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May 19, 2023

Ep.232 w/ Samuel Evans "Getting the Grail Card & Being a positive force

Ep.232 w/ Samuel Evans

Samuel Evans is an educator in school and out. He's a positive hobby force but he also keeps it real too. He passionate & cards, he recently obtained a great grail card as well. We discuss all that & more!

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Samuel Evans is an educator in school and out. He's a positive hobby force but he also keeps it real too. He passionate & cards, he recently obtained a great grail card as well. We discuss all that & more!

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SPEAKER 1: What is up everybody? Welcome to episode 2 32. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend. And if you are the mother, I hope it was great for you. And if, if you're the dad or husband or son, I hope you, you took care of, all the moms out there in your life. And, you know, we should celebrate them obviously every day.

SPEAKER 1: But we know, you know, may comes, it's, it's time to, honor them on that day and, had a great, cooked here on the grill, for my wife and my son made a orange mint cake for dessert. And, we had a good day hung out outside. It was a pretty warm day.

SPEAKER 1: And, you know, even after, you know, my wife goes to bed early, me and my son hung out on the deck, smoked a couple of cigars, listened to some Billy Joe and some, some seventies, classic rock talked and, you know, you can't put a price on that stuff. So I hope you did, something, of that Elk and, and made some memories and, and had a good day. And we have a great guest, this week.

SPEAKER 1: Let's get, to that, Samuel Evans, assistant principal, out of Philly. I don't know what's in the water in Philly, but some crazy content, coming out of Philly. And, Sam, Samuel is a great person. He's a writer. He's a content creator, tries to educate, in the hobby and learning, as well and, just got his grail card.

SPEAKER 1: An M J rookie Michael Jordan. We're gonna talk about how that happened and it's a kind of a cool story. So, you definitely want to, look forward to that, in our conversation. And, also one of our newest members on the hobby News Daily, team there. So, a great guy.

SPEAKER 1: Glad to have mine. Glad to get to know him a little better here, working with him at a, at H N D and, just conversating with him and, looking forward to meeting him here in a few months, at Chicago in Chicago at the National. But, enjoy, enjoy the conversation that's coming up.

SPEAKER 2: Time for our hobby is the people announcer of the week.

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SPEAKER 1: Real excited to talk to the next gentleman on the sports card shop guest line. As most know, we love positive people on this show. And this next gentleman personifies that and we follow them for a little bit and a great guy and said, man, we have to have them on Sports Car Nation. So I wanna welcome Mr Samuel Evans to Sports Car Nation.

SPEAKER 4: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it, John. I got to say that video intro was dope. I've, I've done several interviews and I gotta say that was the best intro, the theatrics, the, the, the effects, the, it was, it was dope. I love it.

SPEAKER 1: I love it. I, I appreciate it. And this is the part where I say because other people have said the same thing. I'm like, well, it's all downhill from here.

SPEAKER 1: So, but no, I, I do, I do. I do appreciate that.

SPEAKER 1: You know, you're like I said in the intro there, you know, you exude positivity.

SPEAKER 1: It kind of, I think it comes from what you do. You're in education as I am. And there's something to be said about that.

SPEAKER 1: I know we're probably both biased but I really believe that's true that it's important to be sort of a positive influence, a positive, you know, I know Charles Barkley said, you know, the role model quote, but I believe we're all when, when there's kids involved and they see us, we're role models whether we like it or not, you know, we're odd.

SPEAKER 1: And, and that's just the way it's, to me it's always gonna be, have you always been sort of a positive guy? Where does that come from?

SPEAKER 4: I mean, I have always been a, a optimistic type of person.

SPEAKER 4: I think it probably has a lot to do with my upbringing and where I grew up, at in North Philly.

SPEAKER 4: You know, at one time that being the most dangerous neighborhood in, in Philadelphia, and just the trials and tribulations of growing up in that space and the things that, you know, I had to overcome the things that, you know, I, I was both a AAA I don't wanna say victim of, but a product of my environment, but also contribute to those things that to a certain extent and until, you know, just meeting the right people in my life at the right time in my life and realizing to my potential and my capabilities of, you know, as someone who loved basketball, played basketball, but also as a, as a person and a learner.

SPEAKER 4: And you know, I, I, I still walk with those things in my life and, and now I'm, I'm still trying to learn and grow as an educator, a father, a husband.

SPEAKER 4: And, you know, it's, for me, it's just all forward upward maturation and, and in all the areas in my life and that I care about. And, you know, I, I just personally I just believe in the, the psychology of positive thinking.

SPEAKER 4: You know, I, I, I think when you at your Logan, your lowest moment, I think at times we don't give enough credit to how resilient, how mind can be.

SPEAKER 4: And I think, you know, starting with yourself and having those positive thoughts can, can transform your outlook and, and how you see things and, and move you forward and, and put you in the right places to connect with the right people so you can reach your full potential. So I think it's a collective thing that I think it, it starts with you and then it starts with surrounding yourself with the right people.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. Well said, and, and very true. Right. The mind can be, your, your, your best weapon or your worst enemy, right? Depending on, on, on where it's at and, and how it's working and, it's, it's, I, I know I made it sound simple but sometimes it's, it's, you know, it's as simple as that on occasion.

