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July 8, 2022

Ep.187 NSCC Preview & Tips w/Mike Moynihan

Ep.187 NSCC Preview & Tips w/Mike Moynihan

Mike Moynihan joins me to break down the upcoming NSCC day by day and we share some tips & advice as well.

Tim McEnery pops on to tell us about something very important.

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Mike Moynihan joins me to break down the upcoming NSCC day by day and we share some tips & advice as well.

Tim McEnery pops on to tell us about something very important.

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10:15 PM
What is up, everybody episode 187 of the Carnation. Glad to be on the mic for another episode real excited for this episode. First off some some housecleaning, if you will hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July specially outdoor current times. Things are always great, but I hope you got the Then some time with family and friends, it was safe and you had fun. Great episode today. Before I say, who it is, you might already know from pre promotion, but if you're listening to this on Friday, the 8th of July, when it's released we are 19 days away from the national sports card. Collectors convention in Atlantic City, 19 days. That's crazy to me now, I remember countdown when it was 80 days away, we are 19 and that's what this episode is going to be all about. And I'm bringing out, you know, we do these National preview shows now every year on Sports Carnation, usually just me, but that's no fun. I'm going to bring in a special guest. A good friend of mine. Michael Moynihan baseball collector on YouTube from bench, clear media as well. We're going to go through. 

Each day the national really starting with Wednesday. Talk about some of the events. Each day I want to quickly go through and name of the signers each of the days as well. For those that like to get autographs there including the free sign eats that come with the VIP packages and then we're going to talk about other events that day that might be of importance and kind of the strategy. For each day, each day might bring their different strategies especially if you're either due to go to Nashville with your first time or you know just a refresher on some tips and tricks and then we expand it tips and tricks you know what we go through each of the days, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday the final day. Sunday after we go through each day, me and Mike are gonna share some tips and tricks that make the experience you know, hopefully fun. 

And enjoyable and it's going to be but maybe help you out with some stuff that you may or may not know, you do know. 

This is that Johnson from Toronto in Canada collector of laddie, Junior Blue Jays Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays never forget. The hobby is people, if you'd like to be the hobby, is the people announcer of the week to have wives or MP3 file, and send it to sports coordination PC at gmail.com, 

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I want to get this out there before we get into the meat and potatoes of today's show with with Mike. You know we had Timber giulio and Eric Norton and how he quick hits about a week ago. Signatures for soldiers is again the charity of choice for the national sports card, collectors convention, and pristine auction. You doing, you know, the running their auctions this year for longer more lots. And one of those lots is a Pat, Tillman. I think, most people know the Pat, Tillman story. So I'll save time there but a hero in his own right? And you know we all love those downtown optic inserts and a Pat Tillman PSA, 10 no less put even as awesome as that card is. It's in a slab stroke USA protector and I got to say them from slab strong with this USA slab strong hit this one out of the park. This thing is ass Nick. So I have drunk no offense to the other colors, but this one really pops around that Pat Tillman. Well, that's one of the auctions in pristine. All the money is Tim's. Going to tell you here in a minute goes to 

Signatures for soldiers. And this is a great card of a great person, and Pat Tillman and it's in the greatest to me if I may be so bold cleft from I've ever seen. So I'm going to let him direct you to it. Go ahead to take it away. 

Pictures. I think it looks even better in person. I a little partying card open, I don't know if I got enough money to win on it but that's the thing that's a win-win, right? With with signatures for soldiers in these auctions, right? You might get a great card if you're the winning bidder and they're going to, you know, going to go to a great cause. So thanks to him for doing that. Thanks for coming on and highlighting that. And check out the card at the national. I know for sure I'm going through. 

