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Nov. 7, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.137 NFL Hobby Midterm Report

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.137 NFL Hobby Midterm Report

The 2022 NFL season is half over, what rookies are maximizing their potential, who to avoid, stock ups, stock downs. Who might be a good buy or who might you want to cash out on. We go around the league rapid fire.

*New Product Release...

The 2022 NFL season is half over, what rookies are maximizing their potential, who to avoid, stock ups, stock downs. Who might be a good buy or who might you want to cash out on. We go around the league rapid fire.

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10:17 PM

Hello everyone. Welcome to episode 137 Of Havoc wickets, we're at the halfway point of the NFL season. It's painful for me as a Steeler fan, our season pretty much is over, but the music continues for everyone else. So we're at the Midway point, my memory serves me correctly, we did this last year kind of halfway point Scouting Report hobby report and you know, who's doing well, who's not and relating it. Not not in a fantasy sense, although everything's connected in some form of fashion, but a hobby sets, right? Whose stock up stock down, that sort of thing, my personal opinions on certain guys, maybe even some that are doing well, but I'm just not long-term. Believe this, well, interject some personal feelings, as I sometimes do. So that's what this episode is going to be all about. Along with our, you know what's, what products coming out? Will Max from the sports card shop, at Moco does a great job when he does, it is going to do it and then we're going to get into question a Q&A got a question this week and our news of the week we got some stories for sure this week and then we'll Dive Right into you know, the hobby midterm but first, let's hear from our great. 


Third Mojo brake and then we'll get this show on the way Mojo brick. Shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products and breaks they not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case they are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched. They are the 2021 tops. Rick party Champion Breakers from Art's card to Pokemon cards. There are selection. Can t be they offer daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys. John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great. But to save an additional ten percent off anything in their store used to code quick hits. That's q u IC. Ke H iits check out the full service store that's open, seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at 


Joe break.com. Let's check out this way to be wax releases. Take it away. Max. 


Hi guys. It's Max and sports card shop in New Buffalo. Michigan. And I'm going to bring you guys a week releases for this week. I hope you guys are having a great week and enjoying this podcast and I'm going to start you guys off with on the 9th. 22 belief in stitches, Leaf stitches, and slabs basketball prism World Cup soccer and 20 22. 23 upper deck is series one hockey and that is the release of for this week. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the podcast. 


The rest of your week, have a nice day time for the segment where you ask me a question and I answer it here on the podcast. Today's question comes from our website email from Mike last name and he has John. And your honest opinion. What is your hobby? Strength? Never really thought about it. Like to think I have more than In one I hope I think, I communicate. Well, I think I care. I know, I'm passionate as far as maybe a skill and actual skill. Have a knack for probably finding like a decent raw card and getting it graded and, you know, in a sense, getting good Roi, so I'll buy, you know, a card, send it in for grading, it'll great. Well. And then whether it's a PC card or I do sell it, you know. 


I do well for what I paid for. What it devalues becomes after grading. So I've done that, you know, a long time. So I hope I would be good at it at this point. I've had a lot of practice, right? So I try, you know, I didn't give you one thing. I gave you multiple things, but there you go. Let's go round our hobby verse and catch up on this week's hobby news. Alright, got not know, we huge doors but we do have some news this week. Starting on the auction front Memory, Lane Auctions. Has some big guns in their current auction, which is going to be November 12, to December 3rd for the first time in four and a half years. I know this sounds crazy to me, but it's true for the first time in four and a half years. A PSA 951 Bowman Mantle, rookie will hit the auction block. Yes, the 51 Bowman is the rookie not to 52 Topps, but one hasn't it at the auction. 


