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June 3, 2022

Ep.182 w/Erica from Lovewhatyoucollect

Ep.182 w/Erica from Lovewhatyoucollect

Erica Massenburg loves the hobby, loves traveling, she collects more than just cards and she is one of the best hobby ambassadors we have. She shares that passion with her daughter and appreciates the athletes for more than what they just mean on the...

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Erica Massenburg loves the hobby, loves traveling, she collects more than just cards and she is one of the best hobby ambassadors we have. She shares that passion with her daughter and appreciates the athletes for more than what they just mean on the playing surface.

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10:17 PM
They were 18 away from which, you know, when you think about a once-a-week show that's almost four years worth of shows, without missing a week. If we didn't miss any weeks, that would be about 44 years. And, you know, when we started this show in November of 18, you know, I've said this a million times that we had no idea how long we were going to do with how it was going to be received and all that good stuff. And here we are, you know, for almost 4 years later and crazy, but we're going to keep going have a lot of fun with the show and get a lot of great feedback and that's kind of, you know, gas in my tank. If if you will got a great guest today, Erica massenburg. Also known as love what you collect. Erica loves traveling and going to car troops has been to numerous car children and just a passionate great Ambassador for the hobby. She doesn't mince words either. She's not going to take your Guff and I appreciate that about her but loves the hobby collects not just sports cars, but other things as well are in other things so collector by heart and was great. Getting to know a little bit catching up and talking some hobby with her. And like I said, she's going to give you the straight scoop and that's the best thing you can ask for from your guests. So without further Ado, let's get the show started. Hello collectors. This is a clean from the sacred home Sports, guys. Remember the hobby is the people 

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Hey folks. John here. Just wanted to remind you use the discount code and bb10 for 10% off. Your first order at Midwest box breaks cam. 

All right, real happy to have my next guest on the sport card shop and vocal. Guess line. There are positive Hobby People and then there's this young lady, really keeps it positive. She's a great, you know, the two were a words, I use on the show. A lot with People ambassador and Advocate, she epitomizes both of those words, and I want to welcome Erica from Love what you collect. Because both Carnation. Thank you for having me. I'm so happy to be here. No problem. Let's start. 

What you collect? I mean, there's there's positively right off the bat with, with that tag line. Really. I mean, how did you quit? You know, I mean, obviously, it's kind of self-explanatory, but, you know, where do you out of that coat? How'd you come up with it? Just happened? 

Describes myself. So it's yes, kind of self-explanatory. But I just love it, you know, love will you collect some plain and simple and it describes, like, people, like being you? Yeah, and you have fun with it. Like you said, you know, I know this already but for those listening, I mean, obviously, 

Sports car. That's what we're on the show, talking about it, but you have other things you collect and know you're big into art. And for those that may be watching this on video later on after this airs, and I already know your background is full of of artwork right now. People. I do admire and I definitely. We love get to that but do what? And I know, it's art cards, anything else that you enjoy collecting. Yeah, just a few things more for artwork that, you know, I just, I don't wear them necessarily any got into Punk. Oh pops a little bit. But um, I'm big into collecting books as I read the books too, but I just, I just love a nice life. And I just love a couple books on, you know, the table, you know, the coffee table. It's just, it's just wonderful. I it just that's artwork in itself to. Yeah. I'm more from book reader. It's funnier got more of a book reader. The older I get, when I was younger. I did read, I don't want to make it sound like I did, but I've got more into it. The older I get, as far as reading, which I guess better late than never. Or as they say. But, you know, especially, you know, being in the teaching profession, I sorta not be lead. By example. I can't tell a young man or young lady. Hey, read your books and not, not do do it. Myself. Wouldn't be right. So yeah, I do a lot more reading now than, you know, I know you're, you know, I've heard you up another shows and talk about it, you and, you know, got you started in the hobby. Just talk a little bit about 

I know she's no longer with us wrestler. So, but just, you know what she meant to you. And, you know, and now you're in your passing that on the hobby to put your own daughter as well. Just kind of talk about that Dynamic. Yes. So my aunt used to collect basketball, Forest 90s, basketball cards, and I just remember her sharing that love and passion with me. I was maybe about eight, nine ten, you know, around that age bracket, and We collected for years. She would enjoy organizing her collection. I remember, she would organize them in binders, be a teams like bull Celtics, and, you know, that's how she like to organize her Parts, but it was also we would go to a local LCS and just look at the other cards there too, but we just truly enjoyed it. We enjoy watching sports too. So it just kind of went hand in hand and it was just wonderful and When she passed away when I was about, maybe 12 13, I stopped collecting. Just focus on high school work and at school except with it. And I recently got back into it with about three years ago, my daughter. She's six, she plays tennis. So I had a nail Millsap that side park. So I guess I was still collecting along the way, but just like little bit. Like, I'll pick up car here and there. So, I had this card for some reason, and I was like, hey, my daughter name is the teary. And I hated Tyrion. 

