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April 24, 2023

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.151 Syracuse Show/Trade Night Review

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.151 Syracuse Show/Trade Night Review

Back home for a show review on my home turf, besides the normal show on Sunday, I set up at Toyfest for SGC submissions for the first time, watched Sargeant Slaughter be a spry 74 year old dude and checked in on my local trade night. Bought a great...

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Back home for a show review on my home turf, besides the normal show on Sunday, I set up at Toyfest for SGC submissions for the first time, watched Sargeant Slaughter be a spry 74 year old dude and checked in on my local trade night. Bought a great 11 card deal at the end of Sunday's show.

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Hey everybody, welcome to another edition of Habbi Quick Hits. Today's episode is pertaining to my weekend here in the Syracuse area.
I'm going to show you the first hour of the week. I'm going to review the weekend that was for me as I sometimes do when I'm going to be in the middle of the week.
That's what this episode will entail. I hope you enjoy. First, we're going to hear from our great sponsors Mojo Break.
We'll get into some Habbi news and the releases coming up for your ripping pleasure.
They ship worldwide to your doorstep. Their reputation as one of the most trusted in the Habbi goes unmatched. They are the 2021 Top's Rip Party Champion Breakers.
From SportsCard to Pokemon cards, their selection can't be beat. They offer daily deals and pre-orders.
Hey guys, John Newman here. Mojo's prices are already great, but to save an additional 10% off anything in their store used to code Quick Hits. That's QU, ICK, HITS.
Check out the full service store that's opened seven days a week in Santa Clara, California or the website at mojobreak.com.
Let's check out this week's Hobbi Wax releases. Take it away, Max.
It is Max here from SportsCard to new Buffalo Mission Learn and soon to be Valparais.
We are bringing you guys the weekly releases for this week here. We're starting off on the 26th with 23 Bowman Baseball, 23 Bowman's Best University Football.
2022, Panini Kitchen Tenders Optic Football, 2023 Trider Star Autograph Baseball and Widenesty.
2022, 23 Top's UEFA Club Competition Soccer, Upper Decks and Ibox J and Silent Bob Reboot.
2022, 23 Upper Decks and Energy Hockey, 2023 Onix for Fur Players, Collection Baseball, 2022.
On the 28th, we have 22, 23 Panini Prison Baseball Fast Break, 2023 Panini Prison UFC, 2023 Sage Hits, High Series Football Blaster, 2023 Sage Hits, High Series Football Hobby,
2023 Top's Athletes Unlimited All Sports and on the 3rd of May, I believe we have 23 historic autographs of originals back to Back Baseball, 2023 Leaf Bivid Baseball, 2023 Panini Slut Premier League Soccer, 2023 Panini Star and Stripes Baseball, 2022 Upper Decks and Champions, 2021 Upper Decks,
Ultimate Collection, Hockey and on the 5th for our final release of this week, we have 22, 23 Leaf Multi Graphics Baseball.
I appreciate you guys tuned into the podcast and join the best of the show.
Hobby News Daily is your home page of the hobby, providing original writing, exclusive gem rate data, a daily morning minute podcast, and some of the best content creators in the hobby. Remember hobbynews daily.com and at Hobby News Daily on social.
Happy collecting!
Let's go round the hobbyverse and catch up on this week's hobby news!
Lots to report since the last hobby quick hits, current news and some stuff that happened in the two weeks since our last HQH.
Let's start with the hot button topic, right?
The fanatics, Panini and their talent, that number is up to 35 employees taking their talents to fanatics for similar roles.
Panini has found a lawsuit claiming unfair labor practices against fanatics. We'll see how this plays out.
Panini employees have a new fanatic, a new fanatic, a new fanatic, a new fanatic.
I don't like doing speculation stories all the time, but I will do one here.
The next week is the host of the fanatics, a new fanatic, a new fanatic, a new fanatic, a new fanatic.
I've heard about three to five different things. I'm going to give my two cents. Again, I have no insight info.
This is my opinion, but I feel like Lee is talking to Panini about an acquisition and a merger where Lee Fempley's and Brian Gray Greggcon go to Panini and fill all those roles.
I've talked about 35 of them that left to head different addicts. I think if that is the case, again, all speculation on my part, that's the case.
Panini from having to sell to fanatics, which I think they are trying to do. It also sets them up in 2026 when Panini loses the license and will have to make do without those licenses.
Or not love them, right? Who knows best how to produce cars and be fairly successful without a license? Brian Gray of Lee, right?
