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June 20, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.117 Why I/We Love the NSCC

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.117 Why I/We Love the NSCC

The NSCC is getting closer, I talk about why I love National week and why I love this event, I garner that many of you share some of the same sentiments.

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The NSCC is getting closer, I talk about why I love National week and why I love this event, I garner that many of you share some of the same sentiments.

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News
*Ask me a question

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11:15 PM
Delivering that breaking hobby nipples. 

Welcome to this week's episode of hobby, quick hits. And today's episode is going to be basically what I love about the national sports card collectors convention, right? And obviously, I think we're all, you know, those that do enjoy the national. Many of these reasons, they're going to resonate with you and probably feel the same way if you're someone Not a big fan of the national or not going. You know, the next 30 days are going to be heavy National content. Not just what our Productions, but I'll just across the board and content creation. You know, it's a huge event obviously, and everyone is going to start to buzz and start talking about it. And so, if that's not your thing, it's the, you know, the next month is not going to be fun for you, but Just going to go through, you know, kind of what I enjoy about it my Approach and why I like it so much. And again not going to be a long episode but definitely wanted to touch on some things about what I call the greatest show of the Year. Let's get a word from our awesome spot to Mojo breaks. And then we'll get into all these segments of the show and why I love the national Mojo. Brake shop.com is The best place to get your sealed wax products and breaks, they not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case they are your guides. They ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. Rip party Champion Breakers from sports car to Pokemon cards. Their selection can't be be they offer daily deals. 

And pre-orders. Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great, but to save an additional ten percent off anything in their store, used to code, quick hits. That's Q UI, CK h, i TS check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo break.com. 

This week. 

This week. 

Hey guys, its own flashcards shop for the new weekly, releases on the 622. We have 2021 pretty contenders optic football and 22nd also twenty twenty one, twenty two tops Chrome Bundesliga soccer Hobby in the Heat and then twenty Twenty-One twenty-two, tops. UEFA Champions League, Stadium Club, Chrome soccer. The 24th will. To finish like baseball and 2022. Tops, the different, dissonance baseball. See you guys. Let's Go Round The Hobby verse and catch up on this week's hubby news right time for the hobby. What's up? Let's start with the world champion. Golden State. Warriors will get the annual 30 card Championship, set treatment from panini. That will be a 30 card set and it will cost $30. So 3430, they're speaking. Upsets tops will be doing here in the summer. There are two Factory sets retail and hobby 660 card series, 1 and Series to the retail version will feature the five rookie image variation parallels. 

The hobby version will feature a cellco back with five random foil board, numbered parallels as well. EBay continues to grow and expand their card influence and platform. They will be starting to do live about eBay selling events. The first one is scheduled for June 22nd at Bleecker trading in New York City. Jase key will be the host that it's an opportunity to interact live and purchase items in real time through the platform and the next event. The next scheduled live eBay event. After the June 22nd, one will be on the floor of the National Convention in Atlantic City. All right, let's head to the corporate end of the hobby Fanatics continues to go Hollywood. They have a new CEO is The name is Mike Mahan, he comes by way of Dick, Clark Productions, he was a CEO there. He will. Now take the reins at fanatic / tops and might be interesting to see another person wind up there as well. We'll get to that in a second. It's been reported that Emily class will be leaving tops / Fanatics to head to accept a Position with golden auctions, where Suz Suzanne loser, Ash who was at Golden has announced she will be leaving the company so what might we see our first industry, chair trait, you know, Emily would Suz will see where Sue's next, you know, popped up with her next Position will be as being out here is left golden. So So, some musical chairs in the industry going on at the Pierce. 

Sorry for that segment. Where you ask me a question? And I answer it here on the podcast. 20 Questions ass, John would all the eBay and ions. Do you think this will turn people off from eBay? Well, if listen, if the fees, the normal fees haven't done it by now, I don't know what much more it will take. I think it's not so much the airline's it's the cost they can do a whole bunch of different things but what is it going to cost on the user and right on the seller and the buyer at nets? At the end of the day, that's what's going to determine if they're going to lose business. And you know, eBay is not known for low fees. It's why I've taken, frankly, a portion of my inventory off my eBay store, when you have a, my slabs with a 1% sellers. It's feed. That's a lot better than eBay, so I don't have a lot of graded cards on eBay. Any longer like I used to. And so that that'll be individuals. Decisions that say, listen for the inventory, I have, you know, eBay is not, you know, a viable option for 75% of what I. So now based on the feet. Now if you're have a lot of inventory and you know, it's very expensive inventory. You know, another two, three, four. Five bucks. What's it really mean to you? Write in a different space financially and what your card inventory. So you may not care. You know, you're selling a thousand, two thousand dollar card. Five bucks is not going to hit you in the same fashion as it's going to hit. Somebody who's selling a twenty dollar card or thirty dollar card or $50 part. So, I think it's variable. It's, you know, for me, the variable, It was 1% at my slabs or a higher percentage at eBay. So, I've jettison Motes of my eBay grated cards over to my slabs. And, you know, when I do list a new card, you know, I just determine what platform will represent it up better, and what platform when it's when it sells will get me the most bang for the buck and I have taken some stuff off of eBay. And for Other people say they list a lot less on eBay for heard other people say, you know, they close their eBay. However, don't be mistaken. EBay is the number one market place for selling sports cars. Even with all these people pulling some stuff out, it's still number one on the rankings, and that's probably not going to change in the unforeseen future. 

