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Nov. 25, 2022

Ep.207 w/ Darren Garnick from CardsFortheDR

Darren Garnick is a man on a mission, he started CardsfortheDR to get cards of Dominican baseball players to the poverty stricken kids of the Dominican Republic. They have no access to them otherwise and it makes their day. Want to help? Contact...

Darren Garnick is a man on a mission, he started CardsfortheDR to get cards of Dominican baseball players to the poverty stricken kids of the Dominican Republic. They have no access to them otherwise and it makes their day. Want to help? Contact @baseballcardsforgood on Instagram or visit their website at:

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What is up, everybody episode 207 Sports coordination podcast. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Hope it was a great one. Spent with family and friends and you didn't eat too much turkey. I might put you to sleep without tryptophan or whatever. It's called that makes you tired but all joking aside hope but Thanksgiving was well you know our Monday hobby quick hits. Addition was me giving out a lot of. Thanks kind of want to keep that theme this week, but with today's sports car Nation, our interview guest, is someone really making an impact at a third world country, very empowered, very poverty shhhhht one of the most poverty stricken countries in the world and Dominican. Look, my guess is Darren garlic and what he does, would cards for the Dr. Is he brings Dominican Republic players, depicted on baseball cards down there or ship them there and gives them to the young young boys and and girls that are playing baseball and again they don't have card stores there. They don't have access like we do. Do in most other places to acquire cards and that's a great thing to expose, you know, a great country to where a lot of our major league baseball players, come from get cards in the hands of those future major league baseball, players, quite frankly. And just when I heard about what he was doing and I said I have to have a mind and talk about this and we like the other, you know, to recruit some help if you have some car. If you want to donate to the cause, you know, listen to the interview and I'll have the credentials, Darren's credentials in the show notes, we can get those cards to the organization and get them down to the Dr. For those young kids to enjoy and so great guest great conversation and you know keeping that Thanksgiving theme of good things and doing good deeds. I thought it was the perfect. To air the show. So without further Ado, let's get this show started, this is sports cars Nation. 

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All right, real, happy to speak to the next guest, on the sports card shop, at Moko guest line. You know, this is Thanksgiving week. I hope you know, this is coming out on Friday, Thanksgiving was yesterday. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. But this is really the perfect week to have this gentleman on and talk about what he does and his group does and. So, without further Ado, I want to welcome. Darren Garnet to the show. Oh, thank you, thanks for having me, John really She ate it. Well, thanks for coming on and and your with cards for the dr4 most Baseball fans, you know, when they hear Dr, they generally know what that means. But just in case that's the abbreviation for the Dominican Republic where many baseball players in the major leagues and and minor league come from. It's a hotbed baseball is huge there but you know Darren's organization brings a lot of those Heroes that I just kind of mentioned the cardboard. Chrome back to the Dominican Republic and give them to the kids and I'm sure it's a great thing. You know, when I knew you were coming on dare and I definitely I heard about this and then I even dug a little bit deeper before we get it to cards for the dri, we're going to spend quite a bit of time with what you do with them. Just kind of know what's a sports card. Show kind of your your hobby background. Even maybe before, you know cards for the Dr. Sir. So the lifelong Red Sox fan. And a child of the late 70s, early 80s, much like you and I've collected everything I can get my hands on since then, and I have too many cards now. My basement overflowing my office, closets overflowing and and so giving away cards has been a blessing for me, in terms of being able to walk around my house. What do I love? I love, I love the tops Heritage series because it brings me back to the 70s. And I really liked that old fashioned cardboard versus the glossy shiny glittery diamond stuff, right? With the, the hydrofoils and the 8,000 different. Variations of the rainbow. I'm not into any of that stuff, I just love the, the classic designs. I also grew up loving tops non-sports cards, Star Wars cards, I grew up on and Happy Days cards and ET cards. Everything you can imagine and I used to put those stickers on my lunch box and my locker. And today I love collecting the tops Heritage stuff and also offbeat stuff. I really love food issued cards. I love the old round cards that were you know distributed with Italian ice and ice cream and pizza things like that. So I love offbeat stuff and anything Red Sox. Yeah, that's awesome. You're going. Yeah, you're gonna dislike me for saying this because, and that people who listen to the show on a regular basis, know, like tops Heritage. I get it. And I appreciate what it is. It's one of my least favorite tops Brands. It's more of a set collectors release, which I don't, I don't do anymore, so it doesn't, it doesn't move that M. But I had, you know, I think it has its great Point. Some of you point out, which is why you love love the products. Just