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April 7, 2023

Ep.226 w/Rob Girard/Sports Card Therapist "Busiest dude in the Hobby"

Ep.226 w/Rob Girard/Sports Card Therapist

Rob Girard might be the busiest man in the hobby, he's back to talk about how he balances that out, how doing the PWCC Sun night Auction show has helped him and we preview the Springfield,MA Basketball Hall of Fame show he invited me too & the the...

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Rob Girard might be the busiest man in the hobby, he's back to talk about how he balances that out, how doing the PWCC Sun night Auction show has helped him and we preview the Springfield,MA Basketball Hall of Fame show he invited me too & the the hobby panel he's moderating and one I'm guesting on. Road trip!!

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Sportscar nation
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Sportscar nation
hobbies of people
Sportscar nation
This is Sportscar nation
It's so are you
Welcome to episode
Happy to be back
If you listen to this
I'm show
Release Day
Happy Friday
And if you listen to this
I'm show
Release Day
Everything has went well
My drive has went well
I am in Springfield
Massachusetts today
Walking around the basketball Hall of Fame
this evening with Ken Collins from SportsCards. Lessons as we get ready for Saturdays, Springfield
Massachusetts show and hobby panel discussion at the basketball Hall of Fame, very, very
excited for this event. I'll be setting up at the show. I haven't done any out of state
show in some years so that should be interesting and have today's guests.
Today for all these weekends festivities and at-guests is SportsCard Therapist Rob Gerard.
Rob got a whole lot of me. He said, "Hey, you want to come to Springfield Massachusetts, set
up at the show and be on a hobby panel discussion I'm moderating and check my schedule, check
the distance and definitely was doable and set them in. That's what's going on this weekend.
So the show was April 8th and I hope to see and we're going to talk about it on today's
episode with Rob Gerard. We're going to talk about the show he's obviously very familiar with
it and knows all that in the tales and we're going to preview that but we're going to talk
about the hobby content creation and the whole mess of other things as well. So not just about
that show but we're definitely going to preview that too. So with that being said, let's get
things kicked off here.
It's time to start the show. Let's go!
Time for our hobby is the people announcer of the week.
If you'd like to be the hobbyiest of the people announcer of the week, do a WAF or MP3 file and send
it to sports coordinationPC at gmail.com.
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90s auctions.com. That's 90 little s auctions.com.
All right, real happy to be joined by my next guest on the sports card shop. Guess line, it's not
as first time. This is his second appearance. I am going to actually see this gentleman this weekend
and springfield Massachusetts. We are definitely going to be talking about that amongst other
things. He might be the busiest man in the hobby. You might wear that belt. We're going to talk
definitely about that and how he balances all that stuff out. Please welcome Rob Gerard's sports card
therapist. John John John, how are you doing my friend? It is a honor and a privilege to be on your
show once again. I really look at you as the godfather of hobby content. You know, almost like James Brown
in his prime. I picture you up on stage with the microphone just kind of doing your thing.
I like the godfather of Revers. That's my favorite movie. I can't go wrong with James Brown either.
Either way, I'll take that as a win-win. Like I said in the lead in there, I mean,
I make me the oldest guy or one of them, but you're probably the busiest guy between your own content,
Wolf Pack content, now PWCC Sunday night watch party content. You're a dad, you're a husband,
you have two young kids, you're a therapist. Obviously, as your name entails, you know, two questions.
How do you make time and when do you sleep? You know, I mean, listen, I get most of my sleep.
Except for Sunday nights. Sunday nights are the rough ones because, you know, I'm
going to go on YouTube live and do a two-hour show, you know, in partnership with PWCC. Like you said.
So I get kind of fired up from that. And, you know, if at N1130 it usually takes me until about 12
30 or one to kind of wind down. And I'll go right to bed and just kind of lay there and it takes me
a while just to kind of wind down from that. But, you know, it doesn't feel like I'm that busy.
And I think it's because no matter what I've done over the course of my life, I've always had a hobby.
So I've been on my way 15 years and I've always had a hobby that has taken up a ton of real estate
in my personal life. And she's always been, you know, a good sport about that, you know. So no matter what,
I've always had huge hobbies and when I, you know, got back into the hobby, you know, over three years ago.
Now, you know, she's like, oh, this is just going to be a phase. This is just going to be a phase. I'm like,
and I'm like, babe, you don't understand. Like, this was my childhood. I grew up doing this. And even,
you know, a couple of times over the last 15 years, I did my toe back in the hobby. And I was in for six
months, like in 2010 and then kind of fell back out, 2013, game back in, fell back out, you know. So,
you know, it, I heard a quote the other day from, from Michael Moynihan. He was on cousins collectibles.
