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Dec. 2, 2022

Ep.208 w/ Ezra Levine-CEO of Collectable

It's been over a year since Collectable CEO Ezra Levine was on the show but he's back, we cover the new partnership with eBay, how the company has weathered the current market, the logistics of putting on a great event and what's next on the horizon....

It's been over a year since Collectable CEO Ezra Levine was on the show but he's back, we cover the new partnership with eBay, how the company has weathered the current market, the logistics of putting on a great event and what's next on the horizon.

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<span;>What is up, everybody? Episode 208 of sports card Nation, glad to be back. Thank you all out there for listening download and making this show possible. Great guest today that news been on the program before but it's been a little bit there. Also a sponsor of the program but that has To do with appearance or no appearance, that's azra Levine CEO of collectible, lots of news on their front. New partnership agreement with eBay. Some events. They just announced that they're going to be either putting on, or in attendance of and so, we're going to learn all about that stuff. Will learn about how, you know, what's going on in the market. And real time is, Affected collectible in the fractional market and how they've adjusted to that and you know the always great habitat is right. He's a really down-to-earth guy and always and always appreciate talking to him and let's get to it. Hey John you want to have a catch Time for all hobby, is the people announcer.

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<span;>All right. It's been a little bit since we had this next Gentleman on the show but glad to have them back on the sports card shop at Moco guess life. He's the CEO of collectible, collectible graciously spots as the show. Happy to have them in that capacity, but we have as our Levine CEO of collectible, welcome back. Been a little bit that has. It's, it's been, it's been a while, but I'm telling you, you have the best jingle in the entire hobby. I sing in the shower. Every time and so thrilled. You back here always a pleasure to be with the job. And put, thank you. Thank you, Ezra. It's been I think over a year. I didn't do the exact math, but a lot has obviously changed with you, with collectible, with the Hobby in general or any active, go away for a week and you got to play catch-up on the new cycle, but just kind of you know, in since you've been on last, I mean, if there's a large K just some some Stuff with collectible that, you know, since the last time your man, there's there's this little lot, you know, I mean, look what you know what? When you're early stage company each week feels like it's a long time or there's a lot of things that happen even on a weekly basis. So, to go back to full year it's tough. But look, you know, we're excited about, you know, what, we continue to build mean. I think we're, you know, we're really Innovative young company in the space and I think we prioritize growing The Hobby and growing the pie for everyone as much as we possibly Possibly can things like, you know, our live event with Ing and Endeavor men collected. Right. That you know it's an initiative where literally the tagline is let's grow the hobby together. Art Basel. Really, you know our partnership eBay that we just announced really is an attempt for us to grow the hobby about kind of positioning it. I can Define or getting new collectors at the space, you know, the fractional side we're seeing really interesting metrics where you know fractional I think will continue to be and has been you know, for a lot of collectors, the most frictionless on ramp into collectible space. Fractional is not for everyone. We Guys, that probably not, you know, for the purest of collectors, probably appeals more, to the investor collector Community. But you know, that's, that's that's great, right? And we continue to build products that I think will appeal more to the purest collectors. So, you know there's there's, you know, there's there's a lot going on a lot happening. Excited about the hobby, obviously, you know, it's been a tough year, right? For the Hobby, in some respects, but for other people, you know, who are who are collectors and who love this material, and don't care so much about the Prices often times, you know, it's been a good year, right? If people can buy things that otherwise they wouldn't be able to afford last year, you know, in 2020, good thing for some people, right? So it's all a matter of perspective. I think relatives where the hobby was called 2017, 80, I think we're in great shape, right? I think there's been a lot of great companies that have been established by great entrepreneurs. A lot of great, you know, like great things happening. So I think it's all a matter of perspective. I love that. You said that as well, you know, there's there's you know, the old cliches, right? Two sides.

