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June 17, 2022

Ep.184 w/ Rob Girard from Sports Card Therapist

Ep.184 w/ Rob Girard from Sports Card Therapist

Rob Girard joins us to talk about a plethora of topics from the National, getting Grail cards, content creation and even cigars get mentioned. Fun convo warning.

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Rob Girard joins us to talk about a plethora of topics from the National, getting Grail cards, content creation and even cigars get mentioned. Fun convo warning.

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8:02 PM
What is up? Welcome to episode 184 of the sports Carnation podcast. Happy to be back for another week and excited. We're getting closer to the National at the time of this. If you listen, and I said, show day, we are under 40 days Now we're literally you could say a month away, that's very cool. We're going to talk a little bit about the national with my guest today. That's not the only thing we talked about but one of the things he would talk, cigars content creation, the national Grail card week, had sort of a parallel one or two weeks where we each got what we would consider our Grail cards. We found that sort of coincidental but you know we're going to talk A little bit about that. My guess is none other than Rob Gerard of the sports car therapist podcast and getting to know, Rob really good guy. You know, I always say like, you know, people who are genuine, there's a little, there's no shortage of hobby podcast. I think we all know that. At this point, lots of choose from, we all have ones, we like, maybe ones we go. I thank you out there for an offer, you that Made this, you know, maybe one of your favorites, but I like folks that kind of, you know, give me the straight scoop streets Shooters as how I like to be. And I tend to get along with those kind of people more than, you know, not the ones that are like that. So in Robin and talking to him off the air, as well as on if you will, is that kind of person and that's why I like I said, I like those kind of folks and easy to get along with 

And fun to banter with. So Rob's the guest and I hope you enjoy the conversation. I know I believe both of us did and I think you, let's go time for our hobby, is the people announcer of the week. 

This is Mike Summer from the wax pack hero sports card minute. Don't forget the hobby is the people. If you'd like to be the hobbyist of people announcer of the week to a wired or MP3 file and send it to sports coordination PC. At Calm. 

This is sports cars Nation. 

Real excited that my next guest on E fourth card shop at Moco guess line that started his own podcast about a year ago to tell you the truth and burst on the scene. Doing big things and I'm not going to make him wait, too much longer. It went from sports car therapist Rob. Gerard, welcome, Johnny Johnny Newman. How you doing, man? Thanks for having me and I appreciate you. Wow, thanks for coming out. Making some time. I know you're busy, you know, you got a job, your dad. And a husband, a car collector. I'm sure I left out a title somewhere in there as well. But no, I listened to you and you mentioned, you know, when you started the podcast that you kind of got back, you know, about a year and a half before even starting to podcast. But I did catch two and one of your episodes you had mentioned that you were about even about seven or eight years before that you were buying like player lots on Ebay. Say it just the way my mind works. I got to ask you the what happened from that 78 years ago or probably 9 or 10? Now from from when you said it when you were buying Lots. So that what happened? You kind of got back out you know I'll let you explain it obviously. Yeah no man and you know great question you know I think it's like so you know I like like most of us grew up collecting going to the card stores at my dad and whatnot. You know, you know. 

Impacts buying boxes but mostly buying singles. I've always been kind of a singles guy and and yes, oh, you know, got out of the hobby, you know, mid 90s, right? When I was in my teens, I was born in a V2. So got out of the Hobby and the mid-90s, probably around 13 14. When I really got into girls and got into high school and around 2010, I was settled down with Werth who my wife is now. And I don't know. I'd probably just like, hit this period of like, Bordeaux more curiosity and like 2010. And and yeah, it got back into the hobby for a little while, but kind of just dipped one toe back and, you know, so I started going on eBay. Buying up all those, all that junk wax. I had growing up, you know, Montana Griffey, you know, all everyone. I love Jordan Magic, Johnson, all that stuff and, you know, dipped my toe in my, just really buying cards, I wasn't really involved. That wasn't going to card stores. I wasn't going to card shows, anything like that. And then I kind of just, you know, 

I think I did because I really didn't know anyone that was involved in the hobby. So you know, I kind of just fell back out of it and then, you know, right at the beginning of the pandemic, I think I caught a little bit of that boredom again and just kind of started doing a little bit of research joining groups. Like I didn't hear any Buzz about the hobby being on fire or anything like. That was really just like in 2010. I was kind of bored and I was like well I always loved collecting Hearts. Let me look back into this but it blew my mind. 