Our feature presentation. 

All right, if you're listening to this show release date Monday. We're about a month away. Little slightly over a month away from the national in Atlantic City and it's a week. I look forward to now every year and again, if you know about the national, it's pretty much around the same week again every year and the July front part of August different cities usually. So you know, right? Atlantic City Chicago. It'll be assuming they going to go back to Cleveland with the convention center there now reopened, but we'll see. We'll see if it hits any other cities bucked up. You know, I went to my first one I believe it was the 2018 in Chicago. If my memory serves me. Correct? And, you know, people were telling me, Oh man, you know, it's going to be crazy and Immense and whatever you thinking, you know, it's going to be even bigger than that. And they were right and even though I people were telling me what it was like and what to expect and then you get there for the first time and it's even beyond that. It's so for those that are going to their first national in Atlantic City, it's whatever people telling you including myself, it's going to be even bigger than that. It's, you know, I've coined it 

The Super Bowl of the hobby. I've heard other people say, it's the family reunions and I think you know, those are great descriptions. If I may say so, you know, Super Bowl week, right? It's National week. It's the biggest show that we have, and I know there's been some other shows that are kind of thrown their hat into that ring in there. They're good in their own right, don't get me wrong, but there's only one National this point. As always. As the rumor that they made you to a year. But right now we get one a year for the week and it's it's just a tremendous event, right? It's name me another week, right? Or show. Where the the highest population of card collectors will be? You can't. It's a national. It's it wins that title every year at this point, right? And no point or time. Will there be one location? 

More people in the hobby. At the same time, and that's collectors. That's celebrities, that's athletes. That's corporate, right? It's, it's the whole ball of wax and whatever you collect, right? Whatever. However, you have e the Nationals going to have something for you. You know, I was on Eric's Norton's fat pack show at my first national. He said, what do you know, what do you think here early on? I'm like, you know, if it's not if it's not here in this building, it probably doesn't exist and kind of Stand by. That mean you're going to see cards, you know, that you're not going to see maybe somewhere else potential you're going to see cards that you love to own can't afford right million dollar card. You're going to see, you know, auction houses like Heritage with armed guards strategically positioned throughout there. 

They're set up kind of watching what you're doing, right? And just is this something for everybody. If you're a quarter guy, if you're a dollar guy, you're going to have your bargain boxes. Singles clubs going to have everything is a buckle, very popular destination, myself and included. And there's no one should lead the national and say, Man, that kind of stuck. There was nothing for me. You know, if you're in the hobby it's going to be there you know, whatever sport non-sports vintage pre-war, post-war Ultra, Modern high-end low-end, it doesn't matter, you know, interactive stuff, you know, you can get yourself, put on a card and an open Nene. Does that I'm assuming? 

11:31 PM
Companies will be there, you know, whether they're outside grading. I don't know after that, remains to be seen, but they'll have a presence. You'll have a lot of new new companies, new hobby company's new hobby products, and of setting up for their first time trying to get the word out, right? So again there's touches on, on everything, you know, give yourself time to See everything, it's a great place. Obviously to meet your hobby friends for the first time or not the first time. Right? It's a you know, I think we all look at this week as I said kind of like where we know we're going to see certain people for you know this time of year it's a given and you know it's an event. And I'm going to try to go to almost no matter where it is every year, if I can make it happen and it's in the budget and, you know, Most, it's kind of like a built-in be vacation. This one is going to be kind of different because I can drive to this one. Normally, Chicago, Cleveland further away. You know, when I go to shows and Dallas, obviously, you have to fly yet, but with this being in Atlantic City, five and a half hours away from where I am and Syracuse now, it's I can drive and where I usually go to the show. So low, I watch not in the cards. He's actually making the Strip and she's going to enjoy, you know, Atlanta City. The beach, the sun would have book and enjoy the other things, the city has to offer, besides God. So it's going to be a vacation getaway for her is going to be a hobby vacation, for me and look forward to meeting Old Friends. Making new ones, you know, doing some interviews on the floor, some content creation. 