So if you have him on your staff, or a two years in, right, two to three years in, they can prepare Panini for life after licensing. So that's how I see it.
That doesn't mean I'm right. I've heard some other theories that fanatics is behind Lee. I'd be shocked with that. Well, I don't see that. So I'm thinking Panini merges, acquires, partners with Lee brings over all their employees to fill major major holes in the ship and prepare for life after licensing with kind of the poster boy for that and Brian Gray in a few years.
That's my prediction. We'll find out if it's much to do about nothing or if it's reality.
Albertac is doing football again. All right, not the NFL, but USFL. They've got the license scene. Do do the USFL. They are second year back after their hiatus and their return.
They released a 16 card preview EPAC set and they will be obviously releasing packs and singles and all that for the second year of the USFL. Did you see Adam Sandler at the Long Island National on the half after in Hofstra this past weekend?
He was there. We're in a big coat and glasses and a hat, but very recognizable. Probably doing research for his new baseball card in memorabilia movie that he plays a dealer in.
So probably doing some sort of undercover research. He was recognized. Not truly undercover on the job training. Maybe as they say, eBay will be sponsoring a bunch of trade nights at some probably stores you've heard of kind of a trade night world tour had the eBay to find out what neighborhood and what LCS.
They will be sponsoring a trade night at next Tim Horton's in upper deck of sort of announced a surprise set. We all know they do each year. They do the Tim Horton's cards and they're doing the legends packs. They kind of did it very quietly didn't say much about it and just announced their doing legends packs.
Packs are a book with any other purchase of dollar 99 without one. Three cards a pack two base cards one insert or parallel say 180 cards set also feature features the Canadians women's team and also has
Grettsky auto so 99 total very rare and hard to pull don't want to make them sound like they're easy but 99 Grettsky cards on a graph Patrick Walker 33 noticing the trend and those are jersey numbers and haily wicked hizer from that woman's team 22 of those so sort of a surprise Tim Horton's upper deck
released there so and they make some really really beautiful cards I try to get some of those even those they don't we don't have him here at the Tim Horton's we have here in the states I do try to pick up some online when I can.
In our last story the autographed signers for the national in Chicago have been announced I'm going to run through this list quickly for kind purposes a lot of Hall of Famers let's start with baseball Johnny Bench Ricky Henderson Mike Schmidt Frank Thomas Robin youns new Hall of Famer Scott Roland Jeff Bagwell Wade box Roger Clemens that's interesting
and a rally fingers Steve Garvey, a glad-garrero senior Rich goose guy since Jim caught in his 80s now will be there 20 Perez Ryan Sandberg and Ted Simmons for football Joe Montana Joe Marino Jim Kelly and its Smith Eric Dickerson Ray Lewis Bruce Smith Kirk Warner Syracuse universities Larry's uncle chant Bailey Derek Brook
Brooks Chris Carter Marshall Falk Michael Irwin James Loughden Adrian Peterson Warren Sap Ed and Andre Reed no relation but they both reads will be there and Charles Woodson Floyd may weather from boxing and NBA Hall of Famers Walt Frazier Joe Doomars Kevin McHale Robert Perish and Bill Walton so a
who's who of all of the famous as we usually expect signing at the national and sometimes meet more names to come
all right let's start with Saturday so Saturday here in Syracuse I like the promoter of my home sports card show collectors fast he sometimes he does about three or four toy fast
the each year toy fast are just what it sounds like old games toys figurines, funcows, star wars figures, 70s games board games a little of everything there are some cards
there are some card dealers that do set up I traditionally don't and sometimes toy fast will be on Saturday and collectors fast the car show will be on Sunday but once a year that's what actually happens
well this weekend was that occurrence and so promoter Lynn Lake has been on this show asked me hey John can you come Saturday to you know take SG submissions I think you'll get some Pokemon cards
so maybe you know TCG type cards for SG seed I'm going to be there Sunday with my two tables and the third table being an SG submission but he wanted to know could I come for the toy fast and I kind of you know voice my concerns that I don't know how many cards I would get I might be sitting there all day and not get a sub and that was a big fear of mine right I don't mind kind of being a team player and helping out but
you know you spend six eight hours somewhere and you don't get any submissions you know you could be doing other things all right so we had a we know we had a conversation and we worked out a deal I'm not going to get into the
particular but we worked out a deal and I was there Saturday to take some subs and it was a pleasant surprise I got between 30 and 40 cards from people walking through the door non dealer non dealers and I got a couple other larger submissions from
dealers on site so overall wasn't too bad every day was actually a lot better than I was anticipating sergeant slaughter was on hand signing autographs let me tell you about this guy I would my table was about ten feet away from his
