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Aug. 15, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.125 NSCC Main Stage w/Cousins Collectibles & Danny Black

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.125 NSCC Main Stage w/Cousins Collectibles & Danny Black

I was blessed to get 30 minutes on the Mike Berkus Main Stage at the 42nd NSCC. I asked Tony, Oz(Cousins Collectibles) & Danny Black(Sportsbalt) to join me. Had a blast chopping it up with them This is the audio from that event.


I was blessed to get 30 minutes on the Mike Berkus Main Stage at the 42nd NSCC. I asked Tony, Oz(Cousins Collectibles) & Danny Black(Sportsbalt) to join me. Had a blast chopping it up with them This is the audio from that event.

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<span;>10:02 PM
<span;>Delivering, their breaking zombie movie. Welcome to episode 125 Be quick hits. And as most know, the national in Atlantic City was a few weeks back, had a great time. And one of those parts of that great time, that great experience for the week was on that Thursday of national week. I got to take the main stage as part of sports car Nation live. And when I got to notification that I was going to be blessed to do it again, I always try to bring up. Up folks with me and you know rather than just me myself that I enjoy or I think are great, you know representatives of the hobby if I may be so bold and so I had three gentlemen. Join me on stage for that live. Mike Burke is main stage performance, Tony and eyes from cousins Collectibles podcast and Danny black from at sports Bali.

<span;>As a radio sports radio on Baltimore segment pertaining to Collectibles where he answers questions and he's very knowledgeable. He's a sports car broker. So I had those three gentlemen we did about just under 30 minutes of content. It was a I think I speak for all of us and it was a great time and it was fun. Chopping up the Hobby and you know, people While we were doing it, we had a lot more people kind of sit down and and follow along and so this is that audio. So today's show is going to be the audio from that main stage performance. Obviously many did not either see it or were in Atlantic City so for those that didn't catch it. This will be you know about 27 minutes of that main stage performance. I hope you enjoy. We had a lot of fun.

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<span;>For the website at Mojo break.com. Alright got me this week doing this week's new releases which are not plentiful, not a ton of them but let's go over the ones that we do have on the 16th 2022. Leaf autographed jersey multi-sport and the seventeenth twenty one twenty two tops finest Bundesliga soccer. Also on the seventeenth twenty one, twenty two pin. Obsidian basketball staying on the seventeenth twenty Twenty-One twenty-two Upper Deck extended series hockey the 17th as well. 2122 tops Chrome. Parise Saint-Germain soccer said I have no idea, but if you like soccer, you probably do and the 18, 20 22 best, the bench warmer I need 19. 20, 22, Leaf, Lumber baseball staying on the 19th. 22, Leaf Signature Series soccer. And our last release for this week on the 19th 2021, Panini Donner's optic, football H2 there you go. Choose Your Weapon. Happy ripping.

<span;>Sorry for that segment. Where you ask me a question? And I answer it here on the podcast. Alright, today is one of those questions where multiple people contact me, and ask me my opinion. So I fear, I felt like probably good question to use in this segment and we all heard the recent news that the, you know, Fernando to teach Junior got caught using So the heads and drugs specifically one called class the ball clo, Ste Bo, L famously used by the East, German weightlifting team and really a lot of their Olympic athletes. It's been on the banned substance list of major league baseball since I believe 2003, not the first person to get caught using it, Dee Gordon of the Marlins in T16 got caught using that substance after he won. The elite batting title. It is a performance enhancer. This is not one of those where your point help me heal, and the quicker to T, said he took it by accident whether you believe them or not, that's what he's saying and he's not appealing that suspension. This is not a good look in the question. I get asked is how would it will this

<span;>Fact is Card Market. It obviously will affect it initially. It's going to serve a suspension without appeal it so we're not going to see him the rest of this year. And I believe part of 2023 he'll miss as well. This is a player. Let's see, you know, performance enhancers aside, this is a plate at can't seem to stay out of the field for a whole year under normal pretenses. So this just adds to the list. Of that if he was to come back and never get caught again and stay healthy and but you know full seasons on the books and play. Well then this this might be a blip for right now. It's more than a blip. So it's really going to be on him to determine how big of a black eye. This actually is, it's going to be how he responds if it's a

