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Aug. 19, 2022

Ep.193 Zach & Porter Byrne

Ep.193 Zach & Porter Byrne

Father & Son Zach & Porter Byrne passion for the hobby is infectious..the good kind. They enjoy the hobby together, enjoy interacting with the community. Porter is wise beyond his 9 y/o age. They launched their own YouTube channel to share their...

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Father & Son Zach & Porter Byrne passion for the hobby is infectious..the good kind. They enjoy the hobby together, enjoy interacting with the community. Porter is wise beyond his 9 y/o age. They launched their own YouTube channel to share their enthusiasm.

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10:07 PM
What is up, everybody? Episode 193 glad to be back for another week of Sportster Nation. Glad to be feeling more myself. I actually feel 100% again after my house, battled covid, and happy to report that my whole house is covered free. And we are getting back to feeling like our normal selves. I put in my last week of extended summer school. Great book, group of kids had fun with that group and happy to be back here for this. Episode of sports Carnation, father and son, Zach and Porter burn, are my guests for the show. Great guys, gotten to know him, you know, online and just great. You know, the two words, right? The to a words, ambassadors and Advocates of the havin, they're havin fun collecting the guys, they love the sharing that hobby love. They started their own YouTube channel up recently and Porter's. 

Nine years old and another young person wise employs be beyond their years does a great job him and his dad and they love the hobby that that passion shines through and finally glad to have one to show today. I think you'll you'll find the the conversation fun and interesting and had a great time chopping it up with those two guys. So Without further Ado, let's get this party started. It's time to stop the show. Let's go. 

Time for a hobby is the people answer. 

This is card. Killer, remember the hobby is the people. If you'd like to be the hobbyist of people announcer of the week to have wires or MP3 file and send it to sports coordination PC at gmail.com, 

All right, man. I'm excited to have my next, two, guests on his sports card, shop and Moco guest line. I've gotten to know them in the Twitter World, father, and son, Zach and Porter bird, welcome to sports Carnation. John, thank you for for having us. I've been a fan for a while now and yeah, this is this is excited. We've been listening for a while and full disclosure. I did not pay them to say that that's of their own fruition, but all joking aside. Thanks guys, and glad that glad to have you here and get the talk with you directly. And I mean, I'll start with dad with Zack, you know, kind of your hobby history, you know where it started is it is it the typical story where you you know you collected cards when you're younger you go away and then you kind of come back? Yeah. So Full disclosure is Porter old. They'll tell you even if I, if I say don't, because he always says I'm Jackie, Robinson's numbers age. I'm 42. And like most young men around, you know, I was probably 12 13. I got out of the hobby. So around, 93 94, I exited a little bit of the strike a little bit of, you know, High School fun. But I kept my car, they're always at my parents house and once in a while you'd buy a Beckett, right? Just to see how much did 

Cards really go down and ask you because they're all, they're all Quacks. And so, it was during the lockdown. My parents room downside is many, many of our parents do. And so, I brought our my car's to, to our house in order, and I just started going through and organizing them. And, and he had already down a little bit. Well, you'll be able to tell your story, but it wasn't till Porter had been collecting about a year or so that I even, I told my wife, I said, you know, I didn't realize that this was the most fun. One, I had, as a kid was collecting these cards. I know why I stopped. But, you know, I think, I think I'm a start, you know, buying some again, and it was funny because as the porter had to realize some of the cards everything that showed up weren't exactly for him, and that was the one thing of mom was worried about was that, if it's up that showed up, is he just going to think? Oh, these are my mind. So, we've actually put a nice budget in place that we shared and we hobby together and I focus on a lot of the 

