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Nov. 21, 2022

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.139 The "Thanks-Giving" episode

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.139 The

It's been a great year, not all ups but more ups than downs. We try to go chronologically and review everything we did and also thank people along the way. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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It's been a great year, not all ups but more ups than downs. We try to go chronologically and review everything we did and also thank people along the way. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News
*Ask me a question

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9:43 PM
Delivering their breaking copy music. Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of hobby quick hits. Thanks. Giving we got a short work week at the school, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I have Wednesday out, but Thursday is Thanksgiving. It's also my 50th birthday. You know, when you're younger, you like, man, I don't know if, you know, make it 250 well, I guess. Well, I'm not there yet. I'm recording this before Thursday obviously. So but if Thursday comes, and I'm still here, And that's hopefully the plan, I'll be 50 years old and you know, had a little bit of a health scare couple weeks ago. I know I talked about on the podcast and and you know, never take anything for granted and and Thanksgiving is a great week, kind of the sort of talk about Out there, right? So weak we reflect on the blessings and things were thankful for and that's what this show is going to be about going to go through the year. We're going to keep it to this year and kind of talked about you know, where we went now. Dallas manic City and again hand out some thank yous and some heartfelt you know, warm and some generosity shown towards me. In the show and I want to give credit, you know, Thanksgiving week. I want to give some thanks to people. I appreciate that and along the way and sort of a year in review as we wind down here and 2022. So let's hear from our great sponsors, Mojo brake. And right after that, we'll skip this show, go Mojo brake. Shop.com is the best place to get your sealed wax products. And breaks, they not only have the Best selection. But the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case, they are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the hobby goes unmatched, they are the 2021 tops. Rip party Champion Breakers from sports car to Pokemon cards. There are selection can't be be they offer daily deals and pre-orders. Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already Great. But to save an additional ten percent off anything in their store used to code quick hits. That's q u IC. Ke H, iits check out the full service store that's open. Seven days a week in Santa Clara California or the website at Mojo break.com. 

This way. 

