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Aug. 12, 2022

Ep.192 w/Daniel Kozin(Good Samaritan)

Ep.192 w/Daniel Kozin(Good Samaritan)

Daniel Kozin had one heck of a National in Atlantic City. Right off the jump he buys a MONSTER Grail card then on the last day he finds $10k+ in cards left in a taxi cab, he shares all the specific details on this episode

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Daniel Kozin had one heck of a National in Atlantic City. Right off the jump he buys a MONSTER Grail card then on the last day he finds $10k+ in cards left in a taxi cab, he shares all the specific details on this episode

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10:14 PM
What is up? Welcome to episode 192 of sports card Nation. Feel a little bit. Better came down with the covid, like many dead from the national, but we are getting over to Adam actually my whole house with the exception of my son got covid. So my wife and mother-in-law who's a little bit older, but everyone's doing okay. Thankfully thankfully got a great National story. As a guest on The Today Show, the gentleman's name is Daniel, cozen he hails from California and talk about one, heck of a beginning of the national and one heck of an end, and I'm going to teach you a little bit here at the beginning of the national. He bought his Grail car, I'll let him break that. What that card was and then what happened at the end as he was sort of wrapping up his trip and Ready to head back to California. He took a taxi cab and in that taxi cab, a previous writer had left their box of cards in that cab over ten thousand dollars worth including many graded cards and did the right thing. You know you always hear wonder if like you left your card somewhere. With someone do the right thing and turn it in. Now he's In the taxicab, the taxi cab driver doesn't know, you know, whose cards they work, didn't remember who may have left them. So you know Daniel took up and you're going to hear him, tell the story, how he got the cards back to the rightful owner and imagine being that rightful owner. You don't, you know you don't realize you lost your cards till it's too late. And how do you get him back? Unless someone like Daniel does the right So it's a great story. The Post went viral, a lot of retweets and shares and the cards are now back with the rightful owners. And I thought man will, you know, when you hear a story like that there be many people get in that taxi cab and keep those cars. Let's be real, right. A good percentage. I don't know what percentage, but it won't be 100% that will do what Daniel did. And so I wanted to have him on talk about his great. Great purchase of his Grail car to start to show and what a great Samaritan he was to finish his show. It's a great, it's kind of a great story, you know, a little Disney movie as shit but wanted to have Daniel. I'd recognize him for doing the right thing and you know the owner of those cards is lucky. It was Daniel that followed him in that, taxi cab. So great interview want to talk 

To show as well and glad Daniel made some time for us. So with that being said, let's get this thing started. Hey, John, you want to have a catch? 

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All right, really looking forward to talking to my next guest on these fourth card shop at Moco guess line. He hails from California. He recently like myself just attended the 42nd National in Atlantic City, County Planning City New Jersey. And you know he did a very good deed. We're going to talk about that towards the back. End of the interview. I want to talk about the national Then we'll talk about what he did. But mr. Daniel cozy and welcome to sports Carnation. Thank you, thank you very much for having me. Well, so, I mean, you coming from California on the way to Atlantic City, a lot of people, you know, you've probably heard the talk, you know, Landing City, not the greatest city in the world, I might sit this National out, some people didn't go actually love it. You know a lot of people from all over the country but especially On the west coast that's that's a trip. Just kind of talk about you know coming from the west coast to the east coast. I mean you just Your Love Of Cards just supersedes all the all the negatives I'm assuming. Yeah I mean it was tough guy debated it to you know it wasn't easy getting all the way out there couldn't find a nonstop flight to Atlanta City. So, you know, I flew into Philly. I flew a red-eye. Actually, you know, plane took off right before midnight. 

