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March 4, 2022

Ep.169 w/JB OldTownCards

Ep.169 w/JB OldTownCards

I like folks that give you the straight scoop and are direct, Justin/JB(OldTownCards) is that guy, we had fun discussing Acuna, Soto, The rookie logo, Flagship Topps, the lockout and his interviews of Gary Vee & Phil Hughes.

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I like folks that give you the straight scoop and are direct, Justin/JB(OldTownCards) is that guy, we had fun discussing Acuna, Soto, The rookie logo, Flagship Topps, the lockout and his interviews of Gary Vee & Phil Hughes.

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<span;>10:13 PM
<span;>What is up? Episode? 169, is fourth card Nation. Hope everyone out there is doing good. Another Friday if you're listening. Listening to this, on Show, release date. Let's see what's new in my neighborhood. And well, I've switched over all my showcases, when I say showcases, the carrying cases that carry my show, inventory, to the show's. I had six other cases, if you will, I switched over to our great spots of Pastime, Marketplace to their cases and I should have did it sooner rugged, airtight foam.

<span;>Elation waterproof just look better bigger. I want with the extra large variety. This is not the first time I'm using Pastime, Marketplace cases. I have some already that I use for my PC stuff. But this is just using these now to get my gear to the shows that I do. And glad I made the switch can't recommend these cases enough, you know, we have some sponsors and every one of the sponsors. I've had I've utilized in other words. I'm not just chilling form. I believe in their products, use their products and past that marketplaces. No different. You need some rugged, attractive, get the job done. Cases there, there you're there your company and I'm not just saying that. Even if they weren't a spot sir, I'd be saying the same thing. Also, you know, my I've always talked about how the studio here is.

<span;>The small and had the wax that I have my sea of whack stuff and on, you know, the plastic shelving it gets kind of heavy and shelving sags. It takes, you know, I'm in a tight corner. So I went and got some metal shelving with wheels and again, big difference there. So, you know, you just upgrade things sort of as you go along. So now I can roll my wax stuff around even if the All room, if I can, if I need to move it, I can kind of move it around on the wheels. Don't have a lot of places to go. It's pretty tight in here. But at least I have the ability to roll it out of the way or to another location. So that's that's catching up with some of the personal stuff, side of my hobby. Got a great guest today. Justin Brown more known as JB O-Town cards on Twitter straightforward shooter. Smart guy, smart Hobby.

<span;>Is that very active on Twitter? And I find myself interacting with them. They're a lot. I just thought, man, time to get this guy on the show and he's a great guy. We're going to talk about all sorts of different hobby stuff today and you know, give you a gives you his honest opinion and and most of ours do align but he's one of those guys that tries to help everybody out and be informative and glad he's on the show today. One other house, cleaning. III want to welcome our newest sponsor, Midwest box breaks, great outfit. They do a lot of breaks very Pro Hobby and you're going to hear one of their new ads at the top of the show here. Very soon with a discount code. So pay attention for that to get some save some money Polly 10%, and too happy to have a part of the sports card Nation family, but that being said, let's not waste any more time here in the intro. Get this.

<span;>Started. This is your pal Val from Nascar. Never forget the hobby is the people.

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<span;>All right, joining me now on these fourth tarnation. Guess like it's JB Old Town Cars from Twitter and YouTube and one thing I love about this gentleman, which I like which is refreshing in the hobby. He gives you the straight. He's a straight shooter doesn't mincing words and you know, sometimes we don't have enough of that in the Hobby and I respect them for and A lot of times he's, you know, he's probably right. So welcome jb2, sports car Nation. Yeah, John thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here. Yeah, you know, I know it's the old standby sort of boring podcast, you know, YouTube question. No, but kind of like give, you know, I'm sure you've done it before but kind of how you got started in the hobby kind of that that time - yeah, keep it. I'll keep it brief, but you know basically like

