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April 25, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.109 Liquidity/Selling Your Collection

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.109 Liquidity/Selling Your Collection

Today's episode was a request from a listener, you either have or inherited a collection but you want to sell it all, what options do you have, what's the best one & some tips to prevent you from getting taken advantage of.

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Today's episode was a request from a listener, you either have or inherited a collection but you want to sell it all, what options do you have, what's the best one & some tips to prevent you from getting taken advantage of.

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12:00 AM

His commission's on these sites, one. Nice thing about my slabs. It's only 1%. So that's that's the number 1 plus for that platform. EBay's knock is they hit you the hardest with a lot of the 

The listing prices and then final sale fees and and all that stuff. But you know what? They also get more eyes on your items that did anyone else will? And that, that just goes without saying, there are the cream of the crop when it comes to, to auction sites as far as that goes. So, you know, you can put it in in the local paper, you can put an ad on Facebook Marketplace. Just be careful there, right? 

Anything that has money involved, right? There's a lot of scammers out there, you know, then you got, you know, with that. If you do well, I The marketplace that Nia someone will come to your house. Some people, you know, don't want people coming as I know. My wife here doesn't like me doing deals where people come here because she knows kind of the value that I have. And so generally, if I have anybody over my house here. I know them real well, but other than that, it's I generally don't I'll meet some, I've met people somewhere like kind of neutral. To make a sale or make a body, but I've met someone neutral. But you know, what tip, where if it's a big sale, meaning in the parking lot of police station or somewhere during the day where it's a busy public area that way less chance of something Shady going down. That's some advice, I could give, you know, but this plenty 

I love Sally platforms consigners, right? You know, I talked about eBay. There's also consigners one about the sponsors of sport, Fair Nation, Greg Morris cards, one of the best consigners in the business. What does that mean? It's your cards are going to be auctioned. Right? But they're going to be auctioned under his brand name and his reputation and he has, you know, and Greg Morris is case. He has quite the following. He's in the top. I think he's Number 10, in the top, 25 eBay sellers. He's got quite a following to anything. He lists under his Greg Morris cards, name is going to have more clout behind it than if you were me. Listen to quite like frankly. So that's something to take in consideration. Now, keep the nice thing with that. Don't do all the work, right? You send them your cards and and they list them, but they're also going to take 

12:03 AM
Normal, eBay fees are going to take an additional percentage. Usually fairly small, but, you know, might be four five, six percent somewhere in there. I don't know what the percentages are, but that don't do all the work. So it's, you know, Less on your mind, but keep in mind, you know, if you ship any of these cards out either to a buyer a consignor and auction house. I can't stress this enough, please ensure. That package for the full value of what you think those cards are worth, right, you know, people try to get cheap. It's a two thousand dollar value, package of cards, and no insurance for 500 thinking. Well, just the fact that it's insured. No one will mess with it. Right? And something still happens, right? God forbid, that happens, you know, but you're only going to get and you still got go through hoops, to even get what you get. You're going to fill out paperwork. 

There's going to be an investigation. But if you ensure two thousand dollars worth of cars for 500. You're only going to get 500. When you finally get that insurance claim settled and it's not just ate my cards are gone. Pay me my money. There's going to be an investigation. You're going to try to track your find out what happened, all that sort of thing. You could go on for weeks. Even I've heard for months. So ensure for the full value. You just never know. And I've heard horror stories where people try to save a few bucks on insurance, don't insure for the full value. That product gets taken lost Crush, whatever destroyed and you know, you still have to, you know, if you sell something for 2,000 insured for 500 and it gets damaged destroyed or loss. You have to give back that person to pay two thousand dollars, two thousand dollars. If you insured it for 500. 

Yeah, you like it that's fifteen hundred dollars is coming out of your pocket or bank account. So, ensure full value. I've heard horror stories. I figured, I'd, I relay that there's a lot of options from from locally Consignment, you know, if they're lesser value cards, you know, sport. Lots is a great option. Lot of work, to be honest with you, the list there. So that's going to be a time-consuming thing if you're not familiar, Earlier with these sites. They can be a little tricky to navigate if you're coming into coal. But again the Hobbies a huge happy reach out to someone ask for help. There's plenty of people out there that will help. I consider myself one of them. I'm gladly will help you, you know ask me question. Any my socials email me direct message is I returned every correspondence. I get try to do it in a timely manner, but you know, I've done this before over a year ago. I had a lady locally here in Syracuse her mom passed away, unfortunately. And left her to bond. Brad, Jackie Robinson 1947 by breads pretty nice cards. And you know, if I was a jerk, I could have probably, you know, she said, I asked her kind of what she wanted. 

