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Oct. 14, 2022

Ep.201 w/ Mark Hoyle-Red Sox SuperCollector

Ep.201 w/ Mark Hoyle-Red Sox SuperCollector

Mark Hoyle is a Red Sox SuperCollector but he's expanded beyond that, he joins us to discuss that, card mortality, his still to acquire grail card and him recently being featured on fansided.

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Mark Hoyle is a Red Sox SuperCollector but he's expanded beyond that, he joins us to discuss that, card mortality, his still to acquire grail card and him recently being featured on fansided.

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What is up? Welcome to episode, 201 of sports. Carnation, bat. Let a little cold, but doing. Alright, could be could be worse. Show must go on as I always say and it will and it will with a great guest today, mr. Mark Hoyle super collector of Red Sox friend of mine. Great guy. I'm running out of adjectives but he lives up to every one of those. Wait words. I like to call people in the lobby when they fit, right? Ambassadors and Advocates. Definitely epitomizes that and finally had them have mine today. Going to talk about his Red Sox collection The Hobby and general, you know his approach. You just featured in a big piece on fansidar, where talk about that and how, you know how social media these things you never You know how it affects someone. Someone reads it, someone hears something and gets those Juices Flow and can make an impact. So we're going to even touch on that as well, glad to have Market. We completed our episode 200 last week. Want to thank sports, collectors digest, and SGC for donating, some prizes to that episode and announce the winners for For the free three STC submissions called Dykstra was the lucky recipient of that and for the 21-year subscriptions to sports collectors digest, mr. Rookie card himself, Victor. Roman 11 of them and Michael tuck, 01 the other one. So thanks again to has CD. And SGC, I'm also going to do a prize pack from Um, some of our hits from our review boxes. I haven't posted that look for that soon. On our Twitter, Twitter feet, and will give some more stuff away. They're all right. Let's start our approach to episode number 300 with 201 today with mr. Mark oil time for all hobby, is the people announcer of the week. I hear baseball collector if you'd like to be the hobbyist of people announcer of the week to have wives or MP3 file, and send it to sports coordination PC, at gmail.com, introducing the only Auction House dedicated exclusively to the cards of the 1990s. Josh Adams, and John Linden of created, an auction company solely for the rare. There are some hard to find in certain parallels as an 1890s Weatherby, basketball, baseball, football, or hockey 90s options. Will have each oxygen will consist of smaller, Lots between 100 and 120. Lots of cards won't get lost in the shuffle. Founded on the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity 90s option was created by collectors for selection registered consigned, today at 90s option. In.com. That's 90 little es boxing.com. 

All right, I know I always say I'm excited to talk to my next guest in it. I always am. I'm not false advertising but I'm really excited to talk to this next Gentleman on the sports card shop. At Moco. I can call a friend and appreciate everything he does and he's always been supportive of me and I got to hang out with them last year and a town and at the hall of fame and had a great long day and it was fun and To do that again, but mr. Mark oil, welcome to sports Carnation, thanks for having me John. I've been looking forward to coming on. Well, your today's today is today so it is, and yeah, you're right. He waited my turn. So I know any sell some of the stuff I'm going to ask you. I sort of know D and E but for those out there, listening obviously they met A not all know, all those answers that I do Big Red Sox collector. You started when you were very young 5 years old, just, you know, you don't, you don't have to make it, you know, a long story but just kind of your background and how you got your start a year, obviously, from the Massachusetts area. So, that's where the red sign, but it all just kind of where you started kind of where you are now and all that, get it started. As a six-year-old, the only store in town where you can find cards where I lived. My mother was so every night on the way home, my dad would pick her up. I take a ride with her. I'd go in the guy with the owner would give me a pack of cards, right? I could go into the pocket by 10 packs at that time. So, that was 1970, 71. I must have collected a 69 because I have a pile of them up in my room and I didn't get them at a trade. So I must have bought Um, I just don't remember it and that lasted, I mean the Red Sox were from half hours, south of Boston. So the Red Sox who you watch. I didn't just collect Red Sox at the time. I was a subset collector, all the way up to high school and then I got out of it, kind of for a little bit and my couple boys in it. Brought up the shows here or there and that's when I actually started picking up a few cards here and there. And I didn't really revisit that until about 10 years ago when I got back into it. 