not one of my favorite spots order for opry's and sort of, I grew up sort of Or with this stuff like you did. And it's like, I almost rather still go by and by, you know, the singles did the original, but it is cool to see some of the current day players. But I know those design because obviously it wouldn't happen any other way. So I get it, it's just not my cup of tea, but not wrong with it. Melissa is one of their most popular brands. So a lot of people probably fall on your side of the aisle than mine and I yeah, we both grew up like you said During it during it, that Aaron, I just think with the Heritage, that's kind of sort of seen so many releases of it. It's sort of become like repetitive, but I, but at the same time, so it's it also brings back that nostalgic. But right. You remember, the original set when you look at whatever the current rendition. Yeah. Steve, I also love Stadium Club because I really appreciate the photography and the Obscure archival photos. I was looking at A pack of the cards, the other day and they had a picture. Johnny Bench wearing a, he's wearing his red uniform, but he's wearing a necktie a Loosely tied neck. Tie around his neck and he's carrying balloons and I have no idea what the hell he's doing there. But but it's great, like someone who works for top archives, loves quirky stuff, and that's why I love that set. Yeah. And that we're going to be out of that. We're waving the same Peta Stadium Club is actually one of my favorite tops releases, for exactly what you just said. So, I'm sort of Of rare or photos or photos not used in the traditional Flagship releases. The photography is probably some of the best on cars in the history of cards and you get those photos that make you think right there. Make sure to gears in your mind. Turn, like what's going on here? What was the back story with this photo and some of the shots, you know, from taking from The Dugout, you know, almost like when the sitting in between players and no one of my Eight cards. If I think it's the 2020 Stadium Club it's it's the bow brochettes rookie and it's filmed from like inside the Dugout looking up and you see the CN tower behind them and just a great, a great card, a great shot. And you know, I love Stadium Club. So we're back on the same page with Stadium Club going to take a quick break, but we'll be back with more from Darren. Garnet! Are you a new sports car to life? Someone returning to the Hobby. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy hobby Community to hang out with and enjoy collecting Midwest box. Springs has been bringing collectors together for many years with a portable break, open thread and a Discord group pack with generous, people who genuinely care about hobbies and other collectors. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com, our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. Also find us on Twitter at Midwest possibly. Hey folks Jan here. Just wanted to remind you use the discount code and bb10 for 10% off your first order at Midwest box. Breaks.com, welcome back, here's more with Darren. Garnet. Let's get into cards for the dr2 great. What you're doing Darren for the young, you know boys and girls. And just kind of like where do I how it all came about? How was her? I'll tell, where did it all start? Yeah, let me start out by saying, you know, while the Dominican Republic is one of the greatest exporters of Major League Baseball Talent. You know, just think about the past couple weeks, the AL Rookie of the Year Julio Rodriguez, right? Then you have the World Series MVP, Jeremy pay, Nia. And then you have the NL Cy, Young Award winner Sandy Contra all from the Dr. And so one out of every ten players on 

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And ironically kids screwing up. Their don't have baseball cards at all. In fact, many of them have never even heard of baseball cards or seen baseball cards. So what we do is we give them their first baseball cards. We I myself and my co-founder Hugh baver, who's based out of the Dominican Republic, he's a New Hampshire guy, just like me. Who just moved out in there. We form relationships with different Youth, Baseball League. Leagues, around the country and we give away cards. We give away right now we're giving away a few cards per kid. Just because of logistics, we put all the cards in top holders. And the reason is that, when you're eight or nine your poodle with cardboard, I mean you'll just ruin it within seconds, right? So these kids put the cards in their pockets. They're riding their bikes, you know? So we encase it in Bulletproof. Glass. Basically, how did it get started? How much time do you have? Well, when we're not out of clock, what? Give it. If it's too long, give us like the cliff notes. Sure, sure. So it started at a very, very unusual way. I I'm a freelance journalist and one of the one of my magazines is New Hampshire magazine where I just write about interesting people, places things like that, and I was writing about this guy. Hubei, favor, who quit, his sales job at a software company and moved to the Dr. And he was inspired by the Holocaust, the during the Holocaust during World War Two, the Dominican Republic was one of the only countries that welcomed Jewish refugees from Hitler's Europe in very few, people know that I wasn't really aware of that either. And Hugh wanted to Hue move to the Aiken Republic, because he wanted to honor the people of the Dominican Republic thanking them for rescuing, Jewish people, and he has a goal of building a community center in the town of sosua on the North Coast to honor and recognize this historical achievement. And you know, acted Humanity, long story short, I'm Jewish as well. And I was really