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April 1, 2022

Ep.173 w/ Oz & Tony from Cousin Collectibles

Ep.173 w/ Oz & Tony from Cousin Collectibles

Oz and Tony from Cousins Collectibles Podcast are my guests, we discuss launching a new, different podcast, setting up at their first show and the process of that. These guys are examples of what's good in the hobby.

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Oz and Tony from Cousins Collectibles Podcast are my guests, we discuss launching a new, different podcast, setting up at their first show and the process of that. These guys are examples of what's good in the hobby.

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10:23 PM
What is up? Welcome to another episode of sports card Nation. Got a good show on tap for today. Not one guest, but to guess they go by the name as and Tony, they are both host of the cousins Collectibles podcast. So something that's in my rotation. Heavily recommend, it be in yours. And what I like about these guys is down to earth. It's genuine just talk about the hobby, you know, sort of new kind of coming back, but alerted as we all do, along the way. The again, they'll tell you such and just like the way they do things, you know, tagline to the show. Obviously, probably nobody else. Hobbies, the people in these two guys, sort of epitomizes that live that and 

Again, you know, they started doing shows and they did a podcast will hear us talking about it, how they Incorporated the show, the kind of the pre-show and the post showing the same episode. I thought was very well done. And these guys are just fun, you know, happy-go-lucky so to speak. But think that they're learning in their teach it and again, getting to know them. Now, I like them even more, you know, as I get to know what they're about and they're good people too happy and happy to call them. You know, anyone that goes on their show, they kinda honor with the cousin tag, so I'm cousin John and proud Too Proud to wear that label. So, I think you'll enjoy the episode, we cut it up some and again, kind of have a little fun. That's what the happiest about. So, with that being said, let's get 

The show started. What up, everybody? It's your boy. Cousin has the people's mailman and alone with cousin. Tony. The architect. We are cousins collectible. Make sure to check us out on the cousins Collectibles podcast as well as on Instagram because it's underscore collected. Before we get out of here. We wanted to remind you of a couple things first and foremost. Remember the hobby is the people and as always keep focused keep positive and keep collected. All right, real happy to be joined by my next two guests. Are these fourth card shop. At Boko, guess line. They do their own podcast at one that I'm actually moved to the top of my charts and I'm a big fan of and I want to welcome, Tony and eyes from cousins Collectibles podcast. Thank you so much John. I mean, we are truly honored to be on the podcast. Thank you so much for having Solomon. Well, thank you guys for coming on. Like I said, I'm not a lip service guy. I don't say things because it sounds good right now. It'll make someone feel good. And that's the only reason I say it. You guys you may be new on the scene. I know you started your show in January, but I don't care when someone starts. It's the content itself that we're will be judged on. And you guys, I tell you what it is tough. I'll let you answer this kind of statement. I think it, you know, when I started three over three years ago, there's really I only 45 podcast and so the waters were as you know, the full wasn't as full as I like to say to start one. Now. I think that the degree of difficulty is higher because there's so much competition. Now, when you guys come in I really love what you're doing. And so Kudos on the show and I did, like I said, top of my playlist and I appreciate you guys in 

Women in fresh like that. That's that's, you know, that's not easy. It's easier said than done. Yeah, for sure. And I just want to Echo what I said, man, thank you for having us. It's a pleasure. You were one of our kind of Inspirations to get behind the mic and just with our show, you know, we I can speak for myself that I came in during that hobby boom. And you know as this Hobby He expands and things, change and Fanatics and all that stuff that's coming in new, people are going to come, keep coming into the hobby. So we kind of send it our show around that and trying to address questions that new people have and that little mistakes that you make early on as opposed to talking about plays and cards and things of that nature, because none of that means anything, if you don't know what you're doing. 