Every year we do a nscc, a national preview show the last two years I've done is so low and I thought, man, that's that's no fun. Why don't we bring someone else on the kind of spitballing As much as I am and he's like, I know he's right there at the top of the list, you know, kid could be tied with can't be beat. And so you know, he's he did his own version of this so he's doing double duty for us today. I appreciate that and welcoming what we're going to do, like, like I mentioned even off the air kind of go through each day here, what what might be key key events? If any or for each day, starting with Wednesday, rolling through, I'm going to just for those that are autographed, people mention the autograph guest for each day, I'm going to roll through that like Mega quick. I'll go, I'm not going to give times when we do that. I'm just going to go in order from here. So the first guy say would be early and then go up the clock from there. So, you know, starting with Wednesday really the first day, I know Tuesday's move-in day we're We're typically not allowed to get in there unless we're setting up Wednesday's called sneak peek night and they start moving in up in the morning. And then, if you're a VIP ticket holder you have your free VIP sign eats which this year around your or ski Bernie kerik. 40 correct, Greg luzinski then the sneak peek starts at 3:30 again, open the VIPs and 

So the general public comes in at for holder to go through and check out some stuff, Wednesday not many signers, just to when you're both, also VIP ticket, holder freebies, former Philly, Mickey morandini, and Yankee, Roy, white and Wednesday, I know, Mike, and you've talked about this, if you're looking for Or maybe that harder to find card and you can't take the chance of waiting or someone else's. Snatch it up on your Wednesday's the day to grab touch on that a little bit. Yeah John thanks for having me on the show. I think this is a record three minutes and I finally get to say something. Like you just said, if you're looking for something rare and you don't want it to get away, find it on Wednesday. If you can. The other great thing about Wednesday is if you're looking for a relatively common card, let's say you're looking for a Hank, Aaron rookie, or a cofactor, icky, or some Modern card. The great thing about Wednesday is they're all there, right? I mean, All the, all the inventory that the dealers have is going to be there, Wednesday, you have more to choose the if you're picky about what grade you want, what kind of eye appeal excetera? You'd rather have more to choose from than less and so even if it's not just a rare card but a common card that you just really have your I really wanted XYZ card. You kind of have your pick of the litter versus whatever's left on Saturday or Sunday. You know what I mean? Ya know if it's if it's not, let's say a tough The fine card. I mean, your I always say wait courses, if you're going to be there for the whole of that way to the back, and I'm a like, to buy Sunday, so Nationals. I've been to you, she stayed late into Sunday and it's a good opportunity, maybe to get some deals, depending on, you know, how to dealers have fared. And sometimes you see those, you know, showcase signs with everything 50% off in this case, or But like you said, If it's a car, that's not going to fit that description and a little harder to obtain, you know, Wednesday's a great opportunity to lock it up early, and be done with it. If something's on high on your priority list, especially if it's something that may not last. In other words, if I don't get this, someone else can probably come by and pick it off. I'm still going to have it on my list and, you know, playing catch-up. So yeah, it's a great. An opportunity. This is the first year for me that I'm actually going to be there on Wednesday, tradition, come in. A matter of fact, I'm coming in on Tuesday, even though, you know, just coming into town but this will be the first time I'm actually in the city at the start of the national. So that'll be different for me. It's a fan Tuesday. We call it day Zero, nobody's getting in less, you have a dealer pass. I mean, yeah. So yeah, if you give you have a deal, 

You can snag one. It's gotta be around there. Like an imposter. Yeah, from morning to evening, only one of that really speak of but it's a big one. It's the trade show named this year as has been announced to be the first time, you know, tradeshow done usually by Ryan garko. Jimmy man was out of, you know, they rented a hotel banquet hall this time. The national is embracing it and it's going to be on site at the national hosted, still by Ryan and Jeremy, Panini's. Involve other sponsors are involved. I'm not a big train night guy. Understand its importance to the Hobby, Mike. So I do I might not be something you see me as I'm not saying no but were, you know, if I was a betting man, I'd say no, but 