Big the hobby I've gotten by 2020 and I think you know that combined with the fact that now I had an adult salary. You know, I'm no longer bringing my allowance to the table. I'm bringing an adult salary now and you know the combination of everything kind of was like, whoa and and I haven't left. It's just unbelievable. Yeah. It's well hopefully I hope we are here to stay, take Yar. I don't want to speak for you, but listen, I know you've been doing your show since what 2018 The old man. I'm the old man on the porches is the kids like, to say, it's great, you know, and when you gets funny, you say that Rob, you know, what do you think of 2018? And I mean, it's not like eons ago and it's four years at a calendar. But in Hobby terms, you know how that goes? That's, that's, you know, it's like dog years. You know what I mean? That's like 28 years in Hobby years, but yeah, you know, are I've said numerous times there. Ignore and was a an inspiration to me from from Beckett and fat bags and got my start when I got in rob22 content creation. Like you said in 2018, there wasn't many shows. There's probably four or five of us at the time. I mean, matter of fact, I think there's only one or two, or maybe three that are still go with myself being one of them. And I always say this, I'm, you know, I'm an honest guy. 

Got in it really at the right time. It was was pretty open. You know, what you did a year ago, the degree of difficulty there. If you ask me is more difficult, you're dealing with a lot more. I don't want to say competition because I think having a lot of shows also is a good thing, but it's a little more difficult kind of to navigate through more crowded Waters. If it if you will the highway was definitely backed up for sure. A year ago on Highway it was a bumper Jam you know bumper to bumper traffic on this. Whole content, creation side and and I think that it's kind of a, you know, an order to stand out and you can probably preach this, you know, better than I can but it's a combination I think of consistency being your authentic self and, you know, bringing something to this Elaine. That might be a little different, right? Like standing out your, what are you doing to stand out? But on top of that being consistent and and like like you, I mean have you missed 

Weekend for years? Yes, I have I laughed because I had to think for a quick second. I usually not, every year, not every year 24 years, Rob, I usually take Christmas week off. I just say, listen, you know, I want to spend time with my family. Well, I'm assuming you're drunk, I'm assuming you're dressing up as Santa Claus and going to the malls, you know, you got to do, is have nice Church to slap a great beard on you. And I Nick, I'm looking at it. Well pretty, at this point, I have to slap what I just, it's coming in more and more each day, so as a age. But yeah, I, you know, I think it for years rub, I've missed, you know, for for shows, if you will, for we did while, like you said. I think that's the number one piece of advice. I'm sure you get asked. I know I get asked from people were thinking about getting into the content creation. Hey, John, you know, you've done. For years. What one piece of advice? Can you give me you touched on a few of them? You do big ones, right consistency. Whatever day you decide that Adam show on release it on that day or if you know, I've been a day late. I know you. You did a post where you were traveling. If you communicate that people understand. Hey, thanks for letting me know. Look for the next day. You know, when I went to, when I went to Dallas my like Wicked show that I really saw Mondays. And I said, hey everybody, you're going to see it Tuesday and people appreciate that heads up. Had I not done that and I just didn't come out with him and I would have probably had, you know, seven to ten messages. What happened everything? Okay, which, which is nice to two people care enough about your, like they worry about you, if, you know, if you aren't consistent. So that's number one. And the other one, you said it. And you, you you epitomize this as well. And I definitely try and think I do is 

Be yourself right at me. People people can smell phoniness from from a mile away with people pretty smart most people anyway. And, you know, I'm not, I may use some funny sound clips and Django's and who knows, what, what, what as far as me. That's, you know what, you see kind of is what you get, what you hear is, you know, it's genuine. I don't say it, you know, not everything I say people will agree with. And that's that's the beauty of Life is to have those discussions or debates and and conversations. But you know, if I don't mean it, I don't say it and you know, I think that's one of the biggest compliments I get. Especially when I meet someone like in person they're like man you're really just like you are on the show and I'm like, I don't know what she thought I was gonna, you know, maybe I'll go see her in person but other than that, they're well, that's a given. Yeah, you know, I'm this is no stick. 

