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Dec. 30, 2022

Ep.212 w/Lyn Lake-Show Promoter "Putting on a card show"

Ep.212 w/Lyn Lake-Show Promoter

What goes into running a show..getting autograph guests..making dealers & consumers happy, it's not as simple as you think. Longtime show promoter Lyn Lake joins us to discuss it. Yes we discuss the sign that went viral too.

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What goes into running a show..getting autograph guests..making dealers & consumers happy, it's not as simple as you think. Longtime show promoter Lyn Lake joins us to discuss it. Yes we discuss the sign that went viral too.

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all right happy to have this next Gentleman on the sports card shop at Moco the guest line I've known him many
many years uh he's a busy guy he just did a relocation as well and he's the
promoter of the shows I do here I call my home shows uh here in Syracuse uh
happy to be joined by Mr Lynn Lake Lynn welcome thanks John pleasure to be here thanks
for having me yeah no no problem we just uh you know we just uh completed or you
just completed I just showed up and and got to sell a few things but uh the the collectors Fest the mega show uh number
85 huge show you're the biggest one uh you do uh each year it's kind of a a
combination of Not Just Sports Cards but toys games and almost anything uh
collectible you did a great job bringing in uh attractions with the uh Ghostbusters car uh car I saw some Star
Wars folks rolling around walking around Storm Troopers R2D2 I almost felt like I
was on the set of a new movie um you know uh SGC in in you know
coordination with both of us allowed me to bulk sub uh and that was that debuted
uh at this show uh as well but uh you know one thing I want to talk talk about
you Lynn that's that's a bigger show right your biggest but even your other shows at 110 tables right this people
think you know you just you unlock the doors and that's all you do and and
collect admission uh and and as someone who's done a few shows as a promoter
nothing on par with the likes of you but thinks it's easy uh and I think we both
know me more from the dealer side of the table um that it's not as easy kind of I'll
talk a little bit about that talk about the show that you you just put on and all that good stuff
sure well we started promoting shows back in 1986 my senior year in high
school and I was part of a baseball card collecting Club in Cortland New York and
they were looking at doing a show and I was doing taking a business class and I had to write a business plan on how to
create a business so I decided to do it on running a baseball card show and that's kind of how we got started after
that first show The unfortunately the card club didn't really continue we lost
some members so I decided to continue doing shows and that's when CNY promotions was formed Central New York
promotions and so the collectors Mega show that we just had we do it every December it's our largest show we
combine as you said the sports memorabilia side along with our toys and comics and gaming and we had 248 tables
we had over a thousand people through the door which is our third largest show that we've had in attendance
um and uh it had a tremendous response I think not only from the vendors uh most of the vendors said they had a
tremendous show and we brought a variety of different things in we have Lawrence Mountain from Syracuse legend that came
in and signed autographs and we had a baseball author there from the wrote a book about the Utica blue socks
um we had you there uh hosting with SGC uh taking cards to be graded which was
awesome something we've never done at our shows we've tried to get uh some grading companies there but it's tough
now because it cost them a lot to travel yeah and they really want to do the real big shows the Nationals or the big
Regional shows and I get that for us that's our channel is big but it's not
big for them so by having SGC represented there through you was a great attraction and of course we also
had the Ghostbuster car and a Tardis and we had several uh comic book artists there and uh it was a really really good
really good attraction um our our regular shows uh collectors Fest which is 110 tables in our Toy Fest
which is also 110 tables it's a little bit smaller show but we still get a decent crowd so back in March of this
year we had Devin Singletary from the Buffalo Bills there and we had over 800 people through the door which is great
when we don't really have a big name guest or an autographed guest we usually average between 350 to 500 people
depending on the weather in the season um and then back in April we had Eric
dievendorf former Su player as well and we've had some other guests um we there
are other shows in New York state that bring in real big names and bring in 10 15 20 guests My Philosophy is I think
that that's for my shows that's too much because it takes a lot of money away from the vendors and the vendors are a
big part of the show and they're the attraction as well so this way you know we bring in one guest maybe two leave
some money in the pocket for the collectors so that they can spend at the vendor tables also meet somebody and get an autograph
um as far as planning shows it's I've already started planning for 2023.
