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Aug. 5, 2022

Ep.191 Voices from the National Floor

Ep.191 Voices from the National Floor

We did some mini-interviews from the floor of the 42nd National in Atlantic City.

SGC's Peter Steinberg says a storm is coming, Tim from Slabstrong says he's "cocky humble", Sharon from Black Jaded Wolf talks about her observations from behind the...

We did some mini-interviews from the floor of the 42nd National in Atlantic City.

SGC's Peter Steinberg says a storm is coming, Tim from Slabstrong says he's "cocky humble", Sharon from Black Jaded Wolf talks about her observations from behind the table, Andrew Sigerson mentions how some high end stuff can be "unaffected" by market conditions and Signatures for Soldiers Tim Virgilio credits his team for their success.

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<span;>2:28 AM
<span;>What is up episode 1? 91 happy to be back. We are back from the national and Atlantic City and besides bringing a couple nice cards back with me. I also brought covid. I've got covid-19 took me a while to get it but I guess it was the national that did it. I've heard a lot of other people that attended the Nope, got it. Wishing I won't mention her by name with HIPAA but wishing them. Well as as well. Monday night started out feeling great, Tuesday morning took a test tested positive. I've got fever chills you know, stuff knows can chest, congestion body aches, all that fun stuff. But You know, doing all right, considering that getting a little bit better each day really stink because I'm not in school teaching and missing like my class but I also don't want to get them ill. So better I stay home and get non-contagious and then get back to class. So but the show must go on this show will be consisting of five many interviews that I did. The show and the show floor of the 42nd annual National in Atlantic City. This will not be a review of the show that will be Monday and I'll be quick. It's this will just be really the five interviews. The five interviews are with Peter Steinberg of SGC, Sharon trunk of black jaded wolf, a dealer at the show, another dealer, Andrew sigurdsson Big Papi. For and Twitter who has an amazing collection especially on the historical side with autographs. We also interview to Tim's Tim Mac and rate from slab strong business. He built from the ground up, we'll talk about that and the other Tim Tim virgilio from signatures for soldiers. They had a great National. What Tim's done with that charity is nothing short. Of amazing. So again, these are many interviews, really short for 26-minute type in the rear. So this episode is going to be on the shorter side and on Monday. Like I said, well really dive into my take how my national was, and the stories behind that Monday's hobby quick-hit. So, with that being said, let's start the show. Time for a hobby, is the people announcer of the week.

<span;>Everybody, I'm Gary denier thumbs down Guy. This is the sports Corporation podcast. The hobby is for dealers. Having a people. If you'd like to be the hobbyist of people announcer of the week to have wires or MP3 file and send it to sports, got Nation PC at gmail.com.

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<span;>Great conversation coming up right here with Peter Steinberg from SGC, full disclosure sponsor the show, but then Pete's been on many times on the show when we catch up with them on the floor. About what's going on at SGC. It was becoming an annual tradition, we strive to mr. Peter, Steinberg of SGC during the national here. We are at the 42nd one in Atlantic City, and as she sees, always making its presence known. This National is no different. And Peter announced an are social medias, something different that would be in the works this year and it's the pre Grady. So I guess the first I was question is, I know Early in the show Peter. So we still got some show to go. But how's it going so far with that? It's going really well, job. I mean, definitely, anytime you're rolling out a new service. There's so much that you just don't know about it. You know, it's really impossible to expect and kind of be able to Envision all the different circumstances that your team will kind of be hit with and the challenges you'll have to overcome but the good news is I could say this pretty confidently about a day and a half into the national. Now things are going really, really well.

<span;>Albert very happy with the way. We're kind of serving the the showroom floor as of today. One thing I'm a few things. Actually I want to point out with this pre grading. That is sort of different and a little bit of a game changer. If you ask me is you know you will pray to create the card. Whatever you're pretty great too card and unless someone obviously opens the seal, or does something to semi-rigid, that's what the grade will be. Should they choose? To encase it and then the other the other nice perk is if they go ahead with the fool, you know, grading, they're going to get 40% off the the gradient submission price. Talk a little bit about the yeah, definitely. Correct. I mean, I wine I've I've used when describing the service as I think pre grading and the reviewing of raw cards is really, as legitimate as you choose to make it. And what we've tried to do to kind of differentiate SG,

