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July 29, 2022

Ep.190 w/Professor Clemente Lisi

Ep.190 w/Professor Clemente Lisi

Professor Clemente Lisi loves Soccer, but more importantly he KNOWS Soccer. He has a new book soon to come out. He joins us today to talk about the Soccer boom and might another one be coming with the World Cup taking place this year and we draw...

Professor Clemente Lisi loves Soccer, but more importantly he KNOWS Soccer. He has a new book soon to come out. He joins us today to talk about the Soccer boom and might another one be coming with the World Cup taking place this year and we draw some parallels with rookie cards compared to other sports in the hobby and so much more!

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<span;>What is up? Welcome to episode 19. T of sports Carnation, if you're at the national and yeah, we haven't run into each other, love to meet talk with you hobby, is the people, the tagline of the show. It's not just words, it rings true with me, I hope you're having a good time if you're less than happen to be listening to this episode on Show. Release de Hao Mei, Li me. Lamb or a podcast on belonging to is live on stage today. At 10 a.m. Monday, Mike Burke is main stage for an hour 13 of us. Hope to see you there if you didn't know. Now, you know, yesterday, listen to this up show beliefs. Sportscar nation was on the main stage, like burgers Main stage, and maybe you caught that show, but Today's show will be a little bit outside are called A pretzel but important to do and say, at the very least, Professor Clemente, Lisi is my guest. He's a writer editor content creator. Obviously professor in New York College and we're going to talk soccer. Anyone that knows me knows that's not my wheelhouse, but just because it's not. My wheelhouse doesn't mean it's an isn't important Doesn't mean it isn't important part of the Hobby and I think all the more. So with the World Cup coming up towards the end of the year not in its normal spot on the calendar. But wanted to you know talk about soccer cards, ask some pertinent questions, you know while I'm not a soccer Card Collector to you know, ignore the importance of it and the rise of it would be unfair. So glad to Have mr. Lee seon to fill in some of those details was an excellent conversation that had a great time talking to a fellow New Yorker by the way and you know, it collects other things besides soccer cards. We'll talk about that during the episode but you know we're talking about what effect the World Cup coming up might have what effect it might have being it's not in its normal position on the counter. Is that good or bad?

<span;>I want to just talk about the market and it just happy in general. Like I said it was a fun conversation and Clemente's a great guy and very knowledgeable. He's got a new book coming out the history of the world cup or talk a little bit about that to one of the foremost experts, when it comes to soccer and ciphering car. So we're going to pick Clemente's brain at. I learned a bunch of stuff. And I think you will too. And again, just because it's not something up by Ali. Doesn't mean we can't talk about. It doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't cover it, so we will do that today and other stuff as well. It's not all soccer, but definitely soccer Centric. If you go, let's go.

<span;>Time for our hobby is the people answer.

<span;>Thanks to John for steering me in the right direction, if you'd like to be the sports coordination, PC at gmail.com.

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<span;>Excited for my next guest on his board card shop at both go guess line. He is the author of a new book, which is coming out, October 12 called the FIFA World Cup, history of the planets. Biggest sporting event, mr. Clemente leasing with welcome to the show and there are many John thanks for coming. I want to give out, sort of your bio, your the journalism professor professor and say it at The Kinks at King's College. After a writer and editor, you've worked for the New York Post that you've written for many other Publications and online locations. And so if you're a huge soccer fan and this book and, you know, you kind of were nice enough to give me sort of advanced PDF, copy, I'm not going to lie, I kind of like quickly like sped read it, you know, going Through it. I mean, it's it's it breaks down soccer from it's early days to from equipment to the history. Obviously of the World Cup all the way, pretty current. I think, to the 2018, you know, just calling a little bit like, you know, how do you beat you know, how soccer became important to you? You answer the question and yeah, the way soccer was, you know, part of my life at least in the beginning. My parents immigrated to this country from

