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Aug. 8, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.124 Atlantic City NSCC Review

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.124 Atlantic City NSCC Review

NSCC 42 was a blast! I share my experiences and review the week that was during this episode.

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News
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NSCC 42 was a blast! I share my experiences and review the week that was during this episode.

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News
*Ask me a question

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10:34 AM
Welcome to episode 124. Be quick. It's the show is going to basically be my review and experiences from the 42nd annual National which took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey to talk about, you know, observations and thoughts things. I did, you may notice about my voice sounds like I have a cold, I have some cold symptoms, and flu symptoms, because One of the things I brought back from the national was covid-19, Batman covid-19 I'm doing. All right, considering the fact and and you know but again content must go on. I'm able to do it. So this show will happen. So before we get into sort of my review and take under National, let's hear from our great sponsors Mojo break and then we'll start the show. Mojo brake shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks they not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case, they are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched, they are the 2021 tops. RIT party Champion Breakers shrub sports car to Pokemon. 

Their selection. Can t be they offer? Daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys. John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great. But to save an additional ten percent off anything in their store, used to code, quick hits. That's Q UI, CK h, i TS check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo brake Dot 

All right. Time to cover this week's, new product release schedule, a short release schedule this week after the national. But couple items to talk about these following items are on August 10th, 20 21, 22 Taps, finest, UEFA Champions League soccer. Also 20 21, 22, Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey 2022, top series. To baseball vending on the 12th, 2022 Panini, select WWE. And on the 16th a couple items 2022. Leaf autographed jersey, multi-sport and 2022. Best of benchwarmer. So that's about five items for the week. So kind of a quiet week and again with everything going on it could be delays or pushbacks but that that is the schedule for Or this week. Let's go round a hobby, verse and catch up on this week's hobby news. All right, we have a new card sale, heavyweight champion schnikeys in a private sale through golden 82, 06 Wagner STC graded, to went for seven point two five million dollars. So SGC having a great run with talked about graded cars bring 

Money but Heritage auction says Tommy Rockefeller as the mantle 9.5 SGC that everyone knows about was the talk of the national is getting ready in a couple weeks for that option to close. And it is expected to be the first car to break the 10 million dollar Mark. So the golden Wagner will hold the title for now, but probably just keeping it warm for the SGC 9.5, man. No, that will end at Heritage in a few weeks in. I Told You. So, when the deal went down Department, tops flash, Fanatics or fanatic / tops has announced, they really are looking to go direct to Consumer. And the first shoe has fallen GTS. Has confirmed that they have been dropped from the distribution roles and many will probably follow. 

So tops and saying to Distributors staying with the tops news, they have announced, they're currently in 300 lid stores, their products that will be expanding to 500 Blitz stores and fruitfully. Eventually, I think every lit stores is going to have eight tops display of sports cards with their offerings. That's that's where we are going there. Joe Orlando has a new new location formerly of collectors /, PSA. Now, formally of collectible, he took a job with collectible in March, but has now accepted a new position at Heritage auctions, as the Executive Vice President of the sports division of their auction. So probably more in line with his area of expertise. I guess congrats are in order there. What's becoming sort of normal report out of the national every year. We have another robbery of cards this time in the amount of 87 thousand eight hundred dollars from Gizmo sports cards owned by Rick gettings. And the gist of the story is he knows who stole the cards from them. Because the gentleman Has someone he's familiar with and have transacted with before. And the gentleman left 200 to 400 Cal boxes said there was a hundred thousand dollars cash in them. And wanted to look at some cars picked out 29, cars valued at that eighty seven thousand eight hundred dollars except that they would purchase them. But wanted to show him to his son three tables down and 

Ready to walk in that direction, left the two boxes of money. Supposedly containing 100 Grand on Rick's table. Never came back. And when mr. Getting to look through the boxes that were left. The that believe there's only five hundred or thousand dollars contained in the boxes and attempts to contact the person who Who has the cards went unanswered and then the police were notified and so the person has declined to turn themselves in and it's trying to get away with basically stealing 87 thousand eight hundred dollars worth of vintage, graded cards and pay $1000 for. That's what I believe he left on the table. So unfortunate. Hopefully, this story will have 