Hey guys. It's Max. No sports car shop in New Buffalo. Michigan! Bringing you guys again the weekly releases for this week. Starting us off on the 22nd, we have 2022 Leaf autograph, soccer, jersey on 23rd. We have 20 22 Bowman Chrome, baseball hobby. 2022, Community Origins, football International Blaster 2022, tops Heritage, Minor League, Baseball 2022, top Star Wars book a Boba Fett. And on the 25th we have 2022, but Macomb baseball. Ta Choice, 23 to pin any prison World Cup soccer, Breakaway. I can just return that podcast and draw the rest of the show. All right guys. No new segment. Today kind of a quiet Newsweek wanted to keep this episode a little shorter. It's Thanksgiving week. Again, you know to spend time with your family friends, whoever you enjoy spending time with, but I wanted to kind of do sort of you know a year in review kind of Christmas letter. How Was for the show. Again, I'm going to try not to wear one, get through it as quick as possible but also making sure I think a lot of people because we wouldn't be here in our fourth year without, you know, a lot of people. So I'm you know, what's talked about sort of the year that was, I know we got a little time left to, but we'll sort of winding down on 2022, went to a ton of rock show Oh, this year record for me, which is amazing because I've been to a lot of Rock shows even in my younger years. But I think we went to 14 shows this year which is which is crazy but that's beside the show. We did a little traveling for the show itself, starting in June with the Dallas card show and always a great time getting In the Dallas was my second time this year you know we did hobby hotline live there. That was you know, I'm chuckling because we've tried to do a hobby hotline live but we were near the what not set up and they were yelling screaming, hooting hollering cowbell and we had to cut our, we had to cut our feet short as no one could really hear us. We kind of laugh at it. Now at the time, Is it has funny, want to thank Carl Robinson, the promoter of that show for his amenities and didn't on-site interview for the show there as well. Want to thank John, Katie who helped me get there and want to thank Brad and Kim, Bethune for their Hospitality. I got to stay with Brad and he, you know, he drove us through me. All around where we needed to go. And Very appreciative of that, fact, and always fun, getting the Dallas that show as obviously become very. Well, know where every famous and many would argue probably the one of the best after the international. And so I hope I get to do it again someday. I don't know if it'll be an every year thing, I'd like to think it could be but I'm not going to make any kind of assumptions. I'm trying to Stay in order here guys, too. And so, while I was in, Dallas, my Grail card, I was able to purchase my Grail card this year. Thankfully finally, while I was in Dallas at actually arrived at my house. My wife actually took a personal day off of work to stay home to sign for it. Many you know what that card was. But for those that don't, it was a 1948. Leaf Jackie Robinson, which you know, proud to finally have obtained it and you know couldn't wait to get as much fun as that's happened. In Dallas was anxious to get home and unbox that and just a few more final notes on the Dallas trip. Want to thank, you know, all my hobby hotline teammates and we had a great time. We, you know, we had a get-together for some food, it was just Just just a fun trip I bought, it's funny even after acquiring the the Jackie Robinson. While I was in Dallas. I also got a Jim Brown and Wayne Gretzky's rookie on that trip. So that cut a little bit into the national money but couldn't pass up the deal on those two cards. So that was my call from the Dallas trip. What? More than the cars, it was that kind of people. You know, just seeing the city and was a good time. We went to watch Rangers pitching Prospect Jack, lighter pitch, and Frisco started out strong, and then the wheels kind of came up a little bit here. Young young players, so a lot of time left for him to do stuff. I was one going game, but fun getting his to hang out at the Ballpark with Logan and bread and then see a jack later. Throw So Dallas was great, came home. Unbox that Grail Jackie and had a lot of fun in June. So let's talk about how we hotline that. Conglomerate show, I'm part of and you know, we have 19 total host on that show and I thank each and every one of them. We, you know, lost a couple, brought some new ones on including Danny, Erica Cousin. Has and cousin Tony, but that show is just a lot of fun to do and this year, or recently, I should say, not this year. But more recently, we are Saturday edition of the show. Bench-clearing, Media, tie and Mike were gracious enough to allow us to come over there and broadcast to more people on Saturday mornings. And so, thanks to them and thanks to all my fellow teammates on On that show. It's a lot of fun. It's kind of different than what you typically get, content creation wise and appreciate being part of it and with the folks, to get to do it with. So wanted to the, you know, we just just celebrated our 200th episode, you know? Then we know the next Big Show is the national and that's always, that's become an annual event. Now for myself The show and had a great time. I only killed pickups. They're my two. Biggest pick up there. Like I said, I spent a little more money in Dallas. Then I was expecting to but my two pickups were he Sandy Koufax rookie and they Warren Spahn Bowman rookie as well. And that was that was nice to kind of grab them. Whenever I go to National, I always try to get one or two key cards off my pc less than those. Those two definitely got crossed off the national rights. The Super Bowl the hobby, I've coined it just a great time and man where do I start right to Stage times? You know what hobby one what happened hotline one with sports car Nation. Want to thank David and re4 for their accommodations and hospitality and getting that done and we had a great time. With the lobby. I like crew. I think we had 14 people on stage when I went on stage for a sports car Nation. I joined by my good friend, Danny black and my good friends, you know, Oscar and Tony from cousins Collectibles. Great guys, all three of them and it was fun to Banter about to have his share the stage with him. I, you know, I think they had a great time and we all had fun and it was 30 minutes went super fast and It was great. Great meeting. I can't name everyone. I met in Atlantic City, just met a ton of people. People have been on the show that I've never met in person. I got to meet him in person fellow content creators again too many to list. I feel like we're refer turnit, E, I hope you feel the same way and that there were not so much competing as we're in the same space and just enjoying In the hobby together through, you know, content creation. So, met a lot of people in Atlantic City. I know people begged on the the city, don't get me wrong, I'm not moving there myself. But you know, for me for it being able to drive, my wife was able to go was really a fun time. We rented a beach house mates, bread Val. Logan, Logan, son, Tyler and had a good time. But you know, we're always home all the time with different events after the national collectible want to thank collectible. I got to meet my basketball. I told Chris Mullin I had no idea that was going down like that was really, just kind of happened and amazing, talk that hung out with Lawrence Taylor a little bit. So, just an incredible Nationally just seem to get better. Each and every year somehow and look forward to kind of continuing that tradition for as long as I can. And so just just a fun time and, you know, had a hobby hot like dinner at the national that was well intended. We ever had some people that weren't part of the show, you know, kind of sit with us and enjoy eating with us and talking and chatting and again just 

