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March 18, 2022

Ep.171 w/K-Dub(Kyle)

Ep.171 w/K-Dub(Kyle)

Kyle(K-Dub) wears many hats, Dad, Husband, Teacher, Coach, Rapper, Hobbyist and he brings positivity to everything he does and it's real. He brings people together. On this episode we talk Hobby, life, teaching & Battle Rap.

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Kyle(K-Dub) wears many hats, Dad, Husband, Teacher, Coach, Rapper, Hobbyist and he brings positivity to everything he does and it's real. He brings people together. On this episode we talk Hobby, life, teaching & Battle Rap.

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8:23 PM
Welcome to another sports guard nation podcast, the show that brings you all the important hobby. News, discussions, debates, opinions, info and interviews with G Hobby and sports dign. 

The cards. 

John Newman. What is up, episode 171 of the sports coordination podcast? Man. That's crazy. When I think about that, we're 29 away from the big 200 episodes and, you know, just crazy to think that, you know, this is a once a week show. As far as sports carnation goes and where it's that close to the 200 episodes. That's just man. It's it's crazy to think about but we're 29 away. Let's let's talk about this one episode 171, my guess today Kyle aka dove from Twitter. You know, when we talk about great hobby people, he's right there at the front of the list. This is a guy that just really sweats positivity helpful to everybody tries to bring people together. Not tries, he does bring people together, but tries to bring his, as many people together as he can, and it's that kind of stuff to me is contagious. You can never have enough of that. There's no ceiling when it comes to that and he's manner wears many heads. He's, he can wrap, he's a teacher, he's a father, a husband, a coach. And obviously, a hobbyist. Had his appearance on this week's show. And speaking of, of rapid, he's he did. A rap called hobby family, little play on Wiz Khalifa's black and yellow, which has a Steeler fan? No, I like that song, but for a little spin on it, would with a hobby flavor. I didn't get a song called hobby. Family did a video, it goes along with it, where, you know, people from the hobby made little cameos of yours. Truly was included awesome to be part of that. And that's the kind of stuff that you know, cow does that just it's contagious. It's important and I can't have enough for that. There's no ceiling positivity or there shouldn't be anyone. He brings people together the hobby outside the hobby. Obviously, as a teacher. And I want to talk about that, you know, I'm profession and knowing his background. When I was in the process of making that transition to my new career and even obviously since actually doing it. I I've, you know, picked his brain a lot, he's been very helpful, very open and glad to be in that fraternity with him and and many other great hobbyists and just teachers in general, and he helped me out considerably. I thank them off the air on air. And again, here in the intro and great conversation, we're talking a lot about life, I'm not gonna lie to you in this interview, you know, some hobby, but some life too. And he's graciously allowed me to play. I talked about that hobby family rap. He's a little allowed me to play the audio, so look for that. On the episode. It will be after our conversation immediately. After that, I will play it and that I believe I'm not mistaken. That's it's podcast debut. I don't believe it's been used or played on any other podcast. So there you go. But cows a great guy and glad to call my friend and can never have enough cows in the hobby. So, I don't even want to go too long here in the open. We'll just get to get to the show. Hey what's up? It's your boy, Cato at Mr. Cato on Twitter. And remember the hobby is the people. 