Yeah, and one thing I love what you just said like mistakes, right? I've been doing this a long time, right? 30. I make mistakes that I appreciate when content creator say. Hey, I screwed up. Remember when I said this I was wrong or I did this. It was like a mulligan. I can't have one. I think it shows we're human. I think it's refreshing when people met. You know, people don't like to admit when they're wrong or they made a mistake or there. Maybe they're a little embarrassed. 

Just about it or self-conscious about it. But, you know, you'll hear me on this show. Maybe you have, you know, say, you know, when I said this I was I was wrong on that one and I think it's, I think it's okay to do that. I think it's, I think it's refreshing. I think, I think it bothers me a little bit. When if I'm listening or watching someone and they never say, hey, I made a mistake or I'm always right. Like that's a little bit sort of a turn-off because, you know, it's not true and it is It's not really sort of come and clean with that. I know you guys, you know, aren't like Dad, and then you kind of like me, not that it's about me on. But hey, we're human. We're not always right for our opinions, our opinions because, you know, because it could be two of them decided to form, more than two, even, in some cases. And, you know, I appreciate what content creators do that and kind of leave themselves open and very, you know, out 

Less than forthcoming with stuff, where maybe some others are as much as you guys do that. It's just something in your personality. Is it, is it a conscious effort? I mean, what would you say to that? I mean, honestly, listen, I'm mr. Mistake. When it comes to this hobby. I don't know anything about anything. I'm gonna be honest with you guys, you know, I collected a little when I was younger stopped and you know, about high school, picked it back up in the beginning of the pandemic, you know, I'm just 

Like everybody else just trying to learn and cousin Tony and I we got together and we were collecting. He finally came on board. He started about six seven months ago. So he's brand-new, but we had questions. We love collecting cards. We love what the hobby was about. And it just, you know, we started digging deeper and deeper and deeper. And then we just came to a point where we were like, you know, we were listening to some content, your content. Obviously, John was great. You were one of our Inspirations but a lot of other of the shows that were out there. Kind of seem to be getting a little repetitive saying the same things, not really educating and we just had questions and we're like men, why don't we just start something up and the questions that we have? We'll just go ahead and get the answers to them. And if we don't have the answers, let's get people on that do and it kind of just grew from there. And that's, that's where we're at right now. Wow, that's that's cool. And, you know, I look, I don't care how long you've been doing this and keep being an old codger. Like me. I learn something every day. 

So close-minded and they're not wrong, but it's saying hey, you know, we're learning about, you know, this, you know for me like n FPS, I don't like it. I'm teeth, you know, Tony knows. But enough people do that. We have to talk about. I have to bring people on that maybe like awarded me and pick their brain and you know, see why, you know, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe, I'm maybe I am a little close minded on certain things out across the board. 

And it's nice to hear another, you know, voice and I think, you know, shows that have guessed that like this one like yours. I mean it will bias here will see all three rooms do that. But I think those are the best. The best ones to me is to get those differences. Of opinions are different takes or different spin on things and not just, you know, I do have a quick hits with just usually just me it's a quicker show, but I like I like the conversations, write the stories of the conversations that you have with all different folks in the Hobby. And I think get, I think you learn the most when you talk to other people, you know, when I talk to myself, I don't learn that much other than the fact that I'm a crazy guy. But, you know, I think those those kind of conversations and hobby, you know, stories and shows are to me the most 

Formative, probably two people. Listen to it and even in a selfish old away myself as well. As you guys said like, hey, we don't know that, let's bring bring someone on. So I want to ask you when you guys, you know, got together and said hey, you know, being new whatever doesn't matter. Let's do this podcast. You know what we know the show is now. I mean, was that really the the plan from the starter? Have you kind of deviated from From what you thought it was going to be to its Incarnation. Now, I can tell you that it was not what we do now is not what we intended to do and but it kind of grew organically. We're okay, we can get on these mics and we can turn them on and we could talk but if it's going to shine through if we don't, you know, wait for the we don't know what we're talking about. It's not going to last. And so I'm like, you know what? 