Because sleep on the plane landed, the Philly immediately got on the train which then took me to another train, which then led me right to the show. So, I drive to the show at about 10 a.m. didn't sleep. All night went straight to the show. Did we on a deal on all day? You know? So, I mean yeah, it was definitely tough to get to the show was really cool but I don't think I would attend another National out there. It was pretty, pretty tough. Yeah. I'm sure you. You were well aware being. Telling me that the internet was was obviously an issue in a lot of dealers and collectors alike. You know, you gotta look, let's, you know, like it or not. You got to look up cops when making purchases or tray. That's right. It's a big, big factor, a lot of people complain, and they couldn't Pages. Weren't loading one. Dealer told me Daniel that he literally had to go outside to make a transaction that looking at a partner at a stable. So you didn't have to leave a stable unintended. It and I noticed / out of personal level. It's the, you know, I was there all week except for Sunday, it seemed to get better on Friday and Saturday. I don't know if they had so many complaints that they turn on a hot spot or did something logistically. It did seem them for listen, it wasn't great. I'm not saying it was perfect even when it was better, but it was a little bit better. And I remember, I've said on the show, 

Devious remember sending the text to my son and pull my phone out a couple hours later and that picture I sent my son. It's you know stuff said Sending I mean I was Thursday was my main day. I was only there Thursday Friday. But yeah, you know, he did last year, you know, Chicago, the internet wasn't great. I was a lot more prepared this year. I mean, every card that I took with me, I can't read before and you know put a little price tag of all the cards that I wanted. If you know trade or sell or whatever, I knew exactly what my values were. I went to this coming specifically looking for like, for one card to which was the the 52 Topps mantle by me that I came here to do to, you know, do some trades. And I .5. Does that point five? Yeah. More like the one. Yeah, it may be added to but probably not depending on you. I was very specific to like I wanted one of the Chicago to, but couldn't find one that I like 

That one of the one with what's good eye appeal, you know, it was good setting it you know not just beat you know some of those ones out there just crumble. But so like I you know, I was just reviewing calms a lot to just in case like there wasn't good. Internet was still annoying though because there were other cards I want to look up and I see and I couldn't do it. But luckily, anytime you know, someone was asked me, what I was wanting for my cards. I knew exactly what I wanted in Chicago. It was that kind of hurt me a little bit because I wasn't as quick I did. Really know like the current current comps, you know, so I was little more prepared, but it was still pretty annoying not having Internet or, you know, even some of my dealers that were friends walking around. I couldn't even like text them iPhone wasn't really working. So that was yeah, I was pretty annoying. Yeah, that I take a lesson learned there, right? You you alluded to it and what you said is probably a good idea even for future. I remember in Chicago, the internet wasn't as bad as this year's but it had issues to. So I 

The more of the stories of the card, you either own at you're trying to move, or in at, you're looking to acquire, probably do that work beforehand and write them down in a notebook. Old school, right? Old school ways. Gentle. So, yeah, you know, just so even if that's the case you still have something to go off of rather than Flying Blind so to speak. Yeah, yeah, I mean I mean I feel like this day and age though, I mean I showed that big I mean, you have to have internet. I mean, especially like somebody's dealers. I saw some guys that they didn't even want to do deals because they really could look up the comp even though they probably wanted the card. And it was like, you know, you got to think quick out there too. And there's so many people, you know, and people in line and but yeah it was pretty, it was pretty rough. Yeah, no doubt no doubt. Maybe lessons will be learned by the powers that be to that they can fix the infrastructure there but probably always good too. 

Just in case they don't or something. No things happen, even, even to the best of events. But listen, we know a year in advance, when the next one is. So do day, hopefully, maybe they can work out some Kinks. It's back in Chicago here. I'm sure that's music to your ears of, definitely a lot closer to California and Atlantic City. 

10:27 PM
We'll be right back. 

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Schools card nation has returned. 

Yeah, you met, you go to Chicago last year, obviously this year's, how many Nationals are you a veteran of attending for? So, you know, I'm look, I've been to a lot of shows but just the national. Yeah, that was my fourth. But I plan on going every year. I don't know. I know how to teach and Chicago like every other year. So I'll definitely going to Chicago every year depending on where the other National is like if there wasn't a lady, I don't think I could do that again. It It was quite the mission to get all the way out there and I mean, you know, had Hotel situations. Like just it, it was pretty rough to show itself was great. I did really well to show but I mean other than that. Yeah, yeah. I didn't really have any positive things to say about the city. Yeah. No, I hear you. Well, I got, you know, for rumors, true Daniel, you know, you'll be glad about the rumors that it's probably, you know, maybe laying the city itself won't, Like this, but probably the last National that will be scheduled. There is what I'm hearing. But again, you know, time will tell what that's that's sort of the buzz on the street if you will. Okay, well yeah. Now is that would make me happy, you know, it would be tough to not even know, you know, even if it was out there again, I I say, I won't go right now but then, you know, a week before 12:00. Yeah, exactly. I mean Duke. Oh, when you know, you just follow all these social media pages, 

