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Feb. 4, 2022

Ep.165 w/SGC's Peter Steinberg

Ep.165 w/SGC's Peter Steinberg

SGC's Peter Steinberg is back to talk hobby state of the union, why no one will never not pay their million dollar bill, why a grader's bad day at home doesn't effect them on the job & SGC's new perks.

#thehobby #grading

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SGC's Peter Steinberg is back to talk hobby state of the union, why no one will never not pay their million dollar bill, why a grader's bad day at home doesn't effect them on the job & SGC's new perks.

#thehobby #grading

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<span;>11:29 PM
<span;>What is up? Welcome to episode 165, glad to be back. Hopefully, everybody is doing all right busy week for me. I this weekend. I purchased a large collection from someone. I knew, but it's someone I knew I didn't realize they had cards. And I didn't realize they were a dealer heavy, vintage lot of vintage, which is what I was. Hoping to do this year is acquire more vintage and just with this one large collection by out. I've exceeded any goals of what vintage I wanted to sort of to add. So I want to talk about that on the next hobby quick hits. I'm going to call that the dichotomy of a deal. So I'll save all the details from this episode. I'll just say around my desk. I'm sitting here in the studio office and just have one of those L shape. Destin there's just stuff everywhere. So I got my work cut out for me to try to get all this stuff, sleep in different. What I stuff, I use priced listed organized. If you heard me talk about how I organize my stuff, everything's in alphabetical order. So I've got to integrate the new inventory into the alphabetical order system. And so it's gonna probably take a few weeks.

<span;>Maybe a month truthfully. I'm gonna try to get it done before that. But Kenda cry kind of surrounded is this is probably one of the largest purchases I've made in at least in a while that I can remember so and it just kind of fell into my lap. I wasn't really looking for something but like I said, I'll save that for happy quick hits. How the deal went down today shoka. A great guest. I don't know how many times he's been here. Three or four, doesn't matter. Mr. Peter Steinberg from SDC, is in the house today. And one thing I love about Peter. He gives you the straight scoop, very transparent doesn't, you know says how he feels that, you know talk about what they're doing, will talk about the hobby will talk about, even with other companies do is very, you know,

<span;>Doesn't hold back and always appreciate that. And what you hear on the air is him off the air. There's no stick there and very refreshing and always, like getting Peter on, you know, he's very busy, but things are settling down a little bit. They just and made some new announcement on some new submission levels, cutting prices and half and quicker turnaround time. Times and as we know in the grading space It's usually the other way around so sort of nice to get good news for a change in the grading. And if you're not paying attention, that's species. Made some serious moves in the grading space. So there you go. Going to be an interesting conversation with Peter. So with that being said, let's not delay and start to show

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<span;>Glad to have this next gentleman back on. Not his first time not even close to being on the show. We last spoke to him was at the national and Chicago back in August. So it's been a little bit between and dropping by and glad to have them back. From SGC Peter Steinberg. Welcome back. Thanks Ron pleasure. Pleasure being here. And I appreciate you having me. So we like I said, we last spoke in August. Nothing has happened in the hobby from that time to now. So I'm not sure what we're going to discuss. Obviously, I kid. I mean, just, you know, from S, as she sees perspective. How's it been from the show? And before I don't want to ramble on but before you even you know that Where you guys at that show, you didn't take any submissions. It was sort of a different thing. You did giveaways, and breaks. And I mean, going by your booth. The crowds were crazy. You made your breaking debut. You did very well from from the time that I was watching. You pulled some nice stuff as well. You know, from that what's been sort of the response and house? I guess. How's business been? Yeah, look so much has happened.

<span;>Thank you, kind of alluded to since that time. It's really it's really crazy. We're kind of in dog years, you know, as far as the hobby goes. But look the national itself was just fantastic. SGC really isn't in the business of kind of you know, puffing our chests out and making it like we're the best and all this but it was just such a great time. I think the one regret I have is we actually didn't bring a camera crew there. And the reason we did in this we don't want to appear like we were just doing all this kind of, you know, just kind of have Them this Goodwill going around just to make some money off of it and you know, monetize all of it. So we decided not to my biggest regret though. Is that only so many people were able to participate in able to see what we've done. I actually heard someone recently say, you know, they were giving away like twenty thousand dollars worth of boxes than they said. It's the biggest giveaway in Hobby history. And I said, wait a minute, my company spent a hundred thirty thousand dollars for the boxes and gave them all away the national. We just decided not to brag so much about it, but

