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Nov. 14, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.138 Ticket Collecting..the next frontier?

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.138 Ticket Collecting..the next frontier?

Is there an aspect of the hobby with ceiling left, I think so and it's a niche I just started to enter...Ticket Collecting, we talked about what is is, the different ways to do it and why I feel like it has growth potential.

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Is there an aspect of the hobby with ceiling left, I think so and it's a niche I just started to enter...Ticket Collecting, we talked about what is is, the different ways to do it and why I feel like it has growth potential.

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5:40 PM
Delivering that breaking copy new. 

Hey everybody. Episode 138 of hobby quick hits that we've seen, you know, the crescendo has sort of come and went that. Boom, 22-year boom. If you will year-and-a-half boom, things are settling down. As you know, discretionary income comes down for various reasons. I won't make this a financial program, it's actually not. But we've seen other people, you know? Other genres of the hobby, sort of take off non-sports wrestling soccer and that I shouldn't say non-sports their sports. But other than the four major sports, we've seen other things sort of Crescendo to from previous levels and we're going to talk about one of those that I've started to try to get into. It's very difficult because You know, I'd be I'll be winning at auction for and, you know, get sniped at the end and a lot more people are sort of on to this aspect of the Hobby. And that's tickets when I say tickets, not for next week's games. But tickets either whole or stubs of significant, Milestone game, someone's debut. Someone's 500th home run. Just vintage tickets in general. Are Harder to find and that is something I've started to get into and I wanted to kind of talk about that talk about why, I think it's a great thing to also collect, especially if you're already collecting cards or like Collective cards. So that will be, today's episode tickets, we're going to talk about, you know, my Approach what I'm trying to add and what the market is. He's doing in tickets so but we're going to get to all that first. We're going to hear from our great spots for Mojo break. And then we'll get the show underway. Mojo brake, shop.com is the best get your sealed wax products. And breaks they not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case, they are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unnoticed. 

They are the 2021 tops. Rip party Champion Breakers from sports car to Pokemon cards. Their selection can't be beat, they offer, daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great, but to save an additional 10% off anything in their store used to code, quick hit. That's q u IC. Ke H, iits check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo break.com. 

Check out this week. 

Hey guys. Also, of course, card shop. Let's go over the weekly releases 16th. May 20-22 talk Alan, get your baseball 2022, tops, Cosmic Chrome, baseball 2022, Tristan Hidden Treasures, game day grades Jersey football, season Edition. And on the 18th day of 2022, Panini Most h-back, baseball, have a great day, guys. Let's Go Round The Hobby verse and catch up on this week's hubby news Newsweek, but we do have some stories here. We, you know, we're talking about tickets on today's episode, bunch of early Wayne Gretzky. Tickets are going to be in the Heritage auction coming up, but also Wayne Gretzky's first Oilers contract signed by him. And his father, pretty interesting, that's expected to In 400. Okay, Golden's got their own auction going on. They got another triple logo, man. This time, it's Bird magic and Jordan and opening bids 200k that bunch of Astro. Stuff from the combined no-hitter in the world series is headed, not too far away from me to Cooperstown, New York to be put on this. I play there. And speaking of That World Series when the top says usual will be doing their 15 card, commemorate upset that can be parallels anywhere from one of 12 number 249. If you do get a parallel you will get the regular base card still. So it's you still have your complete set. These have went up in price from 

Previous year, they are now $49. Speaking of tops, I got my Montgomery 582 stamp set still sealed. I did open it, and then I got an email saying that I should have got the set, but some of the key work he's did not get stamped and they will be sending those separately. So, listen, you know, we know what happened with tops, Chrome in the silver packs. And Guy with this. But look like cops is right out of this. One fairly quickly and we'll get those Replacements out quick as well. It might be. I'm even being told. There might be some extra stuff for the inconvenience so I'm not sure but you know, when the company makes it right, we got to acknowledge that too. 

All right, let's talk about ticket. It's something that I've recently try to get more of. I did get one over Somerset League 1908 ticket crazy that it's, you know, 114 years old 20 bucks, I spent on it. I've tried to get some Brooklyn down. Take itself, I've always checking every day. I've kind of, you know, been laid in and you kind of get out bed at the end, but I want to talk about tickets in the, you know what, we can bear them to cards, especially on the Vintage side of the house, right? You think about your kid or an adult, doesn't matter, right? 40s, 50s 60s, you're going to, you know, the game, whether it be whatever sporting event, right? They you know, this is before scanning. NG which didn't come into place and ticket industry until 2003. So they rip your ticket in half and you go you kind of sporting event you take it probably gonna want or two things are going to happen right now. Throw it out after the game, I don't need it. James over or it stays in your pants pocket and you know, gets washed and destroyed that way or you find it in your pants pocket. Before the wash and toss it out. No one really save tickets back there. 