Like up than the other countdown, you know? And then I just think about how much fun I had last year, you know, and everything. And it's just fun to like trade nights are probably my favorite part of the national, actually, even though it's not even like the actual show. It's like, that's really fun. Yeah. Well I guess I mean, so when you attend like you bring card sort of to move to acquire that card in this case a 52 Topps man oh you're bringing inventory to help? You know, in that quest to, you know, you know, choir that card. I got to ask you, you mentioned the 52 Topps, mantle was, did you, did you wind up getting it? I did. Yeah, and I mean, y'all show you, I sold my favorite dealer, you know, MC Sports Cards. Mike, he's just, you know, I do a lot of deals with him, he's a great guy. You know, he always tends to have like multiples of that card. He's pretty picky with what he picks up. He had of one like 

So pristine for a one ends up, picking it up here. Actually, so there you go. Yeah. And I declare useful but Polly so we don't have to go into all the Gory details and, you know, price web by Me. Was it a pretty smooth transaction that did? Go smooth from the starter. Did it look like at different points? Like maybe I won't be able to get this or was it pretty pretty easygoing deal? Yeah. So what happened? So the day before the show actually, you know, keep posted It a one in the tube but both of them look amazing and you know so I texted him and let me because when I saw that one I mean it's exactly what I'm going for. The centering on it is is like the best I've ever seen on a one you know, it's got a few things here and there but the eye feels amazing. So I texted him. I asked him if we could get a deal done. Do I already know. He is going to flip that thing like right away? Yeah. And you know, he he's like, you know, I don't usually hold cars, you know, blah, blah, blah, but we have a really good relationship and I had to, you know, he can trust 

So we actually worked a deal before before I even went out there, so right when they got off the train, I picked it up. But then now I was like, okay. Now I need to hustle and, you know, sell a bunch of cards, you know, and not it, you know, 60% comps, you know? So that's why I like the whole show. I mean, I was just wheeling and dealing, you know, do a trade here and there, I did really well and trade night. I mean, I sold a lot there. You know, and throw it in the end. I mean, you how it worked out really well, I ended up I'm showing my mantle to Mike Baker and you know, key is you know pretty Blown Away by the great on there too. And ended up, I usually don't submit to my bakery with, you know, like with the gold stickers and everything, what you know with it being at the show and you know, he told me, you know, that he would have it back to me like 20 minutes because I was leaving it was right before the show is ending and it ended up getting that gold sticker to. So for you know for not very much at all. I just think that gold sticker on that card just gives us such even like more 

I feel like I that's why I'm just like super happy with it. Yeah, it's nice. That you literally new like you had a deal done before you even arrived. You know that that always helps, right? It's stressful. When you go and you have a Target in your, you know, you want to trip, obviously, to be fruitful. And and, but you already sort of knew that it is deal was done. I just got to get there, make the transaction and do all that. That once you had that, I mean, was it a matter of just sort of recouping some funds or whether other cars that became sort of the next Target for you for the show? Yeah. I mean, I wanted to recoup, you know, I wanted to recoup some fuzzy be going into it. Those, I have some cards that I just felt, you know, the, for the long run. I just didn't love them, but they were still worth a good chunk. Now obviously it's dipped a lot, but these cards, you know, the higher population counts and stuff. I could still get a good chunk, right? 

Now and I was still, you know, not like in the - from what I got them. So I, you know, I also wanted to move some of these cards and I feel like this card the mantle is one. I'm more of a collector. I like to flip a little bit but I'm more of a collector. Yeah. And this is one, I've always wanted my entire life for one and, you know, I can keep this in the long term and, you know, and if I do ever move it, it'll probably just be to like, move up, you know, maybe get a 21 day or maybe if I could, but I don't think I'll ever Remove it and then not only like another one. Now that's what I always like with tongue. They talk about me. That's your Grail card. I just acquired my Grail card about three months ago which was the Jackie Robinson Leaf rookie. It is such a great feeling, you know, because sometimes you think, man this is not, you know, going to happen maybe or not you know, I'm not going to get where I need to be at it. I mean kudos to you because you you like even before. Like I said you got that you knew it was a done deal. 

