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May 27, 2022

Ep.181 w/Ted Mann from CollX

Ep.181 w/Ted Mann from CollX

With help from son Charlie, Ted Mann saw a tool to develop to hobby easier and CollX was born, they've hit the scene and grew fast, the crazy part...they've only just begun. Ted joins us to talk about the app and what's coming!

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With help from son Charlie, Ted Mann saw a tool to develop to hobby easier and CollX was born, they've hit the scene and grew fast, the crazy part...they've only just begun. Ted joins us to talk about the app and what's coming!

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10:21 PM
Alright, welcome to episode 181 of spores Carnation, talk about some personal hobby stuff before we get into Today's Show as many may know by now. The chase is over for my Grail car. I have acquired that it's in my possession but soon to go back out. No, I didn't sell it going to SGC. It's got the old green label 1.5. Something about the Jackie Robinson 48 Leaf. That's going to get the current label courtesy of the SGC. There are sponsored a show and they saw the post and said, hey, let's let's get that in a nice new tuxedo. So I'll be nervous again as I was at when it was on its way to me the first time and to get it back. Hopefully, probably for the final time. Time and again being a Grail card. It's not going to be one. I sell or bring with me on any travels. That's that's for sure. And gonna, you know, I want to do a show pertaining to it. I know that Mike, you know, not gonna be a long show, but just kind of how I got it kind of the process just to kind of put that chapter in a sense to to rest, but glad to be the 

That card means a lot to me. Looking at it as I do this episode here and you know glad I wish I would have got it soon. Right? I told that story right of passing on it a few times when it was a lot cheaper, but I kind of actually a pretty good deal. I'll save that for that episode that I'll do pertaining to that. Also started to do blogs again, used to write for tough stuff. 

Back in the day here and there not every night, every book, or maybe appeared in four or five issues and also did some product reviews here and there as well for formed, but starting to write blogs again, not my forte per se, gonna try to do one a week. I know I won't be able to keep that pace up, but we're trying to do one a week. One every two weeks, and have one up now. 

I don't know what's going on a little bit of, you know, State of the Union and have you some lewbert's stuff and addict stuff in there. And I can catch that blog on our website, which is www.sportsmedalabama.com podcast.com. Try to do one a week, you know, or at least one every two weeks and try to keep it, you know, not too long, not too short, kind of current and entertaining. We'll see how it goes. So I know the blog I did this week just getting a lot of Buzz and feedback. I've gotten some feedback. Most most agree with sort of my my sentiment. And, you know, I don't mince words, folks said that many times. I kind of call it, like, I see it, you know, our policy to is and we talked about anybody in the blog or even on the show. I make sure to tag them. I think it's only fair. It's only right to let them know. 

That just being discussed. So those parties and that's good and bad. Even if I'm talking about you in a good way, I take I'll take you. So I think it's only right to let people know when their name is being put out there and good bad and indifferent that way if they want to respond or equal time on the big equal time guy that they can't. So today's show. Mr. Ted man, from collects cos Llx him and us. Charlie developed an app, I reached out to him, you know, a lot of times people make a product and they want me to know they want to come on the show and promo wet, you know, give me samples and that sort of thing that's fine. And dandy. We we've gotten that and do that here, do it again. But this was a product. I downloaded the app collects and start using my cellphone was sort of a press, it's where you scan your cards front and back at. There's It into the database, your inventory, and then gives you some sales history, like the last ten sales, and it's a pretty cool app. It's free. There's no charge to use it and they're going to be doing adding on to it many more things and what not going to tell you all about an intro. Your hear from the man himself Miss. Mr. Ted Mann and we're going to talk about the app where how we came up with it. It was kind of the him in. 

His son, Charlie's brainstorm and the day, you know, he does have a tech background so he's not going into it cold, but it's really easy to use. Like I said, I reached out to him, rather than usual the other way around from from using this app and was impressed and said, hey, I got to get this, the people on here behind us and he agreed to come on. SO went to learn about where can't you know where the idea came from? How it's going. Where they're going with the app and they got some big plans. So you want to listen to a TED talk about those on the show. All right. Well, let's not dawdle any longer and get this thing underway. Hey, this is Herman for personal reasons. How to chat on YouTube and Twitter at 3B collection reminding you to always remember the hobby is the people. 

