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Sept. 30, 2022

Ep.199 w/Herman Bryant (3BCollection)

Ep.199 w/Herman Bryant (3BCollection)

Herman Bryant had a store at age 16, he loves his Braves and Freddie Freeman, does his own Monday night show. He's got drive and is passionate, he is on guest today.

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Herman Bryant had a store at age 16, he loves his Braves and Freddie Freeman, does his own Monday night show. He's got drive and is passionate, he is on guest today.

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9:51 PM
What is up, everybody episode 199 sports card Nation. The guest today, mr. Herman Bryant friend of mine, 3B collection, on the internet's, good, dude, Braves fan and content creator and his own right. Personal rips and hobby chat and brought a hobby. Hotline we have Herman on today and talk hobby going to talk, you know what it's like when Your favorite player leaves your team. And how do you, you know, how do you keep collecting? We're going to talk about more than that to this episode 199. As we approach 200 episodes, 200. We got our guest all set, and we're going to give away some nice prizes and give away stuff. Listen to the closing, my closing thoughts, I'll give out all that information of how we're going to celebrate. So 200 we're going to give away, like I said, some nice prizes and nice things. So you know, you little tease you or make you wait to the end, don't cheat fast forward, you can do that, but I got a great show with with Herman today and then we'll go over that stuff at the end of the show. All right. With that being said, let's get this thing underway. Time for all hobby. Is the people announcer. What's up, Sports Carnation? This is Brett McGrath, stacking slaves podcast. Remember the hobby is the people. If you'd like to be the hobbyist of people announcer of the week to a wise, or MP3 file, and send it to sports coordination, PC at gmail.com introduced in the only Auction House. Dedicated exclusively to the cards of the 1990s, Josh Adams, and John Linden of created an auction company. 

So many for the rare scarce and hard to find in certain parallels of the 1990s, whether it be basketball, baseball, football, or hockey 90s options will have each option, will consist of smaller, Lots between 100 and 120 watts or your cards will get lost in the shuffle. Founded on the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity 90s option was created by collectors for collection, registered consign today, 90s auctions.com. That's 900 less auctions.com. 

Happy to have my next guest on the sports card shop at Moco. Guess line. Also happy to call them a friend. I've known him for some time now and he's not mad at me that I made him. Wait, this long to get on Sports coordination but here he is. Finally Herman. Brian 3B collection. Welcome. Thanks John. Appreciate you having me? Well, like I said, I've gotten to know you and you're obviously a great content creator and your own, right. 

Harvey hotline with the, you know, 18 or so of the rest of us and glad to have you on this show. I, you know, I want to start off with the, you know, the old kind of standby question. Even though I may know a good part of your history for those listening that may not know, kind of, you know, how you got into sports cards. Well, I like I've said before that. I've got started a little later than most. Everybody else that I know your buddies light, I guess, so. Art of six, seven eight. You know for me I do I really never knew card exist, until I was about 12, I just weren't we lived. It just you never saw him and I we always watch baseball. My father, you know, we was always always been a Braves fan. We actually was walk around a flea market, one day and I spotted them sitting on the table and was looking through him. And, you know, my notice the Dale Murphy, 84 top sitting on the table, of course any Braves fan back then neither Dale Murphy was granted, you know I'm like my mama, you know. 

Dale Murphy card and she bought it for me and I held on to it, for probably a couple of years, I toted around everywhere. I went, I pinned it up on my wall. Never really, like I said, never saw him around where I was at nobody at school, had them. And then, as I got a company, like I said, a couple of years later, I start seeing other kids showing off their cars at school. Walk up to them, you know? Hey, that's cool. I've got I've got a deal Murphy Hilo and they start showing me all these other you know, Pete Rose's and in everybody else at the time. Time then I started looking for looking for more looking for more people. We started trading for what some kids at school and come up to about, I think it's about 87 when I feel like a lot of other people that's when I hope my first pack. And I opened a ton of them because we found actually found him in a drug store next to where my parents did the grocery shopping. So I always got them to talk to him out of a dollar to go next door and by I think I could get five packs for a dollar back there sitting on the curb. 