It's in four and a half years, the last one sold for 750k in 2018. So here's your chance to get the next one on the Block, estimated to clear. Seven figures also 41 different Hall of Famers from the 1933 Gowdy set on The Auction Block as well with the worst condition being a PSA. A so none less Gray. Dated then PSA 841 1933 Gowdy Hall of Famer. So some been some big cards in the Memory Lane Auctions starts on the 12th ends on December 3rd, get your bids in there. You know, get out your wallets and your checkbooks and your purses from be some big guns coming out of that auction. All right, we just had Nat Turner from the CEO of collectors /ps, Sports car Nation, check that episode out if you haven't yet and some staff movement there, Kevin Lanai linnane. Has now become VP of sales and we'll head east to New Jersey. Ryan hache will become president or Holgate OGE. Want to make sure I get that right. He becomes the new president. He will move from Seattle to Southern California. Yeah. And they res horn will be head up the production line and so there you go some movement there and then another story that kind of broke. After I had that on was, you know, an order a graded order that he put in a, you know, he loves his 90s basketball inserts as many do and rightfully, so a 90s insert Triumph for MJ graded attend and it's getting old 


Simple piece of the foil missing. And a lot of people are up in arms and I understand it, I get it. But and again, I said happened after our conversation but, you know, I'm going to sound a little bit like a lawyer here but there's potential that that happened maybe during the grading process. You know, he just posted a picture on a social medium. Is it possible that that flaked off inside the PSA cases? If you listen to Through the interview we just had wouldn't that there's some new PSA cases coming in December. So you know what I like to see from, you know I like to seem acknowledge it and get it obviously regraded and and post that if you know, people are asking me what I thought of it, I think that's the right thing to do. So to be determined, they're speaking of grading, let's stay in that. Mike 


Acre of Baker authentication as partnered with PWC, see to certify raw cards much, like the eBay authentication that they do like makers going to do it for PWC. See cards can be valued anywhere from $25, all the way to pass 10K, it's a six dollar fee per card. However, if you keep the card in, DPW CC V. And transacted on the PWC. See platform. It's only a three dollar per card charge, so pretty Lo it's look at. This is not a grading as much as it's also the caishen of a raw onion gravy card that it is legit real and authentic. So Mike Baker and PWC, see teaming up there for that. Also one note to add there that I forgot to mention, he will be Utilizing a heat map service, so it will show sort of maybe where some wear and tear is on the card. I'm not familiar with how that works but that's that's my assessment of right straight. A medic baseball game. I used to play a ton as a kid where you can match up with using cards and dice. I don't know if it's changed over the years, it's been many moons since I played it but I used to play it. Lot with my friends. Well, it's going to come back in a different way. They are teaming up with the Negro League Baseball Museum and they're making a, you know, negro league addition along with the major league. So in other words you can never have like Josh Gibson face Sandy Koufax in the old version but you will be able to do that. Now with the new addition, they're also going to be picture. Cards, I believe involved with this game, limited edition card, that'll be cool. I'd be interested in. Acquiring may be more of those than than the whole game itself. I don't know how they're going to tie that in and of course through the museum that's going to be and then if key function and attachment with it as well. So it's going to be the modern edition of stratum attic baseball game. 


Dear to my heart. We're now any any players can match up where before that wasn't possible? So I'm not sure when to start looking for that but just keep your, you know, your eyes peeled and your ears open, there's going to be some cool again, some cards related to that and then FTS as well. 


All right, we're going to make this as rapid fire as I can because I want to cover the whole NFL going to go. Hopefully by division, I may skip around here and there, but kind of mention players from almost every team kind of a stock up stock down. Maybe who are goodbyes, maybe who are kind of cells kind 


Like a buy-sell hold but more of a rapid-fire. Let's start in the AFC East Josh Allen is the real deal. I know we just had a bad game versus the Jets, he don't have too many of those anymore. I think the verdict is in and it stops already up there card y. So if you can find a diamond in the rough, good luck. The Jets are back. It looks like and they got a couple of young guys on their team. Unbelievers, that Brief halt, the running back, although we know hobby, wise running backs are definitely a risky proposition. So take that from take what you will from that. But more importantly they've got a receiver for the first time a legit one. In my opinion, is in the first time in a long time. And Garrett Wilson from Ohio State history, his cards for what I think, as good as they think he is, his cards are still 


