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March 27, 2023

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.148 2023 MLB Season Preview

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.148 2023 MLB Season Preview

The 2023 MLB season is about to start. We go through the leagues picking division winners and wild card teams, we also predict who takes down the awards and who might be great plays to pick up cards in the hobby!

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The 2023 MLB season is about to start. We go through the leagues picking division winners and wild card teams, we also predict who takes down the awards and who might be great plays to pick up cards in the hobby!

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News

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Welcome to another edition of Habi Quickits.
It's time for our Major League Baseball Preview show.
We're going to go round both leagues.
Talk about division winners, wildcard teams according to me.
Take it to the bank as always.
And then we're going to go over some awards, right?
MVP, Saoyong, working to hear.
I'm going to tell you who, in my opinion, takes down these awards,
who comes close, maybe some young guns to keep an eye on,
especially Habi Wise and maybe buy some stuff as early as you can.
So we do this every year.
I do know baseball fairly well.
So you know, take that with a grain of salt.
But going to go again, we're going to cover awards, division winners,
wildcard teams and young players to watch.
So, I've been keeping tabs on spring training,
a lot of young players doing very, very well.
But before we get to show started,
let's hear from our great sponsors, Mojo Briggs,
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And after that, we'll get to show started.
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Let's check out this week's hobby wax releases.
Take it away.
Hey guys, this Max from the SportsCard shop in New Buffalo, Michigan,
and soon to be of Alperazzo.
We are bringing you guys the weekly leases for the next two weeks here.
We're starting off on the 29th of the Canadian Contenders football.
Panini Court King's Basketball, 2021 Upper Deck, SPX hockey.
On the 31st, we have 22 of the National Treasure Racing.
2222, 23, 23, Panini Worshens Basketball, H2, 22, 23,
Top Spig Lake Baseball, 22, Top Stadium Club, Crown Baseball,
23, Top Star Wars Signature Series, 22, 22, Top Transition Baseball, 23,
Wild Card 5 Card Drop Baseball, and on the 5th of April,
we have 22, 23, Panini Contenders Basketball, 22, Panini Limited Football,
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and 23, Panini Prison, WWE.
Thank you guys for tuning in the podcast and join the rest of the show.
Let's go round the hobby version, catch up on this week's hobby news!
Alright, quite a bit of news leading up into the Mint Collective Week.
You may have seen some representatives of fanatics at your car show.
You may have attended recently. They have sent out reps to attend.
Some of the bigger shows, not, you know, your, you know, backroom shows,
but some of your more regional bigger shows, including Michael Rubin,
himself, who went to the silly show. I don't think he, you know, traveled that far,
but why, and the reasoning remains to be seen, but if you ask me,
I think they're just trying to, you know, gauge the temperature of the hobby,
observe some stuff, you know, how the sausage gets made on the other side of the wall,
as well. PSA, who recently announced that we're going to start grading in 1984, 85 star,
cards, something they went away from for a while, have now announced that they are going to
grade all these star produced basketball cards.
Now that being said, there are a lot of fugazis, so hopefully they weed those out,
and obviously catch those. A predict big announcement with the future flagship hockey release,
starting in the 2023-24 product, guy named Connor Proudarred is going to be in that one of the biggest prospects
to come in to hockey in a while, at least on hype.
Packs are going to be 899 instead of 499. They used to be 24 packs per box and 8 cards per pack,
and I'm going to be 12 packs per box and 12 cards per pack. So you used to get a
hundred ninety two cards, now you'll get a 144. There's going to be three inserts per pack,
so you're going to get 36 inserts per box. So out of 144 cards, 136 of them will be parallels
or inserts. Speaking of parallels, they are changing parallels, including the young guns.
You're going to see what's called outside our outburst red, number to 25, outburst silver,
outburst deluxe to 250, and brace yourself for the first time ever, outburst gold's number one of one.
So big changes coming to a predict flagship.
Phenetics has announced the deal with winners alliance. That's the basically the players association of pro tennis to produce tennis cards.
This is not a short term deal. They signed a 20 year contract, much like rumored to be in the other sports as well.
No further details than that. When a product, one to first product will release or anything like that,
and it kind of pack out or spec sheet numbers, just that they signed a 20 year deal,
what winners alliance to produce tennis cards. So tennis cards are making a comeback.
You don't have to keep going back to the future and buying just net pro cards.