And he said, you know, I never left the hobby because I always had my cards. I just stopped buying
for years. And that's kind of how I felt. That's in it that's still how I feel. And he said that was like,
yes, because I don't feel like, you know, and I know I'm kind of going off and a tangent here. But I was
actually just talking to Ken from sports hard lessons today on the phone. And I said that, you know,
there's guys like, you know, John Newman and there's other people that have had that were making
content, you know, four or five, six years ago before the pandemic. And I think like they almost look at,
you know, the people that came back and fully during the pandemic is like the new guys. And I don't
know if we'll ever not be looked at as the new guys. But I was collecting in the 80s. I was collecting
in the 90s. I held down to all my cards. You know, I had everything. You know what I mean? So it's like,
I don't feel like the new guy, even though, you know, I just fully came back in three years ago.
I don't, I feel like I've been doing this lifetime. Well, I can only answer that question just for
myself, Rob. I don't look at people like that. There's no pension plan here. This isn't teaching
where you get 10 year right. And like you said, if you've always had your stuff, you might, you might
hit pause on buying and selling. I have, I've done, I did that for four or five years, for as long as
I've been in the hobby. So I'm welcoming to everyone. I don't really label people new or old.
I was new. It was 1979, but which dates me, but we're all were new at some point. So what difference does it
make? Right? And so I don't look at it like that. And you know, I don't care whether you came in
yesterday or 40 years ago, right? Everyone's important in the hobby. And we need people in the hobby.
If there no one's in the hobby, we probably not talking about a hobby. We're definitely probably not
doing this show. We probably wouldn't know each other. So I don't, again, I always hate it. I'm
sure there's no pension plan. Whether I'm in it longer than someone else, it doesn't make me better
or worse. You know, the only thing it might make me is a little more experience, just because I'm old.
And I've done a lot of stuff, but not better, right? Just experience. And so that's my take.
Obviously, I can only speak for myself. I'm sure what you said probably bring true for some others where
maybe they look at someone new and maybe not sort of a nice way. And you know, that's unfortunate.
It shouldn't really be like that. I don't like, if it weren't that happens, I don't like that.
It does occur. It'll never, you know, as far as how I handle myself, I don't look at it like that.
You know, I may ask somebody just for content material, but other than that, it really doesn't.
It doesn't sway my opinion of them one way or the other. And it really shouldn't end up.
There's people whether you're, you know, three years back or whatever the case may be, you're doing
big stuff. So it doesn't matter. You know, there's no belt based on time serve. So that's never been
my approach. But it's step aside for real quick break, but we won't be gone too long.
And we'll be back with more. What robbed you are.
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Welcome back to SportsCard Nation. Let's continue our conversation with SportsCard therapist Rob Jurar.
Now you mentioned, you know, PWCC, it sort of relates Sunday night for you. Have you as an
author of your works schedule or if you've maintained the same thing, just maybe on a little less
sleep? No, yeah. I've maintained the same thing just a little bit less sleep.
You know, it's been, it's been an incredible experience so far being able to partner up with them.
You know, over the course of the last couple of years, I've experienced a reasonable level of success with
my podcast and I never partnered up with anyone. I never agreed to any kind of sponsorships.
You've never heard me read a ad on my show. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
But that's just not anything that I've ever done. So when the PWCC thing came along,
you know, it's a brand that I trust. It's a brand that I respect. No one's perfect. You know, they've had
their bumps in the road. Just like I've had my bumps in the road in life. You know, so
but overall though, they felt like it was a great situation for me just to continue to do what I
loved. You know, it's like I get to sit there for two hours and bring on some of the greatest minds
in hobby, in the, in the hobby, in the vintage space and really just, you know, talk with them about
all these cards that are going on. I mean, every Sunday night, I feel like I'm taking a, um,
a doctorate class. I'm taking a PhD class for two hours on vintage cards and, um, you know,
I mean, vintage cards is really just turned into my absolute lane. And that started, I think,
probably probably about two years ago was when I, I fully realized like, you know, what vintage is
gives me feelings? You know, it's almost like, you know, when you, you meet a woman, you know,
it's like when you met your wife for the first time. It's like you get those butterflies and,
and you're feeling things you've never felt before. That, that's how I felt when I went to
National and rose my Illinois two years ago and I was just surrounded by just hundreds of tables
of vintage and, um, I spent almost an entire day just in that vintage section that was there right
when you first walked in. And, uh, and this is the lane where I just feel so much at home, you know,
and I'm a historian anyways, like, I'm a big history buff. So even outside of sports, but with sports,
you know, so it's like, I've already really done my homework on players, teams, like, I know this
stuff. I'm a sports historian, just like a lot of us are. But for me, you know, um, you know,
it's come up to like, you know, learning about the sets and learning about, you know, which sets are
infamous for being off-centered and miscut and, uh, which, which sets get wrongly labeled as trimmed
often, you know, they'll get a great of trimmed altered, even though, no, that was a factory miscut.