Sport. So you're taking a water break or just, you know, in between like playing look at this card as motivation. And then I was looking at the Cardinals really beat up like, you know. It's terrible for this over. Look like a old vintage vintage part that somebody put in their bike, you know, in between a bike tires, but then I went online to eBay to say I was like me, get another copy for cleaner one and that's when I just fell back into that hole of like, wow, you know, I just kind of got sucked back in which has been a really good thing because I've been enjoying it or all. Yeah, that's great. Like you, you know, you have in your daughter involved in and as she gets older as well. 

Are we looking at the next female tennis champion? They're not to put But I would say she truly enjoys playing tennis. She likes watching tennis too. But you know, she would see him. She envisions herself going into space being an astronaut. One day. She loves riding horses. So she has a many different interests. So I'm just supporting her whatever decision she makes along the way, but I think she'll be going to different Avenues of things. Well, she sounds, you know, it's nice that she's interested in multiple different things. And eclectic what Dad and for, you know, I don't obviously, I don't know where but, you know, she's got a great example for Mom and, you know, successful. So that's, that's very nice to hear. So, it's so now you're full board mean you're going, you know, I see, you know, you're both in Europe, more shows than me, and I know your world. 

I will kill you then to Europe and in Asia. And I mean, obviously shows because of the love of hobby. But is there, I mean, other than wanting to see the world, which I think everyone in some form or capacity would like to do, is that why you travel so much as it is in some work-related? Or is it just a I never been here or I love this country and I want to, I want to go back. Why so much travel. I just love traveling. I love seeing the world meeting different people seeing just different things going to museums. I just, I just love all kinds of people, all kinds of things. So travel just easy to gravitate to. I also don't like to sit still too much. Like I said, you know, Philadelphia for a whole year about travel. I'll kind of get my kids which happened during the pandemic. I was gonna say that 

Friends listening to new content that really kind of helped alleviate some of, you know, that anxiety and stuff. I was having my sick sitting still in Philadelphia. But yeah, just I've always just loved to travel. It's just something that's I just feels a part of me and I think travel loves me too and it's kind of cool though that you know, I live in Philadelphia. So I'm going to try and see it area. So it's kind of easy to Get to like a New York or Baltimore DC to go to a show or even Virginia to, you know, just happened to Cory like two hours, two hours and they're so I'm really blessed that I have that ability to do that. So I just kind of take full advantage of it. You know, it's a weekend, especially if I have a lots of free time and I see a card show. Like I went to the one in American American Dream mall in New York, right? Outside of New York. We went over on Saturday and that's about two hours to get to, but I was 

You know, let's go check it out and we went and checked it out. We had a really, really great time. We never been to that mall. So that was pretty cool, too. Yeah again, I mean we've seen, you know this to are again. We've seen the rise of shows with with the with the hobby boom in general. We're seeing more shows we're seeing shows the places we did never had chose before, they just did one in Fenway Park area and in Boston, I think we're going to Start seeing more like that. And, you know, I think it's going to be interesting where some of these shows are going to like turn up. I mean, even in the midwest, shows are booming. I mean, wherever you go, wherever they are being here at Syracuse, which is not, you know, full disclosure is not a hotbed, even though I live here now, I'm originally from New York City, but I look at Syracuse, is not really a hotbed for sports cards, but you know, the last four or five shows have been 

10:31 PM
Why do you people keep Comming in the space? And I'm a guy, you know, some people don't welcome new people and I'm a guy that welcomes on them because we need you. If you, if you love your hobby, right, you need people in it transacting forth to be good and Thrive and survive. And so I'm not to get, you know, get off my lawn guy some people, you know might but fit that bill more. I don't like everything that happens, but that necklace. 

What any kind of industry or just life in general, you know, you gotta roll with the punches long as someone's doing it. I always say are going to someone's doing it the right way. Not ripping. Someone off, you know, would be when something malicious, then, you know, you can have a anyway. You want, you collect different things different sports and you know, there's no really wrong way too happy if you're doing it, I fully agree with you. 

