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April 28, 2023

Ep.229 w/Kayla Norsworthy of Kayla Collects "Do big things at any age"

Ep.229 w/Kayla Norsworthy of Kayla Collects

Kayla Norsworthy of Kayla Collects drops by to discuss what she's doing, tell us about the Mint Collective, chop up the hobby and the advantages and disadvantages of being a female hobbyist.

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Kayla Norsworthy of Kayla Collects drops by to discuss what she's doing, tell us about the Mint Collective, chop up the hobby and the advantages and disadvantages of being a female hobbyist.

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SPEAKER 1: What is up, everybody hope everybody is doing well out in Card land. This is episode 2 29 which on a weekly show that's, that's a big number, but today's guest, she's terrific and she's the 198th different person that's been interviewed or appeared on this show. Kayla Nosworthy of Kayla Cole is my guest today, very young but doing big things, women in the hobby. But just as a hobbyist period, Kayla is making, making moves at a very young age and want to talk to her, see what she collects, like her name and Tale. She just was at the Mint Collective. We'll, we'll get her kind of run down on that and what she's all about and part of the Hobby News Daily writing staff as well now. So, a very young lady and we're going to learn a little bit more about on today's episode. So as I said, she's the 198th different person to appear on Sports Car Nation next week, the fifth of May Cinco De Mayo just happens to be on that date. Our 199th guest and our 2/100 guest will be on the next episode. We have a double guest episode next week and excited for it. Got, you know, coming into hobby in 1979 this gentleman kind of made his big splash in the hobby in 1982. And he's having a biopic documentary film which is gonna be done by acclaimed director Mark Evans. Mark Evans. And the, the subject of that biopic film and legendary artist, legendary hobby artist, Dick Perez of Diamond King's fame will be my two guests.

SPEAKER 1: So Mark Evans, the director, legendary artist, Dick Perez are my guest next week and going to talk some hobby, going talk about Mr Perez's ascent through the hobby came over and we talk about this on the episode, came over as a six year old boy from Puerto Rico, by himself on a plane and is going to tell a funny story, you know about that plane ride.

SPEAKER 1: But imagine traveling from Puerto Rico, your, your home country, not speaking English at the time to New York City by yourself at six years old for a fellow family to meet you in New York City that I'm scared to fly at 50 by myself. And you know, he's six years old on the plane for the first time by by himself. So great story of how to make something out of yourself no matter what the odds, right?

SPEAKER 1: Perseverance and, Dick Perez. Mar Evans episode 2 30 guess 1 99 and 200 time for our hobby is the people announcer of the week.

SPEAKER 3: Hey, guys, this is Dylan from YouTube double D vintage baseball cards reminding you that the hobby is the people.

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SPEAKER 1: Hey, folks, John here just wanted to remind you use the discount code M B B 10 for 10% off your first order at Midwest Box breaks dot com.

SPEAKER 1: All right. Real excited to speak to my next guest who's on the sports card shop guest line. She's, multi talented, I like to say and, doing, doing some, good stuff in the hobby and, happy to have her on the show. We're gonna talk about some of that stuff she does. But, Kayla Collects. Welcome to Sports Car Nation.

SPEAKER 6: Thank you. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to have a conversation today. All right.

SPEAKER 1: Well, thanks. Thanks for being here. Kayla. I, you know, again, I know some of your background from, from senior and other programs and that sort of thing. But for those that, you know, haven't, kind of, how did you get your start into, collecting cards?

SPEAKER 6: Yeah. So I've been collecting since 2013. So this is my 10th year collecting.

SPEAKER 6: And in 2013, well, I grew up going to raise, raise games and I saw people getting autographs on cards and I was like, I want cards to get autographs on.

SPEAKER 6: So I went to Target and bought two packs, of 2013 top series one. Baseball pulled a Manny Machado rookie card in that pack, which was my favorite non ray ray player at the time and I was hooked ever since. And I started my Instagram in 2016. So I've been on there a while.

SPEAKER 6: But formerly known as card collector, 8117 and made the transition to Kayla Collects in the summer last year.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, I think that one's easier to remember than I, I can't even remember my phone number half the time. So, I think Kayla Collects is a lot easier, to remember and represent you obviously, a, a as well. So, you mentioned, you know, kind of seeing people get autographs is, is TT M sort of a big thing. With certain people in the hobby, there's a whole segment of that.

SPEAKER 1: Obviously in person and, and in TT M are different is TT M something you've ever done or, or, or interested in.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, I did it, I've done it on and off since I started collecting.

SPEAKER 6: I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos.