Gotta remember, even in the future, it is the carp part of it. People did real Miss Collectibles really, they were throwing them around, put him in bike spokes, they were no protectors for. So you know tickets were even worse there were just the way to get into an event. And so many of these tickets from these old-time sporting events shows concerts. I don't think they're kind of a left just a high percentage of from were just thrown out and destroyed for you. Get a Full on even better because I told you how they have to, you know, rip them in a halfback that and you know how can you collect tickets? What is this many ways to do it? Just like what sports cards, right? You can collect by teens. Hey, I want to try to get a, you know, Phillies ticket from every home game, every season, right? Maybe even get more specific. Every home opener. Everything's got to be the opening day. That's team collecting, right? You go up players, okay? I want to try to get a ticket. 

You know, from every game, Mike Trout appeared in or at home every Mike Trout home run game. I mean it just so many you can collect. Like I just said by Milestone by team by player you could you know like people collect rookie cards right? Collect rookie tickets. What do I mean by that? Any time of significant player made their debut on that date, right? Derek Jeter, debut game, all that kind of stuff. We've seen some speaking of Debut games. Let's talk about some of these debut game tickets and They brought the highest the most money, every ever brought by a ticket is what would be my Grail ticket and went for 480, K. That's the Jackie Robinson. Debut game ticket. Not far. Behind that at 468,000 my go-to Michael Jordan's debut ticket. Again, these are graded copies. Mickey Mantle's 1951 debut, ticket brought 140k the first ever. Ever. Augusta Masters ticket 116. K and Brady's debut ticket also signed by him brought Agra 53k, so you can see what. And now what I think people doing myself included are looking for kind of Debut games, and trying to acquire those tickets from those events and hoping that player that that's hyped. And making that the beauty, beaume, apart pans out, turns out to be. The real deal and we had smarter they pull you know I mentioned about man or Jackie Robinson there but modern days players to go look up what up Bobby Witt debut ticket will run. You look up with a Julio Rodriguez. Debut ticket will run you so it's I don't want to say it's a new market. I think it's a market that has more ceiling. You can buy some stuff and have it go up but I think more people the light bulbs going on. Tickets. They realized it just like many of these but it is got destroyed and it's a cool, you know, it's a cool item to have especially if it means something to you and you know, you can get them graded, PSA grades of my know, some lesser companies will grade them as well and you know, it doesn't have to be just relegated to sporting events, right? You can collect Rock concert tickets sporting event tickets, even just the regular events, right? Religious events to Pope's trip to Yankee Stadium, right? You had a ticket to get in. We I know Darren Ravel has tickets from the Titanic. How crazy is that? So there's so many different ways to go with tickets from sporting events to not sporting events. Brought consonants to, you know, just kind of significant event in history. You know, you can collect Milestone games home, run game, you know, record-setting games. Hey yet, you know, No, the five home run the streaks and all that. But again, you do competition for the tickets is getting tougher. I think more people are looking at it, or searching for things, buying some stuff. But, you know, I've seen tickets for, you know, yield some some deals to. So that's the thing is finding good deals. Not more funner than that. It's also fun to see sometimes. We're one happy. One thing. Take you. So sort of in my heart. Tickets. I've wound up finding side, Burgers 1996, spring training, pass block that. I also found tops contracts between them and players for cars. I've been, you know, grabbing a couple of those also has side. Burgers are the graph on most of those and it's just a cool piece of History. So the search for tickets, his kind of led me to even other Collectibles, that I've found interesting from contract to side Burger spring training paths and And who knows what else down the line, still looking for my Brooklyn, Dodgers ticket, not necessarily did the debut. I don't have that kind of money. I play the Powerball didn't win. So I'm going to have to not get the Robinson, debuted to get bopped. You know, just I like to get, you know, some Brooklyn, Dodger tickets from back in the day that's on my list. I've looked up, you know early Yankee tickets from when I used to go and Thurman Munson was was my favorite player so you know, it's fun. 