<span;>Italy. And I think they brought that love of soccer with them, but of course, I grew up in New York City, the more 1975 grew up in the 80s and if you know anything about soccer in the 80s, is the North American soccer league, the league where the heaven your Cosmos, and all that that's told in 84, and I don't even remember that League, really. And so I grew up at a time when there was no professional soccer in the United States, it was kind of a Barren time, but I grew up in Manhattan and - no the city, all my friends came came from other countries. So Soccer was a big deal in our own little sort of bubble even though there was none of it on TV. Very little of it is you know the soccer I did watch growing up, Auntie was in Spanish you know some of the you know where Univision, you know. And so loo the Breakthrough I think for soccer in this country was 1992 u.s. qualified for the first time in 40 years and that 94, your listeners. Might remember the u.s. hosted the World Cup and I think that was almost 30 years ago now, and the stock has been a huge trajectory upward trajectory since then, and

<span;>For many decades was it's not, they're going to make it in this country, and I don't even hear people saying that anymore. I think, if you're under 35 years old, be surprised to even hear that as a will soccer make it, you know, debate that's a longer debate and I think that the World Cup in 94 Health, but I also think that the internet and streaming services and everything else made soccer so much more available on television, your phone computer that soccer. I mean, I see kids in New York all the time worrying. Orders from other countries, they talk about soccer. They watch the NBA and MLS. So they watch the NFL and they watching the Premier League. I mean, it's part of their diet, I think if you're a teenager now, so a lot of changes in the last 30 years, for sure, you know, in reading your book will be coming out on October 12. Soccer guy Clemente, I do know it's you know worldwide popularity and so then you know the title might make some people that might rub some people the wrong way, but no one can argue realistically. Regardless, you know, and it has like you said, you pointed out. It has picked up popularity here on us soil. But it, you know, for many of a country, this is there super bowls and So you know the title and I'm a big NFL guy but the tide of didn't rub me in that way. Like I thought it might because I need to be, you know, not telling the truth if you didn't acknowledge the range and reach of the sport which has many many countries number one, sports weather, even though it may not be ours, you know, if you can't it's legitimate to say what the entire world.

<span;>I think anybody can compete in terms of that, sure helper Yeah, and and I'll go first to I like I, you know, made it to you even before we went live, and, and people listened to show. No, I'm not a huge soccer fan. But when the World Cup is I will, I will watch some of those cake. Maybe not every single one, like maybe a die-hard would, but definitely if the u.s. is in it play it for as long as as they last. Obviously, the women's side is, is been more successful and I'll even watch, you know, I watched women.

<span;>Shared as as well, it was funny. I'm a few years older than you also from New York. You mentioned in New York, guys. Was I remember those when I was a kid? And I remember one of the reasons I remember to Pele, but some years playing before the cosmos as an older soccer player and I even have to be a soccer fan, like paying failure was to me like the Michael Jordan And we said that time of soccer, he's just sort of Larger than Life Persona, you know, arguably, the world's greatest soccer player, I'm going to talk to you a little bit about that later on, but I remember, you know, those games being on TV and just watching them because it was the law has sounds funny saying, well the team when the big city in New York but it was the local team and you knew the significance.

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<span;>That never been kind of in that Mickelson at some point or another. Now it's a very good question and I point out in the book that you know, the World Cup is it will select the club only eight countries, ever won the World Cup and Spain and France are really newer additions to that Winner's List. Those Spain examples things that Soccer Country, they didn't win a World Cup for decades until they wanted 2010, right? It's extremely difficult to win the World Cup. Was you right? If there's a monopoly there by the Germany's, the Brazil's the Argentina Italy goes.