um I have all my shows are at the New York State Fairgrounds so I'm competing against other show dates as well to try
to lock in a building so the dates that I had this year two of them I couldn't get the same weekends next year because
uh somebody else beat me to it and signed up you know and I started planning my shows for next year back in
May of this yeah 4203. um other things that are involved is you
know the building comes as a shell you've got to rent tables and chairs and set them up and tear them down uh
insurance insurance is very costly um advertising advertising has changed
so much over the years you know we do a lot with social media but we also do direct emails and direct mailings from
the people who come to our shows so these are people we know that have been to the shows and so we do direct messaging to them
um and then we do a coupon where they bring back their flyer or their email to get a dollar off admission that that
helps track you know where people are finding our information so it does take a lot of planning like you said you
don't just show up and unlock the doors and boom everybody's there it's it's months and months of planning
yeah and I'm I'm glad you touched on some of that stuff Lynn because people you know and and and and and their
defense right it's not necessarily their job to know all this stuff but I do think people sometimes who attend shows
don't realize you know all the work and and and you know Logistics and and stuff uh that
uh go into putting on the show like you said uh you have to plan that far in advance for the following year while
you're doing putting out shows in the current year and even even then you're not guaranteed like like you said to to
get always the dates you want you know uh for those who aren't from Syracuse uh
they won't uh uh I'll Enlighten them if you're from Syracuse this isn't breaking news but obviously like you said you
have it on the the fairgrounds property that's where the New York State Fair is held every year uh for I believe like 14
or 16 days uh you know in the summer so uh you know those dates are obviously
off the table and uh and dates around it too right even though that's when the fair is actually going on uh they have
to get that set up and if you take you know a 248 table shows hard to have you
ever been to New York State Fair you realize the work that has to go on so that starts even probably uh as even
setting things up not the planning the planning like you say probably years in advance but even for the fair uh months
in advance as far as putting uh installing different things and getting you know that property ready for
millions of people or you know million people and 14 to 16 days of events and
shows and and you know vendor setups and all that stuff that goes with it so
that's you know I sometimes they hear people complain like why why isn't there more summer shows or around these dates
and and those are some some of the reasons why right then you get into the winter season which has really just
begun you're you know you're in New Mexico now and I'm you're not getting the white stuff we we are here when uh
you know which I'm sure maybe you missed it a little bit for probably probably not not too much so
um you know so it's it's then you got winner right and you got dealers you and
you I'll let you speak to this you know deal I'm fortunate I live 4.5 miles from
the fairgrounds so I'm a bad example but you got dealers traveling in from hours away if not uh further some may stay
even in in hotels so there's it's easy for me to say hey do a show in January
or February you know um because I don't have to travel much but you know winners in central New York
can be depending on the year can be uh harsh and uh and uh you know people
don't always like the you know as long as people live here they always complain about temperature so when it gets cold
people don't always like to come out so having a show in the winter um is not as easy or maybe as successful
as people would would you know present it to be I I know I rambled on there
just a little bit you know touching on what I said like dealers traveling in in those those summer and winter dates and
you know you're working against someone else's schedule we did try a couple of Summer shows and
they just didn't do well summers are in Central New York are so short with kids in school and going off to college and
they start earlier in August and um you want to spend as much time as you can Outdoors or vacationing and they
just didn't do well so we decided to stick with just the uh fall and spring times we did do some you know their very
first one at the fairgrounds was in February it was February 2nd of 1990 we had 3 200 people through the door
um and we didn't have any autographed guests and that was our first big one we have done smaller shows throughout and there wasn't really a lot of big shows
in Upstate New York down by the city there were but so we gave it a try and it was it went
awesome and then it just kind of took off from there we tried this summer right after that brought in a couple wrestlers Tony Atlas and George The
Animal Steele and a couple others and the attendance just wasn't great so we decided after that just to stick with
fallen in springtime because in central New York you just never know what the weather's going to be like yeah heck
it's springtime some I remember it snowed in in on Mother's Day uh one year so I joke Syracuse is the only city you
can use your air condition and your heater potentially in the same 24-hour uh time span so uh that's that that'll
describe the weather for for anyone that doesn't know you you had mentioned that I now live in New Mexico I've moved out here back in
