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March 28, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.105 Baseball's Young Superstars

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.105 Baseball's Young Superstars

Every decade has their group of young Superstars...Some put together Hall of Fame worthy careers while others fade into "Remember him" trivia footnotes. We look at the current crop of great young ballplayers. Who's going to be the "Next"


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Every decade has their group of young Superstars...Some put together Hall of Fame worthy careers while others fade into "Remember him" trivia footnotes. We look at the current crop of great young ballplayers. Who's going to be the "Next"

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11:10 PM
Delivering that breaking Combi new. Welcome to episode 105 of hobby quick. Today's episode. We are going to talk about the young superstars of baseball kind of compare notes and when we think about baseball, you know, when we took of the four major sports numbers to baseball stats to baseball, probably mean the most, right? When you think of certain numbers, you don't even have to say to player just certain numbers, right? 714 Babe, Ruth's home runs. 7:55 Barry Bonds 401, you know, Ted Williams batting average, 56, the games hitting streak from Joe DiMaggio and all these records that you know, just numbers mean so much to baseball. But also where baseball each error? Sort of cool, you know, Compares their young superstars during the 50s. It was who was better, right man. O mais Duke Schneider 

In every decade or error since, you know, same thing and even today now that debate rages on, you know, you got your to teach Juniors, Acuna sold out Guerrero or Connie and and so on and so on and you know, yes different people and they'll pick a different one and the reasons why it's so I thought it was time to kind of do a show where we cover these this 

Right now young superstars and you know, who is the best best maybe to buy and hold cards up or and just in general? And so that's what today's show is going to cover. Today's Young baseball superstars and it's nice that we can have this discussion because they're, you know, as recently as a few weeks back, right? We still had the lockout and it wasn't looking good. Good. And so, sort of the celebrate full season of baseball. I decided to tackle today's subject. But before we get to that subject, let's hear it from our great sponsor, Mojo breaks. And after that, we'll get the show started with new releases, QA. This week's hobby news. And then the topic at hand. 

Bojo break, shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks. They not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case. They are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation. As one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. Rick party Champion Breakers from sports cars to Pokemon cards, their selection. Can t be they offer daily? 

And pre-orders. 

Time for this week's product releases. All right, let's talk about some things that are going to hit the market this week that you can rip, it open starting on the 30th with tops Inception. Baseball. I'm a bigot, Inception guy. I liked it. I know some people don't but like those thick cards to the colors they use and the on card Auto. So when they do those also on the thirtieth twenty Twenty-One Upper Deck from your hockey. The first, another thing of Sucker for acetate cards. And then you'll be happy with the first, because Panini, clearly Diner has football 2021 released. The first of the month, love some clearly down. Rest on the 6th. The few more products that they are you of prism WWE. Not a panini has the license now, so they'll make their foray into the WWE releases with their prism. And like me and Jeff said on Sports Carnation, write anything prison, they could do nannies prism, and it would be a big hit. So, WWE gets prism same day. They also release prism Collegiate, basketball 2021 2022. And also 2021 Stars and Stripes baseball. So, there you go. For the week of what's coming out. Choose your weapon and 

I'll answer the question. You want answers. Alright, this week's question comes the email from Jake and it reads as follows. John liked your show on quarterback assessments. Last week wondering I know you said on your show in the past about not you know, we're collecting running backs is not a An advisement or great things to do. They usually have a short career and many, you know, don't pan out but is there a running back? You would suggest currently playing that made buck that Trend that running backs are always sort of always will be a risky proposition. You know, we have Derrick Henry really putting together a Hall of Fame career. No doubt even cook look like that. 

Early on, but the injuries have sort of derailed. What could have been a, a great career? The guy I really like and sort of have not taken my own advice on if you will, where I've been buying some of his stuff up because quite frankly, it's still affordable and to me, a great ceiling involved with his cars and that's JT. Jonathan Taylor from the Colts. He does everything. 

You know, catches, the ball runs the ball, a big part of that offense and he's durable. Doesn't miss, don't want to jinx him here, but doesn't get hurt. Doesn't miss time and he I could see you know, potentially 10 year, maybe more career, total net ball. And you know that if he does that and there's not a significant drop-off IE. Like I said, Dalvin cook, it's going to be a It's a Hall of Famer. And I think that's the gauge right for running back if they put together a whole thing, correct? And I was young and he's got to do it for some more years before we can put him in the Hall of Fame. But I think he's on that shit directory. So if I'm going to pick a guy, I'll mention them because quite frankly is the guy. I've been buying some of his stuff up and that's Jonathan Taylor. Jake. Thank you for the question. Appreciate it. 