9:57 PM
You know, going too fast. We Just blurs by then you are already. Looking forward to the next one, which will be in Chicago. So I want to thank everybody involved with the national and everyone I met and all that go out of met, a lot of people. A lot of people who came up to me and, you know, so they listen to the show and very appreciative of that also independent agents were speaking of the Atlantic City. National trip. Got to meet Jeff wall. With the editor-in-chief of sports collectors digest, had been talking with him, prior to death, but I was the first time I got to meet him in person and then talk to him. You know, if I can only speak for myself, I felt like I've known them for years, we just sort of hit it off, conversation was easy and has led to well, you know, Agreement partnership with SED. They're they're one of the sponsors of sports Carnation and I was, you know, used to write back in the day and for tough stuff and small few other smaller Publications and you know, got the idea for a hobby is the people column each month enough. I'm getting to do that and I can tell you, you know, it's just been great to write about other people. Hi. Other people in that column living and dead, both. And I want to thank Jeff all ones who have become you know, close friends with and he's a great guy doing is going to really bring that publication back up to speed after some, you know, quiet years. And you know, looking forward to being a small part of that. Even with the Hobbies, the people column. So the Thank you big. Thank you to Jeff. Phone is for that. All right you know like I do to Syracuse show here. The local show here. That's about 4 to 6 times here. Now I want to personally thank you know Lynn Lake for work with me around my schedule and you know you know that show is you know kind of made it come back. There was a it started at it's been around 20 years so it's no spring chicken. You know, it had its kind of a Heyday and there was some low years and you know, lens built that thing back up and you know we'll probably have to get him on the show at some point quite frankly. But want to take my local Syracuse show Tops Upper Deck, Panini want to thank them for their generosity. They will send some products from time to time for me to review and also allows Me to give away some free cards and giveaways and some of the hits that are pulled from those review products. And so I want to thank them for you know, that opportunity. What's happened with this show, the past year we're going. But I promise you, we're coming down the home. Stretch here, we just hit our 200th, episode of sports card Nation, hobby, hot line. By the way, we just hit our 200th episode on hobby hotline and We had our hunger episode of hobby quick hits, you know, way earlier this year. So I think well this is episode 139 so you know to 200 episodes 100th episode and that doesn't happen. That's that's not me as much as it's a lot of other people and now I want to thank those a lot of other people, right? First and foremost there's no debate in this starts with you out there to listeners. That's right. People. Downloading the show, putting their earpieces in headphones on listening to me talk about. Who knows what? Right? Or the guest on sports car Nation, but it shoot a listener out there. That made this show number one, last four years. And number one keeps me my passion up keeps me doing it, and the show is grown so much in four years, listenership wise. And, and across the Bored. And it. Starts with you and please no, not a day goes by or any time I'm working on the show, doing some some work, whether it be editing, research, recording it never slips my mind like we can't do this without you. I might talk to myself sometimes during the course of my day but I don't want to talk to myself doing a podcast and I won't and you guys make it possible that I don't have to do that. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. You know, when we started this thing, I know I say this all the time, but when we started this thing, for years ago, obviously, we're nowhere near where we are today, but had no idea, we would be where we are today. That was not even in my mind's eye and so I can just again, thank you. I appreciate you, please. Please know that gas rights for at least on the sports car donation site. We've had guests on this show too so just the guess we've had on our podcast right just they'd really you know, they drive sports car Nation that's you know people can hear me on this show by myself for the most part, but sports car nation is a guest German show. That's our kind of Flagship show that started it all. And it's, you know, we've had some great people. You know, one of the things I'm proud of with the show, you know, we don't discriminate, right? We will have a seven-year-old collector or have a CEO and everybody in the in in between in the hobby male-female. The hobby is the people, right? All people. And I think Sports carnations from maybe a little Bowl here of Pat myself, on the back a little bit, his really epitomizes that, we've walked that talk. We stand behind And that tagline from from day one, when we, when we, when we put it onto the show and I want to thank all the great guests who've made changes to their schedule and accommodated us, so we could get them on the show. And we've had some, you know, we've had some big big-name guests on this year and, you know, not one of them. You know, told me I couldn't ask