Amazed by this story and I wanted to, you know, help in some way and And I asked you, I said, you know, while you're meeting while you're meeting all these new people down in the Dominican Republic, want some of my baseball cards, want to give out some of my Dominican players because it's a great Icebreaker, right? And he did, and I went through my collection and I pulled out like 500 Dominican players, like Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, you get the idea, all these, all these stars and it just was a huge hit people love the Art's kids, love the cards and and you said, how can we get more of these cards and so totally aside from the Jewish history project that he's working on this baseball card, project just took a life of its own took on a life of its of its own. Yeah that's you know everything starts right from a seed and then it just grows and and you know, it's like a ripple turning into a wave. I just learned something there myself there and I appreciate you sharing that I have Jewish Heritage and wished half Jewish half of Italian nice, nice combo there from from New York. So I had no idea until you mentioned it, just now that they were refuge for, you know, Jewish folks trying to escape as we all know World War 2 times the Holocaust and and you know all that stuff that goes along with it. So I learned a little something there myself, which is, which is awesome. And then you mentioned Hugh, you know, wants to sort of pay that back or pay it forward if you will and acknowledge, you know, You know, that generosity and that humanity. And that's cool. So now, you know, for the like I Know This Much, the Dominican Republic is not, you know, third world people call third world country. That's not, you know, it's not a richer country necessarily, you know, you hear some of the former players that came from the Dr. Talk about how they had to make balls by hand. You know what out of you, every everyday products, and duct tape and and you No shoes. No shoes and Sharon gloves or Came even gloves out of all sorts of different materials. So that that gives you for those out there, listening, that may not know that gives you a perspective of where they are. So if I mean they can't even get sporting a you know, baseball equipment, baseball cards are going to put be few and far between. And I just I guess my question to you is with a lot of the famous, you know, players that have come from there. The fact, I'm glad you and Hugh, you know, I've done this and are doing here. Or more. He would have, is it how come some of the former players that wasn't subbed? I know, they probably do other things and give money and build things, but you wouldn't think maybe the car just because of the, the lineage and the Heritage and some of the great players that there would be more more cars there I can yet. Did you know why? That's not the case. Sure, sure. So let me let me back up and say, you know, underscore what you were saying is. Yeah, I mean, I don't know what the latest rankings are. But I believe the Dominican Republic is one of the five in the top five, poorest countries in the world, and some of the kids are playing Barefoot and we, when I went down to the Dominican Republic, this summer to hand out cards. It's a year-round project but being able to do it in person as amazing. A lot of these families are living. You know large families are living in 11 room houses and and like I said, the kids don't have proper shoes and And let alone gloves. Some there's some famous as famous story of Tony. Fernandez, the All-Star shortstop for the Padres and J's. He started out with a milk carton as his glove. So the question is, is why don't they have cards? I don't know, but my hunch would be that it's not economically profitable for the baseball card companies to sell the cards because who's going to buy them when food is the priority, right? Right, or your clothing is the priority. So it just doesn't seem to be economically viable. As far as baseball players who make it being generous and supporting their Community, it is kind of a disconnect, right? Like you'd say, like, okay, these players are making Thirty million dollars. A year, can take 1 million dollars and put it here and do a b and c. I think that actually is happening. The Pedro Martinez built, a school and a church, Church and I don't have the list of everything he did. I was just reading something about Nelson. Cruz buying ambulances for his community. So I think some players do it in some players. Don't it's like anything else, right? Like sometimes in our own lives when we meet people, the most generous, people are people who have no money at all. And sometimes the richest people, we know, you know, snub their nose at putting a quarter into the UNICEF box, or whatever, whatever it is. I don't know the answer but I do know that many baseball players, give back to their Hometown there. And if you are one of those towns where there weren't many players, you're kind of screwed and so it's a fascinating, fascinating question. You were listening to those sports card Nation Podcast? We'll be right back after this break, introducing the only Auction House dedicated exclusively to the cards of the 1990s, Josh Adams and John Linden. I've created an auction company solely for the rare scarce and hard to find in certain parallels of the 1990s. Weatherby basketball, baseball football, or hockey 90s and options will have each option. Will consist of smaller, Lots between 100 and 120 watts. So your cards won't get lost in the shuffle. Founded on the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity 90s auction was created by collectors for collection registered. Signed today at 90s auctions.com. That's 900 less boxing.com. 

