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Nov. 18, 2022

Ep.206 w/ Chris Fitzjarrald-Director of "Behind the Card"

Ep.206 w/ Chris Fitzjarrald-Director of

Chris Fitzjarrald just directed a full-feature hobby film "Behind the Card" with a large cast of hobby dignitaries, I was fortunate to be able to screen the film. Chris joins us today for a behind the scenes look at the film and the process of making...

Chris Fitzjarrald just directed a full-feature hobby film "Behind the Card" with a large cast of hobby dignitaries, I was fortunate to be able to screen the film. Chris joins us today for a behind the scenes look at the film and the process of making it.

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9:14 PM
What is up, everybody episode 2006 glad to be back as I always am. You know piggybacking off last week we had a big Chef Tim shepler from True sports car. They I hope you got the check out that show and Sacramento a huge lineup of autograph guests. If you attended, let me know, give me some feedback. What you take them to show. Unfortunately, I'm in New York. I can't make the cross-country trip, but I know it's probably We're going to be or probably was a great show. So fill in the blanks for me. If you, if you could let me know how it went and you know, give me sort of the details on that if you did go. I know a few people message me and said they didn't know about the show to the hurt me and Tim talking on the episode. So there you go. Alright, so today's guest is a director, there's a new movie, it's actually out today, you can Order an apple, and it's called behind the card. It's a film documentary. 96 Minutes, long hour and 36 minutes. Crits Fitzgerald is the director. He also does appear in the film here and there, I won't give away everything. Okay? Very nicely put together, documentary. I got to screen it before, you know, public release. And I want to thank Chris and staff for that and it was, it was right. Very, very good. And, you know, we're going to talk about it, obviously having Chris on today, we're going to talk about the movie going to learn some stuff behind the scenes stuff who was asked, maybe couldn't appear and, you know, some behind, you know, stuff you won't know, just by watching the film and Steve aoki's in it. Rob go who's been on this show? Jeff Wilson who's been on this show? Everyone's favorite Vegas, Dave is in there. But, you know, when I saw it, Vegas. Dave was going to be in the film, you know, my initial thoughts were, oh boy. Right, let's I'm being very honest, but I can tell you and watching the film, my ex be exceeded, my expectations once. I knew sort of he was involved, you know, in the film. And just well done sort of, you know, a yin yang with, you know, vintage day Vegas. Dave is not into vintage and Rob G. Rob go is and the kind of got In Counterpoint there and just it just really well done. They didn't leave, you know, they got a lot of stuff in 96 Minutes, you know, which doesn't seem like a long time, but they really jam-packed and covered a lot of ground. And we're going to talk all about that with Chris Fitzgerald, the director of behind the cart. He's our guest today. So gave the, you know, let you know who's on. And you know that movie is out today behind the card and, you know, I comes up Up from me. I enjoyed it. You're going to hear in the interview. I actually started screening the film sort of late at night when I was a little bit tired. Now fully tired but never once thought about turning it off was very intrigued by it and it was you know, the mark of a something interesting or good movie is you don't realize like how long it is, right? When you when you realize how something Blanc? Something is that means you're sort of watching the clock or ones. This thing over. We I got 396 minutes, it didn't feel Feel like 96 minutes but with less than an hour late at night, when I was sort of winding down, but had no interest in turning it off and I think you'll enjoy it too. And again, I want to talk with Chris about some things. Maybe I didn't see or did see that I liked and didn't see that. I wish we did. But like I said, put put together very well. So, without further Ado, let's let's start this thing up. 