The Gibbs marketplace has announced that this isn't really new news, but being we do to show every other week now,
we didn't announce it. They're closing up shop.
I'd like to say it, but I think in the new hobby that we're in, you're going to see a little bit more that as the year goes on company's not getting it done or not making a stain above water.
What not had some problems recently? Most no. Had some bad breakers, right?
Take stuff off camera, keep some stuff that should have went to a consumer.
People obviously were travel quick, people complain.
What not is said they have dealt with those that were accused of doing that.
And they're going further than that. They want to have what's called what not watch, and they're going to pay some folks to literally watch breaks.
And notify the company of any illicit doings or bad going on.
They also announced that they will be used to archive any kind of strings, but now they are going to start working.
They can pull them up and look at them anytime they want. That's the news.
Alright guys, we're going to go round each league here kind of talk about the teams who's going to win divisions, playoffs, all that good stuff. Again, opinions are only my own, but I am a very big baseball fan.
So there is some, you know, some knowledge in there somewhere.
So let's start with the ALEs. I'm going to talk about my pick to win it and maybe why. And that's going to be a surprise here. Maybe to some, maybe to some not Toronto.
Think this is the year Toronto with all that young hitting, which is still young, you know, the Besheat Square or Junior's and they've added to that.
This is the year I think they come up and, you know, I don't think it's a big surprise. I think it will be a surprise. I think Toronto wins the ALEs.
I think the Yankees are going to take a little step back. You know, I know they added Carlos Rodin, but he's a little next up. And I just think again, this is Toronto's year to make the move.
Their pitching staff is quite Lee very good, right? He added by Alex Manoa, a son, a young candidate now every year. Chris Bassett added Kevin Gosman, Jose Barrios added a young outfielder from Arizona, don't varsho to that everyday line up.
And Whitmeryfield, you forgot that trade last year that brought Whit over from the Royal season. Very good Major League Baseball hitter. I think the pieces are in place for Toronto to win the ALEs.
Let's go across to the National League, stay with the East team and I'll East now. Most of most people know I'm a Matt's fan and that's my pick. I know it's a Homer pick, but listen, they've spent the most money.
And you know, they lost the ground and they added vertlander to take his spot. They made a bunch of signings to the middle and back end of the rotation as well.
Paid big money to get code a Senga from Japan. And there's no excuses here. They didn't trade any of their minor league prospects, including Francisco Alvarez, Marc Riento's Brent Bady and others.
And so there's no excuses. They're line up the stack. I mean, I would like to see him go and get another outfielder, but you know, the cupboard is full and it's the toughest division in baseball, right? Let's be real.
And now, East is the toughest division in baseball. You've got to fill East, the Braves, both capable of winning 100 games potentially. I'm going to go with my Homer pick, the Matt's. Again, no excuses this year. They've loaded up for bear and I think they get it done. Let's stay in the National League over to the Central Division. Another, there was a tough call. I was one point leading Milwaukee and another point looking at what I did pick.
And I'm picking the Cardinals to defend that division title. I think Milwaukee pushes them, but ultimately I think the Cardinals hold them off. You know, this I think's the year Tyler O'Neill really puts it together. Jack Ferry can get healthy.
And he's, you know, he's a great pitcher when he's on on the mound and you know, Jordan Walker, remember that name. We're going to talk about him again here in a little bit, but a great young player in the Alfield.
And you know, with the Cardinals, you got Aaron out of gold, Schmidt and you know, they're line up bull is very, very formidable. So let's head over to the American League Central.
And again, some good teams here, right Minnesota Cleveland, Chicago White Sack. Again, this is another tough call. I'm going with the twins. I think it's going to be up until the last week, the last day the season is division is being vied for.
And I want to win the win. I love the addition of Pablo Lopez from the Marlins to that pitching staff. He got boxed in a piece of healthy five to player career. We all know what happened with two fake signings and then winds up going back to Minnesota. I think he's got a trip on the shoulder.
Something to prove and if Alex Correlov can stay healthy. This guy's a major league ball player. He just can't stay healthy, but a few stays healthy. Look out. I'm going to go minnesota, but in a tightly contested division.
That'll be contested to the last day. AL West Houston. I know they're sort of consistent choice and you know, I know they lost for a lander, but they got I think a finally healthy and out of trouble far as willy remember him on the mound.