The answer questions. And speaking of the Q&A. If you have any kind of questions that you want to hear, may be talked about on the air. You can send them to our social medias DMS or you can email us at Hobby quick hits at gmail.com or sports card Nation d.c. At gmail.com either or and you may hear your question on the air. There and answered on the, we appreciate the questions in the feedback. We've been getting. Especially avoids. Thank you. It's time for the hobby. What's up? Where we go around the Hobby World and tell you all the latest news and breaking stories from the hobby. We love. 

Some of you may have seen that 1952 Jackie Robinson, miscut card, which has a sliver of the Mickey Mantle attached to it on the front side. It's an SDC one. It had previously sold last summer at Golden's auctions. For twenty nine thousand dollars. Well, Buzz created some height and it just sold. Simply throw almost three times as seventy two thousand four hundred fifty dollars for desteni. See one Jackie Robinson. Now, obviously a regular s TC 1. 1952 Topps Jackie. Robinson's not going to bring 72 thousand dollars, but I guess when it has a sliver of the famed 52, man, oh, it will bring more and pretty interesting there. No, I did not buy. Was it? Me CS G trying to make moves? They've listened to collectors and dealers and they are changing. Their label looks a little cleaner based on pictures. I haven't seen it in person and they're changing their grading system. So, Jen met or now be have to be graded. A 10 that a 9.5. 

Check them out. If you want to see what I'm referring to Bryce Harper, has signed a exclusive autograph or memorabilia contract with Fanatics. He already had a cops deal. So this kind of just convert. I don't say converts over. This is a an additional deal multi-year and they're going to be the sole distributor for Bryce Harper, game-used memorabilia. 

And autographs G CG p short for trading card game player. They specialize in like magic, the Gathering UVO Pokemon there a selling platform. They actually have a location here at Syracuse a warehouse and facility. They've announced they're adding sports cards shortly to the platform. They cited The Horizon. Boom. And And popularity of sports cards that they want to add that to their platform in comparison. I'm not an expert about them, but because of their local and I know a little bit about them, they're sort of like, the calm sea of, you know, gaming cards if you will, but now they are adding sports cards. So we'll see how that for re-entry turns out. And, you know, they can compete. 

The level of the calm seas and those kind of selling platforms, but they're throwing their hat in the ring for sure. All right. Little Shameless plug. If you're listening to this before, April 3rd, I will be set up at the collectors Fest in Syracuse, New York at the New York State Fairgrounds three tables. I got some new new showcases and get some new inventory that I just added. Added it loved. As always, people come by. I love chatting with your shaking, shaking your hand and talking Sports talking to hobby, talking, to life. And you know, the show has really been back on the map this year after the after the restrictions were lowered and the promoter Lynn Lake, could guys, been getting autograph guest against something to used to do, then he stopped and 

That route again and Eric. Do you even door for us? Former Syracuse. Orange basketball player will be signing free autographs from my belief, 12:49 some come on out. If you're in the area, Central, New York Western, New York, New York area in general Syracuse, April 3rd, the doors open at 9:00 to 3:00 and come. Come eat yours truly. I enjoy meeting new people all the time. So, hopefully, we'll see you at the show. Our feature presentation. 

All right. Now we can make the argument that Mike Trout still holds the belt as the face of baseball. That might be true, but it might routes also 30 years old. So I wanted to talk about that next generation of young superstars, right? The Young Guns of baseball. If you will, the debate that everyone want likes to have in the hobby of who's the best young player who? By car. So the put away and you know, for five names, always kind of right now enter that Arena enter that debate, so I wanted to kind of give my take on these guys and even had a couple of names to the next. Let's start with what will probably be my choice. If I had to only pick one guy, one guy and that's one soda. Now, I think he has the highest ceiling of the group. He finished second in Rookie of the Year, made the All-Star game last year to Silver Slugger Awards and finished second in the MVP race last year. He's a contact hitter. He doesn't strike out a lot for especially with some of the power numbers. He has flashed 22 home. 