SPEAKER 6: People getting TT M successes and following what they did.

SPEAKER 6: But I haven't done it in a while. I've just had other things that has, take, have taken priority, but I like to do it. If there's a guy, that my favorite team gets or somebody like that, that I don't have their autograph, I might try to send, I've been looking into sending some out for the N W S L, the women's soccer league, because there's some that I won't see. So hopefully, maybe I'll give it a try again.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. No, no doubt. A lot of people have success with that. It's a great one to obtain autographs, especially of, of athletes that you're, you're fond of. And like you said, may not have the opportunity to be in, you know, at the same place at the same, same time. I know you're, you're, you're, you know, unless things have changed, you, you like Austin Hayes will a dames.

SPEAKER 1: They're having good starts to, to 2023. I know Austin Hayes is on my fantasy team. So definitely keeping close tabs there batting at the time of this interview, he's batting 3 50 with three home runs.

SPEAKER 1: Willie Adama also three home runs, 99 ribbies. What was it? I know Austin Hayes, you worked with, you know, Frederick and you kind of do that. But what is it about those two particular ball players that, you know, you have a fineness for?

SPEAKER 6: So with Willie when he got, I followed his career throughout the time when he was in the minors with the Rays. And I got to meet him at a dinner, the Rays hosted and I, he, he definitely doesn't remember this, but I got his autograph then, when he got called up, I saw him play in Baltimore with the Rays.

SPEAKER 6: Because I usually try to go when the Rays come to Baltimore because that's the closest team to me now.

SPEAKER 6: And I just got to talking to him. He knew that I was a fan of him and just chatted up with him and I got to know him. And when I see him, he gives me a hug and I get to just have this connection with the baseball player, which is pretty cool and I got to see him play in Saint Louis with Milwaukee last year.

SPEAKER 6: And he actually took a picture with me in the middle of the game, which was pretty funny.

SPEAKER 6: And then with Austin Hayes, I started going to Frederick Keyes games in 2017 and opening night. He was there, he cracked his bat and gave it to me.

SPEAKER 6: And then I, then he went on to AA skipped AAA went to the majors. So the next year I saw him, he remembered me. So I I interviewed him for my journalism class, got to know him, know him pretty well. Now, and now we have the taste of the rainbow celebration that he did is actually because of me, there's a story there too.

SPEAKER 6: But yeah, so I just kind of like building connections to players and actually like having somebody to root for because I don't have any family members or anybody. I personally know that plays professional sports in any sort of capacity or even college sports. So it's cool to have somebody to root for and really hope that, they can do well for themselves.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, no doubt. Like you said, you brought up a couple of examples where you've gotten to know him a little bit, even on a, on a personal level.

SPEAKER 1: Both of those, gentlemen. And so you have that connection, it's easy to root for people, when you have those, those connections and, I'm rooting for Austin because he's on my fantasy team. You're rooting, you know, I don't know if you do fantasy leagues.

SPEAKER 1: But, I'm sure you're rooting for him for, for your own reasons as well and getting to know him and, and, and that sort of thing. So, you know, I know you, you love shows and, and love attending as many as you can. Well, I mean, what is it about, show Kayla that, that really, you know, that you enjoy, on a, on a personal level.

SPEAKER 6: So at a personal level, I like making connections again. It goes back to like the connections you make within cards and getting to know people. That's definitely one thing, especially now with, women and a hobby. Getting to meet so many other female collectors.

SPEAKER 6: I personally like growing up in this hobby. I haven't, didn't really see any females collecting until maybe two years ago, at least on Social Media.

SPEAKER 6: I knew there was always email collectors, but I've seen more and more representation. So it's cool getting to meet other ladies and other girls that like collecting and being able to be representation for them. Also on Social Media is pretty cool.

SPEAKER 6: And also it's just always awesome to hold cards in your hand that you can't do on any other app. Like you can't do it on Ebay, you can't do it on whatnot, whatever. Like you get to actually hold the card in your hand and look at it and like really see if you want to purchase it.

SPEAKER 1: So those would be the top two things that should that really like, yeah, I did a show about card shows and you hit it right on the head killer, right? There's nothing like if you're going to acquire a card, right? Seeing it in person looking at it.

SPEAKER 1: You know, when you order something, as you said online, sure, there's pictures, right? But a lot of stuff can happen. Maybe someone sends it, you know, even on a bad sort of thing, someone sends a different card then, you know, you can't, you can't, there's no way to replicate, you know, OK.

SPEAKER 1: Acquiring or, or handling the card in person to online. You mentioned the people, right? And the tagline of the show is the hobbies to people, right?