You know, there's some Steals and Deals to be had there. I don't care what anyone says to is the real deal. All right, he is LOL, eat. Level quarterback went out there. That's the, you know, that's always going to be the question with two of the concussions and the hip but when he plays the Dolphins win and he puts up early numbers that don't take my word for it. Check for yourself. So there's there's a lot of deals to be had. Had under-20 level because people are not buying in yet. So there's opportunities to be had to buy some cars there to Patriots, you know, the ballot, the Bailey's appy error. You know, it was a great story if you know, he's going to be in the leak for a while but probably just sort of a backup quarterback. Matt Jones, I'm not as high Adam as I am some other 


10:31 PM

We all know how Bill Belichick handles running back. So tread lightly that's going to have see North, my favorite teams division. Let's start with the Steelers and get out of the way terrible year, but the best receiver in the draft was taken by them. They just got to get a coaching staff that knows how to call plays. You know, see you later, Matt Canada. This as fast as we can. Get them out of town but that's not happened yet. George Pickett. This is legitimately the real deal. And he's, you know, if you like receivers and we've seen receivers cars, kind of make a trend up, he still more, people are know about him, what kind of the Secret's out cats out of the bag, but he is legit and there's probably some steals to be had there. Joe Pearl. I love them. It just said that he beats my Steelers. Now twice a year. He's legit. At me and my son argue this, but my son doesn't like him as much as I do. Joe Burrows, legit. He's got great receivers there, and Chase Boyd and Higgins and, and he's just a, he just a solid winning type quarterback that will put up numbers, you know, Ravens wise will see how the contract negotiations play out, but I think Lamar Jackson has each year sort of made, Self a better quarterback. Let's go to the South Titans. Derrick Henry, one of the few running backs. You have some rookie cards and autos and rpas he's rewarding you right running back traditionally, don't necessarily do that. The other guy, like, for running back is now her and that, Jonathan Taylor. And the problem with JT's, a great running back, but he's got a lot of tread on his tire from Wisconsin days, it's over. I'm really a little bit. Luke warmer on him. Listen, Jacksonville was going in the right direction. They got a real Coach now and Doug Peterson. And Trevor Lawrence is steadily and prove, he's not where he's got to be yet. I'm still a believer in Trevor Lawrence where a lot of other people have got off that bus. I'm still on the bus and writing it and it looks like Travis at the end is starting to figure out the NFL and that combination It could pay to start to pay real dividends. They are Davis Mills and Houston, you know, serviceable, but save your money there when it comes to cards. Let's go to the AFC West cheese, Patrick Mahomes, what what it needs to be. Said, probably the best quarterback in the NFL that you don't have any of his stuff. It may be too late. Let's go to charge the chest and her, but I can't figure this team out. But Justin, Herbert continues to perform. For my book because of the team struggles, a little bit, sometimes their deals to be had on, just in there. Take a flyer. Has anyone had a bigger Fall From Grace than Russell Wilson? That Denver Tre did not do wonders for him. He's been mocked and ridiculed and he's not playing very well. And so, you know, it's funny. I was just thinking about my own personal experience. I wound up recently. Well, not recently last year while he was still in seattleites. I sold a lot of my Russell Wilson rookie stash and not. Not because I thought this was going to happen, I just did and looks like it's good timing there. If you believe that a bounce-back can be possible, probably great time to buy. His stuff is stock down. So if you believe in Russell Wilson, that he can return to sort of that level. He was viewed, I as an elite quarterback, the now's your chance to get in at the lower levels. Let's go to the NFC Jalen hurd's. I don't know where this is coming from truth. Be told I wasn't a Believer but it's hard to argue the numbers are there. He's he's, you know, whatever, he's done, studied film training, he's legit. Michael Parsons probably the arguably the best defensive player in the NFL and To change in the way. The highwomen He looks at defensive players right? He's become collectible buyable very young too so he's got burn injury again, got a long career ahead of them, TJ W to another defensive guy. You've got to look at what would prices being solo problem with TJ Sky. He's another guy's got to stay on the field. Say Quan Berkeley is back. One of my favorite non stealer players. I own a lot of sequins stuff kind of breaking that running back and Rule running back rule. Don't invest in running backs, but he is, he's legit. Well, again, when healthy right, those two football words were all very familiar with, right? When healthy put sake 1 and again, by be great time. If you think take one is back like I do, it's a great time maybe to get in some cars although we can't hear. 