EBay and the internet and podcasts and blogs. I found all these things, unbelievably interesting, I just Dove right in headfirst at the time that I realized I could not collect everything, so that's what I pretty much dedicated my collection to read stock and then it just took off and that's where I'm at today. I'm pretty complete on most Red Sox issues, but there's a few that are out there that are missing. I've got the tops run done, the RPG runs Undone the Venezuelan run done all the way back to 1904. The first that I put together Red Sox and you know I collect Ted Williams. Few guys that don't play for the sock but did Jimmy Fox Lefty Grove Tris speaker. So young I'll pick up anything with those guys in now that I've kind of I can't buy every I can't find any more Red Sox guys, so I spread it out to anybody, who's from New England, I will buy a car. 

Mickey Cochrane, Connie Mack, all these different guys come fist or whatever. Team, he was on minor league College, just, I'll pick up photos of kids playing, catch on a Town, common in Salem, Massachusetts. It's any the baseball in Massachusetts or New England. That's where I'm at right now, so, that's where I'm at. Yeah, so you you said, you have all the tops runs out yet. That's all up until 2022. I mean, are you Korean? I don't I don't buy tax anymore and I just do the base sets. I don't chase the parallels and I have a couple guys online who break them and I just buy the team sets and I'm done at the end of the year. I'll go get the tops factory set then just stick that up elf. I don't even open it anymore. But you know, I do the basic top stuff that they come out with Heritage archive Stadium Club just the base. Correct base sets, that's all. I trace it all the autographs. Now, 

Since you focused obviously on the Red Sox like you said you've expanded into people from the state. Yeah. Or even shots that were taken but like they have you traded a lot of your non Red Sox stuff away or that's a lot of I've kept my full sets, I have full top sets back to 70 and then I have the sixth episode as well. Any of the extras, I've got rid of them, I've been trading them, I've collected all four Sports up until You know, when I was younger. So I have doubles for all the other sports have been trading all those for the past 10 years. And that's how I caught up all the years that were in. Between that I miss, I caught up with trading away all my doubles from the 70s, but I trade one card for 50 cards, you know? And just catch up that way, that's it. So yeah. So now when you go to a show I mean your list is probably smaller than the average restaurant. Red Sox collector, just based on the fact that you have so much going to step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be right back with more with Mark oil. Zion cases are the best card cases in the hobby one, quick walk around the national or even the local card. Show will bear that out, whether it's a case to protect your one single Grail card or to hold and protect many of your precious cards. Look. No further than his eye on cases. And don't forget our backpack cases have no equal. 

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We've returned with her conversation with Mark oil. I mean, when you go to a show, do you do you go in sort of with hey I'm looking for this. I might not even see it right stored on my target for today. I have my list is very small for what I've my logs are there is some really tough Oddball things that I'm missing and they used to be one guy that made the show circuit and he would always be good for one to two of my could knock him off, and he was the only guy, 

It's ever saw that even had these things, unfortunately passed away about four months ago, so I don't know where I'm going to find some of these pieces at this point, but sometimes it actually feels good going into a show. I only might be looking for, just five to six cards and if I don't sit, I just have fun. I'll pick up some Oddball, Red Sox issues, some Regional type stuff, and I'll even pick up some other stuff just for other guys, or yeah. But those around here. Here. There's a couple of pretty big ones. We might have 10 guys show up but we just kind of hang out for the day. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody knows that fails collects. You can give him the heads-up. You can pick it up, you can trade with them. So it's more of a night out than it is necessarily - yeah. Get together in a yeah, exactly what it is. Yeah, so the other thing I wanted to ask you is you know, there's one card. I know when you were just featured you just featured 

