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Aug. 2, 2021

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.75 The Etiquette Episode

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.75 The Etiquette Episode

There are lots of new people in the hobby, but whether you new or have been in it a while there are some "unwitten" rules that we all should follow. I tackle that on this episode.

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There are lots of new people in the hobby, but whether you new or have been in it a while there are some "unwitten" rules that we all should follow. I tackle that on this episode.

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11:49 PM
Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of hobby quick hits. Today, I'm calling this episode the etiquette episode. What is it? You know we have a lot of new people coming into into the space. Right. Lot of new habeas, frankly, let's be real right. Lot coming in just for dollar signs, maybe lack a little Tack and I'll defend him a little bit. Maybe they're just a little green behind the ears. Don't know how the process works to maybe some of us have been in the hobby a while, maybe some of them or just outright rude. I get it to its two sides to every coin. And so I wanted to do sort of an episode that deals with sort of some of the unwitting Unwritten rules of the Javi, right things, do's, and don'ts when it comes to being respectful to your fellow hobbyist do for many of us who know these, Sort of Unwritten rules if you will this will be sort of old goes right? Yeah. I knew that. Yep, I agree that sort of thing but it might be some few new wrinkles in there as well. Maybe for some new folks, this magni informative and they may learn a few things about sort of do's and don'ts and how to respect your fellow hobbyists. So before we start to show, let's hear from our great sponsor, Mojo brake and right after that, do the etiquette episode. Hey folks, one To tell you about the best place to get some of your Shields sports card, wax products, great selection. And some of the lowest prices on the web, Mojo brake shop.com is that place whether it's a box or a whole case, they're your guys and they ship around the world right to your door. The Mojo brake name is one of the most trusting in the hobby from sports cars, to Pokemon their selection can't be beat. They offer daily deals and tree order. 

Who won first place at this year's top strip party. Now, the other than Mojo brake their prices are already great. But here's a way to save even more money, use the code quick hits. That's q u IC. Ke H iits for 10% off anything on Mojo brake shop.com. We also have a full service carpet shop in Santa Clara California. So if you're in the area, stop by there, open seven days a week. So check them out at Mojo brake. Shop.com. All right, let's talk about the big key word, etiquette, right? Some of us have it. I think most of us have like, frankly, I don't think it's, you know, I think most people have common sense and do the right thing and then I think there's that small portion of a hobby that he doesn't care or they might not know. So maybe this episode can help with you folks out and that's that's really what the goal was to do it, bro, kind of broke it up. Two, three segments, right? Show etiquette online etiquette and you know shipping that again. You know what we sell or receive cards that we paid for or bought on this some right ways and wrong things to do. And like I said, a lot of this to you might be sort of common sense. I knew that I knew that might be a few new wrinkles but for someone new that's not as knowledgeable. Let's say or not as experienced, this may May you know fill in some blanks form if you will. So what's in no particular order? Let's go with some show. Etiquette this is something you know I've done shows now for over 30 years did my first one at 15 years old. I'm 48 truth be told so I've done a lot of shows and no learn some stuff along the way. So one of the things you know just looking at my notes here so you know old me does Forget to cover something, you know, and again I've been on both sides of the table. It shows, right? As a consumer and a dealer, you know, wait you turned is something I wrote down right? Someone sort of in front of that showcase, and you kind of want to take a look at that. Showcase beep, be a little patient. Wait, your turn. And then when the opportunity arises to look and move over, you can do so right. Be respectful. Of dealers over. Right. Don't be no, don't don't lose sight that the fact that the dealers had to pay for their tables, their gas to get to the show. I know it's not your problem, you know, a lot of consumer might say, well, that's not my problem. It isn't your problem. I agree with that, but I also at the same with that being said, you still need to be respectful of the fact that, you know, they're trying to make their table back and then some right and travel expenses gas if this that The shows far away, they might have to stay in a hotel for a night or two or more, right? And so, you know, again while it's not your issue, you know, they need to watch what they sell things for to you know pay for their overhead. Just be respectful of that fact. Okay. You know don't be afraid to ask if you can see something take a closer look right. That you're right to. If you're going to purchase something, you have a right to you know, take a closer look. 

Now, if you want to take that car out of the semi rigid or top over just politely ask, can it may I do that or could you do it, you know, many dealers might say? Yeah, let me take it out, right that way. If something happens, they're responsible, right? I'm not going to lie to you. I've had, you know, a situation where I told something. Yeah, he can take a closer look and in taking that card out of the top loader, they dropped it, you know, onto the case and Maybe gets damaged, maybe it doesn't. But if you do want to take a closer look yet, you're right. But again acquiesce to what the deal. If the deal says go ahead and and let you do it, that's fine. But if they may hold out their hand to say, well let me take it out for you and I'll hand it back to you, respect either option, right? Make room for others, right? If you're at a table, maybe have a backpack it you know, maybe keep it. 

