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July 25, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.122 Show Stories

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.122 Show Stories

I've randomly shared some stories and personal experiences throughout the years on various episodes but decided to put them all together for this episode. I hope you find them half interesting...enjoy!

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News...

I've randomly shared some stories and personal experiences throughout the years on various episodes but decided to put them all together for this episode. I hope you find them half interesting...enjoy!

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News
*Ask me a question

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<span;>10:38 PM

<span;>Hello everybody. Welcome to happy quick hits episode. 122 little bit of a different show and actually today this week's I'll be quick, it's going to be part one of a two-part Series so I neither this show or the Parent show sports car Nation. I've interject some personal stories right now. I almost wait until series hitting up. John Franco arrestees the Strada coming to my house for spaghetti dinner. Get the bat signed six or seven years later in those kind of stories, there's like six or seven. I've sort of shared on either one of these shows and different episodes and

<span;>Face down every once in a while. Someone will hear about it or I might just sort of refer to it and not really. You remember what episode? I shared that those stories more deadly. So I'm going to put all these stories sort of on One show their personal. I think they're fairly interesting. They're not too boring where And why am I doing it type of thing? And I figured rather, you know, my point of all together and when I know originally, I planned, when I started recording at playing the, you know, put them all on one episode when I realized it was getting a little bit on the long side. So why not break them up? Keep them still short, break it up into two episodes of work two weeks. So this will be part one be about three of those stories and then

<span;>Next Monday, as well to kind of finish it up and then they're all kind of together. And if someone does, you know, sometimes people hear about some early. Hey, tell me, you know, tell me more about that. I can just kind of refer to the episode and hey, you know, cheap download to get another CPM in the rotation. I'm just kidding, but at least it'll be sort of all in one place. And easier to refer to. So this will be part one and next week will be part two. So before we get to that, let's see your from a great sponsor Mojo breaks will do the Q&A or do the news, the product release and then we'll get to those. Fairly I halfway, interesting stories. If you want. Mojo brake, shop.com is the best place to get your

<span;>Beck's products and breaks only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a boxer or a whole case they are your guys they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. RIT party Champion Breakers from sports car to Pokemon cards. Their selection can't be beat They offer daily deals and Order. Hey guys John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great but to save an additional ten percent of anything in their store, use the code quick hits. That's q u IC, ke h, i TS check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo break.com. Check out this way. Is it away? Hey guys, it's Max from the sports card shop in New Buffalo, Michigan. And we're back at it again with the weekly releases from Sports Carnation podcast. This week to start us off on the 27th, we have 2022, Pro Set Sports, multi-sport twenty, twenty one, twenty two tops, Chrome Bundesliga, sake, soccer, Hobby and light 2022. Tops to wear baseball, 2022, TriStar Diamond Stars, autographed baseball, 2022, TriStar hidden treasures and SCC. Special Ellie, football mini helmet. And on the 29th, we had 20 Limine, Eminence football, Panini impeccable soccer and top. Twenty twenty, two tops finest doors. Thank you guys. And have a great week. Enjoy the rest of the podcast.

<span;>Food is. Is is Almost an impossible question to answer. I like a lot of things, but I'll narrow it down. Like I'm old school. You know, growing up in New York City, right pizzas, a Mainstay of staple. So pizza. And listen, I'm a sucker for chicken wings. Its kind of the one food. I could be not hungry, and if someone has chicken wings and says, you know, have some, I will eat them on top of being Already full and I love Seafood. So I know that's not one thing but a few things so pizza and wings and seafood but I'm not too picky. Let's go round our hobby verse and catch up on this week's, hubby news. All right, folks, there is some news this week, but I think you're going to see a lot more next week during obviously the national. Let's talk about what's happened between last week and this week s GC has announced, they will be offering a pre grading service during the national $25. Also, Much like the sort of, you know, Beckett, while grading it would be as she sees version, again, $25 plot if you participate in it, and then eventually have those cards that are pretty graded slab, you'll get 40% of the slab, you know of it. So if you just kind of want to dip your toe in the water, and see where your cars are at, before sort of jumping. In the pool, you'll get a 40% Percent discount. I don't know if they're going to be doing the brakes and stuff like that, but I'm sure they'll be doing a lot of promotional stuff as well PWC. See, and Beckett have announced a collaboration. If you're going to sell cards, IP wcc's auction site, you can submit cards for Becca and Grading through them. If it's going to be auctioned off,