<span;>Anyway, the national was so much fun. I mean just just meeting people, you know, having our supporters come up to us and just tell us kind of What It's Like on their end and how much they're enjoying working with SGC and bringing along our staff. To kind of see learn more about the industry. A lot of our, a lot of the team members that we had their. It was their first national debate attended and it's a very special experience. Obviously, the national was just fantastic. And honestly, John, I have no That's because a lot of the updates that we just announced last week really would not have been possible without a turnaround time as locally as brief as H tends to be and we owe that to some strategic decisions 11 of which was not grading on site which is a little different than in years past. Yeah. No doubt. We're going to talk about some of those new announcements for sure. Just I mean, what do you think? We're too happy that we've seen obviously, you know for now.

<span;>Alex has got three of the four major sports licenses. That's huge news. I mean from, you know, obviously you kind of wear two hats. He like you said, being on the show prior you're a collector too. And then obviously your involvement with SGC. How do you view that maybe from, from both lenses? You know, with both heads. Yeah. Look, I think that Fanatics coming in is undoubtedly a good thing in my opinion. No, I mean, when these guys are aligning themselves with folks, like you and I who are, you know, card collectors? It's a good thing. It means that they believe in it as much as we do at the same time. It's very important that we're going about this this new influx of they want to called support or money. Whatever it is. We go about it, the right way. That is, that is absolutely critical, you know, one thing that Josh Louver that I've heard him say, which I greatly appreciate. Is he said that? This is not a revolution, it's me.

<span;>Really an evolution and that's very important. Because at the end of the day, you know, the hobby wasn't in need of a life line before Fanatics decided to come and drop by quite the opposite, you know, it was it was booming which is why it caught the attention of such a prestigious brand. But I think in general there's always kind of different paths you can go down and although we're still not at a point where I think Fanatics is even really working yet. You know, they're really just kind of getting their feet under them. I hope they make the right decisions and and In my opinion, intentions matter, I've learned that SGC if you are well intended and you're looking to legitimately kind of further, you know, move the hobby forward. It's hard to screw it up, you know, if you mean to do good you usually will. And on the other side. If you don't really care about the well-being of the hobby or the little guy or the collectors. I think it's very easy to make some mistakes that can be very harmful to all of us. So hopefully,

<span;>Um, I have to think that their plan is a long-term plan where the health of the hobby is kind of at the Forefront of every every decision they make, he has some of the early talk coming out when that news broke to was that they wanted to do grading like they wanted to kind of do everything in-house and I'm not just saying this because I'm talking to you, I said this on my show without you being on the show. Like to me that's a conflict of interest. I don't want someone grading their own product there. Producing. I think that's, you know, for lack of a better term. I mean, I think it's a conflict of interest. I think it's sort of odd to do that. If SGC made cards, I wouldn't watch a grading your own production so that I haven't heard much talk. Since the early stages about that. I'm guessing they might have got some feedback the like, what kind of what I said from from various sources. And so again, I

<span;>Heard much as a recent your thoughts on something to that effect. Yeah. Look, I mean I can only remember I I'm I'm here representing one of the grading companies and there's not one. There's a few of us so I can only speak to mine. And what I can say is that makes a lot of sense. Why you would say that which is basically the assumption is that a card will receive favorable treatment? If it's coming from you it's, you know, if the person evaluating the card owns the card it would make Sense, there's a reason in our Instagram feed. You always have people complaining too tough because we gave their car 25 rather than attend. You know, however, I will say this, you know, there are a lot of ugly assumptions out there that certainly don't ring true, when it comes to my team. Speaking to those comments John. I have people all the time that assume that the reason that they didn't have as high a gem rate as they're used to on their order must be because they're greater woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I don't want to go as far as

<span;>11:41 PM
<span;>Tent. But it's almost a little insulting when you take so much pride in getting the grades, right, in that training process of having a true hobby expert who has decades and decades not of hobby experience, but of card grading experience, passing that torch that he or she takes so much pride in to the next greater than you beef. Up your quality assurance Department with all of this amazing talent, these, these experts, Just making sure the grades are accurate to have someone imply that will the greater was in a bad mood. It's just not the case. So, let me say this. I can totally understand why you'd say, you know, maybe the manufacturer shouldn't be great in your own cards, but I will also say, I don't know what the future is going to hold with these major major, kind of seismic shifts in the landscape taking place, but that's why I say intentions matter because I can tell you that if SGC was told to grade a card and it was owned by the president.

