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Sept. 9, 2022

Ep.196 w/ Mike O

Ep.196 w/ Mike O

Mike O is a content creator who doesn't mince words, calls it like he sees it but on the same hand cares and tries to educate in the process. He joins us to chop up some hobby topics.

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Mike O is a content creator who doesn't mince words, calls it like he sees it but on the same hand cares and tries to educate in the process. He joins us to chop up some hobby topics.

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9:12 PM
What is up episode 196? Sports car donation? Glad to be back. It's Friday or maybe a year listening to us on a different Day, whatever the case hope you're doing well, got a great show. I'm biased. Truth be told, but I feel we got a great show today Michael, who was YouTube channel. Kind of does, some video interviews himself on the YouTube channel, opens some product reveals, some of his grading Subs, when they come back. But the thing I like about Mike stuff and Mike it's what I say about a lot of People that I like a trade, I like, right? They give you the straight scoop. They give you their honest opinion, even if, when it might be harsh or how they feel, you don't have to second-guess, you don't have to read between the lines and that sort of personifies. Mike gives you give you the straight, scoop his assessment and, you know, tries to be informative and help everyone else out through his 

God damn it. And I appreciate that. And has the mind and glad glad to accept it. So, he'll be joining the show here momentarily. So, with that being said, let's not waste any more time. Let's get this party started time to stop the show. Let's go. 

Time for a hobby, is the people announcer of the week. 

Yeah, this is the car cover. Remember the hobby is the people. If you'd like to be the hobbyist of evil announcer of the week to have wires or MP3 file and send it to sports coordination PC at gmail.com, 

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Want to welcome my next guest to the sport card, shop at local gas line is a content creator in his own, right? He does Hobby talk with my co and he has a YouTube channel might go, but I think I kind of introduced them right. There might go. Welcome to sports, Carnation, thanks for having me, John, I appreciate it. Well, welcome. And like, you know, we talked about, you know, sometimes I get called an OG and like the podcast Niche and, you know, In 2018, which really doesn't Not that long ago but in podcast warmly, I guess I guess it is but you go even further back than that with your YouTube. I've seen your stuff even before. You know I was just you know, knew I was going to have yard but I didn't realize you actually started your YouTube channel. Might not have been like hobby content yet but like 15 years ago, and then you've got into the hobby content, you know, you can correct me if I'm wrong, probably six or seven years ago, Go and here you are still today. I mean 15. Yeah, I'm trying to thank you, you know? I'm a, I'm a, I'm not, I'm not a young guy. So 15 years ago I was 34 and I still wasn't doing YouTube. Just what was it about you too and what, you know what made you then? Kind of go heavier, obviously into the card side of content on your you. I mean, I think like a lot of people, I kind of put watch some YouTube here and there, like, way back when it started and then I think it was like, 

Back in college, where I like uploaded a few videos, you know, some old school project stuff like that and then I don't I think I got into like the card stuff I want to save is like 2014 2015 which it's like hard to believe when you start thinking like how is that like seven years ago had been. It's like baffling to thank you know just like you mentioned like 2018 all of a sudden you start thinking about it. I guess that's going on five years ago like how but time flies when you're having a good time. Yeah. But But I somehow I was like searching and I like found stuff. People making videos about ttmx like through the mail autograph requests and stuff like that and cards. And I started watching some and kind of binge-watching some and then just randomly start doing a few breaks, just kind of for the heck of it. And then next thing, you know, I found myself making male days and stuff and obviously things evolved and changed dramatically since those days, those types of videos are still around, like, people still watch mail days and box. 

Examine even the TTM stuff, which I have a hard time finding time for myself to do nowadays. But I mean, obviously, as, you know, and people out there listed like YouTube is explode it as well as all social media for Content creation involving sports cards. But a lot of it is moved towards talking about the hobby or of course, the investment angle as well. So, it's been around for a long time. It's not just the guys who popped on the scene in the last year or two. It's been Around for, you know, since I was doing it, six, seven, eight years ago and guys before me were doing it for five, six, seven years before that, which is, you know, pretty amazing the Hobbies been around for a really, really long time. It's just, you know, shot off to another level in recent years. Yeah. And I give Credence, I mean, it's easy for me to say kind of starting before the big boom and the you know, the craziness and The Perfect Storm would which the pandemic created for the hobby. But I give 

