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May 8, 2023

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.152 Q & A (3rd Ed)

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.152 Q & A (3rd Ed)

Question and Answer is back again. These are fun. Please keep your questions coming, hobby or even Off-Topic. Thanks!

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News

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Question and Answer is back again. These are fun. Please keep your questions coming, hobby or even Off-Topic. Thanks!

*New Product Release Schedule
*Hobby News

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SPEAKER 2: Hobby quick hit delivering their breaking hobby news directly to your in laws.

SPEAKER 1: I know those hot drops from the car shops.

SPEAKER 1: We've got you covered your hope, John, a new name.

SPEAKER 2: Hey, everybody. Welcome to episode 1 52 of Hobby Quick Hits today.

SPEAKER 2: Another Q and A episode. I've been getting some questions and kind of putting them to the side to make these Q and A episodes. I hope, this is the third edition of them. I hope you enjoyed the first two.

SPEAKER 2: Also, with that being said, keep those questions coming. They can be on topic with highly related or you could go a little off topic if it's, if it's good enough, I'll select it and still run it on the show. So keep those questions, comment.

SPEAKER 2: We appreciate them and allows us to do these, Q and A episodes every, you know, 4 to 6 weeks and, kind of fun to, to let our hair down and just answer some questions that may be on your mind and, and chances are, if, if you ask someone else might be wondering the same thing. So we're gonna hear from our great sponsors Mojo Break. And right after that, we'll get the show started with the product releases for the next two weeks.

SPEAKER 3: Some news that happened in the hobby and then your question, Mojo brick shop dot com is the best place to get your sealed wax products and breaks.

SPEAKER 3: They not only have the best selection but the best prices, whether it's a box or a whole case. They are your guys, they ship worldwide to your doorstep their reputation as one of the most trusted in. The hobby goes unmatched.

SPEAKER 3: They are the 2021 tops rip party champion breakers from Sports Card to Pokemon cards. Their selection can't be beat.

SPEAKER 3: They offer daily deals and preorders.

SPEAKER 2: Hey guys, John Newman here, Moo's prices are already great, but to save an additional 10% off anything in their store use the code quick hits. That's Q U IC K H I T s.

SPEAKER 2: Check out the full service store that's open seven days a week in Santa Clara, California or the website at Mojo Break dot com.

SPEAKER 2: Alright.

SPEAKER 4: Let's check out this week's hobby. Wax releases. Take it away. Max.

SPEAKER 5: Hey guys, it's Max from the Sports Card shop in New Buffalo and soon to be Valparaiso and I'm bringing you guys the week of releases for this week. On the 10th, we have panini do baseball, optic, basketball, pans, optic football D D prison U F C undercard. And on the 12th we have Leaf signature series basketball. Panini do racing.

SPEAKER 5: And on the 17th, we have Penne Crown, basketball. Penne Revolution, W W E Penne Select FIFA soccer and 2021. 22 upper deck. Clear cut hockey. And we have 2022 Leaf art of hockey on the 19th for our last release. Enjoy the show.

SPEAKER 6: Let's go round the hobby verse and catch up on this week's hobby news.

SPEAKER 2: Huge set auctioned off at Mile High Card company. A 1968 tops, complete set with, listen to this 572 cards. P S A 10 out of the 598. So all the cards except 26 cards were P S A 10.

SPEAKER 2: But the set itself got an overall rating of 9.94 on the P S A registry.

SPEAKER 2: Meaning, you know, even those 26 cards that weren't P S A tens were very high grades. Most being nines, including the Nolan Ryan Rookie. It brought $1.4 million. There was an option. They were selling single cards concurrently and whatever bids were higher was the direction they were going to go. So, if the single cards combined brought more than what someone would bid on the whole set, they would have broken it.

SPEAKER 2: But the whole set actually bids were higher than the indi individual cards. So, one buyer is getting that whole set.

SPEAKER 2: The highest graded ever. 1968 top set quite a quite of purchase. There be interesting to see what the new owner, does with the cards.

SPEAKER 2: Police department in Lansing, Michigan have had to arrest one of their own officers, Gregory Tracy has been arrested on retail fraud charges, alleging that he, cost Meyer Corporation, $10,000. What was he doing?

SPEAKER 2: Switching prices? Right. Meyer comes in stocks the shelves at Walmart and, or Target.

SPEAKER 2: He's been doing it since January and April. And what he was doing was taking the lower price tags off the lesser product and switching them with the higher, higher end products, buying the more expensive wax for the cheaper prices and then reselling it and, obviously making profits.