We can only talk so much, you know, we're both kind of new into this. So I'm just going to Allah, as I said, you know what, I'm going to shoot my shot and I'm going to go to the biggest shows and these guys are human and I'm in sales. So when somebody tells me, no, you're just, all you're doing is you're just kind of Like don't worry, you're gonna say Yeah, in about five minutes. We'll just get it there. But you know and I just said, you know, what, what better way to try and learn that for people who have been doing this who've been in the game for a while. 

And you know, we'll ask him questions. And I mean I know that there are questions that people other collectors have. So, you know, let's just ask and the worst thing they can do is say no and it's fine. We'll go to the next guy. And the next guy, the next night. And eventually, we're going to talk to these people or in the Hobby and spread the word. And hopefully I know personally, I take something from every show when we're done recording. I sit down my home. Okay, I didn't think about that. This is something different. Okay, things of that nature, so, 

10:36 PM
Forward all the time, but it's something that we love and we're kind of finding our groove and doing that so I don't know. But yeah. To answer your question. No, it wasn't, you know, here we are. Yeah, it really like I said when we first started it was kind of like, let's get all the questions that we have, and let's get answers to him. We had a little outline of the episode. We had 10 to 15 episodes planned out. We got through maybe three and the rest of in interviews, which is crazy because like I said, Tony when you Puts his mind to something. It's like you'll do. I'm just going to reach out to these dudes. I seen, you know, this one guy, he's on, you know, he's doing this guy's episode. You know, why can't we do that? I was like, yeah, whatever. Go ahead. You know, just joking, you know, not even thinking about it. 10 minutes later. He's like, yeah, we both do I like Shadow? He's like, no seriously. Seriously, we got cousin. John Newman coming up. Yeah. Okay. He's like look, so it's a trip. But the main thing is, you know, when we get you guys on and you know, the experiences that 

We get and learn from you guys. It just, it really is awesome. And, you know, talking to you, John, and the other guests that we've had, you guys had made it so easy for us when we really don't know. Exactly, you know, what we're doing, even, you know, the podcast and thing, Tony's learning day by day, you know, we're trying new things with audio and the things like that. So it's just like, I come up with some questions. We talked it out and let's roll this, do it, and so far, so good. And then, after the episode, we go ahead, we Get back on. It's 11:00 12:00 at night, were still, there were just talking hobby. We're talking about the, you know, the interview we just had and it's just like you're on this high and it's an awesome thing. I really love it. Yeah, and it's like you said Adrenaline Rush too high, you get from it. I'm glad to hear you say that because until you do it, you know, people may not realize sure can be a grind at some point when you get into the some of the more, you know, after the show's over you do some of the editing and cleaning the snow. 

Bob, but even that's a labor of love for me most of the time and I'm sure for you. It's going to take a quick break, but we'll be right back with more with us and Tony are you and new sports car collector or someone that's returning to the Hobby. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy Community to hang out with and enjoy. Collect Midwest box, breaks has been burning collectors together for almost four years with affordable, breaks helpful, Twitter, Treads and a Discord group packed with generous. People care about the hobby another collector. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com first timers, can use the coupon code. MVB 10. It's a 10 percent on the first order. Your first break male will also include a bonus card. So no one strikes out on their first break or goes the bring you as much value as possible. We've even launched in. Nfe Project dedicated to the Hobby, find us on Twitter at Midwest socks break. 

Carnation has returned with cousin Collectibles. The other thing, I love what you guys do is and you can tell when you listen to shows whether it be mine or anyone elses, right? He always tell whether the person or people on the show, you know are enjoying themselves or passionate and that's one thing I love we your show you can tell it's genuine. There's no stick. You're not being phony, you laughing. Yeah. 