All right, real happy to be joined by my next guest. Let me support card shop at Moco guess line. His name is mr. Ted man, and he is the creator of collects Co LL X And that I've been messing around with and very impressed with. And we're going to talk about that. We're talking about the Hobby and all that good stuff. Ted. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me. John really, really excited to be here really soon. Be talking to you. Listen to your podcast last few days. Just every, every 30 minutes. I had Adams gardening. Today. We'll just play a few years so you're gonna have to do a lot. I appreciate that. A lot of times when people create apps or stuff, happy inventions. If you will, I'll get a message. And hey, can I come on the show and talk about this and promote that? And you know, most of the times I'll do that especially after kind of testing the product out or checking it out. This was one of those cases. Where the reverse happened I've already was. 

Was using the app and I said, man, I got to have the people behind us know on the show. And and so here you have I want to talk about, you know, you kind of you know, it's the standard podcast question. But you know, you know how it all started having wise for you even before collects. The sure. So, I mean my collecting began when I was About like eight or nine and, you know, thereabouts. And I suppose, The first is a classic like there are I got fleeced so many times in the playground when I was a kid and I got got actually a little trouble with my dad and my brother for like selling like I think I sold us. Think about the idea of my dad's making cards for a great Jeffries. He seemed so great at the time. New York Mets, guy back in the day, was my guy. I absolutely love. And then my brother also met him and he got so mad at me when I sold off some of his cards. So what happened was I was a kid. I got let's just say I didn't know what I was doing. And after I got in a little trouble with my family. I got I got smart about it, right. So I started, you know, getting tough stuff and back in and looking up with all the current values and, you know, got to be half decent trading and, you know, for me actually like starting to learn the values and You know make intelligent trades, you know, actually, you know figured out by low sell high that for me was really fun and in a way it was kind of my first entrepreneurial experience and you know fast forward. Anyone want to count how many years? And I've got a ten-year-old son and a seven-year-old son, who both got heavy and collecting during the pandemic, starting a Pokemon and then they went down to the basement. We follow my old sports cards, so they got really into sports cards to and then they study undiscovered, like, you know, the ultra-modern, you know, stuff. And so they started like rubbing boat on top stand and got me really back into the end into the Hobby and I've been you know, enjoying it. 

Fito, all I knew through their own eyes, but seeing so many of the same problems that I that we had, is gets the, you know, trying to figure out what the value of current is a time, consuming, tedious, tedious process. And so basically, as my kids were, we're getting kind of, like I was getting to know, you know, what, their cars worth it, trying to figure that out, trying to research. It realize that it was that it was still a lot of work. It's a lot of challenges and wanted a way to help them out. Let's come out. My old dream of collects, get started. Yeah, and I, you know, I used it. You know, there's been, we heard rumors of people trying to work on this stuff. I mean, I've used it the app itself and it's pretty seamless. I mean, it's not rocket science as far as the, you know, I don't know about the backside that's out of my league. What did the user super user-friendly? I guess is what I'm trying to say. Like you just scan the front back of your car. All the can't you know, the cards. 

Scared ever had any issues with it said like rescan, the card. Like sometimes you know when you do a check deposit, when you do it by by phone and it says, you know, not good try again didn't have that with the cards and then it pulls up up. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's the last 10. What eBay transactions. The average is an average of those nose out. Yeah, that's be scary too. So we so yeah. So basically, the way the app works, is we? We try to identify the mattress. So you take a picture of the card and we do, What's called the visual search the image and we match it to a reference image that we have. So we have images for a lot of cards that every card. But we try to have as many as possible. And we're still building on that image database will match it to that card. And then we show the most recent historical transactions for that card. And we also in an attempt to kind of give you an immediate number, right? Because sometimes, you know, the 

All over the place. Persons within a six month window and you know, if there are really their transactions that are like totally Barren, like will throw those out. If we don't have recent transactions, you have some cards. Just don't get sold that much. We'll go back to a last-known sale crate and we don't even have that like, we have some cards that just have no recent sales, history whatsoever. And in those cases, we came up, we come up with an estimated price, which is based on other cops for that set. 