SPEAKER 2: Anyone knows that's, that's fraud or theft. I call it theft, but the official charge is, is fraud again, was doing it between January and April in numerous counties.

SPEAKER 2: He has been placed, he's not fire as of yet. He's been placed on administrative leave as he awaits his trial. He's, released on $10,000 bail. So, law enforcement officer, switching price tags, making money costing mere 10-K. The other big story from, recently P W C C, doing very well. You know, with their auctions and, and their new things that they're rolling out, but they recently reduced staff by 25%.

SPEAKER 2: Now they are down to, 100 30 employees from about 100 50 160. But what's making more the news than the staff reduction itself is how they went about. The business of letting people go was a 10 minute, phone call to let staff know, that they are no longer employed.

SPEAKER 2: And while on that call, all the, employees accounts, were shut down and they were locked out all their email and, and other, you know, benefits accounts were, were, locked out, shut down.

SPEAKER 2: They are to receive no severance pay, allegedly and they will lose their P T O time. Also noted none of the P W C C leadership was on that call. It was done via like, hr representative. So the leadership itself wasn't, on the call. Now, there's nothing illegal about any of this. It was, you know, no laws were broken.

SPEAKER 2: It's just a, a bad look in, in, in, in my opinion, in a bad way to handle that sort of business that does happen sometimes. And, you know, you don't, you know, you don't, I guess you don't owe anyone anything on their way out the door, but it's always nice to do it sort of, you know, above board with a little integrity.

SPEAKER 2: But, that's, that's reports that how they handled their business there. Let's get to some, a news, many items from Pele renowned soccer player recently. Deceased in December, will be making its way to the Heritage Spring Catalog, auction and, every item will be was hand signed by Pele before few weeks before he passed away.

SPEAKER 2: If you bid on any of these items and win, you will receive an N F T and you will also receive a video of Pale signing the item you want in the auction. So you'll get the video of the actual item being signed by Pale Karl Malone is doing as consigned 24 items from the 1992 dream team collection.

SPEAKER 2: Many jerseys and sneakers, autographed and game used by his teammates in their gold medal when in, in 1992 that will be headed to golden auctions. So many, many great items there estimated at over $10 million combined. So head to Golden to check that stuff out. R E A just concluded their spring auction that ran between April 6th and April 23rd.

SPEAKER 2: All total. They concluded with $14.7 million in bids combined. Let's look at some of the, the bigger items that closed in this auction starting with the, the big one, almost a million bucks, $960,000 for a 1955 tops Roberto Clemente rookie P S A nine. So almost a million bucks there alone.

SPEAKER 2: Same year co ax Rookie. Also A P A Nine went for $384,000.

SPEAKER 2: My guy Jackie Robertson, 1949. Bowman Rookie P S A Nine brought in $348,000 in 1932 US. Caramel Babe Ruth graded P S A eight brought in another 210 K.

SPEAKER 2: So all totaled almost $15 million in their spring auction.

SPEAKER 7: Congrats to R E A Hobby News Daily is your home page of the hobby providing original writing, exclusive gem, rate data, a daily morning minute podcast and some of the best content creators in the hobby. Remember hobby News Daily dot com and at hobby News Daily on social Happy Collecting.

SPEAKER 8: Now, our feature presentation now, our feature presentation.

SPEAKER 2: All right, welcome to our third version of Q and A questions and answers. And, you know, I, I go first off, I got to say thank you everyone for being so interactive. You know, I asked for, hey, you know, any questions you want me to, to put on the show and answer them as part of and a episode. And I usually get more than what I can put on one episode.

SPEAKER 2: And hence, we sort of space these out and, make multiple episodes. Although these are the last group that I currently have at the time of this recording. So by all means, if you have a, a question that you want to ask me, whether it pertains to the hobby, pertains to the show or even off topic by all means, reach out to us on Social Media and, or, hobby quick hits at gmail dot com or Sports Car Nation PC at gmail dot com.

SPEAKER 2: Forward your questions. If you don't want your name, read that in the, you know, in the correspondence that you'd like to be anonymous. Some, some people do do that, although we don't have any of those on today's episode.

SPEAKER 2: So, without further ado, let's get to six questions I have for this episode, we'll start in no particular order with the first one on the list. Here it comes from Jim and Jim asked John, what is your favorite thing pertaining to cards that you get to do? Well, I like everything about the hobby. Right.

SPEAKER 2: I think, well, I don't wanna say everything that would, that's probably not exactly true. But one of the things I sort of take a little more personal satisfaction with, is, you know, buying a card raw, whether it be from somebody in a collection, buyout.

