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Oct. 17, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.134 My Top 10 Cards I'd like to acquire

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.134 My Top 10 Cards I'd like to acquire

Since I collect/pc graded Hall of Fame rookie cards in the 4 major sports my wantlist is long but I thought I'd talked about the first ten off the top of my head.

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Since I collect/pc graded Hall of Fame rookie cards in the 4 major sports my wantlist is long but I thought I'd talked about the first ten off the top of my head.

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News
*Ask me a question

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9:39 PM

Delivering that breaking zombie movie. Hey, everybody. Happy quick hits episode 134. You know, I get asked, now that I've got the 48 Leaf, Jackie Robinson. I get asked, you know, what's your new Grail car? What is number one? Replacing that leaf. Jackie, Robinson on that list. What are you? What's the number one card? And I people are a little surprised to learn. I don't really have another Grail card to really replace that Jackie, that was the card for me, but I do have other cards that I'd love to. Require for the PC, my PC is graded Hall of Fame rookie cards. And so I have uh, you know, others on the list that I don't have from that qualify under that category. And so this episode is going to be talking about 10 cards. I'd like to acquire, I want to say soon, but did the probably the ten on the top of the list. Not, none of them are Grails in the same sense. 

The Jackie's was and it was and you know, I recently I got the idea, you know, Mike Moynihan Baseball Card Collector did sort of his top 10 targets if you will cars. He wants to acquire and he was a qualifier. I'm going to to we use the qualifier that, you know, they have to be realistic that you can afford and acquire them. I mean we all like to say yeah. We'd all love to own. You know a T20 six Honus Wagner. Wagner. But, you know, you're looking at probably millions of dollars for that car, right? So only certain people going to be able to afford so the qualifier on my 10 is I am able to buy them in some capacity whether that be hello grade or whatever the case may be. So that's what I'm going to do today is just List the 10 cards in no particular order. Just 10 cards, I'm sort of looking to acquire you know. 

When I can, I don't want to say it soon as possible but when I can, but before we get to that list, we got to do, our new release schedule, hobby news, I Q&A and we got to hear from our great sponsors Mojo brake. So let's hear from them. And we'll start the show. Mojo brake shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks, they not only have the best selection, but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case, they are your guy Guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. Rip party Champion Breakers from sports car to Pokemon cards. Their selection can't be beat, they offer, daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great, but to save an additional ten percent off anything in their store used to code. 

Quick hit. That's q. U IC. K h, iits check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo break.com. Check out this way. Guys, this maximum sports card shop and in Buffalo, Michigan, bringing you guys the weekly releases for the sports coordination podcast. Once again today to start off the week on the 19th. We have 2022, Bowman, Sterling, baseball 2022, Panini impeccable, WWE 2022, opening National Treasures, FIFA road to World Cup. Soccer 2022, TriStar Hidden. Treasures autograph, official football. And on the 21st, we have 2022, Leaf multi. These bursts or low pack 2022, Panini certified Football, 20 21, 22, Panini, Spectra, basketball 2022, Panini 3M to baseball and 2022. Tops luminaries baseball. Thank you guys for tuning in and the podcast and enjoy the rest of the show. 

Time for the segment where you ask me a question and I answer it here on the podcast. Right? This question comes from our website once again. That site is getting more active. I appreciate it. Thank you. This is from David from the website and he has, he goes, says, John. I know you're a Mets fan, sorry about their loss, but who now do you want to see? When the World Series and why? Well, I'm not a Yankee fan. So I won't be the Yankees and I won't be rooting for the Astros for I think obvious reasons. And so I have to say, you know, I'm not I'm not going to root for the Dodgers, you know, because you know, they just loaded, I take out you know I kind of root for the underdog now that the Mets are gone. So you know, I'll have to say to Padres. It would be kind of neat to see him win as a Mets fan. At least we could say hey we lost to the eventual World Series champions, and it'd be kind of cool if they won that after what happened with two T's Junior. And he's not playing, and they win the World Series. It would be, you know, kind of neat that like they didn't need him to win the World Series. So I guess I'll say San Diego. I don't really have a real 