10:35 PM
More like it's a modern culture on our car like parallels and variants. You know, we have, we have multipliers associated with those two. So it's still very much a work in progress. I still think our pricing is a, I think it's I think it's good, but it could be a lot better. And so we're doing a lot of work to make it better. But really glad to hear you had a good. You've got a good experience. Yeah, and I'm not just saying that that's why. That's why even in the intro. I wanted to make it very clear. Like you did say. Hey John, can I come out and talk about this was a case of 

You and say, hey, I love this app. Let's talk about it on the podcast. And the reason for that because I used it unsolicited myself and enjoy the process. And, you know, there are a lot of sure, you know, there's a lot of different pricing, you know, platforms out there card ladder Market members and others are coming out of the woodwork, you know, they all have their claim to fame, is that They they take, you know, Dad analytical data, not just for me, but for my auction sites, especially on maybe some more notable cards in that to give the best, you know, accurate prices. As you can I mean, is that something you're looking to expand upon even even with collects in the future? It is and we can we actually do pull in from several different sources. You end up seeing eBay more than anything else. Is because eBay, as were the Lion's Share of the transactions. 

Place at the moment. So it is the, it is the best source to get to get traction extra, most cards and I'm glad you brought some of these other apps because I love what I, you know, when I was getting back into the hobby with my son, Charlie he was coming into my office every day. This whole dog was here and he was like, Dad. Can you help me figure out what this card is? Like, I just Googled this Charizard or I just, you know, Google, your Rickey Henderson card and it says, It's worth 200,000 dollars. Is that right? That looks like a PSA 10. Maybe not so much but like 

That out, we can look it up. And and what I found like I started downloading every out. I could it downloaded every car ladder and the marketers aperture still relatively now, so I also downloaded, you know, other apps like and a subscribe to vintage car prices and all these and what I found so frustrating was I couldn't find most my guards on them. I, you know, I guess I'll be the first day. I don't have like the most, you know, high-end collection of cards. But you know, I only have a handful of graded. Currents. I've only as I got back in the hobby, I've been building that up, Let its most of the cards. I was looking up. I couldn't find them all these others because the only track a relatively small percent of the total Universe of cards, right? It's like, you know, it's in the single digit percentage, you know, maybe like five percent of all the cards are tracked, so, 

I started to build collects, we sort of set up. Yes, maybe on a more ambitious goal, maybe foolishly ambitious the drag all cards. So we have 17 million cards now in our sports car database as well, which is it's a lot, right? And it's and it's been it's not all them. Like we still don't have getting, you know, every day long and that's caronia for a little while, but he had Garbage Pail Kids like, you know, and so I mean we do want to keep that in. 

But we're also we set out from the get-go to say, let's build a system where we can not only identify all these cars where we can actually get you some pricing data on them as well. And that's a, that's a big undertaking, but when it's fun and, you know, you can see right now with collides, you can scan just about any sports card, and get a price. So I hope, I think we're delivering on the ring in going to step aside for a quick commercial break, but we'll be right back with Ted man from collect. As this sports card shot is your small town local card, shop with a global reach located in New Buffalo MI, Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the midwest. In addition to being an authorized Panini direct dealer, the sports card shop, carries all major trading card Brands, including Tops Upper Deck Pokemon video and more with all that new wax, a half million singles, and showcases full of grated cards. You're sure to find something great. 

Election, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned collector, this sports car. Shop is your One-Stop shop. So call us. Come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is two six nine four, six nine zero, one four. Zero website is the sports card shop at Mo co.com. The sports card shop is part of the Moko. Retail Group connecting Sports The Hobby and people around the world. We're back with Ted Mann. What happens? I have the ones I've seen. I haven't used it. I don't want to make it sound like of a power user. But what happens if someone scans a car that's not in the database. What what kind of meant like message? Will they get? How does that work? So there's a couple scenarios where you made scanning you wouldn't get a result. One would be this happens. All the time. I'm glad you got mattress all your cards. But sometimes people take photos like, you know, they're in the dark or it's like poorly lit or whatever. 

And so in those scenarios there is actually even going to take a picture again, but you can also you can actually manually look up the right. So there's a text search, you can search the database and we should be able to find any card that we have in there. But like let's say, you scan a golf cart the right now. There's not, there's not a way to add that to your collection. We are working on a way to give you able to add something. That is. 

In our database, the downside to it, at least initially will be, we will be able to try to price because if it's not their database, there's no way that we're trying to maintain prices but we have so many collectors that want to be able to add whether it's, you know, an individual single card. There's not a news for what if you want to set the ad, you know sealed wax for you want to add you know some other kind of like maybe you want to add a wish you don't we don't have complete sense. If that's not a thing, you can add as yet, but we'll add that type of functionality. Mallory and as we as we allow people to have those kind of ad hoc things will start to begin to track the pricing for those especially if we start to see there's like a critical mass of people. So, you know, I expect that we'll be able to roll that out. Probably not this month, but maybe next loans, start to get that that ability to add things that are in the database. I think, you know, as someone in the hobby. Ted, you know, I we've all probably all hobbyists at one point where a lot of us have Samantha. I'd love to have a nap. 