A little more, you know, like it or not. Some people may not like me saying it, but I get a little more Credence to those folks that were doing it sort of before that, right? Because it son, you know, it's like when any kind of hobby or industry kind of blows up and a good way. Everyone comes out of the woodwork and it's getting involved, whether it's doing a show or whatever capacity, right? That's sort of easy. But the folks that we're doing, it are ready. I just give them a little extra. Edit because they were putting in the work and the grind before, you know, the huge explosion. And I think that that you're shorter to me, shows kind of their mindset and what they were, they were here sort of already, but again the hobby is huge. There's room for everybody. I don't mean that in a misfortune way to someone who might be new. I'm a guy that welcomes folks that have a I'm just on I guess I'm just giving extra credit like 

Said to those that were already sort of on the ground floor and already here and you know, what can be actually fun knowing people have been around so long every now and then and I get it. There's so much content to consume these podcasts and like I'm not huge into Instagram, but I know there's video and photo on that and that's really, really big and YouTube. There's, you know, hundreds of videos per day. But every now and then take a step back and just explore some of the old-school. Hives, whether You know, an old break or old great. It reveals like I've been doing PSA reveals for, you know, six seven years and it's, you can go back and watch some of them. And you see people showing off their cards and they paid six, seven dollars for and like you'll see cards back then, it was like, no big deal. It's like, oh, it's like a 30 40 dollar card that are now, you know, $2000 or something crazier. Like, I was looking at some old breaks I did. And now Grand at the quality, is pretty bad. The audio is not very good, but like, I'm looking at these boxes and of my that box. Now on opened is, you know, five hundred dollars back then it was like 70 bucks, and then it's like you just roll it through like, rookies. Like, they're no big deal, just things like that there. It's gonna be kind of a treat, kind of funny. I don't know if you saw the video, that is exactly right. And I think back to it's still out there the video of The Bowman Pro motto trout and the guy, you know, pulling it back then. And 

2011, before he really was Mike, Trout that we know in the form he is today and you just see him open the pegs of, like, trout, Otto did, I would know not to exuberant and like, get outta me like, oh, okay. And just like you said, thanks Ed card. You graded, internet works both ways right? Like wow. That's what it's a lot more now. Do I still have it or where is it? And like some some work in the opposite way? Like it was a big card an and things. Things have changed for that particular player's, career. Whatever the case may be, and it is fun to to go back and look at some of that, that archive footage and see how things have changed and it goes to show you. Right. It's just sort of an example of like, how things can catch a from from high to low and low to high works the two-way street? Yeah, absolutely. Things are always evolving, you know, in life. And in this 

Hobby for sure what's hot you know one year is maybe not necessarily hot the next year and things go up and things go down for sure. But one thing is you can always enjoy yourself if you're having a good time with it. Make sure you're having some fun with the hobby for short. Yeah. You got a good supposed to be an outlet of release. That's what hobbies are. Whatever that your hobby of choices, and our case we're talking about sports cards here, kind of step away for one quick minute here from one of our great sponsors. Well, we'll be Right. Back with more, with Michael introduced in the only Auction House, dedicated exclusively to the cards of the 1990s, Josh Adams, and John Linden of created, an auction company solely for her are scarce and hard to find in certain parallels of the 1990s. Weatherby basketball, baseball, football, or hockey. These options will have the drops and will consist of smaller, lots of between 100 and 120 watts and cards. 

Get lost in the shuffle. Founded on the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity 90s option was created by collectors for collection, register consigned today, 90s auctions.com. That's 900 less options that time we are back with more from my go. You're mention grading. We both are, you know, submit cards for grading. It's 

9:24 PM
It's a big deal to both of. Obviously we know the last year and a half two years have been crazy in that space, especially on the pH PS. A-- sided things where you know, I watched speaking of one of your review of you're very honest and I love that about you. I was watching one of your reveal videos and you're like you know hurt you like hey they had my cards hostage it's been a year and a half I got these back, I don't even remember, you know, some of what I said. This is almost a surprise. Rise to me and it's true. It's true. Like, what I was not in my head as I'm watching you video laughing at a couple things you said, but you know, but yet they still yet we still send cards other, you know, they had a bad glad because people were, you know, millions of people were sending in their cards. Nonetheless, not a Sikh, you know, it wasn't a secret what was going on and people still, you know, obviously I know that there's a leader in the space. 