But you know, talk about the adrenaline, when you, you know, get it in your hand. Oh yeah. For sure, before I get you on that thigh. Be so I made a list before, like this is before I made the deal of, you know, if I couldn't get into the 52 because that was my goal at last night by Joe and I didn't get one. Yeah. So, you know, the Jackie before Tea Leaf that was on my list. You know, I had I had to 51 Bowman, mantle, 51 bone and Maize and then the Jackie please those were and then obviously As the mantle. But those were the cards that I was like, okay. If I can't get the mantle at least want to get One of these, but I'm pretty picky like, like, you know Chicago, I almost bought one, the mantle psa1. Glad I didn't because I didn't love it, but it was the end of the show. I had already spent like 20 hours on the floor and, you know, it was in my price range, but it was centered it. You know, you had a gash on like his face but it was like the only one and I almost pulled the trigger, but I didn't even love it. So like I'm glad I didn't but I get to that situation. This year. I was like forced to buy one that I didn't love her. Or want because, you know, it's gonna be expensive at any grade of that guard. But yeah. So did you make that deal? Like I said at a time when a dealer you trusted and work with before so they that, you know, eliminated sort of some doubts or worried that what you were getting into. And I don't know my personally but I know of his inventory. It is, as you say, quite the inventory. 

I've heard nothing but great things about 91 - think so his reputation speaks for himself. 

Time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but sports card Nation will be right back after that. 

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Let's go. You are listening to the sports card Nation, forecast. 

And so the show is already everything else becomes sort of of gravy. Yeah well in our cloud and Island. Yeah because I had that card from the beginning, you know, to speak of my do, it's like I always wanted to get it from him because like you said, you know, I trust him. I know it's going to obviously be real and just, I know like I'm not ripped off from him either am but the problem was up with him as he usually has them. But yeah, he 

10:40 PM
Which is, you know, pretty pretty hefty price tag. So he's usually out of my butt. But you know, the one was just, you know, he acquired it. Like I think I got it like an hour after he even acquired it. So like I had the gentle on it. Yeah, he had 10 timings everything in this hobby as well. I'll, I'm not going to, you know, I talked about on the show. But even with my Jackie, I literally purchased it when it was very quickly after it was listed for auction. So, Sometimes timing is so key and whether you get something or you don't look, you know, you went to last year in Chicago Dede feel this one was more attended or less the tendon, which we do. You feel like it was busier last year or this year? I feel like last year. It was like, you know, because we had covid and, you know, there weren't many shows until like, to know, like, I feel like the hype was probably bigger last year, because I think they were both tapped. I mean, I don't know. That's a good. 

It question. I feel like they were both pretty pretty full and I just feel like everybody was so excited for the Chicago 12 because it was like, I don't think he had an optional for like a year or two years and you know, so I don't know, I don't know which one had more. They were both just packed and I mean, I really do, you know which one had more people, you know. The national typically doesn't release attendance figures. They'll just kind of talk in generalities. He's I'll get my own sort of. I'll answer my own question in the sense. I know Friday. I don't know about you but it was hard to get in front of showcases. It was like a basketball game trying to box out and get under the under the who put Saturday. It was weird coming into the show Daniel on Saturday but going into park my car. I mean there was a lot of cars. I said, oh here we go again it's going to be but I really had no trouble on Saturday like what? 

That showcases what it was. I don't know why I don't have an explanation for that, but where I thought Saturday was going to be a repeat, it seemed to be quieter. So maybe I don't know. Perception is reality. That was just how I felt. So I may be a little busy in Chicago, if one was more attended than the others pretty close to be honest with thinking back in Chicago, you know, I got to the show early, you know. Don't know what to expect and I still had to wait in line, you know, to get, you know, my wristband or whatever. And I remember waiting lion Chicago for like 30 minutes or so just to enter the show the in Atlantic City. It was like, you know, you just show them your paper and you get your wristband right away. So that was quick. So one of the one thing that I did like about Atlantic City was there's cabs everywhere, you know, in Chicago, you know, trying to get it Hoover, you know, back from Trey night or whatever leaving the show because my hotel in Chicago. 