Going to step aside for real quick break, but we'll be right back with more with Erica. Sports coordination is back with more with Erica and love what you collect. So, I got to ask you, I mean, you know, not to make this a politic show cuz it's definitely not the Apple. We can, you know, kind of a lot of stuff has welcomed price, including airfare. I know that firsthand is that really hindered any travel for you? I know like you said you being kind of located in Philly, you're sort of central to a lot of the bigger cities tri-state area. We can drive, all the gas is not 

Not cheap either. But beats are fair by my leg has what's going on with inflation or anything like that? Cramped, your style at all. That's a great question. As far as gas. Yeah. I'm just a little bit more. Hesitant. We're going on driving General here. Philly, guesses about 480. I seen a few gas stations hitting about $5, some places a gallon for regular. So yeah, the the Gatsby. Gas prices is a deterrent because I'm like, you know, if I had to put an extra thirty dollars in gas for the stroke. I could maybe just saved it $30 and then put it towards a car in Bali online or via somebody, you know off of Instagram or something to that effect. 

But I was looking at some airfare for show and I didn't notice the prices increase, at least double the price. So, I was just like, you know, I'm just going to kind of stay local. And there's this kind of just save up and get ready for National. So that's kind of my game plan. But yeah, I definitely have scaled back a little bit as far as traveling for shoes, but actually next week. I am going to be going to New Orleans for A trip, not correlated, but me and material. We're going to go visit one of our favorite cities. Well, I'm jealous because I was fun to have this conversation with my wife. The other night places. We haven't been to a New Orleans is number one on my list that I haven't been to yet. I've never been here. One of the reasons, it kind of has a lot of stuff for not ever be in there. That hasn't sold a lot of things that I'm interested in. I love 

You know, Cajun Creole food Jazz and it's one of the most haunted cities and I'm a big and to go show and Ghost Adventures. Got so as all those as all those elements that I like and so some day out, I'll get there. So I'll be I'll be looking at your at your social media feeds and probably drooling, and being jealous. Just thinking, I'd love to see a national there. I did a poll on my Twitter. That's really our home base for the show. And I, you know, I put New Orleans, Seattle, Phoenix, and st. Louis had people vote got over 12 on their votes and it was closed between the four cities. I go to from New Orleans and she finished last at 22% police say, yeah, but st. Louis, which one only had 30 percent. So it was only 30. It was like 30, 25, 20 422, so it wasn't 

It sounds like they were, they were fairly close. I love the scene in the city, like that. Yeah, you know, I plan on going every National I can get to so it would be definitely a reason. No excuses to not get to New Orleans when you know, so hopefully you never know, right? You never know what could happen next. We've seen. We've seen that in this hobby, right? The just when you think you've seen it all. 

Else, something else? I think that's what keeps, you know, keeps it interesting and whatnot. So again, you know, you you're very positive and Advocate and Ambassador for the hobby. We need more of that. We don't have enough leaving. Even though we have a lot, you know, being being female in the hobby have yet? Have you had any issues like what I'm going to speak for myself and I don't, you're a hobbyist. Your is that a male hobbyist or not? Other female obviously, you know, I'm a deal with myself or someone comes to my table. They collector by cars, lets lets, you know. 

You can have a conversation with anyone. You can transact with any? Why don't? I don't look at it like that. Have you had has that been an issue though? Have you dealt with that at all? A few times? Not, not a whole lot overall throughout my travels and going to different shows and stuff. But a few times, it has happened. One time in particular dealer. I was looking at a corn, my daughter standing next to me. Just look at it. Just look at it. 

And he was, he was like talking to me as I didn't know anything about the player, the sport, the cart. And I just kind of did this. I just know, okay, like I didn't even know, he wasn't even worth my time to even let him know that I knew what I was doing. So just kind of looking and then he says, to my daughter, tell, tell your mom to take them go her purse and take out our credit card, paid for the car. You know, what the word is six years old, and she was just like looking like no one's ever said anything like that, to her. Her and you know, I mean so then I had to just pull her aside and just explain to her, you know, like why it was wrong to just kind of you know, nor that and we're not, you know not going to support a shot from people who are disrespectful to us or to anyone else because if I was standing there and it happened to someone else, I would just I would feel the same way. I would feel offended and I wouldn't support that that dealer to so and then he would just kind of looking all strange and crazy, but I was just like, I couldn't believe he said that to her like 

You know, I wasn't there, obviously, but I little bit something like that. No reason to do that. I mean, it's the old ahead and try to be got nothing good to say, don't don't say anything at all. And again, to, to say that to your daughter. I think he even sort of exacerbates that it sounds like, yeah, you know, you kept a cool head and just kind of moved along, you know. 