Wax Stars, the, you know, Frank Thomas, Carlton, Fisk, or my guys 85 Bears, and it's been fun to teach him the history of the game to not just from that era, but even going all the way back. So I was one of those guys. Both Thompson talks about it, that came back during covid. But I'm here to stay. A lot of people came in and left, because I think we hobby the right way. We do it for fun, loving the cards. And so that's, that's sort of my background my story about you. So really, why Why I started ha being and getting into the hobby is because I was watching NFL football since 2018 and I'm hyped up about the new season and the first game I ever watched and this is going to be in a future video, the Hall of Fame game between the fairs in the ribbons. In 2018, I've watched that those highlights on YouTube a lot and so that's kind of what got me into the Hobby and then Dad went to 

Punched our group sound Trading Co one day in 2019 and he was kidding, some Penny sleeves and top loaders for the cards. He brought home and so he also bought me two packs of 2019 score football and I got three bears who were bears at the time and we realized none of them are wearing the pair's wandering anymore. So it was Danny terrifically oh Mac and Mitchell trivia ski. So three of those eight. Cards. Because 2019 score has 40 cards for fact. Three of those 80 cards, my first ad cards ever. Well, three of them or bears and that kind of, that's what really started to get me in the Hobby and I have been in for like, I would say, three years now. Yeah. Yeah. It's you also in, for those parents out there that want to know with the cost of collecting as it is today or can be Kids. We got you started to on a 20-round 1991 down, rest box. I thought, well, I'm going to see if this actually takes, we were at Half Price Books, they had it and so I still had some anyone down there. So let's put the set together and Porter loves math and the organizational aspect of collecting and it just it took off PE. Really liked just, you know, the organization, the, you know, the trading finding cards for other people. And yeah. So we graduated into the 

The YouTube content and hobby Twitter channels, and the rest is history as they say. Well, it's finally here and you mentioned the Bears one of those Bears you mentioned. I'm a Steeler guy. One of those Bears is we're holding our hopes for hanging, our hopes on his arm. And that's Mitch true Biscay, which I actually like him, I like beside me. I like what, you know, what they got them aside for and I think he's sort of gotten a bad rap guys. Now, I know you've Probably seen a more up close and personal than me, but I'm a huge football fan. I've always thought like he's got a winning record in Chicago and a lot of people point to Matt. Nagy is not being very good for Mitch to Biscay and last year he got to just check out and I'm probably learn a few things there. So I'm I'm holding out some hope that you know he's an NFL quarterback and I know we drafted Kenny ticket. 

I don't think he's quite ready yet. So, I'm looking forward to seeing Mitch where the black and gold and see what he can do when I think, you know, it's crazy. It sounds almost less pressure. I think, you know, it's getting drafted, but they trade it up. You got picked the head of Patrick Mahomes. I think he came in with a lot of pressure from, from the start. And, you know, even when his just go to your job on the line, which didn't work out for you either. Player or the coach. I think he is crazy as it sounds. He's kind of coming to Pittsburgh contracts, not like a huge one. It's some kind of proved me contract, I think he's he's coming in and even went a little bit less pressure, you know. And so we'll see I'm home. Now, I'm holding out some hope, there is any thoughts, you got to watch him or see him a little more up close and personal. It's funny that you say that because the Steelers are actually our second favorite team. Yeah. 

Yeah I thought I thought I remember hearing that. Yeah that's what I'll say Mitch as an athlete you did all I should say as a player, he did all the right things. He did the right things in the locker room he did the right things in the media, I was always a little bit of a shared blame between mention and Nagy. The more you learn about things that you build peel. Back the onion. I think Mitch is, He's Got Talent. He wasn't, it was not, he should have been a first Just not first overall pick, but probably not a first-round draft pick. And as I told Porter, if he can't be successful in Pittsburgh with, with that organization, you may not be successful everywhere. So I hope I mean we he still PCS match. Yeah, we like them. And so I we like Justin Fields but yeah. Well we'll be cheering for him all season, we will. Yep. And and you know, like you said he definitely should have been traded up for pick that, you know, and that was it. 