<span;>A lot of people start out as a kid. I was into sports cards a little bit but more like my generation. I think I was like 7 or 8 years old when Pokemon came out. So that was big for me. Play the video games collect the Pokemon cards, and then sports cards as well, had a hobby shop by my house went up there. I mean, everything from Pokemon cards to sports cards to pogs, whatever it may be. And then like a lot of people grew up. And got into variety of things, but actually playing sports going to college. What have you? And then in 2018, a buddy of mine who started getting back into Bowman around like 2015, 16 had mentioned cards, a few times in like group, chats where it's like his football fantasy hockey league and he's like showing pictures modern cards, like ultra-modern cards, I guess. And it started to catch my eye because I collect a lot of cars as a kid. And so,

<span;>I started asking him questions. What have you? And we're in a fantasy, baseball league together. And the year that Acuna came up, was fraud, was where I just started because he was like, so talked about. And I was like, this is a cool time to get in. There's this like Braves Prospect, you know, maybe I'll just maybe I'll buy a box of car. See if I can pull around with the Cure, and that was update. 2018 was just so happens that there's this other player in that same.

<span;>On it. They've won so do. And so, as I was Acuna chasing. I'm also pulling the, you know, the base cards, the most part. I was opening like hangers from Walmart. I'm pulling these the Soto's and I'm actually at the time I'm like disappointed because it's not what I was chasing but I'm like, alright cool. So like now I have all these photos and so do at this time is starting to really come on. At the end of that season. He was a shorter time in his rookie year, which is why he's in so few products, but then, Because of it, I had a handful of this player who ended the year. Well, I just said, you know, I'm like getting into Twitter, figuring out the hobby, like lots of people who got back into it. And, you know, I've learned the term PC, like, things, you know, I'm just like learning alongside like so many people who got back into the Hobby and I was like, oh, I need a PC. And so, you know, I noticed that people even though I was chasing a coon yet, People PC their home team's, I'm wearing hats at and so I'm like, all right. I'm going to PC, W Soto. Well, lo and behold. She's like one of the best young players in baseball. So it worked out really well for me. And I went like from zero to a billion eclectic. And so I went like super hard after one. So it was so kind of set me up pretty well. My buddy also got me into it was integrating. And so, you know, financially, I set myself up well, because I got into some things just right before that. Boom. So, you know, it's given me some flexibility in my collecting as well. So yeah.

<span;>I mean as a kid like many people and then came back in around, you know, 2018 timeframe. Yeah, it's chocolate inside because you know, know when you're a Nets fan and you're going after the kuna to, you know, they meet and I'm I'm a Mets guy. So when we talk about the region and the division, but I get it. I mean, he's obviously, one of those kind of Transit, Transcendent player all that, come along, not all too often. And but, like you said, you did, all right with photo as well. I mean, that's, that's a Bait in the hobby. It's a debate. Baseball. Like who's the best, you know, young player in the league and Heathrow to teach Junior maybe even laddie into the conversation, but about that's about those four guys show. Usually, and, you know, usually comes down to Soto in the Kuno, no, to teach Junior. Emma Guerrero had a great year last year too. So this other guy named, you know, Donny, the funny thing is the funny thing is in 2018 with the Nats. So

<span;>It wasn't the highest touted Prospect. It was actually Robles like Roble, who's the guy in the lobby that everyone was talking about and so it was actually easy to get in on the Soto train because he was only an update. We're Robos had been when he was a series one checklist guy. And so, you know, I was just stacking up u.s. Three hundreds which now have gone down a lot just because the pop on the essay tens nines. And whatever is look, great card still good. No doubt, so I'm just stacking them in like, you know, and I got a head like to the inserts in that that said it was just such a fun set to collect it. I think an update. He had like, I don't know, like six or seven cards. So it's a lot of fun. Like, you got a hanger, you were like almost, you know, maybe one out of every two hangers, you know, like a rookie debut or like and at the time, you know, when you're getting back into collecting those, those cards that, you know, even more worth like, like set five to ten.