It's too bad. You have to know your daughter and you would ask the, you know, that happens even at all. But, you know, I've done the show circuit enough to know. There's people that look through a different lens than maybe I do, you know, I was raised in Brooklyn in the Melting Pot and I was raised by my grandparents and I'm from an early age. You know, my grandma would say there's good and bad in every race religion and you know, you don't judge it by that. You judge it by the person's actions. And how they, how they are as a person, not anything else and dropped. I'm glad you know, I was raised like that from very early on and now, I think, obviously I think we're proud of our environments to. I was raised the right way and some people maybe aren't as fortunate to give them a pass and not. Yeah. I'm not, you know, I'm not saying that they're off to a vote for how they behave. I'm just saying it does start at home. And yeah, you know, hopefully does. 

That's where that change can happen. I've seen you in your post and you behind the table with your guards. Are you setting up at shows? Well, me and my daughter set up at a show about an hour away in New Jersey as a small show. And we really enjoy it. It happened on Friday nights once a month. So maybe every other month, you'll set up, we do it more for just bonding fun. We want to go to the show anyway, so we might just be dry. Even so far being told, is wrong with this setup. And let's see what we can do and most is how my daughter's behind the table talking and, you know, so I had gain that experience as far as selling cars behind the table and you know what, how people interact and what people are looking for and, you know, so it's been interesting, you know, I'm observe it and I'm just, you know, I find to be very interesting. It's a great thing, you know, for your daughter to like, I like, I love 

Hard shells for the social life. Have a choice between buying a card in person or obviously online. And I do both, don't get me wrong. I've always said will write nothing beats that in-person transaction. Those conversations. You have the great people. You get to me, you know, even besides the story, you know, for every one of those there's ten great people that you'll have a conversation with and I don't think you can trade that and want to reasons. I love going to the shows. It's one of the reasons I like son. In up at the showed, you know, the right time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but we'll be back with Erica right after that. What the athletes? We admire the sports card shop is changing the game. We're not launching threes bombing drives for hitting dingers, but we have built a unique Gathering Spot for all collectors to trade cards. Talk sports, play games and watch their favorite athletes on the big screens. Yes. We partner with panini Upper Deck leaf. 

Fanatics Pokemon and others to bring you all the latest in sealed wax and singles but the sports card shop in New Buffalo. Michigan is much much more. Our recent expansion, brings collectible sneakers, Hot Wheels and more sports and entertainment memorabilia into the mix. Our new collectors cave game room is the perfect place to throw a rib party, bring friends, rip pack Street cards, play Billiards, ping-pong shuffleboard, classic arcade and Xbox games all while watching your favorite. 

10:42 PM
Also at underscore sports card shop or better yet. Visit us in person to learn about special events, party packages, new products, and everything. We're doing for you. The sports card shop, Connecting People Sports and the hobby around the world. We are back with more with Erica mesenbourg and even setting up as a dealer. And I think you touched on this to Erica would be your answer. No, obviously if you're a seller you want to sell, right? And make some money and I don't think you have to anyone has to apologize for that me you or any other dealer that that sets up, right? But some some of the best shows, haven't been even the ones where made the most money on. It's been the ones that I did. Okay, and I want to make it like, it was 

But those conversations and the people you meet, sometimes can make all the difference in the world. You can't put a price on certain things like had been specially, you know, when we had the pandemic and a lot of that was shut down for year and a half and we sort of we lost that for a little bit and it's good that we get back out there and get that, then interaction. I mean, what if you only could pick one? I think, I know your answer. 

But you can only be on one side of the table. Would you rather go as just the walk around being consumer, and do it that way or be behind the table morsel consumer? Because I'm really just more of a collector, you know, so as far as that, but as far as talking to people and interacting with people being behind, the table is a little bit more easier to do that and people, you know somebody Say, somebody comes to the table starts looking at a card and then they might not be talkative. But then you mentioned something about the car like oh, yeah, he or she they had a great game and then next thing, you know, they'll start lighting up in talking about. Yeah, so that game and next thing, you know, your start talkin talkin. So I think that's been a difference. I've noticed being behind a table of the more people are a little bit more, open up a little bit quicker than if you were just another and Cindy standing next to each other on the other side. Yeah. Yeah, I agree with that. 