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Really excited to talk to my next guest on his sports card shop at Moco guess. Like he is the writer and director of a brand new film, a hobby film nonetheless, that comes out today. Literally Show release day of this podcast, this film is making its Premiere. The name of the film is behind the card, but I'm with director producer, and of The Man Behind the movie. Chris Fitzgerald, welcome. And thanks John for having me here. Big fan of sports Carnation, boy. Appreciate you making some time. I was fortunate enough to get a screening of the film and stayed up. You know, got a little late start on oh I'm a night owl. Anyway, but first off, well done. At no point, you know, did I want to like stop watching it and go to bed or anything like that? You have that much over to Hunger Games. One of my least favorite movies which I actually never finish watching. I just didn't like it. So no comparison there but all joking. Aside. You know. Well done. Well, put together. I guess. My first question to you. Chris to start off the show is kind of your hobby background like your own. Or do you have one like where did wait what's your role? I mean, give up refill. Obviously you're one of us now but prior to the film. Well how would you answer that question? Definitely. And hopefully we need the box office numbers of Hunger Games since you like art but yeah, I started Writer of behind the cards. And essentially, I did like a lot of individuals on their young, collect the cards. There was car shows that my dad would take me to if you worked at a card shop for a while, so it was just an integral part of my life growing up. I made a few dumb mistakes. When I was young, where I sold or traded the neighborhood guys, a few my high-end, you know, back in the day, Michael Jordan cards for Damon Stoudamire and stuff like that. So, did my mistakes? When I was young, got out of it in high, Like a lot of individuals and then really got back into it and forward team. Like a lot of individuals did went out to Target with my wife. Paula Fitzgerald. When we essentially go to Vegas and Los Angeles and I was like, hey, there's a box of carved wood, only get one. It was just in the time zone of like 1920 prism to 1920 Mosaic that time frame. So, those ION job, you know, that big era of Ricky are chases and I hit his eye on prism car when I got home. So, looked on eBay. So those cards For large amount of back a week later, there was no boxes on the shelves. So that was kind of strange, I thought, well, the Panini and tops just, you know, distribution is struggling because it's quarantine what back another week and there was like two or three boxes tops Heritage or whatever that, you know, just low-end products. So I went online and started doing some research into space and saw how kind of half-baked. The rise was right between 2017 and 2020 and it really fueled me to start selling on eBay with This is that I could find in selling singles and I'm up to about the six-figure mark and eBay sell. So I'm integral part of that side of the business as well, not just collect. So I got to ask you but before this film any experience into filmmaking document like what if your background prior to this film? Yeah, I love this question because essentially I never created a tick tock video before this. I really, I really did not spend time. The content space at all. I actually have a technology. Background. I own an HR Tech business. My wife Paula, she actually First employee of a tech startup that was electric vehicle batteries. Getting its Tesla that went public and December 2020. She actually saw the for Content during quarantine where individuals just stop you know, felting. So essentially because of that. And the story I had, you know, from what I saw was going on within the sports card Market. She just one night mentioned. This sounds like a movie and we like, you know, what? This does sound like a movie. So we, essentially spit six months behind the scene, just kind of taking as much as we could. From online talking to individuals and really understanding the marketplace. And we realized how much of a spider web, it was versus a linear path of what you do this Marketplace. So we really felt like we needed to create something that would allow not collectors to come in and not lose their way right away. So that's essentially why we started to you know fill this and it ended up being a documentary on exports carbs as our first. So credit credit to your wife Paula choose the one that is alive ethnicity exam. So what You when you when you decided like Hey we're let's do this. We're going to do this like what was the first thing? Like where did you start? Like where did it all start with the as far as the process goes. So we knew we needed to start real organization so we incorporated and we essentially got the best individuals across the film space. So our legal team to, you know, get everything done behind the scenes. Because when you create a theatrical film, it's not like you're just throwing of you to write, everything has to be. Dolph on from just named products, everything, right? So ensuring that we did that correctly. And then we moved into really understanding, what producers do we need? We need cinematographers, we need boom carriers where they actually hold up, you know, the, the actual Booms for voicing over and once we built the team out, then we started tackling, okay? Now that we have a team that, you know, essentially is worked on Jason Bourne Mall, Cop 2, Paul Blart, you know, those movies that The 

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And the last, The amount then Paula my wife as she does everything for this film, she was actually a casting director started. You know, getting individuals that I felt like was necessary to be in our film to make this a success. Not just, you know, on a platform but an actual theatrical release. Did you get any pushback from anyone? Another words that anyone even in a polite, sort of way? Maybe say, you want to make a movie about sports cards, are you sure? This is something you? Did you get any sort of, you know, have you? We thought about this any kind of anything like that or not, not necessarily. Yeah, definitely. I would say my myself push back on myself during this time frame because as cool as it was and as much as I love sports cards, I wasn't sure if we would have enough content to create something for everyone in the space because it is a very Niche space. When you look at film with the athlete place, you got to think of the masses washing it, right? And they got to be interested. So the sports card Market being call it nine. 90, 95 percent male driven. We're losing a big chunk there, if we don't do this correctly, right? So, you know, from that perspective, I really focused on getting the script, right? And trying to make a documentary that didn't seem to documentary, or too much about sports, even though it's all about sports cards, right? So, I think you'll see that in the film audience, when you watch it, the way that we laid it out, we try to make it for everyone out there, not just sports car collectors and that was a big thing for me. When it comes to individuals in the film, like, Steve aoki's in the You know, it was DJ, we just got really lucky at the time when he was really involved in a sports car market. Before you watch this film, you might not know how involved he is, but he's not just buying big cars but he's an integral part across the board with, you know, brand cards and his own card shop and stuff like that. But I think it took us about six intros to him to get him on board because he just really doesn't do sports car. 