<span;>The pay for the Box, you like, is it not so jaded where you pulled like, you know, low numbered cards and stuff. Just like you see, the guy that's got the RC stamp and you're like all fired up when I'm talking about the RC stamps and that's one of my questions on my list. But you mentioned Victor Robles, who like you said, he was even touted higher than Soto early. I like, well, you know, being in That 70s, he does for whatever reason, I have a lot of robes.

<span;>10:25 PM
<span;>It's Just seem to like be a robust magnet when I opened. I've got a decent sized stack. I mean, what I mean, what's the what's the prognosis on him is still making it still happen? Well, I always know I'll go ask a fan of the team a usual especially if they're real, you know, they usually give you the straight scoop about a player. I mean, what's your assessment him? Easy guys. It seems to be very much in his head. You know, he does thing in the field. He's Phenomenal, Gold, Glove level player, but like, you just see it when he has a bat in his hand. And then even when he's running the bases, he just seems lost out there. I think there's a lot of just a lot going on between the ears in terms of like thinking too much not playing and, you know, I hope he could turn it around because he's the best option that the Nats have and center but after watching him, you know, since the World Series, where I think that year, he batted like

<span;>40 to 60 something like that. It's been nowhere near that since. And there's really I mean they said him, they sent him down to AAA last year. There's nothing saying that he's going to turn it around and less, you know, one of the Situation's were bad or meets a friggin batting coach who just has the magic words and the magic of, hey, here's what you should be doing. But if you got Roble stuff, I wouldn't be sitting on it hoping for anything other than to make her clots are. Sorry, that's bad. That's what I like about you. You give the straight scoop when you're asked to your opinion and I admire and appreciate that. Well, you mentioned. Oh my God. Asked I know where this isn't a baseball. Show building, not worth hobby show. But you know, reports are Soto turned down what reportedly like 13 years for like, 350 million dollars again. As an ads fan. I mean, obviously,

<span;>That's your centerpiece. You don't necessarily want to lose them. What are your thoughts have been assuming that all correct? And true. What are your thoughts on that? Yes. So for me, it didn't move my dial much like three and I think where people aren't thinking is it three years in sports? And then, I mean, even in life, is just an, it's just an extremely long time. I understand what Scott boras is doing. He's trying to put pressure on like yeah, I mean, so it was going to free agents.

<span;>Ever. But a lot can happen in three years. You look at a guy like Francisco Lindor. You're a Mets fan, you know, he had a very tough season last year if that season had been the final year of his contract. You know, let's say so do I don't think that that would happen with him, but just anything can happen with 350 million on the lawn, you know, being put down right now. I don't think that that's expected. So to take it. But it's a very good starting point. And so with that amount of time they just A lot of times in negotiating. I don't know why the Nats would come out and say with their first offer with three years to go, we come out and be like here's 500 million. I don't. That would it make sense either on the other side. Like why would you start there? So I think it's like a good faith first offer. Hey, we think you're worth, you know, a lot of money, 20. I think it's 27 million a year. I think that what gets him is somewhere around what trout has at like, I think Trout's like 30 25, the year.

<span;>I think 35 is The Sweet Spot which puts him at like 450 million in total contract value at 13 years. I think that gets it done and I don't think that that for us, that ridiculous, but for them, I don't think that that's that crazy going up, six, seven, eight, eight million a year over that amount of time. So, we'll see. I just the people who were like, he turned it down, like it's going to free agency. I just don't see, I don't see why the Nats would put down a huge offer right away. I don't Ey Boris, would advise Sodor to sign, but at the same time, eventually there's gonna be a number put in front of so do and it's like, hey, man, either, you're taking a huge risk here, you know, think about Acuna this year. I mean, if that happens to so do in the last year of his deal, he goes from 13 years, 350 million or 450 million or whatever it is to. I don't know, a three-year deal. Someone wants to see how his knee holds up. Can you still play in the Outfield? Like is he just a DH? There's just incredible risk there.