And there young pitching staff is great. And the Exodus of Verlander opens up a spot for those young pitchers. You're a queen and those guys and Christian Harry Air.
I don't think they miss a beat to add Jose and Brayout to that line up added to you know, you're in Alvarez. I look pregnant, cow Tucker. I mean one to nine that there's no easy outs in that line up and you know, two of them in all those guys.
So I think Houston is chalk here. And so let's go over some of the wild cards, right? Teams that I didn't pick any American League. So I would der Division winners. I got Toronto Minnesota Houston. I got wild cards.
I think the Yankees getting in as a wild card. I think that young Seattle team is ready for the post season and there again another pitching staff people don't talk about silent. We all know who the old right regas who wants to prove that his rookie season was no fluke and now he's in MVP candidate.
And so I'm going to go and I think Cleveland who just misses out on taking down Minnesota gets in as a wild card. So I'm going to go Cleveland the Yankees and Seattle is the three wild cards teams to keep an eye on the white socks.
I think they're very, very good. If they stay healthy, they could win that division and not even be a team to watch. And the Baltimore Warriors, one of the best young teams in baseball in the lineup that's in the big leagues and in their minor league system coming up.
So they're moving in the right direction. They remind me of what Toronto was three or four years ago. I think that's where Baltimore is. And so you know that that ALEs might be Baltimore and Toronto sort of replacing the Yankees and Red Sox at the top end of that.
So we'll see. All right. Let's go back to the national league. Give it to me. And I'll ask. I think this is the year the Dodgers get the throne and I think it's the Padres that do it. They're loaded obviously in the lineup.
Oedo, Nelson Cruz is there, they signed Xavier Bogearts from the Red Sox, Fernando Titis,
who is out to prove that he doesn't need performance and enhancing drugs to play well, to
And again, another pitching rotation that you forget about.
Blake's now Joe Musgrove, I know he's battling a little injury.
Michael Waka's there now.
I'm a new Irish at the top of that and they got some young players that maybe finally
recovered from injuries.
And guy, I used to like back in the day.
You might recognize the name when it was with Tampa Bay.
Brett Honeywell looks like he's finally injury free and ready to be a major league player
and the Red Sox guy, they got from the Red Sox in the Air Cosmere Deal, pitcher J.
The first one is a good game.
He's actually playing very well and spring is not giving up a run.
So remember that name, J. Groove for the Padre.
So I did mention Machado, I don't think so.
Him is one.
That team is loaded and I think it's them or the Dodgers.
I'm going to go with the Padre.
So for my three wild cards on the national league side, I'm going to go with the Dodgers
who just miss out in my opinion on winning the division.
San Diego takes it.
I think the Philadelphia Phillies, they won a hundred games last year.
They add trade Turner for wasn't for me being a home where my matchpick.
They would have been the picks.
So I think they get in easily at the wild card.
And I think Atlanta is going to take a step back this year.
I think there's some problems there with Akuna and contract issues.
But they're still a very good team.
They won a hundred games last year.
I don't think they're going to be as good as last year's version.
But they're going to be very good.
And I think they get the third wild card.
So division winners, Matt St. Louis, San Diego, wild cards, Philly, the Dodgers and the
Atlanta Braves.
Keep an eye on team.
The Brewers.
I think they're right there.
And you got one of the best pictures in baseball and corpsman burns.
And the reds.
I know traditionally the reds have kind of been like with the pirates as two of the
worst teams in baseball.
But I think the reds are slowly coming up the speed.
They're going to be interesting to watch.
And they got some great young players in their own right.
Let's talk about some awards.
We're going to close out with the awards.
Let's start with the AL MVP.
And there's a lot of great candidates.
Show a mic trout, yard and hours.
Aaron, judge.
I'm going to go yard and hours.
I think what the added protection in the lineup, he's going to have a monster season.
I think this is people know about them now.
But I think this is where he really sticks his flag and the ground and says, I'm here.
I'm legit.
And I'm for real.
So I'm going yard and hour as close second.
Ding, mic trout gets back to being the mic trout everyone knows.
I think the angels are going to be a better team.
They've had some free agent acquisitions in pitching.
And they're not going to win that AL West, but they're going to be better.
And mic trout is going to have a full season of mic trout type baseball.
And I think you can easily win the award.
But I want to go yard and hours for it.
American League and repeal.
I said over to the national league.
Again, no shortage of candidates.