A happy ending for National story with a happy ending Shameless plug, check out Friday, sports card Nation. Where I have a gentleman who found over ten thousand dollars worth of cards in a taxi cab and got them back to its rightful owner so that'll be on Friday sportscar Nation. Alright The Last Story we're going to tackle is one that kind of broke earlier in the week at the national Starting in 2024. There will be new leadership for the national jodrell. It Brian Coppola and Jim Ryan AKA jbj. Corp will take the reins from John Brodie in 2024. They are not new to running card shows Coppola and Ryan form, JP Sports and rock-solid promotions which are famous for running the White Plains card show and there. Our other partner, Joe Dre lick is head of East Coast Sports Marketing, which runs the Philly sports and collectible show and the CSA show in Chantilly Virginia. So these gentlemen have quite a bit of experience under their belt and they're prepared to take the national and their words to the next level in 2024. What? That entails time will tell. And so we're going to have some 

Leadership starting in 2024, with the national. 

Our Feature Presentation, right? Let's get into my coverage of the 42nd annual National which took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As I've said, previously, my wife made the trip with me, spat almost every day at the beach. Got a nice, suntan and burn. All but one day she went, it was a rainy day, really had a great time for her and really only saw her that night and many times. By the time I got home, she was already sleeping just a couple nights where I got the you know conversate with her in person other than text during the day. So we got there Tuesday and to me and some of the guys that are staying That stayed at the house valve, Mars bread, for tune. Logan. Ward is the Logan, son. Tyler, we went to the show on Tuesday. Got our media credentials and walk the show floor, which was cool. But many people were still in the process of setting up but it was cool to talk to a few folks, but a lot of people weren't are quite frankly yet. 

You know, a lot of people that work for the companies, it was just their Crews getting their booth and kiosk kind of set up so that the main folks weren't there. So for me Tuesday, you know, just for future reference getting there on a Tuesday. It's not going to be really a high priority for me. Yes, there's stuff going on, but they're really not fully operational yet now This day, is what's known as preview day? Not not a full day of show, but this is where people do start to come in, including, you know, content creators and people who are just attending to show things tend to ramp up and Tuesday was pretty quiet. As far as traffic goes Wednesday, things really started to pick up. Up and get busier. But again, the sort of a half day of show Thursday was to the day where things really got. Ramped up first full day, the show and, you know, for all the, you know, the people that knocked in Baghdad Atlantic City and said it was terrible and it's a terrible venue. I don't necessarily disagree, but 

Still came to the show. It was heavily attended, Thursday was busy. I did a main stage for sports card Nation. Look for that audio soon-to-be-released, but did that with cousins Collectibles, Tony, and us from that podcast and sports ball. Danny black and we did you know, from by I'm biased, but I think we did a great thing. Thirty minutes had a lot of 

A lot of people in, you know, sitting down in the audience at what really well, you know, Wednesday didn't really buy much Thursday, but some stuff from The Singles Club. But, you know, at the end of the Thursday really had it purchase much. Quite frankly, cops quite you know, to be honest with you, we're over. Dealers were pricing over cops. I saw a high percentage of dealers that even price their cards. You know, cards in a showcase without price is, you know, might take on that. I'm most likely less. It's a card I really, really, really want. I'm not going to ask, I tend to find as you know, I'm a deal in myself. I know, I know sort of how the game is played. I tend to believe when the cards aren't priced the Dealer's shoes 

Hi in prices and again that the paint with a broad brush but generally that's how that story goes thing. I do want to mention especially on Wednesday and Thursday internet was was brutal. The convention floor. I know. Dealers told me that they lost sales. One dealer, told me he literally eat. He was thankful. His partner was there because he had the To literally leave the venue to complete a credit card transaction. At one point that concession stand was operating basically. I had a cash-only basis because they couldn't get their credit card transactions through. I had sent a picture text to my son and, you know, I pulled out my phone, a few hours later and it still said Sending and it didn't go through and 

10:49 AM
You know, and I'm not going to defend that, I mean, they know these shows are heavily attended. They know bandwidth is going to be at a premium and it seemed like they were prepared. You know, this is a venue that hosts other Big Show's anime, you know, man. Got all these other type of big conventions for each, you know, that Niche. And so I don't know what the deal was there. I will say this fried, you know, jumping ahead to Friday or Saturday. It was, it was better. Was it where needed to be still? No, but it was a little better messages. Were getting through a little bit quicker, and there were less dealer complaints. I don't know this for sure, but I was told to that dealers, were given an option to pay $80 for, you know, 

It in that quality. And if that's true based on being true. I mean, that's terrible. You pay enough for your booth right for figures. You should get should come with internet, right? Your make, you know, everyone makes credit card transactions, PayPal transaction, then Mosel whatever, right? You think internet should be part of the internet and electricity, right? You shouldn't have to pay. Extra specially for what the setups cost in the first place. So that was disappointing. Hopefully, they, you know, they get that figured out even in Chicago last year. It was an issue. Not as bad as it was in Atlantic City. So hopefully going forward. That is something that they fix or work out right. I don't know there's really no excuse for it quite frankly. 