And, and so it's like, it's about learning those little nuances of the sets, um, but it's been
spending credible. I mean, my, my time in the hobby, back into the hobby so far has been,
it's been, and I couldn't, I couldn't have, I couldn't have drunk that.
Thank you back enough what you said, Rob, in doing that show, you know, it's also, I, I feel like
your learning stuff too, right? We don't know everything, uh, for, even someone like myself was
been in it in a long time. I learned stuff about hobby every day as I should, like, the minute I
stop learning, I really have to question what I'm doing. Uh, so, you know, talk about how that
coverage has actually, you know, help you, has it, has it, has it, has it helped you and has it changed your
approach to what you want or what you want to acquire? Oh, yeah, absolutely. It is, I'm going to tell you
something that I just learned last night or I just learned on Sunday night. Sorry, um, on the last
Sunday night auction that I did. Um, so we were looking at a 1933 Gaudy, Jimmy Fox, and, um,
I didn't realize until last night, what makes this card such a coveted card of Jimmy Fox is that that was
this triple crown year. So that was this triple crown year, um, just like, you know, you think about
Demazio and his play ball, you know, his play ball card when he won the triple crown. Um, you know,
you think about, uh, mantle and 56 with his 56 tops. The reason why that card is usually four to five
X, what the Jackie Robinson is, you know, when seven, eight X with the Willie Maze is because it's
their triple crown years, you know, and something really cool that I've, um, that I, uh, so you, you
asked me, has it really been directing like what I've been picking up, and that's without a doubt
it has, this is something that I had just posted. And for people watching on YouTube, they can see this
but I'll try to paint the picture for the podcast listeners. Um, so there are not many players
that were featured as playing it playing day years that were featured in both the T206 set and the 33
Gaudy set, which are arguably the two greatest baseball sets of all time. You could throw 52
tops in there obviously, you know, but those are the big three, you know, is the T206, which is 19
known that between 1909 to 1911, the 1933 Gaudy and then the 52 tops. Um, but there's very few
players that were featured in both as players, the T206 and the 1933 Gaudy. So the my first pick-up that I
got, right, and I wasn't planning on doing this, but um, for those of you maybe not familiar with
the Uncle Jimmy collection, so the Uncle Jimmy collection, you know, um, this guy, uh, James Uncle
Jimmy, he's, uh, he was, you know, born and raised in New Jersey, never had kids, never married,
and his entire, throughout his entire life. He got these incredible on-card autographs of all these vintage
cards. So there's a 33 Gaudy, big roof, you got autographed. I mean, everything you can think of.
So when he finally passed away and they, his family, you know, inherited all his cards. They had no
idea what they were looking at, but they, um, you know, found someone in the hobby that could really help
them figure out like how to properly liquidate this collection, basically. And um, and this gentleman that
they brought on board, he was a guy from, um, I don't know if he worked for PSA or, or what, but he was
able to every single Uncle Jimmy card that came from that collection was able to get designated by PSA
as the Uncle Jimmy collection. So when this card, I, I knew as a vintage person for me, it meant
so much to get, um, a card from the Uncle Jimmy collection. And they're impossible to get. You look
on eBay right now, and there's only one piece of memorabilia from the Uncle Jimmy collection, and it's a
newspaper article that was signed by, um, Ted Williams. And it was PSA Slabbed, you know, as the Uncle
Jimmy collection, because that, that was an discussion, but there's no cards at all available on eBay.
Really anywhere, you know, all these cards are have been purchased and talked away in
collections. People aren't getting rid of them. So I had the chance to pick up a Jack Quinn. And if you look
at how gorgeous of a card this is, this is a 1933 Gaudy. And if you look right on the PSA Lab,
Slab label says Uncle Jimmy collection. So that autograph is incredible. I mean, right in the
perfect way. I mean, obviously wasn't signed yesterday, but that's how Chris. Yeah. And Sharp
really is Rob. So so I was able to find out that someone had an Uncle Jimmy card they were willing
to move. So the, the, the, the gentleman was like, hey, listen, this guy that I know has this card. He's
willing to move it, but there's a very big premium on it. You know, so you're going to be paying for it.
I don't care who you are, Rob. You're going to be paying for it. So he said, but what's really cool about it
is, um, you know, he educated me on how he's actually featured in Gaudy and T206. So I bought this
before it was in the mail before I even had it in hand. I went online and bought the Jack Quinn
T206. So now I have both of you actually went T206 and Gaudy and the Gaudy is the Uncle Jimmy collection.
So so yeah, it's been, it is completely, I don't want to say completely shifted my collecting,
but the education is brought in is incredible. Yeah. And, and know, and you know, if it does
change what you, what you think and it's not wrong with that too, a little bit, right? The more we're
educated or we learn something new, right? That's, that's a, that's a good thing. I've bought stuff just
on something I've learned and, you know, I don't think we have to feel like apologize or or anything like that.