<span;>Coin silver lining and everything. It's a great point. You made that, you know, some stuff that maybe before Was Out Of Reach, price-wise is now in grass, right? You can maybe a collector or an investor, I don't care. I know people don't like, always don't like that term but it's part of the industry part of the hobby. I say it, you know, something that was not in in the budget, maybe now falls into the budget and it allows, you know, Someone to acquire a card that they couldn't before I fit that bill my epitomize that I bought the car to that prior. I wouldn't even search for it because I knew where was that. It just wasn't going to be in the, you know, the financial purse strings to get it done. But now now you can so I think that's a great, great point. You make, you know, everyone wants to say the skies fall in and you know you hear the word crash with just as Not even close. Obviously, you know that your financial background. I don't have a financial background but I know that, you know, I know enough about finance that this is not even close to even use that term. It's you know, so it's been it's been a very tough macro environment, not just for sports cars. If it actually I think sports cards relative holding up tremendously. I mean if you give us a macro picture where everyone is talking ever session or recessions on No, on the tip of everyone's tongue, you look what's happened. The cryptocurrencies mean, there's been a blow-up of that entire space and they've been correlated to cryptocurrency look at modern sports card prices. Sometimes they track pretty closely with, you know, the prices of etherium and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Look at mortgage rates, right? People are being squeezed, the mortgage rates going from 2% to 7%, you know. So you know which sports car sports cards, the passion it's a hobby, right? But people people need To feel comfortable in. It's a financially to really kind of spend and invest and collect as much as they did previously. So a lot of factors but I do think the hobby is still very strong and it's very, very strong and you know our hope with Collectibles that we can continue to bring more people into it whether you're an investor or a collector. I mean to us it doesn't matter, right? And all of that we see with Collectibles people, you know, come to collectible meet, maybe they've had exposure to Delectable before. Maybe they have it right? Maybe they haven't collected a card in a long time and fractional. One thing I love about it, and I've started out as a collector of my dad to collect their, we have collector genes in our veins. But one thing I loved about fractional was that it's so easy, right? As you can, you can download an app or you go on our website and literally, and pull a minutes. You can own a 52 Topps mantle and their mates and whatever, share them out, whatever dollar amount you want at price points that are affordable. And that's that's Amazing inhibition. I just a you're an owner of a 52 mantle or Wilt Chamberlain's record. Full uniform. It's just very cool, right? And often those people come through factual and they stay, they become collectors. You know, I know myself to, I mean I by fractional shares of Collectibles and I buy physical stuff on eBay or another Marketplace is so it's not either/or. It's and in most cases and so you know we're excited so whether you're an investor or collector I do think the hobby is stronger than, you know, the the the sort of fear headlines might The gate. Yeah, and the great Point again, by you. As are they some other, there's some other ditches or Industries not as strong and and taking it on the chin where sports cards and memorabilia. You know, while there's been a little softening or a little correction, could be a lot worse off for very similar to those things you mentioned. And it isn't. And so that's that's obviously a positive right going to step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be back with more. With Ezra Levine, okay, everybody have you heard about collectible it's the one stop shop where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares on some of the world's most rare and valuable sports cards and memorabilia. Starting from just five dollars for a Mickey Mantle 1952. PSA tens will Chamberlain's iconic, rookie uniform, 2101 petrol, Mahomes rpas rare. LeBron James logo man's and everything in between collectible. It's never seen before. Accessing opportunities for all. Let's enjoy the hobby. We love together. Please note. This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after doing your own research. Glad to be back with rejoin, our conversation with Collectibles as we're Lovin. You Been, you know, in your position. I think a little over two years, if I would have told you then, where you'd be today if you had a crystal ball.