So Thursday did the main stage walked around in a couple on for interviews for sports coordination, but really didn't buy nothing up until this point just between cops and being busy doing other stuff and not seeing the whole show for you. So Friday, my plan was to do a couple more interviews also had the main stage would have you hotline and hopefully, you know, get the the Check out more of the the show floor, Friday hobby. Hotline we let off the day we were the first show 10 a.m. and you know, when we first started there wasn't many people in the crowd but as we got going people seem to sit down and really listen that was one takeaway. I made there was 12 of us of the 20 of us. There was 12 of us on stage, John Keating. 

Grab the mic and went into the audience to do some audience questions, which really really played well. So was it an x on our of hobby hotline with great questions? A great interactions of funny moments look for that to are on Happy hotlines channel. So that went really, really well, was very pleased with that again, did a couple more for interviews And then try to, you know walk around see more of the show that I hadn't seen and hopefully you know by a few things I bought a few, you know, five ten, twenty dollar cards, nothing nothing, major, not, not even a ton of those. And, you know, Friday came and went a couple of vets that I want to cover two. 

Thursday was the tops Q&A which was right after the show in a room upstairs, on the third floor of the convention center, they feed you, but they sort of hurry you so they can start their presentation. Let you know to give you some packs of cards as you come through. And last year, they gave you one pack and it was five. Base cards, you know, in a cellophane from the 2021 Flagship know. And one thing I didn't like about last year, they were just regular cards. They were like, didn't have a national logo, nothing to differentiate that they were special. They were regular, you know, 45 base cards, cellophane pack. Well I kind of mentioned you know I know I spoke about it that you know, 

It was not a great effort. I don't know if they heard me or they just did it on their own but this year better they did a five card promo pack with the national logo and they gave out five of those to each person. Coming through the door and the five cards are Mike Piazza Yogi. Berra, Bryce Harper, Derek Jeter. And Aaron judge, They've got the national logo and their number different, you know, on the back and there that 87, cops design. So kudos for Tops for getting it right in and I was surprised. They even gave each of us. Five packs, actually, I got four. Think the person just counted wrong, but everyone else I saw got got five not going to complain about that so you know promo packages what it is. One takeaway, you know, they did their QA to Give away some prizes. Few kids were in attendance. This year, they won some prizes Kudos about that one takeaway. I will say, from the tops Q and A, I heard cops family, and I heard Fanatics family a lot. It seemed, they were made a concerted effort to sort of separate the two entities. If you will kind of labeling Fanatics with zero cool. Speaking of zero, cool, they had quite the setup near tops, at the national, kind of a for wall Enclave. Video wall, all the walls were video, so they were playing videos of their products that were soon to come out, or scheduled to come out in between is ants that they had inside those walls. They would play, you know, sort of Pop techno disco type. Music. They had some dry ice smoke, and definitely the most unique setup at the show was was Zero cools, but again, it seemed like tops with making sort of an effort to, you know, differentiate the two companies. If you, I know at one point one of the speaker's had everybody from the tops family sort of raise their hand, that was in the Room and there was 20 hands up and wanted to acknowledge them and was very well done. They didn't really duck. Any questions. There was some - questions asked another thing that came out of that you know QA was you know and this is where they did and they're great Fanatics. He said that they wanted, you know, get rid of redemptions as much as they can and they like to have Have very little redemptions and they think the acquisition by Fanatics will go a long way into almost eliminating redemptions or cutting that down on them. Tremendously a funny moment was when, you know, one of the moderators, I apologize, I don't remember his name mentioned that they're glad they don't have to deal with Conor McGregor anymore. Is he One of the most difficult persons to deal with and then they kind of added in. I hope he's not nearby, I could be in trouble for saying that was kind of a light-hearted honest transparent confession and you know I think people appreciate it that people ask some some great questions they didn't really duck anything and it was it was a pretty good Q&A as You left, you got, you know, last year, they gave you a Lewis Roberts & card number to 150. They did 150 sign cards. But what I liked what they did this year, they did three different guys. Number 250 hunter, green Bobby with jr. And Julio Rodriguez. I was he Bobby Witt and Julio Rodriguez were the two better of the three. I got hunter green, who I like obviously one of Other job Bobby Witt and Julio Rodriguez, but it is what it is. It's random. I know a couple of people that I was with got Julio Rodriguez and Bobby went just the luck of the drop, but I like the fact that they gave me three different cards and that way, not everyone has the same at all. So, let's, let's be real right when only 50 cards signed of each guy? It's a lower price. What number, right? And so for for resale, Sure thing it's going to be, you know, probably worth more if you will. All the other thing. I wanted to mention Wednesday night. First, official day of the show, I was invited to the collectible party called cocktails and cards. It was a at the Dare night club in the Hard Rock Cafe. Actually on the rooftop And well done. It wasn't a presentation, it was really just a party, you know, take pictures Mingo. Open bar, cigars smoking, you know, I'm a cigar guy. So I got the smoke, a cigar to talk to people, talk to a lot of people. There was a lot of people from The Hobby there. A lot of content creators had a lot of great conversations had no idea that there be some sports. 

