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June 6, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.115 Consolidation:Quality over Quantity

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.115 Consolidation:Quality over Quantity

I use to love having a ton of cards...like an arms race. Not anymore, with age & less space I enjoy less cards but "better" quality ones, my collection value wise is at an all-time high but it's at it lowest count-wise, and I want to pare my inventory...

I use to love having a ton of cards...like an arms race. Not anymore, with age & less space I enjoy less cards but "better" quality ones, my collection value wise is at an all-time high but it's at it lowest count-wise, and I want to pare my inventory down even further. He who has the most cards doesn't necessarily win.

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11:01 PM
Delivering that break. 

Hey everybody. Welcome to episode 115 about eat Wicked. Sure, every Monday podcast on the hobby. Just me and a topic in today's topic is consolidation, right? I'm titling. This consolidation quality over quantity. And you know, at first I think I was doing it subconsciously, and then it became more of a conscious effort. What am I talking about? Having less cards here in my in my office, in my house and not worse cards, just less cars. And so I've got rid of a lot of stuff through selling at shows and platforms and a co-op being real more particular in one eye quiet, even though I've PC more stuff now than the few years back. What I PCR, you know, braided Hall of Fame rookie cards, and so, I have less cards that I've ever had, in my whole hobby career, if you will, but the value of my collection is the highest it's been. And that's even with the softening Market we have now, so obviously some of that is dropped in the last year or so. But so it was even more. Let's say lash last year at this time, but just this might well, maybe not because I've acquired some clouds in between that but you know, I have less car than I've ever. 

As far as count wise but value wise, if you care about those things, most collectors, do, you know, we've had that old argument, right? I don't do what for, you know, that that's fine. And a lot of people don't, but everyone wants to know, you know, what some of their cards are value that, even those who don't do it for financial reasons. And, so my, my inventories at a high of all time that includes, you know, during my store days. Which was quite frankly a whole different Hobby in 1992 to 1997. And like I said, I don't think it was conscious at first, but now it definitely is I'm real picky with what I acquire. I sort of going to show whether that be a national or Dallas, or even a local show that I go to with just a few cards sort of on a hit list the pickoff and you know, there's always an exception to the rule, you know, in Dallas. 

Picked up that Pee Wee, Reese autographed exhibit card, which was a cool find. But you know, other than that every other card I bought was on a Target list and that's that's where I'm at. And the collection wise. I'll still buy collections to to, you know, maybe resell as part of my show inventory, but I'll tell you the truth. I haven't even replenished. My show inventory in the same way as I used to be, you know, at 49 years old, be 50 in November, I don't know if I want to do shows. I don't know, you know, into my, you know, late 50s and 60s. I'm not saying, I don't want to go to shows. I want going to show them out if I want to be behind the table for eight hours each day at the time, I like walking around and looking at things and talking to people, not that you can't do that at your table, but not exactly the same. So I kind of, you know, see myself sort of even phasing out. 

The show part of my hobby and just really going PC and obviously you don't want to have less cards, you know, coming down the home stretch and I know dr. James Beckett has kind of said that's one of his things he's trying to do and we're going to sometimes you're better at it than others. Right? We say that and then we you know by a bunch of cars. It happens to the best of us and put, that's where man, this shows going to talk about that answer. Sort of my Mo there and again. Bobby your way, right? This is just the way that I've sort of direction. I've sort of decided to go, and so we're going to we're going to talk about that first one to hear from our great sponsors, Mojo breaks down. We're going to go into the new releases hobby news Q&A and then we're going to tackle the topic of consolidation. Mojo brake shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products and breaks. They not only have the best selection but the best prices whether It's a box or a whole case. They are your guys. They ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation. As one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. RIT party Champion Breakers from sports car to Pokemon cards. Their selection can't be be they offer daily deals and Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great, but to save an additional 10% off anything in their store used to code quick hits. That's q u IC, ke h, i TS check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara, California or the website at Mojo break.com. Hey guys, it's Max on the sports card shop in New Buffalo MI, Michigan. I'm back here again with the weekly releases for the sports Carnation podcast this week on the 8th. We're starting off with 20, 21, 22, and eating to our basketball, 2021 top Star Wars Bounty Hunter 2022. TriStar Hidden Treasures, football, mini helmet premium Platinum, Edition, 20, 21, 22 Upper Deck series one hockey. Retail 10, on the 9th with and 2022. Onyx, vintage. 