Opening cards with the Mama come out of the grocery store. You know, did that all through middle school and high school? The high school, I got a little more serious than course. You know, about the anywhere in the late 80s, early 90s, we started having a few car shops, open up around, and course, I spent a lot of time and money in there and got knowing some of the guys actually worked and two of the three quarts shops that I had in my town at some point or another and actually ended up in 90 a see. No I'm sorry, 89 lat. We ended up at a of the body shop out for me. He had right for a while. He'd had he'd hired me and to kind of do some sort and putting cars in binders and stuff like yet. Then after I think about nine months, he decided he wanted to get out of it and asked me if I'd be interested in it and I said, well I don't know what you want for. It gives me a price and kind of mold it over a little bit and go home, talk with parents and whatever. We're talking about like we're talking about 16 years old. 

My daddy he I talked him into going to the bank and silent silent loan, personal wrong for me to actually purchase it. So I went back purchased the store and we ran it for two years year and a half two years until he, he kind of got confined for space because this was a pawn shop and he has a point where he needed to space. So he wouldn't he, he stopped suddenly some little spot to me and I had to pack everything. Hang up and move out which kind of left me at a bar. Because now I am here I am with a truckload of stuff that I can't care and house. I can't, I don't have anything to do with it. I started using kind of the flea market Avenue myself to get rid of some of the bulk stuff that I had. Did that for probably another Mercy, I was 18 when the end it did that for another three years because it between that time, I got married and my wife's, you know, 20 times we were dating and got married. She, she 

Jority we'd go out and set up sale cards. And yeah, I mean, that's pretty much it up until about. I took the break about that 96. I think is why I kind of faded out. I didn't get rid of anything, I just guess I just thought accumulate more staid. I kind of back-and-forth. I'd buy something here and there they want my when I started having my son's, that's not having a kids. I started building the set for the year their birth year every year when my oldest Son was born in 94. You know, I built a 94 set and then my next son was born, 96. I've got the 96 set and so forth. So then, like I said, when I kind of put it to the side until 2018, I think I got back in it, it was, it was not the middle 2018. When I found out my oldest son was, was about to have a have a son of his own. Yeah. And I'm, you know, if I'm getting faking back to, you know, building assets for them. Like well, I'm going to build one for him. So I start buying up the belt. 

I was 19 when he was born, so I start buying up the 2019 packs and boxes, Stuff gonna say it. I just got back in it ever since. Yeah. You know what's funny Herman to is? I knew our stories had similar parallels. I didn't realize how eerily similar. So I'll do the cliff notes version of mine because I spoke about it, right? Is like you I was going to a card store. So much that the owner just said, listen, John you're here almost every day I need help. Why don't I just have you work here? You're here to the amount of time. You would be E to work your muzzle benefit from from being here and it's mutual benefit beneficiary. You know, Mutual beneficiaries because I'll be taking some work off his plate and I'm already there and I'll be either making money or or store merchandise. So we have that parallel and you know, I thought I was young when I ran my phone. My first store with with a partner at 20 years old. Yeah, you said here hold my beer. 

Do that for years sooner at 16. And that's just something else and you know, you mentioned, you know, people don't often talk about this. I think enough is, you know, that's another thing you here. Like I've never like, you just said, I never left the hobby. I didn't get rid of all my stuff, but there was four or five years myself. When my son was real young, that I kind of like just put bars on my hobby. I didn't get rid of anything. I just kind of Had it on the shelves. I didn't buy any new stuff. I didn't I didn't sell any, it was just like it. I always compare to like hitting pause on like a music player or CD player or you know and and then I you know unpaused it when my son got a little bit older where I could kind of, you know, teach him to have your show it to him where he'd understand it and like you said, it's been full bore since then. So a lot of 

Follow the same trajectory they're going to take a real quick commercial break, but we'll be right back with more with Herman. Zion cases, are the best car cases in the hobby one, quick walk around the national or even your local card. Show, will bear that out, whether it's a case to protect your one, single Grail card or the holders, protect many of your precious cards look, no further than the Zion Kasich, and don't forget our backpack, cases have no equal check. Check us out at www.sciencedenmark.com and remember to use promo code, scn, 10 to save an additional ten percent off your order. Zion cases. We protect the Hub. We are back time for more with Herman, Brian. I know, you know, your big Braves fan, like you said, Freddie Freeman to your guy, knows he's on the doubt, we could do a whole show probably under, on that topic. So, so we won't talk about. I mean, we can touch on it. This talk about when like your idol or your favorite player and someone that you collect who's on your favorite team, you know, leaves in the case, like Freddie Freeman. 