May of this summer basically to be closer to family my daughter and grandsons live out here we wanted to be
closer to them but I still plan on doing the shows I've been doing them since 1986 and I still have uh plans to do in
uh 2023 I have seven shows planned between collectors Fest Toy Fest and the mega show so I'll still be traveling
back uh to New York to do those shows and I still have roots in central New York yeah and that's one thing I want to say
you know when I when you send out that email you know to all the vendors kind of uh making us aware of your move and
that it was still going to be business as usual well the first thing you read when someone's moving from New York to
New Mexico that's quite a jot right he's like the future to show right what's
happening is this uh is this saying hey this has been a great run but I'm I'm
moving on to some other things you know uh and then as obviously you read it more and you realize like uh you're
still gonna do it and being well and then I was thinking that you know I wasn't sure I remember getting a letter
I'm like okay it's going to do it from New Mexico I didn't realize you were coming in each time which is which is
really cool I thought you were just gonna like try to do it remotely and I'm I was thinking man that that's going to
be I I gotta you know curiosity I'm like can you pull that off but you know uh
you there is a lot of stuff that goes into setting up uh the room or the building uh with tables and having that
all uh you know designing it right you you know you use uh multiple buildings
in the fairgrounds depending on on the show so you have to sort of accommodate
and re you know redesign the the floor plan and who's is going to be aware now
you know I'm a dealer right you got everyone uh always wants it their way so now you got
different egos maybe hey can I be here I didn't like it there I need to move and
and so you're dealing with all these gears you know speaking of it you know speak to kind of the vendors and the
dealers some of those things you encounter and and also how far do something like for me I'm close but for
some of the other guys I set up with where are some of these dealers even coming in from the to come here to
Syracuse and set up sure all over New York State we have some vendors from
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts that do come in um even up far up north I've moved from
the Potsdam New York area and there's two vendors that came from farther north uh from there that come down and do the
show so it's uh it's great that you get that variety I mean each show we do have
we do have a lot of the same vendors each show but then we also do get a variety of new ones
um when you were talking about the the building and the show so what gets challenging is one of the same I do the Toy Fest on a Saturday and then the very
next day I do the collector's Fest on the same weekend so we set up the building on Friday and then we do the
collector The Toy Fest on Saturday and we do have about a dozen vendors that do both shows they do have product
that meets the uh for what the clientele is looking for the collectors are looking for it each one but then you're
moving out the toy vendors on Saturday night and a lot of toy vendor or the sports uh vendors want to move in
Saturday night and into Sunday so the table configuration stays the same but you are moving some things around where
vendor had three tables and then the collector Fest vendor that's coming in has two in one
um so there is some change over so that that makes for a really long weekend and then usually by 6 a.m Monday morning I'm
on a flight back West to get back home so it makes makes for a long weekend but it's it's it's something I enjoy and
it's a lot of fun to do and you know I get a chance to meet a lot of nice people collector-wise and vendor wise
um yeah no doubt speak you don't have to you don't have to sell anybody out but you
know vendor wise how often do you have a dealer someone like myself or someone else
either complain or want to be moved next show or hey if I don't have a different
location I'm not I'm not coming or accommodation like how how much of that
you know is it always smooth or do you ever have you know different things that pop up like that it pops up so I try to
send a survey out after every show to get feedback from the vendors this past show I had 98 vendors set up at it and I
only got four responses back from my uh you know questionnaire to get feedback from people but a lot of times people
come up to me and say Hey you know I like your show but where I was just didn't work for me can I uh can it be
somewhere else or I have a vendor that has the exact same product as being next to me can I be moved you know of course
everybody wants to be near the front door but not everybody can be um so you try to you try to accommodate
everybody and then you want everyone certain people want electricity electricity is only available around the outside walls there's they're not in the
islands um so it's you try to do your best I send a questionnaire before each show to
say hey what you know do you need uh do you want your tables in a straight line do you want um electricity uh where do you want to
be set up any special request and for the most part it it works out you try your best and then if I can't I try to
reach out to the vendor and said hey I know you request did this but I can't I can't meet it for this reason and and
let them know ahead of time so there's no surprises the morning of the show yeah and again I really wanted you to
touch on that just so so people get to understand the process there's you know you're you're working on two sides of