When I was younger, I did my first show but he went out at 15 years old people. Look nice. We heard your job is like the only the 25 2007 but I was really shy young kids. So I would really not talk. I wasn't being rude. I was just so shy. I wasn't good at like starting conversation. It was all for and obviously, the older. I've gotten, I've sort of home at and, no practice. I don't want said, man. I'm not perfect, but practice to get better with it. The more you do it and so but I think it goes a long way to be able to you know conversate. And I think it sort of breaks that ice right? That sort of like who's going to who's going to say something first, right? Then the like a stand-up like who's gonna say hello, or whatever the conversation starts with? But, you know, I was I was terrible at an early age. It's something I've gotten better with with aging, especially doing this. 

You better you better be able to conversate. Are you going to be in trouble, you know, so, you know, the other thing I wanted to ask you is, you know, you mentioned, you know going to the National help. Would this be your first national? Have you been to one prior? I went last year to the one in Chicago. I went solo. So materi didn't go with him to that one. But Chicago is it was nice. It was a good experience. Overall was good. 

It actually. So I am looking forward to where it's the one in AC. That's right, in your backyard. I mean, this is made this is set up on a tee for you, right? Yeah. It's about an hour 15 minutes Rick from Philly. So it's right in the backyard really grateful for that being able to attend. So I know for a lot of people, it's kind of a hard destination to get to, you know, being at a my all over our from Philly and some some of the Flights have been a little bit pricey for people so, you know, so I am grateful to action. I can't attend. Yeah, I'm fortunate here in Syracuse is five and a half hours will be will be driving. My wife's actually going normally. She would not go Erica. She's not a yard not a car for time. She supports me but 

She's going to go and just go. The beach where the Buddha beverage and an umbrella in the book and it's gonna be a vacation for her and we're going to be in the convention center. It will be our vacation vacation. Yes. That's awesome. That's all. She'll have a really good time. You know, the beach boardwalk and all the casinos. And it's a lot to do so, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, normally, if I make the trip, but the fact that she's actually making this trip that can come out of the joint account. So, I'm getting the same again to save a little money this year about that. My first one was a few years before that and is even as long as the hobby of that I've been in that, I didn't vote in the National until I think 2018 and you have in your mind. Kind of, you know, what other people, you listening, the contact with other people who wept for telling you what, it's like, and then you get in there yourself and it's like, even beyond that with that, with that describe the experience for you. Yes, definitely. The thing that I wish I had more time. Time, I didn't have time to really go around as many tables as I wanted to, or look through their cards as I wanted to. So that was one thing that I'm and I went, I went for, I think three days I was there for three days. So was there a nice bit of time but you really you really need, especially if you're really looking and you're really hunting and just fun to see different cards because you got to remember, you want to be seeing people, you know, or you don't know and talking to people. So you got to account for that time. 

And also higher standing on your feet so that that kind of slowed you down a little bit, you know kind of slow you down but it's a great place to buy Cards and look at cards. I don't really sell as much like, you know, but for people who do is a great place for that and the networking aspect. It was good. 

Last year, I did sit on the stage and listen to some of the speakers speak. So I thought that was pretty good. So hopefully they expand on that this year. Yeah. I'm not sure what's going on with that. To be honest with you. We I we had our show here at racial the odd, and the son Ryan about a month ago and said it was still kind of in the early stages, with what they're doing. I was fortunate Last year, me and Brody, the kid got it. To do a segment on the main stage and the Big Thrill for both of us being you know, 13 years old and 48 years old. We were both having a blast and I hope we get to do it again, you know, put that we'll see, you know, we'll see how that shakes out, but it'll be plenty to do. And like you said, great point that you made is, you know, just they almost need a day just sort of to meet everyone that you you've gotten to know online. 

You haven't met in person or maybe you met last year and what other, you know, meet them again and talk and you almost need one day sort of just for that and then you need like a couple days where you were. You know, heads up in the showcases and boxes and see what you can know Treasures. You find like that famous breaker. That will go answer the door. Someone's at my door. Right after that. We'll return with more when they work. Gun firing sports cards is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times, heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com, or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440. Sa Rob's got, you covered. Sportster nation has. 

