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May 9, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.111 Alternative National Cities

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.111 Alternative National Cities

The National has predominantly been in a 3 city rotation recently but across the nation shows have been exploding in various locales and venues. Many wonder why we don't see the NSCC is more cities and many have nominated other cities then want to...

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The National has predominantly been in a 3 city rotation recently but across the nation shows have been exploding in various locales and venues. Many wonder why we don't see the NSCC is more cities and many have nominated other cities then want to see it in. We tackle this subject and I enlist some help with Mike Moynihan, John Keating, & YamWax from a recent "Hobby Hotline" episode.

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9:01 PM
Delivering that breaking hobby new, welcome to episode 111. Of Havoc wickets, today's topic alternative locations for the national. Now, we all know that the national has three venues. They're predominantly using right now for the national Chicago Cleveland and Atlantic City, which will be this year's National where that's taking place, Cleveland had an issue with their Convention Center. 

So they were a little bit out of the loop, but I believe they're back and but, you know, three cities, you got Cleveland and Chicago, you know, kind of centrally located in the midwest if you want to call it that and then you know, and latex City here on the East Coast. Now for me. I know a lot of people have complained, you know, Linux it. He's not the greatest city in the world and all that stuff, but for me, I'm a little, you know, so Fishing the fact that it's driving distance for me. So I don't have to fly. I can bring more stuff. I'll have my car to go to maybe any off-site events that sort of thing. So I'm a little spoiled there. But you know, there's plenty of other cities that would, you know, could be viable to hold the national and that's what this episode is going to be about. I did a poll on Twitter where I gave four cities. 

I kind of would like to see get the national if possible had over 1200 volts. I'll give you all that info during the segment. Also. I'm part of another show called hobby, hotline some of you may be familiar with it. Some of you may not for those not familiar. It's a show that we do a bunch of us podcast and content creators to grow up to 22 show. We do on Saturday mornings. An a.m. Eastern and Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern and three hosts on each of the shows they rotate. So we have some different faces different voices on each episode people are able to call in if they so choose and there's obviously a chat room during the episode. It's live and there's a chat room that usually pretty busy and out fire especially lately. So real real thankful for that. 

Well, recent episode at, I wasn't on it but this topic came up and I love some of you know, that dialogue. So I'm actually going to use some of that dialogue during the segment. I hope it's Jackie. Mike Moynihan and yam wax. It was the episode. They were on believe, March 29th, and this subject came up and I wanted to use some of what they said in this episode. 

And because I thought it was very insightful and kind of it was what I most wanted to be on that episode. But why do you some of that, that that dialogue and kind of interject my own in the process? And so that that'll be during the main topic. But but before we start to show, let's hear from our great spots and Mojo brake, then we'll go over all the hobby news q, a new releases. And then we'll tackle alternative locations for the national Mojo brake. Shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks. They not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case. They are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops RIT party champion. 

Acres from sports car. Yvonne cards, their selection can't be beat, they offer, daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great, but to save an additional ten percent off anything in their store, used to code, quick hits. That's Q UI. CK h, i TS check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara, California or the website at Mojo brake. Take.com. Hi guys, its own from scratch card shop. Today. I'm going to go through the week. We release it. I'm five-eleven. You have 20 21, 22, couny crime, real basketball. And then we also have Panini gamos Diamond canes baseball, top Dynasty Formula, One racing and toss, tribute baseball, and on the 13th. We have 2022 Leaf stitches and / baseball and 20 21 22. 

Sneak legit draft picks, basketball Choice until the podcast here. 

It's time for Newman's ramli where I select one question. I get each week and answer it on the air. Thank you. Mr. Walker. Today's question comes from by way of Twitter, Ed S. Jadi take Major League Baseball's deal with. Apple TV will bring more people to the Hobby and make baseball more popular. Well, I'll be honest with you, baseball does need a shot in the arm. Apple is a major company. As we all know, what a huge following so sure. I'm sure that it is going to increase the viewership. How much I don't know quite frankly as far as you know, Hobby in flux. Again, you know, I think what I read 65 to 70 percent of people have or use Apple products. So, I think much of potential hobby user bases are already sort of using the platform, using the Apple technology. So probably, you know, yeah, I'm sure there'll be some new people in the hobby. 