10:31 PM
It is it? And it's going to be on site, which I think is better now. Still not going to unclog your hotel room Hotel, main floor. You're still going to have those pop-up trade nights there, but all the hotels are pretty much casinos. Other than the Sheraton and so that those places aren't going to stand for, you know, people sitting around with pelican cases, you know, grab and tables and making their own impromptu trade night. I think it's going to be a lot less than it would be at a Chicago. I've never been as far as Try to do it and it might be the hotel that says, hey can't have it, sorry? You know, so whether they clamp down on it, which didn't happen to God. No. I mean, do you think having you think now that the official trade night is in the convention center itself will cut down to? Or you just think it's the Locale for than anything else? I think trade night, Thursday night hosted by Ryan is going to be a madhouse. Absolutely, I know we're also doing Schedule. But it's not official, but we are doing a content creator get together on Thursday night at the Sheraton. Just pretty much in the lobby / bar area. We're just going to all gather and there's no agenda other than come and meet your favorite content, creators come and hang out, Talk cards, talk whatever. And we're going to do that at 7:00 that Thursday night, which does directly conflict with With the trade night. But the point is, it's a come and go like just come here come, see us go to the trade? Now I go to the train. I come over. Grab a beer with some of us, it's really informal. I'm not just I'm not just saying this because I'm talking to you. Like I already said I'm not a big guy and I cover it because of content Creation with an event but it's not like given the choice between the two. I'm going to be at the bar minglang, what you guys have been, if that's the case and other people that you 

I love your show where you suck either one and then we can go from there, you know, and they say you saw got to say you buy me a beer, I'll do better next year. So that's what we could do. We could have like Mike your show sucks do a shot, you know we could have like windup Jager shots or something or Fireball shots and we all just if someone comes up and tells you your show sucks you have to do a shot. Yeah. Well you're closer to where you're staying. 

The national is the people, it makes it so much better. I've been to Nationals where I wasn't friends with a lot of people in the hobby. It was kind of me and my own little world, my cocoon. I can tell you that once my experience expanded my network of hobby, friends, expanded it only enhance the show to a degree that is indescribably awesome. It is until you experience it, you don't know, we have people come to this event of this is the third year in a row. Oh, that we've done this kind of get-together is the easiest way to say it's just hey we're all meeting here at this time. Show up if you want come hang out and that is been so much fun, so many people that are just consumers that come up. I want to give you, I want to meet John. Well, no one's ever said to me. I want to meet John Newman so, but people have said, I want to meet different guys and I introduced them and and they just loved it. So it can be anybody. You don't have to be a country to Creator to show up. If you listen to this show here, 

Are you going of your post? I'll retweet or whatever. 

MD be ten for ten percent off. Your first order at Midwest box breaks. 

We are back. Let's talk some more about the national sports card collectors convention. 

Jim Thome. 

I get to the show and mid-afternoon so they're going to see on Friday if he has me a little more foot traffic little more or less Elbow Room. Walk in that floor as we get into the weekend. The last year, it's interesting because I thought I thought the same way you do and last year for observation Thursday was nuts to buds. Friday was Was shockingly. I was like, where is everybody? You know and so I would I think like you think it would logically what you're saying makes sense and I do agree that being in Atlantic City, you're going to get some of those New York crowds that come down for a Friday. Maybe take the day off, like you said, there'd be a lot more. I think walk-in traffic on Friday but to me, Thursday is really where, you know, Friday night or Wednesday nights like okay, that was fun Thursday. That, you know, 

