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June 27, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.118 Tim Virgilio/Eric Norton of Signatures for Soldiers

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.118 Tim Virgilio/Eric Norton of Signatures for Soldiers

Special Edition:
Tim Virgilio & Eric Norton of Signatures for Soldiers join us today to talk about being the official NSCC Charity, Pristine Auction becoming the official S4S Auction house and where the organization is headed, Eric also breaks some...

Special Edition:
Tim Virgilio & Eric Norton of Signatures for Soldiers join us today to talk about being the official NSCC Charity, Pristine Auction becoming the official S4S Auction house and where the organization is headed, Eric also breaks some Beckett news on the show. Enjoy & please help if you can.


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10:19 PM
Delivering that breaking hobby, new. 

Hey everybody, Welcome to episode 118 of hobby quick hits. Today, little something different normally. It's me in the topic and we tackle it, you know, 20 30 minutes and, you know, all their hobby news and news releases Q&A where we're not going to do all that. Today, we're going to do the new releases and we typically don't have guests to show ahead. Pick up, pick out what that topic is not even anywhere near as important as what we're going to talk about today. I have two guests. I have a quick hits today Timber giulio and Eric Norton, you may know him, you know, Eric from Beckett and fat packs and Tim is you know who runs the signatures for soldiers, charity pro bono does it? That's not His job at Sea, does that Adams kind of sit heart and Eric is joining the organization as chairman and they are again the official charity of this year's National in Atlantic City and again so when I thought about them, like this is more important than any topic we're going to tackle. So why not just have them on talk about Eric joining, the team there and you know what to Nashville coming up and then being the official charity. Let's About what you're going to do in Atlantic City, how things are going and all those Dynamics and 22, great gentleman. And I'm fortunate enough to call them my friends as well. So couldn't think of, you know, I didn't want to wait and get them on with the national coming up. I wanted to get them on but as soon as we could get them, they're both very busy gentlemen, but make time for us and for you and glad to have a mind and want to talk about all those things. Things I mentioned so well but this this episode is all have weak wickets episodes is brought to you by Mojo breaks. So we're going to hear from them. Then Owen this is going to give us our new releases for the week and that we're going to get right in with Tim and Eric talking about signatures for soldiers, what they're doing and the upcoming National don't go away. Mojo brick, shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks, they not only have the 

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20:22, please. Select UFC, we have not sit. So I'll see you guys later from a charity shop. 

Our Feature Presentation normally you know I have a quick hits. It's just me and my big mouth but I felt like you know, we do this every year about this time. Anyways we have Timber giulio from signatures for soldiers, come out and kind of give us where they're rattling into the national. And so it was about that time and we have news from the organization, they just got a new employee and A really good one. If you ask me and most people know them are ignore and for Beckett, who's now the chairman of signatures for soldiers of our, to get into all of that. But first welcome. Gentlemen, thank you sir. Thank you very much. So, Tim, we can, oh, you're welcome. Thank you for making time. I know you guys are busy. You got other things. Besides a lot of things that you can do besides signatures. You know, we always tend to start off Tim with sort of where the You know, where we're at. When this airs will be 30 days from the national exactly where, you know, we always do like the Jerry Lewis, You Know, Tiffany like where, where is the total at total right now? We are up over a hundred forty six thousand dollars raised since November of 2014. So yeah, it just keeps going and going. Yeah, we're at 146, 892. 

Is going to go up because I'll be balloons on the bench. Clear network is going on, and I know, they've, they've raised the funds. I did my show today, I know some people, super chatted funds. I showed you know what, plug-in shouting out and get the word out there. So, there's ten numbers, obviously, probably going up a literally. As we do, You know, this show, which is a good thing, Eric. You're not new to signatures for Soldier though. Let that be known. I know you like the way I did the intro. Someone lights. A brand-new coming aboard. You've been actively involved. Now, we have an official and like I said not lip service. I know both of you before this. This is just to me if this is a match made in heaven. Yes, I think so. 

Vishal, get that official. You can speak of that. Anyways I'm not the only ones. I'll try to hear that Johnny. I'm a part of a larger board and there's six the six of us I just happened to be actually announced this back at the It was kind of a quiet announcement as we announce our partnership with pristine options, and we'll get into that just a little while. But there's, there's actually a six member board now, and Tim was was very gracious and offering, you know, he reached out to, to all of us said, hey, I really trust you guys. I want you guys on board. I think to a man, we all hopped on the opportunity and the chairman position. It's a one that I'm honored to have them. There were all of us And we discussed it. 

Most likely, a former Soldier should have it. Whether it be Airman a Navy man, or whatever. And I fit that bill and I was asked and I accepted so that was, that's the long and the short of it. It's It's a position. I think that rule the whole board is It's just full of guys that are really going to help soon as your soldier, Because Spotlight. And if I can use whatever little hobby influence, I may or may not have from my years effective and help push this organization that really is near and dear to my heart forward, then I'm happy too. 