Maybe getting a card or two off my you know PC list which is graded Hall of Fame rookies you know spend a little money and Dallas and then those who probably have heard I finally was able to procure a 4849 Leaf. Jackie Robinson. That wasn't, you know, not not cheap spend a little money but the last couple months and you know, right now put this on Of the kibosh on buying anything because I want to go into National put some money right? And get to buy one or two more decent cards off that great at Hall of Fame list. And, you know, that's one of my approaches is I kind of go in with a list of four to six cards and try to get at least one to two of them. Three, if I'm very fortunate and lucky, but kind of looking at one or two, now, with budget, Fish straight, good strength, what recent purchases but it's even more than the cards, right? Like I said, people we need this after hours of fat trade - you're into trading. I'm not a big Trader even though trade night sort of Miss na Mele because their sales going on there as well. But the older I get I get tired late at night so I am a night out but if I'm getting to be less than 1 as I get older, so So again whatever, you know, pick your poison, so to speak, as VIP events, I'm going to companies throw parties. So there's opportunities to do a lot. I know a lot of, you know, a lot of people itself, like I'm going to be staying in the house about three miles away. You know, a beach house about three miles away from the convention center, with some guys, from some of my buddies from Hobby, highlight and we're 

Fun you know even after the show whether we go somewhere or hang out in a deck and you know drink a beverage it to cook out we're going to make the best of that week that week will probably fly by 2. That's the other unfortunate thing goes quick, right and then what do we do to the show's over trying to count down the days again? Right to the next national. So I think, you know, most of us look forward to you, not a Nash. A tional person. It's not your bag, you know the next 30, 40 days, like I said in the intro, not going to be fun for you, you know, because it's going to be a heavy content across the board and, you know, a lot of a lot of social media is going to talk about lot of shows. I'm going to talk about a lot of show to have guests are going to be, you know, National Focus, that know, even in Hobby hotline, we almost talk about it, every episode now leaning into it, this show 

In sports, the nation going to have a heavy, nscc feel to it, you know, and then we'll wind it down as the show, wines it down and, you know, we'll do review shows and then kind of move along and you know, and that'll be the end of it for a little bit until we ramp up closer to the next one. And I just, you know, I'm excited. It's kind of like being a kid in the candy store, right? But instead A candy, it's cards and and bodies and friends and again, making even new friends as well. So it's going to be fun as we approach. And, you know, you need a day to me, you almost needed depending on how long you dare a day. Your time is just going to be conversing Lisa. My case with people, whether I see somebody and and go up to them or I get Tandem I'm very approachable. I'm a friendly sort of guy and love just meet people. I'm a huge people person love talking to people and, you know, that the stories besides the cards you buy, or purchase or acquire the stories and that you in conversation you have are so Priceless as well. It's something I look forward to every year, you know, it taking pictures with folks and Ask to be taken since it's just, it's just crazy to me. So allow some time for some England and conversations, definitely allow some time to check everything out as you can. I don't think it's possible to see everything, you know that the show has to offer with just so vast. But at least give you some time to attempt to take everything in, you know, do some research, even before you get there of things you want. 

Do and you know, there's also events outside the show, right? That you might want to attend, you know, kind of get your itinerary set, always, you know, just good. National tip is, you know, always try to book your reservations and all that stuff is as far as Advantage. You can number one and that way you get get that stuff for number 2, tends to be cheaper the earlier. You do that That when it comes the airfare and hotel and and tickets and all that fun stuff. So, you know, now they National expert but if went to a fuel now where I can kind of speak more about it being experienced and you know, it's going to be a fun time and again kind of wind it down here and just say, you know, hope to hope to see you there, you know, hope to meet you and I hope you have a good time because if you don't have a good time at the 

You know, you did something wrong a sleek and I don't know what it was but it's a great a great week and look forward, look forward to it every year and I look forward to seeing you there. So we're going to take a break real quick to get some Social Media stuff out there. And then when I come back, when we come back after that, I'll give some closing thoughts. 

All right. Thank you for listening to another episode of hobby quick hits. Want to give out our social media, starting with our website, which is www.hyken.com our nation podcast.com Facebook. You can follow us at www.theapostalgroup.com forward, slash fourth Carnation podcast forward slash Twitter, we are at sports card, Nat T1, so sports car Nati 1. Instagram at sports coordination podcast or you can email the show hobby quick hits at gmail.com. Again, thanks for listening. We'll see you next week. All right. That's going to do it for this week so I'll be quick hits episode. I hope you feel about the national the same way I do and I hope to see many they're not obviously in the next few weeks, right. As we approached about a month out, we're going to get a lot of you know, National coverage. A lot of our content is going to be National slanted. I got a sports car Nation. We got a Preview show for the national with baseball collector. Mike Moynihan and later on in July just before the national or whatever. Dr. James Beckett, sports coordination and we're going to go over National through the years. He's seen every single Nationals been to every single one. And so we're going to, you know, through his lens kind of see how to National has changed over. Over its Evolution. And so I don't know how many people can claim you know, stake their claim to attending every National but dr. Jim can. And we're going to kind of through his lens. Like I said, talk about, you know, how the national has evolved what it was like in the early days and comparison to now. So with that being said, we wish you well and we'll see you back here Monday for another episode of hobby quick hits and on Fridays. 

Our other interview show Sports coordination. Take care. Say good night came.