8:15 PM
You know, straight shooter and I think people appreciate that. Know, I appreciate that that you're the same way. It is not, you know, we're not mention names, not not every show. Can hang their hat on that hook if you will. But I think we can and I think people, I think people appreciate it. I know I've been told that I'm sure you've heard it as well. Yeah, and why I tell you what John, I mean I think one one reason why I feel like you and I Just kind of Click right off the bat is is we share? I think two passions and one of those is collecting vintage right. I know you're like vintage guy just like I am big vintage guy and cigars. Yeah oh yeah, I'm a big cigar guy as well. I know you are and there's nothing like a good stick you know just to kind of unwind the day and just to kind of relax and and really you know I like to sit outside 

On my front porch, really just breathe the air, and just meditate by myself. Yeah, it's, you know, he can't put a price on that, I'm on my back deck and usually, would have beverage and a stogie and just kind of collecting your thoughts. Kind of just unwind in, you know, and it's a good way to kind of just kind of decompress and, you know, it's funny, my smoke most of my cigars Dorrance Spring and summer and fall because I'm not allowed to smoke in the house. So let's we get one of the, you know, I'm in central, New York now. So let's we get one of them on. Seasonably warm winter days my smoking Seasons kind of over. So I take advantage of, you know, the better weather days. You know, someone asked me how many cigars, he's my really varies but I'd probably say three to five will week on a good week and less than three or four. Just don't I don't have the time or I'm Too busy and my wife, my wife actually, she wasn't even my wife at the time, but she got me into it. She had went to Jamaica before me with a friend like the girls trip and got into cigars there. And she's like, do you ever smoke cigars? And I'm like, now not, I haven't even smile. I've never smoked cigarettes, and she was out. Let's get we're in Cooperstown at the Baseball Hall of Fame and we're, you know, walking down the Main Street there. There was a little suit. Our place at the timesheet and they had some flavored one. So actually, I was like the training wheels of cigars, you know, I did that amaretto and whatever other flavors they had and then obviously what you learn how to do it and like it. And I kind of graduated too much of the real ones as we probably would like to say. So yeah, it's a nice thing to do and hopefully maybe someday we'll share, will share your 

Brothers of the leaf, will will share room, maybe some Beverages, and a smoked and talked life, talk Hobby, and that sort of thing. But the, yeah, we do we do have that in common and, you know, that's why they called Brothers of the leaf, but I gotta give my wife and telling that's, you know, going to get a little credit for kind of being the influence spent there for me. How for for you, how do you know? I notice it everyone's gonna be like, I thought this was a hobby show early. But how how, how did you get into, you know, cigar smoking? Let me see, you know, I think, you know, a big part of it is you know. So I don't drink and you know a big part of the reason why I don't drink is because my father you know died at a very early age from cirrhosis of the liver. You know, he was in the, he was active alcoholic, you know, just about his entire life. So I just kind of chalked it up to like, okay, I'm not 

Drinking like, I don't, you know, just just he kind of ruined it for me. Let's put it that way. And so, you know, I kind of need a vice, you know, we all have our vices and, and, you know, after stumbling upon cigars in my 20s. You know, I just kind of one of those things. I think that took on a life of its own, you know, and and you know and you know, you started out with the mild cigars and then before, you know, No, it, you know. Moving up to the to the medium flavored. Maybe, you know, I'm tasting the different notes and flavors and figuring out what I like weather. And I love a good, you know, a cigars got like a really good coffee note, you know just it's got that kind of coffee this tool or like a little bit of Nutty Nutty Ness. You know, I like the wood you know. So there's there's different blends of not Blends but there's different flavors that I really like and but yeah so I think just to answer your A question. It's kind of like one of those things where it's like, I really don't have any other vices so yeah, you know cigars, you know, my motorcycle, just one of those things, you know, when I work hard, like we all do, you know? I mean, I don't think Hearts full time so it's like I work hard and, you know, when I come home, I want to be able to have a cigar when I'm on my motorcycle. I ride a Harley. So now, I'm a motorcycle. I have a cigar my mouth while I'm riding most the time, you know what I mean? So so, yeah, it's that's me in a nutshell. 