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Interviews. So, you know, things like that happen behind the scenes with some individuals like him going to step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be right back with more about behind the card, which crisp is Sheriff for, nearly 50 years. Sports collectors digest has been the voice of the hobby. Bringing you comprehensive coverage of the sports, collectible industry from industry news auction results, market analysis, and in-depth stories, about collectors, and their collections Sports. Lectors digest has everything you need to know about the hobby. SCD is also your leading source for listings of sports collectible dealers, card shops card shows and the latest of the industry's top companies to check out all the latest news or you subscribe to the Hobbies. Oldest magazine visit sports collectors digest.com or call one eight hundred eight to nine 5561. We have returned with Chris Fitzgerald. In more about the movie Behind the car, we definitely have some move, the meter folk in the film, you know, you got Jeff Wilson sports card. Investor a guy like, you know, I almost have mine opposite sides of the spectrum, right? You got Jeff and then you got the Vegas, Dave, and all life right now. I just said Vegas, Dave and everyone listen to podcast made some sort of facial expression. What a lantern on the podcast? This definitely a polarizing figure, right? Like we talked a little bit before we went on and, you know, he's kind of a love-hate guy. People either love them or loves to hate them. That's probably the best way to say it. I'm sort of in the middle, he's not my favorite guy. Truth be told, but there was that I will say this, you know, for what I thought I knew of them which was a lot about up, your movie, definitely brought out some of his early career as a young teenager, ER that I didn't realize everything in jail. So I have a different view of him after watching your film that I did before watching it. And I think that's, I think that's a testament to you, and how it was filmed and getting that stuff out there for people to realize like myself and make sure others will watch it. And say, oh my most, holy smokes. I didn't realize this about this guy. Now still, I still don't agree with everything he says, right, but we could say that about it. A lot of people, if people listen to this show and say, tell everyone everything you say, right? So you know, maybe his bedside manners not someone's cup of tea, but I really felt your film sort of, you know, highlighted people's real /. You like the people were being real. Like I said, I got to learn a little bit about Vegas. Dave of stuff. I didn't know, you know, Jeff Wilson who's been on this show again, people either love them or not a big fan, and but they were sort of to me, Tell me if you agree with this statement, they were sort of the yin and yang of your film. I almost felt and and Away was even shot to, they were sort of opposite cops points when one would talk about, you know, wanting it was sort of like the other one sort of had the opposite perspective. How would you agree with? That was? It was an intentional, kind of your, it's your film. So I left you. Yeah, that's what I took from it. Yeah, definitely. I think, when you look at it from a director point of view, especially the Documentaries today I feel like there's a lot of documentaries that push you in One Direction versus the other eye is the director wanted you to decide how you felt about the card market and give you both sides. So some individuals will say, biggest a, should have never been in the film, but he did play an integral rule not just selling the Mike Trout card for as much as it was for modern-day card, but for calling the kind of the boom and the bust of it. And being so harsh on both sides, that was reality between 2017 and 2020, which is really when this was sad. So we really focused on On the individuals that were really moving the industry during that time frame to put in our film. So whether you loved or hated him, right play a role, and you'll see that it's here. Wait, with Jeff and and Vegas, they seem like they're on different sides, we showcase and every section of the card space, the perspective of positive. The percents perspective of - we never answer that question for you but we want you to essentially as a new collector, that's never collected cards to watch the film and then go online and do more research to figure out which, which end do you fit on, right? You want to get involved, do not want to get involved. What community should have. Should you join based on your personality, right? So we really Saint that from a director standpoint in the film and then you know there's areas Franco, you know, but the Mickey Mantle card right for, you know, he was in it, he's been in a lot of films and has been passed. So he was very, you know, cinematography driven in terms of like how he looked on film, right? But he would talk about vintage. That's all he likes to collect whereas Vegas. Dave is like I only collect mother card biggest days harsh, he'll say like, how can you you're laying in the ground with dust around