11:25 PM
By 34 in his second season with 110 RBIs last year, had 29, dingers with 95. Rubies. Like I said, finish second in the MVP race. Not not that he's not fast. He is fast but not a huge base. Stealer last 4 years 5 is 12 6 and 9, but I think a lot of that is with how the Nationals handle like they dare. Trying to keep him healthy and so they don't have them. Maybe run as much as he could. The thing. I love about him. Is this Gap power? And he's a hitter 313 last year, 351 in the pandemic shortened season the year prior to that, but this guy's going to bat over 300. Probably a 30 home run guy. And that's the potential potential. I don't know, you know, how often will do it, but 

The potential to crack double digits in stolen bases. I like to see a little bit more there. But I think again, a national sort of, you know, kind of hold them back a little bit in that category. So once old was my choice, I think he's just one of the best all-around players doesn't really miss time. And just seems to really enjoy kind of playing out there reminds me. Me a little bit of Griffey in that category. We're just having some fun out there and you know, easy to like a guy like that. Alright, let's talk about the guy that they kind of lumped together with soda, right? Always compared to him. Maybe that's because they play in the same division. Maybe that's because they've each their teams of each one. They respect the World Series, so they each have a ring. Maybe it's because they compete against each other do. 

Get your times a year being in the same division and that's Ronald. Acuna jr. Now, Acuna is more of the power hitter and a little bit less of the average, but he's going to run a little bit more. So according is going to be that potential. 40 home, run guy, hit 41 in 2019 when 101 ribbies. That was his sort of, you know, I'm here moment type of year. He did win the Rookie of the Year in 2018 and has made two All-Star Game appearances. He also has two Silver Slugger Awards. What kind of sets them a little bit of part to me from Soto, is the power numbers and the steals, right? Then the four years. He has sixteen, thirty, seven, eight, and that pandemic shortened year. And then last year, swipe. 

Seen bad, so they have room run. But with that comes the, the risk for injury. And that's why. I think many people put Soto ahead of them. Hakuna has better numbers when he plays but the that's the issue. He's had some injuries here and there wouldn't call him injury-prone, but he really hasn't put together a really a full year since 2010. 1956 games in 2019 and then last year 82, as he suffered the injury and the style of play which is a little bit Reckless as what scares a little people. This is a guy that will die crash into a wall. Run rampant on the bases. And that's where the injury-prone S. If you will, is a factor, that's carried a few people. 

In a happy way. I still like the guy he's putting together early on a Hall of Fame resume as he as he now. Still again. All these players are very young. So he's already got over 100 home runs and no batting average. He he's he's going to strike out some. He's more of a strikeout and an all-or-nothing guy when you know where Soto's more of a victim, All the play. Get type, huh? The coolest going to, you know, hit those Monumental blast, but he's also going to go down swinging. So that terrible I've seen. I've seen worse batting average, you know, in the four years through 93 to 80, 250 and 280 three, so he's not that far off from 300. I think Soto's more of a higher average power Acuna is going to hit more, you know, and this is Jean a full season type of ratio corn is going to hit more home. Runs strike out, more steal more bases, and have a little bit less bad in every both you have any either one of these players on your team or in your collection? You're doing pretty good. Alright, let's go now to a guy that quite frankly, if he could stay healthy would probably be the number one choice, not only to me, but probably to a lot of 

Obvious and collectors, but we're starting to see what this young Superstar is. He just can't seem to put a full, you know, 150 160 Game season together and that's Fernando to teach Junior. And again, I think he might be the best on this list if he could stay on the field, so let's talk about some of his accolades here. Also has two Silver, Slugger, Awards and All-Star appearance. Last year finished third in the MVP, voting finished, fourth the year before, you know, and 20 1984 games, 20 2016, 9 games, not his fault. That was how we see pandemic. And then 2021 130 games again with an injury and 

20:22 actually was her in the offseason and he will be out for the first three months of the 2022 season. And you know, how as happy as right, anytime someone gets hurt people overreact and have a sell-off but, you know, to teach has been hurt on two or three occasions. And so that sell-off can be more and it says probably scared some people away. I've If you ask me, I think it's too early to bail. You know, I when I think about guys that have seemed to have kind of consistent injuries, early in their career. The guy maybe would compare them to at least currently, you know, was Ian Williams and different sport, but sort of showing like, hey going to miss time. Each year not put a full season together, but I'd be more worried about Zion than I am of Fernando. 

To teach Junior for obvious reasons. No Zions got more weight on his frame. Well, let's not talk about Zion. We're talking about baseball here. So I still I'm a to teach Junior guy if someone bails on them because of injury and has a fire sale on his stuff. If your buyer last year in this is think about these numbers and only 130 games. He missed 32 games and he still hit 42. Two home runs, 97. RBIs little low for 42 home. Run hitter, a lot of solo shots in there, but twenty five steals 25 steals in 130 game. So he's a twenty20 guy last year, bedded 282 277 the year before and 317 in his rookie campaign, 22 home runs in that rookie campaign and then 17 in the covid-19. 

