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Aug. 22, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.126 Is BBCE still viable??

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.126 Is BBCE still viable??

When do we lose faith in a company? For the 2nd time in 7 months BBCE certified wax only to get duped and get egg on their face, in the first case involving a 3.5 million dollar case. It's becoming a bad trend, when is enough enough?


When do we lose faith in a company? For the 2nd time in 7 months BBCE certified wax only to get duped and get egg on their face, in the first case involving a 3.5 million dollar case. It's becoming a bad trend, when is enough enough?

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10:16 PM
Delivering their freaking copy. New hello! Welcome to another episode of a be quick. It's this one is 126, what are we talking about today? Baseball Card Exchange, the heart, second time. And a few months where, you know, again, really bad look on their part. And I want to really just kind of cuts especially keen on the latest one here, that happened at the national and now I'm going to be honest. It's not Going to be nice necessarily. But, you know, I call it like, I see it, and I see this one is another bad, another black eye, you know, on the company on Steve Hart. So we're gonna, we're gonna tackle that we're going to revisit the GI Joe debacle, just kind of set the Baseline. And then talk about the 86, 87 for your basketball box, that day. Certified. But before we get to that, let's hear from our great sponsors, Mojo breaks after that would do the new release will do the hobby news and then Then BBC stay tuned, Bojo brick. Shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks they not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case they are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. Rick party Champion Breakers from sports car to poke 

On cards, their selection. Can t be they offer daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great. But to save an additional ten percent off anything in their store, used to code quick hits. That's Q UI, CK h, i TS check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo brake. Take.com take it away. Hi guys. It's Max in sports car. Chubby Buffalo, Michigan. I'm bringing to you guys again. The weekly releases for sports car. Ignition Bobcats the service off on the 24th year. 2022, World Cup, soccer stickers 2022, opinion World Cup, soccer, soccer stickers album 2022. Pops, totally authentic baseball 2021 tops Garbage, Pail Kids Chrome 2021. 

He's like football Marvel Spiderman. That whole universe Upper Deck twenty twenty one twenty two tops Inception over time of the basketball and on the 26th, we have 2022, best eventual, marriage 2022. Panini Chronicles, basing Pokemon go Pokeball. Alton you view of tactical Masters 2020 to leave metal, draft, football, Hobby, and drink book. And there's our weekly releases. I'm pretty sure you get. Appreciate you guys tuning the podcast and good, rest to you. Thank you. Let's Go Round The Hobby verse and catch up on this week's hubby news. All right, we got a few stories on the docket Beckett has moved into their new digs and Plano, Texas 100,000 square feet, three times their old place, and they have get digital Studio, a recording studio or Jim, the game room and conference areas. So congrats to Beckett. They're new. Headquarters Fanatics has sent out a survey to stores Breakers and online Sellers and what they're calling a way to better. Serve their bias. But what I feel it is and the others is you know as they continue to go to the direct to Consumer model. We're trying to get us to gather as much information as possible. And let me just Say, I'm not opposed. The direct to Consumer model. It's probably just smart business so they're trying to probably gather as much information streamline the process and they're doing partly doing it with this server Cal. Ripken, fans Rejoice. Well maybe depends if you're in 2nf tease or not candy, digital has announced an exclusive deal with Cal Ripken, they will be producing Cal Ripken. And if piece from his Career career highlights in those sort of things exclusively of Cal Ripken. So weird at work getting fan or super collector. This might be right up your alley. Hey Karen. Rookie 1954 cops, is the new standard Bearer, through a private key WCC sale. It's a PSA night, it's sold for seven hundred twenty thousand dollars. There are 25 psh In existence but this one is the new record holder for how to sale price. Now we're also 3, PS 8 ends as well out there. So those look like all of a sudden they're going to be million dollar cars as they probably, well, should be if you know anything about the air and rookie famously has issues with centering. So you get PSA 9p, s 8N of this car A beautiful stuff. So you Aaron rookie card sale record our Feature Presentation. All right, before we get started some housecleaning, first off, full disclosure want to be transparent. I do have some wrapped be BCE boxes in My sealed box inventory, nothing of major significance, and nothing obviously, on the level of a 1986, 87, Flair basketball box. My box is value or in ranges from $50 to probably around two hundred dollars Max but I do own you know BBC e wrapped boxes. Just wanted to get that very clear and off the top. But you know this episode came about because of We think happened, I'm looking at those boxes thinking, you know, what is this wrapping and authenticate authentication meat anymore, right? I hate to say that, but that's that's where we're at. Let's let's talk about the first. If you will incident right January of this year, twenty me to Logan, Paul paid 3.5 million dollars for a case of of Pokemon. He bought it from a high-end collector named shine who had acquired it himself from the card shop in Florida melee pops and be BCE certified. It wrapped it and they started to open it on camera. Only to discover g.i. Joe packs in there and definitely not 3.5 million dollars worth. 