you? You know, how did your car to go up when you can't play anymore, right? And so we give you both perspectives. Moves and individuals continually fall on each side as you've watched the film. So it's interesting for them, you know, for sure. Yeah, Rob go. Great guy. He's been on the show as well and there that's another, you know, you that's like what what Vegas Dave says, wear vintage would be sacrilegious to to Rob and to myself. I'm a vintage guy so you're not Vegas, Dave? So this isn't, you know, but a Vegas day was listening, you know, I would tell them sure those those guys are no longer, most of them are no longer with us. But at the same time, I'm what they've done is in the annals of History. Can't take it back MVP's, a championship ring, you know, their statistics in general. And what we seen as the market has now kind of, you know, reset a little bit and kind of come back to Norm. We've seen vented. The Vintage part of the Hobbies, been the least affected. If you will fear, you look at percentages of price coming down and again it's this changes every day but I saw one stat that ultra-modern 40% less than during its high, as High face and and vintage is only down 12%. So if this wasn't to pick it up for it, we're in politics season. If I was running against Vegas, Dave, and that was one of the platform's. This, you know, the long-term success of vintage that would be something I'd point to and say sure these guys are not around, you're not going to get another MVP but their track records. They're also not going to blow out their knee and there Career be over in their second year. So, you know, we hear there's points on both sides and then when we come now, not that it's all about, you know, this not that it's all about dollars and pricing, but that's a big part of the hobby is probably been the strongest part of the Hobbies been the victim show. The kind of just, for Pou it like Vegas, Dave, does and sort of throw it under the bus and say it's overrated. I don't, you know, paraphrasing. Child is not disagree. I'm sure as Rob did during the film. And that sort of thing and so yeah if you know if you kind of look at me collected, David Carr was the other collection outside of my trowel. You know if you fast forward to Future we're talking about Tom Brady and 20 years or even even remembering their ich are probably not. So you know from a vintage standpoint in career-ending or prior, right? Like those individuals and I'm not saying Tom Brady's vintage but you know just it's just a comparison. Another one is like, Mickey Mantle has like one rookie card, right? Sian Williams is so you go from Making metal having one to Tom Brady having I think like three hundred different variations to fast-forward to Zion in 1922 have it like 3,000 in the news. Trevor Lawrence I heard the other day has like 6,000 variation, that was really hard. You know, how are you supposed to keep modern pricing up like vintage just from that perspective as well. So you know, for my end it's I'm a vintage collector. I'm also gonna love baseball collector, so I do both perspectives but I just don't see why you would not. Collective in each player because their names are going to be around forever, right? Yeah, yeah. And and listen to each their own hobby or way. We've always said that on the show. I'll never like, well, I am a vintage guide, I do collect modern carts to. I don't want to say, don't I would never say, you know, don't do modern cards and in the sort of Mega stage said, you know, Screw vintage of it, so to speak. But again, that's his opinion. He's entitled to it. So we talked about some of the folks, but in the film I got To ask you, you know, it was there. Anyone that really declined to be the movie? Can you, can you share any any anecdotes about that? Yeah, Emily. So you know we I guess the good way of putting this is there's different companies in every section of the pill, right? You have a greater. So we ended up doing Beckett, but we were chatting with PSA, you know. Obviously, for that side. We look at auction houses. We ended up choosing PWC see, but you look at the larger houses, Tangled. It was even Because he's You know, really sound top carbs at this time as well in the marketplace. He essentially, as you guys probably aware, you know, he's doing things I think with Netflix or on stars or something behind the scenes, with what he's doing. So essentially, there were some individuals that could assign certain paperwork that we had to have done so that we essentially kind of have it in our film, right? I would say the biggest star would be Logan. Paul we officially reached out thinking. We're going to do some Pokémon stuff but we essentially ended up not doing really, any Pokémon its mentioned a few times. Ooh times. But once we had Steve Aoki, that Pokemon medicine tie was with, the TCG was already there as well. And then, I would say the only other person probably reached out that people would want to see, would be hearing me. He was a one individual that really don't have the time to do this at the time and that would have been cool because we had Vegas, Dave, in Vegas, they put out that very that, you're a beaver's. Biggest Dave, in the marketplace, so it's been cool to kind of give that perspective. During that timeframe of sports cards online, it was everyone's saying, are you do love hearing me, or do you 