10:03 PM
For team, you know, talk about the difficulties like, you know, do I still want to collect them? Listen, I like to player, maybe I don't like the Jersey, he's wearing, but I still like the guy in this case, we talk about the emotions and the sort of the roller coaster when when something like that happened. Oh yeah. Definitely. When I, when I heard that he's well, obviously like everybody else. Do you kind of? See it coming down the pipe just a matter of where he was going. But when I heard the news it was like a it was like a good punch, you know? I just like, yeah, not the Dodgers anywhere for Titania. I asked me say anywhere but the Dodgers of the Mets but you know sometimes yeah. Yeah I'm a math guy and you know, he's a great player I would have took him, but yeah I get that but you know I kind of was on the fence for about a month, you know? Like well I like Freeman. I like the Braves, you know, I love watching friend. 

Like you said, he's a great guy, he's a great player but playing for the Dodgers. I'm like, I'm never gonna get to see him play. As much as I liked him. I'm a bigger Braves fan that I am afraid of Grandma. So like I said, I was on the fence for about three or four weeks and that I got for cosplay and my what am I going to do? I'm going, just not collect them anymore and I just go pick up stuff he hadn't Braves, you know? And it kind of got me looking into it a little more and I realized that the biggest reason that I felt I wanted to set up a man crush, but reason why I fell in love with Freeman because a player was had more to do with what he did off the field and on the field because he was real big at the Charities. Around the lineup, you know, children hospitals, food banks. There was a lot of people don't know this but you know if you watch him play you realize that he never plays and short sleeves. 

And there's a reason for that because his his mother had developed a skin cancer from other melanoma, I think it is from the Sun. So he was a big Advocate on, you know, son, you know, protecting your skin from the Sun and stuff like that. And he's donated to Charities and done events for Charities and stuff like yet. So that being said, I'm like, well, you know, if if the reason I became the light Freeman, as much as ideals because of what he did, I was filled, it shouldn't really matter what 

Any place for. So you know, that that kind of made the decision for me. So and I've have recently sets picked up Freeman cards in Dodger uniform. So yeah, so the so the The Collection continues it, and that's a great point that you make that Herman is that he's still the sixth, oh, Freddie Freeman and it was, you know, I this stuff that's come to light. I don't want to make this a sports show but you know as well as I do this stuff to come to like that is Agent sort of didn't I'm wrong during those negotiations and these knees, you know, was very emotional talking about what Atlanta the city and the fans meant to them. I almost what I heard it and I felt like you know you may see him again as a player in Atlanta. I think he sort of left that door open and you know, if I was, I just sounds like, keep what's that? I'll say it one year contract coming up in 

Yeah, I think he'll be back in some capacity, like you said, maybe as even as a player, but even maybe after his career is over, you know, as even a Coach and he's one of those guys that I've said this, you know, name wise doesn't but when you look at what he does year, in year out, stays pretty healthy. He's a very consistent player on a Hall of Fame track. And I think when his careers over Hopefully you no later than sooner people going to be surprised about the numbers that he's going to have a species kind of just very quiet. But the numbers are there is has you know he's had a couple MVP like seasons and you know doesn't get talked about in the same respect as certain other guys but the numbers are very much on par pretty close. And so I think wind up when the books finally closed. And I think people are going to be sort of surprised. That the numbers he puts up like I didn't realize he had that many homers and rubies and bad at that that high and is gonna be one of those guys. I think we all appreciate them. Certain people appreciate it, more when this career is over, then the credit he gets during it and I think he'll be back in Atlanta for you but it's nice to hear you say listen, I collect Freddie Freeman, the person? Yes, you know, played on my favorite team but it's still the same. Great guy. Just what a different Jersey on at the moment and it's nice to hear, you know, some people can't get past that but you know, you can and it's it's very cool and they can sniff, you know, still keep collecting them and when I pull any I always put them aside for you actually. I think I have a few as we speak over there with your name on it with I might add in Braves uniform so little and honest 

To be honest, I'm a I have caught myself, you know, I don't actively searched out the the newer stuff in the Dodger uniform, I will pick up up if I sell, but I've kind of just filling in holes from the past that I don't have. So, I mean, it's not that, you know, I'm not going to stop a nose that one in and out of uniform against the Dodgers uniform. But, you know, I won't, I don't just like actively look for him, like I would, the ones are the Braves uniform so it's like, yeah, I'm very nice. To have the time to go back and pick up the ones that you may have overlooked. Or said, well, I'll get them later earlier, you know, you know, you got a little sort of extra time to focus on the brave stuff to fill in, fill in those gaps. And, you know, that's, that's refreshing. A lot of people wouldn't be able to do that and you can. And so you can keep going in your Pursuit there. You were listening to the sports card Nation Podcast. 