the table in a sense right you got collectors you're you're uh responsible for putting on a good event and then you
have the other side of the table uh with the vendors and it's it's tough to win uh the whole room but uh you know and
like you said you know dealers are traveling in from from out of state as well as uh you know even far distances
within New York state so there's a lot that you you know you're responsible for and you're trying to you know uh be
accountable to uh you know you spoke about autographed guests and uh you know
when I remember when you first started it was pretty one it was almost at least one if not multiple uh at every show
um and then I you know I don't want to speak for you you can correct me if I'm wrong I think you know back then you know compared to
prices nowadays to to get those uh things accomplished is a lot different I
think uh the autograph industry sort of uh boomed Crescendo to uh as well and
and you know players and and retired athletes uh you know those prices to
have them come out uh go up and you know it's not just paying them you know to
sign autographs you've got to get them uh there unless they're already local to Syracuse there's there's travel involved
to to bring those uh you know athletes or celebrities uh uh in so uh and then I
know you know you kind of went away from that and understandably so but you again like you've talked about you've recently
uh kind of brought brought some guys uh back in and it's not you know it's nice
to see a game kind of talk about the Dynamics of an autographed guest for for a promoter
sure um back when we were doing the autograph guess more frequently
um back then the the prices were a lot cheaper and more affordable and then all of a sudden I wouldn't I don't want to
say all of a sudden but then they started doing more shows downstate down by the city where they were paying more
uh to appear at the shows or getting more money to appear at the shows and then all of a sudden they realized hey I
can get this amount of money so then they were charging us Upstate more money
and it wasn't uh in a price realm where we could afford to do it and we had a couple miles in the central New York
area that that are no longer open that would sponsor bringing in some former Yankee players and offer free autographs
so if the mall can do it why can't CNY promotions do it or XYZ promoter do it well the models have a little bit more
deeper pockets they might be getting a sponsor or somebody to do it um so it does change
um I did have uh the opportunity um we had Stone Cold Steve Austin uh do a
private signing with us it was the day after he won the heavyweight championship belt and he was in Syracuse
doing a Monday Night Raw TV taping and so we were able to get him into a a
signing the only thing that cost us for him was a hotel room and then we paid him by piece for signing autographs
um we've had other Yankee players and then I've had some people uh Hall of Frames has brought in a player and 24 7
is brought in a player um and they've uh uh brought him into the
show and we've provided the uh the space for them and uh the advertising and then
they keep all the money from the autographs and uh and do the mail order and stuff like that so we we've offered
that opportunity as well but autographed players you know players appearances even non-sports is getting real popular
um from TV actors um to sign you know coming in and signing autographs and uh their prices
aren't cheap either and you got to pay for the their airfare in their hotel you're hoping that that they don't have
another obligation that comes up for that they're contractual for uh for their TV for TV you know taping or
movies or whatever they're getting into so it's it can be challenging luckily for the most part I think I only had one
or two that had to cancel at the last minute or no shows way back when um because those things do happen but
yeah we stopped doing it because we started losing money at it and the prices got to the point where it was
just too high so we decided that you know not not to do it any longer because I work I work 50 plus hours a week by a
full-time job and trying to do web you know mail orders and and do all that and have stuff on the line it's just it's
very time consuming and for those that can those promoters that can do it you know God bless them and you know that
works for them but for CNY promotions right now that just doesn't work for us yeah and you make a great point right
you can lose money on these deals based on some what these costs are right and and where do the car costs have to be
like passed on to it's it's the consumer right so you can get player a superstar
and pay whatever that fee might be but then you gotta uh you know pass that on
to the consumer you you know you paid more now I gotta ask this is it do I
want to do that and you made a great Point too right the more that goes to the autographed side of the house the
most likely less going to uh you know sales at the table so you got to find
that that balance and even getting an autographed guest right there's no
guarantee how many uh you know autograph tickets uh will will sell so you it you
can lose almost before they get there uh you know it's it's is a lot more risk involved I think with
the autographed guest uh type of deal than just the show itself and so you
gotta you gotta be smart you got to be strategic and think about what's this going to cost or what's this going to
cost the consumer and is it worth it for for everybody right myself the celebrity
the athlete and the people you know the people attending uh my shows there's a
lot of Gears uh right there the only guarantee money is to the guests that he
