, think of the whole thing where they did, they raise your like. Hey, we work with a celebrity. Now, we didn't realize it to get all that kind of stuff. A few people, few people, few people. Did you know, you know, I guess I guess I was kind of known, you know around the courthouse, you know, funny story is the daily news first wrote about

<span;>Got it. They have that an inset with the picture of me. And it said, are you thumbs down guy? We want to talk to you now, where I was working at the time. I was working in Manhattan, Criminal Court. I was working in the early Chief clerks office and and that happens to be right next to the to the pressroom fact. It's just 35 steps away. So I could have ever lie very easily could have very easily, you know, like what? One of the above the paper and said you got you guys looking for me, unfortunately didn't get that chance because someone else had already told them. Yeah. Well listen, it works. Let you know that you're not a criminal but that they've called criminals in the same manner. So they tracked you down. They figure if it works. For in that case. It should work in this case as well. I mean since I'm sure you get recognized all the time like even

<span;>I don't know how much traveling outside in New York, you do or get to do when you do. I mean, just in general. I mean, does it does it? You know, obviously does it sometimes get may be annoying? Like you just trying to be sort of us know. It hasn't gotten old yet. You know, they still recognize me at the Ballpark. I get I get recognized the straight and obviously, people are still using the GIF. Yeah. Oh, yeah. In fact, in fact, that gift has had over one quarter million views while I know that's that's what I mean. That's gonna be. I don't know what the most used one is with. That's got to be in the mix. I would think that's has to be up there if I got and what if I got a half cent. It has said, not even a full sent the half cent, each blue, you know, then I think I could

<span;>Some tickets like right behind the plate with the distance in front of was going to match your big. Dementia, be given you. Those at this point. I'm trying to get your free. I'm trying to get your free upgrade here. But have you ever sent you the gift of yourself? Giving the thumbs down to someone directly from you? Um, I haven't used the gift but I have used. Have you still photo? Yeah, it is anyway. Same thing. Yeah, has anybody? I'm assuming the answer is yes, but how often do you get the gift set to you in like like in an over spots? If you ask somebody and they want to tell you enough, they are or they didn't like it. Do you get it back at you? Well, no, but nobody would nobody with nobody, does the offense comes down gift to me, which is, which is, which is fine, you know, so I mean, Taking it all in stride. You have a bobblehead, obviously a shirts and rightfully. So yeah, they're moving it up to the camera here which which I know people listening on the audio can't see but it looks more like me than I do the bobblehead. They're still available National Bubblehead: Hall of Fame. People go to the quartering website by bobbleheads. I need the money F GW, Phil Gary's wallet.

<span;>Yeah, there you go. Hey listen deservedly, so when you know, out with this video will run, usually a couple weeks after the Audio, I wait a couple weeks, but even in the show notes, I'll put that in there. So people know where they weapon to track it down. So this gonna be on video. Let me get a you get a better job aside by set off. If I can. Hold it, good. There you go. Yeah, and if I'm missing a beautiful hotel, which is me and which is a bobblehead. And this is the national bobblehead Hall of Famers. The the ones that do these, right? Yeah. Yeah, they got in touch with me and they've been really nice people to deal with. Yeah, to like to have that done. What'd I mean, how detailed they need? They just, they wanted like a photo with me know. What did what did you need to do for them to produce those? Well that well, they basically, they basically took it from the from the photos that have been circulating.

<span;>Didn't have to. I don't I don't work. Well, especially posing for a photo. Yeah. Yeah. Fact that I can tell you the one thing when they were when they were designing, if they were thinking of having the thumb bottle as well. So when they've only been a bobble head would have been a bauble thumb, but they got decided against it because I was just I didn't I didn't I didn't move the thumb when it happened. I was just standing perfectly still. Yeah. Yeah, so no, but what we get we get to buy. Bulgaria thumbs down. That's that's good enough. And that that's how often. Did you ever get asked to sign the bobblehead itself? Very, very rarely. Do, I get asked for autographs at all? My old, My Autograph, some Stone guy. Autograph is very rare. But the reason for that is because most people most people go to be one selfies. They don't you know, they don't they don't ask her autographs. Yeah, but I have I have signed one bobble head.