But you know I mean what do you think of this past year and a half? We'll put it at a year and a half. We were grading, we saw the PS a deal, then they stop taking cards and they raise prices. We saw SGC who I'm, you know, a fan from that's a fan favorite of mine. You know. I like I like GSA and SGC and they went, you know, they they got overwhelmed and then they raise their submission prices and we just seen some crazy stuff. We've Saw some, some new entries with hga. Don't get me started with. We could do a whole show, not a fan on. Just give the cliffnotes answer there. But let me just degrading space in the last year and a half. As someone who submits cards, bodies cards, that sort of thing. You're sort of assessment. You know, what we've seen here? Well, it's certainly been nuts. It's been crazy and you know I guess that's the way the Hobbies been. That's the way I don't know the world's been for the last Few years. So I guess it fits right in and we get used to it the expenses and stuff. It's frustrating with the rising costs but that's just the way. Everything is guess is more expensive. Our hobby boxes are more expensive. The singles aren't too bad. That mean there's some expensive singles, don't get me wrong. But I feel like heard of to the cost of grading and the cost of hobby boxes, there's still some decent deals on Singles that aren't exactly tough to pull. But grading wise, I don't know, like PSA is, I used to be stuck in that narrow-minded like PS a fanboy thought process for a while and I was someone who only submit it with them and I tried the almost. I didn't necessarily only by PSA but I kind of would buy it more maybe often than I should have. And, you know, I will still submit with PSA going forward over time for sure. But I am now looking at other opportunities because 

I mean I get it. PSA is certainly the leader in the space for resale value and such. But there's also been, I don't know some frustration with submitting cards and like I get it, there was a huge backlog in the hobby boom and everything, but when you start waiting, you know, a year and a half for cards and I've had, I had other orders that were like two years. Yep, I don't know to me, like, I get it, but it's frustrating and that's like whether I have cards in there that I might want to sell, or Cards that I want back for my collection like just gets to a point where it's very, very frustrating SGC. I think's done a phenomenal job. You know, my eyes are open to them. I'm going to say about three years ago and obviously, I knew their around and I knew they were big and would pre-war and vintage and such but I'd never submit it with them. I had purchased some cards and I met them at a Philly show and talk to them and game a try sent him cards and I've continued to send with them since and now I do some, you know, 

Subs and stuff some group subs. And you know, I love the quick turnaround time I do wish the price would come down a little bit, but at the same time, I understand, they kind of want to, they want to keep those turnarounds churning out quick. There is a major appeal for me to send cards in and get them back into the collection and, you know, a week or two especially if they're bigger cards. And I understand they want to keep their quality up a little more, but would love to see a little bit of a price reduction and CSG, you know. No, I think they had some missteps starting out when they jumped on the scene. They have a lot of money, backing them. And I think they'll be around for a while. I think they had a misstep with going with the Beckett scale and I think they had a misstep with their label. I didn't hate their own label but I didn't love it. Obviously as a whole, the hobby highly disliked it, the new one is much improved. I think they've picked up steam a little bit, but obviously the resale Market, it's not great. But I have enjoyed sending some stuff to them as well hga. I did give him a try because I like to be fair and give everyone a try and 

The cards I sent them. I actually thought they grade it accurately, but I'll just say I would never send them a really expensive card. Nor would I ever send them something really old and have strong confidence in. It actually being authenticated so I kind of have my thoughts probably somewhat similar to yours there so you know, I think clearly grading is not a fad that some people thought it might be 20 years ago. It's here to stay in a big way. People are addicted to it and it's It's a necessity of the hobby now. It is no doubt. It is in this, uh, glad you said that Mike because, you know, they're people and it doesn't make, you know, some people don't like grading, some people won't submit some people won't buy greeting cards and that's fine and dandy. But even those folks, you know, when it comes to, we're seeing all these trim cards and Ferg Aziz and fakes and especially on the vented side which I love. And I know you're very fond of is very important when it comes to great. 