SPEAKER 1: Getting to talk to people who share that same passion as you and, and, and, and all that good stuff and in that community you build and you add to that, every year and every show you go to. Right. And so it's a, it's a, it's a great place to, to build that, community. You mentioned, women as a hobby. Right.

SPEAKER 1: I think everyone is important, in the hobby and, and of course, women too, as a woman, as a woman collector, you know, what are some of the difficulties, you know, being in, in your, in your opinion, that maybe you're faced with where a male, you know, a collector has an advantage if you will or maybe, or, or not the disadvantage that maybe a woman, woman does.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, so for me, two things, one, I always appear pretty young to people. So people think I'm a lot younger than I am. So that is kind of, I mean, that's not really woman centered but that's something I deal with.

SPEAKER 6: But I think that's less now because now there are kids walking around at shows with $1000 cards in their cases.

SPEAKER 6: But on the women's side, it's gotten better in years, previous years, like leading up to now.

SPEAKER 6: But maybe like one is that you don't really find female cards, at shows very often and if they are, they're not in a designated box, they're just in other, they're not even in like the correct sports, they're usually just in non sport.

SPEAKER 6: And if they do have female cards it's usually in like a bargain bin or it could be a female collector that has like them in their showcase. So that's one thing. And then also, sometimes there can just be condescending deal. Excuse me, condescending dealers.

SPEAKER 6: That treat you like you don't know sports. Which is funny because, I mean, obviously women know a lot about sports.

SPEAKER 6: And I'm one of those people and I like going to shows and that kind of thing. And so I think that's kind of trending out.

SPEAKER 6: Those kind of dealers and old school dealers that may feel that way.

SPEAKER 6: Or not, see females at their shows are kind of, I don't know. I think it's, it's trending in the right direction for sure though. Yeah.

SPEAKER 1: And as a dealer I still do shows. Kayla, I could not me, I, I would never, wasn't raised like that. I wouldn't be like that. But I have seen that I have to sit here and, and, and talk you and say, I haven't seen a fellow dealer kind of talk down to a female collector as if just already assuming we're sort of writing them off that they, they don't, they know either no less or they don't know.

SPEAKER 1: And I've had a conversation with a dealer acquaintance where I saw that occur and in a little sidebar sort of conversation, I, I just said, you know, you shouldn't really, you know, probably talk to people like, not very nice.

SPEAKER 1: And, you know, I have, a lot of female friends that can go toe to toe to me when it comes to sports ban. So I know on first hand my wife is very, for the most part well versed with certain sports and, and things like that. So I don't, you know, I, something I don't do, I have seen it occur.

SPEAKER 1: I, I don't, when I have seen it, you know, it makes me sort of mad, not sort of, it makes me mad and disappointed that someone is getting, treated that way and, you know, as a dealer, it's sort of, you know, even though it's, it's nothing I do. Kayla, it's sort of, it gives sort of dealers a bad name as a whole or, or maybe, maybe that person walks away and, you know, fair or unfair.

SPEAKER 1: Just thinks a lot of dealers are probably thinking the same thing when it may not be the case. You, you mentioned you, you feel like it, it has gotten better. I guess. That'll be my, you know, my next question. What, what have you seen, improve in, in the years that you've been in the hobby when it comes to, to, to women in the hobby?

SPEAKER 6: Just number, like pure numbers.

SPEAKER 6: There's a lot more people that I see going to shows now the National last year I saw a lot more And I think it's also important that people have community and I think with me like showing my face on Social Media and there's so many other women that also do that now.

SPEAKER 6: And there's a lot of female breakers like mama breaks and just having representation. So young girls or just like women in general can see that women can collect too and that there's a community of us that all do it and support each other and support each other's ventures.

SPEAKER 6: So definitely numbers and then I would say also just like the cards in general, I think female sports are getting appreciation and now they're making cards that I think everyone can wanna collect, like Caitlin Clark is getting a card in Bowman University and I know there's a lot of people, male and female that want to collect her and there's a lot of other people that have been collecting Johnson who's on L S U in tops, mcdonald's all American.

SPEAKER 6: And so I think just having cards that everyone can collect male or female that have females on the cards, I think is super cool also.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, no doubt. We've seen those female cards make a big strides. Not that it's all about value, right? But when we compare, when we compare, you know, female sports to male sports, that's one of the, the, you know, the, the comparisons what a female athlete makes to our our male count counterpart in the same sport.

SPEAKER 1: And I think we do that with cards too and we've seen some W W NBA Rookie, you know, Brittney Griner, pops right to mind, be four figure cards in really, you know, high grade conditions.