SPEAKER 2: Even when I attend shows from somebody else and maybe in a bargain box or even from their showcase itself. Right?

SPEAKER 2: Buying a raw card in this instance, you know, picking out sort of, of purchasing a raw card, you know, examining it and then, you know, if it's a grading specimen, send it in and get it graded and if it gets a high grade and whether, you know, sometimes I keep that for a PC card or if it's an inventory card for my card shows or online sales.

SPEAKER 2: Right. Reselling that and, and doing well. Right. Having a good R O Y. It's not believe me. Don't, don't misinterpret what I just said. It's not just about dollar signs, but that's sort of, some of the, the most rewarding. Right.

SPEAKER 2: In a way is, is sort of finding that I don't wanna say needle in a, in a haystack. It's not nothing of that, you know, rarity but sort of taking something from the ground level and making the best of it. Right. You know, and, and that, that's just a good feeling at the end when you get maybe a car like that back a nine or a 10.

SPEAKER 2: Well, again, whether I'm keeping it or putting a price tag on it and putting it out, for sale, it's just, it's, it's nice when you can do it doesn't always happen. So that's why it's, it's rewarding and fun when it does. So again, you know, I did my first show at the age of 15.

SPEAKER 2: I'm not into hobby just because I'm a seller. It's just part of my DNA at this point. All right, enough on that one. Let's go to our, our next question here comes from Mike. He says, you say you spend an hour and a half day on cards and content. How is that possible? With all the shows? You do?

SPEAKER 2: Well, believe it or not. It is because it's an hour, hour and a half, average a day. Right. And so think about it, I may not spend an hour and a half every day. There are some days where maybe I spend half an hour. So it's on average. Right. So one day I may spend half an hour and another day I may spend four hours, you know, doing cards or content.

SPEAKER 2: So it just averages out a lot of times on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday. I, I really don't, especially if I don't have a card show, I don't spend a lot of time, you know, again, it depends. Am I getting ready for a card show? Am I kind of caught up? But the average is about an hour and a half. So you do seven times an hour and a half, you get 10.5 hours.

SPEAKER 2: I'm not saying some weeks it's not 12 or 14 hours, but the general average is 10.5. And, and that's the way I like it. I got other things I like to do and, you know, spend some time with my wife, talk to my son. He's 23 you know, do other things. You know, it's winter time now, but in the spring and summer, you know, fly my drone play some softball and hang out on the deck with a cigar and a drink.

SPEAKER 2: So I try to make time for everything and, and the older I get the better I'm actually getting at that, believe it or not. So, all right, this next question I can't give any one person credit because I do get this question asked to me. You know, I don't want to say every week, but quite often. Right. I'll get someone who will say, hey, I followed you on Social Media.

SPEAKER 2: Oh, you didn't follow me back or how do I get a follow back or follow me back? Right? And so I try to, I honestly do try to follow most people back when they follow me, but sometimes I miss it right? You get 10, 20 people follow you, you know, in, in, in a day, you don't always get everyone followed back. So please don't take it personal.

SPEAKER 2: It's not me looking at your name and saying I'm not following you back. The best way to get a follow back though. Besides following the show is be interactive with the show, right? If I post something, if you like it or you comment and I open that comment or see that like, and then I notice like, hey says, you know that follow button is still highlighted, I'm gonna follow you, right?

SPEAKER 2: So that's whenever I get asked that question and I answer it even off the air, I always say somebody the best way is just to be interactive, right? Like, or, or, you know, post a comment or something like that where I see that I'm not following you and make sure to correct that. So be interactive with the Social Media, with the show. That's really honestly the best way.

SPEAKER 2: I honestly do make an effort to try to follow everyone if they follow the show, but, you know, I'm not gonna go online and spend no offense, you know, two hours just seeing who I don't follow and follow that way. I just answer the question why I only spend an hour and a half a day.

SPEAKER 2: So I don't want to, I don't want to do it that way, but be active with us and we'll make sure we're following you and reciprocating that. All right, next question does come from a person Justin asked John, I've noticed you've gotten more into boxing cards. Why is that good question? Right?

SPEAKER 2: I've always sort of been a boxing fan more during the heyday, you know, Duran Sugar, Ray Leonard Pitman Hearns, you know, Tyson, obviously heavyweight Lennox Lewis feel during that sort of early era, right? Much like basketball. I like sort of the, the heyday better than the current rendition and boxing is in a different spot now with M MA and U F C kind of taking a lot of the, the spotlight.