<span;>Day Grady, turn around. You don't have to fill out any paperwork. They do it. No upfront cost. The duck, the fifty dollar fixed grading cost from your final auction sale. Again, it's that feet regardless of turn around. Included, meaning some grazing autographed and there's no limit to how many you can submit method and this continues, the recent trend of Beckett, sort of teaming up with various entities throughout the hobby, another one will be collectible back in. Collectible are teaming up for many events during the national too many to talk about just kind of check the schedule too. See what they are doing together. The collectors vault is why that's PSAs parent company, they've partnered with golden auctions, The Vault will have a 24/7 Armed Guard Services with class 3 volts, which includes seismic motion detectors. So this is like some Ocean's Eleven stuff and it's in Delaware where It's dead. 340 giclee place to avoid some tax hits and so that is now operational. It's got all the bells and whistles to protect your precious cargo again. Folks, its National week, many of these companies are holding back news to, you know, debut or release specifically at the national going to make a prediction and going to be very vague intentionally. I Guys for that. But I think a deal is done a major one. I think they're going to announce at the national that a major power player is buying a card manufacturer. That's all I'm going to say. I will come back here after the national and on the one of my podcast, take take credit for calling it but I think you're going to hear of another acquisition this week, the other shoe may drop.

<span;>I think they're going to the Super Bowl the hobby, but about announced that kind of shattering new. So let's see if I'm right, stay tuned.

<span;>So, if you listen to either this show or Sports coordination,

<span;>It's Carnation, but in an effort to get them both under an hour, change things around, have done the that myself on the back a little bit done, pretty good. Get them both under an hour for the most part, so I'll be quick. It's is almost always under an hour. Now it supports the nation dominantly is. So I move some segments over what I used to talk more than just the interview. You or Star Nation that was just the interviews. I used to enter, get some personal stories. I got a lot of feedback on those personal stories, wasn't every episode per se, but a lot of people enjoy them and whatnot but they were kind of sporadic throughout the episodes and sometimes I would refer to in a later episode and everyone's well messaging like what is this Billy?

<span;>Is this the player eat dinner at your house, or your one win from the base of the stories of be kind of referring to? And so you know what I decided to do? I don't want to do another show about the national this week, plenty of those. Plenty here to going to be plenty, the first few weeks after the national has concluded. But that's all I wanted to do. I don't want to call it greatest hits that you know, big head but I wanted to do an episode because I always get like, hey what happened here? I heard about this or kind of mentioned it passing on this show. What's the full story? And so some of those most feedback little personal anecdotes or

<span;>Maybe not as in-depth as I did, when they originally aired on whatever show, I talked about it, but just to fill in the blanks There's a sports kind of Tatian to the today. There's a little bit of a card connotation to these but this isn't necessarily hobby relate with some interesting stories of Pretty interesting life. I would say, you know, I have a friend of mine has a, you should write a book with some of the stuff that you have. I don't think it's that interesting. So don't look for that book. Anytime soon, I'll try to do these and a Chronicle logical order. Let's start with first concert, right. So you know, we all see those questions on mostly Facebook, right? Or other social media.

<span;>First concert. This counts. But when I was in first grade and Brooklyn, New York PS 132, I didn't go to the concert to concert sort of King to meet to the auditorium. You, some people may recognize the name. Harry Belafonte. Harry Belafonte. That's pretty famous. But probably his. Most famous song is day of watch. Beetlejuice. You remember day in day out, you know, daylight come. And I want

<span;>My day was literally my first concert. He's a New York native and he came to my school and did a little bit because I think he did three or four songs and I didn't know who he was. A little bit more about it at that point as a Young Man.