It was about a mile away and you know I did walk back one day because the day before it took me like an hour to get an Uber, yeah, it'll antic City. There's like taxis everywhere. So I didn't really have to wait for anything, what's that was kind of cool, but still, I love the Chicago venue. Everything is just right there. You know what a lot cleaner. I felt like, you know, a lot of hotels around trade nights everywhere. So you know, airport is right there though. Looking forward to the Chicago show again. Yeah, you know, I have to admit I like any national but now I'm a little spoiled because I'm here in New York. So many cities drivable, but I don't disagree with anything you said, I can't. So I won't I get it. You know, if what I said is true and that this will be the last Atlantic City National, I'll miss not being able to drive to it, but that's that'll be, that's on the selfish level that's about all, you know, that's about 

All I can say but you know, we'll see the, you know, the national is going to be Under New Management starting in 2024. We can't even see, we may even see other locales come into play. Some might be a little music to your ears. As I've always said, listen, I'm an East Coast guy, but I try to be fair to everybody. I think the West Coast should get one even closer than Chicago, whether that be In. Itself, whether that be Seattle, Phoenix, Arizona, Scottsdale Las Vegas, you know, I'm probably forgetting some city that is probably yelling at me right now listed. Like, hey, don't forget but somewhere, you know, to be fair, right? You should sort of cover the for, you know, time zones. If you will, you got the East Coast Central mountain and West Coast at the almost think. Every time shown should have a national venue. And sure what it would, would it be tougher for me to go from, you know, New York to California? Sure. Just like it was for you to come in Atlantic City, but doesn't mean we can't do it and sometimes we got to do it because it's it's the fair thing to do and you know, I do a lot of people, I know personally from California didn't make this trip because of sort of the logistics and Atlantic City's. Not always the easy City to just go. 

So, you gotta go to Philly and hop a train and it's, you know, it can be daunting and, you know, for people who aren't big Travelers, it can be, you know, probably could be overwhelming or scary as some point to. So I'm all for like, hey, let's let's go around the u.s. with this show. If I can get there, I will. Even if it's a little further, even if it may be cost a little bit, because means I have to save up a little Earlier to complain that plan ahead. So hopefully, we'll see what this new leadership brings. Daniel, that starts in 2024, so like you said the next one for sure. Is in Chicago, and I believe, and this is just speculation. I believe the 2024 one will be Cleveland and we knew and then the new, the new proprietorship will take the reins and we'll see, we'll see what that brings. 

Hopefully good stuff there. 

You were listening to the sports card Nation Podcast. We'll be right back after this break. 

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So MIA, congrats, congrats and the mantle. And so you have a great show, you know, and you get your Grail card and then you do a great great deed and I'm having explained it, but basically, the did the give sort of the background. Many people heard this story, you know, you took a taxi to get to where you needed to go and in that taxi previous writer had left their car. So I'll, you know, You know, obviously you live this So I'll let you take it from there. So go ahead. Yeah. I, you know, I was leaving the show, my final day is pretty beat, got a taxi and I noticed, you know. Yeah, there's a little, just a little cardboard box, you know, on the seat. And, you know, I could just tell it was cards though, you know, that someone left their car. I kind of felt it. I just kind of felt the cards, you know, asked the cab driver, you know. Hey did somebody leave their cards in here? Cab driver was, you know, he was like felt like he was in a hurry. He didn't care, he didn't know. He was, like, I've been driving people all day, I don't know. Like he was just kind of like, well, if that person screwed type of thing so he had no issue with me taking it or anything. You know, some people that were commenting were like a can't believe they let you take them, you know, but you know, if she would be taking them, I got back to my hotel room. I opened up the box like to see what's in there and I mean I was pretty blown away like there was some nice cards in there so it was pretty late. I don't end up. 