Rooting interest. Now that the Mets are gone, but I guess, you know, I typically root for the underdog, if my team's not alive. So there you go. Let's go round our hobby verse and catch up on this week's hobby news. All right, we got a few stories to report. PWC, see is expanding their vault to include Comics coins, video games and memorabilia. Obviously have to be authenticated in some form of fashion so won't just be cards in the vault. But additionally, Comics coins, video games and memorabilia the PSA 1.5 owners Wagner just sold on Golden auctions. For three point seven, two million dollars that very same exact card in May of twenty. Twenty one sold for two 

Three billion dollars at Heritage. So a 1.4 million dollar increase in about 18 months time. If you can get it, speaking of golden to get another nice item, amongst everything they have with the 700 Pujols home run. The the lucky fan who caught that ball is going to consign it to Golden and they will be auctioning. That 700 home, run ball starting on October 28th and Heritage has what? I've started to try to acquire some tickets. Graded tickets. No luck. Just yet, and some of them trying to find, but 6ps a graded ticket, stubs, very rare from the whaa Indianapolis. 

Acer's games various games and exhibitions are going to be sold that at Heritage auctions, I believe, starting October 23rd, their individual Lots. But the six tickets from the Indianapolis Racers are combined valued estimated value of 150k. I think this is going to surpass that what why these are Wayne Gretzky's first professional game? James, as a hockey player. The professional level. And one of the six tickets is literally his professional debut. And so, you don't see these. Most of these are the only ones that exist for each one of these games. So there's no camps is not the compare it to and we've seen what Wayne Gretzky stuff has done in the past. I don't think these will be any different Heritage puts the ESV at TK for the six combined, I think that's that's going to get pulled out of the water. A lot will have to stay tuned to find out our Feature Presentation. All right. This is the 10 cards, I'm sort of targeting. Now again, I need more than 10 cards. For my wireless IP C grated Hall of 

Rookies of the four major sports and even I'd even like boxing. So that's baseball football, basketball and hockey and so little qualifier, these got that because the only cars are going to make this list are cars that I could legitimately purchase any one of these, you know, in the moment without having to sell my house, my car or my son, so they have to be obtainable, you know. Each on their own. That's the only qualifier on here. That the order I go in is not necessarily or the order or desire, I want them in. It's just the order. I wrote them down in off the top my head and that's what this list is. It's really off the cuff off the top of my head, 10 cards, the first sort of 10 cars that came to mind, if I go to a show or I'm searching online or looking at the auction listings, these are 10 cards 

You know, would love to do own and I don't. So these are all cars that don't own. Now, I may have owned them in the past, some of these aren't, you know, are not cheap cards but you know, in the lower grade they are definitely still obtainable. So let's without further Ado, let's get into this list again. I have to reiterate, these are not in order of how I perceive them or like, they just how I roll. Them down when they hit you know, came off the top of my head. So first one I just acquired a card few months ago from the set that card was my Grail card. He 1949 Leaf you know 1948 49 Leaf Jackie Robinson but he 1948 49 least and mutual trust a great-looking card standing man is to me one of the most I want say oh 

We're look, but definitely underrated ballplayers of the post-war error, and just just a hitting machine. Arguably, one of the greatest hitters to play the game and I always say like his cards are undervalued and even, even big ones and this is definitely a big one. It's on my list to some sometime, get in the future. So 49 leaf. Stan Musial, rookie? All right let's go to a different sport 2015, Upper Deck Young Guns. Connor McDavid. This card is actually come down a little bit in price, but hockey season as we all know is just started. So let's see what happens during the season. You know, Connor McDavid, arguably, one of the greatest players in the NHL, probably the greatest player playing right now but I think he has a chance. 

The be one of the all-time greats when he said and done this stuff is not really cheap, but I don't think it's going to get any cheaper but it up continue to put up numbers and not slowing down. He may break some records before he's all done, but what doesn't he have yet? That's his name on the Stanley Cup. Hey, different, when that happens, his cards are even going to go up more. We all know, you know what You know, not all the time but what years? We happens when a player wins the championship really in any sport and he doesn't have one yet and in in hockey. So you know my goal is really to try to acquire this card probably in the offseason. This offseason would have been probably a good chance to do it and I didn't put probably in the offseason maybe at the end of this year depending on how it goes and they don't, you know, the Oilers don't voice to cup. 