<span;>And I think it's a numbers. Big enough they're going. They're going to say we don't, we don't really want to take that risk and it's a lot of different from Boris to want to take the risk, who has, you know, I don't know how many custom clients he has lots and lots of money. So does mean Soto has inside of it must be nice to make like 20% of these contracts without having to hit a fastball, right, but and I think it's hurt. You know Boris is fine but something so does the one who carries all that risk? And I imagine at some point is family's gonna be like Like it, we like this before. Sky once he gets you like the money but also like we could take care of like or entire Hometown in the Dominican Republic for like years. And, you know, we be saying everyone would be sad nor entire extended family, your kids, and grand, kids, and grandkids, grandkids are all far all set for life, you know, is it worth that small amount for huge risk? And that's kind of what, as a Nats fan. I'm banking is, I'm like, eventually someone's going to come.

<span;>Their senses and say, the risk outweighs the reward when the money is this Vic, but maybe I'm wrong. And maybe, you know, I watched it happen with with Kirk Cousins, dude, signed three years. 31-year deals for the franchise tag and football, and walked, and it worked out great for him. He's been a mediocre quarterback, but he's made like 200 million dollars. So, yeah, great Point by you to, you know, mansion and people forget about that. You, you know, that's a starting point to 350. I mean, yeah, it's like an auction, right? Right, when you going to bet on something, you're going to gonna bid low and gradually go up, not the other way around. You can't go the other what? So that's what that is and right away. Like you said, that's how media is an do beat reporters to the minute. Someone doesn't sign, something. He's out of here. He's even we see that another Sports and I, you know, listen, I he's been rumored. He likes the meds, he'd maybe, you know, and I believe me we'd love to have them by. I'm not

<span;>About your mat TV and I but I'm not. Thank you, know what I mean. It's the first offer you. It's the starting point. Like you said, I think you're exactly right. Don't negotiate from there when the window obviously, opens back up. You mentioned Lindor. He was in a terrible Mets. Take debut year and you know, I'm glad we have on but man. I hope he hope it clicks back in here when we get baseball again, and you mentioned, you know these big dog. Dollar double digit year contracts. They are risky proposition a lot can happen. In ten years time, between injuries Talent decline. We've seen that with contracts in the past that are that kind of money pool hole. Steal. A rod gills of similar where the teams are sort of kind of locked in when they didn't even want to be anymore. Hard to get off the contract and so man, you had to be so sure when you're given those kind of deal.

<span;>Of that. You given it to the right person in the right players. You never know. Even when you think you do, you know, One play can change the complexion of that deal. So, we'll see when we get baseball again. And these two sides can get on the same page and figures harassment, going to step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be right back with JB. Last time. Marketplace has a line of grated guard cases that are waterproof, airtight dust tight and hardened to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam so you don't have to cut and tear the foam when you get your case. The pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett SGC and CGS, slab store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace. Check them out at www.hsn Marketplace.com.

<span;>Towards Carnation is back with more with JB. I just wish this sport players in and I both sides are not going to pick what players and owners of like learn from past mistakes. When you've had work stoppage in the past and start the game. And you know, here we are dealing with a pandemic. And you know, I know there's important points on both sides and they want to accomplish, but, you know get you know why I heard one day. They met for like, 15 minutes another day, an hour. You know, I've said this on the show before I get in a room, lock the door order, some food. Stay in like a jury, like a jury delivered, stay in there 8 to 10 hours and get some stuff going. Even if he don't come to agreement that day, hash some stuff out because like, you know, to me a 15-minute meeting, just tells me that that's not eat that. I mean that that speaks volumes to

<span;>I'll bury side Watson where they can only meet for 50. Minute, so, these guys got to get in that room and, you know, you know, you got maybe have to give up something to get something but, you know, I think the fans have always been supportive of both players and the owners and the organs get a deal done. If not for nothing, but the fans of your sport that allow you to make that kind of money in the first place. So we'll see. We'll see, you know, here's here's a Mets in figures, right? With the men. Let's get get some some big-name frieden said lighted by shares or and we might not even, you know, we're get some new toys. They might not even get to play with them. So hey, I feel it. I feel that man. The Nats won the World Series and then we had a 16-game season the next year. In fact, fans couldn't go, we get to say, I had tickets to opening day and it got cancelled. I didn't get to, you know, I was going to be there, see, you know, them for the first time since they won the World Series.