SPEAKER 1: So we're seeing, I think that gap is, is closing and as it, as it should and I think with more, you know, I don't even want to say female collectors collecting, I think we're seeing more collect Kayla, I, I don't really want to put like a qualify.

SPEAKER 1: I think we're seeing more collectors collect female athlete, on, on their, you know, on the cards we're seeing, you know, you mentioned Caitlin Clark her, her Sports illustrated for Kids card is good luck getting one without breaking the bank.

SPEAKER 1: And, you know, someone might not like that because it's gonna cost them more money or, or unfortunately, maybe be out of some folks budget, but it's nice to see, you know, female athletes get the recognition, not only that they deserve but they should get.

SPEAKER 1: And so I think we're seeing strides there. Is it where, where it should be? Probably not, but I think it's headed in the right direction. Would, would you agree with those sentiments? Yeah, I would agree 100%.

SPEAKER 6: And it's, it's interesting with the Caitlin Clark scenario because it was in the playoffs that her cards went up. So much and I think the products coming out in the off season. So I think hopefully that there will be a price point for everybody.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, thing we learned, right. If we were watching that college, the female college, NCAA championship, right. They can trash talk just as well as the guys can too. We saw a little bit of that going on and it was kind of funny to see but that, you know, it's, it's competitive and people, you know, there's a championship on the line and he a battle right?

SPEAKER 1: Heat in the moment stuff's going to be said, and LSU wound up winning and, you know, they, responded some stuff that happened during the game. But, it just goes to show you that the sport, you know, they're just as, just as talented and just as competitive and just, just as feisty as well.

SPEAKER 1: That's, that's what it's all about and, it was, it was, it was, I got a kick out of seeing that and, you know, your, your thoughts would, I'm assuming you, maybe you watched it but your thoughts on, on that kind of stuff.

SPEAKER 6: I personally didn't like what Angel did, in a certain way. I mean, I'm all for trash talking but I think there's a time and place to do it and I think the timing of it wasn't quite right.

SPEAKER 6: I think personally if Angel Reese would have had more points than Caitlin Clark and if Angel Reese would have been the reason that L S U won sure go for it, like, go for it. But she had a worse game than Caitlin Clark. Clayton Clark had double the points. She did.

SPEAKER 6: And so to taunt her, didn't really make sense to me because Caitlin Clark, like put the team on her back and one for Iowa and Angel Reese wasn't even like in the game most of the time because she was in foul trouble. So, I mean, it grows the game for sure because now there's so many eyes like wanting to watch that match up next season, which I love.

SPEAKER 6: And I'm glad it's getting the appreciation and the numbers it deserves.

SPEAKER 1: But that situation I didn't, I wasn't quite a fan of, yeah, I think she took it a little too far and she kind of you one. I'm sure, you know, she went on like podcasts and, and sports shows the next day was still seemed for someone who just won a championship.

SPEAKER 1: He still seemed a little bit too angry and, and just trying to really embarrass, you know, whether it be Iowa, the team or Caitlin, the player, it seemed to be a little too much agenda there. I get it during the game, you know, and then she was pointing to her ring finger, basically saying we got the ring, there's a limit, right? That there's a line that you, you cross.

SPEAKER 1: If you, if you overdo something, I agree that I think if she, if she really took it to and even, you know, you won the game's over you, you know, the postgame interview is fine. But like, we're talking days later, she's still like, you know, at some point, she should just say, listen, I said what I've already said, I'm happy for my teammates. We won a championship. We have a ring and, and leave it at that.

SPEAKER 1: But it just, it continued to be more about so much the other team and other players rather than just celebrating, your championship. So I, yeah, it, it wasn't the greatest look, but I just think, like you said, it shows the, the, the fire, you know, the fire, they had the competitor and it's gonna bring, like you said, some attention and, in, in, you know, as seasons, you know, come back and a new season, you know, emerges.

SPEAKER 1: So I guess there's, there's, there's good and bad to it. But, yeah, I think, I think it was a little bit over the top but, you know, I guess when you win, you have the luxury of, of doing that, whether we like it, whether we like it or not time for a quick break, but we'll be right back.

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SPEAKER 2: Thanks for speaking with us. Let's return to the show.

SPEAKER 1: If I'm not mistaken, you just attended the, the Mint Collective. Is that correct? Yes, that's correct. I've never been, they've had two of them. Was this, have you been to both or was this the first one?

SPEAKER 6: This was the first one I went to I didn't attend last year.