By Friday, if you've been there since Tuesday or Wednesday, you're tired already, you know? Oh yeah. I remember last year on Friday, taking several breaks going back to my room and collapsing you know during the day even in for me that's my last full day out because I'm going Tuesday to Saturday. But yeah, Friday's usually a great day of the show because people are still there that it started early in the week and then everybody else starts coming in for the weekend. So you You get this kind of Conglomeration of groups full-timer real-time early guys and then the weekenders, so it's really fun. Yeah, no doubt. Let's go through the Friday autograph list. Little bit longer. Now on Friday again, going from earliest to latest Artis Gilmore. Spencer Haywood, Joe Theismann. Have extinguished. Free with VIP package Bill madlock, Juan marichal, Dave, Winfield, Craig Biggio. Last but not least, again longer list of Famers for your Friday signers as well. So now we're into this Saturday. This to me at least logically is going to be your busy day. Most people have weekends off, like you said, you know, you've got the tri-state area with New York, New Jersey, you know, probably be people driving in, from Pennsylvania, you were Massachusetts, I expect a big crowd on Saturday is as what typically happens. There got, again, quote selection Lottery happens in the morning as well. Saturday and Sunday is setting up an available spots for the following following the national government coming year. But, you know, Santa is going to be busy expect a big crowd, expect the V sort of, you know, pigeon-holed in. They're not going to have a lot to be running races down the down the aisles. And you know, there's obviously Mike, I think you're very lot of people who are not coming for the whole week, they're just the weekend. There's this is the day they circled on their calendar. They the next two days, I'm in the National where we, you know, we might be there earlier. There's some people who just take questions, they're not flying in there just driving and might be Saturday and Sunday. So expect big crowds. You know, be patient. If you want to hit every table you're going to going to be a time consuming. 

Your for you. That's why I like getting there during the week so I don't feel like I missed a mess tables already or you know I got to see him your take on Saturday. Yeah. Pack of shoehorn because you're going to be packed in there. And so you need to be okay with that be patient. I have very little patience for if I'm at a table and I want to see something And you're going to have all the guys there with their Pelican cases selling stuff. And that happens, no matter what the environment is, I think it's going to be even more. So this year given where I think the card Market is people that are trying to unload some of the crap they made mistakes on in 2020. 2021 in terms of over buying overpaying, whatever in to participate, it's hard to be patient but we need to be. Obviously we all want to be courteous to other people and if we 

Be a jerk. But at the same time be assertive to, I guess, is my point, you can be assertive and patient at the same time, those sound counterintuitive. But you know, if you have something you want to ask and they're doing a deal, a dealer's doing something. Say, hey, real quick, don't mean in a row, or sorry to interrupt, but can you? Because I'll be out of there in two seconds, if you tells me a price that I'm not happy with, you know, and if it's something I'm willing to okay, there's some room here to negotiate. Then I might decide to Stay. But I don't want to waste 10 minutes sitting there waiting for a deal to get done. The dealer tip comes over, tells me a price on happy with and unwilling to negotiate further. I've just wasted ten, it's of short floor time which oh by the way is so valuable time, for time is valuable time and there's only so much of it. And so especially if you're only there a day or two, good luck. I'm here. You're going to be balls-to-the-wall going nuts. But point being, you can enter, don't be Afraid to tell a dealer. Hey, I'm here to buy a card, potentially, what's your price on this? You can go back to your deal in just a second. I may be out of your hair no problem or you can make a sale. So be assertive, but don't be rude and walk that line, you know. Yeah and like like you said, Purple hit the nail on the head. If you're only going to be there like setting something like I mentioned that the case for people, especially on the driver's side of things, definitely make the most of your time. 

So tiring day, it's a blur sometimes to like, that's it, you know, and kind of giving you the heads up, we're going to show forth close in 15 minutes. Let's get ready to exit. So it goes quick, Saturday signees. Again all famous for lower early to late Wade, Boggs Rickey Henderson Gary Payton Dan Fouts free. If you're have a VIP ticket like nouns Tonioli, Eva Joe Montana free. If you have a VIP ticket, John mount a full scope. Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Badger grandma. Again, he loves the show that for a second day, Mariano Rivera, chuckling it out. Adrian Peterson, Paul Pierce, Tim Hardaway, senior boxer, Floyd Mayweather, my guy from Brooklyn Molly, Chris Mullin, got to think about that. One there, Robert O'Neill, Mitch Richmond and Frank Gore. So if you here 