Anybody like it's but I had a patch of my homes. That's sort of the litmus test. That's who they're going to keep comparing you. And, you know, every graphic that comes on whenever true Biscay was playing, every graphic comes up. They put my home stats and then trip bisque, he's up because of where they were selected in the draft. So he's never going to fully, you know, live that down. But I thinking, you know, and it's not really his fault, right, you know what I mean? They didn't make the pick of himself. No, no. I think He's coming into Pittsburgh, like he said, I think maybe with the right support staff, a little bit less pressure that, you know, a little less expectations. Like he's are sort of the manage the game, he's got a little bit more weapons, have receiver in Pittsburgh, then he did with the bear so I will see how it plays out, but I like deciding when they made it. And you know so what I'm going in there Mystic like you said everything. I read about them is a good locker room. Guy doesn't rub people the wrong way or do things the wrong way. So that's always a good start. So I'm coming in open-minded where you know, maybe maybe starts for two years if he if he plays well and pick it learns and we'll see, right? We never know you never know going to step away for a real quick break but we'll be right back with more with s Porter. 

10:19 PM
Are you in those Sports? Returning to the Hobby. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy hobby Community to hang out with and enjoy collecting Midwest box, springs has been bringing collectors together for many years with a portable, bring helpful thread and a Discord group packed with generous, people who genuinely care about the Hobby and other collectors. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com, our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. Also find us on Twitter at Midwest Boxford. Hey folks. John here just The remind you use the discount code M bb10 for 10% off. Your first order at Midwest box. Breaks.com Welcome back here Zach and Porter. Will you put heard what who's like, do you do you like the stars of yesteryear? And currently, what guys, do you are fond of or PC? Or collect? I like a lot of like, you older, guys. So same as dead. Frank Thomas, go, Jackson. Robin Ventura well, not really much him, but Carlton, Fisk, and of course, Jackie Robinson. And Taken a liking also to the older daughter. So like Pee Wee Reese, Roy Campanella Duke, Snider and all those guys. And one thing we like about it, too, is when we were growing up. They didn't make as many of the older players on new cards and so that's been a lot of fun as we target dime boxes and quarter boxes, because you get just as excited as finding a, you know, Honus Wagner as as you would have to tease. Yeah, you like those guys to its current White Sox, but who else do you like this out there? Well, Well, I like any any Bears players from from like the the time Doug performers playing to present, I'll take any I'll take any bear that's handed out. So say like we're at a show and one guy goes like, hey, do you need this? I could trade this for one of your cards and I would say sure, and I would trade that card and one other guy I like and 

He actually has a documentary, Jim Abbott. I fell in love with his inspirational story and we just watched, I don't know if you've seen this documentary but it's on Prime Video Amazon Prime video It's called way. And this just watch me. He was, he was born with no hands and no feet and he still plays baseball, which is crazy. It's unheard of. And in my peer, you just threw out the first pitch for the Giants. Yeah, he's throwing on first pitches for the It's Astros Yankees, Padres we found that because I was looking for a tops now car to see if maybe they did that for how much, he loves Jim Abbott and I'm sure it'll be a first pitch car but it's a, it's a cool story. Yeah, well Porter, you know, most my heart to hear you talk about, you know, those old Dodgers, someone your raged at know, even those those names, even the sale it and, you know, cares about the past history of sports and wants to learn. 