<span;>Harry Belafonte store it again. I'm not going to take up a lot of time.

<span;>Another Brooklyn story, you know, I was pretty big in the baseball and playing baseball. He and some friends. We're in a park in Brooklyn. Playing baseball. Some pick up a spike. There was six or seven of us a car. Pulled up and a Gentleman stepped out. Actually do gentleman stepped out and one I recognized right away as being Brooklyn, native, John Franco pitch for the Mets, the grants

<span;>10:54 PM
<span;>That might be. We are pretty good resume just the same. I recognized them right away a few of my friends did. I didn't recognize the other other gentleman he approached us and said hey you know want me to throw you guys some batting practice and obviously we're pretty excited, you know, major league, pitcher Jack Franco. And I remember the first thing I said is well you don't know when he throws Was it up fireballer but he's a major league pitcher, you bring the heat. He's like Mike, who's going to catch you? We don't have any catchers equipment and he said hey this is my body. Like the Name Escapes, me introduce his friend who was with him. This is my catcher at College played when I met St. John's, we have gear catchers gear. My trunk, we wanted just to ask you if you guys were mine first, and so, we're like, yeah, man, that's awesome as over his buddy. We're into the trunk at the catchers gear through it on. And you know what? First, you know, he was really taking it easy, strong, it just really like slow. I do, what's a slow, but just batting practice. It wasn't his, you know, stuffy, but I was she using major league game where, you know, 12 13 14 years old. They are some of the other guys didn't mind but I always like to challenge myself. So when it was my turn to hit

<span;>He started off with that same pace of ball and you know I kind of stepped out today mr. Franco. No, I'll probably swing and Miss at quite a bit but can you throw you know harder and makes it some curve balls and off-speed stuff just kind of more pitching rather than batting practice. He said you sure. And I said, yeah, you know, I just want to see, you know it's going to make me better. I know I like I said, I know, I probably won't hit everyone even being a pretty ball player, but I wanted to, you know, get better and better face challenging challenges. So he did and did hit it. Hits up, did swing and miss some. But really, you know, how my Calvin's, even the ones that hit I digit. What Authority. I remember me after, we're kind of done before he left. He said, good job, you know, keep playing and which you know, coming from him. Really made my day. And so there was the brush with John Franco and getting the hit of John Franco, a story before that I had moved to Fort Lauderdale with my grandparents who was raised by for just two years. When I was like 11 and 12 and Fort Lauderdale had a minor league baseball team from the Fort Lauderdale Yankees, they were the single a club of the New York Yankees. She and I went to a lot of games. A lot of foul balls, a lot of autographs. And I always waited after the game, usually, with my grandfather, where two players come out after showering and they get out, they usually get on the bus, that takes them back to the hotel ones that stay at the hotel. Do don't have a condo or house sort of like a mini bus, not a full-fledged Plaza on home games. And so we're we're way ahead and add a player at the time. They arrest these the

<span;>Orestes was a pretty good Prospect big, big hulking first. Baseman would obviously home run power. You may know arrest these destroyed. He did make the majors with the Yankees and the Pirates, but you may not even know where more from this stent on baseball tonight, on ESPN, as an analyst. Well, at the time, it was a single, a prospect, a nice guy. I got a few autographs before, but I was waiting and And you know most of the players came out and then it got kind of quiet and my grandfather said you know Johnny you're ready. Let's let's go home, it's called a day and I said, hi Grandpa let's wait a few more minutes. I got a feeling you know some another guy or two, and that that many Bus left and that my grandfather is a. Come on. Come on, you know, they're gone to boss has left. No one's coming out. All the other kids and autographs pounds. And Seekers that all packed up and left. It was just me and my grandfather. It just as I was about to say, okay, let's go. I'm ready. Arrest these two strata kind of couple running out, and it's just me and my grandfather. And he said, did that bus leaf? And my grandfather said, yeah, but about three minutes ago, arrestees was like, man, I need to catch that bus to get back to The hotel get my grandfather. I don't want to say he newest, but he probably saw us. Enough games where, you know, he knew my grandfather but I wasn't an Ax Murderer. And I was with them. And my grandfather says, hey, you know, I can give we can give you a ride to the hotel. He goes, oh man, I really appreciate that. And then before you know, as we were walking to where we park would arrestees the strata, I'm a shy kid. So I'm not doing a whole lot of talking but my grandfather said are you hungry arrestees and he's like yeah you know I