<span;>Well, no, actually I signed I think it was 34. 34. One guy was going to send you a couple of other people. He wasn't trying to stockpile them and I've also signed to baseball's. Yeah, that's cool. Now, I, you know, every say you've become a med pseudo-celebrity have the Mets themselves like done any events or spoke to Devout doing anything, you know, working with you on anything at all.

<span;>9:49 PM
<span;>Oh well. When they have the press conference introducing Todd, Frazier, I was invited to attend. So so I was there and in fact you can see it. You can see in the background. I have I have the seat back at they. They put for my I didn't just have a generic reserved. It says Gary deny or thumbs down guy and he got the flanked by the Mets low though. So that's pretty cool. That's cool. And you know, you know, Todd Frazier late for both. The Mets and the Yankees. I mean, they have any sort of relationship with him to keep in touch the, you know, since since that day, I don't have an not just two ships that pass in the night in the night. I guess. Yeah, you know, in fact, the last time that I did see him was last month. I went to the queen spacewalk convention in Ottawa. He was a panel speaker.

<span;>And after the panel, he went after the panel, he went over to the Earth to an autograph table, you know, so I'm standing by where he's walking, you know, it's like so I say a quick hi and because we are high and do with this pump and that, and that was it. That was the, that was the event of the, of the 2021 and reunions between Todd Frazier and the thumbs-down guy, you know, very easy. I was very thrilling. Yeah, he did. What he did. Is he? I know he's generally sort of a quiet guy. The reserve guy dinky not embarrassed that, we see it hit a home run on the place. Not like he's struck out and he got this but you know, I know you said you really have it, you know, other than seeing them here and there and the last time at Montague said, why do you think he sort of distance themselves from that just doesn't want just kind of a quiet. I know he's generally reserved that the guy I don't know really. Yeah, you know, you know, who knows?

<span;>I'll tell you though. I gotta I gotta wonder if I was if I was a little younger if I was of a different gender, things might things might be different. I don't know. What else? I mean. I mean, I mean middle-aged overweight male is not necessarily type of person that you would want to be associated with. I don't know. I don't know. I shouldn't put words in anybody and everybody its mouth. I'm not feeding alphabet soup or anything. Yeah. Well, it was a moment in history. I mean under

<span;>Intentional one, but it became what it is. You know, I think to me if I'm him I embrace it have a little fun with it just like you're having and as it should be. Yeah, I should take this moment. I don't want to forget to do this. And I've done this before, I'd like to. I like to publicly apologize to all the Met fans out there for even though it was inadvertent for giving Aid and comfort to the enemy. Yeah, well listen, like you said $25 seats. Citi. Field is still baseball, right, Baseball fans. Love baseball. We may have one particular team were really fond of but I enjoy going to baseball games even if the if it's not involving the meds to and I usually get to one or two like that. So you don't have to apologize to me. I I get it. Going to take another quick break, but we'll be back with more with

<span;>Every denier after that last time, Marketplace has a line of grated card cases that are waterproof airtight dust tight and pardoned to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam. So you don't have to cut and tear the phone. When you get your case, the pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett, SGC and CGS slabs store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace check them out at You w dot Pastime Marketplace.com. We are back with Gary denier. Thumbs down Guy. What's been the oddest place? Would you say that you've been recognized somewhere? Where you're like, no one's. No one's going to like, say anything to me here and yet it happened. Well, one leg while one recognition. I remember that I recall, you know, stands out in my mind was was when I was at work,

<span;>And like I said, I worked in Manhattan Criminal. Or so, one day I was putting up some signs in the hall because, you know, to tell people that that cases were being or being heard in a different corner from them what they want. They're being scheduled. So lawyer comes up to me and now we recognize at me and he says that it's an honor to meet me, you know, some thinking, you know, get the kind of reaction from, you know, from lawyers. I'm just a regular working guy. 925 but, you know, but it with the flow. Anki Civil Service cake and a couple of Judges have, you know, of recognize me. So, so it's pretty cool. In fact, 11, judge RM. I remember told me that his his daughter was a big fan and asked if I could say hi. And we're on the phone. So I did. Yeah. Nah, that's cool. That's all. That's all cool stuff. Now, you've become you really become a pop culture. I got did to the Yankee fans as well. I mean,