SPEAKER 1: So for those, like for those people, like myself who, who, you know, didn't get to attend, kind of, you know, give a give kind of a synopsis of what you appreciated about it. What did you do? And, and, and for those that, you know, couldn't attend that event.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, so I think it was a four day kind of four day show, three day show.

SPEAKER 6: And on Friday was the panel day and there was no show for that day.

SPEAKER 6: So something I appreciated about the show is you got to directly hear from the hobby and the hobbies.

SPEAKER 6: I guess business people in a sense, which you don't get to do that, in person very often. I don't think any other show really does. That. Of course, you can always watch podcasts, like you can watch your YouTube, whatever.

SPEAKER 6: But seeing them in person and being able to ask questions, pick their brains and see what different companies, plans are really cool. And the Sabrina and was there, which was awesome to see her in that kind of light. She doesn't do many public public appearances. So it was cool to see her kind of dip her toes in the hobby a little bit.

SPEAKER 6: And the show was, it was, I would say it was like mid tier.

SPEAKER 6: The cards were very, what's the word, highly priced? They were all, high end cards. And so they didn't have really cards for everybody which they are working on for next year.

SPEAKER 6: They noticed that also, which is a good thing because I talked to them. They asked me what I thought.

SPEAKER 6: But there was really cool, like, activation booths. Like Panini did a really good job tops, did a good job. Ebates. Ebay's Booth was really cool. They like a virtual reality game that, where you got to pick what you thought the price of a card was, which was awesome.

SPEAKER 6: But I think mainly that show is for people to network and get to, see what companies and people have planned for the future of the hobby.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. And by all it's something they're gonna do every year, it's nice to hear that, that they listen to your feedback and, and, and heard your voice and, and hopefully make that event, more, you know, accustom for, for everyone to, to enjoy, maybe not just someone with a big bank account and that sort of thing.

SPEAKER 1: And, you know, I, I wanted to, when we were talking about women in the hobby, I wanted to also say, as a dealer, I, what I'm seeing and I think it's, it's wonderful. I'm seeing more, women behind the, the tables as dealers.

SPEAKER 1: I think that's, that's great.

SPEAKER 1: You know, I've been, I've been doing shows as a dealer since 1980.

SPEAKER 1: 7, I was 15 years old and I, I'll be very honest in those, you know, 1st 10, 15 years of doing shows I could probably count on one hand, the amount of, of female dealers I've seen, running a tab, you know, running the table and, and, and a lot of times, you know, it might be a spouse of a dealer who's just there, but we're, now we're seeing more, female dealers who, that's their, that's their business.

SPEAKER 1: That's their, their inventory, that's their table.

SPEAKER 1: And, and it's nice to see and, it's, that numbers have went up, like I said, exponentially, early, early in my show days and I was traveling and doing shows in different States. So it wasn't like I was doing the same show. I was seeing a lot of different dealers and that wasn't the case. But now we're seeing more of it and I think it's, I think it's great.

SPEAKER 1: It's, it's good and I think it's great for young female hobbyists to, to have those role models. Right. We're, and not just dealers too. We're seeing them in, in corporate positions in the hobby itself, as, as well. Right. And, I think it gives inspiration, to everybody.

SPEAKER 1: Right, that no matter who you are, the, you know, the door can be opened to you if you work hard and, and, and, you know, go for what you want to do is I know you, you know, you mentioned, you, you did, you interviewed Austin for your, your sports journalism, is that the career, you know, you're young so you can change your mind. But is that really the kind of where you want to go, like career wise?

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, so I want to be a sports broadcaster. That's what I'm good at, I think, interviewing players and getting the person behind the athlete. But I think, like long term, my goal is to be a Panelist at the Olympics in 20.

SPEAKER 6: So keep an eye out for me there.

SPEAKER 6: But I'm sure it'd be cool to tie in car with interviews because I don't think, collectors often get to see athletes and the way they interact with cards, the way they interact with memorabilia. But then I think there's also a space where you could possibly tie in those two and kind of, tie in the athlete with the memorabilia and the cards and stuff like that.

SPEAKER 6: And we're seeing that a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bit. But I think there is a way where you can truly utilize that and use that as marketing for cards and the athlete themselves, which I, would love to be a part of, and I have some kind of, of ideas for that, but hopefully long term I'd love to be a sports analyst.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, no doubt. One thing I admire about you when I was your age, you know, you're in your twenties. I believe it or not. No one believes me. That didn't know me then. But I was actually a very shy young man. I wouldn't do the stuff I'm doing now then.