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Just completed. You know, we're both around the same age, born in 72, and you just completed the birth year. Set yourself your 1972 top set. Just talk about the process to do that. Like, when you obviously decided to do, what did you did? You somehow have a bunch or did you start really from scratch? Now, I started completely from scratch. I did not even own a statement to top card when I started. 

Already back in the fight 2004. It just kind of struck me that you know, I wouldn't like I said earlier, I wouldn't like actively in collecting but it just kind of hit me that I think I was on the eBay and just I read up on a block a starter set. It was, it was in a binder at the starter set and I'll look it up. You know, I've always wanted that set and I've always wished that my parents had done me but I was born like I did my first year. It's as far as building their the, their birthday or set, but I looked at it and I think I picked it up for white and fifty bucks in a binder and it was, I can't remember exactly how many it was. It was a good. It was a good many of them. It was I want to say the the lower C of I. The first series of the set was only missing like 20 cards, but I picked it up. And then once I got it, I went through it, so I won't was missing and so 

And just started, you know, sir. Ali Bey and wherever else, I couldn't pick it up a few here and there, great Morse great horses. Were when I first got in it, when I first started, I think I'm stuck. I stayed and it him. I was coming and picking up stuff off his eBay store. Yeah. Then what's up? And I started finishing up and get closer to the more, the semis and the highs. They started getting a little hot little harder to, you know, pick up and some of you see them on eBay and And they were just they will go for unreal prices. You know, I started started reach it out on Twitter when I got back into it and 2018 and I picked up a few from Lady, Rob's how I'm going to miss something on, are going to try to make them all. But they're you know handful here. Handful of their picked up a few and then when I started finding some shows around, I started going to I got to know a guy. 

Way through all he is picked up five or six here there, and he got to know me. I got to know him and then I come back every couple of months that he loves me. Save me. I got some more seventies, when you save it to use, and I start going through them and pick them up that way. But like I said, all in. All like I said, I started in like 2004 and just finished it. What? Two months ago. So yeah. Well, you know, and we're Garland's of how long or not. How long it takes you still did it? Congratulations, you know what? 

Talk about vintage sets are when you make a great Point, people think. Well, you can just buy a, you know, semi-finished set and like you did a starter set. But if you know anything about these, vintage sets, these mid series and definitely the High series, they're tough to find number one that the tough to find an analog that is when you find them, you know, they're not cheap. And so it's a process that, you know, Rome wasn't built in a day. And, you know, I used to be more 

10:14 PM
I just don't have the room or something, a little bit of the time as a factor. And I think part of it, if, you know, vehicle completely honest, part of it is I know how difficult it is. And I almost don't want to go down that road know. And like, it's, you know, just going to be frustrating moments where I like, I just can't find these certain number cards. Or when I do right there, just not in the budget, I can't pull the trigger on it. And so I almost don't do sets like that for that reason. And no doing them doing some shows. As I do it, makes it easier for me to justify moving stuff but I think subconsciously it's because I know the difficulty it would be and I don't want, I don't want that challenge. So so hats off to you. And you know, the 72 said obviously myself being born in 72. It's has some sentimental value as well to me. So I got to talk, you know, we've seen, you know what people call Grail cards bring on on, you know, on the auction markets on the secondary markets, this pad, you know, this year, I finally got mine. That's a story in itself with the the Jackie Robinson. 48 Leaf, is there a card for you? You know, I, you know that you would call your Grail car. 

Whether it's Freddie Freeman, or someone else that at the moment you don't have, is there one that pops right in your head right off the bat? Oh, well, it at the time it was back in April. I would have said that the 2011 cognac Freddie Freeman was probably yet, but I've gotten it since then. So for the thing is, I actually bought it on the plane on the way back from Bose house in Wisconsin. Yeah, we're sitting on the territory. Mac. But no, I really have to give it much thought as far as if they have beyond that. I've looked at looked at a couple of his patch Autos rookie patch Autos. But now, you know, it's been a most of that has a lot of like modern or associate, but these are vintage card. I mean, do it. I mean, if it's a brave it's about, I mean like it, I'll throw it out there. You know, being a prince guy, like a Hank, Aaron work. Is that something you feel? 