The conversations, like you said that you had with other guests and they genuine. There's nothing fake about it. I don't think every show can hang their hat on that. But I know you guys do. I try to not to Pat myself on the back. That's how I am, you know, even even tonight. We're having you guys on. I don't really have any scripted, but maybe a couple bullet points I want to hit, but other than that, I'm not a big bright. Fifteen questions out type of thing. I think the best to me for me. The best conversations are one that just kind of come from within from the heart and go from there and everyone has a different style. I'm not saying someone writes questions out that they're bad and I'm good. It's not not like that and just everyone has a different style. And one of the biggest compliments I get from folks that listen to the show is like, is that? Hey, I love when I listen to sports car Nation. Janet. I feel like I'm eavesdropping. Ben, you know, and at a bar top or dinner table with, you know, in this case three guys talking about the hobby about content creation and it just feels like a natural conversation, not sort of like inside the Actors Studio. Not that, you know, it's not wrong with that. There's different flavors to interview Styles. I'm just saying to me, I think I enjoyed the most and I've even with the guests themselves, the say, hey I real Look, like, I've done a lot of these shows, but I appreciate kind of the way, you know, you do things and you know, it's I think that's the best compliment you can get. And, you know, people know, I think, you know, people are smart. People know when someone sort of going through the motions or or doesn't have a passion for something, and when they do, I think people are smart enough to tell and I think I am and listen to you. 

You know, I feel like I definitely enjoy what you're doing. Like, you say, learning as you go as we all are, so don't you're not alone as well. You know, you did a show. I want to talk about. I know when I was on your show. I coo told you this but now that you're here, I wanted to go to you get you didn't show you did you're not talking about podcast? Sure. You actually did your first card show as dealers. You guys are from the ciliary. I know that. But for those Less than and you recently did your first card show. And you know, I love that you talked about sort of the whole process of people who know how much dealers have been 15 years old and some people who don't do shows as on that side of the table, don't realize sort of work and effort that goes along and to get show ready, you know, from getting the cards organized, pricing stuff, and you talking about the pricing. 

The angle itself was consuming where you stayed up and then sleep as much as you like to get it done in time. A but one thing I love what you did with the podcast is, you know, I do shows and I've dedicated like a hobby quick. Its episode sort of after the show. I'll kind of do a review of the show. Good bad or great, you know, you did something that again, like I said, I'm your guys's show that I've never heard anyone do before. Are you kind of broke the show up and of the, as we're getting ready for show? Hey, we're gonna do we come back. We're going to, we're going to postgame wrap-up, the show. How we did good bed and that in the same episode. And to do that in a way was done, man. You had me like locked in and and listening and just well done with that even with that episode. I know like you said like kind of what you thought to show is gonna be sort of, you know, have 

Did you plan it up? And so like from the jump like that because it came out to me was well done with different or did that kind of like just kind of come about like that to that particular episode? Yes, and no. Yes that we kind of talked about. We wanted to do a podcast about our show prep and then the post game and as we were going through it. We're like, you know what? And not that. We have set out to tell nobody else is doing this or this, that or the other. But I felt that, in order to get that genuine reaction. I was like, you know what, let's record will record. Our are, you know, pregame and stuff like that, where we talked about pricing and things of that nature. And just quick on the pricing thing, you know, being being being a dealers tough. And, you know, I know that sometimes when buyers walk up to the table the first 

They do is they whip out their phone? And I, you know, I as a newer fire with do it, you know, I looking at the comps and say the cam says this and the dealer might be a little higher. Well, you know, in addition to that price, you know, there's the time that the dealer, put into pricing those things and the gas to get there. So all that does factor into those numbers. So that's just something that I had a newfound appreciation for but getting back to the Pod. So, you know, as well as we're doing this. I'm like, you know what? Let's just we'll stop here. We're going to go do it. A show, and when we come back, you know, we're going to be dragging, but let's do it. And I know we talked about it. Our voices sounded a lot deeper, you know, if you have that if we had that, you know, man I show he oh, yeah. That midnight like the slow jam kind of show little Barry White a little bit. Yeah. A little bit of that. So and all the reactions were fresh. You could hear we were we were tired but it was it was it? 