SPEAKER 1: You, you mentioned you, you're from Philly, I don't know what's going on in the last couple of years, hobby wise, but I'm, I'm not saying Philly was never. Philly has always been in the hobby but the last couple of years it's really exploded with, with content creators, people talking about the hobby, promoting the hobby.

SPEAKER 1: I mean, what do you attest to, to, you know, the Philly explosion when it comes to sports cards and hobby content and, and show and, and, and content creators and that sort of thing.

SPEAKER 4: Before I answer that question, there's one thing that I wanted to add that I forgot to mention is, you know, being a father and being an educated, you know, I'm in a space where, you know, my, my children are always watching my every move. My, my daughter who, you know, I have access to 24 hours a day that lives in my home with me is always watching my every move.

SPEAKER 4: You know, my students are always watching my every move. So it's very important that, you know, I have a mind, a mindset that influences my actions because in turn, it's gonna influence their mindset and their actions. And you know, that's something that, you know, I pride myself in practicing and then also each day looking in the mirror and, and, and pushing myself to say, did I get better?

SPEAKER 4: And, and did I reach my full potential? So, and that's, that's an ongoing work, you know, so just with mental health and going to therapy every week and, and, and being vulnerable and, and really holding myself to a high standard in terms of practicing what I, I preach.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, no doubt. Yeah, no doubt. And, and you know, it, it, and seeing what you're doing, man, you're doing a great job and, you know, I work in, in, in high school in the special ed education department. So, me, mental health is, is very important.

SPEAKER 1: I think sometimes we don't, we don't talk about it, enough and I don't want to make this, a school show. You know, it's very important. But, you know, again, but Philly's really, on the, come up when it comes to, the hobby content creation shows, podcast, all that good stuff, which is awesome. What, what, what do you attest that to?

SPEAKER 4: How do you explain that if you can, you know, I, I think it, I think, I, attest that to a generation of, of good people and good collectors returning to the hobby, in the midst of a global pandemic.

SPEAKER 4: And, during that global pandemic, you know, we were able to use cardboard as a way want to be therapeutic but to, to, to, you know, explore the nostalgia that we once experienced as a kid and then to recall that and reimagine that and, and now that we live in this world of like Social Media and being able to connect with people.

SPEAKER 4: Not only, you know, like when I grew up collecting, you know, my collecting world was a 5 to 10 block radius. And then when I got bussed to pen middle school, it grew even more.

SPEAKER 4: So now, you know, fast forward, you know, 20 plus years later, we're living in this social age of Social Media where we can talk to people in different states, different countries across the globe. And we're able to share this, this connective passion that, that's so relatable and that's so nostalgic.

SPEAKER 4: And, you know, as it relates to Philly. Philly is this, this melting pot of collectors who have now come together and started to connect with one another and, you know, do business with one another, participate and engage in each other's hobby experience.

SPEAKER 4: And I, I just think it, it, it's, it's, it's dope and it's another way for us to humanize ourselves and see each other beyond the things that divide us, in our society.

SPEAKER 4: You know, the, the hobby is responsible for curating and pollinating a lot of great ideas and, and, and relationships and, I, I've, I've been, I've been appreciative since my return to the hobby during the pandemic and, and putting myself out there being vulnerable and sharing my hobby experience, with the people that I crossed paths with.

SPEAKER 4: But more importantly, being able to engage and participate in their experience, at, at, at a, at a deep level, but like in an authentic way.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. And, and I'm glad you said authentic because when I watch your stuff, whether it be a video or I read your stuff, whether it be a blog, right? It comes, it comes across as that way. Sam is as authentic. You're sharing your, your personal experiences, your personal thoughts, opinions, how you feel about things and, and, you know, as a hobby, I think that's important.

SPEAKER 1: Right. Anyone can turn on a mic, start writing stuff down. But if it's not really from you or how you feel, it's sort of like being an actor, right? And, nothing wrong with being an actor. That's what we go to movies for.

SPEAKER 1: But I think, I think, I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think when people consume content, they want the, the real stuff, they don't want to feel like somebody's just playing a role and, and it's action and OK, now I'm in the character and here's what I'm gonna say because I know that's what people want to hear.

SPEAKER 1: You know, I, and I, and that's how I am. And so I, when I see that from others, it's, I, I appreciate it all the more because I don't think 100% across the board. It's happening and, and so when you see it, you, you appreciate the person.

SPEAKER 1: And the fact that they're, they're, they're like that, you know, it's the, the, it's your first time on this show. So it's kind of the, the standby podcast question, but kind of talk about your hobby journey. Like when you started when, you mentioned, I know you, you mentioned when you were a kid.

SPEAKER 1: And then kind of, you know, fast forward to even, today sort of that timeline if you would.

SPEAKER 4: So, so my, my, my hobby story is similar to a lot of coach. Right. Grew up mid, late eighties, early nineties. Right.