<span;>10:35 PM
<span;>Unlike being excited about a season and then a, you know, it not happen for the thats an issue here. I don't have to write home about the wolf will see, I guess, you never know this division. They just beat up on each other so much and pretty much split. Like it's really what you do outside. Yeah, version that sort of wins wins the Division so it's going to be interesting that even a year. You want it, you know, congratulations there. I didn't think you guys had the team to do but you proved me wrong. So again, you don't know, right? You just made me think you do. You don't. So we'll see. And the same with the Mets. I feel good. I'm not going to claim or you know, they're going to win the world says, I feel there in the mix but, you know, a lot of things, a lot of things can happen. Injuries some padlock didn't nose, but hopefully we get to watch some baseball. Guess is the, you know, like you said cross your but let's let's turn it back to the Hobby. JB, you mentioned rookie cards, you know, big guy.

<span;>They this year, right? The Wonder Franco Bowman best, you know, back it said hey, we're going to recognize it as a rookie card. Obviously 2022. Tops Flagship is out that has an RC logo on it that's going for selling for probably a lot more than it should be. Honestly, as people, you know fomo fear of missing out, foaming really kind of went Bowman came back, and I'm not talking to 89. Nine in condition of indication of it, but you know more of the Bowman the draft and then with the prospect cards, it really sort of Muddy the waters to a once a rookie is is the first Bowman and what it is. I'm a fan. I like first Bowman in my own sort of mine. I consider it like, the first card player. If that player winds up becoming a star in the in the mode of a solo and a coup know we've already talked about the first moment.

<span;>Is a nice car to have. I know it's no bones, not a short printed brand or moment draft or you know, whatever, you know, lying. A Bowman is 50 to choose from. I left half of them out. But so I kind of cheat and I'll say listen the rookies are the first cards that come out after they make the W and the first cards have a significance to me. It's probably that stuff in between those two for two, kind of points. It's that aren't as special least in my book. Do you know what your thoughts are? Whether it's don't the Wonder debate. That kind of was the Hot Topic this past month. Two months. And just the rookie card in general. Yeah for sure. So I think the standard The Stance I'm going to take is it very much tops, drops the ball. I'll just a lot on things if we use the the RC stamp.

<span;>They confused. They just make it confusing. I made it. I made a post the other day about Randy, Randy Rose Arena. I mean, Randy. Arose Arena was think three and a half. He made his debut. Three and a half months after Vlad Guerrero jr. Vlad, Guerrero jr. Made his first appearance in 2019 Series 2, and then arose arena is the following year. He then, two years later is getting rookie cop. On his car to mean the guy's been in the majors for four years. If it seems like tops does a lot of thing holds people back in sets, all in an effort to capitalize financially, which they are completely allowed to do. But the problem is that there's not precedent there, just doing things like. Okay, you mentioned that the player needs to make their debut, but they change the game with Louis Robert on that because Louise Robert had it

<span;>Debut, but they needed a name to put in a project. And in 2019 Series 2, they needed someone in that product because if you opened that product product, it is absolutely terrible. There's one player in that product. Everyone else is like guys down the roster who have made like an appearance as relief pitchers and, and who knows what? It's one of the worst releases since I've gotten back into the hobby that I've opened. And Luiz Robert didn't qualify based on. On what we were, we kind of like That is our precedent, which is like, they make their debut and then tops, after their debut, picks their set, that they're going to go into then this wander situation. I looks like his just oversight on top sparked. Like they didn't know what the rules are supposed to be. I don't think that they intended for that to be his rookie card. I think they've said that it's not. And I'm talking about the 2021 Bowman's best for me, the way I look at it and know what, you know, what? I've kind of said is, look, I'm I don't care, not that, I don't care about like the history and stuff. The people who are much more vocal on the history of the Hobby and traditions, and things like that are going to speak to that. I'm going to look at it from, you know, what kind of public perception is on that card over to. I think that the vocal - of people fighting for that card will decline over time. That's my view. If you look at there was there was like a