Fan cited article but Deb. We're going to talk about that, but one of the things mentioned in, there is one card you're definitely. I mean, I guess we'll, you can correct me if I'm wrong. I mean, you you sort of talk to of it as a ground card, I just quit some months back for you know it's the 39 Gowdy premiums Ted Williams and very scarce card you like you've talked in in the Articles out. You don't even hardly see him if At all, just to just if my memory serves me right that you know those cars were given out with like a rapper exchange which is one of the reasons. They're so hard to find just speak to the Providence of the card and in your travels, you know, when and if you've seen it now the the card they're technically, they might some people not, might not even call my car. They're really thin thin paper there. This one is proximately, Maybe. 

10:16 PM
A little smaller than that. And that's exactly what you did. You would turn in rappers, maybe 10 and they would give you this and I mean, it might, it might have been the one that was on the bottom of the box. So either that of the last, you're the guy who got it, I'm not really sure wasn't always Ted Williams, it wasn't known what I have other ones from the set. I just don't have that said, wait and it is extremely scarce. I have never actually even seen one in person. I've been on a bit awkward. They re a A all these big auctions. I bid on them every once in a while, they'll pop up a private auction. I got guy on Twitter hat, but he said before, I offered to you guys before I put it on an auction. And the thing went for outrageous. Money left 13, Grand, something like that. Maybe four years ago, three years ago. That was one on on eBay and it was, it wouldn't, it would Bailey, great old one. It was in such bad shape, and I should have just bought it just to have 

One but it went for thirty eight hundred dollars and it was little it was really bad bad shape card. So how did I did? I read that correctly? You think or that there may be less than like 10 or less or somewhere? Now, sanity that rare. But it's I've never actually seen. I've been so to some big shows, not the national, I've been to some other big shows and you just never see it. It very rarely even In pops up, in one of the big auction house was just, this doesn't pop around it. Is a worldwide dumb version to. That's the exact same one. It's from Canada, same era and that's even tougher. Yeah, but it's, it may be that I won't ever pick up. I won't get but it's still alive joked about it and was in the article my another buddy of mine. We said let's split it and we can have it for six but we'll just put it back and forth. Share custody, it'll 

A fractional, but a fractional of to the actual physical custody of it for six months, a year. But I mean, I'm also to the point where, what I really want to spend twelve brand even if I had it and could do it. I mean, I'm almost 60 right now. And it's like, what am I going to do with these cards in ten years and that's, you know, it might be different if I was. I wanted to touch on that, too. I want to talk to you. I'm working on Marco. I'll be out Alex, I'm on my list. No, I'm going to have them for a lot longer if, you know, No, so yeah, that one time where I see it at a flea market from playstore yard sale so we just know what they have. Yeah. Yeah. We'll see. That's probably going to be the other only way I'm gonna get it. So yeah. Hey, you never know, you know, don't know. Don't know where no. I mean, I'm sure I could find one little while. You never know. Yes, my love. I know you do too. Have you ever found? No need. I didn't even find those. I found one box. 

Apart from a set. I don't even know boxing. So I'm just kind of guessing I think it's from the team's you know somewhere early 20s possibly. That's the only kind of been found and I have it upstairs in my room. Yeah, that's that. You have. But you again you never know. It only has to happen once right? Yep. You were listening to the sports card Nation Podcast. We'll be right back after this break. Are you a new sports car collector or someone returning to the Hobby? Maybe you're just looking for a friend. Really trustworthy hobby Community to hang out with and enjoy collecting. Midwest, boxford's has been bringing collectors together for many years with a portable break, helpful, thread, and a discourse group packed with generous, people who genuinely care about the Hobby and other collectors. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com, our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. Also find us on Twitter at Midwest Boxford. Hey folks. Jan here just wanted to remind you use the discount code m. 

B10 for 10% off. Your first order at Midwest box breaks cam let's go. You are listening to the sports card Nation Podcast. 