Right Now cards for the Dr. Is a really a two-person organization. There's me here in the US and Hew down in the Dominican Republic and we have a network of of generous collectors around the u.s. and Who are sending us. Cards and top holders and are donating to help with donating money, to help with postage. But for the most part, we can only human, I can only do so much. And so I would love to scale up, and by scaling up, I would love to get Major League Baseball involved or minor league. Baseball involved, my local minor league team. The, the Fisher Cats, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, which is the Blue Jays double a team. They just gave me like a pile of shirts. That had the fisher cats in Spanish and we just, we just brought him down to the Dominican, but all those little things add up. And so if we can get large organizations, like even like tops or Fanatics or where somebody like that involved, I would love to just become a contributor and, and Fade Into the background and help help this cause because there's so much that can be done Hugh is meeting with is trying to get meetings with the education Ministry in. The Dominican Republic to see if this could be this program could be incorporated into schools is if you think about it if you look on the back of a baseball card, right? There's all these statistics and so there's a lot of math involved, right? And and also English is so important in the Dominican Republic because the economy down there is dependent on tourism and so if you know English, you're going to get a better job and maybe that better job could be software. Elementor or whatever it is, but but English is very valuable for careers down, you know, worldwide. So that was a very, very long winded. Answer to your simple question. No, no. And it's very important and you touch on something. That's on my list here, to talk to you about, is you hit it right on the head there and I'd like to see like you said top /, phonetic Panini, even some of the supply companies ultrapro. Exactly. You know, get involved, number one, it's attack. It's right off for those companies and they need those as much as anybody does and it's just good good to do things like that. Good to get in some communities. I listened and the importance of the Dr. To what they're doing, tops and Panini and you can't, you can't measure that, you know, men, like you said, you got Hall of Fame, baseball players that appear on their products. I mean, just to give back a little bit. It's really not going to break their bag. They're going to get it too. 

10:33 AM
Tax. You know, I can kind of put some feelers out, I can tag them and, you know, use what little emphasis, you know, or pull I have, but has anybody would, you know you or hue reached out maybe to, you know, make them aware what you're doing, of course. So my Instagram is at is at baseball cards for good and it's for as a numeral. Baseball cards were good and so I'm always tagging tops. I'm always tagging And Fanatics and back it and all the Publications and so, you know, hopefully you know, hopefully something will stick you just never know who's going to see something like, for example on Instagram, there's this very popular site called the bad boys and the bad boys are two college kids that go on the field that MLB stadiums. And just ask fun questions to the players. They'll say, you know, how much can you bench press or what's your favorite? You know pop music song, or how far can you throw a baseball stuff like that? And they they stumbled across cards for the Dr. And so they're now asking Dominican players, what their memories are of baseball cards if any and what they think of this project so word of mouth is so important. Just as an aside one of the bat boys interviews on Instagram. They interviewed Juan Soto and Juan Soto said that he had no baseball Ours is a kid but him and his dad would cut out pictures of baseball players in the newspaper and paste them in a book. And that was like a fun father-son activity, but that was their baseball cards. Newsprint. Yeah, it's crazy. You know, we're talking about, you know, Tony Fernandez, making a glove out of an old milk carton in here. There, you know, the wants total making basically a homemade baseball card. I got to ask you, you mentioned, you weren't you, you know, you went last year to the D Act. Was that your first time Trip or how many times have you had? Yeah, I've never been there. We were there this past June, we were there. My friend Jay and I flew down there. We were there for 10 days. We went to six different communities. And we were going to places that are just off the tourist map, you know, GPS can't even take you there. Just locals, brought us there Hugh has an amazing network of Youth, baseball, coaches around the country. And I have To say like, I gained so much, I already had enormous respect for the people of the Dominican Republic but it was just wonderful to experience their warmth and also just see upfront their talent and passion for baseball. Give you an idea, we are in this Village outside of Monte Cristi which is near the Haiti Border in the west and Monte Cristi is where Juan marichal comes from and where Nelson Cruz comes from and the baseball diamond is in the middle of the neighborhood. So picture like in these New England towns, like you'll have a town common and then you'll have houses all around the town, common, but