<span;>8:07 PM
<span;>All, I mean, we That I mean obviously you're always trying to get, but if I if you if I would have told you, you know, two plus years ago. Hey and you know ended November 20 22. Here's all that's transpired. Would you be signed up for that? Where would you oh yeah, your feelings me? Yeah, I mean look, you know on a personal level it's been it's been an amazing experience for me, right? And you know, we see it all types of markets, we've seen the absolute, you know, booms and twenty twenty twenty one. We've seen a little bit of softening this year. We've seen And you know we've seen new companies and new initiatives we seen in just just a lot of amazing stuff for collectible in a really what we've always tried to do and this has been consistent from day. One is we really just want to grow the overall category, want to grow the hobby, right? And you know, I think one thing I'm very proud about is collectible, does what we say, we're going to do, right? So, everything that we've done is been to be collaborative to be supportive and to really try to grow the space, right? And so, a lot of the initiatives that we've launched T' and there's gonna be a lot of new products and services and Partnerships will be announcing. Everything is with it. I so you know I can say that I'm very proud of our team are very proud of our accomplishments. I think we we continue to fill niches in the hobby that are new and Innovative and they might not be for everyone, but you know they're different, right? And we're do things that are creative and you know, proud of that. There's a lot of great companies, a lot of great, you know, you know, just establishment type companies. Space and people in this phase that have done this for decades and we have the utmost respect for them. So I'm gonna try to kind of do what has already been done before trying to do things that are unique and Innovative and that we think will really be strong growth drivers for the hobby of ours. Not necessarily the prices of individual assets, but it really true of introduced new ways that people can collect invest to, however, you want to frame it. So I'm very proud of that. Obviously, you know, there are things that we can be doing better and we always strive to get Get better every single day and so of course there are things and I think part of my job or a good part of my job to recognize things or not doing well. But when I'm being reflective, I am very proud of what we've accomplished and I'm very sad about what we can accomplish going forward. Yeah, you mentioned we all you know we're living it. If you're in the hobby sort of that that softening that correction it. Whatever you want to term it. How has that? How has that affected collectible? And on the other side of that question, You know, as a company, how have you tackled that, you know, sort of a great, great question. I mean, look, you know, when you look at we look at, you know, collectible, you know, obviously we've had some amazing results, right? We've, you know, had 240 assets have been fractionalized over, 55 million dollars of transactions of, you know, sort of fractionalized sports collectibles alone. We produce some amazing headlines and results average. It above IPO price over, 60%, obviously, this is, you know, it's been a tough for year or this year. So you're starting to see that reflected in some of the price points on collectible. But again, we generate assets with usually, a three to five-year Outlook. So, you know, yes obviously Everyone likes to see green and profits everywhere. But you know, when you look at things over a short time period sometimes that's not the case but we've taken this period of time to really honestly to accelerate Innovation. Right. There's times you know, where you really kind of put the You know the the pedal on the gas and I think times like this is no time to be just sort of head down building. So we've really kind of been very reflective. Very thoughtful, I think and kind of building a couple things that were really, you know, always on the the road map, it might have been in 2024 roadmap for 20-25 roadmap of kind of taking this time to say, you know what there a couple products being built today, that are different, that I think really are needed, especially in this environment where It's really hard to kind of know what things are worth ratio actions and you know, they're just all over the place, right? And so you know, we're we've been reflective. We've been aggressive and what we're building quietly head down, striking up Partnerships and relationships during this time, trying to increase, you know, just our brand but really just, you know, sort of the the mainstream awareness of the hobby overall and to Bringing new people, right? So that's that's that's how we've done it. But again, look, it's been, it's been a tough year for everybody. No matter what? You are whether you're a young upstart, or a developed company, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000 employees. It's been, it's been a challenging year and so, all you can do is do the best you can every day and do it. Do it with integrity. And so, that's what I think liked was done, time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but sports card Nation will be right back after that for nearly 50 years. Sports collectors digest has been the voice of the hobby. Bringing you comprehensive coverage of the sports. Collectible industry from industry news auction results, market analysis, and in-depth, stories, about collectors, and their collections. Sports collectors digest, has everything you need to know about the hobby. SCD is also your leading source for listings of sports collectible dealers, card shops card shows and the latest from the industry's top companies to check out all the latest news or to subscribe to the Hobbies. Oldest magazine visit sports collectors, Digest.com Or call one eight hundred, eighty nine 5561. Let's go. You are listening to you. The sports card Nation Podcast. Yeah, you mentioned team-ups and Partnerships were seeing that almost across the board, you know, even a cat in creation, we're seeing some of that but you know, sticking the companies and stuff. I mean y-you know. Why do you think we're seeing so much of that? Is it, is it survival-based? Or is it just just makes it makes sense for the people? Yeah, I think, I think in a lot of cases, you know, both right in some cases. But, you know, look, I think this this industry is pretty small in the grand scheme of things. Obviously it's grown a lot but you know, the community overall is pretty small. You know, we know every company to space ever coming towards us and everybody knows. You John and you know, every collector and ever heard of the same shows in the same events and you know I think I think generally it is not always but I think generally it is a collaborative Community. It's a community who share a similar passion and I think it's community at large again, not in every case, but I think at large it's a community that wants to grow and wants to expand and wants to get