So obviously, you know, other Red Sox fans and collectors that are doing things along your lines. I know you're a modest guy and you won't, you know, you never liked to say this on your own accord. But in all honesty, like, out of the group that, you know, like collects Red Sox, would you say you probably the closest to having Red Sox? Either was produced a card wise. I'm not necessarily talking about. How would you say? I don't know. 

Will, you know, you will be the leader in that path. Yes or no. I think because I have friends of mine who specialize just in collecting Carlton Fisk here. I have a lot of bisque stuff. They have fists, they'll chase the autographs. The parallels buddies look like Jim Rice, Louie teon, my one of my best friends as he has a few other Ted Williams cards that I don't have another buddy of Mines big as guy, so, overall, I might have more stuff. Bigger variety, I don't specialize. Stan one guy they rate the minutiae of their collection isn't what I have. So I so there's a yes or no. I have quite a few things to pretty big collection but I don't chase every little piece like they do a one particular player. I think there's a little bit different but that's a little different than what I do. You know. Yeah, player collecting over really collect memorabilia type things like uniforms, I don't collect 

Out of signed big posters and stuff like that. If if I can fit it in the binder or on my little shelf, that's worth. That's the stuff I like, yeah, well obviously, you have a lot of stuff and it was their favorite kid. Is if they have more than more than one, but I got to ask you, I mean, is there one particular item? Whether it's the back story behind it, or whatever the case may be, that if you had To pick one, you have a favorite piece or card. It is pride and bring it down. I was going to do this. That's okay. And I had bad reception. I grew up a couple other ones here. The the probably my favorite crowd is the 54 Ted Williams Wilson Meats, which is a pretty rare occurrence, but I'm happy with it. So that's probably my favorite one. I grabbed a couple other ones just to take a look at them. This is 

On that, you know, who often right here. I don't know if you can see is the glare pretty bad here. It's a little bit but I can, I can, I can make it out but go ahead and it's for those listening to because this would be on YouTuber and you know, okay. Hey this is a 68 tops 3D. Yeah. And this is created. This is an eight. This is the tough card to find in any shape. Yeah. There might be less than 30 of these out there. That's brought, that's, I just. This is one of the better looking. And cars, the Wilson, meets a beautiful guide, mine's not and talk shape, but this that's the lawn books. Probably one of my favorites and here's another setback ever see. This is a 64 All-Star banquet and this is the to be, this is the tops issue as well. And the story with these is this deal. They have the rookie cop on the cards. Well, they used to have a banquet in the very first year. They put cards over 64 and these were given to the guests at the banquet 

The only way you could get them, it's about a 30 card set Tony sees on three different ones. So those are the three I have and then I have a couple of the other ones. The header one is a little BT on, but that's a tough set, but that's one of my favorite shots too. So now, do you know how many were produced like did everyone in attendance? Get a whole set, or they just got some of this, you know, the, I don't know that. I don't know that. I don't know if they've just flopped a set at each table and you fought for him, or each player there is Is a Catholic, Tony C has a card with his picture on it and then there's another one. It was like a Red Sox, representative issued him his trophy and it has that guy's picture on it and it has the speech on the card. Wow. So I don't know, if I don't know how they would have done that, let's add a turn, the speech in ahead of time. But yeah. And then there's a couple other is basically the all the guys who run the 64. Also rookie. Mmm. So there's a booklet that came with these and those are tough to find. 