More and you're inspired by folks that are obviously inspirational. Jim Abbott is an inspiration, a great a great player and an inspiration, Jackie Robinson is that guy for me and I know you mentioned him as well and to hear a nine year old young man kind of to say those names and say why that they're, you know, they appreciate those folks or collect those folks. It's your kind of an old Oh, it's it. You're nine years old, but you're sort of wise beyond your years and I love seeing that and you know, that's the one thing we had in common, even when I was younger, I cared about the history of sports, even not just the guys, I knew that were still playing maybe when I was 9. But the guys that came before those guys a little bit of me, you're definitely more. Poison articulate that I was at 19 years old, I will give you even more credit then. We're going to talk a little bit about that here coming up. But so yeah, hearing you talk like about those guys Porter, you know, I appreciate that. And kudos to you. Zach for, you know, my grandfather was like that with me, my dad, that told me those stories and allowed me to, you know, know about those Guys and share, share that stuff. So I take it, you know, at parenting plays a big role in that as well. So I want to give you props there as well. So you know, we talked about you kind of mentioned it. Zach. And you know, the Hobbies not necessarily a cheap place, especially when you're nine years old, it's not cheap for an adult who works, right? So that's always my big fear. I'm a big kids in the hobby guy. I started when I was nine years old, I should say started when I was seven years old in 1979 packs were a quarter, right? And those days are in the rearview mirror, you know, you mentioned you know some things with bargain boxes is a great way to still be involved in Hobby but talk about ways to stay in the hobby where you don't have to break the bank and I near old Border. Can still enjoy it. Well, I think the best resource we found and use is a lot of 

Treats through the mail Trading Card database. I don't think one. Well, kind of go back to the organizational part. That's really what kind of got. Yeah. And I hooked again. Yeah, he's being able to go through and not only upload all my old cards but see all these really cool cards that I missed when I was growing up and then for an architect. But then if the site and I don't know how familiar you are with the job, but you know, you upload your collection and then you find other people that want this. Stuff. You don't need and vice versa and what's a treasure to you or border is maybe just sit and Gathering dust in somebody else's, you know, 5,000 count box, and then vice versa and what what he's really like to, and even not just with the trades but finding cards that he knows, other Traders will like, you know, we're at a show in Oak creek. And you know, he's always pulling Cubs out for both of or or things like that. So you know, from a budget standpoint, you know, 

Get yourself a couple of, you know, plain white envelopes and stamps, and you can trade up to 10 to 20 cards in a letter and then I would say our other big thing or Diamond quarter boxes. Yeah, I finally got him in the sounds bad. I finally got him to understand, you can take your, you know, ten bucks that you take to a card show and get a ton of cards out of a deck, any quarter box, you want or buy a pack and then maybe get none of the cards you want. So everything's fun but He's starting to as he is old money, you know, to figure out. Okay, what do I want to spend this birthday money on diamond quarters? Or do I want to go on a rip? Sometimes Rick wins as we all know. But that's, that's been a ton of fun. What do you, what do you think is the best way to kind of stretch your allowance budget? Well, the best way I think is Diamond quarter boxes. Now, speaking of birthday money, I bought five boxes from my local bookstore, 3 of 3 into 5 or football the other two. 

Graceful from my local bookstore and it was basically like none of the cards I want a job. I've got to learn my lesson. I'm thinking a curse. Oh, II don't want to buy a pack? I just want to get all the cards. I want four, dimes and quarters, and fifty cents, and one additional thing. When he first got into the hobby, I could run to the Target and get a 20-19 pack of school. Yeah. Well, when we really start, To collect, you couldn't find any wax figure out ways to look and find cards of, you know, Eloy Amanda's or, you know, I'm kind of wiped out that he likes. That's where Trading Card database. Just just came in and trading with other people that we met on Twitter or the YouTube community. And to me, that's probably the coolest part of returning to the Hobby. Is just the generosity and the community because of all the different ways to communicate online like this. And 

We're talking before we recording about the, you know, sometimes that isolation. It felt like as a kid. You may be the only one that you knew the collective. And so the more you can expand your community the more the hobby becomes enjoyable and no doubt when you know people said me you know some modern-day Jackie's that they think I may be missing and it's nice that people do that. If I have them, what I do is I just pay it forward to other people. I know who collect. Nice, that people. Look out or think of others like that. And that's the, that's the great thing. I don't have the time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but sports card Nation will be right back after their hats. Introducing the only Auction House dedicated exclusively to the cards of the 1990s. Josh Adams, and John Linden of created, an auction company solely for the rare scarce and hard to find in certain parallels as in 1991 be back. Basketball, baseball football or hockey 100 and 120 watts. So your cards won't get lost in the shuffle. Founded on the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity 90s option was created by collectors for selecting the register of consigned today at nineties auctions.com. That's 900 less options that. 