Like I said, I try to learn something every day. You are listening to the sports card nation podcast.
We'll be right back after this break. Hi, this is Pat Hughes, Cubs announcer coming to you
from the SportsCard Shop in beautiful new Buffalo, Michigan. The Gaudy family has built an incredible
place here for collectors to buy, sell and trade cards and memorabilia. Be sure to stop by and let them
show you around the sportscards shop.com, connecting sports, athletes, the hobby and collectors
around the world. We are back. Is it different kind of highlighting some cards and yet you're like,
hey, I want to get this too, but now I'm kind of broadcasting to everyone, like I'm, you know,
opening the competition lane. Is that a weird scenario? You know, it is. It is and, you know,
what people, no one's really asking me that before. I've talked about it before, you know, with people,
but no one's really asked me that on a show. So I would definitely be glad to discuss that. So I've
been collecting vintage for years now. So all these cards I have on the screen behind me,
these are all cards I've had, you know, well before anything to do with PWCC. So my content that I was
putting out right now on my podcast, I'm, I think, in my YouTube show, I'm at episode 165, I think. So,
you know, I a lot of episodes in the bank and most of my content was just, you know, naturally
shifted toward vintage. Even though there's definitely some modern, but I like to think that my
show has a much more modern feel. You know, I've listened to some podcast where it's vintage
based and it just kind of like feels vintage based, but I think I've kind of figured out my own brand
to make vintage almost feel like fresh. So I think that's, that's, I think that's a big part of the
reason why PWCC approached me. Well, I know that's kind of, you know what they said they said like,
listen, we love what you're doing. We don't want you to change a bit. We just want you to start,
you know, doing our vintage auctions and, you know, after meeting with them and their staff
and, you know, talking about what the game plan was, I was thrilled to be on board, thrilled to so,
so yeah, you know, I had people in the vintage community that message me and it's kind of like a double
edged sword because it's one of these things where I talk about vintage so much that like,
you could say I'm pumping vintage, but the thing is like, I'm not selling any of my vintage and
and I had people in the vintage community that love that vintage, they feel like vintage cards
are getting some really good exposure and I'm, I'm proud to feel like I might be playing a small role
in that. So that's really cool. But you know, I have people in the vintage community that I'm friends
with and they say, man, Rob, I feel like six months ago, I was getting steals on PWCC and now I'm
paying above comps on every single auction and I'm telling you every single Sunday, just this past
Sunday, I mean, we watched what we're seeing records broken every single weekend for vintage on PWCC.
It's unbelievable. I mean, they're they're they're smashing pandemic hype prices, you know,
Sunday, night, a 1954 Ernie Banks rookie PSA 7. The all-time high, like during like the
hype of the pandemic was 94 hundred for PSA 7. This PSA 7 Sunday night went for 12-8. I think. So
went for like 3K over 25% over. So yeah, it is one of those things where it's like, man, I'm looking
at these cards, but you know, I really want to discuss the beauty of these cards though. I really want
you know, and I'll have guys mess with me. I don't talk about that. Make me think tonight.
I'm going for it. I'm like, oh my, just some sorry, man. I'm sorry. Like, I have to. I mean,
to make some side deals here, right? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, it's funny though. But that's, you know, that's the thing. Like, it's,
but you would joy at your passions there so much that you even if maybe it prevents you from
getting that card, you still have enough passion and enjoyment for what you're doing. It's worth
more, and you can still always maybe get it down online. You just keep it on your list of things.
And you know what's cool too is what's cool too is I'm, you know, because I'm really digging. I am
digging into these auctions every week. I'm just taking my time. I'm looking through all these vintage
cards that are going up. You know, because I'm highlighting anywhere's between 75 and 100, 100 of them
that I'm going to favor it and that we're going to highlight over the course of two hours and watch,
right? So I'm digging into these cards that I would have never been looking for. So I actually just got this
in the mail today. If this is a card I want to think two weeks ago on the PWCC auction. So so when it
comes to basketball, the first and actually just posted this a few nights ago. The first pack pulled
NBA official set is 48 Bowman. If you look over my shoulder, you can see the George Micon,
I have the mic in right here. Right. This is the first the first big official NBA set 48. But on the
PWCC auction, I was able to find this 1936 Cosmos Olympia card. So this is an Olympic card from 1936
of them playing basketball. That's cool. In the grade of an SGC5, I mean, talk about talk about a
F-in collectible. And listen, Rob, you said you love history even outside the hobby outside of sports.