Yeah, I don't know that banquet but I have the booklet for other Banquets and it's kind of neat because if you go back to like the 59 of the 61, there's like a picture of a Willie McCovey card from that year, which was never really issued. He was on a different kind of character but they made one up just for them. So for like promotion. Yeah, that's crazy. Why I listen, I've been doing this a long time. I did not know about those. And that's the, that's the crazy thing about the hobby. Mark, you could be a veteran. You be are quotes and expert. I don't believe there are any First I think people just opening a little bit more than than maybe others and to find out about some of the stuff to the stake of. I see you got another card here. So I'll go pull this out. Wanted you don't see too often as well and this is the 68 plaques checklist. Now, I don't know if any of the viewers are, you know, what the plaques were? They with these little plastic things that came in a 33, like little cutouts of the busted, their heads came on these little pieces of plastic and then this is the checklist. These are came out and sheets. I believe, they basically came out the back door of the tops Factory. They weren't supposed to be released and some out of and these are graded. It's authentic but you never see it. So these are the 12 that were issued for the American League and I get Yaz on the back. Yeah. And him on board. So that's the plaques. And I have I have one of each of those guys, but the card is tougher. Yeah. And I only one other one, when this was what it was. I know it's not about that, but just it's just the fact that they're not never really were released except these snuck out the back door. I know what I paid for it. I don't know what it's worth. Now, I'm thinking it's been maybe three to four grand at this point. What? Maybe? Yeah. I don't know. Yeah, I mean, and very few people who even will see that we've been, you have to tell them what it is, just you told me you're not going to know. I have the plaques upstairs but they're the kind of weird and they never show up. Even if you take a picture of them, then 

10:27 PM
Yeah yeah. Right now. That just goes to show you again, right Market, I don't care how long you do this. There's always something out there, you have no idea what it might be you know you did you research and figured out what someone who may not know much like myself. I'm like, yeah. And that's the fun part is learned in all the stuff every day. Yeah the the Oddball stuff in the test issues. Those are the most challenging find the most expensive to buy and I got a Search is to figure out what these things were. And what do you look for? I'll type searches in 15 different ways to try to find one thing because you never know. There's a lot of times guys selling. It doesn't know what he has either. Yeah. Yeah for sure time to hear from one of our great sponsors but sports card Nation will be right back after that. Okay everybody have you heard about collectible it's the one stop shop where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares in some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia. 

In the world, starting from just five dollars from 1952 Mickey Mantle, PSA tens in Wilt Chamberlain's iconic rookie uniform to one of one Patrick Mahomes rpas rare LeBron, James Lobo man's and everything in between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen access and opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. Thanks for sticking with us to the show. When you when you go to a show like are you at the point like you can look and you know like yeah I have that already. Or do you ever sometimes pick something up and you already had it or you're pretty good on our something good with it. I'm not doing sets from not putting those together so I don't have to worry about a checklist for that and I can like it look really quick and tell you whether I have it or not. Yeah, yeah. Well that just really goes to show you how extensive your collection must be. Because, you know, you hear other people who even do you know, team collecting and you always hear like I bought, you know, I bought 20 cards and four of them. I didn't realize I had them so that that used to have in. I don't know how you have your cards catalog, but even my notes I don't know if anything online. I have three binders of notebooks that I got my info in his handwritten. So and the oldest one, probably I started it when I was maybe 10 years old, I still have it. That's pretty cool. Part of its perfect foil history, it's pretty beat up, but I'm keeping it. Yeah, yeah, he had no doubt. Know you mentioned. I want to finish with the fan cited article that you you just appeared in but, you know, you mentioned something that is something I think about. 

Little bit younger than you, not, not a ton younger. No, I did a show on it, and dr. Beckett said, Hey kid, come on my show. Let's both talk about this. I'm a little bit older than you and that's like card mortality. And you, you mentioned it when you were speaking about, hey I'm, you know, I'm 60, you know, when I want we were talking about that cow, Dee Williams. Like I don't want to spend that much and you know, maybe have 1015 hope hopefully longer but you don't we don't know, right? Yeah. And I just can't just I mean what, you know like have you ever thought like what you know, what happens to the stuff when I'm here. I did a show where, you know, my son for I, my side lock my son's a little bit in the cards, went nowhere near on the level. I am my wife, couldn't tell you, you know, anything about carci supportive of me, but she knows nothing. You know, she knows it's a couple valuable ones, right room? That's it. 