<span;>These new pretty great service is make it as legitimate as it can. Possibly be our head. Greater is actually on site here assigning these grades. And the best thing I can speak to as far as kind of that, that grade transfer guarantee is really this. It's impossible for us to guarantee the great simply because once the card leaves our possession, we don't know what's going to happen to it. You can put it out in the sun. You can take it in the ocean. You could crack the card saver and half. If you choose to the bottom line is as long Long as that card is in the same condition. As when we initially review the card, it should be staying the same based on the fact that this is a real grade assigned by a leading expert in the industry. Yeah, that's awesome stuff. Obviously, I said we're early into this, is this something you think you'll be doing? I mean, is this going to be a permanent feature? I guess, is the question, you know, I'm always very strategic John with a kind of my my words because I hate kind of

<span;>Over promise and under deliver rather than the opposite. But I will say this. I kind of got the go-ahead for my director of operations, that things are moving very smoothly. Most importantly, overall, we are very confident in the accuracy of the grades and the quality of the product that we're putting out and seeing the collector response to this service, at least preliminarily. I think we'd be doing ourselves and the hobby as a whole a disservice to not at least pursue the idea of Of pre grading on a wider scale and possibly hitting the show circuit with the service. Like this one. Some some thoughts again, we're early here but some thoughts of you know, the crowd how the response has been publicly, you know, anything new. I know you always elude to something, you know always something new coming down. The pike, any teases or anything. You can say along those lines, you know?

<span;>As far as teasing goes, I can just say this. There is an end I made it. When I say everyone there is a SGC storm coming after the national. There is so much that we have not been able to pursue with obviously the instability in the grading landscape for. So long with other companies closing having tremendous that logs pricing kind of getting out of control, a nice thing with the the landscape kind of stabilizing as finally, we can pursue these things that we've wanted to pursue. So long to make the SGC brand, even better even more far-reaching and most importantly serving the hobby to the greatest extent that we possibly can. So just know that we have not even a one-two punch coven. But we're going to start rope-a-dope in here and I just greatly look, forward to announcing some more good news in the near future. Well, I'm excited at you. You know how I feel about you and Kudos. You got my Grail card in a nice shiny.

<span;>Dogs and shipped it out of Monday. And I had a back on Thursday, Allah I was nervous but made it back safely and let's all the more better, you know, in a nice. Shiny talks will means a lot to us. John to trust our team with a card that means so much to you and we appreciate everything man. Thanks so much for the support. Thank you, as always. So like I said, we will do this. I will do this every year and then maybe a time in between two. Thanks Peter. Sounds great. John thanks so much time to hear. From one of our great sponsors. Put sports card Nation will be right back after that.

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<span;>All right, we're going to speak with Tim mcenany from slab. Strong who built his product from the ground up, very proud of it were card. Grinded, you may recognize them seeing them with the chain with the card around, but more more likely recognize him with the big oversized slab strong hat. So here's that conversation. I'm here with Tim from slab strong here at the 42nd National here in Atlantic City around. Well, LJ's and irritate him. I told we have a mile. I know we had them on the quality of the car for signatures for soldiers, but I wanted to talk about his product and awesome that he's doing that. But I want to talk about slab. Strong talk about yo, how it, how are you? You know, you came up with the idea and then you know, the process of getting it lifted off the ground. Yeah sure. So honestly in the beginning I do

<span;>2:45 AM
<span;>I just simply wanted to change. Design of different. And then once I started injection molding with the silicone rubber, I actually started throwing it. And that's when it became a protection night. I just wanted to make it look for it, and now it works. I think the name brand has worked and I've just been grinding now, for almost two years and it's been a beautiful thing. I mean, well, how you made? It sound simple, obviously, it's not as simple as you made it. Sound talk about maybe some of, you know,

<span;>Difficulties. You had at least in the early going? Yeah, absolutely. So like one of the things was my prototype was 3D printed. It wouldn't have worked in terms of dropping. A great was too brittle. Now, I don't know anything about injection process. I've been a restaurant manager, my whole life. So it's not just trying to figure out what your product, but also how to run a business. I've always tried other people's this. Never my own, but yeah, it was really interesting trying to find an American manufacturer as well that could do it for me. So, it was a long process, a lot of stress, But most amazing couple years of my life. So even through all that stress, I wouldn't change a thing. Now, you listen, I see you everywhere. It always shows like talking about like the grind. I mean that I don't know where you get your energy from a thug about. I know what's fun obviously, but it's also it's worth you're working. You know, this is your brand, your product, you know, just talk about, you know, the dedication that, you know, people think it's all fun and games and it is fun, but there's more to