It was Erica and love. What you collect. I gotta ask. What is your daughter? Like the collected? When she goes to the show's? What's what is she Eagle Eye, and what is her? She go after, she goes after, like, the shiny cards, you know, like the prison of this goes, you know, the she so she likes those cars. Colorful Parts basketball. She would like to collect more tennis, but it's It's not a lot of tennis cards, and Tennis partners are a little. Bit on a dull side of things. Yeah. I'm not trying to downplay, or disrespect, to this cards. But, you know, just look at it and it's like, basically a photo and it's not much more than that. Yeah. So so, so that's pretty cool. I'm not a tennis expert that you probably know what I'm about to say. There is. It's fairly still affordable Erika. I don't think aesthetically 

It's a beautiful-looking said, you probably know about it. You know that I think it's the 2003 than that Pro Set. I think the boxes are still fairly reasonable has some of those folks as rookie cards in it. And I don't think that you know the cards I've seen they're like you said they're fairly plain looking but there's not a that's the thing. That's not a lot in Tevis to choose from. It's not like Your other sports career. So you know, but I think we're going to see. We're going to start seeing more. We're going to start seeing more that not the mainstream Sports. If you will, some of the the off mange, I think we've seen that already when F1 and other sports or soccer blew up and Tennis dammit, even the older stuff of tennis has increased in price. I think we'll just start to see more companies producing at manufacturers. So, 

Tell her tell her to hang tight, I think help help us help is on the way there yet. You know, I think that's that won't be a problem. I think for too much longer. I know some of what you collect from from here in the end of the show. One thing of, you know, I wanted to ask you a question when I, you know, I wanted to get your opinion on this when I started are get seven years old. I was a sports kid like I 

10:53 PM
Watch. And then I found out about cards and like, you know, I went to the store with my grandfather and he bought me a couple packs and the rest is history called. The Reggie Jackson had in the first pack, being in New York City. And, you know, away we went. I feel like today, you know, some people and I just kept for some people, you know, I got into it because I like sports and think that, you know, kind of covered you to when you're at be in sports fans first, I feel 

That's not always the way it is. Now. I think some people get into the hobby, you know, maybe dollar signs or we see put some cards and cell for, I think it's been sorted there. I'm not saying everyone. I don't want to paint with, you know, a broad brush it and that sort of thing, but I think there's more of that now. People who aren't necessarily huge sports fans, that are in the card industry. We're back in my day. You almost had to be a sports fan or you wouldn't care about the car. 

So you would have an interest. I mean, you think that's correct or you know, I mean, where do you fall on that? I agree with you a thousand percent. I noticed that all the time, you know, and it's kind of crazy to me because I can't really process it because that you know hear people say not have this soccer cards or you know, whatever. But yeah, I don't watch that are missing this player play then I might say. Have you seen any like highlights like even when Tick-Tock of minute with her highlights? I know that like I can't even process that like, you know, but you're right. I think and I think this is a big issue too because if they want to if people want to really expand our hobby as far as getting new people in it where they're adults or kids, they had to be able to connect it to the love of the sport and the passion of the sport, with the card for new people to come into and a natural way. It's for them to stay. 

I believe that really is like the only way to do it because if you go about it, the other routes of, you know, about their money-making or whatever, the case may be, people might dip their toe in but they're going to give out the pool and not come back. You know, it has to be it's like you don't like saying I have no people that go to Sixers games and they budgeted their season tickets parking the session. Their jerseys, they budgeted for every year X amount of money. Do you know? But when I talk some about cards they just they don't even write think twice. They just stare at something. And I'm like, well, if you think you might wanna Joelle and be far, 

You know, stuff like that. So there's still a little bit of a divide there between Dennis board. For I think, Fanatics is hoping to bridge that Gap and be the bridge know whether that happened to that. I don't think there's a guarantee even when Fanatics is loud and money and what they bring to the table. I don't think it just automatically happens, you know, kind of 

Bring it into this know. What are your thoughts? There? Are you, you know, there's a lot of people who are sort of pessimistic that sort of going to be kind of a financial play for them and maybe not care about the collector, like, you were me. And then there's others that are more cautiously. Optimistic of how they're going to be. I mean, and, you know, they haven't really even started yet. Even though they've got some licensing. I mean, what are your thoughts? Are you, are you nervous about it? Are you concerned or Are you fairly confident? Like they're going to change the game? When I say game on me the card game, in a positive way. I'm trying to the middle of the road with it. At first, I was a little nervous and I just, you know, you know, super high quality or you know, different things like that, what they put out. But so I was kind of nervous at first but 

In the middle of the row. I know every business needs to focus on their finances and grow. I get that but I believe you can also, you know, take care of the greater good of the community and truly grow it. I have no idea what their plans are in place. I had my fingers crossed for the good, but I don't really see it happening. But I think they have a platform to do it and to actually grow this hobby, but I don't know if they have the right. 