picture a baseball field being that, that that glue, that brings the houses together. So people walk out their front door and there's a huge baseball field and then houses around the perimeter. So we were on this baseball field in the kids are playing and all of a sudden. Even a herd of goats started to Stampede across the field and the kids didn't even look up. They just kept playing baseball because the goats are just, you know, they're part of the C part of the background. But also seeing 16 year old kids, you know, hit a ball. That would have easily gone out of Fenway. Time for a quick break, but we'll be right back for nearly 50 years. Sports collectors digest has been the Voice of the hobby, bringing you comprehensive coverage of the sports, collectible industry from industry news auction results, market analysis, and in-depth, stories, about collectors, and their collections. Sports collectors digest, has everything you need to know about the hobby. SCD is also your leading source for listings of sports collectible dealers, card shops card shows and the latest of the industry's top companies to check out all the latest news or to subscribe to the Hobbies. This magazine visit sports collectors digest.com or call 1. 108 2955, 61 

Thanks for sticking with us. Let's return to the show. 

When we arrived in Monte Cristi with our car, we parked we parked way way way out in the Outfield. Like you know we didn't think we were any damage of getting the ball hitting our windshield or anything like that but one of the coaches says don't park there, you know, move away, move away. And needless to say, you know, five minutes later people were were hitting it out like, you know, 350 feet or whatever it was. And these are these are kids So yeah, it was awesome being in the Dr. It really was the only downside to the D are the only negative I would say is that the drivers people drive like Schmucks Town. They're worse than Boston, worse than New York, still so much snow that they put speed bumps on the highways. I'm not kidding. You like the main thoroughfares? People have to stop every half mile for a speed bump because because people just drive like it's the Indy 500. You're down there. Yeah, yeah, interesting. You know, like, you mention with the goats into those kids, like that was just an everyday occurrence, play ball and, you know, I got to ask you when, you know, what are the kids General reactions when they're getting these cards? Are they, I'm sure they were excited but I mean, have has dude, in other words, do you think what you're doing is going to catch on another words? They want more cars. They're going to do, I look, I do I do. I took five years of high school Spanish, right? Like you know one of the years was in two years of Junior, High equals one year of high school and my Spanish is really bad muy Malo we my Lord however bad it is and my one regret is not taking one of those Babble courses to beef up my Spanish. And next year, when I go, I will definitely be fucked my Spanish but the the language of baseball is universal and I didn't need to know Spanish to see the passion. And excitement in these kids eyes. When we would give them two or three cards, not not a box of cards to do a break or were, you know, like a full set. Just, you know, three or four cards in top olders, they treated it like was gold. And and one of the reasons why, we know how excited they are is because Hugh and I would, we would go to these baseball fields and we would we would hand out cards before the game, like, we would watch them play a game and in our We would an hour after we handed out the cards. We would see the kids, pulling the cards out of their pocket. Still reading the backs, trading them with each other, just mesmerized by them. Hue-hue gives out a lot of cards at Christmas time, and he told me that in some homes, these cards are put up on the mantle above the fireplace and it really makes me appreciate like what, you know, appreciate what I have. And also make me realize, like I Have I have too many cards, right? Like and and I have many cards that I don't even look at and and that's one of the things that I think appeals to our fellow collectors is that, I mean, do you need 25 Pedro, Martinez cards from, you know, 2004. Maybe you'd be happy with five of them and just give the rest of them away. So, so yeah, I mean these kids very much appreciate the cards and that's why I really want this program to be Scaled up. Yeah. That I I'm which I'm going to do whatever I can in my power Darren and and know maybe contact some powers that be that I know definitely going to tag them oh with this episode and highlight what you're doing and you know, it's great to that. These kids can get some of their, their countrymen Heroes on cardboard. At the never got to partake in before, but I'd even like to see top fanatic Panini even give some pack. So these kiddo I do Yeah, let me ask you, you know, before you even go there that do these kids follow, you know, the current, the our players in the molding. Yeah. How do they do it in from the Dr? How out of the water? They're, they're so, so if you walk around anywhere, Yankees Red Sox, Cubs Dodgers, those hats are everywhere, absolutely everywhere Padres as well because the Machado and to tease, I don't know. I mean Games are on TV. I don't know who sinned. It's about anything like that. They read about it. They