time and I'm the way was set up a momentarily facing him looking at him and what a great guy he was there he got there at nine thirty seventy four years old looks younger than is a look like he could still wrestle and great shape 74 years old he was he got there at nine thirty and he was there till three o'clock
time and I took like one one hour break for like lunch but was there the three o'clock signed a lot of autographs there's a lot of people there to meet them get pictures people in copper clutches signed belts eight by ten's
you name it he signed a very personable right we hear stories a lot of times he's athletes or celebrities write their heads down they signed the the photo they never look up and they just kind of slide the thing back and and he was a hundred percent of the
people and he was very personable shook hands was great with the kids that was really very impressed have a new found respect for sergeant slaughter 74 years old and
he was bright and just engaging and you know it was fun to watch really you know for the slow times that I did have at my table being a toy festival he was entertainment in himself and it made the day a lot more fun and manageable and so want to give a shout out to
the father Robert remiss this is real name for those that the wonder but great guy and I didn't really get to talk to him kind of exchanged you know kind of head nods in that sort of thing but very impressed there and you know made it was a fun Saturday then kind of packed I didn't really have to pack up because it was just my S.G.C. table so that will remain there for that would remain there for Sunday show and went home spend a couple hours with family and
then hated headed to G and G's Galiens Galleries trade night they do one of these a month and you know it's a three hour thing and they've grown since they started them and headed there just I didn't bring cards this time I just came there to represent as she see and take any
S.G.C. subs at the trade night had had a few had some cards submitted on a ton but had a few walked around checked out people's inventory stayed there like I
said and I think I've been in the case advertised for about an hour and a lot of kids and you know my feelings on that very happy to see a lot of kids with the showcases set up trading buying selling on trade night and good to see a lot of modern a lot of modern at the store and trade night so not a lot sort of moves my meter and so I didn't I didn't acquire anything or buy anything like I said took some cards in for a lot of people.
I said took some cards in for a piece of submission and kind of after about an hour headed out and headed home to get ready for the show on Sunday so I'm sad today before we get to Sunday my very good friend Chad who I've known for 30 years he's actually my son Jordan's godfather has recently started doing shows and you know this show this
is a good card show was sold out but I went to the lens of the promoter and said hey my buddy Chad if table opens up he'd love to take one and that line texted me I sat at a night said hey if Chad needs a table I had someone cancel last minute and I'll put them near you guys can you know be set up together so I called Chad up let him know the good news and so let's get into Sunday so kinda did my new setup with the new set up
with the new bulletin board cases I spoke about on hobby quick hits last week with what I saw on Springfield and I will say this there those are spreading I did see a few other dealers at my home show it's
good news today with them as well overall did very well at the show Sunday had a lot of fun hanging out with Chad he would watch my stuff I went out to the food truck and got some lunch and vice versa
it's always nice when you're set up at a show with someone you're super close with right he's like a brother to me like I said I've known him 30 years you can tell goofy jokes and just kind of be yourself and so he's really gotten into the hobbies
and buying a lot of vintage lots and kind of beefing up his inventory and really getting into it I have to have I think I'm going to have a mine a few trepid sort of sports carnation that kind of talk about sort of how he's getting in this quick and fast and doing a great job and doing well as well so pretty good show I didn't break any sales records or anything like that but solid show you know almost 200 subs
for as you see which is nice you know that always help as well so very good on that and and you know metal you know talk to a lot of people I know it's my home show so that's nice benefited that is familiar faces great conversations and a lot of new
subbers you know I have a lot of return subbers that were ready in previous subs that came back which is good sign that you're providing a great service right and I have a lot of new subbers and that's great as well so this is really sort of you know and I'm streamlining the process what I do now with my bulk subs is everything is
put everyone's email on an email chain and I keep everybody in the loop about the status of the submission right the cards have been shipped they're in Florida being
they're under way back they are here make arrangements pick them up so rather than make you know 40 calls let's say or 30 calls I can send one email blast to to everybody so that's something I've incorporated
into that from the jump but now kind of streamlining the whole process and makes my life a little bit easier true speed told and so you know overall good show you know it's not full ball season so we didn't get everyone like kind of leaving at one o'clock but