SPEAKER 1: Yet. Here you are, you know, you, you, you're public speaking and doing, you know, journalism, your guests on shows and doing your own content, you know, where does that come from?

SPEAKER 1: Like a lot of people your age and not just female, but like I said, myself too, when I was your age, I would never be able to do some of the stuff you're doing at your age now. Where, where does, where does that come from? Is it just you self driven or where do you get, where does that come from for you? Yeah.

SPEAKER 6: Two things. One, I'm 19 so I'm not in my twenties yet. I have a couple more months of being in my teens.

SPEAKER 6: But from the content side, I just like it and I just, no, I, it uses a part of the creative side of me that, other things don't. That's also why I like writing and why I like interviewing athletes because I love the process of coming up with the questions.

SPEAKER 6: And also, I don't know, I've never really had a fear or like a problem with public speaking, which I guess I get from my dad because he used to win, like, speeches and debates and stuff. But I don't really mind it, which I guess, I mean, most people really don't like it.

SPEAKER 6: But for me it's, it's just fun and I tend to, if I get nervous about something or I'm like, ah, I don't know if I want to do this. I go back and think about, like, younger Kayla when she first started collecting. I would want to do this for her and I would want her to see someone like her that collects and has their face on camera and talks about their collecting journey because I think everybody has a story to tell.

SPEAKER 6: And I hope that people each get a venue to share that whether that be in cards or anything else like that.

SPEAKER 6: So that's kind of why I like doing it. I just it brings out a creative side of me and I enjoy sharing my story and sharing other people's stories.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. Well said, and like you said, you touched on it there at the end of what you said, there is you never know, right? Who may be watching and who you may inspire, right? Maybe a 10 year old girl or boy that says, hey, I want to do that, you know, when I'm, when I'm 19 or when I'm older, whatever the case may be and they look at you as sort of their inspiration like, hey, if Kayla can do it.

SPEAKER 1: I might be able to do it, too and you never know if you impact one person in that kind of way. Kayla. I mean, that's, you know, this just as well as I do, that's a wonderful thing. And then, then if it's more people, even better, you know, you, you're, you're part of the, hobby news, daily team along with myself, looking forward to seeing, your work and that's, that's gonna be a form, right?

SPEAKER 1: You can share, an outlet some of, of your thoughts, whether it be the hobby sports or whatever might be on, on your mind. Kind of talk about. I know, you know, Danny Black who, that I'm helping him with that, but that's his, that's his, entity.

SPEAKER 1: He reached out and, you know, he did ask me what I thought and I, I told him she's very polished beyond her age and, you know, I think she'd be great, just kind of talk about, you know, what you're looking forward even, with that site as it, as it grows. And that's a nice thing is, it's, it's a new site, couple of months in and, and so all of us are going to kind of be part of the growth of, of that site.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah.

SPEAKER 6: So my first story I'm working on it, to tease it. It should, I should be finished with it by the end of this week.

SPEAKER 6: But it will be about tops Big League baseball this year with the five content creators that they featured in the product and kind of talking about their journeys within cards and how they got themselves to be on a card in tops Big League. And it's a cool accomplishment for each of them their own ways. So I'm excited to share that.

SPEAKER 6: And the thing I think I'm most excited for is kind of, tying in storytelling with cards. I've never really tried to do that. I do that in my content a little bit but in a written format, I don't think there's a lot of it in the hobby. At least not yet.

SPEAKER 6: I think other companies and other things may explore that in the future, but I'm excited to just kind of, share different opinions, share different stories and let, people that read the website get to know more about me, the people that are involved in this hobby. Yeah.

SPEAKER 1: No doubt. I, obviously I haven't seen the column yet, the article yet, but in saying what the topic is, I'm sure you will know, not me. But a lot of people have sort of, you know, why those five are complain. And so in defense of those five content creators, right?

SPEAKER 1: Who's going to say no, if cop says, hey, we want to put you on a card in a product we're releasing. Right.

SPEAKER 1: So, to, to be, you know, the animosity, maybe some of those folks are unfairly receiving, you know, it's just, there's a lot of jealousy sometimes in the hobby and I think that was a case where it, it raised its, its, its head and, and, you know, any one of us they asked you or me, we're sure as heck probably gonna say, yes.

SPEAKER 1: So, you know, instead of, instead of, you know, kind of being angry, maybe just being happy for those people, whether we agree with the selection or, or not. There's, there's thousands of content creators, they're not gonna make 1000 cards. So that's the five that, for whatever their reasons are they chose.