You got Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin, they're about the same time. So again, welder will Hall of Famers, if that's your thing, you know. I'm the one thing I want to add wood autographs. I like the to meet, you know, athletes. I'm fine of the problem with the autographs and you know where I'm going like is you talk about time being so valuable, you're going to lose a lot of them like 

10:47 PM
The waiting on that line. Super VIP, when you kind of like a speed pass at an amusement park, that sort of thing. But if you're if you don't have that and you're especially if you're looking waiting for a Barry Sanders or Joe Montana Dan Marino type of guy, you know, be prepared to like really stand in line and hopefully you're with somebody or you meet somebody very online where you can talk and it won't won't feel as long if you having a good conversation. 

So that's one of the reasons. I don't really tend to go for autographs at the Nationals so but I say Chris Mullin there and Joe Green and those are two of my favorite athletes of all time. So I have to have to look into them but so that's Saturday. 

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Let's go. 

10:50 PM
Get ready to return to what normal life again down instead of the weekend of snow Christmas for collectors. So Sunday, morning, huge, he's kind of busy. And then the sort of clears out it's a day. I personally like, when I'm by and stuff I like to try to wait, if I can to get a couple deals, how the show did for dealers, right? You may see a everything. On this table half off, even though I've seen a sign for 75% off, 75% off, I've seen, we've seen in micro someone says, you know, 15K takes this whole table that sort of deal. So it's a good buying opportunity again, you're not going to find, you know, some of your key or cards and that people are going to sell those for 50% off and say, so that's where that what we're talking about on Wednesday comes 

The focus is chance, maybe pick up a couple Steals and Deals as the show whines up. Sometimes people pack up early, meaning the onus to. So be wary of that. You may not have all the dealers there any longer and they kinda head out early. Depending how far their travel is? I've seen that in the past as well, just kind of your thoughts as we wrap up on Sunday here. Yes, I think Sunday. So there it's funny. We have the pre-pandemic way that the national went and now the post pandemic and I think it's very different 20:21, no 2020 show, obviously. So before that, I remember, being at 2018 2019 and by Saturday afternoon, even can certainly from what I heard from other people on from Sunday, wax dealers are wanting to blow out because they don't want to carry all this crud home, right? So, the less they can carry the better. 

The you'll see huge or you used to see huge slashes and wax prices, that's not necessary. Certainly wasn't true in 21, they were happy to take it home instead of and sell it on the secondary market. So I wonder given the readily available - of wax again, if that idea will return this Sunday at the national, we'll see time will tell. But that would ya come to look for is what I'm saying? Well, when I was in Dallas, I know this isn't a doubt is review show. I noticed, Wax had come way down and every they were blasters on the floor for 20 bucks which is what they were be on the Shelf at Walmart and Target. If you found himself about this week, I went to the for the Dallas show. Little brother called the Arlington show, it's run by the, it's run by Kyle, and his crew. There were blasters on the floor for 15 bucks. So under MSRP. So the point being some of these big wax dealers, you know day 

Adams, and Steel City Sports and all these. There they might be willing and, and here's the other thing, I don't know why maybe people don't do this, but if you're a wax guy or you want to go get wax, ask for a better deal. Hey, if I by 3, I get 3 4 and they're 50 bucks apiece. Can I get 3? 4 100? What's the worst? They can say to you right now? Yeah no more come back with a counteroffer. We can't do that but we can do. Right? I can do this and I guess it's the same thing about buying car. That's right. You you offer? Hey, if I buy these three cards take this same thing with wax again very point. Value course they can say, sorry can't do that or how about this? We can't do that but we'll get, you will get you a better deal at this price. So yeah for sure and like you said there's a lot of those big wax, wholesalers Distributors. They've got like cases about cases behind those tables that no less they have to bring back the happier they are. So 

Sure, you know, ask especially if you're buying quantity. So let's go to the Sunday autograph signers and I just noticed, Mike my eyesight going, I left off some of the late signees from each day so I'll quickly run through these and you know, so we don't and then we're going to have open Forum of tips and tricks and even other than what we already said. So for Sunday Christian was free Auto for Vi Stephen Baker. Ryan get injured. 