Wagon to scan my card and a have this sort of thing occur, but I have no background in programming or death. You know, what, what, what allowed you what, like, what's your background that allowed you to get collects off the ground and and function in another great way. And as you said, you're going to be expanding on this as well. What you know, I couldn't do it. Why? I guess I'm asking you. How did you do it in laymen's terms? I get sure. Sure, once I mean, yes, I was telling you a story about my son surely and you know, Charlie's been looking at what I do for a living and I last 10 years. I've run several technology companies that all utilize computer vision visual search is as a sort of a backbone of the business. So my first was a, my first company was a coupon app called Simpson app where you can take a picture of a coupon for I don't sound that this is where from glass, take a picture of coupon it with digitize the coupon. Give me back a mobile coupon. 

And we grew steps out to over 6 million users, in about 2 years. Became one of the most popular coupon apps in the App Store. When we sold it in 2015, made some made some money, but it's by the way, still still a great app in the app store now and after that I ran a company called slice which did a visual product search. So as product identification and in that case, it was a not a, not a nap so much as a pinkie licensed to retailers who put it inside of there. Application. So like you may use an app like the Nordstrom, a poor. Let me see that. Either the Home Depot app and there's a camera function there where you can take a picture of a product. Look it up on their site. So if you're like, you know, looking for that, that spare part, the thingamajig at Home Depot. You can just picture it would say. Oh that's a, you know, that's a you bowled over in aisle 5 been six. So, so anyway, so I've been working this technology for 

Four gears. And Charlie said, like, why couldn't you just like do that with trading cards without work? I think it would. And so I collection wasn't really initially. I was like, I had this great ambition to go, you know, Cochran sports car with. I was just trying to help Charlie initial prototype was just a used. A spreadsheet application will are table and kind of like, you know, hooked it up to, you know, see you take a picture or headed seniority and we'll look it up and this kind of funky prototype went. Kind of viral with all the Charlie strands and then all the dads in the town's trying to calling you about it. And that was the Around the time. I tell when I said I think we gotta we gotta get the band back together and and make another make another app. That's also, I think you're helping a lot of Charlie's at this point. And that's that's a great thing. And like you said it's going to it's ever going to. It's going to change, you know, as you add more cards, more Sports more than sports right. Now. What sport where you know, what can you scan for those lists than you know, what? 

Can you scan right now? And what are, you know, I don't want you to give out the secret sauce necessarily, but what eventually will you be adding to the platform that maybe you don't have it right now, but it's coming. That's what, so we squirted, right of the gate. Baseball basketball football. We've now added hockey, soccer wrestling and we will be adding Pokemon. This is partly because Charlie is like, consistent. We actually the first 

10:45 PM
That. We're going to add Pokemon magic Yu-Gi-Oh and then we will continue to have sports right? So I definitely want to add NASCAR Formula One a lot of you know, there's a lot of multi-sport sets right? Which you know how to be happy at. So I'd like to add those get in other, you know, MMA golf, you know, keep on going. And eventually I'd like to be able to you know, support other kind of non sports cards like like, you know, I don't like a lot of people tomorrow. 

Words, when I was a kid, I loved Garbage. Pail Kids cards, you know, I think we've got a pretty good repeatable process for adding Andy card type and, and also a system for being able to track the pricing, right does require some have structure and setup. So I can't just wish I could just flip the switch and turn all these on, but I think we've got a way to be able to kind of keep, keep adding. And, and then I think, like, I said earlier, like what will give the ability to add things that are in the database to, which 

Hopefully give us a lot more flexibility, and we start seeing people having, you know, jerseys or comic books know that might be some guidance for us to know. Hey, maybe that's another area. We should we should expand into how difficult it isn't to add. Let's say like F1 or golf or to add a genres. It. I mean what kind of processes is it? Does it take weeks. Does it take a month? Doesn't take days. Like, how long can something like that? Be how long does something like that? Take? To be integrated. It's actually got a ton of effort with the biggest challenge. We have right now because you already launched the out, got a lot of users and were building on a whole bunch of additional functionality and features of the applicant. Adding new categories isn't so much the challenges just being able to walk and chew gum right like to be able to do that at the same time that we're doing all these other things. So, you know, I, you know, it's just sort of a matter of kind of like being able to kind of, you know, put out a route. Like we just put out a release. 