That watch baseball on Apple TV, but I don't know if watching baseball on Apple TV will be the reason they get into the hobby. I don't know, everyone's different. It's definitely not going to hurt. Let's let me that's the easy answer in the, a great deal for baseball, which needs all the pr good PR. They can get. We just, you know, recently had the, you know, Trevor Bauer too. 

Your suspension of not going to go off and go off on a tangent about that. I'm not going to. I'll keep kind of my opinions close to the vest there. It's a nah. Nah, I'll just say that's it. Unprecedented. Suspension for a non conviction. You know, Trevor Bauer is not a good guy. I'm not defending the guy. I'm just talking about that. We've seen some of the young players sort of struggle out the gate. Take some again. For more than the first time Joe it down here Jared cowl-neck second year, struggling again. Joe Adele Set down cowl-neck striking out about 45 40 to 45 percent of the time. But then he got other stories to write. You know, the year, you have guys wander Franco, Louis Robert both smacking the ball around at a pretty good clip. So, but 

Baseball, you know, you know, a lot of people say it's boring too long. So they need, you know, they need some good Pi of the Apple TV deal, is not going to happen, secretive. It's going to be helpful. I think the hobby impact that will be minimal. I'm not saying it won't be new people in the hobby. I just don't think the Apple TV deals going to be a big factor in that. It's time for the hobby. What's up? Where we go around the Hobby World? Old and tell you all the latest news and In stories from the hobby, we love. 

All right, kind of a quiet Newsweek in comparison to previous weeks. But there are some stories, the biggest one will lead off with but Monday, eBay announced, they are expanding their authenticity guarantee program. They partnered with PSA, believe it or not. So anytime anyone purchases a graded card that sells for two, thousand dollars or more, that card is going to be sent to PSA. 

A core group separate from the grading room. So it won't take away from those who are already grading. The try to catch up on the backlog. This new group. This new Core group will examine the graded card, no matter what. Company could be PSA themselves. It could be STC. It could be back at it could be cxg. It could be any other slab that sells for more than 2,000 in psa's going. 

Give their seal of approval, seal of approval before it gets set, to the buyer. It what are they looking for? Well, authenticity of the slab that it's intact and that sort of thing. I don't know about you. I do find it sort of odd that you know, PSA employees are going to that to Kate. And FTC graded card, a BEC, your credit card, or another companies. 

Grated car, you know, could day, you know, I don't expect this to happen. But you know, if they wanted to play hardball or you know, make another company, look bad did. The opportunity could present itself here and let's say they do find eight a door non-authentic slab from another company writes, a great opportunity for them to make. A big deal about. I don't know if there's some sort of thing in the contract where it's, you know, kept on the download. I like to think so. As far as them coming out and saying, yeah, see, you know, we found this, it's one thing to authenticated but to kind of smear another company in the process and I don't expect that to happen. But I do find it, sort of odd that it's going to be PSA, potentially grading other competitive. 

Grading Company slaves because they sell for two thousand dollars or more and don't look. Now. This service will eventually go down to the 250 dollar levels, anytime a graded card sells for $250, or more this, that's eventually what this level is going to get to and right now it's a free service. Now, eBay is paying CSG for the raw cards and PSA for these great. Good cards over two thousand dollars, but eventually that causes going to be passed down to the consumers. Meaning the buyers and sellers of might be split between the two parties or may just be 100% on the seller, but we'll see when that day comes. So that's the big story of the week. A few more a Kobe Bryant. Rookie Jersey. 