20/20 season. And again, he's he was still 16 stolen bases, followed by 11 and then 25 last year. And so this is a guy's going to bad about 290. If he can put a full season together. Honestly, he could potentially hit 50 home runs that 290, with 110 RBIs and about 20 steals 2020 guy. But again, God, His do that. Got to put in the seas. And I think this year's injury really put a damper on things to the collectors and hobbyists because didn't even happen on the field. Was it him diving to make a play or you know, running the bases or anything like that was in the offseason and it just continues his trend of not playing a full season of baseball and it has scared some folks off when it comes to his Cards. My answer to that. Is he still very, very young? He's only in his you know, really his third year of his career. As far as a full season goes, granted. He's going to miss the first three months, but the juror, you know, too early to me to bail on this young Superstar with that much potential. This is a guy that, you know, if he plays a whole year, could hit 50 home runs and swipe 20 bags and That's a monster season. That could happen at any time. And if you can avoid the injury bug, he can put some of these Seasons back to back and we're talking about maybe a future Hall of Famer if that was through occurred. So I'm not getting off the to teach bus just yet. Maybe it's just running to hopefully some bad luck. That won't won't continue. Alright next I'm going to talk about some would make an argument because he's 

Then which is a few years older than the previous mention guys, that and that he has some prior experience playing in Japan, that he shouldn't be on this list that he sort of doesn't fit the requirements and I to that's a hogwash. He's 27, which is still young in baseball and he did play in Japan and obviously not his fault. That's that's his home country. I don't think we penalize him. 

For that. And he's a young potential, you know, young 27 considered he played in the Japanese league and he's come here. And how when was the last time you saw or dual two-way players? I'm going to hits and pitches can play in the lineup when he's not on the mount and be in a sty picture. And last year. He arguably put together one of the best. Seasons in the history of Major League Baseball and winning his first MVP award. And to me, it was a no-brainer. He's also got a Silver Slugger to his name and Thug. Love. Let's talk about last year, in an incredible year, just on the hitting side of things, 46 dingers, 100 ribbies, 26 steals. 

People who pitch, you know, swipe 26 bags yet. He did that bad it 257, you know struck out 189 times had a rough go the previous year. But again, he was hurt with what the Labor injury so we'll throw that sort of your route and the previous two years prior to last years or two years ago bad. Season with injury, the two years prior to that the Angels were really unsure of how to use him. And I think they've sort of figured out a game plan to how to, you know, get this guy in the lineup as a pitcher and the hitter. Let's talk about last years MVP season on the mound, went nine into when the 3.18 ER raced with 23 starts and And struck out one point four guys in any so 130 Innings pitched 156 strikeouts and you know, just kind of dominated on the mound. Didn't, you know, probably could have got more starts, but they also didn't want to risk injury and taking the bath out of the lineup as well. So this guy is Transit Transcendent and this 

So, we just haven't seen this. Likes to him since, you know, probably Babe Ruth and you know, we can argue that last year's. Oh Connie year was better than any, you know, really one Ruth year when you add in the pitching prowess. Now, I know Babe Ruth, you know that, you know, 714 home runs including a huge year, which was the record Center until it was eventually broken but you know, show her show. Hey, 

11:39 PM
In years old, I Now, how to use them, use him, keep him healthy and productive, and this guy, you know, he can play and stay on the field. He's going to quiet anyone say quietly, but he's going to put together a Hall of Fame, type career. That may sort of sneak up on people, when I think he announced his presence last year with a performance MVP worthy of both. Both sides, you know, as a hitter and as a pitcher. So those are usually the guys folks that are the first ones that come up in this debate, or of the baseball's best young Superstar before we close out. The topic. I wanted to talk about a few more if you want to call him, honorable mentions, some more young folks that are in this mix, you know, Vlad Guerrero had a tremendous year, could have won the 

MVP himself. And in fact, most people thought it should be either him or tiny. Tiny wanted. He's definitely if he can, you know, I think the big thing with him is staying in shape, staying healthy. And he'll be, you know, viable long-term the other guy, another guy plays on his own team who I really like, and I think sort of overlooked or doesn't get enough credit. That's Bo bichette another young player that kind of, you know, Sort of five tool. And I think he gets a little bit. I think sort of them being on the same team, sort of. Like, they take attention away from each other rather than one being like the main focus, but both tremendous players. Everyone knows the Bobby Witt junior high, but many Scouts say it's legitimate. He made break camp with the big. He's expected to break camp and make his major league debut. 