And she told me I wanted a thousand bucks. You know, I think I'd like to get 1,000 bucks. And if I was a jerk, I go to coughed up a thousand bucks and been the new owner of two new, you know, to Jackie Robinson, Bond Bread cards, and if you know me, you know, that's my guy, but I'm not like that. I got to sleep at night. So I walked her step-by-step. I had her sent those cards to SGC their sponsor, but it's my favorite grading. Any precise be the me a sponsor? I called, you know, Peter up and told him about this kind of give a heads up. We got those too. You know, Jackie bomber has a graded. I think one was a 3-1 was a for that's pretty good, you know any history about those Bambara therefore everything of cars that hit rate very high. And then I got you. She she I said, yep those card should go to an auction house. 

She did very well was very, very thankful for the help. And so I gladly do that. Well for anyone, I don't want to see anyone get taken advantage, if if I can help in any way. So plenty of fill refute out there if if you're not careful. And so a lot of options, you know, I may have left a few out but you know, ask questions. Ins. If you don't maybe like the answer, you don't get a bad vibe from somebody and ask somebody else, right? Again, I'll reiterate, I'm here for you. If need here, I can steer you hopefully in the right direction. And, you know, I hope you're not leaving the hobby, but maybe you've inherited cards and you've definitely had, don't want these. I don't eat these and and but I also, you know, I want to get my most pay. 

For my bum, you know my Dad my mom built this collection up over the years but their money hard-earned money. It's only right that we get the best deal for completely understand and get that and makes all the sense in the world. So plenty of help out there, plenty of different, selling, platforms online, even locally. You know what, another thing I didn't mention, right? You have a card shop. In your area, you know, go in, there may be a card shop, would be interested in a few things. Number one, either buying it outright or, you know, maybe a lot of money cards. Maybe they can go do a consignment with are actually put it, you know, price. It put it in there showcases and you'll get money as it sells over again. Take a certain percentage. If you go to card shop for out most LCS owners card. Shop owners are decent, do the right. 

Thai people, but it may be good idea to sort of get a gauge of what your cards are worth, you know, go to eBay, look at what the same cards have sold. And remember, it's got to be the exact same card. So if it's a PSA seven, you're going to look at what PSA 7s have sold for, you know, PSA a or five. So Canada and write that stuff down. So you have, you know. 

A guide to gauge by and again, a lot of different ways you can go. And again, I'm here to answer any additional questions. You may have so good luck. If you're in that boat. That's a wrap for episode 109. I hope I provided some insight for those that may be looking to move some or all of a collection. Again, plenty of options out there, ask questions. If something gives you a bad Vibe, a bad feeling you don't like what you hear? Get a second. Third, fourth opinion. Go to someone, you trust. You have options even locally have a card store or a local Marketplace. But you have endless output options when it comes to online auction houses selling platforms, eBay's and that sort of thing. And even, you know, people of the hobby, such as myself that you can reach out to for more information speak. 

I want to thank again, Howard for, you know, asking for this episode to be done. Some of these episodes are products of feedback, and I can't stress that enough. Good bad or anywhere in between. Let us know. You want to hear the topic that we haven't covered yet, or maybe cover it even a little bit more in-depth. We please, please. Let me know. And you know, we're like DJ's we do request but but all joking aside, you know, there's some so many different aspects that have. Yeah, I try to cover as much as possible but we yeah, we miss things sometimes and so if you want something covered, please reach out. I'll gladly do especially if I can do, do it justice and I think I hope I did that today. I want to thank everybody out there for listening. 

To copy Qwik in sports Carnation, you don't download and listen to the show. We don't exist that. Not a day goes by that. I take that for granted. And so I thank you from sincerely for that fact. So with that being said, we're going to we're going to call it an episode. We'll be back here in a week for another episode of hobby, quick hits and catch us Friday. For another episode of sports card Nation.