<span;>The United States I can promise you it would follow the same path. The same scrutiny as any other card. And if you think that we haven't received cards, whether it be from celebrities, really, really rich guys. It happens on a daily basis and I can only speak to what happens here. But I know that there is not a single. There's really not a factor that I can see changing that, at least, about my teeth, because it's been built with this kind of the Integrity of the process is really Really, you know, once you lose that you have nothing left and it's I would argue that we have that as good as anyone hopefully, well it's called, you know, like I said, I'm a show it's called third party, you know, grading or ought to kick out that the caishen for reason because it's a separate opinion, which is what you really would want. Now full. I got to throw myself a little bit under the bus here. Peter. And I'm an honest guy. I think, you know that. Yeah, you know, you alluded to I wasn't specifically saying as she see. I just

<span;>Kind of made a general grading Noah came up that they do this to me. This was a nine. I got an eight, you know, in a discussion. I said, well sometimes, you know, we all take our work, whether we like to admit it or not. Sometimes we take maybe home life to work and vice versa, take our work life, even home and, you know, I'm not saying you specifically but I'm, you know, I got to believe it's possible. That could happen. You know, I'll tell you what could happen. I'll tell you. I'll be Very upfront. John. I'm an open book is hopefully, you know, I'm very proud of my team. So I got nothing to hide here. Here's here's, what can happen. OK, what can happen is that a card receives? A 9.5 form. SGC on the Tuesday. We see the same exact card on a Wednesday and it receives a 10, you know, when that would happen though. When the card is somewhere between that 95 and at home, it's a nine point six six, six eight. Okay, and the way that those decisions are made the only thing we could do as

<span;>Of the the industry really Authority. In a lot of ways, is make sure that the people grading, the cards, have the proper tools, the proper preparation in order to do. So, the proper experience, know how the right intentions and second. You know, the thing to remember when a card is teetering on that back and forth. I always use the term grading as a team sport, going to step aside for a quick break. But after that, we'll be back with more with Peter Steinberg. Glad more is car. Coach wants to buy your cards a long trusted name in the sports card. Business. Greg has been buying sports card collections for over a decade. Now, any sport, baseball, basketball, football, or hockey, and any error vintage or modern will do just know, drunk, wax, error, sets, pleased to learn more to sell. Greg Morris your cards. Go to www.deewr.gov.au/rjcp cards.com fill out the Consignment sale request form, and someone will get back to you on how to get.

<span;>Cash for your car. Also, if your dealer looking to sell your collection, Greg Morris wants to talk, plenty of dealers, use Greg Morris massive, eBay platform as a way to consign their cars, take advantage of Greg's experience in the hobby to get more bang for your buck. Short skirt nation is back with Peter Steinberg. One. One thing that I've seen. I don't know if it's another companies or just the Public's, maybe it's a misconception. I don't know whether these people are almost like in these cubicles and there's these quotas, not at our company. I can't speak to anyone else. But in our company these guys and girls are gathered around a big room almost in a semi-circle type thing. And the individual sitting next to them is always just an arm's length away because there is a constant dialogue between

<span;>Graters really on it. And that 95 going to attend or whether it's a 95, you know, that kind of thing. So there are certain I guess you'd say, fallacies of the process itself one where, you know, theoretically, if we had 50 grades to really get as granular as possible, you could argue. Well, that would be a more effective way of evaluating these cards rather than a 1 to 10 scale. It's not feasible though. And in a lot of ways, the industry was kind of built around car. Our grading being a one to ten process and part of that means that you may have a card that somewhere between a 95 and 10. The thing that you want to make sure is when you're evaluating that card to decide if it's going to bump up to the 10 or not. You better be consistent. The next time to comes in meaning, when that next card comes in. If it's got that same centering, but a little bit of a dent on the back, you know, you're handling it all the same way. As my point, consistency is the key of everything because there are certain things you can't change.