see it on the internet. They, they obviously follow their Hometown Heroes but they're also into the teens and they know all the players and, and I'll give you an example. After I handed out a box of cards in one of these towns. One of the kids came up to me and he saw, I had like another 30 cards in my hand. He wanted to know if I had Chapman. I can't pronounce his first name. Aroldis Chapman. The The yeas are also chokes if I had him. And I said, no, because he's from Cuba and but the kid didn't care. He wanted to trade me the card. He had 44 Chapman and I'm looking. Why wouldn't they like Chapman? People don't choose their favorite players they thought based on ethnicity, right? And but the reason why we only give out Dominican cards in the Dominican, it's for two reasons. One is it is about celebrating your heritage and is about Honoring people from your hometown. Like I'm from New Hampshire and the next town over for me Manchester that's where Mike Flanagan was from Mike, Flanagan won. The Cy Young in 1979 for the Orioles and I save all my Mike Flanagan cards and there's a History Museum in New Hampshire and I give all my cards to them and they hand them out to kids because it's kind of cool knowing that the sigh Young Award winner. There's actually two PSI Young Award winners from Manchester New Hampshire. Chris Carpenter from the Cardinals. Also is from Manchester so and we're in a cold-weather state, we don't have many ballplayers. So the fact that we have to sell Young Award winners is just miraculous, someone's at my door. I've got together. That's be right back. Iron sports card is your number one source. For all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck, they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates. 

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Jean, all your submissions. Also want the wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440 sa Rob's, got you covered schools combination has returned. 

So back to the Dr. The second reason why we don't share other cards other players from other backgrounds is logistics like we don't have it's so much money to for postage to send cards we did, we can only bring a small amount and so it just makes sense to bring Dr. Cards to the Dr. And also if you look, there's something special about celebrating your own country. I mean, look at the success of the Old Baseball Classic. Right and world. You know, Japan Otani just said he was going to play for Japan. How cool is that, you know, maybe each row will be a coach mean, I don't know, but the Dr. Team is going to be insane like flatty Junior at first base pain yet shortstop you know all these players. I mean it's just. Yeah. So so yeah. That's why we focus on the Dr. Players. Yeah and they like you just eloquently pointed out. Baseball is the worldwide sport. You know, we might, we will take credit for sort of inventing the game, but it's become obviously, a worldwide Sport and in the Dr. Like you said, it's almost it's like Religion kids, you're sort of, that's how that's what they play. I was, I was curious, you know, the find out how they do follow their Hometown players, but you know, like you said internet, you know, I'm sure to have some sort of newsprint TV games that what they can take and get us. I so appreciate you know that you're saying hey you know while they like their own players from their country, they like other players to like dude. Yeah well they're favored played. I'd love going back to kind of where I was, you know, few minutes back. I'd love to see, you know, fanatic / cops Panini, you know, maybe bring some boxes right of co-product and and have these kids get to open some packs, right? Then, you know, anyone that's in this hobby, know, one of the most fun you can have Is opening a pack of cards. Whether it's a from a vintage box, you know, whether it's a BAC of 87, tops for 2022 brand, right? This that Rush dead, adrenaline and these, I'm sure most of these kids if not all of them, probably haven't got to do that. Really. And love to see, you know, it's one thing to have, you know, you're giving them the cards and that's awesome what you're doing but that was kind of show them sort of did it, I guess. I don't leave me into another question. Do the kids too? Ask like where did this come from? How do I get these? Did they do they are they inquisitive or they just so glad to have what you give them? That's a great question because of the language barrier, I mean Hugh and I when we would be with the coach presenting to the team and explaining our passion for baseball cards, and how we want to share them, we never really got into mainly because of the language barrier and also because it didn't occur to us. We never really got into the The issue of where does it, you know who manufactures these cards? And you know, how popular are they was more about? Just saying, here's this neat thing that you may have never seen before. We'd love for you to share this art, would love to share our joy of baseball cards with. You was really about it, right? Rather than focusing on why they can't get them. But, you know, hopefully, when I learned some more Spanish, I'll be able to have deeper conversations. Yeah. No doubt. And, and again, I'm going to beat this, like a dead horse, but I think it's a Porn. And I'm going to see what we can do. I can't say I've ever seen making any promises but, you know, maybe