Listening to the sports card Nation, Podcast ordered you know those those bargain boxes you know you can use them to your advantage right. So yeah we'll get in that corner box and you'll find some even if you maybe it's someone you don't really like but you know someone else is and it's a three dollar card it's gonna cost you a quarter but then you can trade it to Them for two or three dollars worth of someone you like. So even if it's not someone right up your alley, you could be strategic with those purchases. Exactly. And that's what we do for basically. Well, every card shall we go, we go to, we do that because we just went to Oak Creek the other day and we get we got like ten cards for both 10 cards for Diego and it It's just a lot of, a lot of stuff like, 20 cards for other people that are not like in our immediate state, but will fall voters in Wisconsin as well, but not like in our general vicinity of like 25, 30 miles one, it is a dad and it really warms my heart. One eat. He does this but I think Mom does too because you know, like any 

Spouse or mom made, they may not always get the hobby. You know, it's so that's fine. But when she's seen how, you know, Porter enjoys giving just as much as he enjoys getting at 9, that that's important. And quite frankly, I think we talked a little bit about this and you mentioned, you know, kids getting into the hobby when they see a kid like Porter or they see younger kids that aren't just about the pelican 

10:31 PM
Case and you know, walking around. Trying to flip them to make money. It's, you know, I think dealers and Traders they understand that and that's why people have been. I think credibly generous to Porter to help him build his PC because they know, you know, it's for a collecting and and hopefully more kids can continue to have those kind of, I guess examples because yeah, I think what you see in a car chose sometimes, there are tons of kids out there collecting. And, and I think, when you, You when during covid, you saw the guys or gals lined up at Target, that's what people were thinking. It's like, no, this Hobbies. It's great for people of all ages and there's so much out there and different ways to hobby. You just got to do what you like. Yeah, no doubt. And I'll say this. There's no fun or thing in the hobby. That opening a pack of cards. I get it. Believe me. I've done plenty of it over many years, but I've learned that, you know, Porter that as much fun as it sometimes. For what it 

Due to open a box or even a few packs of something. And then you went all the Smoke Clears and the dust settles and you realize like what you actually got and what you could have like directly bought. I've learned to to open last wax you know, by trial and error. So if you can hone that skill, I think your collection will be all the more better, but listen, I get it. It's the funnest thing to do in the hobby. Yeah, it's easy to say, A otherwise it's probably not telling the truth. So you just end and you just sort of gotta pace yourself and not overdo it because that's where you can get in trouble. And I've talked about on this show and there was a one at one point in my life. I had a probably a ten thousand dollar wax bill from from opening product on a credit card which I'm happy to say doesn't exist any longer but that's 

That's how I learned like the payoff, was it, you know, the risk wasn't worth the reward as much fun as it was. And so I've learned to open less and it's not wrong with open and less than just buying. What you want acquiring, what you want or acquiring cards for other people, like, you guys mentioned and then trading for stuff you want. That's even that's probably is almost as much fun. As you know, ripping up, ripping, open up. Peck. So he loves watching the videos of other content creators that we send stuff to. He even if you liked watching those videos, just as much as sometimes, you know, checking out one that we recorded if he'll asshole did. So and so did they, did they get our mail yet? They open up isolating, post anything yet because that's there's just some gratifying about hearing somebody's voice and excitement when they're you're getting them something that they you know that they like yeah well you're very kiddo you're generous and yet and you like seeing people have 