Sorry about your dad, but like you said, he's sort of, you know, you learn from that too. That drinking was going to be your thing for those less than myself and Rob cigar podcast will debut in August. I'm just kidding. You know, cigars and cards. You know, CNC, it's got a nice ring to it, you know. And we have, we share a cigar, once a You know on air while the Scots guards and you know, I like it it's time for a quick break but we'll be right back. Iron Sports guard is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports gardens.com, or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440 say Rob's got you covered sports car nation is 

Back with Rob. Gerard, one of my biggest pet peeves. I remember I bought, like, I bought like a lot of cards from someone and they came in reeking like cigarette smoke. I mean like my room, it stunk up my room and I'm like, oh my God that's one thing. I never do Never Smoke around my cards. I mean yeah. You know my cards have never even my cards don't even know what a what a cigar is you know. They're my babies. You know? So yeah. But yeah you know it's It's it. Let me just say by the way. Congratulations on, picking up that recent Jackie Robinson. Well, thank you Rob. I know we haven't talked a little bit off the air when I was kind of on the haunt you know, it's big enough on the hunt, I heard you say something. And I don't think a lot of content creators talk about when you're looking for a certain car we're talking about it but when you're big acquisition to your to guess not need to today. Anyway so you know when you're when you're looking for that car do 

Well, we've all had that moment, what? And it doesn't matter, the price level that's insignificant. And when you're looking for and you kind of find it, you you know it's that that shapes right there huh? You know, and you've used that term. I've used that term and ever you know, people say oh it's not too hot and you if you're a real honor its but I begged, it different if there's an adrenaline rush that goes along with it probably very similar to an actual Hunter when he's In his career you know is there a tree stand waiting for whatever you know Season it is and in the same thing with cards and you know I really got serious with this. You know, the 4849 leave Jack Dee I've always wanted it but I really kind of, you know, knuckle down the last year and started to really look and you know it they're out there but you know, I had some parameters. I knew I could only afford it alone. 

But I wanted to try to get increase free. I wasn't super concerned with the corners as long as they were fairly presentable. You know, know, Kris is kind of centered lower grade and so, there's Jackie's out there. But when you have some of those parameters, you know how this goes, you will eliminate a certain percentage right off the bat with your with your qualification. So, just because, you know, I had it on my saved searches on eBay. So, every day I get, you know, No, a new listings, check them out. Who wouldn't Boxes. And so it's that chase, right? And then, you know, I did, I'm not going to bore everybody. Well, I did have a quick kids about the acquisition in a card. You can, people could have listen if they want to hear more specifics. But finally when you when you, you know, get close and then you're in sort of that, you know, tit-for-tat negotiations and then you get it. I mean, it's I'm not a hunter but I got, you know, some of that adrenaline. And I'm not going to get it is This one going to fall through the cracks, you know. Should I buy it now? Should I make an offer by making Auburn? Someone comes in just buys it now. I lose all of those things right. The decisions that go through your head. You know, I it is kind of like similar to to a hot. I've heard you say it. I've heard other people I've used that term and that's fun, you know, and then the other pay for and then that is not as fun to pay for, but it's fun. It's fun to finally get it. 