<span;>With the left. Yeah, and make no mistake, I'm absolutely working hard, but even this interview right here, kind of peruse, the, what, what I've been done is working because I in networking, for me, has been the most part, but I had to have a good product. I feel like I'm a good person, but networking, I've gotten so much love in the Hobby and like truly, without my fiance without the my back on my parents without people in the hobby such as yourself having my back. So the grind to me is it's a little bit easier because partner is being a good person, right? I just know, I am but there's still enough people to say no, not Everyone likes it, right? So you just got to keep grinding. I keep tweeting people. Just introducing myself and that's where the grind is. And I actually have a great time like meeting everyone like at, this is going to Kids game, right? I love this until you know how this works. Anytime someone develops, a new product, a new company, right? You got your copycat companies that try to kind of come up behind me.

<span;>Right, some coattails to. How do you deal with stuff like that? So part of the grind of having a good product. Is also, I, you know, I know you can't see me on this side right now, but I wear the Big Slab chain, and I wear the big hat. So I've actually created a brand for myself, just beyond what the product is. So, yeah. Absolutely. This competition now I would I would have to say in a kind of cocky, humble manner. That I don't think these other ones have a true face to them. I don't Know if people are looking, I do think that there is something to having a good person behind the product. So I don't have a problem with competition. I welcome it actually showed there's a market for it, right? Imagine if there was no things and I appreciate everything, I'll just going to outwork. I'll cry. But I always laugh when I watch some of your social media in your truck and he's these graded cards. And I think to myself, I always say your products doing what it's supposed to do and ever ties to do.

<span;>The heck is this hour under normal conditions? Who's throwing their graded cards? I had to use something in it. I can I be honest with your fans, the first time I have an original video where I had to figure out. I had a job and I had to know it. I had a few beers and I went out to my second floor balcony. Clear off the balcony, once it hit the cement, it didn't break, I had no fair. I met John throwing it out on I met I need everybody throwing it and I only get a few people I think a lot of people want to say I'm doing it for the price but I have

<span;>A few people that like, hey you know, the card is I can crack it on the side. Yeah, I'm just having a lot of fun to be. I know if you're out there if you hear a heads-up I'm somewhere around and is going to be a slab coming at you. So if you hear heads up on a car show, just everybody out there done. Yeah. And and you know, going back to that Pat Tillman card and then he came up with you know, the Stars and Stripes slams, shot him. And you haven't seen that cargo pit at it, but that dad's lab strong with that card. I mean, that's, it's insane. It's It's beautiful. It pops and I mean, can you I want you to give away all the secrets, but what do you got coming down the line. Yeah, so since the American flag and the whole Pat Tillman think that was literally part of my original dream when I did this. So right now, I'm able to print single logos on able to print kind of a Louis Vuitton pattern. I'm going to go custom. I have CSG will be coming out right now. I have the top four Brands CSG will be coming out soon. I'm just going to keep pushing. I got one touches coming out that can be branded. I'm just gonna I'm going to stay in one place. I'm going to keep improving, not only on myself as a businessman behind products and yeah. So we're going to custom stuff and just kind of look out the future because even I don't know yet what's about to happen, but I just know that I'm going to keep trying. Well listen, I see your passion, man. You're grinding. You're working hard, you're having fun. You're smiling. Yeah. Yeah. Your style is different and unique. We need, we need more of that. Sometimes in this hobby, thanks for giving us some time today. Thank you, John.

<span;>Over 25 for quick break but we'll be right back.

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<span;>Alright our next interview comes by way of sharing Chunk from black jaded wolf. She's been on the show before and her and chewy and staff. Do all the major shows. They're from Brooklyn, New York and caught up with her on the floor of the national. Here's that interview on the floor of the 42nd National here in Atlantic City and we're going to interview Someone's been on the podcast before and great lady Sharon from black jaded. Wolf worse is Thursday. So we're headed into technically day two and a half, so I guess first, obvious question, right? How was how was yesterday? It was pretty. Some people wanted to sell, but yeah, yeah, yeah. As we all know, right. Lot of great, the cases going around. So what's your approach will? You know, when someone asks you if you're buying like it does it depend on the time of day or you're pretty, you know, I'm always buying it was a lot yesterday. Yeah. But you know, I I always looked at these to see the options. I have, you know, before I even turn it down, you know, I never just say no.