<span;>The spread. We had a phone call. I was I don't know what he said he was doing, but he he kind of missed the spread they put on after games. He goes, yeah, I'm a little bit hungry. My Grandma had made pasta and meatballs. She was a great cook and my grandfather basically said, hey, we have balls. That's what we have for dinner. There's plenty left. If you want to come over quick, we can. Reheat it.

<span;>Back to the hotel and he's like, oh man, I appreciate, they sure, it's okay. I said I wouldn't have asked you to do that for you. I'll take you up on that. Hang on, hang on. So we were, we weren't that far from the clubhouse where he came out. He ran back and he came out with a broken bat but it wasn't a slight crack. He had broken it but during that days game and he goes this is for your grandson. I'm shy but I grabbed the bat you know weasel out a real probably Loki. Thank you and Away to my grandparents house.

<span;>A little shorter. We ate dinner, you know, we ate my grandfather, a little bit more, so it wasn't eating by himself. The grandma, warmed it up, I wasn't hungry. So I've had that bad. I was walking around the house with the bad sporadically, come over the other table. What was going on and then it was time to drug arrests. He's back to the hotel, he was very, you know, thankful couldn't. Thank my grandma. My grandpa enough. It was a I remember he would ask me a question. Do you play ball? You know, I gave a short answer those, like I said, we're the shot and we wound up, taking them back to the hotel, but in all this, you know, all that time that he was at my house, which was a super long. I never thought. Oh my grandfather never mentioned like, hey could

<span;>Sign the bat. So we never got the bad sign. So like I said, I was only at Fort Lauderdale for a year and a half two years at the most, and we moved back to New York City and didn't think much about it. And in my high school years we wound up, moving to Syracuse. Now, I want up going back to you after I see, but during my high school years, were moved to Syracuse where I am now at the same place. But

<span;>And so I saw that the Columbus Clippers were coming in, and this is about, I'd say,

<span;>Eighth, grade and 11th grade. I remember now that member is 89 tops car, and he was coming in the Buffalo Bisons, which was a AAA team of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was now in the Pirates organization, he had been up in the major league with the Yankees for little bit. Then they traded him to the Pirates, who's up with the Pirates a little bit, but did not have a lot of success at the major league level. Some Hang on a little bit older here, 89 with the Buffalo, Bisons the AAA team of the Pittsburgh Pirates. And, you know, I always looked at the rosters of teams that were coming in and I was into autographs at this time and go to the games and getting autographs. And when I looked at the roster I realized I kind of thought he was already, then it kind of confirmed that he was on the Triple-A Buffalo. Bisons I still had this bat and I said ma'am. A night, you know, how cool would it be to go to this game? This bad. We'll have them sign it here. We're talking about six years later. I was older. Obviously, I was not 11 anymore. I was 17. I did look different obviously over and so, I went to the game. I brought the bath or the ticket and was trying to come in through the, you know, the church Style with the bat and, you know, we all share said, you can't bring that bad, read it, son and I, you know, I explained to him as In a shorter way, possible how I got to bed, six years ago, Fort Lauderdale, it's arrest, he's bad. He's other visiting team. I just want to try to get inside, you know, at first, he like that's just a policy and one of his co-workers was near radio. She said, hang on, let's see what we get. She got on the radio, I couldn't hear everything she was saying, but she said to me we're going to let you in. You know, if anyone says