SPEAKER 2: I also was an amateur boxer, meaning I used to, you know, box in a gym, not on a professional level, but just spar and, and, and, and that sort of thing. My dad, was the same and he basically taught me, some moves and how to box. So there's always, there's a soft place in my heart for boxing.

SPEAKER 2: That's, that's probably the, the number one reason. And I also feel like it's really sort of that, you know, when we look at and, and again, this is not the only reason, but it's one of the reasons when we look at things, right, that still have more ceiling that are still what I would consider bargained by, if you can get this stuff, you know, at an affordable price, still.

SPEAKER 2: Boxing kind of checks those boxes. No pun intended there that, you know, even some of the superstars, even some of what we would classify as the rookies are still fairly affordable when you compare them to their other sport counterparts, you know, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.

SPEAKER 2: So that's, that's why boxing. I just have sort of a personal affinity for it and, you know, my collection is getting bigger on that side of the app. All right, next question comes from Sam. Do you have your cards in a vault?

SPEAKER 2: Right. I, I, I love this question. You know, vaults are a big deal obviously in the hobby. Now, all these big selling platforms. Almost every one of them now has a vault. We know about some of the more famous vaults, right. Ebay P W C C, and the like, right. Do you have any card?

SPEAKER 2: You know, I always, one of my hobby matches that I post on Social Media is, you know, I joke that your vault is anywhere you keep your cards, right, your desk, you safe, wherever your cards are, that's your personal vault and it's not tongue in cheek. Well, it is a little bit but it real, I do really believe that right where your card doc is your vault? Do I have a, I, I, I'm gonna, I'm gonna confess something.

SPEAKER 2: I maybe confessing not the word right word. It's not really a secret, but I did win my first card in A P W C C auction, about two weeks ago and I didn't have it shipped to me. So it sits in P W C C's vault under my name. So that's the only card I would say, falls into that sort of category. But, you know, I have a lot of nice cards. I have a safe here.

SPEAKER 2: You know, that, I keep them in and, a lot of security cameras and that and security measures in place. But my vault are, and I always feel like your vault is anywhere you keep your card. So I don't have a, you know, a bunch of cards in a vault offsite somewhere necessarily. But, and I don't have anything against them either.

SPEAKER 2: That's not what I'm saying. It's just, I like to look, get my cards. I like to see my cards when I can and when I want to. All right, our last question for this episode comes from Vince says, John, what is your favorite part of the national? Man? That's a, that's a tough question.

SPEAKER 2: Right? It's like asking a parent who has multiple children, right. What's your, who's your favorite kid? Right. It's hard to pick you. Really? There is no one or there shouldn't be any anyway. Right. Maybe secretly parents have a favorite. I don't have to worry about that. I only have one son.

SPEAKER 2: I, I don't have another option so to speak. But, man, favorite thing in the national. I mean, there's so, so much, right. You know, it's a, it's a, a giant card show where almost anything that exists in the hobby is probably there. Right? If you're looking for something, whether you're, you're a whale, a big fish with a lot of money or you want to just hit bargain boxes for a few days.

SPEAKER 2: It, it, it's something for everybody. So obviously I always like to obtain or three significant cards. But you know what, you know, the tagline of, of our flagship show, right? The Sports Car Nation is the hobbies to people. So I'm gonna answer like this Right.

SPEAKER 2: Seeing everybody, friends, that are existing friends. Seeing them again, you circle that week every year on the calendar to, to meet up, have dinner, hang out with, walk the show floor, help each other out, that sort of thing. Meeting people that you've friended maybe in the past year in online form and finally meeting them in person and doing similar things, as well.

SPEAKER 2: So I'm gonna say the people, right, getting to see your friends, and the people, the hobby that you're, you're, you're fond of and like hanging out with, and, you know, picking up some cards for sure. So, there you go. I kind of gave two answers but I couldn't narrow it down to just one.

SPEAKER 2: All right. Thank you for listening to another episode of hobby. Quick Hits.

SPEAKER 2: Want to give out our Social Media starting with our website, which is W W W dot Sports Car Nation podcast dot com.

SPEAKER 2: Facebook. You can follow us at W W W dot Facebook dot com, forward slash sports coordination podcast, forward slash Twitter. We are at Sports Card, Natt One. So, it's Sports Card N A T I One, Instagram at Sports Coordination Podcast. Or you can email the show hobby Quick hits at gmail dot com again. Thanks for listening.

SPEAKER 2: We'll see you next week so much.