All right. Happy to be joined by a very talented individual. Someone I've gotten to know and happy to call a friend. He's a, I don't know what order I should put these in. He's a a father, a hobbyist, a rapper, a teacher, I probably left something out. Mr. K Dub himself, cow. Welcome to sports gardening. Bob for say, having me on, man. This is awesome. It's an honor. Yeah, I'm glad, I probably like, I told you I should have answered, but, you know, sometimes things get, you know, get crazy, but here you are and glad to have you better late dent and ever as they say, and, you know, hobby wise what, you know, what do you collect? What, what picture interest you know? I'm sure we'll probably talk a little bit about the story of growing up, you know, I got into cards and kind of that middle school era and I was a big bull span so it was all MJ all the time but then kind of when I when I kind of got out of the hobby is when I really started, you know, finding some love for my favorite NFL team which is the Minnesota Viking. So that is my I would say my is the Minnesota Vikings. Young old vintage to a new age stuff. I love it all and then I got a couple other little side PCs Cooper cup. He went to Eastern Washington. I was collecting Cooper cup before, it was a Super Bowl MVP. Just so, you know, I met him when I was in at ini at Eastern and just an amazing dude. And so a lot of respect for him, he's actually one of the real reasons that I started collecting cards in. I wanted to start picking up stuff of him and then I John Stockton is another Washington dude. So, I like to pick up his cards. And then I like to think of myself. As the bishop sankey super piece here, who is a former Spokane. Native UW running back, Tennessee, Titan and finished his career with the Minnesota Vikings. So, technically, he's part of my Vikings. So, I got to ask him that, I know they just won the Superbowl. I mean, I mean, a dream for, you would probably be what Cooper Cup to the Vikings. Don't get my hopes up like that, man. Oh yeah, I think that would be incredible. Unfortunately, the Vikings are kind of stacked at wide receiver right now, so I don't know that. I'd want to go to a team where he wouldn't get as many looks as he gets with the Rams but just a guy named Justin Jefferson. And some other guy Adam Thielen is not that bad. But yeah but yet Cooper cutman, incredible year. I mean legitimate could have won the MVP as a traditionally enough quarterback award. It was again but yeah, I wanted a greatest wide receivers seasons in history. The game wanted to triple crown in receiving with for those don't know. That's most catches most yards and most touchdowns that doesn't happen even with some of the greats in that wide receiver position. Very few lead, all three statlines and Cooper cup did that this year. So you picked a good guy and by all accounts everything I hear about him is great of a player is he's a great person as well, so that's nice. I'll let go. That means he is great. A person as he is a player. The way I met Cooper was, I was doing youth ministry in teeny where Easterns at, and he came in and spoke just, he was a star Eastern and we were trying to get some athletes to come in. And we asked him, and he came in and talked, and hung out with middle school in high school, kids for the whole night. So, just any, just a great guy. So, yeah. Good due to collect, and just, and there's an example, right? Good things happen to good people and and he's one of the hardest workers I've ever met. So, yeah. Now you gotta get them to try to get them to come back and show up when he gets a Super Bowl ring. Show that thing off to the kid. I'm sure though. Don't sure don't want to put that on and watch it swim around there their fingers, but now that's awesome. And it's good. It's it's nice. You know, it's always good when you hear someone that's not just talented, but good person. Absolutely. So I got to ask you from the Washington area. How does, you know, you would assume, you know? See Hawks. But out of liking was it wasn't a particular player. It's actually my dad. My dad grew up in Minnesota in the 70s when the Vikings were it, you know, for Super Bowl, they didn't win any, but they were, it's family friend, the purple people leaders. And when I was in fourth grade and all my buddies were getting their cool, you know started jackets of the bulls and the Tar Heels and the Cowboys, my dad bought me a purple Minnesota, Vikings jacket. And the rest is history. Been disappointed ever since. So I want 100% to my dad. Yeah, well at least here you're loyal you have a job ship and you know that, you know, I like Mike Zimmer I don't know what well now he's called. Yeah. So but you know, I thought he was gonna get it done but they got, they got players maybe. Maybe a new voice in the locker room is what they will see it. We'll see what happened. They're not the worst team and, you know, and they're always seem to be in the mix, you know? I mean, that's always, they always seem to find a way to break my heart. So I appreciate about him. So I, you know, all the things are saying is true, they got a great offense, I really like this new coach, I think he's gonna be offensive minded, but they're gonna point. It's gonna happen. John 100%, you know. Well let's say what's hoping using reverse ecology I've gotten set. Well, some eventually have to 