<span;>One time offense and never happens again. But it's never going to go away. It's on his record, right? It's like, you know, when you hear people, you know they did stuff as a juvenile their record gets cleared, then they do stuff as an adult, it stays on your criminal record with. This is the baseball equivalent of that. So sure it's going to affect how people view them how people buy or sell him. But how big of an effect is going to To be. And when he comes back, does he stay healthy because he put up numbers and does he not get caught a second time using Peds? That's, that's, that's really what it comes down to and the bigger picture here. If we want to talk about the baseball picture, not the hobby picture is, you know, Juan Soto just got traded there, obviously, they want to keep him long term, you don't give up everything, the Padres did, which was a

<span;>Good portion of their prospects to acquire him, but if you're want Soto, you know, this probably affects your decision making whether you want to stay in San Diego or not. When this happens, I know that sounds weird, but I do believe that there's your Soto and one of your, you know, best-performing teammates gets caught doing performance enhancing drugs, it may influence your decision. Whether you want to stay there or not, and I heard he wanted to go to an East Coast team. San Diego obviously is not an East Coast team, so that might be a factor. And so, I don't know, I don't know. There's a lot of, you know, tentacles to this, if you will. Let's go round a hobby verse and catch up on this week's hubby news. All right, naughty heavy Newsweek but 11 big store. We'll save that one for last. First tops has announced tops, Fanatics has announced a deal with the N BL the National Basketball League, that's out of New Zealand and Australia. It's a 10 team week, they will begin producing cards for that lie. That's been around. 40 years at believe. It's the first cards for the leak. That production will begin in the fall and it will contain exclusive game worn in autographs of that League's top stars and will be sold in select retail locations and direct through tops as website. Get used to that hearing that saying a lot direct from tops as website as Fanatics continues to knockout All right. The second story is a bigger one and I'm not going to go into super detailed because I'm actually going to devote a whole episode of hobby quick hits. Probably next week to this issue with BBC e Baseball Card Exchange and owner, Steve Hart. But the latest Incarnation evolving them involves a box of 1986 87 flare basket. Ball that whatnot. Had various content creators and store owners open. That was apparently tampered with its cards were in alphabetical order. If you've been around having long enough for even if you haven't been in the hobby, many know that there's a sequence to the cards that sequence was off in those packs that were open BBC, e wrapped in authorized this. Even after admitting that one, pack was definitely tampered with and another was opened and they replaced those two but two packs with two other packs to seal it which is head-scratching quite frankly in itself. Again, I'm going to go into more detail on the whole episode of Happy quick hits. But you know, it was, it was acquired from a company called triple double sports cards. Steve Hart is on camera, talking about the two packs, they had to replace. They call it a belt box, I built box. I don't know what that means. You just get, random, thirty six packs, I guess. And if those thirty six packs can pass inspection, then it's certified to me. You're going to certify a box, it's got to be what's submitted to you as a full box and if any of those

<span;>One, two or more, don't pass inspection, you can't seal that box. You can't seal that box and they did. And again, we we all remember the GI Joe tobacco, add this one to the list and you don't want someone who has wrapped be BCE boxes, not on the level of an 86 87 for basketball full disclosure. But like, what is the rapid even mean? Now, this is twice, This company has egg on their face and someone who has sealed BBC, I don't even care. I'm almost tempted to take that seal off. It's almost like a black eye at this point and I'll close with this. If you ever were thinking of getting into the authentication of sealed, wax, or wack the door is open. Now be BCE Steve heart to me have opened the door. Their credibility has

<span;>Can two heads to the side of the boat directly. There's big holes in water seeping in. So if you ever you know but again or if that's something you want to do, you get your, you know, all your stuff in order, make sure, you know, what the heck you're doing but you know, we got a million card graders and you know, only one wax or box authenticated, but that door is open for someone else. To try to come in with some Integrity here and clean this up because this is this is not good. Our feature presentation.

<span;>10:16 PM
<span;>Let's give it up for sports card nation and his crew. Thank you. First of all, want to thank Robert, ran for does this every year, does a great job and David Geffen for giving us the time and went, when I knew I was going to have 30 minutes up here. I said you know I'm an ugly guy. I need some some better looking Folks up here with me but and then you know we're in City and the guys, to my right here, Tony and eyes from cousins Collectibles podcast. I said, I want to get some local flavor, that's a great show. If you're not listening to it yet, don't change that. And then to my left. Mr. Danny black from Sports fall. Very good, friends, and these are great guys. And wanted wanted to have them up here. So, you know, Danny is work for the Baltimore Orioles and land. The Braves organizations dealer like me in the 90s, which just means we're old guys and it does a broker now and does a radio show in Baltimore on the air. So and like I said, Tony and us from from cousin's collectible, so I want to direct the first question to you guys. This is your first national you walk in and then you come on the, Maine State. I don't know how often that occurs. Like, just use your thoughts, your initial impression, you know, walking in and for your first national and seeing everything. First off, you know, thanks John for giving us the opportunity to be on here. It wasn't for you, obviously we wouldn't be here but just walking into our first national. It's crazy because you know, we're used to the smaller shows in Philly that we go to it. Literally took us about 45 minutes to find the main stage. We asked everybody in their mom where it was, we went all the way down came