9:38 PM
Are you team, you know? Big estate does with Steve Aoki and kind of Jeff will sing going against him in a few areas. That I think the car collecting Community will oversee those two individuals. You are listening to those Sports Carnation podcast. We'll be right back after this break. Are you a new sports car to like girls someone returning to the Hobby. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy hobby Community to hang out with and enjoy collecting. Midwest, boxwoods has been bringing collectors together for many years with a portable break help. Both red and a Discord group pack with generous people who genuinely care about hobbies and other collections. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. Also find us on Twitter at Midwest consequence. Hey folks John here just wanted to remind you use the discount code M bb10 for 10% off. Your first order at Midwest box. Breaks calm I want to say Well done. It's well put together. I think he really did a great job balancing it out. The only critique if you know I'm oh I'm an older guy. So that's my angle. I wouldn't like to see maybe a little bit more on the Vintage side. I know, you know Vegas, Dave wouldn't agree with me but that, you know, you have someone that I know personally that I thought would be, and I don't know, I can't speak for him as to, whether he would have gotten. You're not but, you know, we have a hobby icon and dr. James Beckett. Delaware love to sneak as part of the movie, maybe we're going to see a sequel, right? So we can help. We can make them. We headed - we couldn't make it happen with this schedule during the time frame. And remember, this was covid time frame to when we filmed it. So actually, we filled it at every location, so he even flew to Puerto Rico to meet up with Rob down, right? We do have a lot of big-time old-school, investors kind of from a car shop. Perspective as well, Joe Davis Cup, baseball Clark than Atlanta, really good on the film. But I guess from a director standpoint, I'll answer that in a way. That when you think about it, this, this, this documentaries for the people, not the collectors, because, what, what all we want as collectors and investors more individuals to come into the space, right? So I really wanted to create a film that allowed new collectors, to not lose their way and provide them, the right knowledge of the space. But also how do you get those investors? Typically younger that we need, because if you're an older Individual you're either already collecting or you're never going to collect for a so individuals, like Steve Aoki, Rob go, that's been in films. Jeff Wilson with the personality. That he brings to the table. Is going to grab your attention more from a younger. I think generation. So, from that perspective, I think that's the reason why with that direction a little bit more in the film than older School collectors. Yeah, I agree. And it's tough. Like you said, you're dealing with covid, which was Uncharted Territory for us here. No one knew how long it was going to be. I mean, still going on. It's not like we're smoking Covent, but we didn't know, restriction, wise, travel wise. They were restrictions. Yes. Finding a test center for our entire, the age of 10 people, flying to another location. Getting that done and maybe floor, it was definitely hard because we had to really had a lot of guidelines that pertain to how you do this for the filming industry. So yeah, definitely was a hassle that we made it happen. Sure. Yep. Correct me if you are on did I say the filming took Port over a 6-month time? Time frame. That correct. So we spent about six months behind the scenes, getting the team ready. And then we actually filmed this the end of April, through the end of May. So actual interviewing, we went to. So we essentially flew into Florida, we film nickens Alles, so first-round, pick in 2020 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. We wanted to throw in someone from the MLB that wasn't there yet to Showcase how expensive cars were before they become an MLB. You know, individual, so just showcasing X. And then we moved into Knoxville Tennessee and then Atlanta. And then back down to Florida the Puerto Rico that we flew in to talk with the co Panini hardware shop and Jeremy Marae as well from Beckett and Dallas and then we went up to PWC see in Oregon and then we flew into back to Vegas to film everyone else. So we did that all within a month time frame. And then it took us a good six to eight months to actually edit the whole right thing and get this at Position where we essentially could run through Festival season this year and then, Sit to the public which today it goes and theater. So we ran. We actually 13 Festival works during the year and essentially have to run festivals before you release the film or you can't win a festival work because it can't be out yet, right? So we kind of spent an eight-month period behind the scenes and then, you know, essentially we got to the