<span;>The only kind of do your best, but if you're consistent across the board, you can at least say that everyone is getting the same approach. Everyone is getting the same service as accurate or flawed as I guess the collectors May deem it to be. Yeah, people got to remember, grading is subjective, is there's a human element to it. I think you touched on it to Peter, you generally more than one person will sometimes look at a card if there's any kind of debate. What braided Falls in on to? So, the setting one guy sometimes not. Sometimes there's a card that leaves our office. I'm very happy to say, John. There's literally zero situations, like in a lot of ways. I helped build this process, you know, and they zero chance for a car to leave our facility without it seeing, I could say two to be safe, but it's really closer to three. Actually, to not just people, but trained experts. Now their

<span;>Cheese is a little different, you know, there. It's very rare to have two people that that know exactly the same amount about cards are of the exact amount of, you know, years under their belt grading, but the bottom line is, is you will not receive a card that was graded by Mike or Steve or Tom or Sarah. It's always a group actually evaluated this card. And that being said to have would eliminate that theory, that one person having a rough morning before they got to work. Is going to penalize someone's car. Third. So but you know, I wanted to be transparent that I have said it not necessarily at at JC just in general statement and you know, I don't know what everyone else does but I'm glad that's not the case with how you guys operate. So now, you know how to be wise, we've seen, you know, there's been a cooling off as all different terminology for correction. I've heard some people call it a crash. I think it's a

<span;>Way, it's going to be a positive because you know things that maybe were unaffordable of come back within purchase. Reach that being said, have you, you know from a grading point of view. Have you noticed that anything internally pertaining to where we see the market at? So it's been no secret that SGC has been very aggressive when it comes to scaling very aggressive. And and we we maintain that and You know, what we find is the bigger you grow. The more manageable the the body of work is that you have to put in the more manageable that body of work is the more fun. You could have things like lowering price, which is good for everyone. Things like, you know, promotions things like having me come out and actually be able to talk about SGC in a positive way, without being fearful that my company is going to be completely overrun by a tsunami of

<span;>It's you know, so I in a way I like the term correction because I think it is. Correct. This is how it should be. Where again, I guess since the other companies have been closed, you know, I was able to say a word because if I said a word, you know, we were at capacity just keeping the doors open. If I came out here and, you know, gave a really nice pitch about ysg sees number one or whatever it is. You know, I would be threatening or turnaround time by taking in just more cards than we were capable of. Grading. So I can say this, there are many thousands of Cars coming in and out of the SGC facility, on a daily basis. It's no secret that there have been individuals, exit cards for other, you know, shinier things, like whether it be n FTS or crypto, things like that. I think it's just important that we're putting in the time really to help grow the hobby. Meaning, you know, we can't, we can't decide to collect cards for anyone else. But what we can do is give them really great. Sources to learn about cards and to see why we collect cards and then let them make the decision. I'd be lying. If I said that, I didn't feel that this industry was greatly lacking that bill. I think that is one of the biggest failures of the current state of the industry that there is no good resource. And I don't mean to say no one's doing it. I don't want to offend anyone. I know there are a million, you know, YouTube channels where people are talking vintage and modern and trying to educate. And I applaud those people. But at the end of the day, there's no real.

<span;>11:52 PM
<span;>Can just learn about cars, not learn how to make money in cards, learn about cards, you know, and at the end of the day, if no one ever is collecting these things, John the no one wants to buy him off guys. Like you and me when we want to level up our Collections and buy a new card, will have no money to do so because no one wants to buy what we currently. Oh, you know, so I think that the collecting component is something that this industry needs to really, really improve on. And it's not easy. It's not an easy message. To portray and you got to have a lot of knowledge so I can see why that person hasn't yet kind of shown themselves. But that's also why I'm eager to get out there because you know, whether it's helping SGC or not. I love talking cards. I love giving the pitch on why these things are so special and any opportunity I could do to help kind of bring more new blood into the hobby. I always welcome. So, you know, ya know and that's not lip service. I've talked to you numerous times on the record off the Record. There's no stick there. That's, that's

<span;>Just you being genuine about it. One last one last thing before we get it to some SGC stuff. We've recently seen a competitor, have a submission where the submitter 0 2 million dollars. It's being reported and defaulted on that. Basically, they're claiming bankruptcy. And the first thing I thought of when this story broke is how does IT company? Let you know someone run. Hup, I don't care how well I wouldn't let my own dad run up a million dollar tab. You know what I mean? And I love my dad. He knows that. But like how does that you know, that would to me that was just a head scratcher. I don't care how well, you know, someone, you know, you think they're going to be doing business with you. In for the long haul. A million bucks is a million bucks. And that was the first thing that stuck out to me is like, almost shame on them. Like, that's, that's crazy. And now