On the Lakers playoff run photo, maxed is set to go on the auction. Blocks at SCP auctions and it's expected to Garner between three and five million dollars. Becoming one of the you know, highest-grossing jerseys yet yet. So look forward. Look forward to that and we'll see what what the final bid brings, you know, we talked about car. It shows, right? Expanding and more of them and locales that we've never seen them before. Well, add Fenway Park to that list. A show will take place May 14th and 15th. At the Fenway Park. The right side will not be in town and it's at the 521 overlooked location that kind of overlooks Fenway Park with some 

Reviews. 1,600 square square foot production. So the show will run 9:00 to 5:00 9:00 a.m. And 5 p.m. On May 14th and May 15. So the friendly Park card show and, you know, now I'm going to be interesting to see what is starting a new threat Trend with maybe, you know, card shows in ballparks. I know. 

9:15 PM
No believe. Here there was one in a minor league park and truth be told I've last year, inquired about doing one here at our local, AAA Stadium for the Syracuse Mets. Didn't get much of a response and maybe it's something to look a little more trendy. So stay tuned. Even on that front. 

Our feature presentation. 

So as the national is approach, you know, I like Chicago and I like to see the national end and the first stop, you know, being Being a New Yorker. I thought New York City, but I know you know, logistically. I know that's very tough. Atlantic City is sort of the, you know, tri-state area and the New York City type show. So I thought of four cities and I did a Twitter poll where had people do one of two things either vote for one of those four cities or in the comments, write a city you would be 

They would like to see it in and I got almost 1,200 never gotten this many votes. And on the question, a very close race. Well, let me tell you the four cities. I selected that I would kind of like, to see if think it's possible to, to do easy for me to say, right? But before cities, I picked when New Orleans. St. Louis Phoenix. And Seattle. And like I said, almost 1,200 votes, the winner was st. Louis with 30% second was Phoenix, at 25%, third was New Orleans at 23% and Seattle was 4 to 22 percent, but very close. Last place was 22%. First place was 

30%. So only 8% separated first from last all kind of in the mix. I voted personally for New Orleans. I've never been there. I love I'm a foodie Cajun Creole food. It's right up my alley. Jazz music sporting, you know, you get your Saints and pelicans and depending on, you know, that was my pick. But i What any of these four cities quite frankly. That's why I've made them the four candidates, but I got a ton of commented votes. And here are some of these cities that got a lot of feedback in comment, vote San Diego. Orlando in the Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Nashville. 

And Dallas that was even got a couple votes, even though you have the Dallas card show. Got a lot of response, even a couple for Boston if my memory serves me correctly. And so, you know, I like I like to travel so I'd like to see you. Don't be host for the national as you heard Ray, you know, some weeks back say is a lot that goes into these. It's not 

As easy as just saying, hey, we're doing it in this town, There's a lot, you know, a lot in play here, but what's all right to discuss, you know, some other cities. Maybe we like to see the national end and does some day, you know, a different city is going to probably get the event then on the show. That's a life calling podcast that I'm part of. I wasn't on. The show, but on the 29th. John key from That 70s car show. Mike Moynihan, baseball, card collector on YouTube and from bench, clear media and yam wax or on that show. And this very topic came up, not the whole show but a segment of the show. And so I want, you know, I wasn't a hundred show and I heard the show. I didn't hear it live but heard it afterwards but they made some you know, really good points. And I would have loved to been on the show too kind of You know, banter with them and I thought, you know, you know, why not use some of that audio my part of that show to kind of put into this episode and kind of then interject some of my thoughts based on that log. So that's that's what I'm going to do. Next. You're going to hear, you know, those folks speak on different things. I'll stop it, and then kind of energy. 