That is not what I'm about to say. You know, I'd love to have my own are a rookie, but I just know that for me, that would be, you know, way out of my, my way out of my price range. So, I kind of, yeah, well, I get it. I did. Listen, believe me. I just, you know, for many years, I kicked, the can down the road on the unbelief. Jackie, we're definitely cost me more. You know, when I got it, then if I would have been thinking a little bit more straight, a Topper, Attorneys that I had sooner, but I mean there's lesser grades. I mean, the jacket is a 1.5. It could always, you know, go with a lower grade that presents itself, very well. I believe my Jackie fits that bill. So I wouldn't close the book. If that's, you know, something you thinking about or looking for, you can always get a lower grade and depth at still really sharp looking at presents. Well and you know, I want to just encourage you There's time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but sports card Nation will be right back after that. Iron sports card is your number one source. For all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck, they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com, or even give them a call. 

At 1877 iro. N DS, a Rob's got you covered. Let's go. You are listening to the sports card Nations will cast. Freeman's, I know you like you got the cognac but is there a number to slap Freeman? I know you mentioned the RBA so anything more specific like you sort of like a hey if I see this and the deals good, I kind of want to get this well, like I say it would be proud of the Arpa have, what's that it? We start looking at the year until after I got caught on yet. Yeah, it's far as frequent goes. Now, I will say this and it's not a card, but probably the one thing that I would love to have more than anything is a and I know you can bomb but that's that's something totally different. But there's an autographed baseball from Bill much in person. Yeah, I've attempted to do it twice and missing both times. So I actually asked but still have a balls Sitting here ready to go. Every time I go to a brainless but already it's already. You got the ball. You just need the yeah, this is the maybe reveal to Atlanta with me. So yeah, well you gotta know you. You said your intentions are to go to get to the National Chicago. We got, we got some time there. There's a ton of sign or something tells me, he'll be one there. And it'll make. If you make that trip, it'll be it'll be an additional memory. You'll make a long way. 

Any others, if you get the 10, I hope you do. Because I like to, you know, get to do as many as I can now to and so I hope to see you in Chicago and, you know, see you get that Dale Murphy. I think he's, I mean, how what like you said, if you miss them like, twice in Atlanta, what was the circumstances fight? But you know, he has a he has a restaurant in Atlanta called the Murph. Yeah. And case, they he'll he'll pop up on Twitter or Facebook that, you know, I'm going to be there in person such they at such time and I was actually able to get out there both times one time I was 30 minutes too late. Yeah. And the other time he had something had come up and he just didn't make it at all. So yeah. Well I don't know man I think the stars are aligned and for you know Chicago you know, 

Hopefully, you can make that trip and the other day, she heard he was going to be at the Philly show the next Philadelphia show to sign it. Okay, so go. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I had to wait to Chicago, I'm just being a little selfish because they know up with me - this, you know, hang out with you and maybe see that and know, I love seeing this stuff like that when someone gets something that that means that much to him. I sort of, you know, obviously makes you happy, but I love when. When things like that happen, like for me, you know, that Jackie was that thing. And I get asked, you know, now that you got the Jackie, what's the next Grail card? And like, I really don't. It's, you know, it's a weird thing to say, for there's cards. I want that, I don't have, don't get me wrong, that list is as long, I PC, you know, braided Hall of Fame rookies in all sports, but that was the car that was like, in the sort of a category of its own. So like, you know, when someone asks, 

Well John you got the Jackie? What's the new? You know, what's the next Grail card? I don't really, I don't have something. I'll say is a great guy. Just have a lot of cards that I love to get some. Whoa, I like you say out of the price range of probably never happen but still can think about it or dream about it and but I won't put any, you know, on that on that level. Maybe I don't have a bond bread, Jackie, which certain people considered, you know, that's 

One of the first ones in 1947, there's a story there with someone who called me a lady called me up. Ooh mother left her too and she wanted a thousand bucks for them both and I knew they were worth a lot more than that. And I I'm a guy that needs to sleep on, you know, with a conscious at night. And so, like I talked about on this show, I steered her to get them graded by SGC, they went into a golden An auction and I think they wound up selling for Combined about between 11 and 13 thousand dollars. I could have been a really unscrupulous guy, you know, paid 1,000 bucks but I didn't want to be that guy so that, you know, one of those. But again, I don't I don't put that, you know, on the same level as the leaf. So I, you know, I won't call it the Grail in the same verbiage, but, you know, maybe someday we'll get a 4. 