SPEAKER 4: You know, having older brothers and, and seeing their cards for the first time and, and being exposed to cards that way and, like, oh, what are these things? I, I, I see these people on TV, and I see the athletic exploits, exploits on TV.

SPEAKER 4: And, and now I, I have a, a piece of that in my hand and, you know, as a 89 year old seeing cards for the first time, you know, in like 90 91 you know, I wanted my own collection and, you know, I wanted to collect, like, my big brother, you know, it was, it was one of those things where, you know, when I look at my, my hobby intellect or my, my hobby knowledge.

SPEAKER 4: Now, it, it, it wasn't nowhere. It, it is, you know, when I was a kid, but it was just pure passion and pure joy wanting to collect cardboards.

SPEAKER 4: And, you know, having that 3 to 4 year run, collecting cards sitting on the stoop low elementary, you know, just learning the space from my 5 to 10 block radius and all the kids who collected in my neighborhood and, you know, being exposed having this, this small window of being exposed to vintage cards.

SPEAKER 4: The first card I ever seen was the Hank Aaron card. My first vintage card ever.

SPEAKER 4: You know, that was a great time for me to just be a kid to explore and then going to, you know, Pen Treaty middle school and, and now having my world, my hobby world, you know, expand and, and, and collecting cards with kids who didn't look like me.

SPEAKER 4: But we had this common, con connection through cardboard, getting exposed to hockey card, the exposure we gave to them through the way we collect it. You know, it was, it was magical.

SPEAKER 4: And, you know, even during that time, like our hobby world, you know, it, it went from cards to the little pog things that, you know, you flip over and we collected that for some time and, you know, it was one of those things where, you know, growing up in a situation that I grew up in, you know, I had opportunities to be a kid and then, you know, life happened, things happen, things come up, situations and families, you know, happen that our life altered.

SPEAKER 4: I had to give up the hobby and, you know, I pack my cards up and throw them in the trash, you know, when I was like 12 or 13 years old.

SPEAKER 4: And then, you know, I always told myself that I would come back and, you know, fast forward some 20 plus years later or even before that, you know, in prep school and one of my, roommates gave me their, like heart binder and it took me back for a moment and, but it was a brief moment because it was, it was years, you know, I was 19 and I had cards, but that was when I was 12 years old, my priorities was different and like I was, I wanted to play ball and, and deal with girls.

SPEAKER 4: That was my focus, you know, like any other boy, you know, going through the global, going through the pandemic and COVID and, you know, spend, spend time with my family, my wife, my Skyler and, you know, doing all the stuff that we did as a family and then finding time for yourself.

SPEAKER 4: You know, I went into my spare bedroom closet and, you know, I found that binder of cards and then I also found these packs of cards that I picked up from a flea market.

SPEAKER 4: You know, I just store in my closet a couple of years before the pandemic and, started opening up packs and, you know, the rest was history and I went through this like reminiscent moment of like, can I remember all the cards that I used to have, you know, writing those cards down and, you know, from the nineties NBA hoops packs, the old flare, late eighties flare packs, those early 90 91 collectors choice upper deck.

SPEAKER 4: Just remember all, all those great cards and then the, the great inserts that, you know, I, I, I saw, you know, and then the ones that I missed out on in the mid nineties and you think about some of those draft class with, you know, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and all those guys. So, it was just AAA real moment to just rekindle my passion for collecting.

SPEAKER 4: But the difference was, I, I was a 12 year old, I was a 30 a 38 39 year old. Right?

SPEAKER 4: But I was collecting, like, I was 12 and the space was different and the hobby was different. So I had to go to school and I had to learn the landscape and, you know, I did it through Social Media, I did it through, you know, reading and, you know, taking that journey of, like, all the years that I missed out on, like, what happened to the ho I be after the junk wax era.

SPEAKER 4: And, and, and how did it get to where it is now? And, you know, going through that journey, I, I originally had this mindset of, like, I'm gonna sell cars, I'm gonna make a ton of money. And as I jumped into that world and I started to pay attention to the landscape at a deeper level. I was like, ah, that's not me. That's not how I wanna operate.

SPEAKER 4: That's not how I want to function in this space. And, you know, I just went back to my core, you know, I'm an educator. I'm a, I'm a teacher at heart. I like to tell stories. I love history.

SPEAKER 4: I said, you know, I'm, I'm gonna tell my story through this lens that I call the hobby experience and, through that lens, I'm gonna talk about my journey as a young collector and my journey now and, and share all of moments that I have from, you know, my first experience of going into a local hobby store, you know, now, which I didn't have those experiences as a kid.

SPEAKER 4: That, that wasn't a part of my, my, my purview as a collector when I was a kid.

SPEAKER 4: I didn't have local hobby stores in North Philadelphia. We went to big box stores like Kmart Toys R US and that's how we got our card. So, you know, card shows. That was, it's a foreign concept to me as a kid. I didn't know they existed and just being able to enjoy that world. Now, you know, share that, you know, with my daughter Skyler and eventually, you know, have that same moment with my son, Grace.