Free Auto for VIP holders, are chance key. 

Piazza. Brian Bosworth. Bill Walton Bert Blyleven. Dave Parker Allen Iverson? Jamal Lewis treat a VIP album re Walt Frazier. Thomas Hearns, Michael Irvin Denis potvin free. If your VIP older my crew here Bobby whole Ray Knight Practice a lie will be free. 

Ticket, holder and Vinny Testaverde, and Saturday evening, ones or the afternoon ones, I should say, Jason Taylor, Lawrence Taylor. I find it funny that they put Lawrence Taylor Joe Theismann of different days. Probably safe, Bob Griese, Reggie Jackson, Phil Simms free of your VIP Milt Thompson Ray Lewis, obj 0 Odell Beckham jr. Free if your 

Bobby whole Brian leetch. Bernie current Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham. So there you go. 

They will hurt. What degree they are the most comfortable shoes. You can. I mean, what do you got? What do you want to throw in there as well? Bring your own food, at least act, stuff like that. And one thing I don't think people talk about enough is, it's okay to take a break in the middle of the day or multiple times throughout the long day because if you just sit down over in a corner on the floor, even for 15 minutes, it around I'm telling you it's amazing how much that rejuvenate you instead of just getting slower and slower throughout the day, if you take kind of intentional breaks, you'll be able to just have a lot more stamina throughout the day and really see more. You'll be able to do more of that way honestly than just trying to plow through the pain. So to speak it and get I got to keep going, you know? And but hey, take a breath, take a minute, take 10 or 15 minutes off your feet. It'll do wonders for your trial. You feel at the end 

Yeah, no doubt have a backpack. I'm talking about food and snacks, right? That's where you can keep that stuff in, you know, granola bars beef jerky, you know, I went, I didn't, you know, last year at last year's National, I always ate dinners, but I really skip lunch, and just the Nola bars chips beef jerky and just was ready for dinner. That's for sure. As you can see, I don't miss many of those. So, I didn't, I did miss some last year of either, but not, you know, No, I almost felt like I didn't want it, like, take an hour lunch and not be at the show. So just, you know, going out of granola bar, Coco, you know, slices of beef, jerky and walking and eating at the same time and just waited for the show to close and then eat dinner whether that was, you know, on my own or with a scheduled group. Just, that was the way that I didn't, you know, have water as well, even if you just, you know, sip it throughout the day. 

In some of these facilities and get warm depending on their circulation. You know, I wrote this down, you know, make time to talk to people, especially if you're you know you're going to see people. You know especially when you're on the content creation side, people will come up to me a man, love your show, you know above, I'm sure you get that too, I'm always respectful receptive to that. I don't pooh-pooh anybody, I don't give them, I don't believe it cold-shoulder that I love. Meet people that's the tagline in the show obviously people. So, you know, I kind of build a. That's why I love that up there the whole week. They don't, I feel like I don't have to cut those conversations. You know, short lately is maybe someone else no beer there for like you said just for the weekend, you know, your time is highly. Yeah. And you might not be have not might, you might not be able to have those long drawn-out conversation where you have to say, 

Provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases, check them out on Facebook. 

11:01 PM
For storage room or on the web at iron sports cards.com or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440 sa Rob's. Got you covered. 

Let's return to the show. 

Another thing I wrote to Michael's, have a game plan, right? It's a deal breaker, if you don't. But I think, you know, I go in there, like, most shows with like four to six cards them, sort of hoping to get knowing I'm not going to get all of them if I can pick off one two, three would be highly successful and that way you sort of key in on something and have sort of an ammo, some people tell me they just like going without again, whatever strikes there. 