I'm almost at the point, you know, one of my PCS are, you know, Hall of Fame, graded rookies. And and most of those I really don't want to buy ungraded. And, you know, I know there's been missteps even with trim cards, you know, getting slammed and slipping through the cracks or not going to give anyone a free pass. But, you know, 99% of the time or somewhere in that that hide 90s, they're getting it right, right? We and so, So for me, who wants to buy, you know, a graded Hall of Fame rookie, you know, big rat over a raw one. I mean that, you know, when it comes to authenticity and the fact that it's not altered in that sort of thing, it serves a huge huge purpose and you know see if he's not a greedy person or collector, not wrong with that. But it says on the flipside of those of us like us, do that doing nothing wrong with 

As well. We've seen a ton of new upstarts, make too many to even list by name, trying to, you know, throw their hat in the arena and compete. You know, most people would say, here's the big forward, psvs a sec back at and CSG. Most people would agree back, it's probably lost the most traction where SDC has gained the most traction. But going back to these new upstart grading companies, you A cares anyway, one of them can get can move into that. Top four went out necessarily one of those for grading companies that we consider the top for literally. Like you know, doing something heinous where they, you know, shoot themselves in the foot. I mean, obviously, there's always a chance for things to move around right because back, it definitely by many of us. Consider, maybe even the top Grading Company. At one time, certainly top to like it looked It was a lock 12 and over the years, things have evolved and changed. I mean, from my perspective, I would rank it PSAs. GC, probably, CSG that Beckett just based on what I see and they amount of cards be generated. Now, Beckett, you can make a case because of resale value would be ahead of CSG, but they just seem to kind of be are becoming irrelevant, and maybe that'll change may be there. I know they have some changes going on there, so maybe they get a boost going. But I think it's gonna Be really hard for some of these newer companies to pop in. I know there's a few that have better trying to do some promotion and such, I mean, I think we're gonna have to see, it's going to take a lot because you have to look at it back. It's been around decades, SGC decades, you know, PSA obviously decades. Like they've been around a really long time. So they have that long history, they have those fans and then CSG has obviously been integrating space. Maybe not necessarily sports cards but they've been around a really long 

On their big company, they have tons. Tons of money behind them. So, I mean, it would take years of being really, really good and probably just doing enough to maybe get bought out in my opinion to see them rise into that top for, unless there's mergers up top, I have a hard time seeing that. I mean, how much money is there to go around? You know, for all these, you have all these companies, you know, you have places like GMA who have, you know, been around for a really long time for those budget collectors, people who Literally just want their carts lat. So like there are spaces for other companies, but in terms of gaining that reputation, it's going to be really difficult my opinion. Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth, I think couldn't reel. I agree with your pretty much across the board there. Nothing even to really debate you on, because we're waving the same pendant. Exactly there. So time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but sports card Nation will be right. 

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Sports cars. Much more our recent expansion, brings collectible sneakers, Hot Wheels and more sports and entertainment memorabilia into the mix. Our new collectors cave game room is the perfect place to throw a rib party. Bring friends, rimpac straight cards, played Billiards, ping-pong, shuffleboard, classic arcade, and Xbox games. All while watching your favorite sport on TV. Visit us at the sports card. Shop.com follow us on social at underscore sports card shop or better yet. Visit us in person to learn about special events, party packages, new products, and everything we're doing for you. The sports card shop, Connecting People Sports and the hobby, around the world. Let's go. You are listening to these false god Nation forecast. Let's talk a little bit about the national. What? We're only for five weeks out from. It's taking place. I know you were there. I was there. I heard. 

Say, you know, your dad got to attend his first national which I got it. Thanks a pretty cool moment. The share, you know, that, you know, the national would your dad for for his first time a collecting wise are, you know, are you sorta on par or you were more of a collector than your father? Um he likes cards, I don't think he necessarily consumes content about sports cards, you know hours. Upon hours every day and the stuff with carts, you know, absolutely daily basis. He loves to break wax. He likes to open the stuff have a good time with it. He will get into things. Like, I'll show my product, and then next thing you know, he'll be like, call me up. Being like, Oh, I went on eBay. I was looking at these, you know, whatever refractors our autographs. I mean, he typically kind of will pick up some Phillies stuff, some similar stuff that I collect. He's got a lot of Hank, Aaron. 