SPEAKER 4: And, I think it would be, a, a great, a great experience and, you know, Skyla loves collecting Pokemon cards and she has her, you know, her, her sports cards up in her room and, you know, it's just an awesome thing to see when she gets into that mode of, like, wanting to look at her cards right now. She's six years old so she likes everything, you know what I mean?

SPEAKER 4: But when she has those moments of like, wanting to look at her cards or, you know, wanting to go to card shows with me and it's amazing. And, it's, it's been a fun journey and I've, I've just been en enjoying it through writing and, and sharing, you know, my experience as a collector.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. And you do a great job at that, as I said. And, we're glad you're back, Samuel. And it's awesome to share, with your kids, right?

SPEAKER 1: When they have, an interest, whatever, whether it be sports cards, Pokemon, and whatever and that, and, you know, she's young that can change too, a as, as you get older, your preferences, can change, talk about what was the most difficult thing being away for some years? And then coming back, what was the hardest part in, in returning, to you?

SPEAKER 4: That, that's a great question. And I tell this to people a lot. The moment I returned to the hobby, I, after I went through my own educational hobby school, right? And then educated myself, I immediately realized, like my, my lens of looking at like, what is wrong with this space?

SPEAKER 4: And I was just like, man, there is no access to cards. Like, I, I, I went through that lens of like collecting cards as a, as a 12 year old, going to big big box stores and, and then going to local hobby stores and also seeing the issues that, you know, at local hobby stores, they didn't have access to a lot of wax.

SPEAKER 4: And, I was just like, man, this space is struggling with access and I understood why we was in the midst of a hobby. Boom, everybody was buying product. You know, it wasn't a opportunity for you to get it off the shelf at Target, at Walmart, at all these stores.

SPEAKER 4: You know, when, when you think about that supply chain and, and local hobby stores not having access to certain distributors and, and then, and then when they do get the wax, they have to upcharge it just so they can make money so they can meet their bottom line.

SPEAKER 4: And I was just like, man, this, this, this isn't like, like as a kid, I didn't know that any industry side of, of the hobby. I just collect it because I love cards.

SPEAKER 4: But being able to look at that world through my lens as an educator and realize like the inequities are, are the issues where exposure, like, yes, people are being exposed to the hobby, but everybody isn't having the opportunity to truly experience cards that at that moment of infancy where there shouldn't be any barriers.

SPEAKER 4: It should be, it should be fun. It should be gauging, engaging. It should be authentic and, it should be accessible to everyone.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, no doubt. I, I agree. And, you know, when we talk about those late eighties and early nineties, right. Obviously things were, were easier to afford. Now again, you know, when you compare errors, right, everything goes up. It's just part of, of the cost, of, of doing business, the cost of living. So, we, we, you know, I, I'm not saying we should expect 50 Cent packs in, in 2022 2023.

SPEAKER 1: But a, as, you know, you've seen stuff, it's, it's astronomical, especially during the pandemic itself, what stuff was, was doing and it, it, it's true like it be, you know, I think if I was a, you know, I was a seven year old kid when I started in 1979 if I was seven in, in late 2021 or 22.

SPEAKER 1: And I wanted to collect cards like I did in 1979 the terrain was definitely more difficult and more costly and, and maybe I probably wouldn't have happened mo most likely if, if I was, you know, in, in 21 instead of, of 70.

SPEAKER 1: And that's something, you know, it's important to note and, as, as, as strong as the hobby was and as well it was as it was doing.

SPEAKER 1: You know, some people I think were, like you said, sort of getting priced out and, you know, it's always, you don't really want to see that.

SPEAKER 1: But, sometimes it, it, it does happen, you know, your assistant principal, at your school, you're, you're back in the hobby. Do you bring any of your hobby to, to work, do kids in your school that do that?

SPEAKER 1: You know, do they collect, do they come to you and, and say Mr Evans, you know, I, I look at this card. I got like, what, sure, how much hobby goes, you know, goes to work, which I guess is, is it, it, it's, it's e flows and it has its moments.

SPEAKER 4: There are a lot of kids who collect at my school. There's a, there's a lot of kids who follow my, my, sports car, the sports car collector page.

SPEAKER 4: You know, there's times that, like when I, when I got my Jordan card I brought it to school and showed it to a bunch of kids and they were, you know, from like, grades nine through 12, they were all like, oh, my God. How much is that worth? That's crazy.

SPEAKER 4: You know. So, there's a lot of kids who collect Pokemon and, and all the different, you know, genres of, of, of like cardboard, beyond sports cards and, you know, a lot of them, you know, they, they're private about it. You know, because, like, they're high school students but a lot of them are like public about it.

SPEAKER 4: Like, and, and, you know, we had this moment where we were going to, create a car club but it just couldn't take off because the kids, you know, they had other obligations and, you know, they were busy, you know, sports band, you know, all different types of clubs and outside of school activities.

SPEAKER 4: But it's definitely like a thriving little, you know, it's, it's, it's, it happens in silos that, that's the best way to describe it. And, it just haven't, it, it, it's, it haven't came together, at our school where it's like this fully functioning club where kids can sit and enjoy and talk about their experience.