And that's again a testament to you and good to see it. I got to ask, you know, you talked about shows, have you been to a national yet? No, not yet. No, I next year which is is a drivable show in Chicago and Bowl, 1 Million Cups. Has he sent me a text of Lugo day goes? I know it's early. I want to put this on your radar, you reporters, you really go at least a one day, you know, down to the to the National and, you know, They got tons of bargain boxes, but for me and Porter was the same way when he did his first show. It's getting to meet folks like you and all the other people. I mean that's that's worth the price of admission there. And so it's drive, like I would see it's a very healthy chance that we go to the National, when it's in Chicago Rosemont. Yeah, that's that's kind of where I was going. I knew you were closer to it than that. I am. And I do plan on going, you know, if you love card shows this 

The I've coined at the Super Bowl of the hobby, you know, if you can get there, even for two days, it's just that big. The more time you can spend there and kind of cover everything, like you said, Zach, you're going to meet people and chat with people. Then there's tons, there's more bargain boxes, then you can even go through. I mean, there's this Singles Club is there where every cards the dollar and you never know what you're fine. It's dr. Beckett's favorite, hot, And many others. I like. He's just there a little bit longer than that I have, but, you know, a great opportunity to pick up some cards on the cheap and if it's drivable, definitely like like both said, you got to get there. If not for one day, even two or three if possible but and and again I would love to meet you guys in person. If you do go you guys are great ambassadors, you know, I used it the two-way words. It's on the show a lot, right? Ambassadors and Advocates of the hobby, you guys really personify that you do things, the right way you lead, by example. And, you know, and, you know, I appreciate that more to say, you know, Kudos again to you their time for a quick break, but we'll be right back. 

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Now you guys started your own YouTube channel and we share some of your mail days and talk and you both are awesome and Porter. You're nine years old, I'm watching you. I remember the first time I watched this and I actually thought I thought you were older than night because of how poised and just cool calm and Collective, you were doing the video and I just think you know going back to Probably a good thing. I wouldn't have been doing much of it because I was very shy, but you know, you're not shy Porter. You again, you're cool, calm Collective. You're sort of like a natural Adit. How are you so good at it? You know, so soon. Well, I think it's because I've been I've basically been on like video chatting, and like, zoom and other Hobby live chats like Like basic basically all my life because well not well your goal you're collecting life. Yeah. Let's say that. Oh my God, I see your wife. So that's that's kind of what it has given me. The opportunity to like get more. Like I don't know how to say this but like get more good at like if I'm on like a live chat that which we just were to get more better like singing. I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give 

You word because I can't teach you much because you're so good. Polish used to work polished your I'm so polished you ever heard that before? No, not really good. Usability is a very polished announcer. He's just smooth. Like he could read the phone book and people, listen speaking to him he's from Syracuse. I don't know if you knew that. I didn't know that. I didn't know Jason benetti. Right? Yeah. Yeah, he did. He did. What's now the Syracuse Mets had to time. When at the time when he was here, they were called the Syracuse Chiefs and they were the Nationals farm team. Now obviously the Mets but he was the, he was the play-by-play man for Syracuse AAA. So we're very in Syracuse when we hear benetti, we and I've met him. He's really down Earth, great guy and so hearing you say that 