For example, that has a referral program, is the thing. We really wanted to be able to give people a reason to share the APA, their friends, their family that wore them incentivize them from giving out a giving people free packs cars when they refer their friends. So that was an important feature. We wanted to add and then we also got a wrestling at the same time. So we're sort of trying to, you know, do it in such a way so that we can add a new data, new sport or in the category and also get in some some some cool new features that people have been asking what happened and It's, you know, I have a lot of stuff coming down. I can happy I'm not super secretive about our roadmaps. I'm having to talk about some of those things if you like. Yeah, for sure. We're going to step aside to hear from one of our great sponsors, but we'll be back with more with collects and Ted made for you a new sports, car collector, or someone that's returning to the Hobby. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy Community to hang out with and enjoy. Collect Midwest box, breaks has been 

In collectors together for almost 4 years with affordable breaks helpful, Twitter Treads and a Discord group. Actually, generous people care about the hobby another collector. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com first timers can use the coupon code M. Bb10 and save 10% on the first quarter. Your first break male will also include a bonus card. So no one strikes out on their first break or goes the bring you as much value as possible. We've even launched an FP project dedicated to the Hobby, find us on Twitter at Midwest box break Sports coordination has returned with Ted man. I mean, like I said, either, you know, you know how this goes in this hobby, any anything that is good or hot, you know, you get your copy cats that we've seen that with the pricing, the straight pricing kind of analytics. And and, you know, it started with one or two. And now we probably have 10 and I don't even know. 

I'm all like yeah, I guess that won't be one question to Ted is you know, it is going to probably you're not new to the this works. Obviously doing you know, those Ventures you did before with the coupons and you know product recognition recognition. You see other other people for Venture in and do their own version. This probably going to be people that try to basically, you know, follow the Leader, right? You're going well with The at lot of Buzz. Hey, we let's let's let's do her own and that sort of thing, you know what, you know, kind of your take on that. How do you, how do you navigate through? That is, you know, I've had people tell me, you know, imitations, you know, like the cliche goes but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But how do you you know, deal with that compete with that? If you know, what are your thoughts on that kind of those things when they have Then I mean, I think I mean use another cliche, having a rising tide lifts all boats and you know, the more, the more other companies that are out there doing interesting stuff, the more hopefully it helps them benefits everybody. Like, you know, I think we definitely have competitors. We have a good, there are other apps that have even to merge. The do not just the price of us in the scanning of cards. Some of them are really cool. Like some of them have really need experiences. And so, you know, we've definitely taken a look at that. 

The other apps and there's things that we may bring over to collects and vice versa. Maybe they look at some stuff we're doing and they'll they'll try to add that. I think in terms of where we see this headed, where, where I'm really focused is, you know, the collects have right now. We launched it very intentionally with this utility function. First scan a card, identify it, get the value build a collection. Right? So we have now, we have users that have built big collection tray. If you bet on me, have you seen this, right? People that have thousands tens of thousands. We gotta have somebody value almost 100,000 cars in their complaint. So people are just getting a lot of cards, which is great. That's fantastic and it's fun. So going in and looking at other people's collections that have you tried this yet, John, it's super cool. And I think, you know that yet not yet. But you know, I don't have so much time in my day. Here you're dipping into it here, you know. But these other collections it's fascinating. It's like it's such a fun Discovery experience. I have this one one collector on kleiss who started reaching out to me to to do some traits as I got to talk with them and got to know and lo and behold I found at this guy's already done. We've only been out three months. So this guy's already done 70 trades on the app. Like so he's all your power Trader. Its abilities. Got, you know, thousands of cards. 