SPEAKER 4: But they definitely, that definitely the hobby is, is alive, in my school and, and, you know, I have my moments where I'm, like, geeing out and talking to my students about it and, you know, we find this way of connecting, you know, because, you know, I, I'm an assistant principal at a pre predominantly, you know, white suburban high school.

SPEAKER 4: You know, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's fun. It, it gives the kids another way to see me as opposed to like, oh Mr Evans, the assistant principal. But wow, Mr Evans collects sports cards so he's human, you know, and he does other things besides, you know, this. So, it's fun and, and I, and I enjoy it. I enjoy it.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, it's a great point brings that human element, right? That, you know, being an assistant principal is my job and, and it's important, but I also have, you know, there's life outside of school, right. You gotta do your work here and you can enjoy stuff, a as well out outside of it.

SPEAKER 1: And that's, that's always important. I always get a kick like you're talking about the Jordan Rookie that you acquired and you brought, like, i it, you know, there's some of those players that it doesn't matter that they're no longer playing.

SPEAKER 1: Like they're just iconic where every generation will know who Michael Jordan is. You know, kids that aren't even born yet are gonna know who Michael Jordan is just because of, of, of the greatness and, and some, some players sort of transcend the time they even played and others not, not as much, you have to do a little bit more, more research and, and that sort of thing.

SPEAKER 1: But, you know, you show a Jordan card to anybody, you know, you can show it to an eight year old kid or an 80 year old lady and they both will have probably similar reactions. Right. Oh, well, that's neat.

SPEAKER 1: Or what's it worth? That's his rookie, you know, that's his first part and, and that sort of thing and, and, you know, there's not a lot of players that can, that can fit that description but, but Jordan, definitely, epitomizes that time for a quick break, but we'll be right back.

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SPEAKER 2: Thanks for speaking with us.

SPEAKER 1: Let's return to the show for you growing up when you were in the hobby, original. What were the players sort of you, were trying to get or or obtain.

SPEAKER 4: So, I mean, obviously, you know, I, I collected in a time where like three of the most powerful, you know, men in the world as it relates to like sports.

SPEAKER 4: They, their, their name was Mike, you know, Michael Jordan, Mike, Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson, you know, so obviously in the, in the world of like sports cards, you know, I collected football, basketball, baseball, hockey, you know, we, we were chasing after M J because the psychology of it, we all wanted to be like Mike and you know, with, with certain sets, if you had those Jordan inserts, you know, if you had those like variation cards or, you know, you had four sharp corners and no, no creases, you know, you, you were the, the king of the hill, you know, you, you own the yard in terms of collecting.

SPEAKER 4: And, and, and people respected your collection. So yes, we were, we were going after Mike's the Michael Jordan, obviously the Magic Johnson and the Larry Birds. So, but, but M J was definitely at the top of the list.

SPEAKER 4: And then, you know, the, we also grew up in the era of, of Bo Jackson. We, we all wanted Bo Jackson's baseball card, you know, because he was like the, the man, the myth, the legend all in one, you know, he did things that, you know, we only dreamed of doing.

SPEAKER 4: So, you know, those, those were the cards we chased.

SPEAKER 4: The one card that really drove my young collecting is was the the 93 94 flare League leaders stills and score leader Jordan car. Like that was the one if you pulled that card, like he was the man and if it had no damage to it, like everybody was crowding around you and let the wanting to wanting to see that card.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, no doubt you mentioned, you know, Jordan being, really right at the top of that list, you just, acquired a Jordan Rookie, which, your grail card means a lot to you.

SPEAKER 1: Like you said, you brought it to school and shared that experience, with, with some of the kids at school. Did you own that card as a kid? And then obviously in the, in the space between or did you never own it? And this was something like I, I got, yeah, go ahead.

SPEAKER 4: So I, I never owned the, the M J card as a kid.

SPEAKER 4: You know, when I got in a hobby, the hobby like eighties cards, the fur, the furthest I went back in terms of having eighties cards was like 80 87 88 you know, and, and when I got the opportunity to get, got, get those packs, I felt like I was the man like, oh, I got cards from the, you know, but in terms of like, you know, hobby knowledge, you know, I, I had no understanding of, of or I didn't know anything about the 86 80 you know, 86 87 flare set, that flare premier set, you know, that, that wasn't a part of my experience.

SPEAKER 4: That wasn't something like that. That type of knowledge wasn't something we talked about as kids, you know, and, and being more knowledgeable now and understanding the, his history of the hobby and certain sets, iconic sets. Like that wasn't a part of our experience even when we were at, even when I was at pen Treaty.

SPEAKER 4: So that, that idea of like, oh the Jordan, like the Michael Jordan 86 flare card that, that wasn't like the rush we got, you know, it was more like his, his early nineties cards, you know, when he started to win those championships and those, those insert cards that we wanted of, of, of M J.