The cat's a little bit out of the bag too. Let's go to Washington the Commander's. That's even fun. It's weird to say that the Redskins anymore, right? The best receiver. No one knows about plays in Washington, from Ohio State, Tara Mae klong, McLaren, right? Not not flashy, you know, not just in Jefferson type numbers all the time. But the guy just produces, it's an opportunity there. If you believe like, he's going to produce that For the long term or maybe wind up on another team and bump up some of those numbers when they gets maybe a more stable quarterback situation, great time to put some money into some Terry McLaren cards. I mentioned, Justin Jefferson arguably the one of the best players in the NFL. You know, people always say who's going to be the next Jerry Rice. There probably is not going to be the next Jerry Rice. So we talked about, who's the next best thing? 


Of to generate, Justin Jefferson is throwing his name in that hat. I believe in Justin Jefferson, he sort of, you know, I'm not saying he's not a little diva, most receivers are, but I think he goes about his business the right way and just plays Aaron Rodgers, took 50 million dollars can take Packers, could not get him help, and his stats are starting to fall off, you starting to look his age Hall of Famer. First ballot. No Doubt. A out and maybe us an opportunity to buy some cards right now because not playing very well. Three picks this past week and going to be in the Hall of Fame. So maybe if he can get in low and pay off down the line, Justin filled with the Bears I think he's going to be known more as a runner. Just set the rushing record for a quarterback in the game. I'm not sold on his accuracy and I just don't know, you know, I don't trust her. 


Bears are necessarily using them in might have to happen somewhere else. He's talented, you cannot argue with the town, I just don't know if we can put it all together. Sort of reminds me of a poor man's Lamar Jackson wear them but Lamar Jackson has steadily improved his game. So if Justin can do that, would we can talk along those lines. Remember the cautionary tale of running backs, right? A guy, I love and I still like them, but, you know, No, sort of the bloom is off the rose, right? DeAndre Swift, couple injuries here and there and just sort of an afterthought again when it comes to Hobby Lobby, careful, what running backs. Very few last, the Long Haul, I think Derrick Henry will be one, I think John entail Jonathan Taylor, if he can beat the injury bug can too. And then another guy that I absolutely love on the west coast in Seattle, Kenneth Eller believe the third running back for the Seahawks again, you know, I keep talking about be careful running backs, but I'm really sold on Kenneth Taylor. He's legit hard to bring down hard Runner consistent, and he's doing this as a rookie. And it's scary to think what he potentially could be. As he steadily improved, got to talk about Tom Brady, right? Can't do one of these kind of stock up stock down shows without talking about I'm right. Not having a great year, just let it Back rectory this week yesterday but overall, I think some of his personal problems. His pending divorce. As you know, hurt his play, eh right? Bother time eventually catches up with all of us, and I think it's starting to catch up with mr. Brady, but you cannot take seven rings away. You cannot, you know, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time and easily first-ballot hall-of-famer and NFL legend. And if people are starting to lower their Brady prices because of you know, lesser stats, There's an opportunity, maybe to stash them Brady's and wait till Hall of Fame induction announcement so when his day and his name gets called the Falcons, I like to receive her trach, London, but Marcus Mariota is terrible. A journeyman backup quarterback. If the Falcons can get some stability in the office offense and what 


What a quarterback. I'll really like Drake London long-term much like George Pickens and Pittsburgh but so much is going to hinge on who's throwing him the ball. So I don't know if it's going to happen in Atlanta, aren't you gonna have to kind of wait but that slow start by Drake London's, a great opportunity to buy some Drake London's have a lower price. Let's just say Geno Smith playing great, but he's not know, young spring tricking it anymore, I think things a little bit. It too late to you know card wise and ha be wise to do much there. Kyle and Marie. I wasn't in on them from the beginning, you know, he proved me wrong early, it was looking like Elite now he's, you know, sort of playing more, it kind of that mid tier range, maybe that's more who he's like. So I don't think he's as bad as I made him out to be. I also don't think he's as good as some people made him out, makes him out to be. I think he's 