SPEAKER 1: And, you know, I'm looking forward to reading your perspective on it and I'm sure it'll be a great thing, you know, we got with the nationals coming. We're one day closer here. How many have you been to so far?

SPEAKER 6: I've been to two. I went to the past two. So, Chicago 2021 Atlantic City 2022.

SPEAKER 1: I'm assuming you're on track to be at this year as well.

SPEAKER 1: I got you.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. No doubt. Your first one. Your first one. Because even as, for, as long as I've been in the hobby, Kayla, my first one I believe was 2018. So it wasn't like I've been to 20 of them. I've been to four or five now.

SPEAKER 1: But that first one, right, everyone kind of tells you what it's like or what to expect and then you get there and when you see it for yourself, it's even if you think, you know, you, you know, you don't know until you get to kind of speak to the, the first one. Just, just your, your memories of the first one.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, so I actually got the opportunity to go because I want to give away from Santiago Sports in Kentucky, road show. Kentucky basketball coach, Jimmy.

SPEAKER 6: So I won a contest. They did and so they actually paid for my trip to go there.

SPEAKER 6: Which was incredible. I'm super grateful for that opportunity.

SPEAKER 6: So that was a bit overwhelming in itself. Just because I had never been to big show like that. The biggest show I've been to was Chantilly, but I think pre 2021 that show wasn't really like the show. It is now.

SPEAKER 6: And so that was crazy because I also got to meet so many people I talked to on Social Media for so long. I mean, my account had started in 2016. So in 2021 that was the first time I met a lot of people I'd only talked to on Social Media. So that's one super cool thing about the National is it brings in so many different people from all over the world. Not even just the United States from all over the world.

SPEAKER 6: Which cards connect us all, we all collect and whether we collect the same thing or not, it brings us all together, which is awesome about the National and it's just a lot of cards like there's just so many and you'll find at least one card you'll want. I'm guaranteeing you can find at least one thing you want at, at the very, very least there's definitely something for everybody.

SPEAKER 6: There may not be the very specific card you're looking for, but you may be able to find number two on your list or number three on your list. So, I think that's, that's how I would sum up the National. It's big. There's a lot of cards and a lot of people.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. No doubt. When I went to my first one, I appeared on Eric Norton's show with Beckett and he asked me the same kind of question, John, this is your first, even though you've been in the hobby a long time. This is your first National. What do you think? And my answer was pretty quick. I just said, you know, if it isn't here, it may not exist.

SPEAKER 1: I mean, there's just so many cards here, even rare stuff, obviously with all the auction boots and, and, and the stuff they have on display. If it isn't here, it may not exist. I mean, I'm sure there's, there's something that isn't there I'm, I'm, I'm embellishing a little bit but, piggybacking kind off what you said.

SPEAKER 1: If you, if it, if you can't find it there, it's got to be really, really rare because they just have something for everybody and, and really, all the bases covered and it's, it's, you know, whether you want to buy or sell or just even look at some amazing stuff, that, you know, if you're not having, you're in a hobby or you're a collector or hobbyist and you go to National, you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong, you're going, you know, assuming you go this year it'll be your third one.

SPEAKER 1: Is your approach any different, going to your third National?

SPEAKER 1: You know, after attending two or is it, or is the mindset similar?

SPEAKER 6: I'd say it's, this time, I think my collecting journey has really sped up in the past two years. I've just, I guess in a general sense it's just sped up a lot. Like I've grown my brand so much because in 2021 I like, wasn't really, I didn't show my face on Social Media. I was still card collector. 8117.

SPEAKER 6: And so now it's more of an opportunity to talk to people.

SPEAKER 6: Car. I go for cards too, like I purchase and go through bargains and stuff like that. But the first one was definitely more card centered. I would, I went to every Booth at least once I made sure to look at every card I could, last year was different because I helped with a woman in the hobby Booth.

SPEAKER 6: And that was more experience and getting to talk to people, and getting to make different connections. So, I think this year I'll probably try to do both.

SPEAKER 6: I don't know exactly what my schedule look like for that yet.

SPEAKER 6: I'm talking to, hopefully helping with the women's hobby Booth again.

SPEAKER 6: But I would like to look at more cards than I did last year. And I think Chicago, I like that venue more than Atlantic City. So my approach is a little bit different. Yeah.

SPEAKER 1: No doubt you're more experienced, you know, what to expect. It's like a, you know, use a analogy here. Kay, let, like a third or fourth year quarterback. Right. He's, he's starting and everything's slowing down. He can read the defenses a little bit smoother. He's not panicking a little more poise.