this or could Tasks that. And that's something else I'm appreciative. So, thank you to the guest. Thank you to the sponsors that make this show happen. We've got a couple new ones this year, replacing some other ones. And without the sponsors, this show could not be where it is today. And I want to thank those that, you know, want to be part of this. What we're what we're doing here and I appreciate And this morning just running you know a 30 to 60 second dad. It's it's a relationship and happy. So thank you to the sponsors for sure. You know, I've had some people send me some gifts here and there or letters you know, saying what thank you for the show and that sort of thing and I don't I don't Solicit 84, that believe me, but I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart to get a letter or no, or a gift from somebody who the show means that to them. And they take the time out of their day to do something like that. I just can't. Thank you enough. Just listening to the show. Like, I've already said is, is I can't thank you enough for that. But for those of you that even gone that extra mile, right? And said something, whether it be a note, a thank you card, or even a gift, you know, believe me, that's much appreciative. I've responded to anyone and everyone that's done that. And, you know, I appreciate that. Why don't, you know, one last thing something recently happened, I had to make a trip to the emergency room had a health scare, you know, not getting any younger. I'm going to be 50 here on Thursday Thanksgiving Which I know is not. You know, hopefully I'll have some life left but I had a scare where I had to make a trip to the emergency room. I think I just didn't really like one post on it because I wasn't sure it was going to affect whether we get all the shows out on time, thankfully, I'm okay, but I want to thank everyone out there. I got quite a bit of of emails texts and, you know, direct messages asking how I was Hope well wishes hope you're doing well, hope you feel better that sort of thing. And so that stuff really hits home right? That someone would you know care enough about you that the send you know, hope you're doing okay and well wishes and things like that and so I wanted I want to say a personal thank you for those folks and even if you were just thinking about me thank you as well. I think everything's okay, you know. Going to do a few different things in life, but I think we all have to do that. So it's a good thing. So again, thank you to everybody right again, not here, without each and every one of the people I mentioned, I tried to mention as everyone as many people, as I could, if I let someone off, I apologize. It was not done intentionally whatsoever but again, thank you. Buddy, enjoy Thanksgiving week, tell people. Thank you, right. Tell people what they mean to you. If there are important to you or, you know, they enrich your life in some form or fashion. Let him know that you acknowledge that and you're appreciative of the fact that I can tell you as someone who gets those, those really are just heartwarming, I'll make them feel good and make you feel good. I know sometimes I don't want to say was shy but where you know, We sometimes feel funny doing that if you will, I hope not but I guess some people do but tell people you love them. You appreciate them. Thank you for this. Thank you for that. Even if it's little things, right, those things all add up. So, enjoy Thanksgiving with you and yours and we'll see you here. The day. After Thanksgiving, Friday, we got Darren Garnet from cars for the Dr. They are an organization. Ation that, you know, the Dominican Republic, one of the poorest nations in the world, they get baseball cards to those young kids, who love baseball, who played baseball that brightens their day and it exposes the hobby to them. There. No card stores in the Dominican Republic and so it's a great thing Darren's doing. We're going to have my on Friday, talk about that and you know, kind of recruit you we need more people to About that cause so it's a great week to have them on Thanksgiving thankful for what he does. And and again, thanks, everybody have a great Thanksgiving with you and yours and stay safe. Stay healthy. We'll see you soon. All right. That's a wrap for episode 139. First off, I want to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. Second of all, you know, tell people. Thank you tell people what you mean to them how much you appreciate them. Life is short, hopefully sweet but sometimes short and you know, just communicating you know a simple thank-you or what someone did for you and what it means to. I think that's important and you know, that's kind of what I tried to do with this sort of year wrap up. 

10:10 PM
And definitely give up. And Kudos and self. So one last, thank you. As we call it an episode. Thank you out there that listen to this show sports car Nation, even hobby, hotline, without you out there, downloading viewing listening to the shows. We don't have the shows and so it all starts right there. What you folks, you can be doing other things, what your time. And yeah, you give some to myself. Cough, and the shows. And when the bottom of my heart, thank you as well. Again, have a great Thanksgiving. We'll see you here, Friday for another episode of sports car Nation with Darren. Garnet, from cards for the Dr. Great organization and will be back here a week from today for another episode of hobby quick hits. Take care.