<span;>Got, you know, it's not the one person being affected as a group. Supper. He had all those people who paid that person for their cards to get graded. And now they're sort of being held hostage by the process and just, you know, I know you don't do business like that with would tabs when I subbed. And I know you I'm paying for my bill like, like anyone else, and that's why I'm not complaining. That's the way I'm actually glad about. That's the way it should be. So, So when you hear a story like this, it's to me. It's just head-scratching and I don't get it. You know, I mean, I've done this a long time. I've been in a very long time and just it's a head-scratcher to me. I mean, just, you know, I know it's not you and your company, but just kind of how you see that even from competitors chair. Yeah. Look, I mean being that it didn't really involve SGC. All I can do is speak from an outsider's perspective, which is, you know, know

<span;>Different from from your opinion. Really? It's a tragedy. I mean, that's what it is. It's a tragedy, you know, there were a bunch of innocent people that just tried to get the cards graded that are now paying whether that be a price monetarily or just on their time. I mean, the amount of stress and everyone lost here, everyone lost here. No one gained. And and I have to tell you, I was sent. I was sent that that news actually by an individual who almost presented it to me. Be like, hey this this could be a good thing for you and I texted back and I was like, this is not a good thing. You don't really understand how this works of you think. This is a good thing for SGC because it is just, it's awful. It's a tragedy. I mean, the fact is I'm just happy to say that, you know, that situation is not only avoidable for SGC but it literally couldn't happen. Remember John, that one of the biggest benefits that kind of BS g c way of doing things.

<span;>Is when a cart comes in sure. It's got a weight at Stern, but it's going out, it's going out, you know, not months and months, or years. It's going out that month, you know, and what that does is it really mitigates the risk and it avoids us having bills of a million dollars. Honestly. It's just a totally foreign idea to me really, since I've kind of taken over here, you know, having having a backlog that was that long was certainly never the plan, you know, and we had our Dart east of it. And it was a bad taste. Not like it and he trying to immediately change course and went the right direction. So looking in the thing to remember, as well though. Is that the current leadership over a PSA is they see that to you would think which is why they closed down, you know, in other words that if they wanted to business as usual, I guess that would have just kept running up that bill and cut the cards coming in. I can't really speak to, you know, the leadership of PSA besides the fact that it's pretty obvious from the outside looking in.

<span;>Actually agree with us or why would they be closing down and not taking some missions and things like that? So, you know, the bottom line is, when the hobby gets hurt. It hurts SGC. When the hobby grows, it, helps SGC. And in this case, just just bad news all around. And I don't know what to say. It's almost a, I wish we could help, but unfortunately, it's just a bad situation, right? Type of step aside for another quick commercial break, but we'll be back with more with you.

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<span;>Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned collector, his sports card shop is your One-Stop shop. So call us. Come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is two six nine four, six nine zero, one four. Zero website is the sports card shop at Mo co.com. The sports card shop is part of the Moko. Retail Group connecting Sports The Hobby and people around the world. We are back with HTC's Peter Steinberg. Just had Mike Moynihan on the show, actually, last week. And we talked about this, this what happened? And we're both fans of SGC truth, being truth, be told, you know, Mike. And you know, I told my would probably be talking to you soon. And, you know, he mentioned, you know, just out loud. It's on the show, like, maybe you guys can use like, even extend like an olive branch to those who Maybe.

<span;>Didn't get their cards graded because of what happened. They get their cards back, you know ungraded, it's an opportunity for SGC, maybe to give them sort of a, maybe a discount or some kind of, you know, a break. It would be eat described as a good PR and good for the hobbies and something interim. And I don't know how much you can say, but is that something you know, nothing about John? I'm the one who runs SGC, man.

<span;>I'm just a dude, like you my friend, Lee, you know, I want to do, right? As bad as anyone. And I can tell you, the only thing I could point to that, the kind of mirrors, the situation is to a much, much, much smaller. Scale. This is going back a year or two now, but we did have a group submitter who doesn't submit any more, but long story short just went haywire. We just offered free grading to everyone. That's what we did. You know, it wasn't a matter of. We almost did, we didn't overcomplicated? You know, we didn't, we didn't care. We just wanted to offer free grating. Some people have been negatively, affected, and move on, and fix the issue. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is if there was a way, remember I don't have a list of everyone, you know, like this with phone that kind of thing. So it's almost like if it was feasible 100% And if you doubt that what I'm saying is true, guys, there's so much that SGC does behind with like, we're just not in the business of you know, just marketing how