it kind of started off slow I kind of a slow start and then you know the middle was really the busy part and then it kind of dwindled the clothes it out but just before they were going to close the doors I had a gentleman come up to me hadn't bought I made a trade with a young man for a bobby wit
and just before they were going to you know they made the announcement like ten minutes and the shows closed in you know a middle aged man came up to me had stack of graded cards in his hand about you know 11 cards and asked if I was buying I told him I really like
vintage he said I don't have any vintage but I'm looking to move some cards here and so I can go home and bring some money back home to my wife and I said well I'll take a look you know I felt that I
really should you know wasn't a whole box he just had a minutes hand I would take a look so I took a look at these 11 cards and I'm you know they're nice I'm going to tell you what they are here in a minute and I asked them are you selling them individually are you looking to move them all as one kind of bulk lot because they had like to move them all in one lot and I'm like you have a price in mind so he mentioned a price in mind and I as you know I don't give a lot of those numbers out
for obvious reasons but we negotiated a price that was that worked for me and I bought the 11 cards and so again they weren't vintage but this was really a pretty decent deal so I'm going to go through these kind of quick I don't want to make this any longer
there's two twenty twenty one on X vintage autographs Justin Herbert one is the green whether only 50 it's a CSG 10 one is the blue it's also the blues are to 400 that's a CSG 10 those are two very nice cards a
a diva's a diverse select rookie red number to 99 that was the CGS 9 a 2019 leaf valiant rising stock green prisma prismatic
Jordan Alvarez auto back it graded 9.5 a this one's a big card I kind of thought it was without actually looking it up they 2017 national treasures rookie NFL gear combo materials
hatching homes with the shine Watson can't help that but CGS 9.5 that's a really nice card number to 99 dual patches a second year Patrick Mahomes from 2018
Panini rookie's in stars is the red and blue parallel number to 25 that's a CSGA.5 a 2019 Bowman's best future foundations die cut hunter green gold refractor auto number to 50 CSG 9.5 a
2018 Bowman's best Louis Robert atomic refractor auto number to 25 CSG 9 a 2018 Bowman platinum top prospects auto Shane Bieber the red parallel number 10 out of 10 for you eBay 101 fans
and two more cards it kind of go through as I go through quickly 2019 leaf flash autographs who you're right reggae's blue auto number to 50 CSG 10
last but not least 2019 leaf flash flash a brilliant autographs alic manoa the yellow one of ones the SG 10 so alic manoa one of one brilliant sleeve auto CSG 10 so in
cap in a mouth I did very well for what I paid for and gentlemen get to bring home some money to his wife and it was nice because I hadn't really bought some modern cards quite frankly in a while so it's nice to kind of get some fresh stock in the showcases you know obviously
at shows you sell your cards and I really haven't replaced a lot of my modern stuff from the last few shows and so this allowed me to get some of these cards out probably list them on some site as well some of them may make kind of hold back and and time and everything right I won't list them in wait till maybe the season starts for some you know for the Herbert I haven't decided yet but kind of a good deal to end the day wasn't necessarily looking for it sort of fell
my way and I you know they say a great a great deal is one where both parties feel good about it and I know the gentleman was was pleased and I'm pleased with the purchase as well so a good way sort of wrap up the Sunday I'm not going to lie I'm recording this after the show and I am tired I'm pretty exhausted but the got to get the content out there and I have no show on the
dock it's scheduled until September but you know my buddy chance like hey we got to you know try to do a show before that and that's a long way up and so we're going to look around New York state here
I know there's one in up north and the northern part of New York state city called Watertown New York there's a military base up there called Fort Drum
They're starting to do shows up there so maybe we'll look into setting up at that one but you know it was a good really fun day
Tatt long you know not long but tiring day ended on a good note with that that purchase made a trade earlier in the day for that
Bobby would to 250 and so always nice to get some fresh inventory into the cases and bulletin board cases very well a few people even commented on them
Like it's really sharp you know people who remembered my old all state thicker taller you know heavier cases
I don't know you know a couple people who even refer to the show like hey I these are the ones you talked about on your podcast and I'm like that's them making their
They be here today so a lot of great interactions conversations make making a decent sale day almost 200 cards
Heading SGC's way here early this week and just having a lot of fun and like I said don't really want to wait till September to do another show
So we're going to check the doc and see what we can find so what that being said
We're going to call it an episode and a few more words before we get out of here, but take care everybody will talk to you soon
All right, thank you for listening to another episode of hobby quick hits want to give out our social media starting with our website
Which is www.sportscar nation podcast.com
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Again, thanks for listening we'll see you next week