Of g.i., Joe pets and so huge blunder, you know, the camera, pans to Steve Hart, the owner of be BCE, and you hear them say we were due. And when I saw that, you know, I'm like we you were duped your where the one that wrapped us and gave the thumbs up on it that we, you know, they shine melee pops, whoever blogan Paul, they turn to you as the really the only Expert in this Niche, right? And that's another thing we need to talk about, you know, other than PSA, grading packs, and encapsulating packed, you know, Steve Hart, BBC are the only ones that I'm aware of that are authenticating sealed, wax boxes or wax boxes in general and wrapping them and given them to be BCE seal of approval. Now, maybe that changes now would all the egg on the face. They Maybe that opens the door. For someone who was considering throwing their hat into that Arena but I will say this anyone that's going to do it. Two things. Number one, there is no better time than now. BBC, he's never going to probably be lower than they are right now. This is the opportunity to strike, but if someone out there is going to do it or organization that already exists or new company, get your ducks in a row, right? So, the opportunity is no better. Other than that now but you know whoever throws their hat in the arena. If anyone does he want to be on point right now, right? Because you you know the door is open but you don't want to close it on yourself. So you know, they're the only game in town at the moment that I'm aware of, at least that I've heard of, and that happened in January was terrible, obviously was talked about for weeks of still talked about it. Became a meme. 

In itself. And I just remembered the we were duped coming out of Steve Hearts mouth and no, Steve. You were do know. Your company was I'm assuming you signed off on it and in certified it but if someone else did it, still your company. So that was January, here we are now in, you know, the national August, you know, seven months later and whatnot. Acquires a box of 8687 flare back. Basketball certified by BBC e, Baseball Card Exchange. And you know they gave out some of those packs to content creators and people in the Hobby and the street. And it was noted that, you know, there is a sequence. There is a Rhyme or Reason to 86, 86, 87, flavor basket. A lot of times you can tell if they're Jordan in that pack by who you see? 

And, you know, a lot of times the packs can be sort of search. You can see the player through the front of the pack, you know, using some lighting and and magnification potentially and you can see who's the card on the back and I've heard instances where people can tell by that card on the front, whether there might be a Jordan or whatnot in the the pack. What not? No not, no pun intended, and the other problem. With the 8687 Flair basketball boxes. And I remember them because I was in the hobby back then, I was a young hobbyist that 15 years old but they were not Factory sealed. They were just packed in a, in the Box. 36 packed packed tight and then the flap goes in and you had a box and so it makes it easier for someone who knows, kind of the sequencing in the Rhyme or Reason. If they had three or four boxes, they potentially could. 

Look at the front card and maybe pull some of the Jordan packs without have without having to open all the pets or majority of the pact. And if you have three or four boxes and your keen and skilled to that level you could potentially, you know, there's an on average, three Jordans per box, right? So three boxes would in a sense be nine. Jordans could be an odd one in there, some boxes contain for but let's use the three per box rule which typically what You see that's nine Jordans. You could pull maybe six early on without really, you know, opening a good percentage of the packs and then put the boxes together and still have probably two and a half or two and a quarter boxes, you know, Pat Packs work the box. It 80 packs out of the original 108. Let's say if maybe even more and then make sealed box, you got to remember what these bye. This is go for when they're certified 142, 250,000 dollars. So a lot of money, okay? Obviously that's about five thousand dollars a pack, you know, somewhere between three and five dollars a pack when the box is certified. So 140k to 250k for one of these boxes potential and tell someone unscrupulous could potentially manipulate these. And, you know, I I was just shocked. Obviously, I'm not buying it. 

10:30 PM
687 flare basketball boxer but I was shocked to find out. No baseball card. Exchanges certification process with these Steve Hart went on filmed a video and emitted. This is not speculation. This is his words admitted that the box that was submitted that wound up. Being the whatnot box opened at the national. That one pack, he viewed as tampered with and the other one was opening up and it had a job. Aiden sticker on. And so to me, when I heard that, how do you to me if someone if I'm in this line of work, someone submits that box and two of the packs, don't pass inspection as Steve Hart. Clearly, said, how do you wrap and certify? That box. He said he replaced the two packs. I'm assuming he has his own packs on hand, so he took two of his own. I'm assuming you didn't say, otherwise, 86 87 for basketball past and took those two packs out. 