Have it then, you know, someone asked me will that change, you know, my Approach now that I have and really it really won't rob. It just really just I'm kind of got a spending freeze until the national here. So I have some money that the buy some stuff there and that was sort of my plan to Rob was if I didn't get it before the national, that was sort of like my deadline. Like, you're gonna have to leave the national with it. I'm almost glad 

I did I got it before. It's almost like a relief that I could go to the National and not have like that weight on my bag. I know that sounds weird. Someone says, it's just the card. What are you talking about, man? But I think people who are in The Hobby will kind of get that chest. But go ahead and we're going to send the people that would say that to you or people that are not on the hobby which is fine. I get it because like it's weird because even though we're in the Collectibles to an extent when people freak out over, 

8:26 PM
Her Pokemon cards. I get it, you know, like so. So imagine someone that isn't that doesn't cut cards. I had all. I mean they're not gonna understand that we might as well be speaking French to them, you know. But that Jackie card that's a huge card because, you know, you'll get it like. And I'm comparing it to a recent pick up that, I mean everything. You said I'm like right there with you like eye to eye. I see you, because I was out for a monster card myself recently. And my deadline was the end of this calendar year and then about a month. A month and a half ago. I said you know what? No, my deadline is National. I need to leave National with that card. That's going to be my best way. This could be my best opportunity to get that cart and I was actually able to get it about two weeks ago. So so that's, you know. So now I'm almost looking at National like I just gained an extra life. You know what I mean? It's like it's like holy crap like okay, I could actually go into National with kind of 

Ben gameplay. And now obviously, I don't have the funds or the inventory that I would have beforehand, but my end goal is already accomplished. I already got my own, you already got your Jackie. So even if you don't have the funds or the inventory you had before, you know what, you're still going there with an open opportunity but like your Jackie, right? So let me just throw some numbers at you here. These are some numbers you might already know, but so that Jack you got right. 1948, leave Jackie Robinson. Would most iconic hearts of all time. I'm so I'm just going to throw this out there. A PSA 9, a PSA 9 in that is around two and a half million dollars value, right? A PSA 92 and a half million. So you've got that exact card just in a lower grade like. So now I'm going to throw this at you. Okay. So yours is what an SG C 1.5. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So right now currently a PSA 1.5 you don't the pop on This is a pup 55. Yeah. A pop. How far under or where, but I knew it was probably close to that. Yeah, I mean, it's like you said it's and I'm not just saying this, because I have a now, I said this one. I was what I was trying to get it, you know? It's it's forgetting, that being a Jackie Robinson fan, which I am. This is just an iconic hobby card. No matter who you are for me. It just had even that more significance and you know, people always ask me robbers, like being a Jackie fan from from when you were a kid in Brooklyn. How did you not have it yet? And I've told the story I had like two or three opportunities to buy it from setting up at shows and I always kind of fun it. I was like I'll just get it another time. I'm spending my money here or buying this collection, and that's why I always kind of Kick the Can down the road taking, the can would always They're to not kick the next time and then that trajectory that think shot through. And when I let you know when that happened, you know, I realized too late. I'm like, now, it's going to cost me, you know, 300% more than when, you know, and it kept going up, it's one of those cards. You know, the deal, no matter what's going on in macroeconomics, and real-world financials or hobby financials, it's almost sort of You know, recession-proof if you will or you know Financial / now, it has, it has dropped a little bit, especially on the lower grades but everything's wrong person. Yeah, that's true 5252 Mantle's. I've dropped. So yeah, so but very in comparison to say of regular card and whatever that means, but something that as I kind of let me phrase it that way, the drop is less significant in that in that case and you know, that was the thing. 