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<span;>They're going to be honest, a lot of isil to a lot of players, professional players in my life. And they've all said, oh yeah, I played soccer growing up with, then I played basketball in high school event that became my career or I played soccer and football and then I gave soccer at age 10, right? So until we started developing players, who are going to really focus on soccer, I think it'll be a difficult thing of State even though it's a country of 350 million people, right? But way, which is a country of for me, A lien has won the World Cup twice and there's still considered a pretty hefty power to put your 45 million people. So you know it's these countries I know from growing up and going to Italy every summer as a kid and being Italian newspapers there is no other sport at Lee. It is so varied by the sports daily. You going to get 85, 90 % soccer. You're going to get a little tennis a little basketball. That's it here. The four major sports are real thing and it's very seasonal but I do think nowadays. And if

<span;>He has kids, they know they just funnel kids into one sport. I grew up playing like every sport I could and then I won't have it. I have a daughter, she's a travel soccer, she plays from September to June that's it. I played High School soccer we played August through November and then that's it. Then we'd attract, then we play baseball, the spring. We did basketball the summer. You don't see the multi-sport thing. And I think, unless you see the cunt, this country starts developing programs developed soccer kids, that Olga are going to do it professionally, Then it will be difficult in college. Soccer, is not as good as college basketball or college football. And so you have these different sort of growth patterns in terms of how you develop talent in the u.s. win the World Cup. It may take 30 We have the women's side that has been very successful and his one of those power houses that are sort of favorited, you know, every time the World Cup. Why why did differences? You know, just insects is it's the same, it's the same country, you know, is it just the women stick with it? Maybe longer, like he kind of said on the men's side and so many other sports sort of pulling them away from soccer? Is that happening Less on the women's side, you think? Yes. Oh this is perfect. Question for this year know, 50 years of Title, Nine until 90 federal law, that allowed me to eat women equal access to educational opportunities. And as a result of that college, soft College culture on the country a developed women's soccer teams, just to keep even with the men's soccer team though, the men's football rosters. So, college soccer in this country for women became an incubator of talent, right? And so when the first World Cup rolled around 1991, where FIFA decided we should have a woman's World Cup United States, had had already on

<span;>Those two decades of developing Talent when in other countries your Brazil's your Italy, Argentina and Germany. There's a lot of sexism they are. There was still is there was no women's soccer. So women's soccer in this country kind of was growing at a whole different track than men. And so now you're right, when you look at the women's teams, but that's women's teams, it's your Scandinavian countries, right? Where there's more quality with women, your Sweden's or go away, United States Canada, you don't see Arjun. Tina, Brazil, Italy winning Women's World Cups, right? That's changing. Now with women's soccer is becoming big in Europe. Now, Spain, Italy, some other places. American players are going to play. They're foreigners from. There comes here because there's a women's league called nwsl here. And so women's soccer is totally on different growth pattern. I know people like to compare them to the u.s. women's team to the US. Men's team has been a discussion as you know, if the past few years about equal pay and that. Yeah, she like that issue got settled thankfully but you really can't go.

<span;>The men's team to the women's team because they're not competing with the same players, even the same format of the women were successful. They are. And because of this really unique, Fallout growth from Title Nine that you never would have, never would have happened to the man, right? Yes. So, it's sort of an interesting story of how things can develop sort of accident, and this is what happened with the women's team and the women continue to be great these Muslims. So I gotta ask you, you know, we always have that debate mask Of all time, you know, people say Jordan that you go. Like we want to look around campus and Brian is someone I mentioned someone else. When, you know, growing up and you know, player and mention it to me, was it was always pay late, it wasn't really an argument and Maradona came on scene and then we've even had, you know, but greats, after after that, I mean, you know, who does, what who does soccer hold up, if You know, do they hold up one? Is it still Pele? Like who's in that go argument on the soccer? Yes, sort of gas or the Mount Rushmore of soccer. Yeah. So it's funny people from Argentina will tell you. It's Diego Maradona, the greatest of all time people from Brazil, Estates Pele but secretly they'll tell you it's Maradona to was it's kind of funny but not but they'll defend their own, you know, Bruce a child develops, result develop soccer players like like you grow weeds the backyard. Like it is