Put whose two packs in and wrapped it and as a, what's called he called it, a put together box, others are calling it. A Frankenstein box that means, tomato tomahto, but this is not an original Bach. And number one, I'm not know why anyone would that should be worded as such. I don't think it was. I think it was just worded as BB c-- e-- certified authentic, but that should be worded as a put together box. Now, An original box and and buyer, beware, right, cautionary, tale that I put the book together box could have one pack from 36 different other box. And potentially, I mean, that's a long shot to, but it potentially could if you took one pack from 36 8687, Flair basketball boxes, put them in another box and then submitted it to be BCE and it passes Steve Hearts inspection and he'll seal it. 

With their current program. Let's say may change has already as a, you know, authenticate E6 E7 flare basketball by. And if every one of those pacts kind of that, they teach their Cherry Picked and the person knows that there's no Jordan and in there you could have potentially a Jordan list box of 8687, flare basketball. But here's the kicker, right? Once that thing is shrink-wrap by BBC e, it becomes that highly expensive. But that's right. 140,000 dollars potential of they've sold for 250 thousand dollars. Well even let's go to the lower end of the scale, right? 140,000 dollars obviously, that's a good chunk of change more than my house caused not by much, but it is more than my house cost. And I mean to me that's just crazy when to me when Steve got that box and I don't know. Steve our person want to talk. I get home. I don't I just know who he is, what he does. And what 

Vo, then place a him at the, you know, at the national I haven't really had a conversation. And I'm, he's he was tagged in all the social media to promote this episode. And if he's listening, I don't know if he is, or he is it if he's listening or word gets back that we had this episode, he is more than welcome to come on and have equal time. We'll do a special episode. I'm going to add, definitely ask him, some questions that are head, scratchers to me. And I'd love to have them on to discuss this. If he so chooses to come on, it's up to him. But I believe in equal time and so you know, expensive box and frankly what, you know, you get a box to me, you get a box of thirty six packs and to don't pass the inspection. You to me, you can't seal that box. What you could do is inspect the rest of the 34 packs and certify. The individual packs is now untampered, Sealed. But you can't just replace the tube ad packs and then, and then seal that whole box and in the future, he's got a, you know, I don't know now, but in the future, if he continues to do that, that's got to be clearly noted that this pack these packs could be from all different boxes at all. That he is certifying, is that they're authentic. And, in his opinion, untampered with 86 87, Fleer basketball, but there is a sequence in drei more. A reason to do so, a normal brand new. 86 87 and Flair basketball box. Traditionally in typically contains about three sets of should be about three of every card in it. Now, be off one or two cards by the way, the sheets are caught but you're going to get on average about three sets and then some extra you know cards in addition to that as well. We remember, this is a small set, right? I believe 110. And You know, once you start dummy and up these boxes and putting tax from all different boxes, it gets all dummied up. You know, they want not box. That's in question, we're not in that sequence. That people know, there was, I believe, one packet, least that had. Was it like alphabetical order that had like five different Johnson's or three different Johnson's it? Which was that the sequence and it's what tipped everyone off the 

Something was it nest. And again this is the second time in seven months that, you know, the first deal was 3.5 million dollars with that Pokemon first edition case and now we have a box that estimated value you know, 140k or more and again egg on the face, right? And he's part terrible and I think it gets Amplified on the cost of these, right? If this was an 87 Topps baseball. Box. That was sealed by BD e and it was opened up and contained. You know, eighty eight tops packs, it still would be bad and they would be taking heat for that too. But when you add the values of these two mistakes up, you're going to take even more heat rights. Like when you're an employer and you make a mistake, right? If it's a lesser valued one, you might keep your job, right? But it's a bigger valued one. You're probably going to give have no choice but to let you go, right? 

Is going to be. No letting go here as far as Steam Hearts concern. He owns the company. The Letting Go part might be on us the consumer of what we value, what they do now. And again, I have boxes were there in my sight. As I do this episode Dead are BBC here at them, looking at them and just thinking and at the end of the day, what is that wrapping mean anymore? Right? It's sort of been tainted. If you will to, you know, It doesn't hold the same or about it, not that does boxes are and authentic as they are wrapped, but no, that's a company. Now that's really look bad really bad, two occasions in less than seven and I mean you know it's I bought those boxes already wrapped. I didn't send them to Steve and BBC things closure, but at this point I would use them to wrap any boxes. I had whether I was Keeping them or for sale and I just, I just don't have any faith anymore, right? That's, that's the word of your faith. I think you lose faith in things when they've proven that to be accurate or true. And I know, you know, people are human, they make mistakes. But these are again, we're talking about huge value mistakes, three and a half million dollars on the first one in January. And now, you know, potentially a quarter million 104. 