They got a new voice. So, you know, one thing I love about you is, is your positivity man. It's you know, it's contagious. It's genuine, but you know sometimes people Do things and it is more for show but, you know, you walk your talk, as they say, I love it. I tried to interact it as much as I can with that. You've done, you know, speaking of ramping, you've done, you know, Xavier ABS positive, where you Incorporated, other people hooting myself in that urn it as a Cooperative effort. It's awesome stuff where we always. 
Positive person or is that something that, you know, as you've gotten older that you've kind of honed in on, or is it something that wasn't still that you and you had an earlier age? Yeah, you know, I think, I think I've always been an optimist, you know, I've always tried to look at things on the positive side, I've always tried to the glasses, always have full, you know, growing up. I didn't have everything that I wanted, you know, but I had enough and I always tried to kind of just take that and go and I think that positivity, something we all have in grain inside of us, you know, some of that goes back to just my faith. I think we're all created as good and I think there's good in all of us. And so I just tried to live that example and be that example of of good and hope and happiness. And you know, as well as I know there's far more negative in the world than positive and if I can skip the scale, just a little bit by all means. You know, I want to do. 

8:37 PM
Well, you don't need me to tell you. Well, you don't need me to tell you. 

Right, other people and kind of, that's stuff. You know, you one person turns into two, people turns into four people, you get to just aware. I'm going here, that's stuffs important. And like you said, is the there is negativity and hobby. 99% of the hobby is good. Good things in good people, you have the 1%, but that 1% likes to likes to scream and yell out real loud. And, you know, it's up to the good folks, to sort of try to drown that out with positivity is as much as you can. I learned, you know, even I you're big on Twitter, which is where I pretty much go home base as well. And, you know, if you, if you want to find it and stuff, it's not hard to find and, you know, three hours later you lost all that time and you, you know, better to show for. And I'm not saying I've never done it, but it's those few times I did. I'm like, I can't get that three hours back going and, and I don't feel good about anything that happened in that three hours, it wasn't like it was a productive three hours. So you learn, like, I'm just not gonna go down that rather no one's gonna win. It's gonna make me kind of feel bad and yucky and dirty and want to take a shower and that time, whatever time I spent. But in that process is gone and can't go back and get it back. You know, you learn and some people thrive, you know, I think, you know, this as well as I do cows, some, some people love that stuff for their own reasons. So I've just learned that it's to avoid it. What you do is a good way to do that you incorporate again. I love how you incorporate, you know, not just positive yourself, but trying to get as many people kind of the the pickup that torch and and, and go which and that's a good thing going to step aside for a real quick commercial break but we'll be right back with more with KW. Hey everybody, have you heard about collectible It's the one-stop shop where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares and some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world. Starting from just five dollars From 1952 Mickey Mantle, PSA, tens and Wilt Chamberlain's iconic. Rookie uniform to one of Patrick from the homes RPAs rare LeBron. James logo mans and everything in between collectibles. Creating never before, seeing access and opportunities for all. Let's grow the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation by any secure All 