Go to bed, whatever next day I posted, you know, in our baseball card group that has I don't know, 50 or 100 thousand followers or whatever and you know, and it kind of went viral like right away. You know, posting I found these cars, let's find the owner type of thing. And you know, so many people in the community reached out, you know, I was getting messages from other people or like, hey, you know, so-and-so posted. He lost guards. Sent him a DM type of thing. So I did damn a few people asking if they can. Let me know. You know what cards they lost? Unfortunately, we're all different than the ones that I got. But it was when a PSD no, PSA prep, then contacted me out five hours, six hours later and he DM me and he was like, Hey, you know, can you send me some of the surf numbers, you know, maybe we could, maybe we can figure this out so it's okay. Yeah, sure. You know, when I get home let me take a look. So I mean there had to have been a hundred 100 cards and they're easy and probably 50 Raw. 

Slabs. I'd say, and I was kind of looking to see if there were any like, in like, numerical order to try to, you know, maybe he created himself type of things. There's a lot of cards that were the same. So I did find a couple, like it batches where they were like right after each other. So I sent him probably 10 and, you know, five or right after each other, and then another fiber right after each other. So, you know, he was like, thank you very much. We'll get back to you tomorrow, you know, that type of thing. So the next day and he was like, I think, We have a really good lead on, you know, who this could be. And, you know, I just had this person an email and, you know, I'll keep you posted. I was like great. Yeah, 20 minutes later he's like I found it. His name is blah, blah blah. And here's his phone number. I was like, wow you know, that's crazy. So I called him on the phone and I mean he just was blown away. Can't believe it's super happy appreciative just really couldn't even believe. 

10:52 PM
Kiss them away. And yeah, it was pretty. It was pretty cool that. I mean, I think it got like four thousand shares or something. Somebody tweet, I retweeted it, you know. Obviously when something like that and good on you for doing the right thing. And but when you see that, right, you put yourself in a person's place and, you know, if a retweet can make the difference, maybe one, for the right person, sees it I got to ask you did anyone try to claim them as there's that it wasn't you get any immediately under strip attempts to not really I mean maybe one guy jokingly though was like you know hey I'm pretty sure those are mine. You know, the time he said something about Tom Brady or something, you know? But for the most part that, no, I mean everybody, I felt like was like really like trying to help and we really just, you know, I would have obviously never been able to do it by myself, whoever contacted that 

The guy thinks somebody in our group was friends with him and you know, they attacked his name and then when he reached out to Miami without him, it would have been tough. I was doing here because for me to even try to contact PSA. I mean you know how hard that is? Even though I live alone, them you send them an email and, you know, you might get her back in a week or two and it just would have been a nightmare. So with that guy, really helping out direct, you know, we kind of became friends to like we've talked a few times now and he was a really cool guy. That's a good connection that I have now to just. Yeah big you know PSA a guy that I could just contact directly is like amazing. So yeah, pretty cool. You know what had he posted anything on his own that hey I lost my cards. Now you see thee that he made any attempts to try to find out where his cards were you just kind of chalk it up to. There were God. Yeah, he would talk to her on the phone, you know, he's like, you know, I didn't reach out to social media or anything. He's 

Because for one, you know, I he's like I haven't even have much time. He's like, you know, like he drove I don't know how far of a drive he was from the national but he lives in New Jersey, but I think he was still a little little ways away. He's like, you know, I didn't get home till super late. I had work in the morning at like 6:00 in the morning. You know, he's like unpacking the car. I'm like, where are my cards? But I immediately went to bed, he's like, you know sleeping, I'm just like thinking about in my head, like where are they type of thing, but he's like, I woke up late to work. And then, you know, he called me, I called him when he was even at work too. So he's like, I didn't even have time to even post anything or think about anything. He's like I just figured they were gone. Yeah, crazy. He's lucky. You were the next guy in the cab to someone else? Maybe not so fortunate and maybe DC and his cards listed on eBay. Unfortunately you know yet you have a guy do you know I know we spoke before we went live. 