<span;>Guy Mahomes. Rookie a dirt. I think it's I don't know football like high-end ball and basketball as much as I know this fall. But like, I know that there's a very high-end football, and basketball product. It doesn't it even though it's the rookie year. It doesn't stamp as just escaping my mind right now doesn't stay up the RC logo and it goes for significantly less than other cars like National Treasures or whatever. They do, have the RC logo on it. You'll see a lower numbered Mahomes recently went for like a tenth of the price. Is of a higher numbered Mahomes that had the RC so like things like that, just matter these days to collectors whether you agree with it or not. So for me, if I was putting my money in Wander, which I'm not. Just because I had, I did the collect everybody thing and I've really brought my collecting back more into PC stuff and DC players and things like that. Just cause I was getting spread way to all over the place. So I'm not saying, I don't believe in one.

<span;>Or anything. But if I was putting my money into wander, I'd probably be saving for like, either 2022, tops, Chrome, or I'd be looking at his bowmen first and things like that. My money would not be going to what it seems like just a quality control problem from tops. That it's a people that they may be right about how to know that getting lots of people on Twitter or whatever agree idea. I don't know. I think the, you know, the what the money is going to tell the story in the end of Do those cards continue to rise? They've done. Well, to this point. I think they still think that they still sells for like 20 $25 or something, which is more than the flagship, but the flagship basis like zillion copies on our yeah, we're talking about that's on my list. That's what actually my next point. But yeah, it's it's confusing. Like you said, I think, you know what? When people ask me JB, I just said, listen, if you like the card, you know, collector card and still an early card, you know, even

<span;>With a Bowman first, the first card, so if that's, you know, if you rent, you know, I kind of not they're not the same obviously, but when you look at comic books, right, first appearance, it's not even in that characters. Own comic do. Sometimes they appear in another one. Then they get their own, their own comic book their own show. So, in those first appearance comic books are worth if that becomes a popular character or show those first appearance comic books are worth. You know, a lot of money I kind of look at that too with you know, first Bowman cards do old of value if that player performs. Well, you know, we get into the regular mainstream tops and all the mainstream Brands. I guess you consider them. I again I'm going back to what I already said. I guess I look at it like almost two sets of rookies, right? The first card still hit the market of that player and then the first cards after they've been up in.

<span;>In the league and first mainstream, it's that stuff in between. That doesn't knock my socks off. But again, to each their own, right, I guess. At the end of the day, when there's no definitive answer, like you said, and another good point by you sort, we have rules, but they sort of like, Get Rewritten by the people making the product. We don't have, you know, it's not like the Constitution right, where you can, you point to each Amendment and say, you know, here, Here's how it reads, and Freeport tries to rule by that when they make judgments, we don't have that in not on the hobby side of the house. So like tops does with what they wanted and when they want to do it and we kind of pivot try and figure it out. Yeah. And a lot of it. You said it let's be real right? Its Financial base of decision. If you think, if you think it is, it you probably fooling yourself. They're done this long enough to know there's financial and there's usually a mess. Method to the madness. And so I guess it's, you know, it's at the end of the day, right at cards worth what someone's willing to pay for the markets, really going to really answer. Probably that question for all of us, whether we might not agree with it, but I guess the proof will be in that pudding, right. Time to take another quick break, but we'll be right back after that. The sports card shot is your small town local card shop with a global reach.

<span;>New Buffalo MI Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the midwest. In addition to being an authorized Panini direct dealer, his sports card shop, carries all major trading card Brands, including Tops Upper Deck, Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh, and more with all that new wax a half million singles and showcases full of greeting cards. You're sure to find something great for your collection. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned collector, the sports card shop is your One-Stop shop. So call us come. See us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is two six nine four, six nine zero, one four. Zero website is the sports card shop at Mo co.com. The sports card shop is part of the Moko. Retail Group connecting Sports The Hobby and people around the world. We are back with more from JB. You know, we were talking about Flagship. You posted something on yourself.