Shouldn't baseball on the 10th. We have 2022, breaking Oriole memorabilia. V case 2022, Panini absolute baseball, 2021, media, obscene, baseball football, and then we have 20 21, 22, charoset power basketball 2022, super break supercharged Edition series to 2022. Top Cedars to baseball hobby. 2022, top series to baseball jumbo. Have a nice week and Enjoy your collecting. 

It's time for the hobby. What's up, where we go around the Hobby World and tell you all the latest news and breaking stories from the hobby. We love. 

All right. Let's go over the weekly. New starting with a grading story. Actually a couple CST is Raising prices. Stop me. If you've heard about grading card companies raising prices not too bad here. Small percentage wise in comparison to some of the other races and increases we've seen. They're both great is going from 12 to 15 dollars. Their economies going from 20 to 25. They Level is going to 30 from 30 to 35. The express level from $60 to $70 and they expect shipping times to be improved slightly and everything will be in short. So they're promising a little better on turn around and shipping insurance and coverage and all that stuff. But small increase their gym rate has come out with their Totals to Grady, totals, believe these are monthly totals 1.6 million cards submitted this month. PSA Leading The Way with 900k submissions second place as what's been traditional now, get used to it. HTC 96k bgs and third with 88k and CSG. We just talked about them with 76k. 

It's so so PSA and SGC lead lead the way and that to me. They're the one and two greeting card companies. Now, truth be told, you know, some may not agree but I think the proofs in the pudding they're collectible has added a new employee formerly of the Stock Exchange Commission. He was the chairman there from May of 2017 to December of twenty twenty. His name is Jake lady. And he will be taking more of us. Compliance type type role at collectible just to make sure everything's above board. There is a new fractional company. I'm not going to mention them by name. That's getting a little criticism early for not having sort of being SEC, register register. And so, we'll see how that plays out collectible trying to do. Everything aboveboard putting people place the keep it that way. If you're a fan of Ted Simmons and you want stuff from his personal collection and playing career head to Heritage auctions. He has put some of his personal items on that auction site for auctions and check it out there and SCP auctions. Gots to late additions to their current auction to Great items. If you ask me in 1933 Gowdy Lou Gehrig. 

C9, really pretty, looking going to command a top-dollar there and one that's near and dear to my heart. I'll never probably owned it. But if you want to buy it for me and gift it to me, I would really appreciate. What is it Jackie? Robinson's debut. Ticket stuff, from April 15th, 1947. There's eight graded copies known to exist. Then one of them is available on SCP options for Forbidding few days left for listen to this and Show release. I believe there's a few days left to get your final bids and to win those two beauties of cards and ticket stubs. 

I'll answer the question you want answers. Alright, this week's question comes by way of our podcast page or website. You can leave either a voicemail or a written message there. This was a written message question and it's from Steve. No, last name is Steve says, congrats. John on getting your Grail card. 

We'll get in that change. How you happy or, you know, what you do? How to be wise in the future. That's a good question. No, not really. I mean, it's an awesome thing to get it but it's not really don't reduce. Your changes wasn't cheap. So got a real in the spending here for a few months as we had two national. So I have some money to net. At the national by a few more cards, but not really what, you know, my PC or what I'm kind of targeting is, you know, graded Hall of Fame were keys. And so that's not going to change. I like I said on this episode, my, I mean, my Approach is changed to order before even the Jackie purchase. As you know, some of my show inventory that I said when I do shows, I'm not as quick. 

Be to replace it and kind of paring down, you know, consolidating my inventory. So I opened very little new wax. So I don't have a bunch of, you know, singles and you know, I have base cards and play your back to this. But I've just really paired down when they have and kind of focused on, you know, greater Hall of Fame rookies as far as PC girls, you know, as far As well. I buy a collection like I sometimes do. Yeah, I've always said on the show and just my Mantra, right? If it's a good deal and you can, you know, it will show and make some money on it. I mean, you kind of be foolish not to but I guess I'm not out there Paving the pavement looking for them in the same way as before. And I've really went the vintage Route with Personal Collection and even even some of my show. 