I think, you know, right now where we see a sort of a hobby reset, a softening of the market. That's, you know, you know, how this goes, this is cyclical. You know, cyclic and things are going to go up. Again, I just knew like this was the year like you like you would with the LeBron. Like, I got it. It's got to be done this year because, you know, someone, someone even asked me could have you waited it? Would, it might have been cheaper if you waited till the national, then my Item. You know, I don't know who's to say, right? Cheaper. What 3 300 $400. Exactly not my money. I'm not gonna take the chance of not getting it and so that was my answer you know, to that person's question. Like you said it's a great Point by you two, getting it before the national in both cases, with your LeBron that you can kind of you know go into the national sort of what an openly you said it perfectly and open sort of game. But hey, I like these five or six cards. If I see it Neal, I like to get two of the 6-3. 2-6 when I leave but I'm under no pressure to do. So the deals not there or doesn't work out. I still have the target, you know, you were initially started with an end-of-the-year deadline and you move it up. You shattered, both of those benchmarks. My deadline was a national. I beat That by your few months so, you know, it's going to be fun. Speaking of national, let's Let's pivot right into that last year. You know, people for as long as I've been in the hobby Rob I've only been 23, believe it or not, this will be for this year last year. You know you said on the show, was your first. I mean, thought I know you said on your show but for those that didn't catch it at the so many thoughts of last year's Chicago, your first national. Like I always tell people before, you know, before you add whatever you think in your mind and people going to tell you what, it's like when you get In there. It's going to be beyond that. It's going to whatever you envision. The same thing with my first one ever. Everyone was telling me John this and John net and you know, and I thought I was prepared and then you get in there and it's like you know it's like Walkerville. You know, it's just like oh my God this is crazy. So but I mean last year being your first tandoc, your synopsis there. Yeah man. So last year. Chicago first Rosemont. Illinois, nothing could have prepared me for what NASA was going to be. You know, it was just, it was, it was almost like that, Mike Tyson line. Everyone has a plan to get punched in the mouth. Walking into National, I got punched in the mouth and it was like, oh my God, this is like, my plan went out, the window. I was picking up cards. I had no business picking up. I was, you know, just it's one of those things where I went there and And I immediately remembered what my true love was and my true love was vintage. And if you are a vintage guy, if you are a vintage person, if you're even if you're even curious about vintage, I mean National is is going to be absolutely. It's Disney World for you. You know, there's just so much vintage there and I don't want like, you know, scare away you like, younger collectors, or whatever and think that, like there's no modern trust me. There's plenty of fodder. 

There's just endless amounts of modern. So I was there for three full days last year and I did not get to see every Booth. Think about that, not get to see every table. And I was there for three full days. That's crazy. I always say, you know, you got to take one day to meet everyone in the hobby or friends went. Whether it's for the first time or digital times it almost one day, there's just walking around. Amen. You know you know chopping up the hobby chopping up. Like that's one day. Hello. And then like you said, I don't know how many days I guess. It depends how meticulous you are looking at cases, but you need numerous days, if you want to see everything and I can tell you in the three, I've went to Rob. I'm sure I didn't see every day, but I just think it's it's you think your mind up with Judith? I think it's almost impossible. Someone's at my door. I've got the cat laughs be right back. 

Okay, everybody have you heard about collectible it's the one stop shop, where any collector can buy and trade affordable shears in some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world, starting from just five dollars from 1952 Mickey. Mantle, PSA tens in Wilt Chamberlain's iconic rookie uniform to one of one, Patrick McCombs rpas rare LeBron James Global man's and everything in between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen, abscessed and opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love take care. 

Please note, this is not a recommendation or solicitation by any security investment decision should be undertaken after doing your own research. 

Thanks for sticking with us. Let's return to the show. 

Curious with you with your going a national this year. Are you going to be bringing Jackie with you? Well, here's the thing. So it's got the old SGC holder SGC, which is actually one of my sponsors of this show said, hey we're going to, you know, they saw the post, I talked to him here and there and they're like, hey you don't need to be in the new tops and I'm like, yeah, I agree. So they're going to do it. No charge. But they want me to send it and I'm like, I'm so nervous man. I'm going to sound like a little kid here but like I waited all these years to get it and you know you hear all these horror stories about stuff going with you. This is right up your alley about stuff. Getting lost in the mail. You lock a hoarder, got lost on you. If I'm thinking of your story I'm thinking of other people. Hey, this card never made it to its destination and I'm like, man, I want to get this Pay this kind of money, ship it to get a new holder and what happens God, you know, Murphy's Law, God forbid, right? And I'm like, so I'm really debating, you know, and, you know, I'm like I'm trying to tell him like can I bring it? And they're like, well, we don't know if we're actually going to be like doing on-site Subs, I almost wanted to just say, well can I just give it to you, you travel back with it and then send it back to me. Like I'm some sort of 

You know what I mean as far as by mail carrier? Or, you know, shipping service and that's and so, it's your card. I would never tell anyone what to do with their card. I know if it was me, I've learned a couple things along the way. If it was me, what I would do. 