or she is guaranteed to get x amount of dollars and regardless if you sell one autograph or 100 autographs or whatever
but the guest gets paid ahead of time and then it's your job to try to make that money back which doesn't always
work yeah yeah no doubt so uh I you know like you said you've kind of done it a
little bit more again recently I think the the attendees of the show like that
I even and speaking from the Dealer's side I I I like it because it you know it brings more people through the door
right and that's I mean that's that's what a card show uh is should be about
right for for everyone uh involved so you know you spoke about how you got
into into show promotion I'm gonna put you a little bit uh you know
on the hot not the hot seat but put your uh catch you off guard do you remember your very first show do you remember
like the details were you nervous were you like scrambling like wanting it to
go well can you you know share as much of from the first show you've ever you ever put on and what you can remember
yeah it was 1986 it was at the cortlandville mall in Cortland New York um it was in a little strip mall and we
had Johnny mines there we uh through the baseball card club and uh we I had gone
to a couple of other shows in the central New York area um just to kind of see what they were about and to try to solicit vendors you
know social media wasn't what it is now back in 1986 so it was going to shows
and you know typing up on a typewriter or uh you know you know the old-fashioned computers a flyer and you
didn't have the graphics and stuff so it was it was different than than it was now trying to find vendors and and
whatnot but uh I remember it was a good experience I left a good taste in my mouth and wanting to you know try it
some more so we uh we started doing a monthly show uh in the fruit we called the first Sunday show in Ithaca New York
we did a bi-monthly show in Cortland we went up to the Auburn Finger Lakes mall we we did a show in Watertown
um so that's kind of where we kind of called it Central New York promotions because they were all in central New York and that started in 1986 and then
late 1989 uh there wasn't really any big shows going on it really Drew people
from all over so we did our first show at the fairgrounds and we sold about 150
tables I think it was and we had an incredible response just for and we just did one day I have a lot
of people ask why don't you do two-day shows and so I look at you know when we do a small show in one day and we get
350 400 450 500 people if you did two days are you really getting more people
or are you just taking that 500 and dividing it by the two days yeah but you're doubling your expense uh you've
got another day of uh rental for the building and the chairs and tables and and everything else so it doesn't really
change much and so we uh we just did you know done one day and the collector's
Mega show we did from 9 30 to 3 and by Court by 2 30 three almost three o'clock
the building I wouldn't say cleared right out but there wasn't as many people in there because they all came early
um and that's what we're finding a lot of people are coming early on and we've been lucky all three of our fall shows
the Buffalo Bills have not played on that Sunday yeah the Thursday night game Sunday night
game or Monday night game so that that plays a lot into it hope you know if you're not a Bills fan but you've got
you know you follow other teams do you you're gonna you know you're gonna come early and that's why we started our
shows at 9 30. and uh that plays into effect yeah no doubt not while I'm not a Bill's
friend I know we conversated at the last show um if the bills are at home and at like
a normal time slot you know one 1 30 hits at the show and we live in a heavy
bills area it kind of clears out so when you get those uh nice breaks I'll call
them you know or good bounce right where the the bills have already played on a Thursday night or they're not scheduled
to play Monday night or they're scheduled for Sunday Night Football where all times when the show's uh not
going on I always I I you know I don't know if I'm imagining it but you can you
sort of can feel and see uh the difference uh there and if they won if they played Thursday night and they won
that game right uh those those fans are coming to the show maybe in a better mood and and spending a little bit uh
more money uh as as well so you've done this you know
doing something quick Matt you've done this 37 uh basically 37 years a year
does I mean is it does it get easier or is this just each new iteration kind of
present new new obstacles new challenges the shows have definitely changed um
pre-covet and then definitely after covet um yeah like I mentioned earlier when I
first started there wasn't the uh the social media and the internet you know now we used to do a lot of newspaper
advertising and if uh somebody's listening on here that works at a newspaper I apologize but newspaper
advertising just doesn't work for me any longer it's uh they just don't uh have
the paper every day and you gotta hope someone reads it and it's very expensive so we do a lot of paid advertising on
social media and that that has really helped we did uh paid advertising uh for
this last show um in the Buffalo Market Rochester market Syracuse Market Binghamton and
Albany area we spent about twelve hundred dollars and we had a huge reach and the nice thing with Facebook
advertising and Instagram advertising you can see uh and see the reach and the
responses and you know how many opens and likes and shares and uh that that
really paid that those average advertisings paid for themselves and like I said we have over 500 collectors