He's there. They didn't advertise that. So I'm standing there. I'm talking to a couple people and I look to my right and I see a guy looks like Chris Mullin I say to myself. Hey that guy looks like Chris Mullin continue talking and look back again and I realized it is Chris Mullin and my jaw drops. I met. Chris mom is my favorite basketball player. I'm a Brooklyn kid. We're both from the section of Brooklyn called Canarsie. And I'm a huge Chris Mullin fan. So thanks to my friend Danny who kind of, you know, led me to kind of introduce me and said, hey you know, my friend is a huge fan of yours. I got to meet Chris shake his hand and we didn't talk anything about basketball. We talked about 67 minutes and my Jackie Robinson shirt on. He said, I love your shirt and we talked about, you know, places in Canarsie wheel 

Of places I worked in Canarsie, probably refreshing to him. Probably always talking about basketball was probably need for him to talk about his hometown in my hometown, which were one in the same later on that same night. I met Lawrence Taylor while talking to him for like 15 minutes. He was very, very friendly. We choked up a bit, you know, I told him I got a confession to make out t He said, what's that? I said I'm a New York City kid but I'm a big, huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan. He made sort of a weird face and said, how does that happen? I explained to him. The whole me, Joe green thing, and Coke commercial, and they said, all right, I understand, I kind of, I get I'll give you a pass and then he, you know, proceeded to mention that this first time playing the Steelers that he sacked Terry Bradshaw four times. 

They came right back rather quickly and I said, oh that matches Terry Bradshaw's ring total be juggled and made a comment alluded to how fast they came back with that one liner. Like I was waiting for that and gave me some Knuckles and we talked a little bit about his career. That's a good 15-minute conversation. There was a couple times I felt like, you know, I probably should go. I don't want to take up any kind of real me back in and I 

11:03 AM
I thought that was pretty cool. Over again, you know, open bars finger foods and they walk around with that and collectible knows how to put on a party kudos to that Mitch Richmond. Was there her Tim Hardaway? Was there and a few other people as well as far as athletes go. But a lot of content creators, a lot of people from the industry was very well attended and I see why they put on A great show there, for sure. So glad I went and had a great time and kudos to Ezra and his team for that going back to Friday, Friday. I noticed it was it was heavily attendance. You can tell people were getting into town. It was wrapping up. It was busy Friday. Might be the busiest day. When I was there, I did not go Sunday, so I can't speak of 

But I know Friday it was really hard to get showcase time. It was hard to get in front of a showcase to see. You know, what people had what they were selling it was you know, like boxing out you really they had the weight or you had to kind of just skipped areas and go to the, you know, the next section and hope you could get you know, in in the space and it was it was elbowed out. 

Well, if not more packed than that. So to me Friday was the busier day. If you will was also at the end of, that day was the PSA registry get together. Thank you. No. Thanks to valve Mars. I was his date for the night, and I got to attend that and that was very well done. And sort of, you know, like the opposite of tops, where you kind of feed your butt. They Russia PSA. Let you end and they have foods and drink and they let you for the first 45 minutes. They didn't even take the podium or anything. They let you eat, they let your mingle with your friends. They let you bounce from one table to the next to talk to your friends at different tables. This brush your very well done. Then they started to presentation which was a slideshow and really the slideshow was focused on 