K and the circle. And you know, it came up on hobby hotline Jack eating in the chat room said how many more mistakes out there that we don't know, right? That are still wrapped in no one's open yet. Highly expensive product, that we just don't know that, but you Steve got duped again because they're not been revealed as being duped. It's a legitimate question that you have to ask, how many more mistakes haven't been, you know, opened as a box or as The case that have that BBC eat certification and I just don't have the faith in that anymore. Truth be told, I'm sorry, you know, that's where I'm at with that again. It's not a service or product. I use directly, I have acquired some product that other people views that service and I've acquired to product in a either a buyout, or I've just bought the item itself and it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. 

You know, even when I'm selling Those products, I'm probably going to look up sort of the uncertified version and, and if I sell it, no, base it off, those comps. And again, I'll reiterate. If Steve's out there, here's this. Or it gets back to him. He wants to come on, and and answer some questions and refute anything. I said more than that, I believe in equal time, think it's fair. You're welcome. Just go reach out to me and we'll set that up but not, this is not good, you know. No, we're has been some other negative stories with the Integrity of the hobby, right? And and you know, for all these bad stores, I know there's ten great ones, right? That's, that's the best to positive lining, if you will. But when these things happen, right? I've always said, I have to cover them, I have to talk about, am I have to give, you know, my two cents if you want. Not in that, I was going to say, expert opinion, I don't believe there are really, you know, experts. I think they're just sick. 

Area. And, you know, I've been around a little bit to say you. So, you know, I've been people ask me what I think, and I feel very strong about this top and that's why this episode now exist. And we're 20 minutes into this portion of the show. So that's my take. Now I will say this and it has nothing to do with me BCE but what not issue, sort of an apology and they are buying another box through Ken golden. And they're going to be doing a live, rip it at Ken's, going to be on that. What not scream during that break and the same people that got packs in the first break, will be getting this. I don't know in addition to or as replacement go into specific details. So there's going to be a take two on that and you know, you can say well what knots doing that for publicity, you know, to get some attention, whatever the case may be. 

Either the trying to make it right, they didn't have to probably buy another box and, you know, hundred thousand dollars or more but they're doing it to try to make it right. Maybe get a little good publicity in the meantime, and if you read this statement, there was a little there, a little shade thrown at BBC in the I thought that was in. So check that out. If you haven't been all over social chances, are you have? But if you haven't seen it, definitely go. Go check that statement out and it basically you know, absolve themselves which I don't think they did anything wrong. They bought a box that was certified by BBC eat. I thought it was, you know, The Real McCoy or, you know, legitimate we're not. What was going to happen that happened. Now they're going to buy another one, I think tell you owners fog, really completely on Stephen BBC, eat what? Put that stamp of approval and then that turns out, either way it 

10:42 PM
Lying to me lies. Be careful here. I don't know how many are buying boxes in the six-figure range, anyway, but if you're hitting that Spaceman, I don't know what that rapid me anymore. You told, so I guess it's the Wild Wild West and buyer beware and, you know, and that sort of thing, but wanted to cover it, I think we've covered it enough for 22 minutes, and again, I'll just close with this. If be BCE Steve, Eve or another representative want to come on and talk about this. I got a lot of questions. I'm going to ask them. Then I going to tell me what I can or can't ask, but they're more than welcome to come on the show and talk as much as they want. Explain as much as I long as they answer some question. I have. So there's my, there's my soapbox on the BBC e, topic and issues there. Two times in seven months. No, love to hear your opinion. Do you agree? 

Agree. Am I making it more out, more out of it than it should be? I mean, that you're entitled to your opinion, let me know. I care about everyone else's opinion as well. So give me some feedback whether you agree or disagree and I love to hear it either way. So that's going to do it. All right, that's gonna do it for another edition of hobby, quick hits. I know I would came on a little strong there. That's my opinion. That's how Feel if you disagree, right? We're all entitled to our opinion and you know, I gave mine and it's not something I'm going to just be like a dead horse ever, really weighed in on this topic in specifics, other than in the new segments previous. So, but this happened again. So I forget I wanted to give my crew sets and maybe a little bit more. In two sets because I have some be BCE product, right? So it's that where I don't I've never used them or don't have anything they wrapped. I do. So I just wanted to weigh in on how I feel and there you go. So with that being said, we'll see you Friday for another edition of sports card nation, which will be Shane Norton from a sports car. Nobody and we'll see you back here. 

Next Monday for another edition of happy crickets. Be well take care. See you next time.