<span;>Nice, we are, and how great we are. I mean, the other the other week, I was approached by Aaron who runs the slab socks page, and he wanted to, he was doing a promotion for Camp kesem, which is, if you don't know, that's basically a program where it sends children, whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer, kind of a way for a week where they can interact with other kids, who are also fighting either. I guess cancer themselves or it's in their family and it just sounded like the most Awesome idea to me and are installing me that it's all around card. He's basically selling these cards and every car D cells 100% of the proceeds. Go to Camp kesem. So imagine, you know, he comes to me and he prefaces it with Pete. You know, don't feel obligated. Don't feel pressure to said, Aaron. What are you? What are you looking for? I think he said, Pete would SGC be willing to donate 2,500 bucks and some pretty crazy. I said, I will do 5,000 bucks and some free grades. You know, like there's I want to be clear to everyone. I say this a lot. There's enough money here guys. There just is the grading, fees are high. I know. Know that. And I'm able to feed our staff and everyone very very well because of all of your support. But don't think for a second that this is a company that has to eke out every last penny from all of you. We are doing a okay, we wouldn't be here without you. And my point is speaking for Marks card situation. If there's a way we can make this, I'll be better. We want to or we wouldn't have thrown away a hundred thirty some odd thousand dollars last year at the national just to put smiles on a few kids faces and

<span;>Your spaces, it's just what we do. We're going to be here for a long time, doing it. If I have anything to say about it. And I want everyone to know is, well, the reason I prefaced it by saying, I'm just a guy because it's easy John because there's a lot of money in this my friend. It's how we're blessed for it to be easy for us to make a difference. And that's what we want to do. We want to move prices down in the right direction. We want to be the heroes in the hobby. It's what makes me really happy. I was a kid who was obsessive.

<span;>12:02 AM
<span;>Obsessive with And all I wanted to do was go to the card shop every day of the week. All weekend long. I didn't spend a dollar on anything else, except my cards and My Autograph Collection, and to be in this position is just stupid for me. It is beyond a dream come true. I pinch myself every day. And when I see bad things happening like that, I want to help turn them into positive. So badly that at times, it almost hurts text easy, so, my point is, Unfortunately, on that one, I think PSAs got pop list of people, I do not miss one. I can't really help, but just so anyone out there knows who's who, how is GC is run, and that kind of thing. That's how that's how there's enough here to go around. And we don't need to be jerks to go to put it lightly, if that makes sense. Yep. Nope. Well said, and and I know you guys yourself Anna. She see you've always been very charitable and that's that.

<span;>Refreshing and important, just the same. So even announced recently, some, some changes to positive ones, different submission levels quicker, turnaround time. Every card will be graded. Card will have a photo that can be accessible. So people can cross-reference what they're purchasing or requiring. So I'll you know, you better explain it then I touched on Some of it. I'm not maybe not all of it. Let everyone out there. Know what's going on at SCC with some of those changes. Sure. Thank you. Mentioned. We, you know, it's been no secret that as she sees done are pretty pretty good job of getting the cards in and getting them back and, you know, not an ounce of quality has been sacrificed with that uptick in speed. I guess you'd say,

<span;>Having said that as our capacity is grown. We have come to realize that we can offer more than we were offering. You know, when we set up those two Services. We did it at a time where both companies officially shut its doors covid-19 still, you know, kind of running rampant and there were so many new collectors coming to the Hobby everyday. Just wanting to make a quick flip. And my point is, is we had realized very quickly back then that we didn't have the capability of having for service.

<span;>It just wouldn't work with the the almost uncontrollable inflow that was coming as things started to settle down in the Hobby. And I was able to do not only, you know, higher but also we recently, you know, just got an additional 6,000 square feet of space and more equipment. It became very obvious that now was the time to offer more. So we basically have offered a 10-day service along with a five-day Service. As I said, as first, use me, as you said we're now offering Whirring front and back high-resolution images of every single card that We crave, regardless of value. That's a big security feature. It basically stops holder tampering and pretty much all together. Now, unfortunately, I wish these changes were made 20 years ago. And this company was founded, Unfortunately. They were not. So our data is going back about a year and a half, but moving forward, all of cards graded by SGC will have high resolution images made available to the public on our website.