Act my own thoughts, whether I agree disagree, that sort of thing, like a bit of a stretch, but I've been every Convention Center in the country. There's no reason why they can't have and st. Louis. There's no reason they can't have it, Atlanta. They have reasons for their rotation, and I'm sure a lot of It has to do with sweetheart deals with the buildings and or some of the labor unions. So I understand that part. But to say that we don't understand specific cities. I mean, Chicago, they have it. It's not even the biggest Convention Center in the city McCormick Place is the biggest Convention Center in the country, which is downtown Chicago. So it could be, they could broaden their Horizons, but obviously are you know, they've got, I guess they've done their market research and 

Other than the way they've dialed in, right? You heard Mike Moynihan kind of kick off their segments and that was John Keating, from That 70s car. Thoughts about, you know, can be done in different Arenas. I do agree with him. And, you know, he mentioned sweetheart deals. I think the national, you know, the rumors When I heard but I don't I don't blame them if they're getting a deal to take advantage of that. But that doesn't mean we still can't have it, you know and other places. I don't have it. Let's just hypothetically say it Lake City is giving him the venue for free. I got it. What? Why wouldn't you do that? That's just smart business, but that also doesn't mean you can't have it in a st. Louis or San Diego. 

Potentially, you know, and so at the sweetheart deals, don't bother me in more places and here are the reasons that they keep it on the East Coast because of just the density of dealers that are in the east coast as well. But New Orleans that be another fun location. Great content, massive convention center, but all the cars would get stuck together from the events. I would like ours would break up, he heard yam wax, bring up New Orleans. That would be one of my first choices and try and Keating agrees with him. And, you know, I don't know whether they've looked into New Orleans or not. Maybe they have and work out, but I love to see it. New Orleans and I think I got Corey from yam wax and, and John Keating, spoke on that. 

City. But don't you think that that's kind of an? And I'm just going to play devil's advocate for this because I've heard all the re I've endured, I call it all lame, like, lame. I mean, I just, I don't, they don't hold a lot of water to arguments they make. But today might be incredibly valid. Don't hold any water to me because I'm sitting there going, look at what our Hobbies done in the last three, four, even five years. Not just the last two years, really, but we've been growing for a while. It just takes, you know, No, Supernova explosion and 20/20 but Well, you got dealers all over the country and it's these, this new wave of people that aren't East Coast Centric necessarily. Does that hold water? And if I mean, I just go really guys, I mean, it's convenient. I mean, the reasons the state are convenient, but they're not necessarily as you say they don't hold water. Well, look, I like Ray. I have no issues with anybody at the national and they And but I just wish they would be a little more open-minded to expanding. Because if you think about part of the joy of going to the National is experiencing a new city or going to a ball game, you know, because it's always in the middle of the summer. You can go to a different part. You know, they did San Francisco or they did Atlanta for. There's Mike basically kind of echoing how I feel with like in the sea. 

In different cities to see different cities as a person different events going on sporting event. So Mike, Mike thinks along the same lines as me. John Keating agrees. I think you can wax does too and here you're going to hear, John talked about st. Louis. St. Louis would be great and I'll tell you gosh because they ever had a big enough convention center. But what they have is a big old empty, you know, Edward Jones Dome, which you could Put car tables. I've been on that floor. Where the carb when they pull the carpet up and it's just concrete underneath there. Imagine having tables in the middle of the stadium, where the greatest show on turf was, you know, he can easily do that. It's attached to a roll-up doors to the main floor Convention Center. So there's a lot of options there. It's just, they have to get out of their comfort zone. And how many people travel to these to the National Health? A ton, right? Nobody's waiting for it to come around their city. They're going to it. So, 

I think some of the old excuses are no longer valid. There's a waiting list for dealers, I guess, right. Is that what I hear? And you know, anyway, we need to maybe we could speak with a little louder to these folks to get them to do that because Atlantic City isn't the option or is it answer if you ask me? There's jobs won't for st. Louis and What he does for a living? Is he travels the country and the world to different Arenas and Convention Center? That's that's the line of work. He's in it. So if anyone knows what these cities and venues are capable of, it's John Keating. He's not talking out his but if you know what I'm saying, he has experience while maybe not for the 