<span;>Crazy how it all in Brazil it's part of the DNA. But Pele Maradona hold up you know and then I'm going to take the cop-out answer which is why you can't compare players from different eras. Yeah. But you can and that it could be 1A 1B really it's really that close. If you go down that list I think another another one that I listened to your hint Royce who played for some Dutch. The World Cup of did not win the World Cup. He's sort of the Danbury know, I guess so soft. Sure, and I think when I woke up, but he but he just dissed. The touch teams. The seventies were so Innovative and he ended up playing here in the nasl. The LA Aztecs he played in this country do after Pele came here. A lot of other European European South Americans came here. And then you know, you sort of have this twin billing that we live in a good time here we have Lionel, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who are and they and they're superstars in that they are playing exceptional soccer. They have a lot of longevity. They've been

<span;>For almost two decades and they're playing at a time when we have social media, right? So people say Messi is the best of all time. Like hola, you know, like Maradona was playing and you had Twitter trust me. You wouldn't say that it was Kelly was playing when there was Twitter, right? Yeah. So or YouTube or whatever. So, you know, we live in a great time for soccer because you have two great players and the debate now really is Messi. Ronaldo, who is, you know, that's another one that's other 1A 1B, you know, the argument aren't, Tina really is messy better than Maradona and Maradona won, the World Cup in 86. Messi has never won a World Cup. He got the final in 2014. He may get to the final this time around, but unless he can win a World Cup, I think people in Argentina will still hold Maradona and the story Cory it's no matter what the sport right winning a championship If it to the championship rule you a Manning won two, Super Bowls. And people still don't think he's in the top 10. So yeah.

<span;>Oh yeah.

<span;>Rob's got you covered. Let's go. You are listening to the sports card Nation. What would the World Cup? Like I mentioned, I do watch it, you know, I would say watch the US women. They usually last Traditionally out, watch the u.s. men for as long as they are, until they are eliminated and then being half Italian, you know, you got to have sort of a backup team if you're if you're US soccer fan. So that I'll turn, you know, I watch the u.s. in Italy you know, early on and everyone but the u.s. usually is at some point eliminated that the sole focus is on Italy and that they've been exciting to watch too.

<span;>Obviously, they're usually more of a favorite to go further or even potentially win the thing. And but that is, you know, it's funny because there are people, right? It's kind of like American football They're really NFL fans that will watch the Super Bowl just because of the dynamic and what it means in the same thing. I think with the World Cup, I'm not what you would probably call, traditional or ideal soccer fan. But when they World Cup is on, I will, you know, be on the couch and a movie on the TV. Maybe not 24/7, or as much as certain that, but I will check in and especially like I said, what u.s. teams in the league

<span;>So like you said, maybe someday we'll watch the US, the men's side last a little bit longer and make make a future run. Hopefully let's talk about cars, you know, we've seen, you know, the last two years, the midday all pretty much all sports right cards came to Blew up during the pandemic in the good way. Soccer was really at the Forefront of that. I think soccer cards have always been popular, but like you would probably create maybe more so overseas, but here the last couple years, they really hit the Forefront.

<span;>Cards here. I know they're just like the sport itself. Through always popular in other countries but you think it can sustain. So I'm going to have momentum here in the states. Yeah, no. It's just it's a good question though. I do think that things will soften a little bit, but I guarantee it. When the World Cup rolls around November of the prices will go up and And I think that 30-day period when players are doing well or doing badly. You're going to see values changing everyday kind of like day trading and you know like I'll give you example the 2018 cleaning tourism killing them pop a place in France. Yep that is bad in the parallels of a card or what people want and if France can win the World Cup again or is it Bob? He has a wonderful tournament. Those values will just go up that if a player does badly they go down. So you know, I