SPEAKER 4: But coming back to the hobby and immersing myself in the history and learning about, you know, the 84 Bowman set, the 61 flare set, the 86 flare set, like all those classic and iconic sets, you know, going to that, that hobby school and, and, and like, man, there was some phenomenal cards made the 52 top set, you know, there, there was some phenomenal cards made over the decades, you know, I, I had this undeniable belief about the hobby, that there's there's no limit that every card ever created.

SPEAKER 4: Everyone has the opportunity to, it's all about time place, the right people, you know, and that's how it was with the flare 86 you know, Jordan time place and the right people. And, you know, today I can smile about it, you know, having a S G C 7.5 graded Flair 1986 87 Michael Jordan rookie card.

SPEAKER 4: You know, we all know the debate surrounding it. Is it his, his, his true rookie. But you know, it's, it's one of his first mainstream cards and, you know, I'm happy to be a part of a club 57.

SPEAKER 1: So it's a and I'll end the debate that that is his rookie card. I'm not even saying the star rookie can't be considered a, a rookie card in a different, a different sort of with different qualifications, but that's his first card out of a pack of cards and you've seen what it's done in, in auctions.

SPEAKER 1: And I, I think, I think that the public consensus is that's the one of the, the cards you want, if you're going after Jordan and you want to get his rookie card, that, that's, that's the number one card on the list. It's always been in, in, in my book.

SPEAKER 1: And, you know, you, you make a great point too, right. You know, when we collected in the eighties and nineties. Listen, rookie cards existed. Then I'm not saying they didn't exist, Samuel, but they existed sort of in a different sense than the way we see them today. There wasn't as much of a, a clamoring, people were, hey, I got a Jordan card.

SPEAKER 1: Right. They were almost happy to get, like you said, different Jordan cards meant different things to different people. Right. Everyone had their favorite where now we know, like when you talk about Jordan, one of the first cards you're taking about is the 86 87 footer or the star, art.

SPEAKER 1: And, and, and then you talk about everything else. It wasn't exactly like that back then. So here you, you tell that, it, it, it really rang true to me because it, it was, it was like that, you know, people didn't put as much stock into a first card or rookie like we, like we do.

SPEAKER 1: Now and so, you know, it was, it was interesting hearing that perspective, share what you want. You don't have to give prices out or, or what not. But, you know, and getting that, as you said, S G C 7.5, George, I know you wrote a, a, a blog about it.

SPEAKER 1: You're, you're part of the hobby News Daily team along with myself. You've, you've already written a couple of great pieces. I urge anyone listening they haven't read it yet. Head over there, shameless blog, but Samy will write some great stuff on his own and, and as part of, of that group.

SPEAKER 4: But talk about, you know, finally, you know, getting that, that Jordan Rookie, you know, whatever you want, you know, again and you don't have to get too personal with prices and, oh, but I, I, I would say this, and, and to your last point, right, the, the rookie craze didn't happen for us in my area where we collect it until Shaquille O'Neal came today.

SPEAKER 4: That's when like this idea of like the rookie card, it was like thunder lightning in a bottle, right?

SPEAKER 4: Like Shaq was larger than life, you know what I mean? And, and everybody went his first car but beyond him, like we didn't this idea of like, I want a Michael Jordan rookie or a Magic Johnson rookie or Larry Bird rookie because they, they were like the big three, right?

SPEAKER 4: That wasn't a part of like the way we collect it. But, you know, Shaq was definitely the one who introduced us to this, this rookie craze simply because of, you know, he was just a larger than my like personality coming out of L S U in terms of, of, of, you know, the acquisition of the, you know, 86 87 player, Michael Jordan, you know, and I, I also think back to that night, right.

SPEAKER 4: Like the first a after I got the card, there was this, like this week of, I kept the card next to me. Like, so every day I left the house, it was with me, you know, going to and from work and, you know, hanging out at home and, you know, it was this, this moment that I had to go through like, wow, I just a acquired this card that everyone talks of and now I have it. So I had to go through this like exploration.

SPEAKER 4: And, and, and like getting off that natural hive like, oh, I got the card and you like now the car it sits with my entire 86 player set that eventually I'm gonna send off to get the whole set graded.

SPEAKER 4: You know, because I think it's just one of those iconic sets to have if you are a set collector.

SPEAKER 4: But, you know, going back to that night, you know, it was just a normal day leaving work, walking into the store. You know, Bob, the owner of the media's sports cards.

SPEAKER 4: And me and media P A, we will always have our normal conversation because he was a educator as well and retired educator owns a ski shop and a card store.

SPEAKER 4: All in one and the moment I walked in the store, I, I, I saw the card and even before, like, I, we had our normal conversation. I said, you gotta tell me how you got this card and then what happened and like, you know, and, after going through that moment though, that night and leaving the store, I didn't get it that day.

SPEAKER 4: You know, I, I went through this like 10 day period of like, is this meant to be, is it, is it like, I, I'm the type of collector, like, if I could, I know that there are a lot of cards that I, and there are many moments that I've passed up on cards that I know because it's, it's got to be right. And it's got to feel right.