<span;>So if you're ever interested in buying a car and you could be sure to verify that holders up anticipating by visiting the go SGC.com website. In addition to that. We also made our HD heard high-resolution images available upon receiving, your e-mail with your grades. So obviously, you know, you submit John, you've got to know that a really fun part of the process is to see how you did obviously. And when you see how you did, you also get kind of a sneak peek of Your cards and their new tuxedo holders, only a few minutes after they've left their facility. So it's just a little little value-add there. And the cool thing is while we did this. We actually lowered the price of our most expedited service. We cut that price in half from 250, a car to 125 of hard and we actually were able to offer some of our groups emitters, even more competitive pricing. The bottom line is a value-add with a price drop so that can't see.

<span;>To know it doesn't have. It doesn't seem to happen in 2021 and 2022. So when it does, you know, kudos to you and your team there. And I mean, what happened? It's kind of a dumb question, but I'm assuming response has been pretty good right off. The bat response has been amazing, you know, it really has been the effect that you know, people's comments and opinions have in this hobby just Star. It's extremely impactful. It. Building, you know, we read this stuff. We appreciate the feedback, and it means so much to us. When someone is legitimately happy about the news and appreciative of the news. And as far as that goes. I mean the overall consensus. It's been pretty resoundingly positive. I purposely preface in the video though, you know, a lot of people, every collector has kind of different wants and needs in the Hobby and it's impossible to hit everyone. One at once, you know, and I wanted everyone to realize that we happen to choose these few things to work on and kind of innovate. But we don't want to we're not in the business of gloating like where the heroes by any means. I mean, there's a lot more work to be done. But the bottom line is that means a lot to me that people feel like we're working on it. That people feel like, you know, for whatever I love about SGC or maybe I don't love about SGC at least. I know that they're trying really hard.

<span;>To make something happen over here. And we made a tremendous amount of progress. I mean, it's pretty crazy. If you kind of list, everything out on a bulletin board, what we've been able to accomplish over the last two years or so, but we're already working on the next project job to be honest. We're going to have a nice little update coming soon and it's not going to involve a price increase. So, you know, just another group, you know, this kind of thing is going to keep continuing by the way, so, Like, if you don't like SGC yet. Well, we're only going to get, you know, bigger and just going to keep coming out with this good news. So I don't know why you don't like us now, but hopefully that changes in the near future because we're working really, really hard to just kind of, at the very least, the everyone's kind of hobby friend. You know what I mean? Real real like enemies. The negativity doesn't help anyone. All right time. Once again, hear from one of our great sponsors, but right after that, we'll return to top of more would be your sniper.

<span;>Everybody had you heard of a collectible is the One-Stop shop where any collector combined rate affordable shares in some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world. Starting from just five dollars from 1950 to Mickey Mantle, PSA tens and Wilt Chamberlain's iconic rookie uniform, one of one, Patrick V rpas rare LeBron, James logo man's and everything. In between Collectibles, create a never-before-seen access can opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love. Take care of them. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any Security on investment decision should be undertaken after doing your own research.

<span;>We have returned to talk more with Peter Steinberg of SGC. Your turnaround times, you know, where we reported anywhere from 35 to 45 days. Now, 20 to 25. What do you attribute to the faster? Turnaround times? How why are you getting that done? Yeah, justjust to be clear John. I mean, the turnarounds on was never actually close the 45 to 50 days. I came out with an update. What I had seen is right when we were at about 18 business days. Let's say it's roughly. You know, we were at, let's say somewhere between 18 and 20 business days, but I'm able to forecast, what's coming? Because, remember, when the cards are sent in, they actually wait in line. Most of the time, the actual process itself is not what takes a mug. The issue is the lying, maybe a month-long to be entered into that process. So what I was able to see is when we were 18 or 20 days, I can see. Whoa. This is going to grow and it's pretty obvious how I could see that.

<span;>Is the numbers that are that are kind of in our building the number of cards submitted exceeded the amount of the in send out. So you basically look at what's left over, you divide that by the amount of cards that you can process at a day. And now you see how many business days are going to be falling behind or from next month or so, I was able to see that SGC was on track if it was a 20 business days to get all the way back to about twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, business days. In order to get out in front of that because the one thing I never want to do is tell someone, it'll be 25 days. And then it's 27 days is I decided to say, well, looks like it might get 27 days. So let's Jack the thing up to 45 to 50 days. That way. Anyone submitting will still be receiving their cards. Unbelievably I guess, in an unbelievably quicker amount of time than what they expected. My point is it's basically a big fat under promise and over deliver.

<span;>I tell you, it's not just that. You took the words right? Out of my mouth and that's always, that's always a good thing. And I think people I</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>