<span;>Around obviously checked out some cards. I mean, it's unbelievable. So it like I said again thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Yeah. And first off we're not the real guys. The real cousin Collectibles there quickly without shirts. We beat them up outside somewhere. We got to get this done before the real guys show up, but not yet. This this is this is awesome. Do it again. We appreciate you having us on and I just Echo what I said, it's the card overload is going to start soon. So as soon as we're off of here, it's We're Off to the Races and this is not Danny's First National but it's the first time up here. I just just, what do you think about that? I think that they did it much faster than I did. This is my fourth or fifth National, it just keeps getting bigger the variety, the age groups that everything I think it's getting better every year. So that's the thing that struck me this year last year last year, we came out of the pandemic this year. I mean, it's even more excitement of the road. So that's the vibe I've done in the first two days and very excited and thank you for having me. I see a couple people leaving so I'm not below, bribing people. I have free t-shirts after we're done not before after. So either stick around or if you come back in like 20 minutes and then, all right. But you know, first question, you know, I want to talk about and get these guys input obviously is

<span;>You know, it's been a crazy three, three and a half years, four years in the hobby. We've seen the trajectory goes through the ceiling. Now we're seeing that kind of settle down and calm down. Just your guys, thoughts, what are we going to see in the coming year between this National and the next one in Chicago? Well, I think the next thing that's coming up it really, you know, everything is going to be geared to collect and what you love, you know, a lot of people For the last. For years. It's all the been about just trying to get the most expensive thing and investing and and doing all these things to make the most amount of money possible. But I think a lot of the hobby shifting now to where people are just going to be looking and you know, whatever it is that you collect, whether it's baseball, basketball football, stranger things, whatever it is. Just something that, you know, touches you. And again, you can if you like it, you can still go ahead and invest in, you know, whatever the best product is, for that particular. Are you know thing, so, but at the end of the day, you know, just just collecting what you love. So that's pretty much. Yeah, it's has few sounds that trajectory because we always see this room was full of new players. All right, rookies, and all that stuff. And that seems to be where. Sometimes, a lot of people gravitate towards, I think we're going to get away from that a little bit to more stuff that's tried and true. I mean, so there's tons of vintage baseball at here, that's where I'm focusing.

<span;>And I think that as people learn the ha because you got to remember a lot of these guys aren't going to pan out to what they're being hyped up to be so it's just and you learn that as you go along in the hobby. So it's just I think that we're going to see a little bit more people. Gravitating towards the tried-and-true. Couldn't agree more on the Vintage. Absolutely. The shift is going there quickly over the next year. What I'm saying everywhere in this started with tickets. These people want to connections the actual player, Game. So every item that has authentic game worn items, autographs the ticket to the game especially if it's a significant event. I think it is going to blow away cards for those of us that live through jump wax and you know they have more 89 Griffeys and I could have ever done anything with. I think we're in junk parallel right now and I think the production the pop numbers are through the roof when you have the prison prisms, three of them now, have 20,000 Tens coming out of PSA without that's over.

<span;>Relation. So it doesn't matter what it is. When you look at the parallels on the total volume you're literally 50 variations on some of the new prison sets that's not a collectible Market that has that's false maneuvering of the the cats. I think people are over that I think base, I think numbered is, is not is not the future. Once again, the autograph gives that connection to the players, I think the autographs and memorabilia, the personal stuff, I see more people like want to be with the Lights actually, the experience. So I think all that is going to like you said, much more to what you like and the flippers and everybody in the last, you know, couple of years. I think they're going to go by the wayside. I'll answer my own question before I do that, I want to give a couple of shoutouts. I see. Well, you know, Danny's family here, I think there's like 30 30 of you. So thank you. Another great sports bar, podcast or a hobby podcast, sports car, nobody Shane know.