9:53 PM
But, you know, let's a car that's been Those two little bit and just haven't really pull the trigger. I know when I went to Dallas earlier this year, I looked at one but I didn't get it so remains out of the list. So yep. 2015 Upper Deck, Young Guns, Connor, McDavid, all right, now their Sport and it's funny. This next card. I've owned the card before during my store days and sold them. And never was in my PC /. Say it's a classic, I kind of carved. There's no shortage of them though, but that doesn't make him any cheaper and that's the 1986 87 for your basketball. Michael, Jordan. Rookie like I said I've owned up but I've always it's always been part of my show in rhetoric. Never kept one for myself. Now, I kind of do want to eventually get one, you know, And it kind of decent grade and they're going to be talking to me, but maybe maybe you're 6 or 7 potentially and so like to add that to the PC. All right, back to baseball 1951. This card is also not a cheap, beat 1951 tops, Willie Mays rookie. And this one's going to be tricky. It's not going down. Obviously Willie is is the greatest living ballplayer. All we have left but he's getting up there in age and you know, probably that day is going to come in the near future where he's no longer with us. So might be a good idea to try to acquire a, you know, a lower great copy sooner rather than later. But, you know, I think a lot of people are looking for this card with what? I just kind of thinking along the lines of I do. What I just said that, he's probably not going to be with us very much longer in there, you know, try to get. 

Before that happens, all right, back to hockey another card on my list, the 1985. Oh, peachy Mario, Lemieux rookie, not a penguin's fan, I'm a ranger fed and they did plenty of damage to us back in the day. But, you know, you know, sometimes I think Mario gets overlooked, you know, with Gretzky Messier and now Ovechkin and make David and sometimes I Don't think we appreciate how great Mario was, even with Sidney Crosby. Now in Pittsburgh doesn't get talked about probably as much as he shouldn't think this card is, is in the affordable range. I mean, it's not a cheap card, but it's also, you know, you don't have to break the bank to get it. So it's on my list to, to hopefully, obtain some day. And so another hockey card makes the list. 

That is the last hockey card on the left. Let's go back another card on my list, the 1954 Hank Aaron tops. A rookie definitely will have to acquire this much like I said with the maze in a lower lesser great. But again, I kind of card. And another guy for his great. This Hank, Aaron was, I don't think he gets enough credit, sort of overshadowed by By mantle with him playing in New York and big media even for those days and I just think Aaron just went about it kind of quietly humbly and you know put up just an incredible Hall of Fame career staying in the same set 54 tops. Again, you probably noticing a trend here, Ernie Banks, rookie. Another guy like me usual like Aaron and I feel sorry. Love doesn't always get the proper. Do hobby wise may be price-wise, maybe value wise, and great. Looking card of a younger he bakes looks like a young young kid and he was young. So that makes all the sense in the world and I kind of card have 54 tops is a good-looking design and so hey Karen Ernie Banks you can't go wrong with either one of those. Scars. All right. Let's go to another Sport. And this car is probably the cheapest card on the list. As far as what it will cost to acquire and going to get it probably very soon because of that, that fact. But it's not as best rookie card. I just love the brand of e^x. You probably heard me talking about, it's one of my favorite designs, those acid, take cards. And so this is the 1998 X. Peyton Manning rookie just a really sharp guard. Love those acetate cards and Peyton Manning again playing in the shadow of Tom. Brady, definitely not underrated or 0, or overlooked, but I think, you know, he's compared to much Tom Brady, and he loses a little luster and, you know, you will look at his numbers and he's got two Super Bowl rings. It's not like he doesn't have a ring and I just think he's 