On opening day. And all the scouts say he's the real deal. And, you know, the the walks going to match the talk with him. And so again, he hasn't done it yet. But all the scouts who generally know what they're doing. Love him. And so that's why you see the hobby hike with him. And then another guy that I personally really, really Really like, is Ryan my castle from the Baltimore Orioles. Now fact that he plays in Baltimore, you know, they don't get a lot of baseball coverage if you will because they usually are struggling the standings. They playing the same division with the Yankees Blue Jays would Red Sox, but look at the the year. Ryan Matt Cassel had last year announced his presence and just seems to be a really good. 

Is quiet type guy not a big, you know talker and but I like him. His cards are still, you know, very affordable, you know for for the career. I think he's going to have now's the time you're going to get in and collect and I was a great opportunity to start. You know, what own up on a stop, or Stockholm stuff, but he's a young player that I think we're going to be talking about, especially being 

Infielder, you know, there's always a few others that are sort of five tool. Always have a little more, you know, clout than than certain other positions. So he's a guy I would look at and he's a guy like Barn, you know, God forbid an injury. Can I have one of those, you know, long all starve filled Hall of Fame careers. When it's all said and done. It might kind of sneak up on you, especially if you Plays most of that career. If not all of it in Baltimore less. They kind of turned things around which you know, they got a great farm system. So you know what we're talking about Baltimore is now they eventually might be able to turn that around with some more good traps and just right Personnel. So, you know, you know few guys that maybe not in the conversation just yet but might not be long before they are. 

And, you know, both well folks for The baseball, this youth movement. Baseball. He thinks needs to Market itself better. I think they really should start with some of the guys we mentioned today, sort of, you know, High pin them up or focusing on them. And to help the image that thankfully, they avoided a work stoppage that would have been damaging, not only to the sport itself, but we all know in the hobby. What a work stoppage what it did to the Baseball side of the hobby, but thankfully, we don't have to worry about that. They are avoiding that and they're getting ready to start the season here. So we'll call the topic right there. But a lot of great young options to collect to buy, you know, no shortage. That's, that's for sure. And there's more common, there's more, you know, in the minors and under way up trajectory, why? So 

You know, baseball is going to be fine for the unforeseen future. Alright, going to do something. I rarely do, and that's add in some audio, post editing. And in doing the post everything. I realized I left someone off this group that shouldn't have been and it was worthy enough to do what I'm doing now. And they had this audio in after the fact, one of my favorite young players and how I missed them. I don't know. Blame it on old age, I guess. But Kyle, Tucker, the Houston Astros, great young ball player had a couple iffy years early where a lot of people who were prospecting started to doubt, him seem to struggle to find this swing was his contact ratio was not great and then he burst onto the scene last year and made his presence known and I think he's here to stay. Last year, 30 home runs, 90 ribbies, 297, average, 14 steals. I think this guy has a shot to be a 30-30 guy. I think he's going to be a 30 home run year guy each year and I think he has the potential. And I'm not saying it's going to happen for sure thing, as a potential, depending on how the Astros handle them. You know, it's got the speed just to swipe to 30 bags and be 

3030 type guy called Carlos, Correa has moved on to the Twins. And, you know, this guy's going to be asked to do more production wise and the Atta you finished 20th in the MVP race last year. I think this guy's the real deal. I have a lot of his stuff. I was not one of the guys that built bailed would recover, those quiet years. And so, I think he's He's the real deal and enough to add this part of the show and sort of post-editing, because I didn't want to leave him out. And so, there you go. Kyle talk. All right. Thanks for joining us on another episode of Havoc wickets. Hope you found it enjoyable. Hope it created some thought in your own mind and whatever. You know, whoever your pic is for this Generations, current best young player and you can go more ways than one as we talked about Honey, episode. Whoever it is. That's, you know, the fact that we have. Many. Isis is a good thing that bodes well for the sport now, I could make a case that baseball could Market its young superstars, a whole lot better. I definitely think they fall short. I also think the sport has the worst commissioner of the four major sports at the helm, but that's a topic for another day. But a lot of great young superstars and that bodes. Well, For the long-term success of the sport. So whoever is your guy that's you know, that's a fun thing. And going to be fun watching these guys put their careers together and see where it goes. All right. With that being said, we're going to call it a show. Thank you. As always for listening to hobby quickens. Remember a new episode of sports car Nation. 

Friday and will be back here with this show on Monday. So we'll see you soon. He will. Take care. Bye. Bye.