on our email list and our mailing list that we do direct mail to and direct emails to and those are people you know
that have come to your shows before so we'll send them information about um but the shows the shows have changed
a lot you know the cost keeps going up for everything uh Insurance um rental of tables and then with me
flying in now you know the cost of airfare and hotel and then I have a friend I have three three four other
friends that help me so I uh I give them a couple bucks and maybe a hotel room and some meals to help me
um so the expenses do add up but the shows the shows have changed a lot uh and the collectors have changed they're
smarter now than they've ever been before you've got they're walking around you know with with their cell phones and
they look things up right then and there um which which is great it's great for the hobby
oh more shows now you know back in the day there wasn't as many shows but now right along 90 from east to west uh
you're gonna have a show in New York state if not two every weekend um that's that's going on so that that's
good for the collectors too um which is great for the hobby um during covid
um people were getting those extra checks those covid checks and people started turning around investing into the Hobby and buying and you were seeing
more people going to uh shows and buying product and and collecting but also
investing and hoping to you know get get some of their money back on that um so the shows have really changed and the
hobby has changed a lot but I think for the most part for the good yeah yeah and and nothing's a Utopia
right it's never going to be exactly perfect um or go exactly as always as planned
but I you know if there's more UPS than than Downs or more good stories than bad stories that's that's uh what you hope
for so you know we talked about uh you know the mega show collector's Fest number 85 and somebody you know uh I I
kind of tipped you off that your sign on the door uh was going uh sort of viral
becoming sort of a a hobby hat button topic for those that watching the video
I want to put this on the screen uh Lynn and for those listening I'm gonna read it this is you know on on the door
coming in uh to collectors Fest um it says notice only vendors that have
paid for tables at Today's Show May sell items at Today's Show collectors may
sell items to the vendors that have paid for tables at today's show but may not sell items to other collectors in the
building now I saw you know a card porn who's a very followed account uh in the
hobby uh posted this and he he could post a picture of a mouse and he'd get
200 comments that's just how how many far but so we posted this and more or
less said you know what do we think about this uh I don't know where he got it from I don't believe he was at your
show personally so someone must have sent it to him and said you know maybe upset
um you know we have a new era of collectors that come in with their cases I don't find I've bought stuff uh from
those folks um but you know some of the negative comments that I saw pertaining to this
were like oh at least you know right off the bat leaves a bad taste in a
collector's mouth or you know does the promoter even want people coming there
it's almost like this big you know fat rule before you come in that's kind of a
Debbie Downer uh from as someone who's done a lot of shows in myself I know
where this is coming from um just you know speak to that for you know when I saw when I saw the sign and
found out you know hey this is from the collector's Fest you know I took my
dealer stance and I commented like this is to protect really everybody uh too
long to to even comment on that right so uh I'll I'll I'll hand it over to you as
as the promoter like you know where this sign comes and it's not new I just found
out talking to you before we even recorded this this you know this is a sign you've had up well you'll say how
long but it's not a new sign uh but I've never seen it because I come in like a dealer's interest on on the the preset
up day in the setup so I'm not not walking through the same door so I I don't always see the side but kind of
talk about you know what what the the meaning of it is I think that's where
some of the misunderstanding is with some folks sure so what's what makes a successful
show a good experience by both The Collector and the vendor if they have good experiences they'll keep coming back so
that sign that's nothing new I've had up uh about a year before covet uh then
during covers everybody knows the show's kind of came a lot of things came to a stop for about a year and a half
um and then we kept putting it up so it's nothing that I'd put in advertising it's nothing that I've put on my Facebook page or my social media or my
website but just at the show so I've had several vendors that have come to me and complained and one one complaint
let's say John I come up to your table and I'm looking at this Michael Jordan rookie card you and I are negotiating
and this other collector comes up and says hey I can give that to you for half price cash right now
and so you as a vendor who spent a lot of money to be there that day just lost
out on that sale now let's say that happens numerous times so from a collector's standpoint when you're when
you're talking about selling stuff to other people you didn't set up and sell you know paid money to be there you paid
an entrance fee um but that's to for the right and privileges to come in I have a lot of
expenses involved uh in promoting that show the vendor has a lot of money tied
up in the tables and then if you have friends or someone to come to help you you got to pay for it so it's it's to