Cards. Didn't I kept trying to convince him to buy the rookie a few years ago and he didn't do it and have the card is obviously exploded quite a bit. But yeah, it was definitely fun to be able to share some time with him at the national. He only was able to get there that one day Sunday. So I actually went, I was in Atlantic City. I drove about an hour and a half to pick him up early in the morning and they drove back for the beginning of the show that morning. So, spend spent some time there Sunday That was definitely cool. The plan was obviously to do that in 2020, but you know, that National did not end up happening. So that was a good thing about Atlantic City. It's not far from me. At all. It was drivable for me Mike and Syracuse for a half hours. I'm not gonna lie, I like that. You know, a lot of people didn't have warm things to say about the venue or the city more the city, I think then the venue I heard you're sort of Of post-national wrap-up you, which I enjoy. And I like that, you know, you were pretty positive about like listen, No Matter What national where it is, we can we can complain about something, right? But it's still the national, it's still, you're not having fun at the national. We're doing something wrong. You know, I know the internet. Let's let's not sugarcoat it right. It sucked. But you know you can do it somebody that pre-work you know when it comes to pricing stuff even 

For you get into the building, I'm not, you know, give them a anybody a fast necessarily but you know it's a two-way street to just if you want it. You know, for those who may not have heard your sort of take on your show you if you want to like, you know, piggyback off what I said there. Yeah, I have T-Mobile. So my internet service wasn't horrible. We go out a few times but it was generally not too bad compared to what most had the problem was communicate because I would send messages. To some, you know, the many, you know, the dozens of people, I knew who were at the show and I would never get a response. And at first, I was like, man, that one's everyone's so busy. And then I'd find out later. Oh, I didn't get your message till two days later. So you know there's issues and Atlantic City, you know, they had a national there and what 2016 I believe. Yeah the town is absolutely gone, downhill to it noticeable. Degree in those six years, there's no doubt about it. But I mean it's location it. 

Music, obviously the national I believe got a solid deal to do it. It's kind of that in between New York Philadelphia, two, major markets two, major hobby markets, its East Coast, like you're going to have some East Coast Nationals, not the East Coast National but International on the East Coast. That's where a large portion of these dealers are from from the East Coast. You know, I agree with a lot of people Chicago set up from a pure set up in terms of where the majority of the hotels are and the convention center is the best setup. But for most people It's the center of the country that's great for those in the center of the country. But for everyone else you're still traveling, you know, few hours by plane most likely and if you're driving, you know, you're looking at anywhere from 12 to 15 hours. So, you know, unless the national is perfect for you individually, you're never got going to have a perfect National. But the thing is to me, I thought this Center itself was pretty good outside of the issues with the internet. I thought the setup was fantastic. It was huge. The 

The corporate area is tremendous and has large, it was huge like, it took me. I got there Wednesday night. It took me Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, to see the entire show because I'm someone who does like to. I look for a lot of specific things. I like to look at every table, I'm not going through every box and look into every card and every showcase. But like, that's a big that National was to do a somewhat thorough walk by of every table, took days. I had a lot of Then all the get-togethers put together by everyone was tremendous. You know, it's hard to meet up with everyone with the hobby explosion and the explosion of content. There's more and more people there. So, you know, I ran into so many people. I mean, you could give me a piece of paper, I could probably fill out, you know, a hundred names, but it would take forever. And I would forget so many. But I mean, the national was a blast. There's a reason people look forward to it and there's a reason most people, once they go try and get there as often as I can, Can not everyone's going to be able to make every National. Of course, you have so many other things going on in life and expenses and such. But to me, I mean, it was awesome. It always is and they're things, you're always going to remember and then going back and watching content on them. It's always fun to just years later just going back, you know, having a good time. So you know I thought it was I thought it was a positive experience overall for sure. Yeah. No doubt like I mean it, you know, you can, you know, things happen at any. 

But, you know, if you're passionate and love the Hobby and you go to a national not and you didn't have sliders, I don't know what to, I don't know why. And I don't know what, what? To tell you. There's yeah, and it's just so many things to do and see you mention about the hobby Community just meeting people for the first time meeting people again that you met before and so, one of, you know, I really haven't heard anyone, you know, trash and I hurt more. Or I will say this, I heard more Victory, all towards Atlantic City before the event. Like, I'm not going this, you know? But yeah. Like it was still packed so like I think a lot of people posture like, oh, I'm not going. And then, you know, Cuomo said in and they bought your plane ticket got a hotel room and, and we're there. I think like, you want you to go to one. You don't really want to miss one if you can avoid. 