Seven Bond bread but that's it's not. It's keeping me up at night and that leaf Jackie sort of did that a little bit. So it's not, it's not on that part, but that's, you know, that's the beauty of the hobby Herman has. As I always say, right? You can can go at, you know, you can hobby anyway. You choose but pick. What kind of challenge you want to meet yet? You know. Next, you did that with the 72 top set. It's, it's complete. I loved you and, you know, you posted a video, a video on your social media putting that last card in there. And that, that That's, that's really cool. And it's a great feeling when, you know, sort of the work you put in and the time you put in to finally complete in that set. So that last card I was really hoping to pick up in person, but it just didn't happen here. No one else. Let's no one that was the last card. I had. I just, I got and I can't get antsy and Nancy a and it's not like I saw it on eBay. It was there. There's like 100 of money, but I'm like, I'm getting that car. Get it now. Let's get it. Yeah, you got it. 

You got to pull the trigger when the opportunity presents itself, time for a quick break but we'll be right back. Are you a new sports car to like girls? Someone returning to the hub? Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy hobby Community to hang out with and enjoy collecting Midwest box. Springs has been bringing collectors together for many years with affordable rates, helpful threads, and a discourse group pack with generous, people who genuinely care about the Hobby and other color. Please check out the brakes at Midwest box breaks.com. Our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. Also find us on Twitter at Midwest Boxford. Hey folks John here just wanted to remind you use the discount code M bb10 for 10% off. Your first order at Midwest box. Breaks calm Thanks for sticking with us. Let's return to the show. 

We're seeing the happy go through a lot of changes, you, you know, your do contact creation, we got Fanatics, you know, acquiring tops rumored to Fanatics will fall next, the licensing. You know what, you know, just your general thoughts. Like, I always say, I'm a little nervous. I don't want to say nervous because I knew a lot of been more vintage than ever before. So I don't, it's sort of on affects me, but I also care about the hobby 

10:26 PM
I worry about, not just myself but just a hobby that I love overall. So, you know, I'm a little concerned with where we're headed and what direction we're going in, your thoughts on just kind of the current state of affairs, if you will. Well source is Fanatics, you know, Bob if I had, I want to hear. It's kind of nerve-wracking the st. World. It's they don't all the license and they come have free reign to do what they want. No, No competition to put excitement other still competition out there some sort. But but at the same time, I've kind of seen where the I like the direct consumer idea. No coming did you know, as you know as well as I do that a lot of stuff and got to the point where it was hard to find. If you did find it, its marked up four and five times but yeah I guess the biggest word be will is Fanatics going to go straight to. 

To save the consumer a little money or they going straight to Consumer to make every tribe every day that we table, you know? Yeah, it seems. I think it is probably both. I think that, you know, I think they want to come in at a lower price for then what's in the Distributors have done in the past where they sort of, hold some inventory back. Say they're sold out. Out. And then wait to the price balloons up and then magically say, oh, we had to buy some more, pay, it pay more money and here's the price to carve market price. They saw that, I think that's their response now is to sort of cut that out, but at the same time I don't think, you know, they're going to, you know, Mark it up just a few dollars to be a great company. I think they're want to make some money too and and rightfully so I'm not 

Taken on them. But I just I just think there might be a little more greedy than we will want them to be if you will and will it be better? Do I like that? It's directed consumer truth. Be told I do. I hope they find that sort of happy middle ground where stuff is can still be affordable to us consumers that want the product and, you know, sort of The Best of Both Worlds. I don't, you know, If you ask me, do I think that's going to happen, you know, I'm going to be honest and say probably not or not in the way we would like to think so. You know, it's going to be somewhere between where we'd like it to be and where they want it to be. And, you know, as consumers are always said, right? We, we have the power right to speak with our wallets and bank accounts and purses. So if you know something's too high you just don't purchase it and that's how you 

Send a message that this price point needs to be lower, especially on the newer and the stop. So we'll see, you know, now that you've got going back to sets, you know, you knock the 72 death off the list. I mean, is that it or did the, are you going to take up a different challenge? You know, as far as Mark, the the other sets that I have, I kind of had stopped at 1980 to present and it said that I thought I was going to kind of stop there. That was a little further back than when I started to lift in, and we're just gonna kind of work forward and John Keating. After I finished the same thing to said, he's like, I guess he just thought I needed something to work on. So, I actually, he sent me. I actually stopped the 81. I'm sorry. I stopped 281 and he said, you need to go by the father and he sends me a box full of Haiti cards, knowing good and well, almost a look at them and be like, well, I can't leave us, you know, that's close enough. 