As well. And and he was telling me how he also has a son, who is getting a hobby and they'll spend hours every night. Just going through, checking out other people's collections looking through and interacting. So I think, you know, I like to think one of the things that we're bringing to the table. Is this social layer, which, you know, it's already exists in like Facebook groups to a degree but, you know, in this case of Curves, like, you know, you don't really get visibility into what the other person has. You don't really know much about their collection. And I think, you know, the ability to do that with collects, the ability to see those cards to interact to do a deal to trade. What have you? I think that's going to be pretty neat. And so the biggest feature that we're working on right now. Is it eating call? If you drew, this is how we ultimately make money and make this into a real business is is we're launching a Marketplace, will be will be launching Marketplace very soon. You know, we're recording this in mid Bay, who knows? By the time we come out at you, because coming out maybe the first first iteration of the more 

But the marketplace that will launch will be, I think pretty unique insofar as the buyer and the seller have have this visibility into what each other happy and we Clacks can help surface. The cards that you're going to be most interested in from the person you're dealing with. So, if I'm doing a deal with you John and we happen to both love the Mets, right? All seen those Mets cards paid because that's a, that's a team that I collect are going to surface the top and, you know, 

Because you know we both we both have a shared offending you so we can we can facilitate kinds of deals like that in a way that eBay really can't and to boot will do it for half of half of what they charge right. Sophie Bay as I have some people call them. You know, I think this will be a way better deal and I think it would give people a reason they are actively selling their you know, to maybe try something else and for all these 

Giving giving them a really nice easy path to being able to, to turn back the liver. No, I like that. I like that, it kind of, acquiesces to kind of, you know, right up your alley. Whatever you, whatever team player. Kind of an automatically filter to that. I've used the term feedback. You don't have to apologize. I've used it many one that listens to this show. Now, I use eBay of full disclosure. I don't want of this murder. So my views on more than one occasion on this show. So yeah, I smiled when you said that because and that many others have to and there's our rightful reason for that. And you know what thing? I want to talk to your horn here on the app is You know, besides the pricing, it's a great way, you know, I haven't really fully dilated yet. Like I said, but it's a great way to sort of organize your collection because as you scan these cards and like you said, you can see other people, you know what they have in their inventory that they well what's a good way to even organize your own in sometimes, keep track of what you have and you know fear, whether you're a player collector, a team collector, you put your 

10:56 PM
Cards on. I'm not sure if I have this one and you get enough card, sometimes you don't remember who I have this car. Do I need this card? And you can, you can we go to the app and see if you up, you know, you up search it, if it's not, if it's not on in your inventory, you know, hey, I need this and it can save someone from buying a card at a show. Maybe they wouldn't have bought, you know, if they if they knew they need, you know, didn't need it. So, I think there's a 

The collectors will tell you, you know, I bought the car that show that when I got home, I Rick's. I thought I didn't have it. But I did. And it's a, you know, it's a duplicate, I can trade it, but give it to a fellow collector, but I wouldn't have bought it and I known that but I thought I needed it that can eliminate that Stetson Aereo from from even occurring. Not a lot of times those are cheap cars, but what if it's maybe a little more pricey, you know, someone has a quite a bit of inventory. I can't tell you everything I got, you know. And some of these ranges. And so if it can save somebody a transaction where they can put that money to something they do need. I mean that that's a positive and something I thought about when I was using like this is a great way to track what you have, forget. The pricing stuffs nice on its own but even just knowing I have this need, this have this need this type of thing to build your database of your own of your own inventory. Like you said, you're with the marketplace. 

That you're going to have here maybe by the time this airs, it will actually be live. It'll be great. You can see what other people have and they can see in turn what you do as well. Whether the now when this Marketplace will it be selling buy sell trade out, you know you want to cop has everything so it'll definitely be by cell initially and we are going to add a ability to trade. That's going to take a little bit longer. So when, you know in a few I'm a big proponent of just like, you know, like with collects, like just just launched an initial version does need to be perfect. You can keep it or even at make it better. So with Marketplace will initially support buying and selling. And then we'll add in the trading capability in a probably in a later, release. And we'll be doing mean that I think the coolest thing about it is this ability to be able to negotiate these multi card deals, right? Which you can kind of do this on eBay and some 

Places, but you know, we definitely have seen with people that are already transacting on collects, right? There's no we don't give any framework for it. So people just end up doing it off your messaging on the upheaval messaging interface where you can reach out saying Hey, I want that card. I'll offer you five bucks. But what tends to happen is, you know, you want to get to be especially for buying lower and stuff. You want to get to enough cards that the deal makes sense, right? So everybody 100 or card, that's fine. I just do the deal based on that, but if you're buying 

You know, afford to have several so you essentially like in the app, you'll put these into a deal room where you can then negotiate on the. So I think it's going to it's a really cool experience and that whole back end. I mean isn't been done in other areas, right? Like other apps, like Poshmark. Does this roll nicely in the apparel? Second, a merchandising annuities are really done it for Collectibles least. I don't think so. I'm not aware of a place where you can go and do that kind of multi-item negotiation. So, we spent a lot of time, a lot of love thinking that through and, you know, will handle payment and shipping all that hands. And like I said, with these will be about half pretty big turtles. 