<span;>His children take you, Brody to kids, who he owes everything to me. And now I'm kidding, Brody's Brody's great and he's the official kid of the 42nd National here in Atlantic City, although I will argue that you're probably have to give up that title. Brody here pretty soon. Well, we'll have like, teenager official teenager of But I kid, I love Brody. I think you know my own Tendencies. I've always done vintage but the last couple years I've really put more emphasis on that and I think I'm walking around even in a couple days I've been here. That's the vibe I get is, there's a lot of people doing it. I saw one particular gentleman, with a Pelican case, put it on a dealer's show. Showcase all new stuff. And he said, I will, you know, I want to get rid of this and just I like some of your vintage. Would you either buy buy stuff, or would you consider trading? I didn't obviously stick around to watch what the outcome of that was but just and I saw that a few times so I think she does that mean it's hard to just see a couple things and they would have broad brush but I do think that's where the markets going you know that people like to say

<span;>Harvey's dead. You know you look around? If this is dead scared to think what allies my hobbies not going away. There's this is this stuff has happened, you know, for years ups and downs and people like Tony and eyes and Danny point out. People have passion, we're going to do it, no matter what's going on even outside too, happy to find ways to adapt. You know, we've got, you know, tons of bargain boxes here, Singles Club. So whatever your budget, Might be whether it's you know, five figures, six figures or, you know, a hundred dollars. There's something for everybody here. And I always say, if you can, if it isn't here, it probably doesn't exist. Most likely, you know, we got a card in the building right now. I think we all know, and some of you out there might know Heritage auctions, that's probably going to bring over 10 million dollars. It's a 9.5. 52 Topps, mantle SGC. It's probably the one that probably it's going to be the most expensive card ever sold in the how he for now until who knows what what comes along next but I tried to keep track of everything so you guys have brought up the Vintage. Now we're right here a little too fast on that, getting back to the population towels vintage is the original limited population and I think that's where the long term, you know, excitement comes from. There's no parallels. There's no other versions and there were, you know, obviously for historic

<span;>The richest so long ago become almost a historical item on top of that, sort of integers, strong to me on several different levels. It's a multi-generational item and that's one of the things I think in cards and collectibles, people enjoy is passing that down from one generation to another and vintage gives you that option. I'm not going to wait for my trap to become vintage SO the population counts is really what drives the price. I think that's one of the least understood things in the hobby is knowing how many of that card actually exist? You can take any great car. In the room and scan it and see how many of that part in that great exist. That's virtually impossible with a lot of the modern cards, all the different grading companies and the overprinting, you don't get that. So I just want to turn back around you guys at a very point when you get into that vintage is a true population control which helps that value go off from a financial standpoint. The overall card market last quarter was down 25%, on average sales, vintage was only down four percent. So you compare that to a lot of the other Financial numbers.

<span;>10:27 PM
<span;>You're going to have a lot of people, that spent a lot of money in the last couple of years. They have to sell a lot of product now, and I think you will start getting goodbyes, but vintage and John. I were talking about this earlier, some of the Vintage guys. Therefore, the prices haven't caught. Dad I'm shopping for a 55 Koufax and they're more or less. The prices I saw last year, so I think that's just something to consider if you're looking for something a population, count is a really important thing. If there's financial interest, I see Shane Norton not

<span;>Yes, I think he agrees was and that's the thing walking around the show. I know you guys just got here, but I'll check back in with you later when you get the, but a lot of the dealers are, you know, above cops. They don't want to, you know, and I'm a dealer myself, not not he I'm not set up here, but when I do shows, you know, I have to make the decision. I either got a price it at comps or don't put it out, right? Or don't bring it to the show and, you know, someone asked me, You know, when are we going to see maybe dealers on Earth cops if you will? And, you know, my answer is they can put a price on what you know, whatever price they want. It's their their inventory, their cards, right? We have choices as consumers to either, you know, maybe ask them to go lower or not buy it, right? So you know debts I've seen a lot of and I talked to a couple of dealers today earlier asking them how yesterday was and there.