And I think that's where the hobby will be the strongest long-term. And I enjoy it quite frankly more, you know, when I go to shows and walk around and see all that shiny new style and, you know, all the cases start to start to look the same. And, you know, you realize how much how much of that stuff there really is. And you think about how much of that vintage stuff is in landfills and it's easy to fall in. 

11:15 PM
Answers your question. Thank you for the congratulations. And you know, you can ask me a question and if social media is email and as Steve did through our website, which is www.hyken.com our nation podcast.com., 

All right, so I coined this episode consolidation and, you know, I guess I could mean different things to different people, but you know, one thing I've done card, since I'm seven. So I've owned and possessed card for 42 years. Started as a collector. Obviously had seven years old, show first show as a Dealer at 15, my first store at 20 years old. Did that for about six years and then trans position to just online sales and and here we are all those years later. And so, you know a different parts of my hobby Journey. My you know, inventory by collection, if you will the amount of cards have had have fluctuate. Fluctuated. Obviously, when I had my store, I probably had the most cards just because of acquiring inventory and wanting to have as much stuff available to the people that walked in our store. But at different times, I've kind of pivoted, right? I've talked about pivoting and doing different things, and nothing wrong with that. For example, when you know, I had my storm in the The early 90s, we bought a comic book collection to offer comic books. Comic books were something I collected as a kid, they wound up getting thrown away unlike my cards. And you know, when I got out of my store, when I sold my half to my partner and just transition to online and traveling, you know, different states, just doing, 

Art shows. I did not take any comic books. I sold my hair for the comic inventory to my partner. I just didn't want to deal with him for a few reasons. Number one while I knew about them. I wasn't an expert. I didn't know him in the same vein, as I knew the cards, and I don't like to carry anything that I don't know, enough about to me to sell things or Have something I need to explain, you know inside are inside now or pretty close to it. What those items are also have a path of passion for it's why I don't know do soccer or you know other sports. I'm not a wrestling guy so I don't really do wrestling. I don't mind if one guy now. Will I buy those products, you know, if offered through like the Montgomery Club to resettle? 

Sure, if I take kids something I can do that with. So again going back to what I sold, my half of the store out. You know, my partner Angelou said, hey, do you want to take some of these comic books? How do you want to do that? I'm like, now let's just come up with a price form. That's fair, and I'll sell them, you know, sell them off to you, you know, my half of them if you will. And one of the reasons I didn't want to take the comic. Books, it's just the space. They take up, right? And much of my collecting has, you know, become about space-saving, really only keeping what I really, really like. And so I've Consolidated, I've donated a lot of cards. I did a garage clean out a couple years ago, and even when I buy collections, I have a different approach, you know, I went from 

In my younger days. Just buying sort of everything and you know, just that get it all to sort of trying to want to call it cherry picking or only buying, you know selecting so select boxes out of the collection. Now, there's sometimes where the seller will just say. Listen, here's what I want. I kind of want the same amount, but you got to take it all. And in those cases, obviously, I will I'll kind of go. Go through it, catalog, keep what I'm going to keep and then give away some of the other stuff or donate, some of the other stuff. You know, I'd be lying and disingenuous should. If I didn't tell you that I haven't thrown away things, you know, just that maybe we're damaged, you know, junk wax, they were stuff that was damaged on top of that. We just really not, couldn't utilize it couldn't give it to 

Children's hospital or any kind of charity for donations and just didn't then check the boxes. It needed to go in that direction. But as I get older, I'm really trying to Pare down my stuff and actually have less stuff. You know, I've heard other people say they're trying to do the same thing. I'm so, I guess I'm trying to get more quality over quantity and I think when I was younger, 

I think it was almost the other way around, right. More quantity, over quality or I tried to do both. But lets, you know, let's be honest. Sometimes that's not always possible. But now I'm trying to, you know, pair down my inventory and get more quality over over the quantity. I don't need to win an arms race. I don't need to, you know, have 8 million cards. You know, whatever a record is a matter of fact, I rather have less but I rather have some bigger bigger cars that I'm trying, you know, I've went and made a list of cards. I want to, you know, knock off my list and acquire. And so that's sort of my goal when it comes to my Personal Collection is to knock off. Some of those bigger cards. It's going to take me a while and probably not. Gonna ever even get everyone off the list, but it's sort of keeps keeps me focused. While also, you know, allowing me to avoid the prep for the sort of buying a bunch of stuff where afterwards I'm going to have sort of that buyer's remorse. Well, why not buy this now, it's, you know, in my basement taking up a bunch of space. It's in my garage blocking something else. I can't get to and I'm 