<span;>10:47 PM
<span;>Based on the Gold's you figured out production and you came up with that. The 2022. Tops Flagship is seven times. What was pretty 2019 and it wasn't short for it in 2019. So the more or less stories is going to be a lot of this product. Like you said, these winders that are going for 20, 25 bucks. They're dead. They're not going to be hard to find if you want to find a, you know, is this good? Or bad like this, some people JB and I kind of can make an argument for both sides of this coin it. Some people can say, you know, what, at least we can get some stuff and find some stuff and have have a flagship brand available to us where for you'd go into retail and the shows will be there. So for that for that I get it, you know, other people say well flagships not meant to be a short printed product anyway or a limited product. It is what it is.

<span;>It's meant to be opened a lot of it, and then there's others that will say, you know, hey, this is water down the market way too much. Maybe you get some of the even though accounts, you know, the environmental people say that's a lot of trees, 420 420 22 tops, but all joking aside, you know, you got both sides of the aisle. He you know, kind of where do you fall? I'm somewhere in the middle. I can I, you know, I know it's kind of Washy, but I guess it depends on the day, you know, I don't really like things that are always mass-produced. But I also don't like not being able to get stuff and you know, I guess I'm the in at least, on this topic of sort of the the, you know, I want my cake and eat it too kind of guy, but kind of your thoughts on this sort of production level with 2022 tests legs. Yes. So for me, it's kind of the opposite because now they've printed. So,

<span;>Watch that. I won't buy it. I was always like, a personal case breaker for Flagship, since I started in 2018, got hooked in, 2018 bought my first case, 2019 Series 2. And then kind of had that ritual of like one to two cases for myself of tops Flagship. I loved it. It's what brought me back into the hobby. I enjoyed opening and now I don't open it. I don't mind, it's fine. They can put it on every shelf, all over the world and have Millions and millions of cards in there and there's going to be the million wander Franco cards. I just won't buy that wax because financially it just doesn't make sense. And if I'm going to go and just flush money down the toilet, I'll find other things to go do it with. I just open the cake instead of a series, one Flagship case. I just opened a case of Star Wars Signature Series, which was a lot more fun because I folded voice service that I've never pulled before.

<span;>So for me, I kind of just follow the trends and make my decisions based on what I see and for me what it became was. I just am not going to touch this anymore because it's not for me because I just think that it's a losing Endeavor. If it's the same price as what I was doing back in 2019 and my chases in 2019. We're definitely the Gold's those were, and that's what I collected for a while where the, where the gold numbered out of that year. So out of 29, G20 19 out of 20 in 2022, but my odds of pulling a wander Franco versus at at ease or seven times worse. The same price of a box I can't look. Inflation is not is not great, but it's not that bad as I can't bring myself to pay the same price for something that is seven times harder to get. So for me. I've just like Shark Tank like and for that reason, I'm out, you know, I just like and if I want to buy singles like,

<span;>Of a so Torres or praying or super short brand or whatever it, maybe I'll do that. I'll buy them on eBay, but you're not going to find me ripping that product. It's just a losing Endeavor and just like, you know, top. So if that's what you want to do, you want to you want to Prince up to the Moon, then you just, you know, you lost me but maybe against the kids. So I don't know. We'll see how it shakes out, his kind of like the approach that I'd say. Yeah, you know, my Approach, I would normally under under normal condition. I'm a guy will buy a 125. I've boxes somewhere in between of the flagship every year, you know, open them up. Kind of 2022 for me. It's going to be, you know, if I go to Walmart, not not for cards. I mean, I'm just at Walmart General. I'm going to go and grab some, you know, they got the 2-pack blister packed. Like today. I went to Walmart and I bought two of the blister pack. So in a sense for PacSun cards, I'll pack so, you know, wound up the rib that's going to be sort of my your approach with Flagship. I'm not gonna go crazy. I'm in Walmart for not car. Cards. And I'm going to throw them in my car and grab a couple packs and that's almost like buying a couple lottery tickets, you know, downloading the convenient very well make it. As you know, I may do the same thing. But look, you were a 125. I assume you're saying hobby boxes. Maybe it's blasters. I'm not sure. But you went from that, and you did the same thing, which is the way down. So, tops is losing out on the people who have the financial means to spend a lot of money with that to me. That seems like