<span;>A lot of people selling so you cannot make, what make what you will out of that, I'm going to argue or just one second. I was buying it all. No, one person. No. Wait. It's almost the evolution of the collector, you know, I mean, a lot of people came into the market. These last two years expecting to get rich overnight, they they got in all the shiny New flashy, you know, on card, Autos, all that good stuff, you know. And it's almost like I said, it's the evolution. So once you start getting more experience in the hobby, you almost start gravitating towards that vintage, you know what I mean? It almost looks like it's a maturation of that of The Collector. And so like you're saying, a lot of people, they got stuck with a lot of this new stuff, which isn't bad, you know, to each his own. How much were those ion? Based prisms going for it too much, too much did so, but This is almost like the last hurrah for a lot of those dealers that had this merchandise. It's almost like okay, yes, my comps are high. Let me see what I can get. And maybe by the end of the week, they're going to realize true. Think the consumers gotten smarter a ton. I think the consumer has come in, especially the last year when they realize again going back to base parallels, you know, things like that. Like, it's, it didn't make sense the prices that people were paying for a lot of these cards. So people have gotten smarter and like I said, they're maturing. So they realize, you know, that base ion gem in 10 isn't really worth, you know, what a mantle vintage car would be so well. And like you said they bought it for a couple hundred dollars and now it's 25 done it every Club whatever it is and how many, how many can you solve even feel good at you paid for grid and you're paying for the card. Just gonna have to take a look, your water for you, but that's the thing you're either gonna hold that card in Hope, Zion

<span;>Goes to the moon, You Know, Places ass off next year and, you know, makes up for everything or, you know, you just take the hit. So you let me get what I can get, and then take the money that you got and reinvested into something. But I don't think younger dealers are accepting the today. That's that. As I say, that that's the thing you got to realize, you're probably going to have to take a loss. If you can't come to that realization and it's just that cars. Just going to keep sinking and sinking and sinking and you're like oh man I should you know try to do something.

<span;>Getting something is better than nothing. I will all four of us are dealers in some capacity. So I was, I won't defend him in this regard at the national. I think you got to expect a little bit of a sticker increase, the sticker price increases, the Super Bowl and a hobby as I call it. You can now going to have, this is the most people in a hobby in one place at one time in one week, they're going to, you know, you know, that's, that's kind of par for the course and it's not just related to the car.

<span;>Did you go to the concession stand? You can get in. Fifteen dollar chicken sandwich. So, you know, I think just the same person's eye on right now. So, you know, Tony and eyes. I know, you know, one of your big things and it's also my right is collecting what you love. Let's, we talk about, we just talked about values just now for for 10-15 minutes, right? But collecting what you love and what you have a passion for? You know, I know you Iris to hear your philly guys. So you like your philly guys, you pay her Respect to them. I'm a Brooklyn kid. So I love my Brooklyn guys. I had, you know, Shameless plug. I got to meet my basketball Idol last night and Chris Mullin. So you know, I love that. I think we're seeing that movement. If you will, if you want to call it a movement, sort of grow more with sort of the price increase. And people just say, you know what, I don't have to you know spend a thousand bucks if I don't want to or I can't. And I'm

<span;>Gonna by guys that I grew up watching whether it's live or on TV and I think that's great. You can't go wrong. When you, when you do that, I'm guilty of this myself. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on the prices of cards, or what they're going to go for, you know? So, you know, just, you know, if you want to talk a little bit about that, you know, I know that's a big thing to you guys. I mean, let's keep it real you. Get into the car game in the people that you invest in, you want to get something that you like, but you also want that car to increase in value. You don't want to get a card that's going to go, you know, backwards. But at the end of the day, you know, this is volatile, it could go up, it could go down. So if that's the case, you definitely want to get into something that you're going to appreciate and love. And you know, once you go home, look at your collection and not be disgusted with it, you know, you want to, you want to go home and appreciate it, whether you know, it's your favorite player or

<span;>You know a favorite character in a movie or whatever it is that you decide to collect or memorabilia. So you know like I always say if I go to see your collection you know you invite cousin eyes over to the house I want to look at something that represents you, you know I'm like oh okay you know your fan of stranger things are your fan of Star Wars or your fan of Mickey Mantle? You know I mean that's your favorite player, whatever it is not just hey, I got, you know, this 86 Jordan, you know, John Minton. I got this Diane Williamson. I got this nice patch card for You know, insert hottest football player, you know, just something that that you can, you know, just when you go home, you look at your collection, you know, you just love it. Yeah. That's, and I'm going through it now. I'm buying cards Nintendo cards. I think in the grand scheme of things are probably worthless to most people in this room but to me I like you can come over him. That's just a conversation. It's going to lead to. Hey, this is what I used to do when I was a kid or whatever and into my open.