Your back. So you rather put it, you know, next to you on the floor and take up in a sense to human, space is right shoulder. Just think about others around you and try to, you know, keep your footprint as minimal as possible, Right? To dealers, right? This is a two-way street, don't be so rigid out of time, right? If someone's had a little bit and they're being reasonable, you know, he'd be reasonable in return. The other thing I wanted to say to, To is we've seen the rise again of LCS is LCS. Has are making a comeback. It's good to see. I've been to store owner do for five years from 92 to 97. So LCS is have a special place in my heart as well. We're seeing more come back. We're seeing more hobbyist open up, you know, a brick and mortar store, they're very important. I still believe in them, they're very important support. Local LCS, unless you're the LCS. Owner is a total creep and a jerk try to support your local s LCS if top loaders cost, 50 cents, more for pack of 25, and you can get them online. What think about that? And in the big picture, right? And I'll spend the 50 cents and support a local business and especially if the person is a decent guy just trying to, you know, make it as me. Media, you know, help folks out and do the right thing and again, I can't stress this enough. Support your LCS. Let's talk about shipping, right? Very few of us, have not sold the card at the shipment. I'm sure there's a few, but I think all of us have done that, at least once in their habit career, it might Chase thousands of times. And so there's a medic in here to, you know, the sketch out the Scotch tape. Days Are Over folks, we've got better methods, right? You know, saying that's the way I've always done it. That is not the answer in today's day and age anymore, you know, even in the workplace injury industry that won't fly. That's the way we've always done. It doesn't work anymore. Might have been, you know, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, might you might have got away with that. Not today's day and age. So we have blue painters tape, right? You can get it at the door. Dollar store, you can get it. Walmart's not expensive, it's less of he's evasive while it does serves the purpose. It's less corrosive less damaging potentially to the card as well. Team bags are great. I use I use a combination of both of these blue painters tape and tea bags, right? I always put business cards and all my orders right business cards for my my card store business cards for all the shows that I do. And so Bag holds a nice and nicely in there and does the trick, right? Ship, what the buyer paid for, and I'm not talking about the cards. If a buyer paid three, four bucks, for first-class shipping. You know, that's going to be in a bubble mailer with tracking, right? If someone's paying for box, three, four bucks for shipping and your shipping pwe hate to be the strong. But here it's sort of stealing, right? Right? Especially if it's not a platform in your advertising, the shipping as such and then doing something else and even with that pwe shipping, it's a great way to ship some less expensive, cars and still have those transact. And we've seen eBay, the standard shipping we're for 91 cents. Just because you sending it, pwe, doesn't mean as a seller, you still don't have a responsibility. 

Lead to protect that. That card or cards as best you can. Just the fact that you're sending is it pwe doesn't let you off the hook that you don't have to protect it. You know. So II try to still use a top loader as much as I can a semi-rigid and a buffered with maybe some thinner cardboard at the, the thicker cardboard. But it's in the cardboard. I want to get that card or cards to its final destination intact. I actually take A lot of pride in that the always will and so should you. So those are some shipping ones. Another thing, you know if someone buys something from you get that card out as soon as as soon as you can how many times and I'm I've been to I don't want to say victim but I've been on the other side of this, right? Your purchase something, they print the label at home. Like I do when you print the label at home to the buyer on the other end, it looks like it's been shipped already, right? They get 

Tracking number and then how many, how many people like, print out that shipping label and that package sits and their house. For three, four days, maybe even more before they drop it off, right? And then that person on the other end, like what's going on? Where's my thing should be. It hasn't even left that City from the seller and so just courtesy I know you may not. I shipping everyday, that's me, I know. 

12:01 AM
That's gonna be a tall order. Don't know where you live. You might know I have five different post offices probably within 1020 mile radius of me so it's easy. Maybe you don't live in an area like that small rural or post offices are fewer and further between and further different distance. I get it but try to get that package or item out as fast as you can from one the transaction complete. Remember that transaction complete you know while I know what? He based payment policy. Sometimes you don't get that money for a week but that buyer has given up their money and paid in full and so be respectful of it. Try to get it out through them as quickly as possible. And, you know, I get so many compliments for how fast people are getting their stuff because I ship every day. Again, I'm able to do that. Just in the situation. I'm in not. Every situation is the same. All right, let's go to online. Side to this list is a little bit longer. You know, I just said about, you know, getting your stuff out of time, you know, it works two ways as well, right? If you're the receiver, something, give some time to receive your order, right? Your part of the deal male can be slow, especially nowadays, with the pandemic. Still be patient, right? That seller says, hey I sent it Tuesday, I'm telling you the truth, you know. Give them the benefit of the doubt and you know I we've seen packages. If you're on social media you've seen people post right tracking or something's went to the wrong City, them to the wrong State, you know and all over the all over the country until they finally got it right? Sometimes it's not a lot of times it's not the ship, the shipping person's fault. Sometimes let's be real. It's the the you know, UPS or USPS this fall if Simpson 