About as she probably doesn't even know the true extent of. I know that and it's okay, it's not even a comfortable subject, frankly. The talk about because no one wants to really think about that, right? Right. He won't want my wife mentions about like wills and like I don't even want to think of, I know it's in Evans like I'm not, you know, I know I know it's important but it's not a comfortable subject and we definitely don't always think about it. Why When it comes to our inventories and our cars and our collection, I did a show on it. I did. I did a, you know, I jumped on with with dr. Jim on sports card insights. And you mentioned yourself. I mean, you know, sort of, when you think about that, do you have sort of, you know? Well, a process and, you know it it just got brought up the other day because I really don't know. My wife asked me all the time. You have to show me, which ones are worth money and like, So what I have done anyway is just say I dropped it. Mauro. Well that's that hypothetically but let's not have a head. She has the names of three or four guys that I trust. Alfred do this, she has that, but it's this, I probably donate some, you know, I might make a call to the if they want a couple of things for, you know, what we're doing and I don't know, I might try to sell some stuff possibly, you know. 

So, it's a, it's such a hard question to answer really is right. You know what I did my show, like, you know, the, some of the options, right? The leave it to my son and let him keep what he wants a cell, what he does it and then there's a selfish part of me. I'm an honest and transparent guy I'm like, hey, I work hard to build this up, right? Who I'd kick. Do I pick a certain age where if I make it to that Plateau, I just like, hey, I'm sorry. Selling everything and just going to enjoy, whatever the proceeds are, whether it be travel or, whatever, whatever I decide to do with it, that, you know what I mean? That way you will eliminate sort of leave it at the someone else who may not either know what to do with it or doesn't want, you know, that's a, that's a task onto itself, right up? Yeah, here. When parents pass away and you know, the son or daughters, or both go there and have to sort everything out. 

Who gets wide and lean out the house, you know, they're ready, grieving and then you got to do that. So you know, it's such a it's such a hard question to answer, like it's not just cut and dry your so many different facets to it. I didn't even even went doing my own show Mark on it again. I still haven't really answered the question. I can't talk about it. I don't think anybody takes to a final right hook and loop closure what they were going to do. Nobody knows, yeah. And I have, you know, I have a bunch of kids grandkids and they're really, so, it might be we're in another 10 years, right? Sell them off a little at a time and vacation, I don't know you donate some and I have a lot of good buddies, maybe I could give skip some away, shells. Some and now donate it if anybody would want it. Yeah, all right, yeah. All all viable options, you know, I want thing. I definitely want a great point you made is in Very least right? Have a list of three or four people that you trust with their names and numbers. If that unfortunate day comes, you know, next of kin loved ones will at least have a point of reference or contact that will you know, obviously want to have people you can trust so your family doesn't get, you know, duped or taken advantage of and you know someone say three or four names why so many well depending on you know, the age of Those three bright. Some of those folks may not be in the best either in the best the how to do it or they may not be around themselves. So having having a few extra names on that list, you mentioned probably not a bad idea. I think it's that's what I must for anybody. That has a collection of any size of value. In the reason I do three afford, one of my buddies knows a lot about Ted Williams. I have a lot of Ted one guy knows more about car, he's on the list because 

You can help liquidate that, you know, if I had to or my wife had to do. Yeah, that's yeah. I don't like talking about it. It's not a fun subject, obviously, but it comes with the territory. I only mention it because you, you sort of mentioned it yourself. So I, you know, I wanted to sort of at least touch on in Italy. Only reason I mentioned it because that's always in the back of my head is I'm gonna spend a decent money on a card. I want to enjoy it for No, yeah, yeah. No man. That? Yeah, it's time for a quick break but we'll be right back. Okay, everybody, have you heard about collectible it's the one stop shop, where any collector can buy and trade affordable shearson, some of the most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia in the world. Starting from just five dollars from 1952 Mickey Mantle, PSA, tens and Wilt Chamberlain's iconic rookie uniform to one of one Patrick Mahomes rpas rare LeBron James Lobo man's and everything. In between Collectibles, creating never-before-seen access and opportunities for all. Let's go the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. 