<span;>11:22 PM
<span;>Was the time to do it. Not November 18th when the hype happened and you know, the World Cup usually happen in the summer and because the temperatures in Qatar or so hot. And a lot of controversy around that World Cup. The World Cup was moved to the vembur December which For the First Time. The World Cup will actually be competing with the NFL with the MBA with other stuff as opposed to other years when it was on in June and July. When the real competition was maybe MLB but you wouldn't A competition from me and behavior and chill, anything like that. So it will be a true test. I gave an example, the u.s. group has Iran Wales and England in it and the u.s. plays England Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving like a huge game that could end up being the best. The highest rate of game on television, for soccer that they US History because people will be home. And it's the u.s. England is gonna be a huge game, right? Because I think it's a huge soccer power and so, you know, in that sense, you know, even a values of American player car,

<span;>I think will grow and it's interesting. You said that the cards are popular in Europe but the truth is it stops Panini that produced the cards and the my really is driven by the US market, you know? And so I always tell people, look, you don't watch MLS Major League Soccer. We should because a lot of those Young Americans end up in Europe and you want the rookie card. You got to go and get the MLS set. So, Emily wants a fairly cheap everybody wants a prism or the, you know, the fancy stuff. But you know, I tell people just get your tongue up so you get your, you know, whatever get your base. Face cards or Parallels or your autos of rookies from MLS. And then those could, you know, we have lots of players that that either born here and rookie cards that are that are, that are from here and Europeans looking for those cards are looking for the Christian pool, stick rookie, which was 2017 and God onerous or prism or whatever it was so select. Right? But you know those are the kind of things that I think u.s. card investors have sort of a chance to get in on early if they want.

<span;>It's a great point, if you wait till the World Cup starts, we might be too late, right? Get in when things are sort of knowing sort of paying as much attention, right? And I know, it'll start to rev up the hype machine. You know, the anticipation of the game, starting people going to hedge their bets on who they think is going to win the World Cup. Because as you said, you know, perform And one of the thing is, is going to, you know, dictate what some of the values of these players cards are going to be at, that happens in every sport. So now's a great time and leave it up to, you know, if you're good, if you're of that L. Now we're going to time to do it rather than to wait, you know, in baseball, we have issues with, you know, with Bohm and they make a lot of the draft picks. Coming out of college or High School cards, you know, three or four years before they're ever or even longer before they ever going to hit the big leagues. And so it's the big debate that we have with baseball cards. You know what's his rookie is, it is it their first card or is it the first card? You know, once they make the big leagues in that Den, they're produced in their big-league uniform. Is there anything? Is there any kind of debate with with soccer working cards along those lines are They're a lot more cut and dry. No, I wish it was, you know, so growing up, I thought baseball cards. I love hockey cards and I still do, and what I was growing up. There were no soccer cart. Only the market was driven by Panini stickers stickers, right? And so if you look at from Arizona's rookie, right? It's gonna be a sticker, right? Yeah. And a lot of you I mentioned killing about base of his sticker is 2017. 18 UEFA the sticker. That was released in Europe right now. You see, even the Europeans and Americans or going more towards

<span;>In 2018 World Cup cars, first card, ever, that's his rookie. Now as you know, Polly doesn't really put our see logos on their tops does. So there's a lot of debate over what is this person's rookie card? It's doing a sticker but Americans are not as with stickers, right? And the most stickers end up in the album and you can't take them off right? Like, I have lots of woke up albums from years past. I didn't get the sticker graded because why would you do that? That wasn't even a thing, right? You put it in the book that you want to fill with album up, right?