it's really so that uh it protects the vendor and The Collector so if a collector comes in and now let's say The
Collector gets a bad card let's say it's a trimmed card or it's a fake yeah you know who where does that
liability does it come back on me as the promoter I'm not the one you know so by me having that up there kind of protects
me as the promoter uh as a vendor if a vendor comes in and sells some bad cards then I can come back to the vendor and I
can help facilitate that with the collector as well uh I know this is kind of an extreme example but you pay an
admission to come into my shows does that give you the right to do it well you pay admission to go into an SU basketball game does that give you the
right to go in and sell Su merchandise or you pay admission to go to Disney I know that's a far extreme example and
people really don't do that but as part of a hobby it takes both of us to grow
and people come in if you want to trade cards or whatever and I'm sure people are still doing it but yeah it's
something that if you're taking away from the vendor you're taking away from the show and then it hurts the show and then what happens down the road if we
don't have the shows anymore does that does that have a negative effect on the hobby as well so it's and I'm not the only show
there's other shows that I've seen them advertised uh that do that so this isn't new this isn't just CNY promotion's
doing it nobody else is doing it um yeah it's something that yeah we want to keep seeing their hobby grow I have
seen some shows that are two-day shows that on the Saturday night they'll have a sponsor that'll come in and they'll
have a an area where they'll have tables set up and they allow the collectors come in and trade and sell amongst
themselves so we don't we don't offer that it's not to say that in the future we may not and
any collectors that are uh watching this I would love your feedback I would love
to hear from you and if you have any suggestions on what we could possibly change or make make it work
um for everybody okay but yeah at the same time I want to protect everybody involved yeah all
great points I want to even piggyback a little further you know I've done a lot of shows I've done probably a good
percentage of your shows I've done other shows um you mentioned a story where you know
someone maybe is negotiating with the dealer for a card and then a fellow collector comes uh up and sort of
interrupts to say to the the other collector hey you know I have that card
out I can do a lot better right that's just number one that's bad etiquette it shouldn't happen but you know etiquette
exists because not everyone follows it right and so that that's going to happen as far as I'm aware I've never seen it
happen in front of me I'm not saying you know it wasn't done sick you know more privately but I've never
noticed it that way but if I had I'm sure how could you not be disappointed
or upset about about that right you're losing a potential sale especially if you feel like you're pricing it fair to
begin with right like you're not you're not necessarily gouging somebody too
um and it a lot of things you said right you you have an onus to the dealers and
and the collectors both and um you know it's a one-day show maybe if you it was
a two-day show like you we're you know that's the thing you you a great Point
by you Lynn is you know these trade nights they're great events right A lot of them are sponsored by Panini and tops
um but they sort of the the trade nights themselves have sort of blurred the lines of that collector dealership you
know we're in New York state right and and I I don't think I have to tell you this you already know we're we're always
number one or two in the heaviest uh tax states right and so the state wants
their sales tax uh and uh all of applicable taxes that go on with putting
on an event and so you know there's a liability to let people put out tax
numbers just do all these uh transactions and you know I don't I don't know whether they're reporting
income or not that only they know uh truly right but probably a a percentage
of these sales are not uh being reported it kind of puts you you know if New York
State thought this was like rampant they could go to you and say hey you know you're you're allowing this uh you know
at your shows you're putting on and can just make you know make life difficult
for you uh potentially you know uh so there's a lot of a lot of different uh
irons in in the fire and so the only thing I said I defended the the sign uh
I think it's it's common sense when you look at it from you know a lot of
different angles and not just be short-sighted the only thing I said maybe it could have been worded a little
bit you know better but uh you can say that about a lot of the signs and a lot of things that was my only uh thing but
as far as what it what it's the message it needs to convey and why it exists I
agree uh you know 100 100 as a dealer and as a consumer even as a collector
they've just attended a show not setting up that right uh there's just there's
those those lines sometimes I think those trade nights uh blur them and and
you know and in eBay too where everyone's a seller right everyone has
an eBay store everyone has something uh listed on eBay and so I think that
that's made that stuff harder to sort of get a handle on but uh go ahead and I
know you're gonna say something no I was just going to say the you were mentioned about the New York state tax number and
the vendors that's one of the things that is required to set up and sell and before each show because of the
advertising I do online I get so many people that say hey I'd like to do your show how much are tables and my first