<span;>Things that you got the bat. No before the games and then gave it to you and that's how you get the bat don't do anything crazy with it. Please we're going to let you you know and I was you know static It went to the visitor side, Dugout, where arrestees would be and there were warming up and I didn't see him. And then I seen him come from the bullpen from The Outfield. He was kind of walking in with this bag and, you know, I yell out mr. Destroyer mrs. Estrada. When he heard me at this point, it was really a kind of a cold, you know, sort of

<span;>Today was a lot of people there. So didn't have a lot of competition here because they became over and I had to bed. And I'm like, I don't know if you remember me. But one, who were Fort Lauderdale, Eight you had missed your bike, you know, it's almost like you missed your bus, my grandfather gave you a ride, which he came over to my house and we had pasta and meatballs my grandma made and then we took it old town and gave me a copy of that and he's, you know, kind of squint at me looking because that was that was you you know, what are you doing here Fort Lauderdale? I live in Syracuse now it's really

<span;>Is that that you gave me, was you still have it, you know, and I'm like, yeah and yours, how's your grandparents and that, you know, my grandfather passed away about a year after that meeting where he came over to dinner. And I'm like, unfortunately, my grandfather passed away about a year after year came over and he's like, ah, I'm sorry. I didn't, you know, I was headed. I didn't know that. How about, you know? And he's kind of I could tell her a little trepidation as well. Bob Graham

<span;>11:07 PM
<span;>Still, she still going strong. Okay, all right I'm like well I brought the bat, you know I never had you signed it that day. That my Sharpie goes. I will fix that. And he wrote you know, he wrote to John best wishes. The rest is the strata. He was just shocked at. I was in Syracuse. He was shocked at the bat. Six years later, we talked a little bit, he remembered me playing baseball as the still playing. I told me up. High School playing high school ball and asked me some questions pertaining to that and, you know, it was a great conversation, got the best To this day, you know. Now we're talking 33 years later. I still have that bad right? This these stories they're taking a little bit longer than anticipated so we're not. We're in a table. This one right now, for their, we're going to call this part one and we're going to come back next week with part 2 with a few more stories. I didn't get to this episode. I don't want to make this too long with episode. So, we'll return next week. We're Three more stories on my list. That were maybe these episodes that have put them all together and now we're going to be into episode. So stay tuned next week for the conclusion of some of these stores.

<span;>Well, that's gonna do it for this week's episode of Happy crickets. As always, we thank you out there who download, and, or listen to the show. Without you, we are here, we don't exist and the sincere, thanks. Hope you found this week's stories. Kind of interesting. Caleb different sort of, not your everyday, run-of-the-mill story, if you will. And we all have interesting stories in our lives, right? These were just some of mine that I've already shared. I just again, wanted to put up sort of all together, when doing it was the episodes. Get a little longer. So, come back next week. I got a few more stories that I couldn't really fit in. In to this episode. So, we made it sort of a two-part series if you will. If you're getting, if you travel to the National, please be safe. Enjoy it. Have fun. Right to have his mother fun, if you run into me, say hello, shake a hand.

<span;>Or just chat in general Thursday, on the main stage at 11:30 a.m. eastern. I will be out there with sports station sports car Nation. Live for about 30 minutes with my good friends, Danny black from Sports at sports ball and Tony and I was from the cousins Collectibles podcast, so check that out following day. We have a hobby hotline life at noon, for an hour from 12, p.m. to 1 p.m. with 13 over 20 hosts, live on stage on Thursdays Sports coronation. I will be throwing out to the crowd. I don't know how many, but some hobby crickets shirt. So again, hope to see you there just either on the floor or in the audience of Those two main stage like burkas main stage show. So, again, enjoy the national enjoy the hobby even if you're not going International, We'll see you soon. Take care. </span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>