Generate genuine. And it was just it was fun. And it was called do it like that. Yeah, I mean, I agree totally and when we got back, we it was the conversation was like bro. It if you want if you're tired, you know, we can we can wait till tomorrow and we both looked at each other. We're like nah Let's Do It. Show must go on The Show. Must Go On like this, make it happen. We either we're fresh. We're just coming off it. Let's do it. And I guess it came across. It was just organic and you know, from from the very beginning. Just like you said, we we stayed up. It was a Sunday. I remember we it was it was dorm, too. 

This whole playoffs and we're watching the game. We're talking, we're trying to price. That wasn't working it, that was taking forever. Tony finally was like, dude. I got to go home, you know, my wife's waiting for me and that we were like halfway done. I was like, oh my God, and we've never you know, dude. All I did was collect. You know, Tony. He bought a couple, you know, things and we're brand-new into all of this and then kind of like shout out to my man, Alex Lyndell Cole, rips. The whole reason that came about, he went up on Instagram and 

10:47 PM
So he put a little thing out there on Instagram. If anybody's interested. I'm going to be at the Fishtown show. I got a couple tables hit me up. So Tony just sent me the DM. He's like, yo this dude, he got a table open you down and I was like, yeah, okay, whatever, you know, like, seriously, he's like, yeah, like why not? I said, you know what, why not. Let's do it. You know, it's an experience. We have no idea what the hell we're doing, but lets, you know, I'll bring my slabs. You bring your slips. Sometimes. That might be an advantage. Yes. 

Like literally, I had butterflies walking through, you see, all the tables with the nice Linens that they are putting up and then the chairs and they got the music playing and I'm like, what do like, you know, what did we get ourselves into here? So we were like the first ones there. We don't know how to set up. We just, you know, we had just bought a showcase. 

And we're just like, okay, I guess we could do this. I guess we could do that. So it was just, it was an awesome experience from, just walking through the doors, seeing everything and then meeting Alex and a couple other guys that were there. And of course, you know, all the people from Fishtown show were awesome. And you know, we did great. You know, that was that was, you know, that was every, it was awesome. You know, in the icing on the cake was damn, we made some money, some real money. I told him I wanted my one episode I came home. My wife was Like so how'd you do and similar to you, John, when you, you know, had your show and you have fifteen hundred dollars in your pocket, you know, a little bit more than that. I took it out and I maybe made it rain on top of my wife, and she's like, oh no, this is good. And I was like, yeah. Yeah, it's real now. Give me my money back. Let's go. That's my money and it was an awesome experience and then going back to it and talking about it. And how, you know, the whole experience was at the end of that week. That was really there was a an interesting episode really liked it. 

Again, you know, I've done this long enough. I've listened to another enough episodes of a lot of different folks showed. I just was, I just remember number one, being enthralled the whole way. And then after was over, like man, that was just the way that was done, sort of the pregame postgame, but all in one episode rather than hey, come back next week. We'll talk about how we did on the show this week, you know, which is kind of what I do. I just thought it was sort of innovative. It was, it was the fresh way to do it. It, I won't do it now because, like you, which is why I'm giving you giving you props, but it was just well done. It was different than kind of traditionally what we've seen, you know what I mean? We see this sort of with the video logs where someone will video. Hey, I've just arrived at a hotel, get ready for the show, but a lot of times that's as a, on the other side of the table as a consumer, that is a dealer. So the do it from kind of the day. 

This perspective and all even more throttle. The haste your first show ever period. You know that the second show, not the third show, the first one ever kind of the to go through the process of, you know, getting ready to do this then a little bit of the nerves. Like you said, and then pay, when we come back, you know, we're going to talk about how we did or didn't do and when well, it kind of talking about that that being said yet. First shown in step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be right back with more from the gas. When Morris cards wants to buy your cards. A long trusted name in the sports car business. Greg has been bobbing sports card collections for over a decade. Now, any sport, baseball basketball, football hockey and any error vintage or Mountain will do just know, drunk, wax. Error says, please to learn more and to celebrate more should cards go to. Www, Greg Morris cars.com fill out the Consignment sale request form, and someone will get back to you on how to get cash for your cards. Also. If you're a dealer looking to sell your collection, Greg nors wants to talk plenty of dealers, use Greg Morris massive, eBay platform as a way to consign their color, take advantage of Greg's experience in the hobby to get more bang for your buck. 