<span;>Yeah. So this is what number - Shows us for you 15. Wow. So you're bad. You're grizzled veteran as we as we like to say. What do you mean? What do you think the next you know few days are going to bring if you know, he had to put your prediction at on today. So real retail day so this it's what happened today, kind of will carry on till Saturday. You know, I'm hoping there's going to be some retail. I think the market has kind of dip A little that it opens up like the retail people to come back in and buy again. So yeah, real what I say on my show sharing rights a good opportunity to buy some stuff and you know you know a lot of people talk about Atlantic City. Does this Locale, they're not always find of it. You're, you know, you're you're from New York with its closer project. That obviously the closest National Guard like your thoughts on Atlantic City that the low cap. Um, I like the show because it's home field from yeah but to me obviously Chicago, still the best Market. There's a lot of West Coast people come, but it is a national and they're breaking record this year. Apparently, there's more tickets sold this year than last year, so I'm expecting, good things. Yeah, and I'm all concur. I'm a, I'm a New York City kid originally as you know, but now it's Syracuse. Oh, I got the drive to this one so I'm fortunate. But you know, one last question. You're busy, but you know what's been, you know, what the yesterday? What was the probably The Hideout here at item or hot player that people were kind of clamoring for?

<span;>You are listening to the sports Carnation podcast. We'll be right back after this break.

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<span;>Thanks for sticking with us. Let's return to the show.

<span;>That's the interview is with Andrew sigurdsson. Big Papi, 34 and Twitter, who has quite the Autograph Collection autograph cards. And some crazy member period of museum-quality, always shit sets up into Nashville. This one's a little different because he couldn't Chicago, he can bring more stuff because he drives but had to fly in to learn a little more. About that. All right, I'm with Andrew sigurdsson, big probably 34 on Twitter at his Booth here at the 42nd annual National Convention. I spoke to him last year we did this little mini interview so I figured let's catch up with again. I guess first question, I mean, we still got time left, but any of you notice any difference from last year's National to this year's National I would say it's more. More crowded. I think there's more people at this National and there was last year, seen a lot of kids, a lot of women, I think it's a lot more diverse, which makes sense because we're in the east coast versus Midwest, so that's been really good. And it's interesting to hear you say about, you know, it does seem busier and, you know, a lot of people complain about getting to Atlantic City, but they're still finding their way here and yes, a lot more women, which is obviously a positive thing. Now

<span;>For this show, you told me, you know, off the air so that, you know, you can't bring his much stuff with to talk about the process of like what makes the cut and what does? Yeah, I really argued with myself a lot about it because, you know, I like to bring my nice stuff out and it attracts other people that nice stuff and we could talk about it, maybe trade or maybe buy some things, but it's can bring it all. So, you know, I left a lot of my or tea stuff at home. I left all my dad ever stuff at home, still brought some of my roof stuff, but, you know, when I go to Chicago, I can drive there. I can bring probably twice as much as I brought here but still it's fun and you know there's some nice stuff. Yeah. And if he ever seen Andrews inventory, it's a museum and itself. It's incredible. Have you got a chance to walk around and even see about adding to your inventory? Yeah I have walked around a little bit. I pricing maybe a third of the floor. I'll probably do more. That's afternoon maybe tomorrow. We have to leave Sunday morning so I can't stay for the Sunday, which is usually a good day.

<span;>Yeah, seen some really nice stuff out here and everything's out here as usual. Although I tell you, it's virtually. No Deborah stuff out here. I mean, it's amazing that that stuff just doesn't exist in these shows. I don't know where they are. I think they know you're here and they're trying to drive the price up. Unlike have you noticed anything pricing wise? You know, we know the market is a little down, a little correction, if you will whatever you want to talk about, what have put a time, you've walked around. And looked at all the Showcase Has any any commentary there any that you've noticed? Well I mean you know you talk to other collectors. What they're hearing is people are still wanting, you know, prices on their stuff that they would have gotten a couple months ago. The lower end of the market or maybe the more voluminous side of the market with there's a lot of graded material that's down but the trophy stuff, the higher end stuff that stuff is not gone down. I mean some of it has but you know people want something they know that there's very little of it they're good they want it they're going to buy it that price Market is still high. Well Angela

<span;>I'll let you get back to your booth but I appreciate it. Once again, we're up or fire to make this an annual. Tradition sounds good or enjoyed every time and you never been to a national. You need to come. Yeah, no doubt for sure. - thank you someone's at my door. I've got the. Can that be right back?

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<span;>Fourth card Nation.