Someone so I think a lot of people posture, like, man, this that's the words. Then you it's the worst National to I'm going to skip this one. I'll see you in Chicago. I think, you know, maybe not out of them but maybe 75% of those people. That's it. Wound up being in Atlantic City, nonetheless. So I think there was more before like pre-show sort of, you know, bad bad, you know, trash talk, then then after Yeah. And there's, you know, obviously there's an expense in traveling and getting to the show but once you're at the show, like there's something for everyone. If you like Wax, it's plenty of wax. And there were a lot of good deals on wax, ISO current blasters, later in the show, being marked down to like 12 13 dollars obviously. Well, below that twenty dollar, you know, retail price Some solid, the O's, obviously some wax. It's unaffordable and that's just the way it is. But I mean like, I have a good time buying everything I bought a few cards that cost me a few hundred dollars and 

But quite a few cards that cost me 50 cents in a dollar. Like I kind of check it all out. So it there's obviously plenty Therefore all types of collectors and, you know, the opportunity to sell stuff there too. I always kind of bring some things with me that I can either trade or sell that way. You have a few extra dollars to add some cool stuff to your collection that you might not be able to find it, you know, your everyday show or even online sometimes. Yeah, no doubt, no doubt is for both of us being the drivable. That's, let's be real. It's a game changer, you know, you heard you talk. About I've talked about on this show then you know you can take more when you're not traveling by plane obviously and driving than you would on the plane. I'm a when I fly like if it's Chicago I have to I'm a one bad guy so I have to really you know be strategic about my bag. You know, my wife even show me a trick, how to roll your clothes so you can actually get more stuff and your luggage and your suitcase and that Help me out. But you know, when you're driving, you don't have to worry about rolling. All your shirts and shorts and pants and you can, you can bring up with SLI more. So for us, you know, this year, we were spoiled, we got the drive won't be no, such luck for, at least, for me, for Chicago, that'll be their flight. Are, you know, an airplane or or bus. So, it up I'm going to try to be there. Just the same like you said, once you once you go to these 

9:46 PM
You're hooked and Really have no choice as last word. Someone's at my door. I've got together. Be right back. Okay, everybody. Have you heard about collectible is the One-Stop shop where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares in some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world. Starting from just five dollars from 1950 to Mickey Mantle. PSA tens and Wilt Chamberlain's iconic rookie uniform to one of one Patrick Mahomes rpas rare LeBron, James logo man's and Everything in between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen access and opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. 

With us, let's return to the show. 

If you have a chance to drive doing National, I certainly recommend it is. Even if you have that for five hour drive, you know, it's certainly worth it. I did I drove to Cleveland a few years ago. I think that was a seven hour ride. You know, do I want to drive seven hours, not really, but was it worth it to kind of have that ability to bring whatever I want it back? Then, I remember buying this bringing this giant box filled with Blaster boxes that I had picked up over a few months time. I mean, that's back when you could get, whatever, 

You wanted it retail. And I remember breaking up with a bunch of guys, you know, at the bar and stuff hanging out, it's the YouTube kind of get togethers and stuff. And then just having that peace of mind to be able to kind of pick up whatever I wanted. If I wanted to buy something in bulk. If I wanted to buy something big, you know, I could do that. But like, you Chicago's a pretty much a fly, only unless I had some really big reason to drive there, which typically I'm just going to take that two or three hour flight rather than that. Steen our drive for sure. Then you do liked it, you definitely have to sit there and back. All right, what am I going to bring with me? And then on the way back? Hey, I bought too many cards, I guess choices. Have to be made Dua ship something, or do I just leave some of these clothes behind, you know? Yeah. I'll get rid of cope with these free t-shirts and make sure I get my cards back there. But yeah, all good problems in a way to, to have, you know, I want to touch base, you know, we hit something in the happy, we don't know. 

Talk about right to Montgomery, 582 Club, you're part of that. I'm part of that, it's been very fruitful to me whether it's me opening some of those exclusive offerings for truth. Be told, you know selling some of those on the on the secondary Market this past year, obviously we seen the membership price go up odd-even for us existing members and we've even seen the, you know, some of the exclusive Products we had offered those prices go up, including on repeat products, they went up from their price, they were before almost across the board and I got a feeling you know Mike we're going to see that when it's time for Renewal you know we may see a 500 maybe even and I hope I'm wrong. Believe me I would but we may see a 500. 600 dollar membership Christ. And then I think along with that we may see if If you renew at that price, I think you might even see some of these exclusive offerings. Be at a price where they're not such great deals, any longer. And I think we're going to be sort of face with. Like, do I join this year? Do I keep my membership? And if that's the route, they continue which they wrote, you know, they raised both of those prices this year. Something tells me they're going to try it again. I mean your thoughts on that. And you know what? What's the point of no return to you? Do you have one as someone who enjoys the club you say like as much as I want to be in this club like at this at this price point that just does. It doesn't make sense for me. Well I certainly think if things get too crazy, that's where you have to make a choice. It's definitely a few years ago, it was amazing, it was great this year, maybe not as great because like you said, cost 