SPEAKER 4: I don't want it to be impulsive. Right. And, you know, I just went through this 10 day period of like, is this, it right. Is, is this my moment?

SPEAKER 4: You know, and if it's not my moment, it's not meant to be like, again, I'm thinking from the mindset of like, there's no limits to this hobby when it comes to acquiring cars. That's the mindset that I'm thinking of time place and the right people. Right? And I said to myself, I was like, it's meant to be.

SPEAKER 4: And I called them up. I said, hey, Bob, you still have it. He said, yeah, I still got it in the showcase.

SPEAKER 4: I said, all right, I'm coming to pick it up and, went to the store that night, we negotiated the price you know, the rest was history and, I walked out of the store with it that night and on the drive home just like, you know, one of the one off my top 10 list, you know, and I, I think I have this top 10 list of my grow cards. And, you know, I, I, I'm at, I'm at seven of 10 right now.

SPEAKER 4: And I got three more to go. I know one is, rookie Richie Ashburn card there. There's two other, like, two basketball rookies. But, you know, it's, it's one of those moments that I often think back to this appreciative that, you know, I came back to the hobby.

SPEAKER 4: Because a lot of the things that I'm doing now as it relates to the hobby has just been very, like, positive and fun and, and therapeutic just being able to embrace that inner kid and, and reclaim the kid that I had to put away when I was, growing up. So, definitely, definitely, a fun moment. I think the price point was appropriate.

SPEAKER 4: And I was do business with, with, with, Bob. He's awesome.

SPEAKER 4: Always tell him like, oh, all you gotta do is let me know one day I'll volunteer at your store. Like, that's one of my hobby, like, bucket list, like, goals. Like, I just want to volunteer at a, at a hobby, local hobby store and work, you know, work a day, help sell cards, talk about cars and do all those things.

SPEAKER 4: So, you know, it was one of those moments where it was, like, meant to be and, you know, it's, it's been a year since I had that card. No regret, no risk whatsoever.

SPEAKER 4: I mean, I've had people I've had, I've had people offer me, you know, upwards of like 10, 15 grand for that card. And I said no, because I said you're offering me that much. I know what the car is worth to me. I, I'll sit on it a little bit.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, no doubt. What a great card. Right. Great story. And, and like you said, it was either gonna be meant to be or not meant to be in, in, in this case, right? Meant to be and, and yeah, you know, you look at it whether it's a year later, like, it's, it's funny because the, the, the Jackie for me, the, the 48 leaf, is that card to me?

SPEAKER 1: And like, I don't love it any less all this time later after acquiring it, if anything even more. And it's almost for me. I chased it for a, a little bit. I had a couple of opportunities to buy it and I kicked the can down the road, no fault, nobody's fault but my own and it cost me a little bit more because I didn't buy it a certain other times.

SPEAKER 1: But that's, that's, that's how it goes. And, you know, I, I, I'm, I'm glad that, you know, I, I, you know, I'm older than you Samuel. So I'm like, every, every, all the time it takes away and I don't have this card or own this card, there's gonna be less time I get to appreciate and enjoy the card.

SPEAKER 1: And finally I said, I, I gotta get this thing and, and I did and it's, you know, it's behind me over my show older and, and you know, every day I see it and, you know, I, I don't again, like you said, no regrets.

SPEAKER 1: And I think I, in, in some senses, I probably appreciate it more and it's almost a relief because now I don't have to worry about like, will I ever get it? Right. That question, that question has been answered, you mentioned like taking the Jordan places. I would be so nervous to take a car like for me, like taking a Jackie outside the house.

SPEAKER 1: Like what if I drop it? What if it falls on my pocket? What if I set it down and then, you know, and something happens, whatever that may like, I'd be so nervous with it. So it was, I was smiling when you were talking about taking in place because I, my mind would, I'd be, I'd be a nervous wreck like that.

SPEAKER 4: I, I would, I, I, for that whole, probably, like, it was like a two week period. I would have it, like, in my overcoat, like, right next to, like, sitting on top of my heart. So, you know, it just, it, it was one of those things that, you know, I, I got, I got to experience this, right.

SPEAKER 4: You know, I gotta go through that experience and, you know, the funny thing about this acquisition and I didn't mention this in my, my, my hobby blog that I wrote. I was the only one that asked about that car the time it was the store. And there's a lot of people who go, go in and out of the store and no one asked, no one negotiated, no one picked it up and wanted to purchase it or anything.

SPEAKER 1: And he told me he was like, you know, only person I asked about this I have now, I don't know if you have a theory to why I, I can tell you why I think, I mean, it's probably is intimidating, right? Or someone thinks, like, either that they already know, like, not in my budget. I'm not even gonna, like, entertain the thought or they're almost scared to know.

SPEAKER 4: You know, I thought about, I, I thought about that and like, you know, Bob, he, he has all his cards, priced out and the store.

SPEAKER 4: And I thought about that. But I also know the type of people that, that, that purchase this from, from him. These are like old time collectors. You know, guys, my age, guys older than me, you know, you know, just their life was in a hobby, you know what I mean?