We're taping you know, people say well you know Daniel did what he was supposed to do. Well that might be the case, right? The right thing, but still a good percentage, you know, whatever percentage you want to say, may not have done what you did. And so the fact that you did are on it, I wanted to highlight it was he was he surprised, you know, that that you had posted. Hey, who's cards are these? Let's get these boys. He pretty shocked by that hole. Nothing. Yeah, definitely. I mean he's texted me so many times now. Just randomly like still can't believe you did that. I'm so blown away, thank you so much. Like if this guy could have been you know more appreciative and yeah he's like oh sometimes we got I still can't believe you did what you did, you know. And but yeah, I mean yeah I I'm just so happy that it went to a guy like him though. He's really cool. Like I was saying earlier that hopefully he goes to Chicago. 

Like to meet him, you know, the show next year and he sounds like he's a pretty big collector to like we were talking, you know, we've been talking, you know, few times now on the phone and texting and I showed him my mantle, you know, and he loved it and very knowledgeable and, you know, that's on his this type of thing. So he sounds like he's been in the hobby for quite a while and he's just a good, you know, true collector. So I was glad, you know, went to someone like him. Well, I mean, what a great show Show. Daniel, you get your man off. You you run into these guys, you said you figured about you know what about they were about ten thousand dollars worth and it really doesn't matter 5,000 2010. You know the fact that it belongs to someone else and yeah you put in the effort to get them back into the rightful owners hands. I mean the good way to start the show right? Boom. Right off the bat it will me get the man oh and you go out with a bang to and getting someone. Definitely cards. They would really feel terribly. Not that get to ever seen again. You know good things I always say on this show, good things happen to good people. I think you're good people and you had something good happening. You did something good for someone else. That's probably a good person as well and I'm a Karma guy. I that stuff, what goes around comes around and you know, this was a great story, a lot of time. 

You hear stories like this in the endings different. If you if you will you know, your the cards they're never seen again other than maybe the even surface you like years later on an auction or just sold in that sort of a in store, D on the QT and the person never gets the cards you can. But that wasn't the case here. So kudos to you, like you're not just doing the right thing, but putting in the effort, And I'm sure you have a story, you got a story, you'll never forget, you got a connection. Now without gentleman from from New Jersey. Like you said, if you know you might meet up in Chicago and you, you know, you never know where friend friendships can form from, you know, to be from working in the same place just from the hobby from a form but and in this case, from getting cards back to the rightful owner and 

The medium and tell you truth, if you do, I love to even do like an on-site interview next year in Chicago, with both the and kind of like just wrap wrap up the story and kind of get a little bit of his perspective as well. That'd be cool. Yeah, that'd be really cool. Well, Daniel again, thanks. Thanks for for, for being who you are doing the right thing. Congrats, congrats on the mantle and hopefully I like to get To meet you, obviously, myself, don't shout out, go shake your hand as well. Thanks for giving the show a little bit of time and sharing sharing a little bit of that back store with those details and all that. Thank you you for reaching out, you know and have me on your show. Yeah, appreciate it. A lot of under welcome talking with you. Take care. Alright, see you later. 

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That's a wrap for this week's episode of sports card Nation. Thank you out there who listen and download the show and make us what we are today. Thanks to my guest Daniel cause and in more ways than one right coming on the show giving us a little time and sharing those that great story, you know, of this purchase at the national and then doing the right thing when he found those cards in the taxicab and I think there's a lesson in there right before all the negative. Stories, we hear that. I know they exist we have to talk about them on this show. There's, you know, for every bad story. There's five to ten good ones, much like Daniels doing the right thing and getting those cards back into the right-field rightful owners hands and lets you know, let's call, you know, let's keep it real. We could have probably kept those cards and not gotten in trouble, but that's not, you know, the person he is, and Did the right thing and it's nice to know, you know, God forbid, anyone of us, right. Leave our cards, whether it be on a dealer's table and a nuber or cab that there might be someone behind us that we do the right thing and we might be able to get, you know I'm precious cards back. Some of these costs, a lot of money and it's be scared to think that in the blink of an eye they can be gone right through no fault of anyone. 

The house but, you know, we just leave him somewhere but it's nice to know. There are people out there to do the right thing like in this case today, so good note to end on their want to wish everyone. Well, if you were one of the folks like me who got covid from the national or just got covid anywhere, I hope you're doing well and recovering and, you know, we'll see you next week on Sports coordination. Say good night came. Hey.