If you are looking for something, you know just knowing what what you're looking for is half the battle take notes, right? Is this? How many tables are going to be this year? But but plenty of them, right? We're going to lose track. Where did I see that card? And you don't need a pen and paper, right? If you have a smartphone or you have a note, a note pad on there, you know, type it in there, you know, Johnny Bench rookie He table 752, you know, two hundred bucks. If you want, even go get D, depending on how detailed you want to get and you can show, you know, you can kind of track that and then no worst thing you can do have to take pictures. I'm not going to lie. I've been the one three or four of these things. I still get lost like obviously here to I went to were both Chicago but I still get you know tables are not exact 

In exactly the same place. So there's many times I'm looking around, like, I do, I get back here and so, you know, for how much, like, well, I'm making writing down ideas, but like you said, you will not remember. You think you'll remember take a picture of the booth. Take a Sure, of the aisle that it's on. Put a note on your phone, all different ways to accomplish the same thing, which is 2 hours from now. When I'm going, oh crap, where was that card? You'll be able to find it quicker and easier and you're not wasting time searching. The other thing is you mentioned, if you have a game plan, if you have a nine hundred and something cards on my wallet, and as much as I'd love to have all that on my phone, which I do primarily through set Registries and stuff, but you can't count on the internet being Perfect being able to either get on Wi-Fi or cell service. So my suggestion is have a printed out list with you. It will not hurt you to have it. You'd rather have it and not need it than need it, and not have it. I promise and have that with you so that you can go. All right, you know, I can at least pull my list out. If I can't pull it up on my phone, don't be afraid to print that list of if even, if it's 20 cards or 50 cards or whatever that you're kind of, okay? If I find these that be great, 

Make sure you have a hard copy of that smile. Yeah, that's great. 

11:05 PM
That's where we're at dealers, do and there's a lot of bandwidth going down. I know, when in Chicago that points. Exactly, that was deception wasn't great. So nothing beats pen and paper. You don't need electricity or no Wi-Fi for pen and paper, we have anymore, but You're the sucker and I mean that in a way that unless it's like super ultra rare, one of one, you're never going to see it again. Never pay sticker. And I say this on my show all the time but another thing about the national is walk around a little bit before you buy something. If you're looking for a card and again, unless it's like Hoover rare 101, you're going to find another one. So the minute you buy one, I promise you're going to walk two miles over and see one for 20% less. And 

Dang it, you know, so walk the floor, get a feel for it, especially if you have multiple days on the floor, you know, get a good idea and just be patient, you know if it's especially if it's a card that like we said is is relatively common if it's so just negotiate everything again like with wax any card, you've said it the worst they can say is no and you probably can find some amount that's still cheaper than sticker. Even if stick I did this the other day there was a card that I would have happily paid sticker for and I still couldn't make myself not try to negotiate a lower price and I ended up saving myself 50 bucks. So yeah and I would have paid sticker and so it's I mean if the guy would have been a total heart hard-ass about it I wouldn't have done it but I would have paid sticker but the point is they have room don't be afraid to ask for a lower price if you know you're just going to cost yourself money. Yeah you mentioned a scenario. 

You buy something sorta at First Sight. And then you go two hours, oversee, the same card for 30. 40 bucks left. Last, this isn't Walmart. You can't go back to that first table and say, hey, I'm returning this right wasn't already have in or whatever, excuse you. There's no returns like that sale is final. So that's where, like, taking notes and keeping track of where you seen walk for how much and, you know, so if you're looking for a Johnny but I'm just making up something really Or Johnny Bench rookie and you have four notes, right? Just, you know, a five or fours, you know, a PSA Force 200-year PSA for is 150. There it was 175 at this table now, you know, we're sort of your best prices, you kind of can eliminate those other couple tables. You go find that the cheapest one that you seen and still like you said, still may be offered to negotiate, can you do a little bit better? Whatever. 