<span;>The whole thing and I grew up buying cars in America and the summer, I go to Italy and Buy stickers there. Whatever Collide. But now we live in a world where soccer cards are thing and soccer collecting, and baseball, and hockey and basketball, or all sort of the same hobby. I mean, I used to go to car shows in the nineties. I don't remember ever seeing a Maradona sticker, and now I go to car shows and it's their right. It people like they went their basements, their attics, they found stickers. So, I don't know how they, the morgenthau flooded with 1979. You know, Panini Maradona sticker, that's rookie. So there's a big debate. What? Is the rookie. So, I like to buy sets style of rookie cards. I love to buy sex like Raven rookie down. Russ, they do soccer set this little having that logo on there. And I'm like, this is rookie. It might not be worth as much as someone else's is prism or select or whatever it is. But I like this logo and reminds me of those baseball cards from the 90's, the 80s and so, but there's a big debate over. What is it? So for example, in soccer there isn't a draft right obviously produced rookies like baseball or

<span;>There's 30, 40 50 guys, flooding the market, maybe five or six of them become good at something, doesn't have that. So, soccer saw a huge increase in rookies in 2020 21 because of the pandemic societies were playing guys that you had never seen before. All of a sudden, there was a real rookie class. I think, as the hobby got hot, people are buying these rookies. They were like this is great. Every year we're going to speculate and then it turns out there aren't any more room. He's like, soccer is introducing rookies at the level that you see a baseball or in the NBA. So there's a lot of speculating, so there's a lot of but there is a lot of is people saying, oh, I like Rinaldo. What's his rookie right? Then they figure out that it's like the 20 year old car that was produced in Spain, that's it's like 5,000 dollars on eBay. They're like, okay forget that. So it's softer. The rookie Chase isn't as big I think it's soccer. The chase is like can I get on card Autos which are very difficult soft. The

<span;>Stickers, these guys are always traveling. You can pin them down. I

<span;>He's actually in the United States on vacation this summer and I read that he was hanging out with top signing cards which, which means they may be some on carnal autos of him for the first time, it's all stickers, right? It's a sticker autos because these guys have never been during the pandemic backup harder and harder. Yeah. So the chase there is really for for you know parallels as you know that I love base cards but I'm old school, you know, and To be a base. Rookie has a base rookie. Yeah. I'm which is do with like, a shiny shiny thing on, it's like, okay if I pull that card great, but if I don't like what I got back into the hob and about 2018, I remember these parallels, the rookies and thinking like, oh, these are weird, like, on the side like they were worth less. I realized, oh no, these are actually worth more than the, you know, the days like that, get the whole set, you know. No, because I started buying cars in 86, you know, the gum and all that. Yeah, and by the mid 90s, 94-95 baseball strike. I was in college. I kind of left a hobby and then in 2000, 2018, with all my kids were in the older, they were, they were, you know, seven, eight, nine, ten, always on devices watching TV. I'm like, you know what? Like I was thinking back to my childhood, I'm like, boy, I spent hours just staring at the back, so these cards like memorizing stuff, and these kids don't do that. And then

<span;>A little bit and it was fun, but back to shows and letter endemic came, and it was like a tidal wave what I what I thought soccer cards in 2018, some really good prices. And then if you try to get those same cards today, would be able to afford them. I went on, even I was like soccer cards. Nobody wants these Americans. Don't want these, like, this is great. I'm getting like Autos here, triple Auto cards. I'm buying them for really cheap, right? And I mean, those cards. Now are just, I don't know what the pandemic, the the hobby room, I don't know why soccer is room particular tell you why, but I think everything through right Formula One. Yeah, right. So maybe that's what it is. Yeah, I take storm, right? You had people working from home or even that working yet the stimulus packages and, you know, I think it just was the, you know, the ingredients were there for what we saw that, I wouldn't have guessed it. I matter of fact.

<span;>And I said, Take a backseat to Everyday Necessities water, toilet paper food, and yet, I was wrong. I'm glad I was wrong for the hobby sake. Now we're seeing, you know, some of those things that created sort of that, that Crescendo kind of going the pendulum swinging back the other way. So we're you know, we're seeing now that softening that sort of Visa. You know, no one's immune to it, I'm sure it's it.