question is do you have a New York state tax number and over 75 percent of them come back oh no I'm just a collector I
want to get rid of some stuff I don't I don't need a tax number well New York State thinks differently you do have to
have one in I'm in a New York State Building and facility so I even I need to make sure even more so that everybody
is in line with that because you never know when you might get a visit
um from that New York State collect tax collector uh and audit people so I just I make sure everybody's got a tax number
because that's very important yeah and I can tell you something that doesn't happen at every show or in every state
because I have a couple people that I'm friends with that aren't don't have a
tax number and they're like hey I set up at this show I I did this you know I did this in sales and and I know they don't
you know and it and they just didn't no one record you know said hey you need that and so they set up so I'm not even
I'm not even saying it's their fault or or that they're terrible people but some
states uh you know or or some states some promoters aren't probably uh uh on
top of that like you said New York State uh likes their money let's you know let's be honest they may not like me
saying it in that toner fashion but it is what it is and so uh they're gonna be
a little you know a stricter uh and and guarded with the rules and how stuff's
conducted within their confines so you know which which he alluded to so
well then I appreciate you you're coming on you know like you said you know be
careful what you wish for but you know any suggestions you know Lynn said hey get you know get a hold of them let them
know what maybe you want to see what you don't want to see um but simply saying like the signs you
know stinks or stronger language there's a reason for that you're not trying to be a meanie or the Grinch that's not
that's not what that's about but uh again I I appreciate you coming on and I
I knew I knew the answer to that question as a dealer but I think sometimes people need to hear that uh
you know from the person themselves so I appreciate that give out where people
can see see find CNY promotions what's coming uh down the turnpike and and what
you're up to take your time sure so uh we got our 2023 uh shows all
scheduled and ready to go um we uh most of them are filling up uh almost full
um our first one is going to be on Sunday March 19th which is collector Fest 86. it's our 86 collector's best
show and uh our first our next toy show is on Saturday April 22nd that's our Toy
Fest number three we just started the toy fest so we have much lower numbers for that but you can get more
information on our website at CNY promotions.com there's no W's and our
Facebook page is you can look up CNY promotions our Toy Fest Facebook pages
Toy Fest backslash Syracuse and then we just launched uh this month
our Instagram page our Twitter page and our Tick Tock page no I'm not doing any
dancing or singing it on Tick Tock but it's something that we've launched there's not much on those three pages uh
Twitter Instagram or Tick Tock we're just launching it so we're just kind of starting that but those are all
understand why promotions as well that you can find those and we look forward
to seeing everybody at the show and if you have any suggestions you have any ideas for us you can reach me on my
email address which is collectorsfest at CNY promotions.com and I respond to all
emails might take me a couple days to get back to you but I do respond and I just want to give a shout out to sports
car Nation for hosting uh and accepting SGC for the card grading submissions
that will be at all of our collector's Fest shows all five of them in 2023 John Newman Will Be Manning those stations
and that's something new John had a lot of card submissions at the last show we're looking forward to having even
more in 2023 it's a great service get your cards graded and then get them back
and SGC is one of the quickest turnaround times uh around so you'll see
John at all five collectors Fest so stop in and see him and drop those cards off and get them graded and SDC is a very
reputable company yeah I'm gonna say that better myself I'm gonna have to hire you to do my my ads now and and
again before we we say goodbye it was a lot of fun uh and also uh Kudo you know
hats off to SGC for allowing it to to happen as such without you know they had
to give a thumbs up or we wouldn't we wouldn't have the opportunity so it all started with them kind of giving us the
the green light like you said we hope to continue that I had people contact me Lynn after the show like hey I couldn't
make it or even people at the show uh like oh man I didn't realize you were
going to be here doing this I would have brought cards so um I think now people will kind of put
two and two together and know in advance and maybe bring stuff um and and you know usually you get
better each time you do it I even learned a few things about the process uh in in doing it that will the next
time we do it at your next show uh it'll be a little more streamlined than it even was uh uh in its uh debut and uh
for both me and and and the consumer uh as well so uh I look forward to it I
look forward to the shows uh in general and and and uh you know continued
success thanks well thanks for having me on I appreciate it love talking about the hobby you know we're here for the
collectors and the vendors and we want to see the hobby to continue to grow uh which is great for everybody it's a
great hobby to be involved in and I just want to wish everybody a happy and safe holidays thank you
thanks Lynn you're back take care