Carnation is back with Kda, talk about the hobby fam, that the hashtag in the group like what how did that become about? Well I think, you know, I know you say this, you know, the hobby is the people and I think if you were, if I was to show you my collection, it's nothing special. I mean I have a handful of boxes in a closet. It's not like I have, you know, I'm hiding, you know $50,000 cards or Jordan rookies or trout autos. Like my collections very simple, but my belief is the hobby. Is the community. The hobby is the people, the hobby is the interactions. And so, that's the whole whole message behind hashtag hobby. Family is just, we're all in this with the same focus collecting cards, but it's bigger than cards interacting with one another. It's connecting with one another, it's trading with one another. It's, you know, snagging a card for a buddy or getting a group together and racking a card for another friend. You know, it's kind of that all for one, one, for all mentality that all in this together, we're all silly dudes. That collect cardboard with athlete spaces on it. But there's relationship there, there's community there, there's fellowship there. And so that's the heart behind. You know, the hobby family is just that we are family and as you said there, there can be some some bad eggs in a family. But you know, that doesn't mean they're not still part of the family and we can't still invite them in and I've been amazed at the amount of people who have jumped in and enjoyed in. I mean, even that hobby family rap video. I mean there was a hundred people that sent videos in or sent me their logo for their breaker group, or I needed. It was really neat to see. The community be a part of that. And that's my heart. You know, I'm not, I'm not the biggest collector. I can't snag. The biggest cards I can't get in every break, but I can you interact and connect and build relationships. It's what is all about. That's yeah. And in my head top, but kudos, you know, if anyone that thinks that's easy to get a group of people together to do, send their video segments in and it's looking for us to send them in to you. You gotta, you got a piece that all together and edit it and put the, the music to the background. Make it fit. And I mean, awesome job. Like, I don't know how many times I watch it, they not for me. I'm I ugly that thing up with this mug, but just, just knowing what it was about and, and the premise behind it and work, you did to put it together for one person to say, hey, let's do this. And, you know, do it all basically yourself, other than us doing our two to four second parts. It's you doing all the behind the scenes, you know what work if you will and don't get together so we can can smile when we watch it and like you said have that come right away and good feelings? What is what the hobby should be about? And so, and I know, I know you not the first time you've done that either. It's not like, okay, something you do, and I tell people, I love that stuff. Like I really enjoyed media and video editing and I love doing the music stuff. And so, you know, people ask me, you know, you know why I take it on and I actually enjoy it. I enjoy being able to collect videos from people and try to think about the best way to put them together or how to match this track with this video. And so a lot of that's just just my own hobby, I guess. My second hobby, you know, doing music and doing video editing stuff, it's just it's fun. It is a little bit of a task though, when you get in with 50 to 100 emails in your daytime and working. So, well, you do a great job and thank you, awesome stuff. And you're going back to 77 with the cards about where your collection. 

Oh you collect, you know, that's all that matters. Frankly. I mean it's nice to have expensive car that get it but sometimes I think and I think I can be guilty of this at times myself. I think sometimes we put too much emphasis on that when when always the focus so I always say happy your way collector you want. Now let's leave you know your Cooper collection your Cooper cup collection, just rose in value from. Yeah and yeah I'm kidding with you but you know, it's have long the hobbies fun to you, you enjoy it. That's that's the the number one and, you know, how we can talk about. People are very expensive collections but just seem to be grumpy and complaining all the time. So the dollar value of a collection is only one small part of those story. Like you said, the people behind the cards. How I acquired this? I traded this this person you know random act the kindness yummy all those you can't put price on those things and frankly they shouldn't put a price on those cactus stories. So that's, you know, that's what it's about. So awesome. There cards were stories. I mean, that's, that's about whole PC right there, man. I mean, my probably my most expensive card in my collection. Is a Randy Moss rookie auto and yeah, it's my favorite, it's my favorite card because not because it's my most expensive but because Jimmy may have sent it to me as a rack. And yeah, I see that card. I don't think. Oh, wow. This card's worth this much amount. I think man. Jimmy thought enough of me to send me a card of my favorite Viking. So yeah, that's it right there. I mean, but I got, I got nickel and dime cars that have the same. Give me the same feelings as well, you know. So many me, a bishop sankey auto, that was two bucks in a bin. And I'm like, wow! Somebody thought enough of me to send me this card or cards were stories of my favorite. That's my whole PC. My PC is what you doing it, right? You're doing it right? And you don't need again. You don't need me to tell you that something real time. I appreciate it. Going to take another quick break, just to pay a couple bills but we'll be right back with more. From K. Done this sports card shop is your small town, local card, shop with the global reach located in New Buffalo. Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the Midwest. Shop carries all major trading card brands. With all that in. Whether you're just starting out or a season collector, the sports card shop, is your one-stop shop. So call us. Come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is 269-469-0140, website is the sports card shop, at Moco.com. The sports card shop is part of the Moco retail group, connecting sports the hobby and people around the world. We are back with Jada, so I got into the teacher fashion this year. This is your profession. I can speak for myself. It's been and I'm still knowing I don't want to sound like I'm done, but it's just been an absolute blast to me. I don't want to speak for you. Go out to me. It's not even. Doesn't even feel like work. I've coached high school sports. I was been involved in youth sports, but this is my first real foray. My previous job, I was teaching older people, like in the workforce in an orientation class for for trucking companies, so the classrooms not foreign territory, but for on a student level other than coaching, sports the classroom, sort of a different setting, but I took a lot of those experiences from those other experiences, whether be by previous job, or youth schools or high school sports and bring it to the classroom. It's some nice frankly should have did sooner and that's a big regret if I have one, I plan on continuing to stay in it and hope you know, when I'm retired and retiring from the teaching profession and and that's something else. But you know, I know when I took the job, I know when you I know I have a few friends local here that are teachers that I talk to, but I also talk to you and I want to thank you for, you know, answering some questions and give me some encouragement and you know, I'm having a lot of fun in. I know you don't know what I mean. You know, to, to have a job. Like I say to the word job is the job, you know. But I don't look at it as a job. I said it's really been a blast but to have an impact on young, folks that kind of look up to you, I mean that you can't put a price on that. 