<span;>Given some some credit for that Seasons success. What's, what's that been like to sort of be embraced by you know, the other side's fans if you will. Well, it's it's not such a, it's a, it's a valiant. It's not, it's a very interesting thing. I don't even I'm not even sure. I know, I do that. I'm not even sure. I know how to say it. You know, how to do it, how to do it, how to put it in words. I've actually been up to Yankee Stadium a few times. Since they are providing two thumbs down. The last time that I was went to Yankee Stadium was was in 2012. And one of the reasons I stopped going was I remember, you know, you know if I'm walking around I'm walking around taking pictures. So there was one shot that I wanted to that. I wanted to get you know, but a security guy or Russia or whatever whatever that they are, you know that you know like that, you know checking your tickets or whatever to make.

<span;>You got to take it for there. So he's kind of been my shot. So I politely asked him if you could step out of the way, so he's not in my shop and the guy. And the guy, the guy says you can't go down there. I was at the top of. I wasn't out of the Nile. You know, what do you have to do from there? And the guy says you can't go down there even though I didn't ask to I wasn't trying, you know, I wasn't trying to go down there. I just want to just want to I just want to get the freaking picture, you know, I mean that kind.

<span;>That kind of stuff, you know, I don't need you know, you know finished your fans don't need it since don't need that, you know is the guy didn't know if the guy didn't know who I was, you know, I mean back then back then of course, I wasn't thumbs down guy. We're talking, you know, I'm talking like nine years ago that happened, you know, so who knows if he had done that to someone and that was their first game, they might, you know, never want to go again because that kind of a kind Of craft treatment. Yeah, some people just try to justify their jobs or positions and over cap and say that sounds like, you know what, that's what happened there. You know, you've become, I mean, with the bobblehead and the apparel with the shirts and sort of become a collectible in your own, right. Do you yourself collect anything? Do you is there like you is their autographs? You'd like to obtain? I know you said you like to take photos. Did you try?

<span;>Get any of those may be signed after the fact kind of a deal or already know? I don't, I don't do that. A lot of, what I've taken our views from all sorts of different angles. Yeah. So, I've gotten, I've got two shots from like, you know, showing real like various obstructed views in the upper deck are, you know, physically because of the platforms and they had the Chick-fil-A ads on the foul poles. I, I got some shots from White the from right behind there. Are to show how they show the hell they were blocking the view. Yeah. So just over the, you know, other the Casual views and I was like, you know, and I would make a note, you know, watch section Roman seat. I got that from. Or if I was standing behind a particular section and Ian and I include that in my, in my write-up of the photos and oh, my photos on Flickr and fell. I see Ki so you can check them out. Anybody.

<span;>Check them out your your value listeners to this podcast and check it out. And if you like, if you like ballparks, you like what you like, what? I got? Ya take them. Yeah. Well, Citi, Field's, obviously, I'm biased but I love City feel that someone has been to Chez prior to that. You know, I even like Shay. I know it's nothing, you know, aesthetically to Citi Field, but I know a lot of people don't miss it. I miss her. Thanks, but I really do. Of Citi Field to and you know, it wasn't done but it was it was it was it was glad you said that because that's exactly how I feel it was. But, you know, we kind of grew to love it and you know, but we got a better ball park now like you said we'd love to well. Yeah, you know, we got the Mets, got to figure something out and have like a Gary denier a day at Citi Field, I think. That I think that's Justified, you know, or are something I we gotta do, we gotta, you know, I think he epitomized the Mets, you know, with that gesture or say. Hey, Todd Frazier Yankee fans Yankees hearing ago. Nothing screams more, you know, loyalty to the Mets. Did that do in that? I think the Mets, you know, you do you feel like they don't I know you can't speak for them to directive. You feel like they

<span;>Still want to get involved or you know, what, do you, what do you think? I don't know. I don't know. I keep bugging my season ticket wrap each here. Like when I c</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>