<span;>Something else and that's for us, it's huge. Like we have our Collections and they're not multimillion-dollar collections their multimillion-dollar story collections do. And at the end of the day like I see people not in the head. That's what it's about, man. Like it's coming. Don't get me wrong. I would love to have a ten or twelve fifty two manuals in my pocket. That'd be great, but I can't. So it means I mean let's just talk about hey this card is this and remember where we at this game? Remember this and remember that. So yeah, that's that's the connection with the event. Ain't ya, the connection with the plane. They're talking to. Who Do You Love? I mean, there's crazy people out there that collect, Texas, Ranger stuff who collect Texas Rangers and so, you know, when you find somebody searching for 72, Texas Rangers, it'll have a logo on their hat. It's an ugly car to begin with who wants to subject your Texas Rangers card, but there are people who literally will walk this room and search through 472. Texas Rangers cards. That's fantastic, that is the best thing. You can have is a passion for one thing and 500,000 square feet to go.

<span;>And if you can get out of here, for thirty dollars at a collection or something you love, that's a good show. If you want to sell it also a good show, but enjoy it. I couldn't agree more. I want to say to one thing? I'm really glad to see here. I've been here three days since Tuesday. Lot of families. A lot of kids, right? That's, I'm a kids in the hobby guy. I love it. I started as a seven-year-old in 1979 that's really sad to say, Because I do the math and I'm going to be 50 years old, but Hojo decide. I love seeing kids in the hobby but I'm seeing a lot of families moms dads extended family. Coming to this event taking it all in and that's a good thing. And off a little Segway off that following us here in a couple minutes, pull wax is going to do a kid's hobby break. So speaking of kids, going to be a break geared, right for them. So stick around specially if your kid for that, you know, we're going. That means so, what's the age cutoff on that? I don't know. Either way, Brody doesn't qualify but you know, thank you everybody. Well, I'm going to let each each show here kind of give kind of where you can catch them. Social Media stuff, we appreciate you listening and giving us some of your time so we'll start with cousins collectible. Yeah, so we you know,

<span;>10:38 PM
<span;>Cousins Collectibles podcast, we have on Instagram, it's cousins underscore Collectibles. You know, we've been in the game, we collected, when we were younger, took a break came back. You know, when the height you know, started again and we just decided to start talking about the hobby, the cards and things that we love. So it's just something that we do that. We really love. So if you could check it out, we'd really appreciate it. Yeah, I'm just another one of the old guys, you've learned how to podcast. Cast after 30 years in the hobby you can catch me on actually do a live radio and Baltimore. 1057 on the Odyssey at every week. We do a show on the hobby. Love to get people to call in from all over with cool items and the sportsball podcast and I'm Sports bolt for Baltimore at sports bald. All social media. Thank you for everybody for having me up here. Yeah, sports car Nation. We're on Fridays, we release Fridays I should say that's an interview show. We have a guest Every week for all walks of life, from the hobby, from CEOs, 27 year old kids, which is what it's all about. And the Monday show, which is shorter called hobby quick. It's, which is the shirts. I'm going to give out a few here as we get off stage, that's Monday's. That's just me. And shorter doses which is safe for everybody. Most weeks 20 to 30 minutes guy. Just usually pick a topic. We go over the weekend and hobby news and that Sort of thing. So again I want to thank the powers that be here that allowed us to come up here and hopefully we have the half entertaining, but pull waxes is next with the hobby kids break. I got some shirts like seven or eight various sizes. If someone is interested in one we can we can sort it out. I see a hand raised. So we're all right. Thanks everybody. Thank you. Appreciate you guys.

<span;>That's a wrap for episode 125. Hope you enjoyed that main stage audio and you know I never take you for granted you know getting to go up there and do something. I love and passionate about and sharing those experiences with people I really get along with and like

<span;>The hobby we are passionate about and love and so you know when I know I was doing that Danny Tony and Ice came right to mind and you know, their first time wasn't my first time, you know, I got to do that a few times now between hobby hotline and sports coordination. But, you know, whenever I get the slot and I'm fortunate and blessed, I always Try to share that that spot like that like bite with others who I think I deserve it. If I may be so bold and appreciative and those guys came right to my. So again I want to thank them for doing it and accepting it. And I appreciate you know those in attendance that enjoyed it and those may be listening now who enjoyed it as well. Hopefully it's something you know I don't take it for granted. And as I just said but I hope it's something I get to do each and every year and if so I look forward to Bringing even other different people up there to, you know, you know, share some of that shine, if you will. So good, note to end on, you know, be good to each other. Enjoy the hobby. We'll see you next time and Happy quick hits. Take care. </span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>