8:49 PM
It's it's to come home every day and It's it's to come home every day and 

Don't don't give you that, that feeling it. So, you know, again, I want to thank you for, you know, answered some questions. Give me some encouragement, but talk about it was teaching, you know, I got, I'm in it late. You were in longer and sooner was that something you always kind of? That's what you wanted to do. You know that? That is a great question. No, it is not. I didn't have teaching on my radar until I was 19, no one in my family is teachers. I don't have any education, you know, relatives or anything like that, but it like you said coaching kind of open up this idea in my head that that maybe teaching was an option in my life. I started coaching in 19 at the middle school and in the town that I grew up for basketball. And I loved it, man. I love working with kids. I loved teaching them their skills. I loved seeing them grow over the season, kind of like you were saying those. You know, that's short-term gross that you see every day in your classroom and so then I I just kind of went into that route that I'd like to be a teacher because I wanted to be a coach and now I teach because I loved to teach I would I would do it. Even if I couldn't coach, it's the best gig on the planet. I love like exactly what you said, no day. That I come to my job. Do I feel like I do work because I love it. I enjoy it. It's fun. It's challenging, you know, to try to think of ways to engage 12, 13, 14 year, olds every single day. It's, it's the best. You're in the world, then? No, I it. I can, I can second dad. I know you have more experience. I don't want to act like, you know, Hear you. And that's the thing too. Is every day going to work. I look forward to it. You know, the couple weeks ago, I didn't feel great and I'm not calling out. I'm going to work. So get up. And, and, you know, and what to work, it was probably a previous job ahead. I might, and I don't call out of much anyway, but it might have been, it would have been a easier decision to maybe call out take a day off. Yeah. You know, like, I know that when you're a teacher and you call out, you still have to do the work because so it's not like, oh, I'm calling sick. No one's gonna be at my desk. No, somebody's gonna be at my desk and they're gonna expect what the kids get. It's true. Kids get used to, you know, I'm gonna assistance. So, I'm in the room with the teacher, but yeah, he was out eight days. So I was the teacher, there was eight days and not that fuck. Yeah. Oh, it was good. I tell you what it was good and, you know, a real quick story. We, you know, one of the young ladies that didn't wanted a classes, she doesn't have a filter. She'll tell you how it is. Yeah, and the, after that first day now I've done it about 10 days, but after that first day, she came up to me at the end of a class or the bell wrong and you know she goes, you know, Mr. Newman, you didn't do as bad as I thought you were gonna and her name's Bala. You know, obviously we'll say your last name. Yeah, you know about I said, Bella coming from you, but that's a huge compliment. We both have and that, those little things like that, man, that just seems so, you know, someone else beyond that's cute but that'll make you day like that made my day and really it was early. It was early in the day and it sort of the edge off the rest of the day because my mindset was I just impressed the the toughest critic in here, you know. It's it's all uphill. You know, it's of a smooth sale and maybe from here and it's it's those little moments and just knowing that. Yeah, you're important that, you know, people you coach, you know, this guy I've had kids come up to me, you know, and say things like, hey, you spend more time with me than my dad does and let you go, you know, I just say hey, you know I appreciate you thanking me but you know, I don't know all the ins and outs were you, dad, but you know, try to work on that. He's still your dad. And yeah, I'm I want hand. I'm sad that maybe that relationships not great. On the other hand I'm glad I can kind of be there. Maybe feeling a small boy but you know it goes moments like that that you can't. You know how many jobs you get though? I'm but to know you're really have that sort of an impact and even if it's one person, it's a huge deal. But you know this is well from teaching it's it's a multiple you know regardless of