We are back with us. And Tony is this is going to be something you look to do more shows. Yeah, so we we've signed up for the same show again, and we're not really looking to be super dealers and running all over the, you know, up and down the East Coast. So yeah, that's just not something that, you know, we got wise families jobs and all that stuff. So but we kind of or we're hoping to make that are kind of Hometown show where 

I believe he's going to do it like every six months or so, which kind of full. With with you know, our work schedule, things like that. So yeah, we are signed up again and we're going to work as doesn't know. But yeah, we're going to record again. We're going to do the same thing. Yeah, so rest up and, you know, we're looking forward to it. And now, you know, we have that that first show under our belt and we kind of know what to expect, what to look out for. And like I said, it was just fun. Like, it was different. Never done it before. I mean, I've only That was like the second or third card. Sure. I have been to an in years. So to be on the other side of the table where people are walking up and saying, hey you want to buy this, you want to buy that my go. Wait, what? So, so getting my feet wet with that is nice and where I know, I'm looking forward to doing it again. In the best thing, John was the kids man. Just just messing with the kids, then coming up to the table. They had their little Zion cases and, you know, a little briefcases. 

They're walking up in there. Hey, you guys trade in you guys buying? You know, Tony was like, hey, yeah, come on, anybody that came up that that said a little kid and you gave free, you gave free packs out. Yes, which is, which is something I try to do. But what did, what was the product? Was it Illusions or mosaic? That's very cool. I think you guys. You listen to me, you know my platform with with kids in the hobby that that's near and dear to my heart. I started at 7 years old a long time ago, that'll tell you anything. But I think they are important. And you know, II know I've had debates with people, you know in person, you know still tell me like I appreciate that. You like kids in the hobby job, but I think it's a little bit overrated like you could start when you're 82, you can, but I think you're more apt to be long-term and hobby when you start at a younger age, and it's never too late to collect. I'm not saying if you don't start as a kid, I don't want your. I'm not that guy. I'm just saying I it's refreshing to see, you know, young kids and I love it. And let's let's be real. It's not that easy for when you compared to maybe us who who work and have jobs and have, you know, disposable income. You know, when I 

To me, it's harder to be a kid in the hobby. Now, then when I was starting at 7 years old in 1979 and packs cost 25 cents, right? Which will probably be the equivalent of a dollar or two today, which is very cheap and very few packs. If any that are dollar to anymore, you know, even even Flagship is higher than that and opening day, you know, is $54 a package. That's about, you know, almost too but Box of back. So, and it's opening day. You know, I know what it's it is and I'm not doubting it. But, you know, it's not the most popular product in the in the world either. But to see kids and hobbies is important in. Probably another reason. I love that episode is hearing you talk about you giving those Mosaic bags out and doing that. No questions asked, no strings attached and you know, I've done that weird packs and you know what? 

Give that back to the kid and Mom or Dad's like, you know, at first looking kind of funny, like, did he take that and open, like, going on here? Do I got to do? I got to pay for this and you tell them like no that's on the house that you know, and you know, just seeing the parent kid. Thank you enough and the kids lights up and you know, and you never know what that one pack could do, right? They hit something really nice. And I know you guys said they had To like if you have given a pact with, could you open it here? We wasn't yet, you know it. But you never know, right? They pulled something big that. Could just like that fire. And 30 years later that kids going to remember and memorize in totally stable. Give me that pack. I hit this. And here I am 30 years later, right? Those are those those those instances where like you can't put a price on stuff like that. And here you guys do that. I think it's me. 