It's funny when you were saying that I was not and because I'm the same way. And if you know anything
about the 36 Olympics, huge backstory there, you know, with Hitler and we're German Joins. Yeah. So
and that's the Olympics it was at. So there's a lot of gears involved with that
Olympics and that card from. In this set, yeah, this set to this 1936 Cosmos set. There's a lot of
Hitler cards in this set. If there's a lot of Hitler cards, there's a lot of Jesse Owens. And you know,
there's very few basketball ones. But you know, I saw the basketball one and I'm like, you know,
it's one of these cards that I think that people are just like, it's just really flying
below the radar. You know, everyone's looking at everything else. And I see this card and I'm like,
I'm going to grab this card like, like, how is it this cheap? You know, so I end up grabbing this
card and this is going to be a really cool piece just to have in my case when I set up at shows that,
you know, I can talk to people about and I'm not going to move. You know, it's one of those things.
Conversation cards. Yeah. Yeah.
It's like, calling. Time for a quick break. But we'll be right back.
For more than 30 years, Robert Edward O'ctions has been the nation's premier
auction house specializing in sports memorabilia and trading cards with significant
experience and expertise in all major sport, non sport and Americana collectibles.
RAA has helped clients achieve record-breaking prices for their items and is done so with a
reputation for integrity and transparency. By actively partnering with collectors and enthusiasts throughout
the entire process, RAA has created the hobby's most trusted forum for selling high quality collectibles.
Go to RobertEdwardOptions.com for more information on how to buy or sell in their next auction.
Thanks for sticking with us. That's for turn to the show.
We were talking before we recorded this segment and you were sharing a story. I asked you if you
you have two young kids, your daughter, this older than your son who's very young and I asked you,
if your daughter is showing any interest and you shared an interesting story. I wanted to make sure
if you don't mind doing it again, talking about that. Yeah, absolutely. So my daughter who is going to be
three in June, she is just my everything. When people talk about the father and daughter
relationship, it is absolutely that way. Whenever I've gotten big cards, I've
longed it. As long as it's slabed, I'd let her hold it and I would take pictures of her holding it and
looking at it. That way years from now when she's older, we can look back and back. Oh my god,
there's a picture I posted on my Instagram a few months back and she's holding my 1951 Bowman
Manetal. Yeah, and we both are wearing the same shirt with this card on there. It was amazing.
And she was like giddy with laughter and that picture. It's one of my favorite pictures, absolutely.
So she knows all about daddy's cards. She knows daddy's cards. She knows daddies cards. She knows and
she calls him "cods." It's almost like she has a master juice jacks and a sticker.
So daddy's cards. So what I did a few weeks ago was I went on eBay and I saw the big Disney
craze, right? Everyone's talking about Disney. Those Disney boxes that got pumped to the moon
and now they're probably going to be selling for pennies on the dollar. I'm the next month or two,
very sad thing. It's just like the WWE prism releases. That's why I never tried to fall into
foam and I always wait. Even if I wanted to get one of those Disney boxes, I'd be a fool to try to buy
them in the first week out. But that did what seeing that did plant the seed in my head and I said,
"You know what? I wonder if they have any Disney frozen cards because even though frozen is 10 years
old, my daughter is going to be three." So she's just discovering frozen this last year. She absolutely loves
it. So I looked on eBay and I found a guy who was selling the main six characters,
right? There's main six characters in them and he had all six characters in PSA 10s, PSA 9s,
and PSA 8s. And the serial numbers on them and their PSA graded the serial numbers are like 7 to blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, which means they were literally just graded probably within the last month.
You know? So he probably, you know, just played the game that everyone else plays, right?
Get as many as graded as you can and if you hit tens that should pay for everything, you know? So the
tens, he was selling the six tens for 600 bucks. I'm like, "Well, I'm not spending that."
You know? And then I think he was selling the six nines for 400 bucks. Then he was selling the six
eights. I think he was selling them for 100. And I said, "Hmm, okay." So I message him, "Yadiyada, yadiyada."
And I end up getting them for $60. So I get them in the mail, you know, PSA graded. I open the,
you know, I got my daughter open the box because she loves opening everything, whether it's mail,
if it's an Amazon box, she wants to be the one opening. When she saw those frozen cart,
her eyes just lit up like nothing I've ever seen. And now they're, you know, in the family,
we're mixed in with her toys. Those are her cards, which are really cool. So that's awesome. And you might
have created a monster right there that, that they are a future one I should say. So, I don't know.
But you know, that's awesome, right? As a dad and, and those, you know, and my son's a little bit
into the cards, right? Not in the same fashion, I am. But he has a collection of, of his own and
who does your son? Who does your son? Believe in I say, huge Tim T. Bo guy. Believe it or not. So he
is awesome. He, he, he, he, like, he was a high school quarterback. He wore number 15. He met him. He
got a Florida jersey signed by himself. He's a T. Bo guy. Even though, you know, T. Bo said now on the
he broadcast site, you know, what though T. Bo cards still go for money. Yeah, they do.
It's like a good T. Bo card. You're going to be paying up for that. It's great. Yeah, it is.