You know, for what, some of, the modern quarterbacks are bringing value wise. You go look at what paint and did in this career. And having a great post career right with broadcast, you know, doing the him and Eli doing that Monday Night, Football commercials, some some shows, they do their own segments, just kidding, you know, comedic and just really funny guys and paintings very well-liked. By most and so, the 98 e^x card is on my list. All right, I guess, I really couldn't do this list without putting another Jackie card on it. Now I don't feel about this next card. The way I felt about the leaf rookie where I was sort of, weighing me down and what am I going to get it? I got to do it soon and not getting any younger that type of feeling that I had with the leaf. But And II had a, you know, a chance. If you will with these, I had a person in my town, whose mother left her two of these cards, but I steered in the right direction, got her to get them graded by, SGC it and they went to Golden's auction, but that's the 1947 Bond bread. Jackie Robinson. Now, there's multiple different, you know, versions of them, and, you know, feeling running. 

And I really like is that sort of facial close-up, so that would be the one I would. You know I'd be happy with any of them. I don't own a bond bread, Jackie whatsoever. So Beggars. Can't be choosers. But my favorite one is why I think they called the portrait. When he gets graded, it's called the portrait version again. It's it's you know, you get a lesser grade, they're not, you know, they're more definitely more affordable. They are tough. 

AIDS. In other words, they are very thin, a stocked cards if you will, they were handed out at games in New York City. But on bread is a, was a New York City, you know, brand and no, kids, put them in their pocket, people put them in, but people Fold It Up, crumpled up, so they're really tough to find in a high great. And that's why if you find one in the high-grade, they go for a lot of coins. So, I'm not looking. If I ever get one, it won't be a high grade version. But someday hope to own at least one of them. All right, back to a football card again, that an older one but you know, 21 years ago. 2001 LaDainian Tomlinson tops, Chrome. Rookie remember, when Tops made Chrome football, that might be soon again, but the 2001 tops Chrome. 

Munson LT rookie. One of my favorite. I'm a huge Steelers guy. Yeah, you can make fun of me this year, for sure, but I'm huge dealers guy. But comments in LT was one of my favorite non steel steel or players, really kind of followed him in my fantasy leagues, which I've done for since then since they came along, he was always a guy tried to get, if I didn't get him, I tried to acquire them from. Whoever drafted him sort of my It player that wasn't on the steel. Just did everything, you know, kind of quiet and humble, you know, score touchdown, hand the ball, back to the ref kind of guy and you know played on some band Chargers teams wound up in the end with sort of with the Jets kind of hanging around. But you know it is prime. Could do could do everything right. Run the ball, catch the ball and you know when Barry Sanders were tired, we were like who's it going to be? Will we ever see anyone like Barry? LT was sort of, you know, I'm not saying it was Barry Sanders but he had some of those qualities. And, you know, in football at times when you were tired, kind of get out of sight out of mind. But this is a car that still has a very good value but you know, very definitely affordable as well. And so, on my list to maybe eventually added to the collection, I've Plenty of fealty rookies in my store days and my my show days. But this is what I like to get to just sort of forget about, all right, that's the list of the ten. On the top of my mind cards, I'd like to acquire in the moment. Obviously, they range in value, some of those only three fragrance, potentially even less you have the, the actually, Anning is probably under under 100 bucks for like a nine, you know, attends going to cost more than that. But even attend is, there's not crazy, insane money. So and ranging all the way up to the, you know, 51 maze where that one's going to not be cheap if I ever wind up getting one. So, you know, it was fun to kind of just saw what, you know, came off the top of my head. And, you know, make sure I ask But got the one I really, really wanted. So, I hope you enjoyed the show. And yeah, there's my 10 checkouts, all websites and stubby www.sportsmedalabama.com. Cars.com for the new release schedule, our blog all show episodes and so much more. 

All right, that's gonna do it for episode 1, 34, you have my list to 10 now. I like I said, I have more than 10 cards on my watch list, but I kind of just brought the 10 that horse order in the front of my mind to the show and it's fun to do that. Now, you can change your mind or you can move cards off the list on the list. Anyway, you choose. Those are mine and, you know, prices are sort of coming to Right now. So maybe an opportunity for all of us to knock some stuff off our list. So with that being said, we're going to call it for show, right here. Wish you, well, stay safe, and we'll talk to you real soon.