Somewhere in the middle tread lightly there to be very honest, right? Trail ants in the 49er. I know he's hurt not playing, you know, I the jury's going to be out and them and they've got a conundrum there. What do you know? I'm here. And obviously, they don't love Jimmy G and they really are starting to wonder if Trey Lance is going to be that guy. So may betray Lance gets it done somewhere else. Maybe gets it done and San Francisco. They obviously like them enough to trade. Get up and get them so you know, hopefully he gets back healthy and we can see really see what Trey Lance is really about butts backtracking. Talk about a couple guys. I missed in my rapid-fire, quarterbacks right? Let's talk about rookie quarterbacks. My Guy Kenny pick it, right? I'm hoping guys, but you know, I'm a little nervous with Kenny picket. So be careful where you're putting your money and how much you're spending it out. 


10:43 PM

Very believes he is, but some of the early returns have been a little, you know, persona non grata. So again, I hope he is legit my Malik Willis out of Liberty, whose with Tennessee. I like them in college. I don't know. It's, I think it's going to be a few years before we really have the verdict on him at. So his prices might be a little bit too high. They Based on hype and potential right now. So might be a whole day are guy that I said was a bust before the draft after the draft and I'm still sticking to my guns, and he's kind of proved me right, even though the team is playing well, that's a quotes and I just I don't think he's got the Moxie, you know, he's a gunslinger throws a lot of pics and just had his first game this year. 


Then throw more interceptions than touchdowns and it was just one touchdown in. No, no pics. I'm just not as Aquos and guy. So I definitely, you know, I'm All Out. Zach Wilson, I very few Zach Wilson's to my name and there's a reason for that. It's not that I don't pull any or get any. It's I don't keep them. So, be careful. They are DeAndre Hopkins, receiver on Zone, he's back after these suspension for performance-enhancing substances. You look at the track record. He's had a great career and these again performing well. So, if he continues that Trend and doesn't get in trouble, again, you're looking at, you know, a Hall of Famer easily and one of those great receivers, and we've seen receivers make strides hobby, wise and hobby. Love wise. So, you know, his stuff is a little down right now because Cause of what happened. So if you think this is, you know what, you're going to get long-term and a few more years maybe in this career and good opportunity to get in on his stuff you know on the ground level so there you go. I thought I'd covered a lot of ground in about 17 minutes. Let me know if I missed anyone, is there someone you like I didn't mention, let me know, maybe let me know what you disagree with maybe. You're Zack Wilson person and you're like, hey man, he's going to be the real deal. Was young. John give him time. He'll let me know. I love, I love that banter. I love that back and forth. Let me know what you think. 


Website at www.posguys.com Nation podcast.com for the new release schedule, our blog or show episodes and so much more. All right. That's gonna do it for another episode of Happy quick hits. You know, I've always collected football cards or machines, they always, but from a very young age, I got into football cards, I love the sport of football, I've coached it, I've played it, you know, I know more people collect baseball cards and football cards. It's been that way a long time, but if you're not collecting football cards, you know, little plea, I know take a take a look at him. It is America's pastime is the most popular sport Now in America. Baseball won't like me saying that, but the fact is, the fact is what it is. And, you know, it's more action-packed, it's more fast-paced. We just had a World Series where three games in a row, they almost had had twenty five strikeouts twenty four strikeouts and 21 strikeouts almost half the outs in the game. Were, you know, people swinging or missing or taking a called third strike. Pretty boring stuff. And I'm a baseball guy. And that's just boring baseball. I understand pictures or talented. They get more spin rate more, you know, fear, curve balls, fall off the table more as players get strong, I get all the, you know, the science of it but why, you know half of game half a baseball game where balls are not put in play, that's a problem. Baseball's got to figure something out. So you know, if you're not collecting football, 


Outside. Maybe think about buying a few paths. Line your favorite player for collecting your team, or whatever the case may be, in kind of enter enter The Fray if you want. So that's going to do it. I hope everyone is safe and well and will see up here very soon. Next Monday, for another lap episode, I Hab ich wickets and we'll see you Friday for another episode of sports Carnation. My guests on this week's Sports carnations going to be Tim shepler of true sports card so what don't miss that.