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To even. That sort of thing. But again, many ways you could go, you get just debuts, like, were key cards. You can get Milestones. You collect my team by player, you know, we had that turnaround sportscar Nation last week. He, you know, collects, Pearl Jam tickets. He's got every, you know, badge for the first Masters to the current one. So the all different ways you can go and that's, that's the fun of it. You kind of pick your direction, you go and maybe even, you know, I think there's some untapped stuff where people did. A little research myself included, you can find some diamond in the rough type tickets. This games, people forgot that something. You know this happened, did it if you will. So I think this, I think that's the fun of it. Right, the chase in the hunt, the significance. Let's talk about real quick before we kind of close this topic out. Let's talk about the significance of, you know, the scanning now. So, you know, if you go to a sporting event now, a rock concert. Now you generally don't have hard ticket. You have 

A barcode on your phone, you have a barcode that you print it out on your printer when you order the tickets, they'll scan it with their little handheld as you come through, and you have no hard copy ticket. Most venues, most events will give you or print a hard copy tickets. If you request when you go to a sporting event and you don't have a hard copy ticket and then something up, significance happens during that game, they will issue hard, copy tickets. Keep that in. Mind can always request them even if they're not is showing up in some venues will actually print tickets especially for that day. If they know it's a milestone event, go Ripken celebration or it debuted debut. I know certain teens when they knew or The Orioles, when they knew they were heavily, rushman was getting a start date made a, a commemorative ticket along with a regular ticket to the game. So, always ask the box office before you leave. 

If you need a hard copy ticket and after attending an event, I think you can even go, you know, before the event starts to request it as well too. But if you haven't checked out the ticket collecting market and you're bored one day, or even if you're not bored, one day to check it out. Checkouts all websites and stubby www.spoken-tutorial.org cars.com for the new release schedule, our blog all show episodes and so much more. 

All right, that's gonna do it for episode 1, 38 and tickets and again just like cards. Even if you decide to get into the ticket hot collecting hobby, just like the cards. I do there's many ways to do it, right? You can collect tickets of a certain team only. You can super collect tickets of a certain player. So let's say it's Griffey, Junior. You can just try to get tickets from Milestone games games. He hit is, you know, three honors home or 400 sold 3000, hit whatever, you know. 

Whatever Direction you want to go, you can go more recent tickets where it's going to be more affordable. Go back further vintage going to cost you more as I'm finding out. So you got many ways to to go about it. If it's something you want to do, just keep in mind. I think there's a there's the, you know, the pools getting full. I think there's more people starting to catch on to tickets. And like I said, during the topic portion at this, probably not as many of these things out there is people realize, so I take more Able to light bulbs going on form and there are out there trying to snag these up. And so, you know, it's going to be tougher, but that's the fun, right? The Chase and the hunt. 


Also want to close with some thank yous. Had a wants a medical emergency. I went to the emergency room, I was concerned about some swelling, in my leg worrying about a blood clot. And so I went to the emergency room and, you know, got got an ultrasound and an x-ray. Everything was fine, just probably a really bad, bone bruise, I'm always running into things, but I got a lot of people reached, you know, I might have, I think I put something on social. For somehow, it got out there from someone else. May be posting that new, but I got out of messages and texts and emails, you know, to hope you're doing okay. Xand. Hope you feel better if you need anything, let me know, kind of a deal, and I can't tell you, you know, we've had things, you know, the loss of my dog, my step-brother passing away during the run of the show and never fails to amaze. Me about people are Order of and care. And want to say, thanks for all those. Well, wishes swelling has not completely gone, but it's going down and feel a little bit better. I'm a nervous patient. So you always worry. But, you know, doing all right. And got to keep going as I always say and we will. So we'll be back here next Monday for another episode of hobby, quick hits, but on Friday show, we got a great guest on Sports Carnation, Chris Fitzgerald, the director Of the behind the card film. That is actually coming out on Friday. So the next Friday he'll be on sports car Nation, at will be also the premiere of the behind the card movie starring Steve Aoki, Rob, go sports card and rest their Vegas. Dave, you know, Joe Davis. And many others is a cast and it's a great film. I got to screen it. We're going to have Chris Fitzgerald on there and I'm going to tell him what I thought of the movie. When 

Thought, maybe you could add it or improved upon, which was not a ton, but it was a solid movie I thoroughly enjoyed. Listen, next. Friday, we're going to learn some secrets in the movie. Maybe, you know, who was asked on and and Decline and and all those fun things and how long the movie talk and take, you find out a great interview. So I made the outro long enough, we'll see you very soon. Be safe, be well.