Again, trying to slim down the, the inventory profile, not get bad cards, actually get decent cards, but just more targeted cards, rather than just a bunch of of everything, especially when I probably have quite a bit of inventory. So, it's my Approach where I'm at in my hobby, Turner Journey, as I approach my sister's here. Here, you know, like I've said on, have your way I did that episode, you can always pay, but you can always change at any point, you know, there's no, you know, statute of limitations is no age limit. It's just, you know, life and death while you're here. You can Hobby and collect, you know, any way you see fit if that's changing something and selling out of one thing and buying something else. 

You can do that. You know, I had someone message me and said, you know John, I'm getting rid of all my twenty to fifty dollar, kind of cars and inventory. I'm selling them all out, get rid of them or even trade in them. And I'm trying to, you know, get 100 to 500 or more cock value in cars. That's called upgrading. Right? So, you know, this gentleman is probably going to have less cards if everything works out as planned form. 

You'll have less cards because he's going to have to give up a lot. 20, 30 40 dollar fifty dollar cards to buy those 100 200 and up cards, but you have less cards taking up less space. He's going to have better cards and in terms of, if you will of value and enjoyment to him, and so, again, nothing wrong with that and you could go the other way, right? I want more cars and not less and so people do 

As well. And they're not wrong either. I may approach. Now as I get into my 50s is really to have less cards, you know, when that day comes and my son and wife have to kind of handle what's left. And what I've left behind. It's probably better for them. If there's less for them to go through then more. That's not why I'm doing it, but, you know to be 100% And transparent. That's not why. I'm consolidating in a way what I do but it is a small factor to do. I'm doing that's not the big factor Bob to say, it doesn't enter. You know, my train of thought, I wouldn't be honest and saying that so that's, you know, that's my Approach. Kind of less is more sort of mentality. It works for me. It's created more. 

Base here in my home in my studio office. And, you know, it's been, it's been beneficial. It's, you know, someone asked me, you know, that knows, I'm kind of taking that approach. Has it saved me money. I wouldn't say it's, it's save you money. It's got any more Focus to where my money is going, you know, and if you listen to my recent show you realized, you know, about He days out from the national. I really shut down my spending and same. So that's, I'm saving money. It's during that 90-day sabbatical, I take before the show. So again, just my Approach. Whenever I do these shows where I kinda focus on what I'm doing, I can, I'm not saying it's the right way. If you don't do that, you're wrong. I'm just saying it's something I do. Some you listen, Mike. 

You know, like it take a pain in some you say, not my, not my bag Ike, I'm not doing that. Jonathan from you. No respect you for doing it, but I'm not taking that approach but whatever, whatever the case may be, as long as you're enjoying the hobby. That's the bottom line. At the end of the day. If you're happy, you're having fun in the Hobby and you're doing something right? All right, that's going to be a wrap for this week's hobby quickest about consolidation. Thank you out there for listening to the show, downloading the show, making us what we are. And I say that all the time, but it's true and it's important to acknowledge you. Taking could be doing something else. But here you are with us and I appreciate it, consolidation. You know, it's what I'm doing. That's what certain other Hobbies may be doing, but get us. 

For everybody, one of the reasons, you know, like I mentioned was, you know, I don't have a big card space. I keep everything here. Pretty much in my office, almost everything. I'm, you know, I want to be truthful. Not everything is in this studio office. So, but the majority of it is, and, you know, it's not a big space and there's a lot of other things in here on the walls and have a desk in lighting and all 

That fun stuff. So I'm so, you know, again, as I come down the homestretch here, if you will, I want to sort of have bigger cards if you will, and glass of cards overall, just bigger value cards. If you will, not then I'm looking forward to it. But when I'm not here, right, I don't want a Monumental task necessarily for my wife or son. And that's not what the only reason. I'm just saying that that effector in 

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The next. Short and sweet. Once again. Thank you out there. Be safe. Be well and we're under 150 days to the National. Hope to see a lot of you there as well.