Volumes to your mindset. We are As people and, you know, Kudos Kudos on the great episode, who goes on a great show kudos for for keeping the kids in mind and doing that very unselfish and and very, very cool. I think if you know, more dealers, kind of song a little bit along those lines, maybe not even if it's every show, guys, but every once in a while to do something like that, you know, you can say well why not every show, you know, this cost involved. Sometimes if you do. Do something all the time. It sort of gets expected. It was it sort of its luster, you know, but it's something I try to do and it's that, you know, it's not as hard as people think or dealers, think you can be. I like to see more kind of people to, you know, that especially in smaller show that get it. You know, it's difficult doing that in the National when they're 60, thousand people Freeman value cable, you know, I guess. 

All that, you know, at your local show where this between 500 and 1,000 people coming through the doors, especially when you think, you know, maybe five hundred thousand people but they're not all kids. So do something for the kids that come to the show. Because to me, they're really the lifeline of the hobby to keep it going forward. I'm not going to be here forever as much as I not like to think about that all the time. It's just that's that's life and we got you know, it's got to be someone 

10:58 PM
The take that baton and run it forward and, you know, it's important. It's something, you know, when I started at 7:00, I was welcomed into the hobby by most everybody and I tried to be, you know, the same way in your for so here, when you guys do that. I was literally smiling while riding in my car, you know, listening to that, that segment of the show to no one that, you know, that you like that and 

Aaron up, here you are. If you're new and you care enough to do that, you know, there's there's people have been doing it a long time. In our is unselfish. Is that so in John that that was a big big thing for us when we did the show we said to ourselves this, it was even in the beginning of the show before we actually did it. And we talked about dealers that just sit behind the table and they don't interact with You know, the customers that are coming through or that, you know, the kids or anybody, they're just sitting there, they're on their phone and it's just like, you know, why don't you just do a little bit? Make a little bit of effort and you might actually sell something, you know, or they won't have their merchandise priced so they don't have it price and then they're not talking to the people and then they are upset at the end of the day when they realize didn't sell anything. All that show sucked. Did they were show suck or Des Hughes suck, you know comes like, dude. You gotta step up your game in. 

Tony and I went in there with that mindset because we both have sales backgrounds. So it's like do we just gotta bring but we have from our experiences and do it and it just hit was just like, you know, riding a bike, you know, sales the sales and that's all it was and that's a great Point. As you know, I do you have to talk anyone deer up necessarily but at least be personable. Hey, how are you doing? How's the show? What's going on there? Anything in particular, looking for whatever? Just flows, right? It's sort of a flow. I remember doing my first show at as the fifteen-year-old kid. I did. I did great financially at the time, 1,500 bucks in 1987, which was even more than it would be today, but I'll be honest with you. I was a shy kid. And frankly, the fact that I did that well with, you know, to piggyback off what you said. I wish I didn't, like I sat in the chair until someone like 

I did something or pointed to something. I was kind of, you know, what, you shouldn't do that, because I was being doing it intentionally or I was a grout or grumpy. I was just so shy and learning still kind of was. My first, I had worked for a card store kind of working at the show behind the scenes sort of like making shoeboxes and monster boxes. Now here I am 15 years old doing the show with my old stuff on my Salvador, so Sort of like I want to say deer in headlights because I had enough hobby experience. Even at that young age. But you know, not the hot stage lamps or were warm and between that and being shy, I just sat there. I remembered, you know, I talked about this on the show. I remember, the one gentleman came up to my table and he goes. I'm interested in this car, but I kind of wanted to, you know, see if I can get it for a little less weight to your, you know, your dad comes back. 