SPEAKER 1: I think it's probably, that's the analogy. I kind of think of what, what, what hearing you say that for a young female collector or a young collector in general, not even to put a, a male or female on it. That's maybe thinking about, you know, getting into the hobby. What, what, you know, what's one piece of advice you would definitely share with someone that maybe he's on the fence.

SPEAKER 1: A little tentative. They're young, maybe they're shy. They're, you know, the hobby changes so much by the week, by the month. You know, they're a little, they're a little fearful to jump in. What would you tell someone that was, that describes them like that?

SPEAKER 6: Yeah. So, I have not always been this outspoken. I have not always put myself out there as much as I do now. That's definitely grown with my time in the hobby. So it's natural to be a little shy and be hard to talk to dealers. I was that way.

SPEAKER 6: My first National, I was shell shocked to meet card collector too. And now I call him a friend and I talk to him, here and there. But it, it's natural to have that kind of experience where you're nervous to meet other collectors, other dealers, that kind of thing.

SPEAKER 6: And then also there's cards for everybody. There's something to collect for everybody. There's stranger things, there's garbage pail, there's Pokemon, there's lacrosse. There's so many different opportunities to collect and collect what you like because if the value goes down, you'll still like it.

SPEAKER 6: And, I think, don't let anybody tell you how to collect because everybody's collecting journeys, different, everybody collects different things. Everybody has different price points and different amounts that they're comfortable in spending on cards.

SPEAKER 6: And my collection when I started was just raise base cards because that's what made me excited. And now I have the opportunity to buy like ra raise cards, like autographs and stuff like that. And so that is still the root of my collecting, but it's grown and so collections time grow.

SPEAKER 6: And I would also say, don't be afraid to talk to people, and ask questions because, I mean, if somebody's rude to you, then that might have not been the right person to ask. But I'd say 98% of the hobby would be willing to answer any questions.

SPEAKER 6: There's always people to reach out to.

SPEAKER 6: So those would be my, probably top three tips. Yeah.

SPEAKER 1: Well said, right. Yeah, a couple of things. I want to highlight what you said. Right. There's so many different things you can collect, you know, whatever it may be that you don't have to be rich.

SPEAKER 1: Whether it be, you know, bargain box, you can find some diamonds in the, in the rough, plenty of people there that, that will help you, you know? Sure. You get that, that one bad, you know, app or one bad experience, but that's really not, the common place. It's like you said, you, you know, use 98%.

SPEAKER 1: It, it's a, it's a high percentage of people who want to help you, will help you and, and that sort of thing. I think you personify that, and how you handle yourself and conduct what you do and you're a great, great example, for anyone that's maybe on the fence or a little tentative and, I'm sure, you know, not to make more work for you, but I'm sure if anyone asks you.

SPEAKER 1: I know I'm the same way. We would, we would try to help them as, as best. Good. There's a lot, a lot of people like that. That's, that's a, that's a real good thing. So, I appreciate you giving some time. The Sports Car Nation today. Kayla give out any of your socials, anything you want to plug, take your time, you can put it out there for those that want to see more of what you're doing.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, so my Instagram is the main place I post most of my content. So that's Kayla dot which is right here actually or I don't know what hand this, this way. There we go. It's opposite.

SPEAKER 6: And then also I have another Instagram count nor network, which is my YouTube channel also, which is N O R Y network, which is where I post interview with a and I started to post a little bit of sports card content on there. That's just a place to kind of explore that venture.

SPEAKER 6: And so that's on YouTube and on Instagram. And then I'm also on Hobby News Daily and my first article will more than likely be out by the time this comes out. So make sure you check that out there's a lot of cool stories, cool writers on there also.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah.

SPEAKER 1: No doubt, a little shameless pug there being involved in it. Hobby News Daily dot com. You can sign up for the newsletter and you'll get that notification when Kayla article gets, released and, you can check it out. I'm, I'm looking forward to it. I think a lot of other people, will be, as well.

SPEAKER 1: So it was, a pleasure talking with you getting your perspective. Kayla continued success and, look forward to, to reading your stuff, and, and seeing what you do, and meeting you hopefully here in a few months as well, at the National. Awesome. Thank you for having me. You're welcome. Thank you.

SPEAKER 1: Great young lady right there. Glad, she made some time for the show and she's only gets only getting started with what she's doing. She's got a great attitude.

SPEAKER 1: Bright, has a journalist, you know, sort of has a journalistic background and, has worked in baseball, even though it's a brief, it's still, it still counts. And so, check out what she's doing, keep him busy and, like I said, a bright future ahead for Kayla for nearly 50 years.

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