Little, little last now, but you're exactly right there. Yeah. Or someone that didn't have a
a story, you know, professional career. I've always wanted to create this college quarterbacks
of all time, but didn't didn't get there on the next level. The stuff still, like you said,
an exactly right, it does go for more than you would have thought. But it just sort of,
the legend of T. Bo and then the urban buyer and all that stuff. And Aaron Hermand as,
then to, yeah, they actually doesn't collect him by the way, by the way, grew up,
yeah, the teen minutes from me. And it's crazy that I even mentioned Aaron Hernandez hold on.
Literally right by my side, I have an Aaron Hernandez RPA. Yeah, I know. Listen, man. It's very
sad case what happened. Yeah, listen, listen, we can, we can, you can talk about the off-field stuff.
But when you talk about just the on-field stuff, one of, you know, had that work out a different way.
You could have been arguably the greatest tight end of the play in the NFL. And that, you know,
you can't, you know, regardless of how you feel about everything else, you know, that. And we're just talking
to football in. I mean, you was a tremendous player. Just that's the tragic part of the story.
But obviously, the people of lost their lives, but you know, himself included, you know, that could have been
a different kind of story. And no one can argue with the talent that he possess. So I hear what
I hear you there. And again, your relationship being where you are is going to be different than me
sitting here in Syracuse anyway. So that's just, you know, that's how it goes. So, but yeah,
that that whole team was with something else to. And so yeah, is a team of guys. But, you know, he picks
he picks his spots and I'll pick him up stuff here and there. Time to hear from one of our great
sponsors, but sports card nation will be right back after that. Iron Sports Guard is your number one
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Heck, they even provide the card savers. Their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions.
They also offer wax options and single cards to cover all the bases. Check them out on Facebook at
Iron SportsCards Group or on the web at ironsportscards.com or even give them a call at 1-877-IRON-PSA-RobsCouch
you covered. SportsCon Nation has retimes. This shows out on Friday. If you're listening to this,
I'll show release day and it works out. Okay, I safely arrived from driving in Springfield,
Massachusetts. I'll be checking out the basketball hall. I've never been there. So I'll do that on Friday.
But you were gracious enough to invite me to the show, which is there on Saturday. And they will follow
in the show. There will be a hobby panel moderated by you. And I'm happy to be on the panel with
the other distinguished guests as well and looking forward to it. I've never been to the show. You
obviously have for me, I guess, and everyone else listening, kind of give your synopsis
of what this show, what it tells, what it's like, talk about the panel and all that other stuff.
Yeah, definitely, man. And listen, no need to thank me for getting on the panel because you being on
the speaker panel at the basketball hall of fame. After the big Springfield show right before
trade night is absolutely something that you have earned. So nothing has been given to you, my friend.
You have earned that at the very, very least. I mean, you're perspective, you're knowledge of the hobby,
everything overall. I feel like when I look at, when I look at the panel, guests, you absolutely
bring something incredibly unique. And when you look at the guests who are going to have on this
hobby panel at the basketball hall of fame Saturday night April 8, 2023, it starts at 6 p.m.
So we have John Newman from SportsCard Nation podcast. We have Chris Costa from Card Ball,
who's huge. I mean, that's huge on the in the north east. Here's a guy that created
quite a company, you know, opened up a card store right outside Patriot Stadium, opened up a second
card store inside the Mojiquin San Casino and Connecticut is probably going to be opening up a third
card show inside the Boston Garden where the Celtics play. You know, just unbelievable what they've
been able to do. We're also going to have Mike Kant from MC SportsCards, who is arguably one of the
biggest eBay consignors on eBay MC SportsCards. He's going to be on the panel. We have our good friend
Ken from SportsCard lessons, who is, you know, going to be talking about things from a dealer perspective.
And he's a teacher and his, his, his main focus on his podcast is just talking about the lessons that
he's had to learn the hard way and some the easy way. And in the hobby, we have hobby shark who is
his turned into one of these hobby watchdogs and one of the biggest most known most controversial
hobby watchdogs in the hobby. And that's something I feel like we could do in an entire episode
of what I was just talking about. hobby watchdogs, the good, the bad and the ugly because even though I think
I'm guilty of, you know, being overly positive sometimes and just trying to focus on the good of the hobby
and almost like putting on blinders, you know, I've been educated by some people, you know,
that are in that hobby watchdog space and just in terms of like, listen, you can do that. You can
be positive, but it's almost, you know, you do have a certain responsibility to report the truth. And so I'm,
I'm kind of, you know, I've sat back and said, you know, what, okay, you know, two shy. And so, you know,
having him there is going to be really good. And then last but not least, we have Jonathan who is basketball
card guy. And, you know, Jonathan is someone that was putting out content before the pandemic and kind of
has a cult following in himself, you know, of people. So I think it's going to be a really, really interesting mix
on the panel and, and my opinion, John, you are absolutely right there where you belong and I can't wait.