more recognition and bring and share our passion with other people, right? And so I think often Times, you know, the power of collaboration can really accelerate what people are doing, right? So I would say it's more do that certainly eBay and collectible or collectible and IMG and Endeavor collectible and Beckett, we did a partnership with back after that National, you know, just been kind of partnering up with like-minded companies and people to kind of do cool unique Innovative things. And so, you know, I think, I think that's really been the, the driver for collectible. Yeah. I will say it is not that it's all about. Like this. But you know, from a selfish point, B, you guys are to throw a party. That's true retard, that's for darn. Sure, I got ya, I got a tip my cap or, you know, you know, I didn't go to the mid collector but people did say was well done of that. I went to the collectible party, thank you for the invite at the national in Atlantic City. I got to meet my at my basketball. I don't fellow brooklynite. Chris Mullin. That was a big that really made my own Boat Trip. It was like the first night I like could have went home, Ezra and I would have been, I would have been still kind of cloud, nine and just well done. You know, what wasn't rush? We didn't feel like, okay, time to go, it was, it was a good amount of time. You know? I am funny story that, you know, with the Chris Mullin thing I'm looking to my right and I saw that guy looks It's a little like Chris Mullin not know when he was even going to be there, and then something made me look again. And I looked again I'm like, oh God I'm not going to swear on the show. But you know, choice word and like that is Chris Mullin. And I got the I got to talk with him for about 67 minutes, that's all from, he's from Canarsie Brooklyn. Like, I am sweetly. It's funny and talking to him. As ra we talk 0 basketball was just about the What street did you live on? Where do you work? That kind of stuff. And I think he I think he was refreshed by that too because he probably just meet people they want to talk about the Olympic team and you know, Run TMC and I'll you know, all that stuff and it probably gets old. He doesn't probably always run in especially not in in New York City right here in and so we had a great conversation. Lawrence Taylor. I was little area sand. Just a just a well-done event. I master Gar smoker. You had you know, look there's a little bronze. There were running the cigar table and it just well done something for everyone. If you did have fun at night, I don't know what your problem saying. I don't know what your problem was. It you did that. They did something wrong that that you guys. So just well done but talk a little bit about that. Like it, it looks seamless because you do such a good job with obviously, it's not as easy as you make it look tan. Talk about You have to give away all the secrets but talk about all the logistics that goes into putting on an event, like the, for those that don't know. And think, like, you just call people up and say see you tomorrow. It's not. Now obviously, it's not, not like that. So just tend to talk about cancer or tough. I mean, they were there a lot there, a lot of work and it requires a lot of planning. It's almost like we always joke internal, it's almost like planning a wedding, you know, eat your Venue. It was like planted. There's just a million little details, what it will say, we have an amazing team.

<span;>8:18 PM
<span;>Real Hospitality background. In fact, he used to own a chain of bars in New York City. And I had my first date with my wife at his bar. So ethos a really, a top-notch job. So I give him a lot of the credit. We also brought on Sarah, Martin were used to work at a GTS and upper deck who also run, you know, was terrific. I running Live Events. We've got a great team. We have a creative full creative in-house. Team led by Stephen Atherton, what does a great job? Job, making everything look really top-notch and we have great Partners, right? Whether it's eBay, whether it's Beckett, whether it's, I am J. So we always work with great people and, you know, look at the goals of these events. Truly were just to grow the pie and to grow community and to make sure that collectible is a part of the community in a meaningful way. So it was pretty cool when I walked in as well, I was a couple of minutes late for, you know, for the event. Just, you know, from getting, you know, from stuck at a A couple other brands that I walked in and I see Lawrence Taylor. I see Eric Dickerson. I see Chris Mullin. I see think right away jr. And then I see, I said you and I see, I see. I want one really bad. John. Yours was great. It was it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of fun but, you know it's truly a, it's a labor of love. We love it. We enjoy it. And always, always great to hear that you do. And, you know, we've done a lot of positive feedback and that's it. That's a no doubt. I was just shocked at you. I had no idea what to expect, not, you know, being that at the mid Collective or being at one, one of your, you know, your events. And just the fact that they were just in the crowd, you know what I mean, without 18, bodyguards around them or whatnot. And it's funny, and my Jackie Robinson, A shirt on and you know, Chris Mullins, I God that's my guide to, you know, her Brooklyn guy. So it just just great memories like that somehow I'll never forget, I'm sure you have similar take away with people you meet and I appreciate you, you know, you're very you know you give credit where credit's due name and all your your staff and teammates that make that stuff happen. That's a great trade to you know give that credit. So I Appreciate you saying that and mentioning them as well. But yeah you make it look I'm sure a lot easier than it actually is behind behind the scenes. It's time for a quick break but we'll be right back like the athletes. We admire the sports card shop is changing the game. We're not launching three bombing drives or hitting dingers, but we have built a unique Gathering Spot for all collectors to trach. Talk sports play games and watch their favorite athletes on the big screens. Yes, we've partnered with panini Upper Deck, Leif Topps, Fanatics, Pokemon and others to bring you all the latest in sealed wax. And singles Buck the sports card shop in New Buffalo. Michigan is much much more. Our recent expansion, brings collectible sneakers, Hot Wheels and more sports and entertainment memorabilia into the mix. Our new collectors cave game room is the perfect place to throw a great party bring friends. Yes, RIP pack straight cards, play Billiards, ping-pong, shuffleboard, classic arcade, and Xbox games. All while watching your favorite sport on TV. Visit us at the sports card. Shop.com follow us on social at underscore sports card shop or better yet. Visit us in person to learn about special events, party packages, new products, and everything we're doing for you. The sports card shop, Connecting People Sports and the hobby around the world. Schools combination has returns.