point where, you know, I would say with any year now year and a half we were actually able to get it out which is really fast for a theatrical. Usually it takes 25 years. Yeah, no doubt and again, feather in your cap. You're all this dirt, batlin covid, restrictions and all that comes along with that. You're sort of touched on this. You had sort of back at represented and sort of people probably watched a film and say where's PSA? Where's SGC? Where's insert your particular? Favorite greater? Did you did you try, you know? And then what Panini and their CEO you know maybe not as much top. Did you did you try to get those folks out there was sort of equal time if you will? Yeah. Great question. We talked to PSA we reached out the tops tops was going through pre-acquisition, 10 of, you know, territory. So essentially, I think everything's on hold was discussed was like, that are happening. So we weren't able to actually get them to sign off on anything to and we didn't get a high enough representative to join the film, but we didn't really look at it as maybe toss. But like we were like, okay, we want to get one of the big players in general for every category, but we were you know, as you watch the film. 36 minutes long, but in general, we try not to spend too much time and too many and one space because, like, Grady can get boring eventually, right? So if we had two big companies, it would get really boring because we'd have PSA and back at saying the same thing. So, essentially from a director standpoint, we really focused on you know, who should we really, you know, do from that standpoint. And we felt like back at with their magazines and their history was a better play across the whole film. Then just the grading section of that makes sense. So, and it just happened to help, but they were in Dallas at the same places as Panini, which limit, cool tops was in it. But again, like it worked out because I remember this this kind of coming up and I know that the card Market changes monthly, right? It still changes monthly, it's just like, why wasn't that excited at? Well, technically, they were owners of licenses at the time, but we did it in a way by Phil that I wanted to last for a good decade. So there's a section where we talk about the licenses and how it used to be Don, Loris Flair upper deck and who owned, what What? And then now we're, that has changed me as tops, and Upper Deck Hockey, and then that kind of leaves it open for, you know, the crowd to know that license is changed from time to time. So when they see that Fanatics owns, essentially a license is now and will be that weird of a documentary that makes. Yeah. No I hear you and you mentioned, you know, the film lab running time and our 36 minutes as someone who watched a movie, I didn't feel that long, you know, to me like the mark of a bad movie is wanted to Right. It feels longer than it actually is or you find yourself thinking, looking at the clock like how much time has passed like this? Again, that's the last thing I wanted my phone, right? Yeah. You know, speaking for myself, but I think other people, obviously will enjoy this film. There was no idea and I'm watching it late at night, like it was going to be one of the last things on my list to do before, you know, going to bed and getting ready for work the next day. So but and nope. Point. Did I like, look at what time it was or how long have I been watching this? I was just into the movie and knew it was over only when, you know, the credits obviously world. So, I think that's a mark of a very interesting movie, when you're not looking, you know. Hey, how long has it been so far? What time is it? So you know, kudos to you there and believe me. I was tired but not tired enough to not continue and finish. The movie was very well done. Done a very balanced like it. If you really covered a lot of the stuff across the board in a short amount of time. When you think of 96 Minutes, you know what, again I'm an average movies. Probably about two hours long, right? So you did a 96 Minutes in the Hobbies got so many fast like you said. It's time for a quick break but we'll be right back. Okay, everybody. Have you heard about collectible it's the One-Stop shop where any And buy and trade affordable shares on some of the world's most rare. Valuable sports cards and memorabilia starting from just five dollars for making new 1958 ends will Chamberlain's iconic, rookie uniform, 2101 Petra, my homes rpas, where LeBron James logo man's and everything in between collectible creates never seen before. Access and opportunities for all. Let's enjoy the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security all investment. Asians should be undertaken after doing your own research. Time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but sports card Nation will be right back after that. One of the things I appreciate your focus on. I'm an old school guy, but I like that, you talked about the last few years with the influx of new hobbyists and the flipping aspect that some people quite frankly don't like but it's such an integral part of the hobby, whether you like it or not, it's a very important part of the house. 