<span;>Pushing Canada to. So I do think that it'll go up and down, but I think it has a long-term trajectory to compete with like, like hockey cards. And I would argue that soccer is bigger than hockey United States. You know what argue that just just just when I see it show, just what people are selling and so, you know, but I also noticed that a lot of dealers, don't know what they have, and they do just inflate prices. There's no cards. Five, six years ago that are that are gone for ten twenty dollars on Mike as far as with 23 bucks, but

<span;>11:34 PM
<span;>You know, I think Try this would take advantage of. Yeah, of this sort of old, I have some soccer cards or I found this old set, you know, is it worth a lot of money? And it's like, well, we don't like the 94 World Cup set of Upper Deck without it's a great set, but it's junk whack. So, I there's a lot of those cards out there, you know? And that's it included. You know, Joe Montana with a soccer ball Wayne Gretzky with one Reggie Jackson. Like there's some of those multi-sport girls have a exactly what you're trying to do a lot of crossover promotion, you know, it's funny because The most valuable card in that said is Mia Hamm's rookie because they put out some players cards and then the ham has a card in there. So me a hands rookie is that card and the Sports Illustrated deal. Perforated card, they happen. Yeah, I think there's a pop of three or four on those obviously and then wasn't worth a lot of money because of the scarcity but otherwise that, you know, the one of the best soccer sets of all time. This was produced right in the middle of the junk wax era. So home, you know, and it's kind of hard to see people trying to sell that for a lot of money. But that an open box when it's like,

<span;>As much as $10 guys. It's not it's not crazy but I think they want to take advantage of this boom because I think I think it's gonna be short term potential. Yeah we're trying to cash in. I'm sure we'll see what see more of that the closer than the World Cup you get is, people are going to try to kind of jump on that boat and make you know with the probably the fear that once the World Cups completed then that both kind of leaves for. So, Smart sort of navigate through that, check what things are worth before just sort of. Well, especially if you don't know your soccer. Like someone like me would have to really like, do their homework and nothing wrong with doing that and it's worth doing that and not overpay for something or potentially lose money from, you know. No one likes to do that, if they can avoid it. But yeah, it's going to be interesting to be interesting to see The dynamic of that as we ramp up towards it, you know, do you think, you know, you mentioned that it's going to be obviously in a different kind of not the only game in town and going to be coinciding with, you know, other sports that normally wouldn't be get. You think that makes a difference or you think it's it's really a moot point with soccer fans from both sides? Yeah, I think the only thing. Yeah, if you're a die-hard soccer saying you're going to watch the World Cup. It's more, the American fan multi sport fan will they watch a World Cup game over a cell game and I think it's the US and high-stakes. Sure it's possible. They going to want to watch, you know like Algeria vs. Croatia. What they do. I got to watch that game. By game will not get the ratings you want? And the NFL, is it a breeding to the e-myth? I mean, I wouldn't put anything up against the NFL. It stops your Fox. You have the sort of, you know, cross-promotion there because Fox

<span;>The NFL has the World Cup so that will help. I think I think you know it's the kind of thing today where dad might want to watch the NFL but the sun may want to watch the World Cup and I think there's a way to bond that way and I see a lot of kids at soccer games and I know their parents are not soccer fans, it's the kids taking the dad just as opposed to them that that's taking the kids to the baseball game. Probably. Right. So I think it's a lot of that cross generational thing that's happened with women's soccer, a lot of dads and taking their daughters to see women play because they want to support soccer, they want to support their daughters over. In soccer to. So, I think there's a lot of cross generational stuff and this country, you know, between I think the Gen Z the Millennials, they love soccer. You know, the the Gen xers my generation and older, you know, baby boomers. They're not soccer is newer to that, you know, they remember the cosmos, my father-in-law's it here soccer fan. He says that, you know what? I don't watch soccer, they'll watch the World Cup but I don't watch song like you're not gonna catch me watching them York Red, Bulls La FC game on a Sunday afternoon and in June it's not happening.