<span;>I think he announced today if you can correct me if I'm wrong that the next meant Collective is going to be is officially scheduled. So kind of talk about if you don't mind talk about that. And you know, for those that haven't been like myself. Yeah. Maybe what they can expect, if they go. Yeah. So it's been it's been a busy week of Sudden announcement for a collectible, we announced. Friday of last week that our partnering up with eBay on a whole host of stuff so we can talk about that as well with the men Collective, right? So last year was the first year we did it. This was a joint venture between collectible and IMG and Endeavor. I'm Jane and ever major major sort of global media property and look they you know, kind of saw what's happening. The Collectibles Arena saw opportunities for growth and we partnered up together. I really with a shared vision. Asian to truly grow the pine together. So the tagline for the main Collective is grow. Grow the pie together? We hosted the first one last year in Las Vegas. Obviously, when you're throwing a new show for the first time, you don't really know what the reception is going to be or what the personality of the event is going to be the vision for it was to grow the body together but also to have sort of the best of all Worlds. The best of people like about traditional trade shows, like the national which is amazing and have a little bit more sort of thought. Leadership and education and to add value for people who who come and tend to kind of get more clarity on the direction of the industry to get more clarity on. You know, what's happening and to hopefully make a meaningful Partnerships for for their, for their entities, for their companies for themselves. So really, really great of them. Got a lot of good feedback on a last year. We're also really excited to bring in Peyton Manning as another partner this year. For the second year, we're going to actually expand on last year's success. So, Last year, the three-day event that can be a four-day event. Toby. Same venue in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. It will be a similar sort of arrangement as last year, a little bit different, we'll have a little bit more, sort of a consumer show. If you will card show and then we'll have, you know, about two days of I would call it a thought, leadership, and education seminars and workshops. So really, really great events. We had a lot of fun with the last year that, you know, it's definitely a lot of work, of course. But, you know, I think I think it's a differentiate property and and that's and that's one thing about collectible that we've always tried to do again. I said this before, but there's a lot of great events in this hobby. There's a lot, there's a lot of great shows whether it's Arts culture Collision, whether it's a national of course the Expo, I mean there's a lot of amazing shows so you know, we don't want to create what already exists. We didn't want this to be just another show on to be something different, the broad, you know, sort of a unique spin in to add value in different ways and what already Listen, you know, I think at least year one, the feedback was really we struck that proper balance. Hopefully we can repeat that in here too. But we're excited about what we're building. They're thrilled to be in Partnership and ing Endeavor. Real, that eBay came back as the title sponsor Fanatics, we have a big part in it this year. So you know, I think all the people that you all the companies you want to be there will be represented in a big way and you know, hope to see as many people if not more people there this year and you know, one thing Mention about doing something different, right? Then maybe your traditional show, not that there's anything wrong with that. But you know you do those panels in those seminars and knows, you know how to use or, you know, think about think about things like this and that really kind of sad. I know a lot of people raved about those and said that, what that's kind of what did such a part. It's funny. I had dr. Beckett on a few months back and he's a gentleman that's been To every National from the first one to the last one, and I asked him, like what, you know, as someone who's been to the National dr. Jim all of them. What is the, what is missing from? What you see now, to what, you've, maybe they did at one time. What would you if you could bring something back? In other words, what would you bring back? And he even has a day, didn't even have to think long and he said, hey, we used to do panel discussions and seminars and I love them. They still, you know, they don't really do them and I'd love to see him do that. And here you are, you know, I don't know if he told you to do it or, you know, gave you an Insight, but that's exactly the void. You know, you took that ball and sort of way he absolutely. Did me a huge, huge, thank you to to him as well. Because, you know, we certainly confided in him became sort of an unofficial adviser both pre-event and and athletic events at the Savannah. Is you know what occurred? And the kind of offer ideas. For