And talk to, you know, see if we can do anything and I'm like, you know, in my 15-year old squeaky voice, you know, it's are that, this is my stuff, you know, it is, you know, and I think that even play that was kind of early in the day and I'm like, I have people don't even think this is like that kind of like, I got will quiet a little more reserved than then, as I did more shows by myself, you know, I kind of broke out of that. She'll Today, I've obviously at age 49 people probably like, listen gotten I know, I don't need you to dance me. How the weather is outside? This, you know, but, you know, put that now, you know, you get better at that, the more you do it, but I remember my first show was like the script of how not to be behind the table at a Karcher. The fact that I did as well as I did, was probably more luck than anything else. 

People for that but you're right. You know, that skill. To to, you know, interact with people be personable. I guess some people are better at it than others to defend some folks, you know, but three To Be Honest, John, that that's an acquired skill like yeah. The same way you were, I still into that day and was very shy individual, and it takes a lot for me in Social settings. It takes a lot for me right now to be on this. Damn. I can't talk to you. Come on, knowing that this is going to be broadcast to thousands of people. Like it is it and it's something that I've worked on my entire life as a little kid. I would just freeze, you know, if I was 15 years old, trying to, you know, be at a show that that would have never happened. I would have never been able to do it. I would have just froze and been like not knowing what to say and probably would have just given away my collection. Here you go. Just take it. I would get out of here, but that's just something, you know, being put in those situations, my mom. Constantly. Listen, you gotta get out there. You got to stop, you know, you're worthy, you know, you can do. 

You can do it and it was just that constant affirmation that finally. I was like, you know what, screw this, I can do this, you know, I if I just if you put your mind to it and you apply, you know, whatever knowledge you have, you know, you just gotta be confident, man. It's all about confidence in yourself and whatever you're doing and it'll come across. And you know, that's just a little. So I applaud you for doing what you were doing at 15. I was also with you. Yeah, it's funny as Tony if you would have told the 15 year old. Me like later on what I would be doing later in life. I would have thought you were nuts. Like I was, you know, you know, you got to do the speech class speech in English class being I would, I would read that day. My knees would be knocking getting up in front of 30 kids that I know or friends with. I would try to get out of it. You know, can I write a 1,000-word essay instead know trying to kid he and to you know, to be that person that 

15. And if you would have told me, hey, you're going to do a podcast and there's many people going to listen to it. You're going to be on the main stage at a National Convention and do that there. You're going to coach varsity football baseball and be out in front of people. Have, you know, parent meetings. I would have thought you were in saying it would have been like, I don't know what kind of universe you're living in, but I'm not going to be doing all that stuff, but it's time for a real quick break here. Here from a great sponsor of the show, but right after that, we will be back. But the athletes, we admire the sports card shop is changing the game. We're not launching three bombing drives or hitting dingers, but we have built a unique Gathering Spot for all collectors to trade cards. Talk sports, play games and watch their favorite athletes on the big screens. Yes, we've partnered with panini Upper Deck. Leif Topps, Fanatics, Pokemon and others. 

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Card. Shop.com follow us on social at underscore sports card shop or better yet. Visit us in person to learn about special events, party packages. New products in everything. We're doing for you the sports card shop, Connecting People Sports and the hobby around the world, right? We've returned with more from the fellows. I think the older you get at least speaking for myself. I think one of the reasons it's difficult to do those things. Things is because you self-conscious, you're worried about what everyone's going to take you. I want, you know, a minor spin on myself when I'm doing the speech are going to laugh at buddies later. We like guy, we saw you spend on yourself. We don't, you worry about silly, things like that. And as you get older, you realize like, you know, what, I don't really want to do it. I don't really care what I do, the best I can, and I don't really care what someone I mean, I do, but I don't, I can lose sleep over. 

And sort of lose those in the Bishops, I think when You do, that's when you sort of fine. Tune those skills if you will, or get better at them. And I mean, that's that's how I, you know, got like, Hey, listen, I got to do this, might as well do the best they can at it is not not doing it. So you might as well be as good at it as you can be because if you don't, you know, it's going to be more noticeable to be bad at it than the peach. The hone your skill, and be good at it. And so, that's for me. That's kind. Of where