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The. Up cover and even covered even like LCS has and how good ones are good. But you got to be careful even on that and you got people who can can weigh packed. We all know that and that's a subject that a lot of people don't like to touch because it sort of controversial but I didn't feel like you really avoided anything. When can you can you talk about kind of your approach to some of the taboo subjects of the hottie that people know about. But always don't always like brooch in it. Yeah. So Tearfully. There's parts of the section because it's a documentary, right? So like from a director standpoint, we have to show the good, the bad, the ugly. But how do you do that in a way that educates individuals to stay away from the ugly? So that even if they see it, they understand it, they acknowledge it, but they still want to come in a club carbs. That's what my focus was. So you'll need to see me. We do a kind of a kind of things behind the scenes of like bad card, sells men's and flippers and stuff like that. So I'll be interested to see if you spot be part of my films. In as well. But for instance, The Flipper section we actually got up and was we had a crew out there at 5:00 a.m. in the morning. Because, you know, if you're collecting at this time, you knew that individuals would go sit outside like Black Friday, right? So we capture all that me and Paula actually went two or three weeks in a row and just stood out there to kind of get the atmosphere and understand what was going on, so we can capture it, right? And it was Mayhem. I actually even got there one day early enough, where I was the second person in line and I participated and And with the guy to the card section of Walmart, we are running so fast when you turn the corner, he didn't realize we were turning corner of your kind of together and he actually blasted like a cart full of like Walmart goods and it fell over like a movie. It was it was just hilarious. So like how do you not capture that for the excitement in a film? You know, you can't. So what happens is we show that and then we showcase what to look out for for when people return still, you know, products, how they examine those boxes to make sure you're not getting one of those back yourself. Elf, there's a lot going on in the marketplace online. Nowadays that, you know, eBay could show car that has, that has a lot of errors, but doesn't show it and the actual thing until you get home, how do you get around that? How do you talk to those individuals to make sure that you're doing it correctly? And then online communities focusing on individuals like laying sports card which is very kid-friendly, right? They don't cuss. It'll do, they don't do certain things there. You might not love or you know, lovely and sports cars, but like the community is so strong, you're never going to get it. A bad situation that community. So we showcase those things right after those incidents happen so that you can kind of say, okay? This happened but look what the good part is, right? And how do we get around that same with Steve Aoki? You know, he, we actually showcase where he bought a Patrick, Mahoney and speak are right. And it's like crazy that that that just shows that happens to anyone doesn't matter. What kind of collects you are. How much money what kind of car if you're buying a ten thousand dollar car? You're buying a three dollar car. It can happen to you. What we do is Showcase that and then we show you that other end of like how to stay away from that. So that you essentially move on feeling good about that sectional. Yeah Chris I appreciate that you did that I think a lot of people even if they tackled something like this would probably maybe not cause you know maybe talk about some things and that other things but I think you really covered a majority of the bases and and I think you did it like you said it would for people like this is a great hobby, there are some potholes that you need To avoid. And here's what to look for. You did a good job, like you said, you did your Stanley, we're Stanley's, and all his movies and some form. I saw you. It's funny. I saw you. And that's what I thought. I think, I even wrote it down like Stanley appearance by Chris which is real cool. Or whatever. So that was cool. And I think I was in it too and that's it. And you did a great job again, going back to that. He did a great job showing some of the pitfalls. You got to be careful here. It's a great hobby. It's the best idea in the world but just be aware of that this stuff does go on. And here's what here's how to not kind of fall into that trap and I think it did a good job and I'm glad about that. I'm glad you think that way because I think the audience when you guys go See this in theaters today or Here comes out online on demand or platform. I think you guys will feel the same way because a lot of times if you push that too hard also it has a hit piece on the market, right? And no one wants to hit piece, especially if your collector. So I didn't want this to come out and thank you. Was another documentary that just like, just shredded IT industry. So but at the same time, it's like, you have to Showcase some of these things, right? So glad to hear you thought. That way I take collectors are going to feel that way, but those things bring enough excitement for individuals To watch the whole film that aren't in the cart space to hopefully come in and collect. Right? And that's what I was, that's what I was going for Chris, you covered it but you did. You didn't over cover yet, you just get you yet. Said what needed to be said without overdoing it, like you said, become sort of a hit piece or smear beef but if you will not even even close to that. I don't I don't think anyone will watch that and we'll take that sediment away. A matter of fact I watch and I just wrote down, you know, covered you know. Some topics that other people probably wouldn't but did it in the right way and didn't over Overkill it. So exactly what you said I got to ask yet. If you know doing this movie, you're in the hobby as the movie itself, even though it's your movie, has it changed, how you thought, or how you approach the hobby. Once you've got into doing this movie either for an accident? That's a great question actually. So, from my perspective after the movie, I stopped buying Cards and like, essentially, looking at flipping those into either graded cards or just flipping them in the future for, you know, about a 1050 busting, their go 200 bucks. I did see how every individual that's more integral and spending millions of dollars at this phase, what is their mindset of how the space is trendy, and really focused on, okay? Coming out of this as a better investor myself, right? Because if you think about it, I invested like a lot of individuals when I was young during quarantine, I got back into it. So this was a year You're into me collecting. So I was still making