<span;>Bad decision. I do, I'm not running their books. Maybe they're killing it with kids and other people are opening these things or Breakers or something. But from my standpoint, I'm looking at two guys who love opening cards. We do it all the time and both of us are saying they're printing more and we're opening less the supply and demand doesn't makes like the economics of that. Don't seem to make sense. Yeah. I don't want to speak for cops. I don't know this for told me this from top. So my guess is there. Reacting to kind of what we saw the last couple years. Like, hey, I Can't Get Enough. Stock shelves are bare, you know, Distributors are jacking prices up holding product back. I think it's their reaction again. I could be wrong. That's just my, you know, speculation. I think that stops / Fanatics even though I don't think Fanatics has a hand in it just yet. I think that's the least tops reaction those folks that are like, hey,

<span;>I can't find this stuff. I want to open it, but it's gone. I think that's the reaction. But, you know, when you do that, right? Like you just said, as consumers, we have to make, you know, decisions on where our money goes. And so I'm going to open some but it's just going to be here and there, you know, pick my Spots. I'm not going to go nuts. It's I'll use like the lottery ticket kind of analogy, you know, you go to convenience, store, to grab some Milk and bottle catch up and you go up to the counter and you're like, you know, what? Give me a to the Win For Life. Still, right? And, you know, that's kind of my Approach would probably a flagship this year. I may wind up, opening a box you to box, just like, Tech get it out like piece by piece that I'm, you know what? I mean? I'm not ordering hobby, boxing Lee pre-order, like exciting for release day and one thing I'll say, John in my opinion.

<span;>I wish that they were, I'm totally for them putting product shelves. I guess. I just kind of wish they would have done it with like opening day or like Gypsy queen or like something else. Like and I can I get you actually said earlier, you know Flagship should be available. So maybe I'm just being selfish. I don't know. I for me I do wish because it's something that I really enjoyed and I just feel like it's not the juices and squeeze any more. But yeah, I wish can't couldn't they have just mass-produced of D-Day. There'll be plenty of

<span;>Wedding day for kids and everybody. Yeah. Well, who knows? We'll see when I will tell ya, you know, but, you know, once Fanatics gets involved to what we're going to see some changes. What those are. We'll have to wait and see. We might get more direct. Maybe, maybe they do, watch what they're producing to becomes more direct to Consumer, you know, everyone can order two boxes, you know, I don't know. I'm just throwing spaghetti. At the wall and kind of set Stakes. But it's going to be it's going to be different would Fanatics pulling the strings. You know, how different will have to look hot, you know, I someone asked me and I get that question to a lot since Fanatics acquired cops. Like, you know what he thinks, you know, what do you think? I'm like, I don't know. But the only thing I'll say is this much they paid a lot of money for those licenses. They were business. They go to want to make their money back and they it has. I'm not picking. I'm not, I'm not criticizing for that.

<span;>Just Academy economics, 101. You know, when your Is and whatever your overhead is, you got to match that and go beyond that to be profitable. So then they've already spent like 12 billion dollars. So, I mean, if they're starting out in a pretty significant hole. Yeah, so that's that's where I'm a little leery this to where production of come in and I don't know anything. I don't have any, you know, in the insider trading kind of information. It just when you do the math, right, you know, what, something costs and you know, to make that money back you got To make product and so we'll see, we'll see. And, you know, but if you look at 2022, Flagship is sort of the first Servo. That might be an indication of where, where, where we're heading. But again, well, that's tough kind of happen before we, you know, kind of mail. And I don't want to say mail in but, you know, predict, I mean, all we can do is tend to guesstimate and speculate it will be up to them the, the unit prove us, right? Or prove us wrong, I guess.

<span;>Going to take a quick bathroom break, but we'll be right back with JB after that. Iron sports guards is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnarou</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>