Regular sellers will actually also be. We can talk about dealers and stores but we're doing a lot there, too. And we'll be having a having this in the service. He Marketplace can similarly discounted for dealers and sculpture. All right, go to step aside here, from a great sponsor. After that. We'll be back with collapse class time. Marketplace has a line of rated guard cases that are waterproof are tight just tight and partly to protect and organize your value. Collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam so you don't have to cut and tear the foam when you get your case. The pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett SGC and CGS slab store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace. Check them out at www.binaryforecast.com. We are back with Ted Mann and collects. My next question. I think you sort of touched on it a little bit, right? 

As great as the hobby is, I think we both can agree, right? The part that that rears its ugly head every now dead, right? So I'm going to does a transaction and know whether it's they don't ship their end of the bargain, or they do the old Switcheroo rights and maybe a lesser version and that sort of thing, you know, up to no good for lack of a better way of saying that. Are you going to have a system in place a vetting process? How do you know? Because, obviously, when that happens, 

The fingers first get pointed to a platform that person or kind of both at the same time and it so it's going to be. I got to ask it because if I don't, you know, so here you have to, you know, I mean, this is a super important if you're taking a picture of your own cards, right? So, you know, if somebody is listening occurred without one of their Own photos, you know, that'll be be made a pair of in the operator will have a kind of like a disclaimer on there. But you know, obviously, you know, on any platform any marketplace where you're buying a car, you want to look at the picture of the card and clarifying, and if you should get a card that doesn't match what you purchased rate. If somebody took a picture of something and then say you something else, you'll have three days after received two to basically reported. And if that's the case, then you can return the 

No money changes hands with a sleeper cell phone. So I guess that's how it's going to work on our public with similar to how other other marketplaces like off-market thought it. I think it's a good good way to handle it, you know and what will you know, educate some of those from late, but but that'll be the collects, you know, guarantee, you know, just to follow up off of that. Ted. Let's say I use my I would never do this, but I'm just for 

Situation. So you you buy a card from me and I you know, now are you holding the funds? It's sort of like a whole pan till this expires that has been verified. All right, so you really can't get far as far as not getting your private. Does it come that the buyer can say? Hey, I never, I never got the card in the seller. Won't get those funds won't pass through and for the seller. That's why it's kind of comparative on them too high. Either use our shipping label or generated tracking. Should we walk there if they don't which will be on that'll be an option right here. He's, you know, with selling cards. You don't necessarily want to be saddled with with kind of a higher cost shipping. And so, if you want to generate your own shipping label and track it, however, you're on track it, but you have been, if you don't put in a tracking label, will have no way to verify that ever did Reach This. Reach the buyer. So that's you know, I think it's going to be an important, you know, for the same situation. 

Just playing Devil's Advocate, you buy an 89 Upper Deck. Correct Jeffries from me and I send you a 1992. Clear Greg Jeffries. You get, you get something any track in advance for a car. It's not the same. Yeah, how do you, how do you handle that? You would say this is not very dark and you know, it, you know, submit a picture of what I got. Clearly not match the card. Presumably that that you would listed and then you would You know that if someone does that mean, is there any long-term reproduction repercussions? Can you celebrating things like that? You know, it's a dwarf if you know one time too many whatever you decide one time too many as whether that's 12 or whatever. Can you can you sort of ban someone from the platform so that you know, it doesn't 

H continue to work. Yeah, and we haven't gotten so far as to figure out exactly what those rules are going to be. So, but there will be a, you know, we will have a policy that needs to be using the system that were with them. I mean, so far nobody's transacting through our buffers a week and we haven't really had abusing the collects app. So no reason yet to do that, but, you know, I certainly see it. I mean, with the coupon output. We have got people submitting fake coupons, you know, we had like somebody. I met people submit pictures of all kinds of terrible stuff. So we did ultimately as grow to millions of users, you know, he can insert them get some Bad actors in there, you know, and I'm sure that that will be the case here to its. Everybody knows the card world has and it's not like you said, you point out even with the coupons people trying to be. 

Like they're, you know, that there's my intent. To where it can be. Let's go purposely made and it's going to happen. It's, it's been like that since the Advent of time. It's not a new phenomenon. I just wa