what our pay is, it's well worth it and how. Yeah. And so my son, I get paid way more than I think I should get paid. Yeah, I won't go to that far for me, but the fact that I'm kidding too. I'm having to say my son, Jordan is starting these started. Part-time himself on a different school as just kind of a watcher masters program, but the powers that be really like him. And they mentioned him being a teacher's assistant for next sale, might be. Yeah. And he wasn't he too wasn't sure what he wanted to do, he's 22. Yeah and maybe this he's really even talking to him when he comes home from work and telling the story similar to me. He tell the way he lights up that you know it's sparked an interest, he's a good kid so he wants to do it, he'll be good at it. I think he you know he's going from I'm not sure what I want to do to I think this is an avenue I want to that's great man it's tell him. Tell him said is the best gig on the planet? Yeah. Now I will, let's hear from one of our sponsors, but right after that we'll be back with more with Cato but you a new sports card collector or someone that's returning to the hobby. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy community to hang out with and enjoy. Collect midwest box, brakes has been bringing collectors together for almost four years with affordable. Brakes helpful, twitter treads. And a discord group pack with generous people who care about the hobby and other collectors. Check out the brakes at midwest boxbreaks.com. First timers, can use the coupon code MBB, 10 and say 10% on their first order. Your first break mail will also include a bonus card, so no one strikes out on their first break or goes to bring you as much value as possible. We've even launched an NFT project dedicated to the hobby. Find us on Twitter at midwest box break. I am back with more wood. So let's talk about that. Now when your cards do you interact, do you intertwine your hobby? At all? What your students are do, they collect or is that not really a big, you know, where I'm where I'm at in? Washington is pretty rules, small town. So there's not a big kind of sports card community. I do incorporate them music stuff. You know, the hip hop stuff we do. Do that stuff within the classroom, but, but the collecting stuff really, isn't? It just really isn't a part of the culture here. Yeah, it's kind of foreign. I have a couple kids who are big sports guys that I've you know, talked to her showing a couple cards but never like the idea of like a card club that I know that guys like Eli and Jamie do that's stuff. It's just wouldn't sit here. Just, not a lingo here. They want to go outside and shoot a deer and throw it over their shoulder and bring it down more products over environment, right? That's the area, your rent. You know, I get asked that question since I took my position and the guy, my my students are from 9th grade to 12th, it's high school, okay? And they're big into video games, I think like a lot of kids and superhero and so but no one's mentioning anything card. I have like my logo on my backpack of the show and there they ask like there's a new one, you have your own podcasts. And again I explained what sports cards and no one said, oh I collect. So yeah. But you know, I'm thinking I have to, I'm gonna have to buy some Marvel cards, there's superhero big guards and and bring them in because cute. I mean, it's some of these kids like 

To unbelievable artist your drawing like superheroes freehand, like Batman and Spider-Man without looking just just drawing himself there and that's what they talk a lot about. Like whatever the fuck, you know, superhero movies. Come out there very cagey. See ya. It was great. I think it was that great, you know, so I got what I got to do. What's on my list? I gotta, I gotta get some superhero car. They think that will be right up their alley. I know they're big into the movies. I don't. I'm not even sure. They know those kind of cards exist. So maybe bringing them in and handing them out, give her a mouth, you know, mites parts of I got, I got to June. I got a little time. So I'll get it. That what we can say, what, never gets old with kids from kindergarten to 12th grade his sticker kids. Yeah, we get always dig stickers. I don't know why it is. I got at seniors in high school. You give them a little smiley face sticker and it's like he gave him a pie. We got to be careful with those. 