I had actually forgotten for that is good. He was there. So you got a good one and he's, we talk about passionate. He's a guy that you know, you can always tell announcers who love what they do get to do. And he definitely does even in meeting them and talking with. I could always tell like I didn't know, you know, I had no idea he was going to be on the debt that make things he was out of ESPN, you know, he was our local guy. Why everybody was so good. He didn't stay local for too long. He got like players, right? Gets the call up to the big leagues and and he, you know, someone else gets to enjoy them and so you gotta, they got a good one buddy. I always give them. Always hype them up from being the Syracuse first. So, there you go. Go, go, go ahead and we won't keep them too long. You just signed a new deal with fox now? Yeah. Great for doing college game. So back to affect your question, I think one thing that helps you is that, you know, you you like announcers? Yeah, I do beseech. You watch a lot of highlights and so because you've got passion for the carts were showing. I think it may be easier. Yeah. And I'm sorry that I'm saying this. Have you heard of the news about Vin Scully yet? Yeah. Unfortunately I have you know it's unfortunate is passing you know great. You know, talking about great announces, probably arguably one of the best you know, in the Dodger family as well and I guess we you know we got to think about all the good things and we were blessed to have in baseball for as long as we we have and it's going to be messed up. Probably never be, you know, another like him though, those announcers Porter and Zack from that time period, they don't make them Like that. I think you know we talked about Jason benetti maybe he you know he's along those lines but it's a different era even in the you know we talked about play years being different today than yesterday I think announces say the same thing with an out for so I don't think they'll be another Vin Scully and you know baseball and and fans of the game are going to gonna miss him, but we got think of, you know, all the great memories and calls. 

10:43 PM
Cause that email. He was a great Ambassador for the game to you talk about ambassadors. He was just he was the best. So that's what we were just talking about that today because my my dad Porter's Grandpa article and it's part of a to be like, see I cut it out the newspaper. And fact, the first thing that Grandpa said was well this porno been scully's and like yeah, he was a good Scully and and the actually had his top five calls On the newspaper. So there was like Larsen's, perfect game koufax's. Perfect game, Kirk Gibson's walk-off, Homer Buckner's error and I forget the other one but it was still a good goal. You have to think about all those plays, right? Some of the most famous plays and events in baseball history. Yeah he got to be got to be involved in them in some capacity now that there's announcers that will called games their whole career and be lucky to have 

One play of significance to that level, let alone the five you just take. Those are just the top five. He has many more we go in the top 10 or 20 you know he's had some great teams, he got the cover and and days a legend and and again here's you know you're nine years old and yet you respect to history to game and know it and I mean that's just awesome the here for during that don't change, right? Keep, keep that tradition. In going and you know teach other kids teach other kids to learn a little bit more about the past. I think that's something. I think sometimes lacks with, you know, the younger generation is there. The only worry about the here and now, they're not wrong with that. I'm not saying they're bad for they are, but it's always refreshing to see a younger person, such as yourself border, that that cares enough to learn about what's happened. Already it and years passed and care about it and can talk about it, not just less are reading that, but can talk about it because you learned about it and not just reading it one time, you know, so good on you, you were listening to the sports card Nation Podcast. We'll be right back after this break. Okay, everybody have you heard about collectible, it's the one stop shop, where any collector can buy and trade affordable shears. In some of the most Most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world, starting from just five dollars from 1950 to Mickey Mantle. PSA tens in Wilt Chamberlain's, iconic rookie uniform to one of one Patrick Mahomes rpas rare, LeBron James low, bone mass and everything in between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen access and opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own. 

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Guys, you mentioned, you know, the cabbie Community is what's your favorite part of the hobby? What is something one of the first things, when you think about the fun of the hobby, for each of your, what it is, even if it's the same answer, but what's the best part of the house? Before you guys really? You can go first, I want to go last, okay? I mean for me, the biggest difference from the first time I was collecting system, now, it is just the people. I know, I know that. 

The tagline of the show around but it's true. You know, the people that I thought oh you know I'm learning about the Hobby and watching some of his YouTube content. I'm listening to the podcast. I've not met anybody that's been someone you couldn't approach to ask the question. People have you know, they're not they're not out there to scam you write. Hey, how do I, how do I do this? How do I look up? You know a card or you know can you tell me how to send a trade through the mail? I mean there have been countless people that Not just are so willing to help. And you know, you look at just such a strong Community when I've seen on Twitter or someone as a family illness or something people really rally around and that to me is huge because for the most part, when I see, you know, you talked about the national others that made the first time somebody meet somebody and they've had a really strong bond of friendship for years and and that's really, really cool. I mean that to me 