I cannot wait to throw questions at you guys and to take questions from the audience because that's what
happens. We have someone walking around the microphone and as hands get raised, you know, I call on people
and someone walks up to them with the microphone and they ask the panel questions and, and, you know,
the first time we did it was an incredible, incredible experience. This is going to be our second time
doing it. This will not be the last. So as far as the Springfield Show goes, the show is,
it's a great show. It's in a great location. It's a huge venue. So there's a couple hundred tables
that are going to be there. I'm quite certain that you are, are you going to be set up next to me?
That's the one word I'm sort of getting to vibe. I'm sort of getting is that's going to be the case.
So I don't want to say, I don't want to say what a hundred percent certainly, but I, yeah, that's
I hope so. Yeah. Because let me tell you, John, John from the New England card show and he
has company prime time cards. John has always taken care of me. We have a great relationship. He
is someone that is hungry. He's made a name for himself and his brand and the hobby. I mean,
the fact that he was able to think about it. If we were sitting here listening to a podcast,
probably connect content creators and they're sitting there hosting trade nights and
panel discussions at the football hall of fame and can't know how we would be like, what are I
coopers to? We'd be like, oh my god. So it's almost like, I have to pinch myself sometimes sometimes
and say, don't take this for granted, Rob. This is really, really cool that we're doing this.
John is, John is just built such a great reputation and he's always looked out for me and I know,
you know, as soon as you walk in that massive room of the show, usually my table is right there,
front and center. So I'm hoping that you're going to be right there with me. Someone's at my door.
I've got to get that. Be right back. Okay. Everybody have you heard about collectible. It's the
one stop shop where any collector can buy and trade affordable shares on some of the world's
most rare and valuable sports cards in memorabilia starting from just $5 for a Mickey Manel 1952
PSA 10s will chamberlain iconic rookie uniform to 101 Patrick Mahomes RPAs,
rare LeBron James logo man and everything in between. Collectible creates never seen before
access and opportunities for all. Let's enjoy the hobby we love together. Please note this is not
a recommendation or solicitation to buy any security. All investment decisions should be undertaken after
doing your own research. Let's go! You are listening to the Spalt Scott Nation Booker.
You know, it's a good show. You're going to have so many different, so many different types of
vendors, so many different types of dealers. If you're looking for sports cards, baseball, hockey, golf,
tennis, Pokemon, vintage, modern, super modern, everything is there. Everything is there. And the cool thing
is to is the show ends at five and the basketball hall of fame is about one mile away. It's literally
a three minute drive from there. So you have an hour and between the show ending and then to get over
to the hall for the panel discussion. That's awesome. And just first off, thanks for the kind words.
I don't know what you said and I appreciate it. I don't walk around like that, though, I don't feel like
any sort of entitlement. So when you're invited to that stuff, it's always humbling. I try to go to
when that occurs. I try to get to as much as possible. So that's why I appreciate that.
Well John, last time I saw you at National, though, I saw you get pulled in on a chair yet.
So you're telling me that you don't want to see me in a toga. I promise for those listening or
going to the show that won't be that won't be the case because you were literally sitting on a chair
and people were holding it up and walking you in. Now, and God bless the listen. There's
260 pounds here. I feel sorry for those people if they ever had to do such a thing. But no, all since
here at the last year, I know I've said this, not on the show, but I'm going to thank you in person too.
So if you think you're done here and thank you, there's more where this is coming from. Because,
like you said, you said, the best yourself, right? You can't take a flight this for granted.
And so when things like that happen, and you get to be even a small part of it, it's just very cool.
If you love the hobby, if you're passionate about it, why wouldn't you want to try to do as much
as as you can? If I've ever said no, it's more of a logistics thing than a lack of wanting to do it than anything
out. So, well, you can't say yes to everything. There's been plenty of things in the hobby that
unfortunately I've had to turn down going on people's podcasts, going to different trade nights and
stuff. I can't do everything. It goes back to that balance thing. The thing is one of the hardest
things in the world to say is now, it's hard to say no to people. And when you are busy, like you are,
and when you're busy like I am, and when you're busy like a lot of the people in our hobby,
a lot of your listeners have families, a lot of your listeners, and they give up their spare time
to, you know, they're taking 40 minutes out of their day to listen to your show right now. And,
sometimes the hardest thing to say is now, but sometimes that's what you have to do. You have to do
that for your own sanity. You're saying no so that you can say yes to your family. Yeah, no doubt. Well said,
and you're synopsis too. It sounds like there'll be something for everyone at the show no matter
what you collect, who you collect, how you collect, you know, 200 plus tables. You're going to find something
you desire or want. Then you got the panel, then you got the trade show. It's going to be a
jam pack Saturday, hope to see. I know you feel this way too, I hope to see a lot of people there.