Go up specifically, the products, also the Product limits are little tighter. Now, it used to be, you could get three, four boxes. I mean, now, the lot of the product quality products are limit one, and then when they did in the past, you'd be limit one or three or whatever, and then would go on sale to the public, you could buy some as well. Now there been some products for you could only buy that one through the Montgomery club and that you weren't even able to get one when it was on sale to the public, it counted against your limit of one. I mean, it's still, don't get me wrong. It's still great to have first access and to be able to get the product but You know, you're paying for the club itself for that opportunity. But you are getting this sets that come out, I think they release five or six of them, you get the full factory set so you are getting some value at that as well. I don't know if you got your autograph for the latest set yet. I did see someone on Twitter got Julio Rodriguez. I was not so fortunate in front of happen to have it near me. Well John John 

Ran the twins rookie pitcher. So yeah I know. It's all right now. Yo yeah I got William Contreras. I guess so I mean like an All-Star player but I didn't look it up. I'm assuming it's like a ten dollar card no Julio for me or you when you do get those sets. So like they'll be some parts in there, that'll keep for the collection. There's others said, I'll just sell, you know, they don't go for a ton but you're getting a few bucks back and that set, of course, with the stamp, it does have some value but the product offering This, I think this year to me, you've gotten less that you've been able to purchase with with each product and the price is like you said or very high. And in some cases like that Star Wars Sapphire, don't remember exactly what it was if there's two $300 but obviously like he was going for like six seven $800 at one point. Yeah, but you know, next year, when they release that they're going to bump that price up to five or six hundred probably because they've done that with the sapphire baseball products over the years and it hasn't 

Very consistent. I would like to see them do One release every month or two releases every month, it seems like lately, it's like nothing for two months. You like weight is the club, still active and then all of a sudden, it's like three, four releases in a week and a half, like, what is going on? They did the federal government back up, really? Hey, let's get this thing these things rolling. Yeah, it's I hope I'm wrong to Mike would some of these increases? I hope you know, they did. They don't do that and make the decision easier for us, and keep it at that same price level or maybe, raise it for anyone new to it wants to come in but, you know, I got a feeling that's not going to be the case and then we'll have to make that decision, like whether we want to pull the trigger, whether it's, you know, it's still worth it to us. Everyone have this different. I can only speak for myself, but I will say this, one thing I've tried to do as a 

She adds some of those first and second year Montgomery sets that were exclusive to Montgomery club members. I've been trying to pick some of those off on the secondary Market, eBay's. And, and other platforms that have went kind of cheap because I think those are going to be, you know, in terms of production, your, you know, there were less people in the club, the first and second years. So you know, some of those sets, you know, especially rookie card driven might be kind of Sleepers, you know, you got to sit on them and wait but years years from now, you know, I think some other people going to go back and try to get them and I'm, you know, I've tried to get some of those, you know what, that we're in decent price level and just sock them away. You know, you need to feel that at all with some, maybe the first or second year where there were less members, you see that? As 

Right. Depends on how well the player performs but you look you know at certain cards. Yeah. We're in the age of people being infatuated with a pop counts. Oh my goodness. That what? Counts thousand the pop counts 2000. Like some of these sets like what's the pop count going to because they might have only produced a few hundred, you know, they're going to be pretty low and you actually see that sometimes with like certain tops Now cards generally speaking tops Canary market price, but there are some cards if Turns out to be a key card or a key player, where the print runs only a couple hundred next thing. You know, like they're just not available there in collections, there's a few, like, there's this player that no one listening, I shouldn't say no one, but most people aren't going to know and it's not a rookie card but it's tight Kelly. He was on the Phillies for a couple weeks, you know, walking off and heat occurred produced a tops. Now, card it was only Phillies guard ever, produced The Print run was like 210. Every one of those cards is in a Phillies collectors collection, baby part of us. Set up. They don't come up. I sent one off to my one buddy for Consignment