Has been the biggest. The biggest like that I have and also the way that they've embraced a young collector, like like pork so my favorite part of the hobby is when you go when you are organizing, the just the serenity of it because you just sit down, look at a box, look at your cards, organize them. And that that's that's basically my favorite part of the hobby one. Because I love like pee. Darkness and so um there's one at our local library that has like a fountain and a little bench and to I love organizing stuff it's just so fun that we get to do that together. And my, my least favorite part is organizing all these very real in my questions for you, but that no go. So go ahead, your least favorite part. My least favorite part of the hobby. Is organizing all the variations and we have to go through like all of our 1990 dog Rose in the 1980s. He's talking about the joke wax like the Inc.'s two notes doubled, the books. Is this the crazy thing when I was younger I could I could pick those things out from a mile away. I'm scared to admit this, it's getting very difficult for these old eyes that like, yeah, my glasses on. We just, we've learned that since we got back in the feast, Be bad. And what's your least? I got to use these border those listening on audio? Well, I got to use these magnifiers nice to see half of the things you're seeing, what your normal eyesight, your that I got the ready to go yet. Yeah, so that's that's what you have to, you know, take your time. But that's what you got to look look forward to many years from now and I can hopefully, but but and I agree it's that some of these numbers are Mall when you're trying to put cards in order and even reading like, you know, how tops puts the different variation number. So you can tell, if you have something is, sometimes. I really can't see him. And I had to use that. That magnification. But, you know, going back to what you said, positive, both grunt both great answers. Right? That get you. You mentioned Community, you know? Again the tag line in the show to have these two people and 

You mentioned something that was great to Porter for especially hearing that from a nine-year-old. Right? The Hobbies your fun, your outlet, sort of your down, time away from sort of, that everyday mundane, kind of stuff, and you mentioned sort of, it's your, your quiet Serene. Happy sort of place where you can you don't, you don't need necessarily your friend. You can do it on your own and be by yourself and collect your thoughts and You know, go at your own pace with. I've never heard someone's such as so young referred to that. And so, again, that just, I think you're wise beyond your years and, you know, going back to the announcing I meant to ask you this one without, is that something, maybe when you're older, you know, Porters at something. You look in maybe to do as a profession. Yes. And I've also had a lot of, like, I want to be when I grow up so the deer. So like pediatrician artist math, teacher construction worker. It's kind of going like back and forth since I was 3 and it now it's kind of stuck on announcer and artists because I love art and one of my couple of my pictures are actually hanging up over here and and why I like announcing is I do it basically every day because I have a mean A soccer ball down here in our basement. And I play with it sometimes and in and it's always the Chicago Fire versus the Seattle Sounders. I'm playing it and the the scores like always 15 and nothing fire win. Because, of course, the summers are my second favorite soccer team. Although I don't really you just I'm not into soccer, but I like the Chicago Fire in Seattle Sounders. Those are my two favorites. So, so John, we were at some family last couple days and I went to school for radio TV broadcasting. I want I was the kid that when he was playing Super Tech Mobile by brothers and sisters and my parents were like who's he talking to? Because I would do the analysis and my siblings and parents are this is your this is your son. However, at I spent six years broadcasting and I did get out of that industry. Thankfully, you know, just because of the 

Fact that it's it, it's changed a lot but now with podcast and stuff like this, there are other outlets for creativity instead of working for you know, Clear Channel or cumulus or you know, the big conglomerate. So, so yes, I get a look. There's a little bit of a gray hair that pops up when I hear. I want to be an ulcer because I went through all that my parents, thankfully, they let me do it and try it. Yeah, I would hate to be now my age and never have done it but you got a few entries for drinks. You look good. You do have. Yeah, well that's nice. Dad to hear you, you know, I'm a dad, you know, let your son know hey whatever you want to do if you work hard and that's what you want to do you can you can potentially do it and you know your knife or you can change your mind. I know you said you've c