It's going to be fun. You know, it won't be, I won't be dragging on Sunday, but it's going to be worth it
for the fun on Saturday. I appreciate you speaking to be in busy, like you said, and I
call you in a busy sky, in the hobby. I appreciate you coming on and making some time for for us.
As always, I give our guests kind of to find a word and give out any socials, websites, anything you
want to get out there. It's only fair and right. So take your time and get that stuff out there.
I appreciate it. It sports card therapist all across the board. All you guys do is type that in.
I'm sure you'll find me. You know, John again, thank you very much for really, you know, being,
you know, one of the guys that have has truly paved the way for us to be able to make podcasts and for
there to be an audience to find them. There's a few guys who I always, you know, really give my
flowers to and, and, you know, a couple of guys I consider close friends, you know, and one of them is you
on the podcast side, you know, really, really laying that foundation and laying that groundwork down.
And, you know, I've heard you talk about before in your podcast how your first few episodes were
like recorded through the phone and you would never want to go back and let's enjoy them and whatnot.
But I tell you about listen, you, there were still people listening back then and you were building
the foundation for all content creators back then. And then I think as someone like Jeremy Lee,
who has really, you know, laid the foundation for doing these, doing these auction, these
YouTube watch party auctions, you know, and I've told him that before and given him his flowers and just said,
like, thank you man, because if it wasn't for you, I don't know if P W C C would have been looking for someone
like me. So, you know, I think we're all kind of here off the backs of each other and the people that came before us.
Yeah, no doubt. No, I agree. And I appreciate those sentiments and there were people even before
me too. So I don't want, you know, it's, it's, it's a fraternity, right? We're all in this together. You should try to
help each other as much as, as you can, and, you know, anyone that does this, as you well know, right?
No, it's not as easy as it's sometimes appears. You know, an episode might be 40 minutes an hour,
but there's a little more time than what you actually hear. You know that very well yourself.
What would research, editing and all that other stuff. And so I appreciate all content creators,
just just because it'll work on that goes in. And so to be mentioned with anybody, really,
is, I appreciate that. So looking forward to seeing you here very shortly, Rob, and in the flesh,
and have some fun and encourage everyone else out there, if you're near the Springfield,
Massachusetts area, or even if you're not and you want to take a road trip, come on down and just
real quick to wanted to mention before we kind of get off the air. That panel, you do need tickets to get in.
You can get those tickets to coming. I've been told to Rob's table, so see Rob, or on my self,
and we might be right next to each other. So either or, I get your ticket to that high-view panel
discussion, which is going to be a real fun time, and hopefully get some great audience participation
and questions as well, obviously. Absolutely. And let me ask you, are you going to have the 48
Jackie there with you? I don't take that. I don't, because I'm not going to sell it, right? So
what if you had the chance to upgrade it though, and you didn't bring it? Yeah, I don't know.
You know what my fear is, Rob, is, you know, in my old age, I get clumsy, I drop,
it's something stupid happen and it's gone, right? Or even worse, right? Somehow it gets lifted. I'm
pretty careful with that, but I just always think the worst case scenario, right? So, you know, if I was
selling it for sure, you know, but I'm not really, you know, but I get asked, you know, I don't know,
I have to think about it. So you got years a little bit of a turn, but probably probably not just
for my safety more, more than others, but yeah, it's going to be looking forward to it. And again,
hope to see a lot of folks there. And I appreciate you making some time for the show today.
Thank you, John, love you and I love the content, man, and keep it up. Well, right back, right back,
ancient brother, we'll see you soon. All right, awesome catching up with Rob. That's the second time
he's been on the show and busy guy like I said. That wasn't just tugging, tricking, being funny.
It's probably one of the busiest content creators in the hobby. So appreciate them coming on,
making some time, previewing this weekend's festivities. Again, if you're listening to this on Friday,
release day of the show or Saturday, the next day, you know, there's a show at the Springfield
Massachusetts, the Hall of Fame show New England Card Show. Like Rob said, promoted by John from Prime
Time Sports and it's in the event and it's out. Saturday's jam pack, you got the show,
you got the hobby panel, that's all the fame and then you got trade night immediately following
that. So, going to be a busy Saturday and if you're in the area or even if you want to take a little road
trip and have a great hobby Saturday, I hope to meet some of you for the first time or maybe I've
mentioned before and looking forward to and like I said, appreciate Rob for the invite and I don't,
you know, I travel a few times a year for what I do like content creation, what why's and the
glad I can make this trip. And again, thanks for having me and we'll see you hopefully soon here.
Are you a new sportscar to the like? There are some when returning to the hobby.
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And also our wonderful sponsors who help us produce the great hobby content every week.
Remember, another hobby quick hits episode drops every Monday and SportsCard Nation returns again
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