Finish it. So I've got it knocked down. I think to I have two left and then all of a sudden I get a box in the mail and this is the 76th because I had made a comment on personal ribs and one night about liking the seven set the same six tops was iron because I was putting some of my Brave Team sets in a binder for the 76 the year. And like I said, I made mention that I like to kind of like the design, well, three or four days. Later, I got to pop. So my door from John and it's a Set of the same sex. There you go. Well, I think the moral of the story is Herman, you've got to keep mentioning this sort of like, you just keep getting these special deliveries at your door rings. I mean, just keep, you know, I know you've mentioned it but, you know, maybe mention the Hank, Aaron rookie a few more times and see what see what happens to it after shows up at the door. Yeah, will you I want to talk about something? He just mentions a good segue to go right into that yet you have your show. Personal rips and hobby Chad. I know you and Ken and and you've had others on your show and just talk about sort of the concept, you know, where the where the show came from and where you're no, you're going with it as you continue but to do it in the future. Yeah it it actually started about two years ago. Our facts about it two years ago with Brad. Yeah man. Brad had this you know we had this thing where we were 

The phone, you know, Monday nights and we would use train yard, kind of like a zoom meeting. It just like you know, just to talk no no no live or recording or anything just talk face-to-face. And I guess we're done that for about a month and on about the third or fourth week he's like we should just go live and put this on you too, even when I don't want to do it and he just, he keep missing. He keep mixing it. And finally one day he was like, all right, well, you go hit the live button and we're live on YouTube. Just, you know, we're just sitting here talking to, you know, just like we have every other Monday talking about what he'd picked up talking about. What I picked up talking about, what he was going to buy a poking about what I was going to buy. No topic, no nothing. Just talking and sit here, going through our cars and opening packs or whatever. And it kind of grew. And I think I think I went on for about six to nine months and then he he had something he had another opportunity to come up and, you know, he took it and Ken can't come on with me and 

You know, he's been with me for about a year. I guess it's been about a year wish that he is since he sent step back to because he was you got life. And people don't realize that that people don't really, you know, this Herman people don't realize like, you know, content creation and doing a show like that. It's fun, don't don't, you know, no one out there misinterpret. What I'm saying, here, but it's also work and time consuming and you 

Schedules got a match in mash and so it's not easy and sometimes you or I or other content creator sometimes making look and you know jobs change your job commitments change and so you know some people may make it look easier than it actually is but but you know I definitely wanted to buzz in there and mention it but go ahead, yeah? Right. It's like say it with man when me a bribe has earned him and there was no set. Topic. There was nothing. It was just, we're just going to go on. We're just going to carry on our conversation. Like the David talked to anybody popped in to chat? You know what? Yeah, you know, we developed a lot of friendships like yet, you know through. Yeah. And then they can, like I said, Ken came on and we started trying to gear more toward the heaven topics, and some weeks, we would some weeks we wouldn't. But now that I mean, he's stepped back for the last couple of weeks. It's kind of just been me, you know, and I'm just, I'm thinking, I want to go back to 

Being more like what it was in the beginning to where it's just get on taught his in chat. Do my thing was a card organic just talk about what are you doing in it? Yeah, because it all goes back to, you know, when When Brad had left it to pursue something else, I was almost a got to the mindset where well, you know I'm not going to do anymore because you know, this is, you know, Brian's kind of Brands idea. Someone's at my door, I've got to get not be right back. Hey everybody, have you heard about collectible it's the one stop shop where any collector can buy and trade affordable shears in some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world, starting from just five dollars from 1950 to Mickey Mantle. PSA tens and Wilt Chamberlain's iconic rookie uniform to one of one Patrick Mahomes rpas rare LeBron, James logo man's and everything in between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen access and opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love together. 

No, this is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken. After doing your own research. 

We are back at Listen to I thought your he was your episode with those back pages. Yeah there are and when he hits had mentioned to somebody about making video content for their kids or grandkids to watch later and I'm thinking we know that's that's good reason to keep doing it. So that was that was that was a big factor in the reason why that I continue to do it. Yeah, great advice. Yep, that was on this show and Eric's hey, leave a legacy. Like, and listen, if you enjoy doing it, this is the beauty of it, bein