It might wind up who knows? Where and we'll be scraping the mouth then really make me work where I'm saying. I'm burning. Let's do it buddy. That's true. All right. So what else are you going to the National? You know, actually, it's funny. I was just texting Tyler Murphy at. Hey, it's team work on Twitter today about National so him and I have been in this conversation the past 68 months and his wife as well about the possibility of going. And so I think it's a real possibility. I got my fingers crossed. The only thing is it's my wife and eyes anniversary every year right in between right at National. So she is she's giving me the thumbs up. So now it's just a logistical thing to kind of workout you get in there because it's it, you know, the hard part is its East Coast so I gotta hop a plane to get over there, but that's a trip for you. Yeah, so I you know, I got three boys. So that's really asking my wife. 

To sign up for the, the Goblet man to to run a week without without me while I could go play with my card buddies, but I have high hopes that I'll be there. I would love to go even if just to see the faces that I interact with you. Yeah, that's that's all the time. I would love to meet him face-to-face. Yeah, that's half. That's half the fun. 

9:00 PM
All right, let's talk about this. That's what I definitely want to talk about. You're very good. You know. Again, you don't need me to tell you that. When when did you start like, when did you start you know rap and how old was this? Funny? I was just talking to my my sixth graders about this two days ago. I was writing raps in sixth grade. I mean, I remember writing raps in sixth grade in my classes and then through Middle School to high school. I mean if You were lying. My notebooks. I had rats written all over them. So I've always loved hip-hop music and I think that's just like he said, a product of the environment, I grew up, you know, listen to Tupac, listening too big, you know, listen to the Dre. I had a best friend who was brothers were gangbangers and like we would just sit and listen to their music as fourth, fifth sixth grade. Probably not the best thing, but so hip-hop is kind of ingrained in me. And then when I got in college at the at Eastern, where I wouldn't call it, 

A studio that was free for any students. And so I live with the guy who was a big music head. And so he got me in there one day. We just started playing around and recorded a few songs and then it just kind of the snowball, just kind of ran where I started, like learning how the program's work learning where to get Beats and really started to write with a purpose with my music. That was, when I really got serious about my faith, and the music became an Avenue for me to share. 

About Christ to you know kids all over Washington State really and so I started getting more serious about that. Like you said that before we started the interview here even made a couple albums that I could give out and get to get the kids hands. Now that was in my 20s. I'm now in my 30s. So the the music isn't as a Prime Focus in life, just with the timing of things because it takes time to record that stuff. But every now and again, my wife gives me a couple hours. I 

The cards in the Hobby and fuxi breaks or whatever it is. So you weren't you were right in lyrics to rap songs in sixth grade. Do you have all those original like do to keep all that stuff? My mom's a hoarder. I bet my mom has its own house him somewhere, but there were probably in a box of like all my middle school or high school work that I did. But yeah, I remember I wrote one rap about the Dream Team, like I had a whole write-up about them. So and then a bunch of other random things as I started getting the high school probably girls and parties and stuff that kids should be into anyways. Yeah. Well, like it's part of like do to write your record on your experiences. What that when you when you go to write one, whether it was then or you know, even now like how long does it take from when you start to write those out too? When you're like, you know, I know every song is different, but on average, what is this? 