what the 2023 version of it could be. So he's terrific, obviously his perspective. He's been to, I think, literally, every single National that there ever has been. So, you know, he's a tremendous person to lean on for, for advice or huge. Huge, huge, thank you to him as well. Yeah, including he had a heart attack and almost died. He still didn't miss the national. So I had asked him if what was the closest he ever came to, like, ending the streak in, it was mentioned that. So yeah, you put your foot out. Great events. You were listening to those sports card Nation Podcast. We'll be right back. After this break, iron Sports guard is your number one source. For all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases, check them out on Facebook. Look at iron sports cards group or on the web at iron sports cards.com or even give them a call at 1-877-560-4440 sa Rob's got you covered. What's a typical day, you know, I'll put you on the spot, I get to the life of raspberry, you know, from from waking up like what's for those that don't know. Like if you had a crew filming you like it was a

<span;>8:29 PM
<span;>You know, I survived to have two young kids as well. I've reread boy and have a one year old boy. So my day starts directly and I'll tell you, it starts even earlier than it has to just for my own sanity. I'm an early. I'm a, I'm a weirdo. I'm an early riser. I purposely asked my alarm clock 4:45 in the morning. 4:45 in the morning. I love the early morning hours, so I wake up really early, and if I use that time for myself, whether it's to, you know, whether it's to do some work or catch it. On emails or workout or whatever it is. But, you know, those, two hours from 4:45, I know it sounds crazy about, you know, 6:45 7:00, when the boys get up, or my time, and then and then it's Dad stuff for a couple hours and, you know, then we head to the office here in New York City. And you know, it's really just building, right? It's the best part of my day is being on call as the collectors certainly and you know in to talk about the Hobby and and to try to get great material. Cereal for both the fractional community and some of the other things we're building for uniform or it's of collector, purest Community. I love ideating. A new ideas and kind of thinking about ways that we can improve them what we're doing. Obviously, you know, a lot of partnership related conversations. So, you know, it's like when you're an early stage company and we've a small small of a great team, and I think we're 20 22 people will then there's, there's a lot of hats that you wear some. You love somebody, you don't like, but every day is different. Every day is busy. So yeah, it's a busy day. It's an early day but it's, it's fun. Yeah, no, no doubt. I'm kind of an early guy to a lot of times. I do my phone as my alarm clock as about time that beat I beat my, you know, I mean, I get up before they even wakes me up. So, that's how I don't know why, but even on weekends, when I don't even have to be am like, man, it's just tender, like, just introduce Wrenched in me. But, so, like you said, you mentioned the partnership with eBay. You know, I read the press release on the show but, you know, straight from the horse's mouth, right? Wasn't tell us what that entails? What? What the future holds with that with that deal with eBay? Yeah, really really, really excited about this one. You know. I think one thing about both collectible and eBay's that were very aligned in many ways with our mission and our mission at collectible Is to grow is to grow The Hobby and to bring new people into it. They become sort of a very easy on ramp to unboard New collectors into the market. And you know, anything about what eBay has obviously done is eBay, literally, you know, kind of invented the digital Marketplace of Collectibles or and they've increased access access in this in a word that both of us really like to use a lot. We've increased access to terrific Collectibles fractionally at share price of people can all afford. EBay is obviously increase access just kind of making Easier to transact in Collectibles all across the world. So, you know, we certainly see the world similarly and you know, we thought there's a real opportunity. I mean we've heard this sort of narrative of Collectibles becoming similar akin to find, are typically hear that you know after a record-breaking mantle sales or 12 million dollars or whatever it is and CNBC and you know Forbes and all these major Outlets are running you know stories about how it was sports. Collectibles are now being Re-rated like Fine Art, but we want the kind of actually do something about that right into position the hobby as. Yeah. It has a lot of the characteristics that, you know, art collectors love fried. And so, the us some of these high-end prices, while they seem high and they seem, you know, sort of higher than obviously this Market has ever experienced before. We think that's Justified. Very look at, you know, a lot of the things that really kind of Drive art prices. Whether it's, you know, the the the sort of sense of History the Rarity You're