Easy stuff with packages. I myself have got one. I think it was from California here to New York and it went to Texas. They went back to California. It went to another state. Then it went to New York. It was, if you if you drew a line, it looked mish-mosh and it was I don't know what happened, but that happens, right? It's not fun. You get upset, you get mad, I get it. But those things do happen, just kind of, sort of I don't want to say expect, That. But be wary, that those situations do arise. If you're making a transaction with someone, especially a bigger one. There's nothing wrong with asking for some sort of references or feedback rating or others. Hey, has anyone done a deal with? So and so right. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, right? If something isn't going right, right, the deals, not looking good. Try to talk it out first with the other 

Person involved in the transaction. You know, only as a last resort, will I really put somebody sort of on blast or report that I believe there's some shady going on. And another thing that that you ever want to use about, remember is always mail fraud charges. You can file, if I don't do it. I think, in 30 years of selling via the mail, I think about to do it three times all with positive outcomes so you Hope it doesn't get to that point obviously, but don't be afraid to use everything. You need to do to make things go, right? Right? Don't hijack. Someone else's post, especially on online like groups, you know, Facebook guard groups message board, right? If someone says hey I'm buying all of kunas, right. You know, and then you come right behind us at. Yeah, me too. Let's see what you got, right? Don't hijack. Someone else's post, it's okay to say. I am too and you know, the original poster passes. Let me, let me get a fair crack and there's some etiquette there or just start your own both. Hey, I'm buying it. Who knows? You don't have to see it as well. Just buying a good. That's right. You know, with selling on I'm platforms that, you know, let you make an offer, right? So I'm going to has a price I now but make an offer try to be reasonable with that offer if cops are on that card, it's 67, let's use. 25 bucks, right? Maybe they have a Buy It Now for, you know, 75 around that maybe even slightly higher, you know, do you know offering 25 bucks now, probably not a good thing sort of insulting, you know, to each their own, you know. But you know try to be as reasonable which our initial offer. I know. You know you know the old saying you want it's always easier to come up and start low, I get it but you know be reasonable to don't Be may be an idiot about it, right? If you win a bed, right? If you win an auction or you win a Buy It Now, right. Try to pay within a day or two, I don't know, I don't know what it was. It's been lately. But I've had people buy cards or me and pay like three, four days after the fact. Right now I got to send a reminder invoice IV map people, you know, on make an offer, make an offer. And I accept actually pretty quickly after the offer comes in my faux notify. 

And then they don't pay for two days after that fact, right? I get it. This different things going on in people's life. Maybe something came up, maybe emergency. God forbid, I get it. But tried it in general. Try to pay as quickly for anything you win or any offers that are accepted again. Be patient, right? When it comes to online stuff. If you get a rack right for those that don't know what rack means rek sais, random act of kindness someone, send something new. To you. No strings attached right? They know you like that player or team and they say here you go. You will appreciate this more than me, right? Whatever it is acknowledged at, right? Give me a shout out on social media acknowledge that they did something. They didn't have to do, even if you pay for something in the service is exceptional, you get that thing quickly as well, packaged not wrong which out someone else. Hey man, you know, I paid for this on Monday to stay. 

My hands on Thursday well, packed through and some free some extras man, you know, acknowledge people's, you know, holding their end of the deal may be given even Extra Value to the service, they provide if it's a rack, if someone I sent you something completely free of charge. No strings attached, just their way saying, hey, glad you're in the hobby, here's a gift for you, the least you can do is say outwardly, say, thank you and let I know that this person went over and beyond anything they had to do right? You know again ask for a reps if you're not comfortable with the transaction or it's it's a bigger transaction, not wrong with Aaron on the side of caution and kind of Crossing all your t's and Dot your I's. One thing, I want to close on here. We're going to close the show out with being an advocate being Ambassador. Here's what I mean by that. I use those terms of a lot when I have people on the show, is guess do good things, right? He educational be informed of the goal. This show right here, was what the etiquette episode is to cover some of that stuff? So we can be better hobbyist, right? Help people out that everyone knows everything. You might know someone knows more than you right? Share that knowledge. Share that experience being a hobby, Ambassador being Advocate, right? We're All in This Together. Hobby is the people. Well that's the tagline for the Big Show but it's true and it equates the to the etiquette episode here. And so help everyone out whether that's sending them something that they like with no strings attached. Whether that's just answering a question or responding to an enquiry, you know, that's tough. It's good karma. If you believe in karma and I do and help others as much as you can, it goes a long. You never know when someone's going to turn around and repay that it's bait. So, with that being said, take care. Everybody will see you next time.