Thank you. Lyrically, lyrically is hard because normally I just start with like like a napkin or something and I'm just writing lines, you know, like it's not really a song. So like the hobby family rap. I mean it was just like over time I think of a cool line and I just kind of write it down and then eventually get enough where you can kind of start piecing them together into a verse. And I've always liked that Black and Yellow song. I've always had the hobby family, hobby family. I mean, like, for the first time Time I even thought of the song and hobby family, that song came to my mind so that the hooks are kind of that. The easiest part for me. I would say, you know, getting the chorus or the hooks Tucson's and then the lyrics themselves. I mean, they just kind of its kind of weave themselves over to the well, that's cool. I just wondered that the, you know, I'm not that talented to write one more quick break, but we'll be right back after that. 

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Sports car. This back with car year, certain artists say like how did that like an hour? And another one is a man that was like a three-week song. I've changed it. Well, there's definitely like depending on the meaning in the death with death depthness of tracks know some can take a short time. And sometimes you just get that Groove where the lines up and goes together and sometimes you hit that block and you're like I this isn't going anywhere. So so do I know you use? To do shows back in the day and stuff. And like you said, you got the to album, when we come down here to finish your heavy, give out where people go find that. Do you perform live anymore? You know, I was actually just talking to Jimmy Bible about this on Twitter last night, man. I would say probably the strength in my in my hip hop was probably the performance and it's just because I was just, I was a personality up there. You know, I had the energy 

I had confidence on the mic and I don't know John that I got it in my legs to jump around for 30 minutes straight anymore while singing, you know, so I do not I do not do any performances anymore. It's been probably eight or nine years since my last like concert, but I still just, you know, recorded or I might in class or something, do something for the kids but nothing nothing. Like I used to man. That was, that was a hay day. That was a fun time, but that was a lifetime ago. Oh, it's I'm gonna ask you to have most of your kids heard heard you rap. Yeah, you know the internet's forever, you know, that. And so they ended up finding something on YouTube or whatever of something that I did in the past. So yeah, they all find it somehow. It's just, it is what it is. And they, they laugh about it for a week. And then they're on to the next has any of your students said. Hey, hey, TJ, can I can rap better than that. As anyone like I've had a couple kids that have wanted to battle. 

Christie really quick with with lines. And so, you know, I've had a couple many battles where I get a couple oohs and aahs from the kids from the funny lines that come up with. But never did get that. Like seriously was like, hey, I'd like to do it, but maybe one day that would be really cool. Did you drop them? Mom's spaghetti out of them at us. I did it wasn't. 

That's today's lesson, but awesome stuff. How do you know, keep doing what you're doing? And I know you will use for your positive influence on many planes in the Hobby. In the classroom, as a dad to a great job. I prefer those that. Listen, give out, take your time. Give out all the credentials websites where people can get find your stuff. All you do. You do a high-five with k-dubb show that I've been watch it. Yeah. I gotta get out. Well, you mentioned albums, man. If anyone's got a keg of album, I would love to get my hands on that, because I don't know what happened to all mine, but the music thing I can throw up on MySpace, but I don't think people would want to go to my space suit, but now you can get at me on. Twitter is kind of where I call home for social media at mr. Kady, you be, and then, I also do as John was saying a weekly high-five. Where I just interview people Personalities in the hobby. Ask him, five questions, one right after another and that's dizzied of one on YouTube. If you guys want to check that out, but that's, that's really my social media right there. I called Twitter home and then I do a little bit on YouTube, but that's, that's what I got. Yeah, and every time that's great, nice and quick, 10 to 15 minutes. So old, you know, and it's hope people little bit on the hot seat. I love it. So what do you say you you don't have your own albums at this point? I mean, they're all 

In like old Kata box somewhere in my house, but my wife might have an old copy but even when actually, I didn't, I don't know where they are. It's crazy. Yeah, it's all digital now. So yeah. Yeah. Well, that's a probably a rarity having a somewhat hesitant. Don't tell him that. 

Come on, brother. Yeah, and I know you enjoy it and, you know, you told me you, I would, and you were right. It's awesome. That's right. All right. It was a true honor. No, no problem. Thanks. Thanks for coming on. Take care, man. Had a brother. 

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