Case, you know, that's the police, the cheapest sticker price one that you have on your list. Well, another great point to, that is like you said, let's say, you want to Johnny Bench Revere, you have a few key cards, a year really looking for and you know, of the condition you know that you're wanting that could what grade Etc. Doing a lot of work beforehand is is going to save you. A lot of time you're doing a little bit of work, beforehand will save you a lot of time on the floor. If there's a few there's Ami, there's like four or five key cards that I'm like targeting. If I don't get them, it's not the end of the world but I'm like, okay, I'm going to be intentionally looking for these in these grades. I'm going to no cops before I go, they're going to my list so that I can go. If a card that I want is compass around 200 and I walk up to a dealer and see the same grade, same card for 400. I'm going to know, okay? This next, you know, go to the next one because that guy is not going to come down half on day, one or day two. 

Probably not ever. So I might, as well not even if I didn't know that. Is that a good price or not? And I'm looking it up and I'm like, no. And I waste that time. Do that again, because for time is so valuable. Do that, when you're at home, sitting on your couch, or in your office pre-show that we even the night before in your hotel room or wherever. Four. To some degree before I even I don't like pulling out my phone at a table and I'm not saying that I'd never do it if I had to but if I have a choice for like knowing without having to look at my phone, I'd rather be in that situation. Then you know, I even I remember times where I walk away from the table and, you know, look at to get rather do it, do it all the time, all the time, don't want to do with. Anything wrong with that which is sort of personal preference, you're going to be tired at the end of each day there's going to be stuff to do after the show to I get it going to dinner. We're focused like your event which is going to be great but let's go. Yeah. Gambling with you. Thankfully the older I get the less I do but you know you know get get some rest. Even if it's you know, you 

The alarm on my phone and took like an hour. You know, when you're going to be there, five days. That could be. That could be huge. We'll try to go to bed early. Some some days you might be earlier than others, but the more rush to get the better off, you're going to be, you're going to Be tired. You just you know the less fumes may be at the end. You were listening to the sports card Nation Podcast. We'll be right back after this break. 

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I want to ask you about a lot of people that are going to be there. Another thing a lot of people like to do at the national because it's a unique opportunity is get cards graded on site, you know, by the major whether it's psac, SG, SG, C. And as we're recording this, you know, we're a month away from the national, none of the companies have especially esa's. Obviously, the big elephant in the room. They have not announced yet. What they're on site grading cost is going to be. What do you think? I have a number that I think it's going to cost. What do you think? It's going to cost a great at Cardiff the national? Well, I'll take it a step further. Then I might see some of them haven't even announced, whether they will be great. I think TSA well because they did last year based on real last year to answer your question. Now I'm going to say 50 bucks will be the lowest and they made it may be I think it'll be way more and if you clan on if you get there Saturday or Friday even and you think you can go stand in the PSA line and turn your cards in and get them back by Sunday. Forget about it, that that ship will have sailed last year at $250, a card. They sold out all their grip available grading capacity by Thursday morning and I turned in my cards on Tuesday. I got a dealer to give me in. I went and turn my cards in on Tuesday, I got him. 

When I saw you, when I got him back, I was really staying with you. As a matter of fact when that happened but you need to be early. Don't come Friday, Saturday, hoping to turn cards in that they will get back to you. That's not going to happen. They will be sold out for sure by. I would guess Thursday afternoon this year. I think they're going to be somewhere around the hundred to two hundred dollars a card on site there if it's $50 they'll forget about it they'll be so 

Subs for the in raising prices never get laid. 

11:16 PM
A huge question, I think, PSA will obviously great at site and it'll probably like you said at least three figures minimum and obviously at that price you know, you have to be selective with what your supper, which is 

Which means they'll have a higher capacity for cards at the