Winners for the registry, you know, Hall of Fame level gold level, that sort of thing to hand it out. Some of those pins and Logan war from Hobby hotline. And my friend got to do a little speech did very well or what PSA means to him. And his you know, they allowed him to display some of his collection in the Showcase. They had was very well done in the whole slideshow presentation was really only A 20 30 minutes, really didn't overdo it and then they gave us again, 45 minutes at the end to really just talk amongst friends and get more food and drink if you so choose. Chris Carter who's now at PSA collectors in the customer service. I was going around sitting at each table and asking everyone. Hey, how do we make PSA better? What do you want to see? What can we do to improve? Everything and I gave him a couple ideas. I know we kind of like to want and but you know that is going to be psh gain having Chris. I know what protects going to miss them. PSA if they don't already is going to love them because he's a go-getter, he's going to make things happen and no one probably cares more about the customer service experience than Chris Carlin. So that is a good hire. And therefore, probably dividends for them. And, you know, I know when I was talking to Chris about some things, I like to see, I know he was writing them down and less than an intent, and we'll see what happens there. So, that was a very well done that. Not too long. As far as presentation goes, really, hit the key points. They mentioned, one of the takeaways from that show. They mentioned that. 

You know, they're very redoing, some of their it and The stuff and going to take place over the next year. And things will be a lot easier to navigate and simpler to upload stuff and upload your collection in that sort of thing. So, look for that in the from now to the next year. It's it's actually already started, they mentioned. So got to attend some great events now going into Saturday, really hadn't bought much sort of And on that. And so you know, we're pulling into the garage on Saturday and there was just a ton of cars. You could, you could see a big difference traffic-wise. And so I thought, honestly, I thought Saturday is going to be the busiest day of the bunch based on traffic. But what I think happened was everyone kind of came early, rather than spread out and Frank. Saturday, you know, inside the building, you know, was it was steady. I don't want to make it like it was dead. It was definitely not dead. It was well attended but we're like I was talking about Friday was hard to get, you know, in front of showcases Saturday, I had no trouble really looking around. And Saturday really was the day, my interviews were done by two main stage, things were done and the only Any event we had left was our hobby hotline dinner, which was after the show was over. So Saturday really was all about, you know, hopefully picking up a couple cars that again, you know, dealers were, you know, not great on prices, not everybody. But for sort of the cards I was looking for heading, you know, looking for the Koufax. Rookie Gibson. Rookie was on my short list. 

Fever. Rookie was on my short list found a nice Seaver. 7 for 21:00. Did not buy it. Price was great, I just didn't pull the trigger on it. Same gentleman had a Koufax PSA to had a show case where it said 40 percent off every prices in this case. And he had a cold facts to which actually presented very well. But the Ric had on it was really sort of higher and it should have been so that 40% off. Well nice really didn't bring, you know, didn't make sense for me to, you know, pull the trigger and purchase it. So it was getting to the point. I wasn't sure. I was gonna get, you know, a significant card if you will then went to. I saw, you know, earlier in the show when I get there I saw dealer that was 

Vintage and he had a really, really nice collection of vintage cars. I went back there, you know, he did not have prices on his cards, but I asked him about it, three or four koufax's and I asked him, you know, the prices of them. He had a 4.5 suc that really presented Well, very, very sharp everyone that's season or I've shown it to has said, man, I'd probably resubmit that at almost. Looks like a six. It's really nice wanted to get the price a little lower. You also had a warrant spot, 1948, Bowman rookie as she see three little off-center on the front, but other than that, really great shape but maybe under graded as well. And so, You know, I just wanted to sort of put a package deal. So there was a cheaper car that was 1935 Gowdy 4 and 1. So with Jim bottomley, he wanted to 35 for that. So I asked him what he could do for the three cards. He said well we do a deal. Basically can have the bottomley, you know, for 35 bucks. I'm not too worried about it and here's what I can do the two cards. You know, the Colfax and the spot and you know, we had a little bit but it was close enough for me to pull the trigger. So I got the Koufax rookie and, you know, spine working which really wasn't on my list. I got that as well. If you don't know about warrants bonds record, you know, very underrated, player won 20 games 13 times. Think about that 20 game winner in 13 different 

Seasons 360. Three wins and that's with losing a couple years serving our country. It's a one of the most underrated players in the game, a lot of strikeouts and just a great picture was glad to add that card to my PC along with the Koufax. So now that was my big purchases for this show. You know, I go in and every natural trying to get one or two cards like those And kind of you know just under the final Bell was able to get them some so we'll wrap up with some observations what not had the biggest floor plan set up and they have a carnival type atmosphere with a horse racing game like you find sort on the boardwalk and you know like like an airway kit like if you sold popcorn, they had that sort of vibe. 