get some of these card manufacturers on board to donate some boxes and these kids get this kind of see where cards come from sort of the process while, you know. Now you have the cards but where did they come from? Sort of the whole, you know, genealogy of the Hobby and you never know that can Inspire somebody. Maybe someone opens a card store down there at some point. You know. Do you know you know a lot of these Players, Darren, I'm sure you're aware of the stoop, you know, the companies will give them, you know, count, you know, 800 count back of their kind of Base cards, the whole. I mean I'm sure they came to a lot of family and friends but you know, they keep they generally get, you know, at least it used to be like that. I'm going to go on the Assumption, it still happens but you know even be nice to maybe you know if they can even coordinate some with the players where they can come back home and here. Distribute their own cards. And then these food is young kids can meet Meet their Heroes and person. Yeah, they're giving them cards that can sign them. Maybe they can sign them ahead of time and just hand them out that way. There's just so many directions Positive Directions. Something like you're doing can go to so many tentacles to it is this people can take up the Baton and run with it too. And I think you know, that's my I don't want to, you know, speak for you but in no one what you're doing that sort of my vision for you is that this thing can be even bigger. You know, the fact that YouTube gentlemen are doing what you're doing, is a blessing and kudos to you guys, but this thing can can turn into, you know, from a ripple to a wave with more people, just kind of getting on board from the card companies, to even some of the Dominican players themselves, do you know, know how often they come back to their home country, but I like to see that, you know, that I'm, I don't know if it happens, or it doesn't or put even some more if it is going on even more. So So I just think that goes a long way to building community and those bonds and promoting the hobby to to a country that like you says, in the top five, you know, poorest countries in the world, give these kids some Joy, you know, they get that joint playing but even Joy off off off the field and like you said cards have a lot of stats on them, right? And it's a good way to learn, you know, multiplication. How to how do I figure out who's how to figure out a batting average? I had all these, you know, this players played five years, let me add up, all those home runs they can teach them addition. There's just so many different positive aspects to car and just hope this thing gets bigger and better and don't want to I'll reach out to a few people. I know get some feelers out there for you. They gonna hurt right free to do. So we'll see what we can. We can do time to hear from one of our great sponsors. What sports coordination, we'll be right back after that. That's okay, everybody have you heard about collectible, it's the One-Stop shop, where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares on some of the world's most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia. Starting from just five dollars for a Mickey Mantle 1952. PSA tens, will Chamberlain's iconic, rookie uniform, 2101 Petra Mahomes rpas, where LeBron James logo man's and everything in between collectible creates Or seen before access and opportunities for all. Let's enjoy the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. Let's go. You are listening to the sports card Nation Podcast. So, did you mention is going there every year, sort of what your plan will be going. Well, I would like to hear it may not be sustainable for me to do that, but, you know, like, like you were saying, like, it doesn't, there's many big things, that could be done to scale this up, like the involvement of Major League, Baseball or tops. But there's many small things, small little ripples that can be done to and I recently designed a A poster like a leaflet data. I would love to share with baseball card stores and baseball card shows that they can just put on their table and or hang in there shop and just let other collectors know that they can do this. I mean, ultimately I would love to become a contributor and keep sharing my cards and have some organization. Large organization. Take this over, especially I'm surprised. It hasn't been done already. It's you know it's not that unique of an idea, you know, along the same lines John. I think that what you and I have done shows that you don't, you don't need to really have a lot of money or or be part of a have a lot of influence or power to make an impact, right? Like you can lick if some of your listeners are going to the Dominican or to Venezuela, or, or Cuba, or any place like that, Puerto Rico. Um, you can just bring the cards yourself and hand them out and and you know, find a community center or something and in not have to, you know, think too much about it. I mean, it's really just about sharing your love for baseball and baseball cards. Yeah, no doubt. Like you said, most collectors have more cards than they need. That's yep. That's the fun part. Even the scale down your collection and and and you know of guys, you know, or from the Dominican. I She ate your time coming on. I want you to do, is give out your information. I implore anyone that's listening to the podcast th