He has experience in events and the, you know, them taking place in these convention Center's. He's he's walked the back hallways and the floor already knows we're capable of. So when he talks about these things. It's just not, you know, making, you know, talking out as is but knowledge in this area, so I think that's important too. Acknowledged. So we don't think that the man collectives, you know is was the hobbyist event that we hope something could be it is inspiring to see new events, talk about whether it's that were another event that's going to succeed and maybe push the national, you know, to have to think about new cities in New areas because these other events will do that. Great great point right here by. Yeah, my that's basically saying, you know, if 

National is not going to look at other venues. You're going to see a lot of these new shows things like the mint Collective culture Collision. We, there's a show in Sacramento with 14 autograph guests that I just got an advertisement for. They just had a card show at the Basketball Hall of Fame. There's a card show at Fenway Park here shortly. So all these new venues Getting card shows and I agree with what? Yeah, I'm right here. Cory's. He's basically saying kind if you get stuck in the mud or or rest on your laurels, you know other other people going to take advantage of that or seize the opportunity. And I think the national should be sort of looking along those lines, you know, I get a tray, had a few weeks back and he says, you know, they've got a plan, two years out from the national. 

9:30 PM
And I get it, and I'm, he's telling the truth. I'm not, I'm not debating that fact, but you know, why can't we negotiate three to four years out to different city? And so, I think that's what a lot of people. Not just myself. Mike, Corey, and John. I think a lot of collectors and hobbyists and dealers to just wanted to see it maybe in a different Locale, you know, again, While we're going to the city, for the national for the show, you know, it's a social event to, right? We're meeting our friends. There were meeting people, we know from the hobby, but, you know, the show closes, 5:00, or 6:00, right? Not every night, every day. Is, there a VIP party or a trade night, right? Where we want to do stuff in that City, whether it's a sporting event or another event, you know, or see the sights of the city. I love to. 

The you know, what each city has to offer one when I'm there and every time I travel I always try to you know, whether it's the Hot Food Spot, a landmark, a national landmark, depending on the city. I try to hit all that stuff because you never know when you'll get back to that City or if you'll get back to that city, right? Maybe the only time you're there and so I try to take it all in besides, you know, I'm I'm a person besides the hobbies and enjoy history, enjoy culture and like to see stuff, besides two cards. And so, I love the see, some new locales. I think people, I don't want to say to get upset, but I think the voices are getting louder. So, with that being said, it's a good note to end on. Will see you very soon. Alright, thank you for listening to another episode of havoc wickets. 

Want to give out our social media, starting with our website, which is www.hyken.com Dashing podcast.com Facebook. You can follow us at www.theapostalgroup.com forward, slash fourth Carnation podcast forward slash Twitter. We are at sports card NAD, T1. So it's sports card and ATI one Instagram. At sports coordination podcast or you can email the show hobby quick hits at gmail.com. Again. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next week. 

Right, that's gonna do it for today's episode of how be quick hits. Thank you for listening downloading making it possible for this show to occur. So, you know, we covered a lot of ground with the, you know, various locales and you know, but again keep in mind. There are a lot of logistics that go into it. It's easy for me and others in the lobby. Obviously to say, you know, hey, 

Should be here. I'd like to see it here. But I like to think that we can get it in more than three cities to write, you know, just Cleveland Chicago and Atlantic City, you know, I tried as a hobby as a person, I try to think about other people as much as I possibly can. And so well, I'm getting to kind of take part in The Spoils of it, being close to me and Atlantic City. I'm also thinking, you know, from in California. That's a trip and I want this, how would you be available to as many people as possible? Who ever wants to partake in it. So I like to see it move around, even if, that means me having to travel more than I would, let's say this year. And, you know, I'm fine with that. Think, you know, there's there's more options that can can be done. So, 

You know, there you go. Hope you enjoyed the show and we'll see you soon in another episode of hobby quick hits on Mondays and on Friday with another episode of sports Carnation or interview podcast. And this week we have on Friday for a sports car Nation. We have tied Wilson from breaker culture bench, clear media, and he's going to be talking about a new show. They're doing Co chasing cardboard.