right that the relevance, you know, just the iconic - of it, the artwork itself right in all of these things, you know, still are very true when you looking at a 52 Topps mantle or Michael Jordan jersey red. So we really want to kind of put our money where our mouth was, you know, so to speak and you know activate at Art Basel Art, Basel, people don't know. It's the largest probably most respected Art Exhibit in the world, right? It's I was I was actually talking with with with Any black today and he characterized. Is it the Super Bowl of the art wall? Right. So we wanted to kind of bring our worlds and, you know, not to cut your, he's stealing my lines because I called the Super Bowl the hobby. So there we go. It's just taking that and putting it on and you won't bring our world of Collectibles into, you know, into the Fine Art world and to activate their. So we're in partnership with eBay will be setting up at an exhibit called scope. Scope is right on. Miami Beach is probably one of the more rep you. If not the most reputable place, East actually be exhibiting at Art Basel from got some great stuff. So you know stuff that's on collectible things will be contributing to eBay has recently launched fault for being tribute five million dollars worth of stuff into the eBay Vault to help support that initiative. Really excited about what they're building. Their we have some stuff that's on eBay. From other sellers, we have Snoop Dogg's, inventory some Comics. So, you know, I think will be a great way for us to hopefully kind of grow the hobby, right? Grow the pie. Bye-bye positioning this with, you know, some of the most reputable artists in the world with you know in front of some of the biggest collectors in the world. So you know that's that's that's that you know we're also hosting high-end dinners and cocktail events. We also announced that we're going to be Co curating collectible and eBay will be Co curating high-end auction as part of the mint property this year. So you know I would expect more headlines. Come I don't be it'll be a really fun auction. There were going to be doing together. March and there and there may be more more stuff to come to know in the future but for now you know that that's the extent of the relationship. Oh we also won one of the thing. We also open up a eBay store called by Collectible sort of a curated eBay store where it's items that in some cases just aren't you know perfectly right for fractional today but we want to kind of lend our curation lens, you know sort of our relationships to kind of provide a really great assets that people People in a non kind of fractionalize Realm. So really excited about the our store that we launched in partnership with the eBay. And so, you know, just the just just, just good things across the board, but great, great things to say about eBay. EBay is a terrific team, really, really, you know, sort of like and respect what they're doing over there. They've, they've invested a lot in the hobby or the last year. The do a lot of really great initiatives, whether it's the V, you know, whether it's, you know, things, you know, around authentication, whether it's requiring Gee player or the really investing in the hobby, really want to grow The Hobby and really want to solidify, you know, their status, obviously within it as, you know, as the premier Marketplace. So thrilled thrilled to partner with them and we will see what's to come. It sounds like you're going to be a busy guy. That's what, that's what I together all that as well. So, you're gonna have your hands full but it's going to be, you know, like like they say labor loves going to be fun to see where it Where the hobby goes. I only got one request. I'm an East Coast guy. Doesn't mean I won't travel, but any thoughts to if the mid Collective is going to be an every year thing? Maybe having one on the east coast somewhere or you know Central you know just kind of move it around. Is that something that's even been discussed or cure? Yeah, you know, we've thought about it, you know, we really like the biggest last year. Hey it's just you know they've got the amount of space for it's so easy. To get to, you know, obviously you know that I think there's a real clamoring for more West Coast presence for shows. There's a lot of East Coast really shows, you know. But look, one thing that I will say is, you know, we're always doing creative things. We actually just hosted. I think there's an event last Thursday at a sports bar here in New York City. There's a trade night, we had hundreds of collectors down first, on a Thursday night, watch football, you know, that high-end sports bar really great seeing everyone was, you know, was there with their cards? And so if it's not if it's not the mint property, I'm sure collectible will be involved in some really great outings here. You know, here in New York and all across the East Coast. Well, you're busy. Guy has right. Appreciate you making some time for us today on the show. I know you got a plane to catch. I want to make you late but give out </span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>