<span;>Our next conversations with Tim virgilio, signature soldiers, a veteran of the show and someone we've supported Through The Years from the early onset. And once again the charity of choice for this year's National, so we catch up with Tim right here. All right, we're here on the show floor at the national here in Atlantic City, and I'm joined Now by my good friend. Tim virgilio from signatures. For soldiers. And, you know, I don't have to say what we've been on many times, but they obviously raise money for soldiers, injured and wounded, and do a lot of great things. And first question, I guess, how's it going so far? Good God, you know, yesterday was the sneak peek for the VIPs? It was overall really good day with today, being the first day for general admission, really. Cited kind of see how things are going. But yeah so far where we're having fun meeting great people getting the word out and raising a little bit of money. Yeah, a little bigger space I think this year and a few other different things we'll talk about and you know, one of them being Tim with pristine handling the auction. You got a lot more Lots, they're doing a boatload of the work and you've got some great item just talked about the significance of that.

<span;>So what you're doing? Sure. Yeah. Being the charity partner for the national, this year's again with the true blessing, and then having the having pristine involved to be the auction platform. They've been great obviously built in the audience where we're getting a lot of eyes on the items that are currently up for bid, which ends Saturday July 30th and 100% of the advice is going to come back to signature. As for soldiers. So it's been great. They've been great to work with really, really supportive and everything's great. And again I want to I always like to do this one because it's true and it's not always true when you talk about Charities, but you know all monies raised are going to you know the charity to help those folks out. You know you started some years a few years back with a 500 dollar goal.

<span;>Charcoal because of where you've come and very quickly. I think that's a testament to you and you've added are ignore and as the chairman and you have a board and it's just it's just amazing how fast and how far you've come in a, in a short amount of time, kind of talk, talk all about that. Even just, you know, from that 500, I know we've talked about it before on the show but never, you never know who's listening for the first time, just ugh. About, you know, the trajectory of Of this whole thing. Yeah, it's been pretty amazing. People. Give me a lot of credit for the work that I do, but it's honestly, I can't do it without the support that I've gotten from from the hobby Community if the outpouring has been phenomenal. Yeah, you know Rachel Louis 5:00 because you know who am I? I'm just some some Schmo you know that most people wouldn't even know. But you know with the sport that one shot behind it, you know, we Art at the national just under a hundred fifty thousand dollars in total funds raised and it's literally been, you know, couple dollars here a couple dollars there. And you know every every dollar adds up very quickly, you know, so signatures for soldiers has become much more than just a fundraising effort, it's really become a community effort and then a community for people to come together have shared values. So it's been great.

<span;>Out the I know you kind of sort of deflected some credit there but I'll give it to you. I mean, this was your brainchild and and from that 500 go like you said, oh we're 150k. Just just even saying that this speaks volumes to the work. He who did a lot of work you do, and obviously your team as well. And, you know, I got like I said to you before we recorded after this pristine auction closes, I think. Yeah. You know, I think you're gonna flips the 200k mark and just from $500, you know what, we were thinking. When you started this journey to that, just, it's amazing and you're not done. You're going to keep doing this. I'm assuming and, and just going to get bigger and better every year. And again, you know, it's a great cause when we take over, where the, where those funds are going to people who, you know, defended this country and and check Feist, you know, some things in the process. So, you know, you know, thank you and keep going and have a great rest of the show. Thanks John. I appreciate about us. I'll see you time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but sports card Nation will be right back after that.

<span;>Last time. Marketplace has a line of grated guard cases that are waterproof, airtight dust tight and hardened to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam so you don't have to cut and tear the foam when you get your case, the pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett SGC and CGS slab store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace. Check them out at www.hsn mark. Dot-com. All right, that's gonna do it for this episode of sports card Nation. If you went to the National hope you are doing well and didn't contract covid. As I did, if you're not feeling good, extra tired, some kind of flu like symptoms. Please take a test just to just to make sure you either way. That way we can you know have less spread. But no took me all this time to finally I'm just wondering if I could get it and went, and I guess it took a big event for the national to, to get me if I had any interactions with you. Which I had, you know, quite a bit not knowing, you know, I don't know when I got it. What day or what not? But if you, you know, any one of those folks and yeah, you know, might be best to err on the side of caution. So with that being said, I'm going to work on

<span;>3:12 AM
<span;>Getting some rest. I have this week off, unfortunately, not the way I wanted to get some time off, but going to catch up on some rest and sleep. Drink some fluids take some meds and hopefully get back to normal ASAP. With that being said, again Monday show will be the full on review of the national and we'll see you next time here on Sports carnation. </span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>