Wanted to Atlantic City ride. We had about four different kiosks that took up, you know, like a lane in the breakers Pavilion. There was more Breakers this year. But one thing about Landing City, everything was in one room so spaced out, I thought better than even Chicago. So for all, you know, you can not like Atlantic City but it was a really One big, great rectangles, it was easy. Sort of to navigate zero, cool. Probably had the coolest set up tops, red, carpet was back. Panini had their normal setup. Shout out to the road show guys you know, Tracy Jimmy. And then they've had a really cool set up with sort of a metal like a ninja Your type setup. I almost wanted to climb it private, I hurt myself, but just had that sort of vibe kind of an octagon where they could be inside it. But come out in talking with people. A lot of people giving free shirts away. I got to do that from the main stage in the people. I know I got to meet a lot of people. Again I got to meet a lot of people for the first time including content creators. Shout out to Shane Norton from sports car, nobody who attended, you know, the on stage of sports Carnation. And you know, when we're doing the hobby out, like a lot of the people from the industry came over, I know, I saw Eric nor and Jeff Hall for and, and others, and that was pretty cool to see people supporting people, right? That's that's what it's About loop. I thought setup was, you know, a little pop-up tent for as well as they're doing. I thought they would have more of a presence but in a lot of its availability to maybe that was all they could get. We I don't know that, you know, the backstory there if you ask me who wasn't there that you know, maybe you spected that see in some capacity. I I didn't see Star stack, I'm pretty sure they did not attend as they deal with some issues there, as they look to be in trouble. You know, a company. I've been very, very harsh and critical on. I was quite frankly, shocked to see, they had a booth and that's HTA under new ownership. They didn't seem very busy. So I think they got some work to do to stay afloat. 

11:16 AM
For an expanded. They haven't had a bigger space this year that a prize wheel and they seem to be pretty busy in their own, right. So kudos to them eBay had, I think their usual setup but had, you know, DJ Skee and some of the other artists involved in some of the things they were doing. And so I thought it was, you know, you had some issues with internet and You know, Friday being hard to really get in front of a showcase, but I thought the show was, well, done. I thought some of the after events were well done and, you know, rumor is that it will never be. This will be the last time and it's in Atlantic City. There are new, folks, kind of taking over running the national beginning. And 

Only 24, no interest in returning to Atlantic City. So that's maybe the elastic lenok City National time will tell, we'll see how that plays out. One of the last things I did before returning home with Saturday night Saturday night. We had our kind of becoming a tradition now, or have you hotline dinner, you know, attended by four. Folks, from Hobby hotline myself. Dr. Jeb, Logan, Val bread, my friend, Danny black. I invited him. He attended brownie. The kid Brody's parents and Rex culture from the sports car trap at Moco. He attended everything great dinner at Angelo's and had a great time. Great conversation kind of a good way to sort of Put a cap on my trip as we left for home Sunday morning. So again, you know, they're very, there are no bad Nationals. This was no exception and we had, we had fun and I hope you, hopefully, you did too. And hopefully everyone remain healthy. I got besides those that spot and Koufax. I got Cove in, I got Ex and I got covid. So, you know, one I really like the other, I wish I didn't get, but that's life. We're pushing through. We're keeping the wheels on the road and hopefully we come out okay on the other side. So, you know, this is a longer episode of Happy quick hits, but I really wanted to cover as much my perspective, you know, 

The event. So if you have any additional questions, by all means, reach out, and we're going to call it a show right here. Thanks for listening. We appreciate it. Stay safe. Be well, we'll see. We'll take a quick break. We'll come back with some closing, thoughts. Check out our website at www.stanleyandkatrina.com for the new release schedule, our blog all show episodes and so much more. 

All right. That's a wrap for this week's episode of Havoc wickets. If you went to the show, I hope you have a good time. I hope you didn't get covid as I did. And again, I said this on Sports Carnation, if you not feeling well, you know, extra tires, flu-like symptoms, you know, take a covert test, just, just to be safe. Just so, you know, and you know, The spread as much as possible. We're on the countdown, right? Towards the Chicago National which is most people's favorites to truth be told. So I'm sure a lot of people will be looking forward to that event as we had towards that one, you know, one one adds, the next one countdown begins. All right, take care everybody.