You got your guys in St. Louis, Aaron Otto, coach who did win it last year.
I like Tray Turner with the Phillies having a good year for the match.
Maybe Alonzo, Lendor could be in that mix now as he's now fully comfortable.
But I'm going to go with someone I haven't mentioned yet.
Moogie bats, I think the Dodgers are going to need him more than ever.
They've lost some hitters.
He doesn't have the protection.
But I think he's going to kind of put the Dodgers on his back and get him to the playoffs.
I got him as a wild car team.
I think Moogie bats really has the Moogie bats season.
The Dodgers envisioned when they got him away from the Red Sox.
So your now, whereas Moogie bats, your A.L. and M.A. and M.V.P.
According to me anyway, let's stay in the N.L. and go over the Saoyang Award winner prediction.
He won it last year.
I'm a fantasy team.
So I'm sort of partial to him.
But Corbin Burns is probably one of the best pictures.
It doesn't get talked about enough.
And you know, very good.
You got.
So I think he repeats.
But there's so many other candidates.
Right, Verlander Scherzer, you know, Al-Kantara in Miami.
It's a, you know, you probably hear more about him if he didn't play in Miami, Max Fried
in Atlanta.
And, you know, I know I'm forgetting somebody.
But I'm going with Burns to repeat in the A.L.
I'm going with kind of a dark horse.
I know everyone likes Garrett Cole.
Alex Minow was going to have a great year.
He could win it again.
I'm going with a kind of, uh, he's in the mix.
But I don't think many people would pick him.
Dylan sees from the white socks.
They're just incredible stuff.
Learning how to pitch.
I think he's ready to take that even next step for the white socks.
They could win that division.
And if that happens, this guy's going to be one of the major reasons why.
So Dylan ceases my A.L.
Saoyong pick.
All right.
One of everyone's favorite part of when we do the show each year is the rookie
of the year picks, right?
Because it really has the biggest impact on the hobby, right?
Rookie of the years cards go up the most of the biggest ceiling.
Usually, and you can buy them sometimes, you know, I definitely had a more affordable price
now rather than once the season really fully gets going.
So some of the candidates that made my list, you know,
herson could curse that in motormores, looking good in spring, you know, back healthy.
He could easily win it another or again, these Oreos are young and good gunner Henderson,
Another candidate should play every day.
And he's going to put up pretty big numbers.
So I like those two guys, but they're not my pick for A.L. Rookie or my pick.
Plays and bossing, he should be their starting first basement.
And I think this is the year he really is raw still, but I think he has a big enough
rookies of the year type season.
He wins it.
And that's Tristan Casas from the Red Sox.
That's my A.L. Rookie of the Year pick.
Let's go to the NL for Rookie of the Year.
And man, so many, so many.
My guy Brett Bady from the Metz.
I'm hoping he wins that third base job job.
He's going to be a major league baseball player for a long time.
One of those kind of guys could easily win a rookie the year.
Jordan Walker, keeping eye on that kid in St. Louis.
I don't know if he makes the ball club, but that's going to be a tough, you know, send
out when the time comes in.
He won't be down long.
Even if he gets sent down, it doesn't make the team coming out of camp.
He's going to be up very quickly.
And he's a five, five, two guy too.
And looks to be a major league stud.
So Jordan Walker, keep that name in your mind.
But the guy I'm going to go with, Arizona's made room for this kid.
He, again, another five, two type player.
They traded, don't varshow to make room for him.
And that's Corbin Carroll.
I know he was at the top's conference and you know, top's has been having them at different
He's legit.
He's going to start.
He's going to play every day and he can contribute on so many different levels.
And I think it's going to be him in Brett, Brady for the nationally rookie year.
I won't be in a home or here.
I'll go with Carroll.
I hope it's Brady as a match fan, but I'll go with Corbin Carroll.
But you know, one thing I know this year, it just seems a lot.
A young players are playing really well in spring training.
And that's a great sign for major league baseball in the future of the sport in the league.
So it's going to be fun to watch.
It'd be fun to look back when the year is set and done and see how my picks did.
Again, you know, you're betting variety, you know, at your own, at your own risk.
So, but there you go.
Hope you enjoyed the episode.
And we're going to go and have some closing thoughts and we'll wrap up the show.
Thank you.
All right.
Thank you for listening to another episode of Happy Quick It's.
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We'll see you next week.