All right, balls, or Vision to in place for it because I truly believe they need to focus on younger demographic and also just people who aren't in the hobby, you know, they need to get to a place where when people like saying this to two women 40 years old, right? And once, and oh, yeah, so her my friend's birthday is coming up. They want to, they need to get to a point where it's like, you know, they can Farm about, a why, and maybe a PSA slab or Whatever, slam bgs lab to go with their bottle of wine, so they can place their favorite player Patrick Ewing on their mantle next to their candles or something like that. You know, they need to get to a place where it just like that's kind of like a easy thought to digest, you know, for just that a person who's from consuming and spending and most of the time it's, you know, women who are in charge of, you know, the finances and the extra spending. So, I think once they get ahold of having more people understand the concept of 

Why it's okay to buy of a sports card and also why is okay to buy this horse cart and not really think about the financial gain from it, you know, that should be extra, you know, if there's a certain I do believe it's a certain place for the finances and assets of it, you know, more higher-end but just your average, you know, two hundred dollar car door. So, you know, people should be buying like they buy a piece of artwork like, hey, I'm gonna hang this up. So and I went to my friends come over, we drinking some wine or talking about This latest book, we read or vacation, you know, they can see these three cards that you know acquired over the last three years. Like I give myself a card a year like, you know, they need to get to a point where this people are. Just okay. With that process. That's my point of view on it because I just look at it. I just look at the Dynamics of how people spend. Like, I know people, I know people will buy a pair of sneakers, once a year. It really nicely just once a year or purse or a vacation where you can go down the list of things that they 

Words on because of a pure pleasure, and I think sports card, should be added into it. And I, and then the bonus, the cherry on top, is that? It could be easily passed down. There's also can be easily sold. If you need to hard cash, if proper, you know, systems are in place, you know, so this is my two cents on it. No, I agree with Chetan and again everything if Fanatics goal is to bring more people to having it is their goal because they've said that as much as we're not even speculating on. On that that's been in you know, when when Michael Rubin has been interviewed. He's has said that no, Josh Luber has stated that if that really is the goal and it is you know price point is going to be a huge factor in, right? I don't care what industry or what hobby you do, right? Whether you can afford it is whether you going to stay in it. And so I understand they could they have to make money their business. Lets, you know, let's keep it real but at the same time, they got to have that. 

It's a we can be profitable and we could be at a price point where we're not killing folks out there and they stay long-term because I think ideally, you want you don't want someone coming in and leaving three months later. You want someone coming in and not only stay in for the Long Haul but bring in their friends and family members into the fold as well. And that's that's the perfect scenario. So you want to get to a price point where that 

That's feasible to happen and you can pay your bills as a business to and failure employees and be profitable. And I think, I think that balance can be had. I don't know anyone that says, wow, that's very hard to do John. You know, I'm not buying it. It can be done, Jake, you know, they're smarter people than me and that I need to figure out what that is. It's easy. I agree. It's easy for me to sit behind this desk in and say, hey, got to do that, but there's a lot of smart people. In there that can figure out what that is and what it entails, and yeah, sort of think of the consumer and, and themselves at the same time and try to get both ends of that, you know, Spectrum, you know, happy. And I think it can be done, whether it happens. I'm like you, I'm sort of, I don't know. I'm cautiously optimistic. I guess. It depends on the day, some days. I'm pessimistic. But I seen you know, Joshua were do, do some stuff. 

We that now fallen on the pessimistic side. I guess it depends. What day you asked me what I thought, you know, I might say something different. But what I will say, this is going to be fun. To watch what happens dress. They're just the same right time to step. Aside here from another great sponsor, but we'll be right back after that. Last time. Marketplace, has a line of graded card cases that are waterproof, airtight dust tight and Harden. To protect and organize your valuable collection, each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam so you don't have to cut and tear the phone. When you get your case, the pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett SGC and CGS, slab store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace check them out at www.binaryforecast.com. 

We are back with Erica from Love. What you collect? Another thing I admire ab