SPEAKER 4: And they know him, he know them and he was like, he was the only one, you know, and I was just like, I was like, ok, you know, it was like, so it was, it was one of those things where it was like, maybe this was the moment this was, this was, it was meant to be, it was, it was meant to be, you know, I, I couldn't ask for, I couldn't ask for a better person to buy the car.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, that's always nice too. When, when you really like the person, you're, you're doing business. I think it makes, I, I think it makes negotiating smoother and I think hearing you say how, like you're really the only one that even negotiated or express it. I think it goes further to the show, right? It was really, meant to be there.

SPEAKER 1: Samuel. I appreciate you. You coming on, man, I'm glad you got to Jordan.

SPEAKER 1: You're doing great things, man. You're a positive influence in the hobby, I'm sure at school, as well, you know, as, as a fellow person in the education system. It's, it's sometimes I, you know, I know it's easy for, for me or us to say, sometimes we don't get enough credit on, on how important our roles are.

SPEAKER 1: And, you know, I, I appreciate you and, I'll say, a thank you for, for even just that but, you know, even what you're doing, sharing your experiences coming back and, and, and the terrain, that you're encountering.

SPEAKER 1: You know, I, I enjoy, your work and, and reading or seeing what you're doing. It's just great for, for those that haven't you, that, you know, share that, that, anything you want to share so people can see what you're doing.

SPEAKER 4: So, I mean, I mean, I'm on all Social Media platforms. You know, Instagram is my main avenue. I have a Facebook page. I have a Twitter. I do a lot of, you know, I share a lot of hobby thoughts on my Twitter account.

SPEAKER 4: Also have a YouTube.

SPEAKER 4: And I'm also a part of a part of hobby News Daily. So it's, you know, the sports car collector, T H E S P RT Z C A R DC O L T R or just type in my name, Samuel C Evans.

SPEAKER 4: And, yeah, just, you know, I always, I always say this, don't follow me, follow the ho you know, I, my hope is that my story resonates with you and, you know, it, it will, you know, push you to, you know, share your, your story, whether it be cards or whether it be anything that you love.

SPEAKER 4: And, and if it resonates with you just be a part of the journey and, and I appreciate you and, and gratitude to you for, you know, taking the time to read, engage and send positive messages.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, it's, it's important, right? You, you never, you never know who's watching, who's listening, who's reading.

SPEAKER 1: You know, we don't, we don't swear on this show and I've had people, you know, message me and say John, I appreciate the fact that you don't put any, you know, bad words on your show. Even if someone else says them, you, you take them out because I, I love your show and I have I might be writing, drive my kids to school and I don't have to worry about them hearing something that I didn't know was coming.

SPEAKER 1: And so that's my mindset as well, right? You just don't know, you know, you always want to, you know, be a positive example even in language when, when you can. And so I, I, I, I completely get that. Well, listen, I don't have to tell you this but man, keep, keep up the great work, keep doing what you do and I look forward to, to even more stuff from you.

SPEAKER 1: Thank you for, for giving the show some time. I'll put put your your, your, your handle in, in our episode notes. So people know where to find you because I think you, you're doing some great stuff and the more people can, can see it experience it like you said to have experience. I think they'll, they'll be better off for that.

SPEAKER 4: Now, John, I appreciate you. I, I know we met, you know, and I reached out to you and Danny, you guys took a chance and I think we had a great conversation and we were, we connected immediately.

SPEAKER 4: And, you know, I think it's a match made and, hopefully you'll have me back on so we can talk more hobby stuff. And, you know, right now, you know, I'm, I'm just having fun with the hobby and, I appreciate all the people that I meet and cross paths with.

SPEAKER 4: My, my, my current chase and my most ultimate chase right now is the 61 Flare Wilt Chamber and Rookie card. So, you know, I've, that, that's the next, that's the next moment. So we'll see.

SPEAKER 1: Well, good, happy hunting as they say and, and yes, for, for sure. Sammy. So this won't, as far as I'm concerned, this won't be a, well wanted parents only. We, we love to have you. We'll love to have you back on and, we'll, I'm sure we'll be communicating just through, through having these daily and just hobby stuff in general. So, thanks again.

SPEAKER 4: Thank you. I appreciate you.

SPEAKER 1: All right. Great habit, Samuel and, you know, fellow person of education. But, that, that's not why I like him. Just a really good, honest, hardworking, you know, loves the hobby, tries to educate through the hobby. I do. What I think is, is similar and, you know, just a, a really cool guy and hear him talk about a choir as Jordan.

SPEAKER 1: Right? You could tell how excited he was almost like a little kid. And, right. And that's what the hobby is about. Right. It takes us away from the everyday monthly, mundane things of life and, and takes us back to our nostalgia days, our youth days, whatever, whatever you enjoy and, comes through and, and Samuel's still, you know, he's, he's educating even through the hobby with his content.

SPEAKER 1: So, check his stuff out, gave that out at the end there, of the interview and, happy to have him on hobby News Daily, as a writer there too. So, multitalented, gentleman and, doing big things.

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