8:37 PM
I would. The FedEx and I would pay $120 or whatever it cost because what what happens when they overnight is, I believe they put insurance on it for you. Yeah. Then also they put a little mini GPS on it or they put a little mini on tracker on there. They slap it to the side of the package, so that there's always a GPS tracker on it. So, Can you bring it to your FedEx at 5 p.m. at night? It'll be dropped off at their doorstep by 7:00 a.m. the next day, so it gets them within 12 hours. They don't get down to Florida. Both we work on as she see. You know. I mean the thing is as sheet, the longest it'll take is going to be the best. You see putting in every holder and I had an abbreviated. Yeah, I've had the holder card for me in it. I think it took maybe three weeks you know from door to door. Well I told Me, like, I've talked to him on the phone. I talked to Brian. It should be no more than two or three days. Well, guard like that expedited being a sponsor of the show if you might listen. 

And so, you know, and so I'm, I'm probably going to what you said is probably what the way I'm going to go rob, probably do it on a Monday, that way, it's not sitting on a weekend, sort of, you know, waiting to be picked up, do it on a Monday. Don't get it. Like you said, Tuesday, do what they got to do. Maybe ship it back on a Monday and I'll have it. Hopefully on a Tuesday. Day or Wednesday. But I tell you what, began pins and needles for that whole, whatever long that process takes. I mean, I just want to tell you that, Jackie is a beautiful Jackie made it. I mean, like I said is well centered, there's no noticeable creases. There's no stains on the front. I mean, Corners earlier those that watch the video. 

Baseball card, but maybe even never, you know, when you think about the most iconic hearts of all time, right? Like I think about, you know, obviously 52 Menthol obviously an 86 Jordan. And then, from there really after spots, one and two, it's almost like it's almost like, you know, ranking the top NBA players of all time. It's like I think most people would say, Okay, Jordans one LeBron is to after that, it's kind of a crapshoot of ton of different players. Can fill out that next five. So after that Mickey, Mantle card after the Jordan cart, I think that there's a really good argument that place. Jackie Robinson, that Jackie Robinson card next. Yeah, I mean, it's number one on my list, but I'm biased but now you're right, you know, everyone say don't you know, the owners Wagner which is a great card, you know, iconic to. But there's not a lot of you don't. I mean there's only in the sense, you know, 10 to 20 of them potentially. So yeah, it's hard. Its iconic in the fact that 

Yeah, but as far as like notoriety noticeability wreck, you know, easily recognized, you know that were Jackie Robinson. I mean, you know, to me, it's right up there with, you know, a 57 Bill Russell, probably him, or probably even more recognizable than the Bill Russell rookie or the Wilt Chamberlain rookie that I have over my shoulder, I guess, so. But yeah, man, I mean incredible card, man, and That's what's so unbelievable about this hobby, right? Is that we can collect things. We can collect these small pieces of cardboard that are graded, that are encapsulated, and they not only bring us joy, they bring us the kind of joy that very few things in life can bring things. Which sounds crazy, right? It sounds good. 

Other than talking about our children or like a glove, you know what I mean? I mean, you know, get it getting those kind of Grill cards that I'm going to put the Jackie ahead of my first love because it's not my wife. But now we saw my wife in there when she's not in the room. So so your forehead. 

So you want to make sure that the cards that you have to an extent you love but the icing on the cake is like we have the cards we love. But also they They retain their value. And if we're lucky, we can make money and it's an investment. Holy crap. - what? No. Then as it is now and I was raised by my grandparents and not just big bulge in my pocket money and my grandma said, my grandma said, you know how much how'd you do today Johnny and I'm like, I think I made so young. I couldn't say 1500 like I didn't even know like how to send 1500 words. Yeah. 