<span;>It's all MLS gets very poor rating, there's a result of that. Everything made a deal with Apple TV stream, all their games in the future because they know the audience is skewing younger towards the street, right? But in that sense it's I think I think the rains will be good. It helps the u.s. qualify for years ago, the US did not qualify that that that so that the US will be there. I think all the u.s. games will be the first being. Yeah, you mentioned. You mentioned the US Obviously have Day off from work. I don't have my son's 22 so I've done my black Fridays with a shop and I rather watch that game. Then battle crowds and people for the Dion stuff and most of the time they is deals that you can get online if that's your thing. Anyway, so likewise cards like a week early now, right? So you don't need to do any more changes every year, right? And so I think people are home and not working. It's a four-day weekend. The NFL really dominates on Thursday Thanksgiving. Yeah, it's not competing with that, not that, that's that, that's a coincidence, you know, FIFA puts the calendar together. Someone's at my door. I've got again, laughs be right back. Are you in sports cards? Right? Girl, someone returning to the hub. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy hobby. Need to hang out and enjoy collecting Midwest, boxford's has been bringing collectors together for many years with the portable Bridge of whole grains, and at this Core Group, back with generous, people who genuinely care about Holly and other collectors. Check out the brakes at Midwest box, braids.com. Our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. Also, find us on Twitter at Midwest consequence.

<span;>Just wanted to remind you use the discount code and bb10 for 10% off your first order that Midwest box breaks.

<span;>They play it ran. And you know, when the other us and your geopolitical power, you know, the u.s. arraign game. There's a lot of politics behind that game. It's gonna be interesting to watch in. Iran is not a soccer power, but trust me people in Iran are going to be up for this game. You know, because it's in u.s., you know, this is one thing that's interesting about soccer is that I think it's the one thing that other country can say, you know what, we're better than you at this. You know, and I think it's the are several at the US ever. Got really good at soccer. Think that be a lot of people who

<span;>Really upset. They be really resentful because they're like you guys got it. All you guys are the world superpower you know years it takes soccer to you know but I do think this country is producing producing a lot of really good soccer players and I think it wouldn't surprise me if the u.s. stands out of the first round. And you know I in a short tournament we just never know. You can get really high. I mean to win the World Cup people instead of one of those favorites gets eliminated sooner, you know, can open it, open a path. I'm not telling people. We've seen some crazy stuff. Able to put the ball in that more than the other team and you win the game. You know I tell my daughter that all the time like it's not that complicated and it's in that way that's why it's the most populous for the world. I think anybody could play it, don't need any equipment, you need a ball and the bottom they don't some countries and make balls out of Rags. So you don't really need. You don't really need to have like a football unique pads and helmets and hockey you don't so quipment. You know, it soccer, you just don't either other countries are developing Talent, just organically playing in the street, which you don't even To see in this country anymore, you don't see anybody playing in the street but but that's really how soccer grows thinking Brazil is a great example. You know what I was there in 2014 for the World Cup. It's just playing in the street on the beach. There's no organ. City had friends from yoga slavia, turkey, Brazil, and they all played soccer, you know, that was kind of a knock against soccer back. Then I was like, oh this is an ethnic game, this is for foreigners here that anymore. You know, now you have kids in the suburbs play soccer, right? So it's not, it's a dynamic. It's a, it's a culture shift, for sure. So, yeah. Well, now we got two terms, right? Soccer mom. Soccer dead. Right way and have that. I'm like I said, just a few years older then. Yeah, we didn't have those. Terms, when we were younger and growing up, I think that Jonah. Dynamic has shifted, you got more kids playing this sport, you know, it's translated, well for the women, not as not as the same for the men. But again, when, you know, maybe, you know, you mentioned, 20, 30 years or maybe be around to see, sort of that Dynamic change as we kind of play catch-up, hopefully to the rest of the world, potentially not going to be an easy task for, you know, we're me and you'll probably make it. Sound a lot easier than it's actually kind of be but right you know you can only hope and know there is a program and they you know it's funde</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>