Instead of this chair and make that happen. No, I believe that. I mean, it's nice to eat as a former military person himself taking from service. I mean, I think it's almost a half of coal, not that only someone military, hold the position. But I just think it has that sort of special meaning as so much of it that has served, you know, it just brings a little more Focus to that and the work that the organization And very gracious to, you know, knowledge. The other people that this is not, you know, while you might be sort of the faces, there's people even behind the scenes getting things done to get you where you need to go. Go to be and when I heard the announcement, I was no one, you know, signatures for soldiers and Kim and obviously you were. I just thought, man, if you would ask, the no one did and I didn't expect to be black, had had Tim and Tim just hypothetically, say, what do you think? 

And I think that to the National our role is just to make this option with the singer option as publicized as possible. And, you know, helped or help raise funds for the organization, and we're going to do that, you know, about utilizing social media, hopefully utilizing our relationships within the Hobby, and just, just pushing it forward, as much as you can. First of all, a partnership with Christine auctions is It's like that's nothing to sell short. That is a great, great appearing and the ability the ability that we have now, too. 

The amount of items for auction and have it run all month long. That's that's a much better option for us on a whole and I believe that, when what's this options will live on July 1st. So what's his options will live in the hobby starts to see the kind of things that are being offered up. They're going to want to jump on board as well. Tim I'm going to ask you what John asked the game. How do you think my Being selfish, this. Position. Yeah, you know, Johnny 

Well, that I had relationships with. 

Just really have been supporting me the last almost eight years now with what I've been doing and you know, obviously Eric and and others fit that bill, you know. And it can sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's not just about the okay. What connections does this person have in the hobby? If it's it's it's also about, you know, can we make those connections that are 


Going to run longer. So there's going to be more opportunities for people to see it. A little less work for you to have to kind of watch to stop or oversee it a lot less work. 

The 30 days out. But just kind of how does your natural look like? Well, as of right now my my the majority of my time is going In the signature soldiers. Helping promote that and give it if you're the hobby you don't know whose signatures were sold. It is. It's probably because you haven't turned on Twitter. Edward. 

I am going to have some time with Beckett. That I'm going to I feel this is a little bit of breaking news. I'll give it some John here. First we're going to have for the first time we're going to live. We're going to introduce our new CEO from the main stage so I'm going to be conducting that interview along with. We're going to be announcing our industry Summit Hall of Honor, he's inductees and we're going to also be speaking. 

10:40 PM
As well. 

Athletes. That have rallied behind some new ones, kind of join in. 

I mean, any kind of want to highlight? Some new. 

Maybe some new new representation, as well as Play. 

Obviously, a lot of great athletes. And people that graciously donate that for the cause and people get this order, if you know, it's a win-win, right? You get to get something autographed and the money is going 100% to a great cause and that's another thing, I say it every year and I don't know what to say it again this year because it's important to note that while Charities questions I want to 

The Great. But in this case, for signature for soldiers, you know, all the money goes to 

I can hang their hat on that hook you guys can. And I think it's up to me said, you know, you know, you do this out of the kindness of your heart, like you mentioned earlier, your husband daddy ever. A 9 to 5 job and most of us do and you started this, you know, with death by wonder goal in mind and obviously they'll shed your dad. 

A lot of people. 

Steam option most have heard or for those who have it. You were once again, the charity official charity of the national sports car collectors, convention again, which is awesome. So obviously going to be there any other events or things going on pertaining to what. You're even even post National National Post National that, you want to highlight obviously the first thing auction, it's going to be huge for running in 30 days a lot more. Like you said, you were ready to crush that seventy-five items from the last year, you've passed that that number will get bigger. Once the auction, finally, start above anything else. You want to sort of promote talk about 


I'm just going to get ready too. 

Getting into the flow of things, meeting meeting people that we met before. 

They're like, we talked about, 

There is so much more as an organization is that citizen soldiers can offer veterans and Veteran families military families. That we haven't even scratched the surface of yet so there's a lot to come. We got to have a lot of discussions. But I think in the next year, Printer. So you will see signatures for soldiers on a much higher platform than you know, tip tip. Let it all the way yet either. Wonderful job doing that but you know, now he has a board and now I think we're finding ready to help bring this into 24. 

You know, you got more, you know, more Firepower so to speak more and more people to get get their hands in there and get it done. And it's going to be excited to see where it went. So you have any last words? But I appreciate you making some time to. Like he said you guys were a lot of different hats including Family Guys. And that's what we think. I appreciate you coming on. I appreciate arik Sharon some some breaking news. For those out there less than to look forward to at the Nashua and any closing. Thoughts go ahead and kind already give out any socials or where people can donate up a weight to the National. 


If you have anything to donate or you just want to donate funds to say, hey I don't have an item but Jim say a dollar five dollars $10 dollars, whatever you whatever you can afford to do. 

Thank you very much. 

Find some items to donate to the cause, you know, even if you can't give money, you have. 

Decent card, or two or more, you know, give it through the pristine auction signatures for soldiers, it's a great. Cause as you heard doing many things for injured and disabled vets and you know, they made that sacrifice defended us and it's the least we can do is to acknowledge that try to give back and help out. So if you're so label whether it's financially or even card wise, you know, and Check out their booth at the national, you know, if you want to buy some autograph cards and things donated by folks who support the cause and that fashion. So with that being said, we're going to get you out and we'll see you next time. Be safe, be good, take care.