And so was born. And so, I've had it since I was when we were getting married, my wife, who knew about the business account at that. So, what are you doing with your business account? I'm like, what do you mean? What am I doing with my business? The same thing I've done for like the last 13 years. Years. Like she, you know, she was a little like is that like an escape plan? You know, and I'm like, no. Believe me. You'll thank me about this business account because know, anything I bought a hobby or cards wise will not come out of the joint account. You won't even know, you know what I'm spending if you appreciate that. And so, when it was time to pay for this Jackie, you know, she doesn't know. She knows very little about cars and, you know, 

Supports me. But, you know, you could old to cartridge Tell her to pick the better one and you got him only a 50% chance again the right. So you know I took what it's a big purchase I wanted to keep obviously keeper lose, you might have to sign for it off, yada, yada yada. So I told her about it. She was wondering, what did that cost? And I told her, she's my God, I can't believe you did that. You said I tried to explain to her, you know, that money can sit in the business account, just fine. Or it's something that means that much and she knows what it means to me. 

But I had to explain to her that were pushing, you know, push came to shove or emergency, or whatever the case may be. I could realistically just sell that and get the money back. And like you said, and potentially depending on what's going on and in the market even more than what I paid for it. So even though I'm spending the money, it's really just taken a different form. It still is Still money that. And frankly, I rather hold that that would then the money in my hand at the moment for what that card means. So when I explained it to her like that, Robert, you know, kind of soften the blow and I said to her like now you see why I told you, you know, 23 years ago Appreciate that business account. She does what she does. But you know, it just just a funny story that you're right. It's just if I wanted to like, you know, resell it, which I don't but you know, you can sort of reverse the trend transactions over so to speak. So time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but we'll be back with Rob right after that. Pastime Marketplace has a line of braided guard cases that are waterproof are tight just tight and partly to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam so you don't have to cut and tear the phone. When you get your case the pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett SGC and CGS slab store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace check them out at www.stampingmadly.com. 

Well, let's talk about it, you know, you just gotta pull up Brian, and then not much of a dancer 

All that and more on there that I got, was this LeBron card. And if you're watching on YouTube, I will 

Yeah. So what's the 2003 or Brawn ultimate collection Auto out vertical out of 250? I mean, this thing is I have no business owning a car like this. I really don't, you know? And, um, and I had to liquidate most of my collection in order to get that, you know, probably I probably liquidated about 2/3 of my collection in order to acquire Oh, that's you know, just I was able to do that through, you know, being able to trade up but also have a lot of cash and that's something that I've taken a lot of pride in doing these last couple of years, since we've acted Mojave is trading up, right? Because when I came back in the hobby, you know, I bought a lot of stuff that I thought I wanted, but then, as I continue to become more educated about what was going on with the Hobby. And we're just really the direction I wanted. 

The go, you know, it's like I had a lot of cards out, like I didn't really want anymore and ever use for for me when it comes like my collection, whether if it's my PC and sometimes my PC, but really my inventory is that like, you know, cards can be like groceries. Like sometimes car, just kind of go stale after a while and I'm like, you know, I think I'm ready to move this, I've been here, I bought the T-shirt, kind of mentality, like I'm going to move on and I'm going to try to move this thing. So I've really been able to, you know, If I see a card that I'm interested in ryusei, I see a card for 3 K, 3 thousand dollars. I'm like, you know what, I have a bunch of thousand our cards. I have a bunch of cards that are like that 1000. I'm going to send this guy a picture of War pictures of all my cards, all my thousand dollar cars. And I'm going to ask him, hey, you interested in trading, you know, also, I can add some cash on top of it. So, you know, I found people in the hobby 

You know, really don't mind trading down so because you know, it's hard. Once you're once you start getting up around Car drop 5K or more, those are hard cards that moves. So I will gladly take those cards and I will gladly even pay a premium if I have them. So if a card is worth 5 K have no problem paying like a