All right, I we mentioned it a couple times you just appeared in fan cited, Great Piece where they talked about your collection. Very well done. That's where I learned about, you know, you're not having that gaudi's premium Williams, just kind of talk about how that whole interview and in it, It came about in a roundabout way and I wasn't the original topic that this article was supposed to be about. I met an Emerson College student through another friend who and this guy was just going to do a senior paper on the card collecting. Boom. This is started out last year, actually the first interview. So he just looked a guy up on Instagram and it was a friend of mine and he interviewed him for an hour and he said, do you know anybody else? I can talk to him mind. 

I did a zoom called kind of like we're doing right now and talk to you for about an hour. He goes, do you have anybody else? I can talk to I gave him four more names. He came back to me two weeks later and said I want to interview you again. I said fine, he goes, I want to do this more on a personal basis though to get to know you because unbeknownst to you all these guys that you asked me to interview or told me the interview kept on coming back to you. So my paper is going to be on you now and it's not going to 

10:38 PM
Over the phone Zoom, take calls and been to one in a while. We spent the whole day together. I met a bunch of my friends, the dealers. We talked about it. He came down to my house, took some photos that my family did a lot of other in, you know, not just baseball stuff and card stuff. Just talked about, you know, how I get into the hobby where I'm at now and just my day-to-day life. And, you know, my family, my friends like that, different things that have happened in my life. What shaped me, you know, different things like that and it was just supposed to be his senior paper. So that was cool. I get an alert on my phone last Wednesday, and my wife picked it up and said, oh, and we just sent you a message and said, the article is gone live. And I didn't know what that meant. So I called them up and he goes, oh yeah, it's going to be on this website and I read it the next morning and the 

Had the little Twitter symbol after I read, it may just hit it and it automatically reach, retweeted it onto my page, then a friend of mine, retweeted it, and then another guy retweeted. And before, you know, it by phone, blow up for the whole day, it was complete prize because I didn't know it was going to be on a website and then a couple other sites picked it up and link to it. So it was, you know, it was surprising. But it was, it was very cool, very cool. I actually went to a bad show last weekend and three. People came up to me, I didn't even know and said, hey, I thought you knew celebrity, man. Yeah, so it was what, you know, it really caught me by surprise because I I didn't it was going to be a senior paper, I had no idea. We're going to do what it did and but, you know, I didn't call them up. I said, you know, Andrew, the bottom line is that means the school or thank you for doing this. But what did you get for a grade 

You know, that's the original pot and he did get an A-Plus. So yeah. So a young kid, he's graduating this, you know, this semester, hopefully this gets him on his way. So if you make them a Card Collector, that's my, that's the question on the time. I think he had a little bit and I brought up to the show and he got corked almost right away. He bought a few things and then we came over. He's from Houston, so he's in Afghanistan. And I had Astros Hold it by and I gave it to him when he came to visit to the house. So yeah. Yeah, I don't think he's jumped in like, we have, but doesn't use the general, and I think it was somewhat eye-opening when he saw when I brought him to the couch. Oh, he'd never really been to one. So, yeah, that, that was eye-opening. Oh, yeah, but, but it's very the probably supposed to hook up this week. Maybe go to dinner, you know, probably friends for life, you know, started over there. There you go. 

And you know, whether he wind up in a car till you gotta start somewhere so you. Yes, you got him, you got him. You got him headed in the right direction and they, you never know where they really didn't touch the. So that's a start. So you never know. Yeah, yeah. Well, they take the, they pick, they picked the right subject for the peace. It was very well done. I can see why the young man got an A+ and, you know, a guy that's like, If Mark, fully dedicated knowledgeable, passionate, right? I mean there's something to be said, right at? Like he said whenever talk when he was talking to, you know, other people and they all kept going back to you. Hey, you got to talk to Marquis the proofs in the pudding. I know you're never say this about yourself, so I'll sing your Praises for you. I think in the end they got it, right? He got his a plus maybe a future collector and You know what you do was highlighted and shared and very important, you never know, I always say even with this show Mark, you know, you never know what someone listening in your case with the article. Someone reading that, you know, that could be sort of the fuel to who knows what. And you know, it's it's you never know and you can never take that for granted. We're not the first time I had my dad on this show. And you know, you got emotional talk. Brooklyn, you know, I got a lot of feedback from that show from people who actually were estranged from their father, had a falling-out didn't you know, an argument didn't have agree on something and they said they heard that episode and and you know, blow up, you know, the who's gonna blink first and they call their dad and say, hey this is this is silly. We're not talking over this. I'm sorry, let's let this thing go and now I want of them. One of them was Is he hasn't spoke to his dad in 20 years and hearing me? You know, talk to my dad just you know, got him emotional knowing his dad was getting older and said, you know what? I'm calling my Dad. I don't care if I give in first. It's not about that in that, you know, when I did that episode, I had no idea that. Well, yeah, that's true. And it's same thing enough about me, but even even these like, written pieces, right? You just, you never know it could 

Farc. A I have some cards and take him out before I say, I want to do this to maybe different team, right? Or to safety mommy, just don't know, you know what it could can lead to and just was a well-done piece and on a well-done subject, on a great guy, they got everything where I and congratulation to you and, you know, you got to share some of your hobby history and collection and so do others to enjoy. Boy. I mean the the cool thing about it, he actually included a few other my buddies friend. Yeah. Trading in the article, one of them, he interviewed, but he actually, he followed all of us guys on Twitter. So we saw the interaction with everybody so going on and he was just blown away. How everybody treats everybody? Its yeah you know one big family so to speak guys, the trade and giving stuff away, you know, he was blown away, he followed, you know, like I said he fall. 

All those guys on Twitter and tweet the Articles, it get dark pretty deep in a few spots. Yeah, it's not no cards. It's about life too. So there's a, how cards help you cope with things here, with some. Yeah and you learn, you meet other guys and you can, you know, help them through situations to. So yeah, which is why I even brought up that, you know, that episode with Dad, you never know what someone can find, you know, in in in social media. Right? Whether it be written or verbal or video, that can spark something and be life-changing. I know that sounds dramatic. But yeah, they can be, it can be, it happens. I know what firsthand I was just surprised as anyone, when what I mentioned happened, but you just don't know, you never know, who's listening who's reading and what kind of impact it might have. And like, you know, like the old cliche going goes, right if you win back. One person in a pod. 

Positive way. It's worth it right there and if you know, so, you know, Well Done piece. And like I said, congratulations, and now you won't be able to go grocery shopping without people. Come in coming up to, you know, I don't know, you never were cards, right? You know, you'll, well, you might be seeing I'm going to a lot of you might be seeing more of my face because I think I'm going to try to do some kind of YouTube show and the future in the near future. There you go. Do your little thing when you do 5 or 10 minutes, talk about one subject. I think that's kind of what I want to do, and it's in the works right now. All right, well, you got one Scorsese figures out. How we want. I wants to like, you know, do it all up. I'm just kidding. But I'll be watching that, you know, that already and I'm sure he'll be some a really interesting stuff. Yeah. Shown and that's why I always People like they think. Well John you've been doing this almost 40 years. You know, everything? No, not even close. Like, even the card you show tonight. I didn't know about those, right? So you, I don't care who you are. You know, dr. Jim is said, this Rich Kline right there always run into something. They may learn about, you're always learning in this hobby, that's the fun part. I always, I always say the day. I didn't learn something. I didn't try hard enough to do so You know, it's great and I'm sure once you launch the Show a lot of people going to learn about a lot of cards and a lot about the I view myself, included, I'm looking forward to it. You know, the deal Mart tag me. I'll retweet well mode for you. I might even help me get going here so I can figure this whole thing out. So you never know how you not. Listen this goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, you know, you can call me, text me and I'll help you out any time of day. Day. Wake me up. I'll help you any time. That's what friends do and so that's, that's, that's easy. So, for Mark, congrats on the article, keep collecting and I'm sure we'll talk again, and we'll have to do another Cooperstown. Yeah, I'm gather, but then in October sometime. So, all right, let me let me know, you know, I'm not that far away and will 

Go together. Defin